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LEWIS MOFFATT, Esq., Ticx-Feeswemt. 




A. R. McMASTER, Esq. H. 8. HOWLAND, Esq. 



Managef and Stcretary.-^JMIA STDNEY CROCKER, Es^ 

AmintaM Stcrektry.—C. R. DICKSON, Esq. 

MK;itorf.--Mx88BS. DUGGAN k METERS. 


iiairtM Int^edor.'^AW. A. M. MACGREGOR. Fire /Twpector.— WM. HENDERSON, Esq. 

Ptre ItttiirftRce graftted •■ Erery Descriptioii of Property. 

HABINB IHSVRAMCB8— Inland and to fhe Lower Ports, New Bnuunriok, Nota 
geottat aikl tHe West Indies, and by Steam Tessels to Cnrope. 



Agents ia the principal Tovno and Villages in 






Tke 0Mest BstabUshed ia the Domlalen, 





Made all au entire new principle, proof 

againit ultra glycerine, gun-cotton, 

gun-ponder, and all the 

known arta of the 


Bank Locke, YaQlts.Vanlt Doors, 

J. Jb J. TAYLOB. f 


Manu&Lctory and Sale Booms, 198 & 200 Palace St. 



JAM ES Hinroif A ۥ Maatreal. I ALEXANBEK WVBKMAK A CO Ottawa, 

H. B. SCOTT A €•. 4«bec. I UCB lAWIB A SOK, 

D. riLCeilEX. Bkllflu. 


















Carefully Compiled from the most recent and Authentic data. 

* ^^ 


H. .McEVOr, Editor and Compiler. 

» ♦4' 

,t/ TORONTO : 





The present edition of the Gazetteer and Directory of the Province of Ontario, is presented 
to the public ^rith the hope that the publishers have been successful in compiling a work which 
will supply a wane long felt by all classes of the community. 

The production of a work of this nature necessarily requires an immense amount ol 
labour and researcL And the publishers beg to assure their patrons that every exertion on 
their part has been made to secure accuracy, and to render the work full and complete in all it^ 
details. The information is of the latest that could be obtained, and the varied and complete 
contents of the appendix will doubtless prove of great value. 

The publishers have great pleasure in returning their sincere thanks to the numerou^ 
friends who have so kindly assisted them by providing information of the greatest value. T< 
the several Postmasters they particularly wish to acknowledge their indebtedness. 


Entered accordin;? to Act of the Parliament of Canada, in the year One Thousand Fijht riindred am 
Sixty-nine, hy C. E. Anderson, John Ross Robeiitson, and Jamks B. Cook, in the 

Office of the Minis :er of Agiiculture. 


Banks in Canada 699 

Canadian Order of Oddfellows 714 

Canadian Stamp Duties 71i 

rafi*lian Tariff of Ciistoms ^ 700 

CoBsdng Regulations 662 

^VCectois of Customs 643 

'>>imting House Tables 715 

CcntrandJodieial Officers 661 

Wrision Court Clerks 668 

tmigratiou 720 

<>>7eniment Dominion of Canada 639 

^J-y-vmaient Newfoundland 651 

^»ovt^aient Prin^ Edward Island 650 

jTernment Province of New Brunswick 648 

f fovemment Proyince of Nova Scotia 649 

Goveniraent Province of Ontario 644 

Government, Province of Quebec 645 

Indian Affairs 719 

Judiciary of Ontario 655 

Loyal Orange Institution .^. 714 

Masonic 709 

Newspapers, (Canadian) 695 

Passports 719 

Post Office Department 662 

Post Offices in Ontario 669 

Po8t Office Savings Banks 667 

Railways of Canada 705 

Registrars, Ontario 6t'0 

Telegraph Stations 093 

Travelers' Carriages Regulations 6-J5 




• •♦ 


Aberarder 17 

Aberfoyle 17 

Abingdon 18 

Acton 18 

Adare 19 

Addison 19 

Adelaide 19 

Admatfton 19 

Adolphustown 19 

Agincouit 20 

Afliia Craig 20 

Ainleyville (Dingle P 0) 20 

Airey ( Aldborongh P 0) 21 

Alberton 21 

Albion (see Bolton) 21 

Albnry 21 

Aldborongh (see Airey) 21 

Aldershot 21 

Alderville ( ^ 21 

Alexandria 22 

Alfred 22 

Algonquin 22 

Alfiuiburg 22 

AUandale Mills 680 

Allan Park 22 

Allendale 23 

AUenford 28 

Allisonville 23 

Alliston 23 

Alloa 23 

Alma .. 586 

Almira 24 

Almonte 24 

Alport 26 

Alton 25 

Altona 25 

AlTanley 26 

Alviijston 26 

Amberley 26 

Ameliasburg 26 

Amherstburgh 26 

Amiens 27 

Ancaster 28 

Anderson 28 

Angus 28 

Antrim 29 

Appiu 29 

Appleby 29 

Appleton 29 

Apsley ^9 

Apto 29 

Ard«m 29 

Ardoch 29 

ArJtrea 30 

Argyle 30 

Arkell 30 

Aikona 30 

Arkwright 81 


Arlington 31 

Arnott 31 

Aniprior 31 

Aros 31 

Arthur 82 

Ai-va 32 

Aslibum 33 

Ashbumham 33 

Ashgrove 33 

Ashton 33 

Ashworth 34 

Atha 34 

Athens 84 

Atherly 34 

Atherton 84 

Athlone 35 

Athol 34 

Attercliffe 35 

Auburn (see Manchester) 35 

Aughrim 86 

AuJtsville 35 

Aurora 36 

Avening 37 

Avon 36 

Avonton 88 

Avon Bank 38 

Avonmor6 38 

Ayr 38 

Ayton 38 

Baby's Point 89 

Baden 39 

Bagot 39 

Baillieboro 39 

Bakersville 39 

Baldersou 40 

Baldwin 40 

Ballantrae 40 

Ballinafad 40 

Ballycroy 40 

Ballydufl* 40 

Ballymote 41 

Baimer's Island 41 

Balmoral 41 

Balsam 41 

Baltimore 41 

B(imb«rg 41 

Banda 42 

Bandon 42 

Bangor 42 

Bunuockburn 42 

Bark Lake 42 

Biirntt (see Ennottville) 44 

Barrie 42 

Barrietield 42 

Barton ville 44 

Batchewana 686 

Bath 44 

Battersea 44 


Baybam ^^ 

Bayfield « 

Beachburg. 45 

Beachville 46 

Beamsville 47 

Bear Brook 47 

Beaverton 4S 

Belfast 47 

Belford 47 

Belfountain 4S 

Belgrave ^ 

Belhaven 48 

Belleville 48 

BellEwart 52 

Bell Rock 52 

Bell's Corners 5^ 

Belmont 52 

Belmore 52 

Benmiller. 5S 

Bennie's Comers ^ 

Bensfort 55 

Bcntle> Sa 

Berkeley 5S 

Berlin 54 

Berne 55 

Bei-vie 586 

Berwick 5^ 

Bethany 55 

Bewdley 56 

Billing's Bridge 56 

Binbrook 56 

Birkhall 50 

Birmingham 57 

Birr 57 

Bishop's Mills »« 

Black Creek 57 

Blackheath 57 

Blair 57 

Blairton 58 

Blantyre 57 

Blessington 58 

Bloomfield 58 

Bloomingdale 58 

Bloomington 58 

Bloomsburg 59 

Bluevale 59 

Blythe ^ 

Blytheawood , ^^ 

Bobcaygcon 59 

liogart 60 

Bolingbroke 60 

Bolsover 60 

Bolton (Albion P. 0.) 61 

Bomanton 60 

Bondhead 62 

Bougard's Corners 61 

Bookton 62 

Borelia 62 



Boston ': 61 

Bomhobn 63 

BoswDrth 62 

BoUny 63 

Bothwell 63 

BovnaiiTille 64 

Boyne 67 

Bowood 67 

BoxGroTe '. 67 

Bnccbridgc 66 

Bndford 66 

Braemar 66 

Brampton 67 

Braachton 68 

Bantford 69 

Brechin 68 

Brentwood 71 

Braliw 71 

Brewcr'i Mills 71 

Breireter 71 

Bridgeport 72 

Bridgeiater 72 

Bridgenorth 72 

Bright 72 

Brighton 73 

Brinkwath 74 

Bfiiisley 74 

Brisbane 74 

Britannia 74 

Broek 74 

Brockton 74 

Breoknlle 75 

Baxlhagen 76 

ftoate 76 

Brooklin 77 

Brooksdale 78 

BroQgham 77 

Brownsrilie 78 

Brace6eld 78 

BraeeMina 79 

Bnidcnell 79 

Brenner 78 

Brunswick 78 

Brjasstown 79 

Bo-jkhom 80 

Bullock's Comers, (see Greens- 

TilleP. 80 

Bnrford, (Kelvin P. O.) 80 

BBigesiTillc 80 

Bai2oynfi 80 

Baririgh 80 

Barahamthorpe 81 

Burabiae 81 

BomleTj 81 

Boras' 81 

Bun»town ' , 81 

Bflmtt's Rapids 81 

Bortch'8 CotneTs 82 

Barton 82 

Bary's Green [ 82 

Battonville 82 

Baiton 82 

Im !!..........!... 82 

Bjnglnlct 82 

Bjron 88 

^^«sarea 83 

Cainsville 83 

^»mtown 586 

viUtorviUc 81 

Cilabogie \ .....!......... 84 

talder 84 

Caldwell !.......!.!!!!!!!.! 84 

Caledon '/. 84 


Caledon East 84 

Caledonia, (S^ieca P. O.) 85 

Coledonia Springs 84 

Camborne 84 

Cambray 86 

Camden East, (see Clark's Hills 84 

Cameron 87 

CamilUi 85 

Calnlachie 87 

Compbellford 86 

Campbell's Cross 88 

Campbellville 87 

Campden 87 

CanborOr 87 

Canfield , 88 

Cannifton 88 

Canning 89 

Canuington 89 

Canton 89 

Cape Rich 90 

Carden 91 

Carlton Place 90 

Carlingford '. 90 

CarUsle 91 

Carlow : 91 

Carlsmhe 91 

Carluke 91 

Carnarvon 91 

Carnegie 91 

Carp 92 

Carronbrook 92 

Carrville 93 

Cartha^ 92 

Cartwnght,(8eeWilliam8burgli 93 

Cashel 93 

Caslimere 93 

Casselman 94 

Castleford 93 

Castlemore 93 

Castleton 93 

Cataract 95 

Cataraqni, (formerly Waterloo 94 

Cathcart 96 

Cavan 94 

Cawdor 95 

Cayuga 94 

Cedar Grove 95 

Cedar Hill 95 

Cedarville. 96 

Centre Augusta 95 

Centreton 96 

Centreville 96 

Chandos 96 

CharingCross 96 

Charleston 96 

Charleville 96 

Chatham 97 

Chatsworth 100 

Cheapside. 100 

Cheltenham 586 

Chepstow 101 

Cherry Creek 101 

Cherry Valley 101 

Chesley. 101 

Chesterfield 101 

Chippewa 102 

Chnrchville 101 

Church Hill 102 

Clachan 102 

Claremont 103 

Clarence 103 

Clarence Creek. 104 

\ Clarke (see Newtonville) 104 


Claiksbnig 108 

Clark's MQls 103 

Chiude 104 

Clavering 104 

Clayton 104 

ClearCreek 106 

Clearville 104 

Clifforl 106 

CUfton 105 

Cdfton House 107 

Clinton 10« 

Clontarf 108 

Clover HiU 108 

Cloyne 107 

Clyde 108 

Cobden Ill 

Coboconk 112 

Cobourg 108 

Codington 112 

Colbome 112 

Colchester P. O. (see Oxford 

Villap) 112 

Coldspnngs 115 

Coldstream...* 118 

Coldwater 587 

Colebrook 118 

Colendne 118 

Coleridge 118 

Colinville 118 

CoUingwood 114 

Collins Bay 115 

Colpoy's Bay 115 

Columbia (Coventry P. O.).. 115 

Columbus 115 

Comber 116 

Combermere 116 

Concord 117 

ConestOffo 116 

Coningsby ...., 116 

Conner 116 

Conroy 117 

Consecon , 117 

Constance (see Kinbum) 117 

Conway 117 

Cookstown 119 

Cooksville 118 

Cooper 118 

Copetown 118 

Coplestone 119 

Corinth 118 

Comabuss 119 

Cornwall 119 

Corunna 121 

Cotswold 120 

Coulson 121 

Courtland 121 

Coventry (see Columbia) 121 

Cowal 122 

Craighurst 121 

Craigleith 122 

Craig Vale 122 

Cranbrook (Grey P. 0.) 122 

Cranworth 122 

Crawford 122 

Credit (see Springfield) 128 

Crediton 128 

CreekBank 122 

Creemore 128 

Creighton 123 

Cressy 12$ 

Crieff 128 

Crinan 124 

Cromarty 124 




Crosshill 124 

Croton 124 

Crowland 124 

Croydon 124 

Crysler 126 

Cullodeu 125 

Cumberland 125 

CnmxninsYille 125 

Cumnock 126 

Curran 126 

Dacre 126 

Dalhousie Mills 126 

BaUceith 126 

Dalston 126 

Danforth 127 

Darrell 127 

Dartford.. 127 

Davenport (Carlton Village).. 127 

DawnMillfl 127 

Daywood 127 

Dealtown'. 127 

DeCewsville 128 

Deerhurst 128 

^)elawaitt 1 28 

Delhi (See Frederickabuig)!!! 128 

Delta 129 

Demorestville 129 

Denbigh 129 

Denfield 129 

Deniston 130 

DcnyYille 129 

Deny West 180 

Dcrwent 130 

Desmond 181 

DeuxRiyieres 130 

Derizes. 180 

Deron 180 

Dexter 130 

Diamond 131 

Dickinson's Lauding 587 

Dingle (See Ainsleyrille) 131 

Dixie (formerly Sydenham)... 131 

Dixon's Comers 181 

Dobbinton 131 

Donegal 131 

Don 132 

Doon 132 

Doran 132 

Dorchester Station 132 

Dorking 687 

Dornoch. 133 

Douglas 133 

Dover South 133 

Downeyville^. 133 

Drayton 133 

Dresden 134 

Dromore 134 

Drumbo 134 

Drummondville "West 135 

Drumquin 135 

Drury 136 

Dryden 185 

Duart 136 

Dufferin 136 

Dumblane 136 

Dunbar 136 

Dunbarton 136 

Duncrief 136 

Dundalk 187 

Dundas 137 

Dundela 139 

Dundonald 140 

Dungannon 140 


Dunkold 139 

Dunnville 139 

Dunsford" 140 

Dunsinane 140 

Duntroon (formerly Bowmore) 140 

Dunvegan 140 

Durham 141 

Eagle 142 

East Hawkesbury 141 

Eastons Comers 688 

Eait Oro 142 

East Williamsburgh 587 

Eastville (Holt P. O) 142 

Eastwood 588 

Eddystone 143 

Eden 142 

Eden Mills 142 

Edgecombe 142 

Edmonton 143 

Edwardsburg 688 

Effingham 143 

Eganville 688 

Egbert 143 

Egerton.^ 143 

Eglington 143 

Egmondville 144 

Egremont 143 

Elder 145 

Eldoradrf 144 

Elfrida 144 

Elgin 144 

Elginbure 688 

Elginfield 146 

Elizabethville 146 

EUengowan 146 

Ellesmere 145 

Elm Grove 146 

Elmira 145 

Elmvale 145 

Elmwood 146 

Elora. 146 

Elsinore 148 

Embro 147 

Embran 148 

Emerald i 148 

Enfield 148 

Enniskillen 148 

Ennismore 148 

Ennotville, (Bamett P. O.)... 148 

Enterprise 149 

Epping 149 

Epsom 149 

Eramosa 150 

Erbsville 149 

Erie 160 

Erin 160 

Erinsville 151 

ErroU 151 

Escotfc ISO 

Esquesing ^See Stewarttown). 150 
Etobicoke (See Lambton Vil- 
lage) 151 

Eugenia 151 

Evelyn 151 

Everseley 151 

Ethel 162 

Evertoii 152 

Exeter 152 

Fairfield (See Troy) 163 

Fairfield Plain 153 

Fairview 153 

Falkenburg 163 

Falkirk 163 


Falkland 154 

Farmersville 153 

Farmington 154 

Farquhax 154 

Farran's Point 589 

Fenelon Falls 589 

Feigus 154 

Ferguson Falls 155 

Fermoy 156 

FemhUl 155 

Feversham 156 

Fingal 589 

Fish Creek 156 

Fishernlle 157 

Fitzroy Harbor. 156 

Flesherton 157 

Flinton. 158 

Flora 157 

Florence 157 

Foley 157 

Fonthill 158 

Fordyce 159 

Forest 159 

Forester's Falls 158 

Forestville 160 

Forfar 159 

Formosa. 159 

Fort Erie 160 

Fort William 161 

Foumier 160 

Foxboro' 160 

Frankford. 162 

Franklin 161 

Franktown 161 

Frankville 162 

Fredericksbuig (P.O. Delhi).. 162 

Freelton 163 

Freeport 163 

Freibui^ 164 

Frogmore 163 

Frome 163 

FuUarton 164 

Fulton 164 

Gad'sHiU 167 

Gait 164 

Galway 167 

Gananoque 167 

Garafraxa (Douglass Village). 167 

Garden Island 167 

Garden River 168 

Gemley 169 

Geoigetown 169 

GeoTgina, (See Sutton) 170 

Gifford 170 

Gilbert's Mills 170 

GQford : 170 

Gladstone 170 

Glammis 171 

Glanfordl 170 

Glanmire 171 

Glanworth 171 

Glascott 171 

Gledallcn 171 

Glenarm 172 

Glenburaie 171 

Glencaim 172 

Glencoe 171 

Glenlyon 172 

Glenmeyer 174 

Glenmorris 172 

Glennevis 173 

Glentay 172 

Glenvale 173 




Olcnwaiiam 178 

Coble's Comers 178 

Goderich 174 

Golden Creek 176 

Goldstone , 176 

Goodwood 176 

Gore's Landing 176 

Gonnlcy 176 

Gorrie 176 

Gosfield 177 

Gi»port 178 

Gonrock 176 

Gowanstown 176 

Gower Point 176 

Grafton 177 

Gnhamville 170 

Grantley 178 

Granton 178 

Grayenhurst 178 

Greenbank 179 

Green Bash 179 

Green Grove 180 

Greenock 179 

Greenpoint 180 

Greensville' 180 

Greenwood 179 

Grcsham 180 

Gretna 180 

Grev, (sec Cranbrook) 180 

Griersville 181 

Griffith 184 

Grimsby 181 

Grovesend 181 

Guelph 182 

Guysboro 185 

Hagersville 185 

Haldimand (Byng P. O) 184 

Half Island Cove 185 

Haliburton 185 

Halloway 185 

Hall's Bridge 1E6 

Hall'sComers, (BinbrookPO) 185 

Hamburg 186 

Hamilton 186 

Hamlet 212 

Hammettsholm 213 

Hammond 212 

Harapatead, 218 

Hampton 212 

Hannon 218 

Hanover 218 

Harcourt 218 

Harding, E 213 

Harlem 214 

Harley (sometimes called 

Derby) 214 

Harmony 214 

Harold ;... 214 

Harper 214 

Harrietsville 214 

Harrington West 215 

Harrisbnrg 216 

Harristou 216 

Harrow 215 

Harrowsmith 215 

Hartford 216 

Hartington 216 

Hartley 216 

Hartman 216 

Harwich 217 

Harwood 217 

Hastings 217 

HanltaSi 217 


Havelotk 217 

H'iwkesbary 219 

Hawksfcon 217 

Hawksvillo 218 

Hay 218 

Haydon 218 

Haysville 219 

Hazledean 219 

Headford 219 

Head Lake 220 

Heathcote 220 

Hebron 220 

Heckston 220 

Heidelbmrg 690 

Henry 220 

Hepworth 221 

Hereward 222 

Hespeler f. 221 

Hiawatha 221 

High Falls 221 

Highfield 222 

Highgate 222 

HighUnd Creek 222 

Hillier 222 

Hillsboro 223 

HillsbuTg 223 

Hillsdale 223 

Hills Green 223 

Hilton 223 

Hoath Head 224 

Hockley ... 224 

Holbrook 224 

Holland Landing (St. Albans) 224 

Holmesville .'. 326 

Holstein 225 

Holt (see EastviUe) 225 

HoDyrood 225 

Homer 225 

Honeywood 225 

Hopefield 225 

Hopetown 225 

Hornby 225 

Homing's Mills 226 

Houghton 226 

Howick Village (Gorrie P.O.) 226 

Howe Island 228 

Hubbcll's Falls 227 

Hillsville 227 

Humbcr 227 

Humberstone 227 

Hunsdon 228 

Huntley (Carp Villaga) 228 

Huston 228 

Hyde Park Comer 228 

Ida 228 

Ilderton .. 229 

Indiana 228 

IngersoU 229 

Inpjldsby 131 

Inistioge 231 

Inkerman 231 

Innerkip 231 

Inuisfil 232 

Innisville 232 

Inverary 232 

Invcrhuron 232 

Invermay 232 

lona 590 

Ireland (McGillivray P.O.)... 238 

Iroquois 238 

Tslay 238 

Ivanhoe 234 

Ivy 238 


Islington 234 

JanetviUe 284 

Jarvis 235 

Jarrett's Comers 235 

Jasper 234 

Johnson 236 

Johnson's Mills (Lakeview 

ViUage) 235 

Jordan 286 

Jerseyville 236 

Jura 236 

Kaladar 236 

Kars 236 

Katesville 237 

Keene 286 

Keenansville 238 

Kelvin (see Burford) 237 

Kemptville 287 

Kendal 238 

KenUworth 238 

Kenmore 239 

Kent Bridge 288 

Kenwood 289 

Kerry 239 

Kertch 289 

Keswick (YUlage Medina)... 239 

Kettlehy 240 

Keyser 240 

Kilbride 240 

Killarney 240 

Killean 240 

Kilmanagh 241 

Kilmarnock 241 

Kilmartin 241 

Kilsyth 241 

Kimberley 241 

Kinbum 590 

Kiubum (Constance, P. 0.)... 241 

Kincardine 242 

King 253 

King Creek 254 

Kinglake 254 

Kingsbridge. 253 

Kingston 243 

Kingston Mills 690 

Kingsville 254 

Kinkora. 255 

Kinloss 255 

Kinlough 255 

Kinmount 255 

Kinsale 255 

Kintail 256 

Kintore 255 

Kippen 256 

Kirby 256 

Kirkfield 256 

Kirkhill 256 

Kirkton 690 

Kirkwall 256 

Klineburg 257 

Knatchbull 367 

Komoka 257 

Lafontaine 258 

Laggan 267 

Lake Dore 598 

Lakeelfid 258 

Lakelet 268 

Lakefield 258 

Lambeth 258 

L'Amoroux 269 

Lambton (Etobicoke, P.O.)... 259 

Lanark 259 

Lancaster. : 260 




Langrord 260 

Langsido 260 

Langton 260 

Lansdown 260 

Lansing .' 260 

Largie 591 

Lamer 261 

Loskay 261 

Latona 26}:, 

Laurel 261* 

Lavant 261 

Jjavender 261 

Leamington 264 

Leaskdale 262 

Leavens 262 

Lefroy 262 

Leinster 263 

Lcith 262 

Lemonville 262 

Leskard 263 

Leslierille (Leslie, P. 0.) 263 

Lifford 263 

Limehouse 263 

Limelake. 263 

Lindsay 264 

Linton... 265 

Linwood 266 

Lisadel 266 

Lisbon 206 

Lisbum 691 

Listowell 591 

Little Britain 266 

lattle Current (or Waie-bidg- 

wang) 266 

little Rideau 207 

Lloydtownl 267 

Lobo 267 

Lochgary 268 

liochiel 268 

Lockton 208 

Logierait 268 

Londesboro 268 

London 269 

Long Island Locks 289 

Longwood (Melbourne Village) 289 

Longwood Station 290 

Lonsdale 289 

Loretto 290 

L'Ori^al 290 

Lorraine 290 

Loughboro 292 

Louisville 292 

Lowbanks. 290 

Lowville 291 

Lucan 291 

Lucknow 292 

Lumlev 293 

Lunenburg 293 

Lurgan 293 

Luther 293 

Luton 293 

Lyn 294 

Lynden 295 

Lyndhurst 293 

Ljmedoch 294 

Lynnville 294 

Lyons 295 

McDonald's Comers 295 

McGiUivray (see Ireland) 295 

Mclntyre .. ^ 295 

McNab, Glengaiy 296 

Mabcrly 295 

Macton 296 


Macville 296 

Madoc 296 

Madrid 297 

Maidstone 297 

Maitland 297 

Malakoff 299 

Mallorytown 297 

Malone i.\... 297 

Malton 297 

Malvern ', 297 

Manchester (Auburn P. 0)... 298 

Manchester 298 

Mandamin 299 

Manilla 299 

Manitowaning 299 

Mannheim 299 

Manotick 300 

Mansfield 300 

Mansfield 690 

Maple 300 

Maple Hill : 300 

Mapleton 301 

Maple Valley 302 

Marathon 202 

March 302 

Marchmont , 301 

Marden 301 

Markham 301 

Marlbank 691 

Mamiion 302 

Marmora 302 

Marshville 308 

Maraock 803 

Mareton 302 

Martintown 802 

Marysville 303 

Massic 308 

Mattawa 304 

Matawotchan 303 

Maxwell 303 

Mayfield 304 

Maynard 304 

Maynooth 304 

Meadowvale 304 

Meaford 305 

Medina 592 

Medonte 592 

Melancthon 304 

Melrose 304 

Melville 306 

Menie 306 

Merivale 806 

Merlin 592 

Merrickville 307 

Merrittou (Thorald Station).. 306 

Mersea 307 

Metcalfe (Osgoode P. 0) 30 7 

Meyersburg 307 

Micipicoten Kiver 308 

Middleville 308 

Midhurst 308 

Mildmay 308 

MDford 308 

Millbank 309 

Mill Bridge 308 

Mill B"ook 309 

Mille Roches 310 

Mill Grove 309 

Mill Haven 310 

Milliken • 310 

Millington 310 

Mill Point 310 

MilncsviUe 311 


Milton 3U 

Mimico 311 

Mimosa 313 

Minden 312 

Minesing 313 

>Citcheir 312 

Moffatt 313 

Mohawk (Mount Pleasant).... 313 

Moisa 313 

Molcsworth 313 

Monck : 314 

Monckland 314 

Moueymore 314 

Mongolia 314 

Monkton 314 

Mono Centre 314 

Mono Mills 314 

Montague (see Roseville) 315 

Montreal, Q 601 

Montrose 315 

Moore 315 

Moose Creek 315 

Morav 315 

Morewood 316 

Morganston 315 

Morley 316 

Mommgdale Mills 316 

Morpeth 316 

Morrisbank 592 

Morrisburgb 318 

Morriston 318 

Mortlake 318 

Morton 318 

Mdrven 318 

Moscow 318 

Mossley 819 

Motherwell 319 

Mountain Grove 319 

Mountain View 319 

Mount Albert 319 

Mount Albion .^ 319 

Mount Brydges 320 

Mount Charles 320 

Mount Elgin 328 

Mount Forest 321 

Mount Healey 322 

Mount Horeb 322 

Mount Hui-st 321 

Mount Hope (Glanford P 0)... 322 

Mount Pleasant 322 

Mount St 1/Ouis. 322 

Mount St, Patrick 323 

Mount Salem (late Salem) .... 323 

Mountebei^ 323 

Mount Vernon 323 

Mount Webster 323 

Mulgrave 323 

Mulmer 323 

Muncey 592 

Munster 324 

Murray (Village Carrying 

Place) 324 

Murvale 324 

Muskoka Falls 324 

Musselburg 325 

Myrtle 324 

Nairn 325 

Nanticoke 325 

Napenec 325 

Nai)anee Mills 327 

Napier 327 

Nassagaweya. 327 

Navan 327 



Nelson 827 

Netherby 327 

Neustadt 327 

Nevis 828 

New Aberdeen 829 

Newark 328 

New Bliss 329 

Newboro 330 

Newboyne 830 

New Bridge* 329 

New Buii^ 592 

Newbury 830 

Newcastle 880 

New Dundee.... 332 

New Dnrbam. 333 

New Edinburgh 333 

New Hamburgh 333 

Newington 334 

New Lancaster, (See Kiviere 

Raisin P.O) 333 

Newlx)well .'... 333 

New Bfarket 334 

Newport 335 

New Ross 335 

Ne^Ty 335 

New Soram 335 

Newton Brook 836 

Newtonville (Qark P.O) 337 

Newtown Robinson 336 

Niagara 336 

Nicolson, (commonly called 

Underbill) 336 

Nile 337 

Nilestown 337 

Nissouri 338 

Nithburg 338 

Nobleton 337 

Norham 338 

Norland 338 

Normandale 338 

Normanton (See Port Elgin).. 338 

North Adjala 338 

North Augusta 593 

North Bruce. 339 

North Douro (See Lakefield). 339 

Northfield 339 

North Glanford 339 

North Gower 340 

North Keppcl ^ 339 

North Ijancaster 340 

North Montague 339 

North Mountain 340 

North Pelham 340 

North Port 840 

North Ridge 341 

North Seneca 841 

North Williamsburg 341 

Norwood 342 

Norwich 341 

Nonral 342 

Norway 342 

Notfield 343 

Nottawa 342 

Oakland 344 

Oak Hill 844 

Oak Ridges 694 

Oakville 343 

Oakwood 344 

Oban 344 

Odessa 344 

Offa 346 

OilkSprings 345 

Old Montrose.... 345 


Olinda 346 

Omagh 347 

Omemee 346 

Ompah 346 

Oneida 847 

Ongley 348 

Onondaga 349 

Orageville 347 

Orillia 348 

Orchard 348 

Orleans 349 

Ormond 350 

Oro (see Richardson's Comers 348 

Orono 349 

Orwell 350 

Osceola 350 

Oacoode 350 

Oshawa 350 

Ospringe 351 

Ossian 351 

Ottawa 352 

Otterville 593 

Oungah 368 

Ouatic 368 

Outram 368 

Overton 368 

Owen Sound 369 

Oxenden 370 

Oxford (Colchester P.O) 361 

Oxford Centre 371 

Oxford Mills 871 

Oxford Station 371 

Oznabruck Centre 371 

Paisley 372 

Packenham 372 

Palermo 373 

Parham 694 

Paris 373 

Painnure 374 

Paris Station 375 

Parker 376 

Park Head 376 

Park Hill 385 

Parma 376 

Pariy Sound 379 

Patterson 376 

Peepabun 376 

Peflerlaw 377 

Pelham Union 378 

Pembroke 377 

Pendleton 378 

Penetanguishene 594 

Penville 378 

Perch Station 694 

Perrytown 378 

Perth. 379 

Petawawa 380 

Peterboro' 380 

Petersburg 383 

Peterson 383 

Peterson's Ferry 595 

Petrolia 383 

Petworth 384 

Philipsburg 384 

Philipsville 384 

Pickering 384 

Picton 385 

Pine Grove 386 

Pine Orchard 386 

Pine River 387 

Pinkerton 886 

Pittsferry 387 

Plainfield 387 


Plantaganet 596 

PlattsviUe 387 

Playfair 388 

Pleasant HiU 595 

Plum Hollow 38$ 

PoiutAbino, (Ridgeway Vil'ge) 38S 

Point Alexander 388 

Point Edward 388 

Point Petre 389 

Point Traversa 38^ 

Poland 389 

Pomona 389 

Ponsonby 389 

Poole 890 

Port Albert 890 

Port Bruce 380 

Port Burwell 390 

PortColborne 391 

Port Credit 391 

PortDalhousie u92 

Port Dover 393 

Port Elgin, (Normanton P.O) 392 

Port Elmsley 398 

Porter's Hill 595 

Port Franks 394 

PortGranby' 394 

Port Hoover 394 

Port Hoi^e 394 

Portland 397 

Port Maitlandj 397 

Port Nelson 398 

Port Perry 397 

Port Ilobmson 3W 

Port Rowan 398 

Port Royal 398 

PortRyerse 398 

Portsmouth 399 

Port Stanley 390 

Port Talbot 596 

Port Union 400 

Pot Leg 400 

Powell 400 

Prcscott 400 

Preston 402 

Priceville 408 

Primrose 408 

Prince Albert 402 

Princeton 408 

progreston 404 

Prosixjct 595 

Purdy 404 

Purpleville 404 

Puslinch 404 

Putnamville 404 

Queensborough 696 

Queenston 696 

Queensville 404 

Raglan 406 

Railton 406 

Rainham 405 

Rainham Centre 405 

Rama 405 

Ranelagh 400 

Ratlio 408 

Ravenna 400 

Ravenshoe 408 

Ravenswood 406 

Raymond 408 

Reading 406 

Rednersville 408 

Reekie 408 

Renfrew 407 

Renton 407 



KiceyiUe 410 

Kichmond 408 

Richmond (Bayham P 0) 409 

Kichmoud HiU 409 

Bicliview 410 

Richwood , 410 

Bidgetowu 411 

BidgevUle 410 

Bingwood 410 

Bipley 411 

Biversdale 411 

Biviere Raisin (Village Kew 

Lancaster) 411 

Boblin 412 

Bob Roy 412 

Bochester 412 

Bockside 418 

Bockton 412 

Bockford 413 

Bockingham 418 

Bockport 418 

Bockwood 413 

Bodgerville 414 

Bomney 414 

Boebnck 414 

Bokeby 414 

Bolph 414 

Bomney 414 

Ronaldsay ^ 414 

Bondeau Harbour * 414 

Bondeau 415 

Bosa 415 

Bosebank 415 

Bosedale 415 

Bosedene 415 

Bosemont 416 

Boseneath 415 

Bosetta 416 

Boseville 416 

Bosseau 417 

Bossville 416 

Boslin 416 

Ross 417 

Bothsay 596 

Bouge Hill 417 

Bound Plains 417 

Butherford 418 

Buthren 417 

Bugby 417 

Bussell 418 

Byckman*s Comers 418 

Bylstonc 418 

St. Ann's 418 

St. Agatha 419 

St. Andrews 419 

St. Catherines 419 

St. Clements 422 

St. Davids 424 

St Eugene 423 

St. George 423 

St Helens 424 

St Ives 424 

St Jacobs 424 

St Johns 424 

St Johns (St. Johns West P. 

0) 425 

St Marys 425 

St Raphael 426 

St Thomas 427 

Sable 428 

Saintfield 429 

Salem (now called Mount Sa- 
lem) 429 

Salem (formerly Wynford P. 

O) 429 

Sand Hill 480 

Sandhurst 596 

Salford 430 

Salraonville 430 

Sandtield 430 

Sandford 480 

Sand Point 596 

Sandwich 431 

Sarawak 431 

Sarepta 432 

Sarnia 432 

Saugeen (Southampton Vil- 
lage) 438 

?aultSte. Marie 434 

Scarboro' 434 

Schomberg 435 

Scone 434 

Scotch Block 434 

Scotland 696 

Scugog 435 

Seaforth 435 

SebringviUe 437 

Seely's Bay 437 

Selby 438 

Selkirk 437 

Selton 438 

Selwyn 438 

Sdneca (see Caledonia) 438 

Severn Bridge 438 

Shakspeare 489 

Shamrock 438 

Shanick 438 

Shanly 439 

Shannonville * 439 

Shanty Bay 439 

Sharon 440 

Sharpton 440 

Sheffield 441 

Shelbume 440 

Sheldon 441 

Sheridan 440 

Sherkston 597 

Shetland 441 

Shipley 441 

Shrigley 441 

Sillsville 441 

Silver Creek 597 

Silver HiU 442 

Silveishoe 577 

Simcoe 442 

Singhampton 443 

Skipness 443 

Skye 443 

Sleswick •.. 444 

Sligo 444 

Smithfield 444 

Smith's Falls 444 

SraithviUe 445 

Sombra 446 

Sonya 446 

South Cayuga 446 

South Douro 446 

South Dummer 597 

South Elmsley 447 

South Finch 447 

South Gloucester 447 

South Gower 447 

Southampton Village (Saugeen 

P. O.) 445 

South Lake 447 

South March 447 


South Middleton 448 

South Monaghan 448 

South Mountain 448 

SouthZorra 448 

Sparta 449 

Speedie 448 

Spcedffide 449 

Spencerville 449 

Spring Arbour 449 

Springbank 449 

Springfield 450 

Springfield (Cerdit P. O.) .... 450 

Springford 450 

SpringhiU (See King P. 0.)... 450 
Springtown (Bagot P. O.) .... 451 

Springville 451 

Staffa 451 

Stafford 597 

Stamford 451 

Stanley's Mills 451 

Stanton 452 

Stayner 452 

Steele 45a 

Stella 458 

Stevensville 458 

Stewartown (Esquesing P O) 45S 

Stirling 454 

Stirton 454 

Stisted (late Rowan Mills) .. 454 

Stittsville 455 

Stockdalc 455 

Stoco 455 

Stonev Creek 455 

StonyPoint 456- 

Stouffville 456. 

Straffordville 456^ 

Strangford 457 

Stratford 475 

Strathallan 459 

Strathnaini 461 

Strathroy 459 

Strathbum 461 

Streetsville 461 

Stretton 462 

Stromness 462 

Sullivan 462 

Summerstown 462 

Summerville 462 

Sunbury ..' 462 

Sunnidale 597 

Sutherland's Comers 468 

Sutton (Georgina P. 0) 697 

SweabuTg 598 

Switzerville 468 

Sylvan 468 

Talbotville Royal 468 

Tamworth 468 

Tapleytown 464 

Tara 464 

Tarbert 464 

Tatlock 465 

Tavistock 465 

Taylorholme 465 

Tecumscth (Clarksvillc Vil- 
lage) 465 

Teeswater 466 

Teeterville 598 

Telfer 466 

Tempo 466 

Tennyson 466 

Teston 466 

Teviotdale 466 

Texas Landing 467 




Thamesfoid 698 

Tkamesville 698 

Thanet 467 

Thistieton (see Green Grove).. 467 

Thomasbur^. 467 

Thompsonville 467 

Thombury 467 

Thomdale 468 

Thorahill 468 

Thornton 468 

Thorold 469 

Thorold Station (8ee Mmit- 

ton 470 

Thnrlow 470 

TilbuTjEast 470 

TUsonbnrg (Dereham P. O.).. 470 

Tiverton 471 

Toledo 471 

Topping 472 

Toronto 472 

Tormore 539 

Totnes 689 

Tottenham 639 

Townsend Centre 639 

Trafalgar 640 

Treadwell 640 

Trecastle 641 

Trenton 640 

Trowbridge 641 

Troy (Fairfield P. O.) 641 

Troy 599 

Tuam 641 

Tradell 642 

Tallamore 642 

Tuscarora (Village of Middle- 
port) 642 

Tweed 642 

Tweedfiide 643 

Tyrconnell 643 

Tyrone 699 

TNrrrell 543 

TJdora 643 

Uffington 644 

Ulster 644 

Umfrayille 644 

Underbill 699 

Underwood 644 

Union 646 

Unionville 644 

Upnor 644 

Utica 645 

Utterson 646 

Uttoxeter 645 

Uxbridge 545 

Yandecar 546 

VankleekHUl 547 

Valentia 546 

Valetta 546 

YaUentyne 546 

Yama 547 

Yeighton 547 

Yellore 547 

Yoinacbar 647 

Yentnor 548 

Yerdun 648 

Yemon 548 

Yemonville 548 

Yerona , 548 


Ycrta 648 

Yictoria Comers 548 

Yietoria Sfiuare 548 

Yienna 649 

Yigo 549 

VillanovA 549 

Yine 560 

Yiolet 549 

Yirgil 550 

Vittoria 550 

Yivian 550 

Yroomanton 550 

Wabashene 551 

Wales 661 

Walkcrton 651 

Wallace 551 

Wallaceburg 561 

Wallacetown 652 

WaUbridge 552 

Wallenstein 558 

Walmer 553 

Walsh ^... 563 

Walsingham 554 

Walter^ Falls 563 

Wanstead 654 

Waidsville 553 

Wareham 554 

Warkworth 654 

Warminster 556 

Warner 555 

Warrington 555 

Warsaw 665 

Warwick 555 

Washago 556 

Washington 555 

Waterdown 556 

Waterford 558 

Waterloo 556 

Waterloo, (see Cataraqui) 657 

Watford , 657 

Watson's Comers 557 

Warerly 558 

Welcome 658 

Welland 559 

Welland Port 660 

Wellesley 561 

Wellman's Comers 659 

Wellington Square 660 

Wellington 561 

Wendover 561 

West Arran 561 

WestBrook 561 

WestEsaa 661 

Wcstfield 661 

West Flamboro' 662 

West Huntingdon 562 

West Huntley 562 

West Lake 562 

West McGillirray 563 

Westmeath 566 

West Montrose 563 

Weston 563 

WestOsgoode 563 

Westover 564 

West Port 699 

West's Comers 564 

West Winchester 564 

Westwood 564 


Wexford 665 

Whalen 665 

Wheatley 666 

Wbitby 665 

Whitehurst 567 

Whitelake 568 

White Rose 567 

Whitevale 56S. 

Whitfield 668 

Whittington ^ 568 

Wiarton 569 

Wick 66» 

Wicklow 66^ 

Widder Station, (Thedford 

Yillage) 569 

Widder 570 

Wilfrid 57a- 

Wilkesport 570 

WUletsholme 570 

Williams (Nairn) 570 

Williamsburg (CartwrightPO) 570 

Williamstown 671 

WilliamsviUe 571 

Williscroft 571 

Wilmur 572' 

Wilton 571 

Willowdale 572 

Willowgrove 671 

Wimbledon 672* 

Winchelsea (Elimville) 572 

Winchester 572 

Winchester Springs 572 

Windermere 672 

Windham Centre 673^ 

Windsor 573 

Winfleld 574 

Wingham 575 

Winona 576 

Winterboume 675 

Winthrop 575 

Wisbeach 576 

Woburn 575- 

Wolfe Island 576 

Wolverton 67ft 

Woodbridge 576 

Woodbum 677 

Woodford 577 

Woodham 577 

Woodland 577 

Woodslee 580 

Woodstock 577 

Woodville 580 

Wooler 580* 

Wroxeter 581 

Wyandotte 581 

Wyebridge 581 

Wyoming v.. 68* 

Yarker 58». 

Yarmouth Centre 582 

York 5S^ 

York Mills 582 

York River 68* 

Yorkville 68* 

Young's Point 685 

Zephyr 585 

Zetknd 585- 

Zimmerman 685- 

Zurich 685' 





Leslie, George & Co 224 

Eoyal Kzchange Hotel 224 

Slingerland, Francis 224 

AiLBA. Craio. 

^ilsa Craig Hotel 224 

Goodfellow, Thomas 224 

McBride, M 224 


Almonte House 265 

Cannon, Gilbert 224 

Korthgraves, G. D 265 

Eosamond & Co 224 

Thrall, J,H 224 


Dunbar, James 265 

Kevin & Co 265 

Lafferty, Gilbert 265 

McGee & Botsford 265 

Middleditch, H. & Son 265 

Salmoni,M. J 265 

Templeton, James 265 

Twomey, M 265 

Wilson, George 265 


Antiaster Hotel 209 

Egleston, H. & A 209 

Phillipo, Charles 209 

Thuresson, Eyre 209 

Victoria Hotel 209 


Barrie Foundry 225 

Commercial Hotel 225 

Crosby, W. H 225 

Examiner 561 

Hastings, J. W 225 

Lount&BoYs 225 

Meeking, Edwin S 225 

Queen's Hotel 225 

Hanson, I. E 125 

Spencer, W. H 225 

Van Every, David 225 


Morgan's Hotel 225 


Davidson, P., M. D 887 

McKay, Alexander, M. D... 837 


Brown, G. & J , 837 

Burrell, E 887 

Carscallen, John k Co 837 

Dean & Gilbert 144 

Doyle's Hotel 144 

Fletcher, Arthur & Co 144 

Haymes, G. H 144 

Hastings House 387 

Holton, G. C. k Co 144 

Irwin, C. k Co 337 

Jellett t Brother 144 

Keyes, Andrew 144 

Lazier & Lazier 144 

Lever, John P. 144 


Maclellans & Fraleck 144 

Martin, Charles 144 

Mcudell, J. S 144 

Peard, James 144 

Price, Rees 144 

Reeves, William 144 

Rosenberg, H 144 

Sutherland, J. k W. 264 

Thomas, J. Parker. 264 

Thomas, John 264 

Tickell, C. S 264 

Walker, J. M. k Co 337 

Bbll Ewart. 
Emily, May 264 

Commercial Hotel 264 

Gledhill, J. E. J. &T 264 


Brauer, B 257 

Brown, k Devitt 265 

Commercial Hotel 257 

Fox, August 257 

Peterson, A. J 257 

Snyder, Frederick 257 


Bender, Georae 257 

Bowmanville Marble Works 257 

Bownsall, Christopher. 257 

Brimacombe, J. M., L.D.S. 264 

Brodie's Hotel 264 

Gibson & Co 257 

O'Ham, R. &H 267 

Totterdale House 264 


Baird, Wm. W 264 

British Arms Hotel 264 

Cummings, Coyne k Clark. 264 
Graham, W. K. L. D. S... 264 

Haggert Brothers 264 

Haggert, James 264 

Morphy & Fleming 264 

Revere House 264 

Scott, D. L 264 

Snell, John.. 264 


American Hotel 852 

Baxter, J. &W 852 

Bradley, A 852 

Brant House 852 

Brantford Engine Works... 352 

Excell, James P 852 

Farr, Joseph 852 

Fowler, Samuel 852 

Kestcr, E 257 

Meacham, J. B 257 

Morton, A. kCo 257 

Palmer, Stephen 257 

liacey, H. k Co 257 

Smith, James 257 

Spence, A 257 

Stockwell & Bro 257 


Tate,T. H 257 

Victoria Foundry 352 

Watts, Geoi^ 257 

Watts, Alfred 297 

Wilson, C 257 


Anglin, Robert 257 


Harper, Charles 


ADan, Turner & Co 257 

Bums, A 257 

Campbell's Hotel 128 

Comstock, W. H 257 

Hawkes, James 97 

Houston, George 97 

Lalonde, A. D 97 

Landon, G. L 97 

Lawless, E 97 

Novelty Works 128 

Ontario Glove Works. 1 28 

Smart, James 128 


AUin k Thompson 97 

Cole, John 97 

Globe Hotel 97 


Burgess, J. L 96 

Campbell House 96 

Burritt's Raplds. 

Meikle, John 96 


Black Harry 104 

Chatham Planet 853 

Downie Ie Adam 96 

Draner Castlee 

Garainer k Brother. " 104 

Gemmill, J. R 560 

Harclley, S 104 

Hyslop> John 104 

Jacques, Francis 96 

Kelfy, J. B 104 

Kent Pot and Pearl Ash 

Works 104 

Lamont, James 104 

Marquand, J 97 

Kortnwood, Joseph k Co... 193 

Parson's House. 104 

Rankin House 96 

Reid. James R. 104 

Royal Exchange Hotel 104 

SmaUJ&Quirk 104 

Star Restaurant 193 

Taylor, T. H. k Co 104 

Urquhart, K 104 

Winslow, Gea S. 198 

British American Hotel .... 97 

Flett, John 97 

Herbold.A 97 

Macklem, J. S. Je F 97 



Class's Kills. 

Cltrk, Benjamin 97 


McLean, Hngh 96 


McNab^J. &D 97 


Albion Hotel 97 

Kev England Hotel 

Sospension Bridge Hotel ... 97 


Doan, O. S 112 

Parmer's Hotel U2 

Fanan, W. W 97 

Foster, T. R. 97 

Prince of Wales Hotel 112 

Walker ft Brother 97 

WiULic,J.T.,M.D.,L.D.S. 97 


Bain, John 112 

Coekbum,Iioscombe&Boggs 112 

Bochester Honse 112 

Tilbum, Wm. k Nephew .. 112 

Hicks' Hotel 112 

Johnston, William 112 

Marion Hotel 112 


Caipenter, £. R 112 

Greares, J 112 

McLean, G 240 


Railroad Hotel 240 


Nicol, Henry B., M.D 240 

Corn w ALU 

Beigin, J 240 

Cnshman, J. W 240 

Kewin, £ 240 

Wsgoner, Wm 240 


Miller, H. J 240 

Cumbkhlani). 240 

Dunning, J. G. & Sous 240 

Dacrk. 240 

McWilliaID^ Thomas 240 


Gamer & Campbell 240 

International Hotel 240 

Pvper, Alexander 240 

Bossell, Waiiam 240 

Weir, George 240 

Wills &Herby 240 


Lawry, Chnrles 272 

MjHabon, James, H. D ... 272 

Moore, Hugh k Son 113 

Parmenton, W. £. & Co .... 118 

RUey'sHotel 118 

«mith, J. Findlay 113 

Walker, A- II., M. D 272 


Keren's Hotel 272 

Perry, Cornelius 272 

Root, Harmaii 272 


Baiu, John k Son 104 

Commercial Hotel 272 

Dalby House 272 

Drew& Jacob 272 

Klora Woollen Works. 104 

Fiaser, J. M. & Co 272 


Sheppard, M 272 

Knowles, WiUUm 104 

McMilUn k Burns 272 

Mitchell k Robertson 272 

Noble, George. 272 

Royal Hotel 272 


Aigo, James. 104 

Doobie & Anderson. 104 

News Record 661 

Powney, Chss 104 

Stewart, A 104 

Watson, Thos 104 

WelUngton Hotel 104 

Wyllie, George G 104 

Fort Erie. 
Ward, J. D 104 


Whiteside, James 104 


Elliott, William 240 

Fox, Charles 240 

Gait Marble Works 240 

Husband, G. £ 240 

Johnson, W. H 240 

Laidlaw, WilUm W 240 

Reid, Robert 240 

Robson, R. & J 240 

Scott, James k Son 240 


Abbott, E. E 105 

Albion Hotel 272 

Britton, Freeman 272 

CoUard, H. & Co 105 

McCammon, S 104 

Miller, H. C 104 

Mitchell, Geoige 272 

O'Brien, P 272 

Provincial House 104 


Barber, Wm. k Bros 161 

Calder&Son 161 

Craig, J. &Bro 161 

Exchange Hotel 272 

Freeman, AVm. M. D 272 

Georgetown Hotel 272 

Halton Herald 661 

Laidlaw, William 161 

McKenzic, G. C 161 

Noble, William 272 

Starr, M. H., M.D 272 


Cassady, F 161 

Detlor, J. C. & Co 160 

Horton, Horace 160 

Maitland Hotel 160 

Martin, George H 160 

Martin & Whitely 160 

North American Hotel ... 160 

Policy, A. M 161 

Saline Hoiise 161 

Saunders, Jamrs 160 

Shannon & Bell 169 

Star 561 

Trueman, C. M 160 


Grout, John H. & Co 160 

Kitchen, W. W., bottom 
lines and 81 

Manniou House IGO 


Adrertiser 661 


Allan, Dayia 81 

Armstrong, McCrae& Co... 81 

Berry, Henry 81 

Bridgford, John Ic Co 80 

Carroll, E. &Co 80 

Coulson House 80 

Cowan, W. B., M.D 81 

Cridiford,J 80 

Croft, N 81 

Cuthbert, Robert 80 

I>«y, T. J 80 

Goldie, James 80 

Harris, John 81 

Herald 661 

McCnrry k Mitchell 80 

McNeil 80 

Mercury 561 

O'Connor, Edw 80 

Stewart, R. k J 81 

Webster, J £0- 


Anglo American Hotel 16 

American Hotel 38 

Aussem, J. H 82 

Bauer, Henry 192 

Beckett, F. G. & Co 1»2 

Belling, Bennett M 192 

Bevier, Dennis 83 

Billings k Turner 82 

Birely Jt Co 192 

Black, Daniel i£^ 

Blandford, Henry 33 

Bruce, W ua 

Burrows, Thomas & Chas... 192 

Chilman, L C 32 

Connecticut Mutual Life 

Insurance Co 17 

Cook's Hotel 192 

Cox, John 88 

Daville, T. AV 192 

Eckerson, L 33, 

Fell, William 192 

Filgiano, Theophilus LeP.. 176 

Findlay, W. F..., 176 

Gibson, J. W 96 

Grossman, P 176 

Hamilton Glassworks 82 

Hammond, N 17 

Ho^n, J. H 96 

Jefts, Fred 192 

Judd. W. H. k Bro 9$^ 

Kei-ner, J 99 

Kraft, E 177 

Lawson Brothers 16 

Macabe, James 192 

Milne, R 177 

Mugi idge k Lorimcr 177 

Noble, William 192 

North, Samuel 660 

Ontario Vineyaiti 192 

Peacock, J 96 

Ptirce, C. E. k Co 32 

Philp, James 96 

Pringle, J. D I6 

Russell, R 96 

Shailus Saloon 16 

Spectator, The 145 

Stevenson, James 96 

Tecumseh House 176^ 

The Evening Times 192 

Thomas, Charles L 82 

Volunteers, Hoiel 64 




Mills, Joseph 96 

Winer, J. & Co 82 

Wright, C. H 96 

Young, H. &R 16 

Young, Thomas 192 


Aldrich & Lewis 560 

Baker, F. H 176 

Boles, John 176 

Dominion House 176- 

Ellis, R. Y. & Brother 97 

I ngersoll Chronicle. 363 

Mclutyre, James 176 

R-iad. S. G 97 

Royal Hotel 97 

Shtirpnell, K. J 176 

Turner, G. A 176 

Turner, Jacob & Co. 97 

Watson, W 176 


Bawden, Joseph 248 

British Whiff 561 

Biittou & Price 248 

Burnett House 248 

Campbell, Mowat & Mac- 

Donnell 248 

Caswell, J. D 248 

City Hotel 256 

Clements, L 248 

<jeraldi House 256 

Herrington, R. D 176 

Huutly, Charles 256 

Irvinir, W. & Son 176 

Jonlon&Co 256 

Karch, J. A. & Co 256 

Kemp t Co 256 

Liutoii, J. J 248 

McCorkell, A 256 

McCrea, T. W 176 

Mclutyre, R 248 

McKav, J., Jr 256 

McKflvey & Birch 248 

McMahoi), Thomas 248 

McNeil, Neil 248 

Mils^ip, E 256 

Nelligan&Co 248 

Nocll, John V 248 

•O'Oonnaii, M 256 

Phippnu S. &Son 248 

Rappt-, Webber & Co., 176 

Kobv, Kdwin 248 

Rose, R. M 248 

Rummill. (J. A 248 

Savage, Thomas 248 

Savage, William PI. G 248 

Sim J son. Isaac 248 

Skinner, H 248 

Tandy, Rechab 256 

Wilkinson, George M 256 


Hanlon, T 248 

Jewett House 248 

Neelands, J 248 


Advertiser 330 

Amerif-an House 289 

Anderson, M. & E 272 

Atkinson, -T. & Co 289 

r>a\vdin, Willijim 2S1 

IWttieT. & Co iJ81 

Cbnpman, Charles 248 

Clarke, F. S 273 


Cooper, Frank 281 

Cressall, J 273 

Dart, R. 289 

Dell, F. J 281 

Dranger, John 272 

Dyas&Wilkens 273 

Dyson, William 289 

Flock, James H 273 

Free Press 264 

Griffiths, John H 248 

Heathfield, M. W 248 

Hunter, John 273 

Jones, John 280 

Labatt&Co 288 

Law, John 273 

McConachie, D 280 

McDonald, A. J 248 

McDonough & Shoebothem. 248 

McGloghlon, W. D 281 

Mearns, William 248 

Moorhead, George 304 

Murray, H. S 248 

Ontario Mutual Fire Insur- 
ance Co 249 

Ontario Starch Works 280 

Peel, Thomas 248 

Plummer& Pacey 280 

Prototype 192 

Puddicombe, R. W 248 

Rich, Robert 248 

Rowland, Alfred 280 

Rowland, Edward 273 

Rowland, Frederick 280 

Rudd, C. B 273 

Smyth, John B...64, 176 & 241 

Spry, A. W 247 

Strong's Hotel 288 

Teale & Wilkens... bottom lines 

Tytler, Alexander 231 

Waterman, H. & Bro 272 


Commercial House 251 

John.ston, J. J. h^ Co 241 

MeafonlHotel 241 

Milne & Son 241 

Sing. C. R 241 

Snibbs, John W 241 

Warnica, L. B 241 


Eastman, H 241 


Stoi-ey, Thos. H 241 

Mitch ELI* 

Commercial Hotel 240 

Stephens, A 240 


Adcofk & English 233 

American House 704 

Bishop, George & Co 705 

Buss, J. B bottom lines 

Ciithbert & Son G25 

Davidson, L. H 233 

Devlin, B 233 

Dion, Joseph & Cyrille 625 

I )« «!ierty & Doherty 233 

Edwards, ( liarles D 624 

and outside bark tovrr 

Kvnns, Vi ni C.j7 

Kwin^r, S. H. & A. S i.i^ 

Fairbanks, Rnfus 705 

Fceks, KoluTt 706 

Fitts C. &Co 625 


Garth, Charles & Co 59S 

Giberton, A. 657 

Gordon, Alexander &Ca... 705 

Grant, W. & Co 705 

Greenshields, S. Son & Co . 657 

Gross, F 657 

Heam, Charles 657 

Imperial Fire Ins. Co., inside 

Imck cover 

Jellyman, R, 692 

Larin, 693 

Lawlor, J. D 593 

Life Association of Scotland, in- 
side back cover. 

McAvay, E. F. & Co 560 

McDonald, W. C 795 

Mann, D. D 705 

Marriage, Walter 705 

Moss, VVilliam 560 

Mulholland & Baker 656 

Mundcrloh. Steencken&Co 705 
National Life Insurance Company 
inside page onp. back cover. 
New York Life Ins. Co., 
vide p. opp, back cover... 

Overing, Thomas 592 

Pagels, E 656 

Parke, J. C 656 

Pollock & Galvert 592 

Qnion, F. A 705 

Rattiay, J. & C 705 

Rice, Brothera 592 

Smith k. Phillips 656 

Stinson & Richardson 

Stoneham, T. F 692 

Walker, J. H 593 

Warren, S. R. & Co 706 

Wilson & RaniSiW 705 

Winning, Hill & Ware, out- 
side back 

Mount Hope. 
Craig, William 240 


Boylo& Wright 240 

(.'ainpbell House 240 

Campbell, F. W 240 

rarnall, Matthew 240 

Judd, W. S 240 

Soby House 240 


Hope, W. A. &Ca 280 


.McDonald ^Metcalfe 280 

New Hamburoii. 

Goodman, Kenneth 280 


Boultbee, A 280 

Culvei-well, Thomas 280 

Kra 561 

Jones, W. S 280 

Pearson N 280 

Reid. N. &D 280 

Hoadhouse, Samuel 280 

Simpson, C. H 280 


Oakville House 305 

Rfvnoldfl, Thomas & S^n... S).'* 
Walsh, John 305 


McCarthy, ? aitland 8:)5 

Paisley Hou£e .• 30.'> 




Dallas, Thomas 805 

Expositor 208 

Moffatt,T. S 306 


Been, Wm. 305 

Johnston. J. P 305 

Keddie, James B. 305 

Larard, R 48 

Ix>ckhsit Honfse 48 

Bailroad House 305 

Rigra, B. James 305 

Taylor, P. 305 

Vindicator 561 


Araoldi, K 296 

Besserer & Cowan 49 

Borbridgf, H. &S 296 

Boyle, Michael 296 

British Lion Hotel 368 

Browne, D. T & Co 368 

Coasting Regulations 652 

Codd,D. & Co 368 

Coward. D. W. & Co 296 

Curtis, John 296 

Eai>ton,W. H. & Co 48 

Emigration 720 

Gilpin, Hobert 49 

<)owan, H. & J 868 

Grant, Donald M 49 

(Jrison, Louis A 368 

Cirist, Henry 43 

Harris & Campbell 49 

Heani, William 49 

Hick&Co. 49 

H')|io, James & Co 49 

HrttHCartier 296 

Hutchison, Dr. G 296 

Indian AtFairs 719 

Isaac, Thos 49 

lAon&Remon 49 

McITn-, William 48 

^laitin. Dr. 49 

Mais.y, W. M 49 

McTiimcr, G 296 

O't-onnor k Waller 49 

Passports 719 

PatttT^on, Thomas 49 

Post Office Savings* Banks 667 

Ilubertson k Lawrence 368 

Scott&Ross 49 

Sparks, Nicholas 49 

Travellers, Caniages, regu- 
lations 654 

Volunteer Review 336 

Walker k Pennock 296 

Vrooii, 0. C, M.D 308 

Ov^Ex Sound. 

Butfaart, Andrew 296 

Batdnrd, George W 296 

Coatt-sfc Dunn 296 

Slnan, J 296 

St.'phens, Henry 296 i 

Pa-fius Station. "* 

Anglo American Hotel 369 


Bradford's Hotel 296 

Brown,*W. k Co 369 

Bullock, Joseph 296 

Hiambers, R 369 

Co^'man, Thomas W 369 

•'oreHotel 369 

MasweU k V\ hitclaw 369 


Patterson, William 869 

^Uan, Henry 369 

Canadian Bolt Co 297 

Coombs, John S '. 369 

Hart, John 297 

Hick's Hotel 869 

Jamieson, Thomas 297 

Kelloek, J. D. t Co 297 

I^ne, F 297 

Nortligravea, G. k Son 297 

Riddell,John 297 


Menzies, Thos 304 

Ormond &Co 804 

Paul, W. H 304 

Royal Canadian Hotel 304 

Taylor, George 304 

White, Robert 804 

Winship, T. J 304 

Sovereign, Cyrus 496 


Allison & Gibson 296 

Men-ill, Edwards 304 

Pout Coi^bornb. 

FiiiTy,Elisha 296 

Giblwns, Peter 296 

Karr, J. C 296 

Learn, John 296 

North, Jacob 296 

Railway Hotel 296 

Richardson, Matthew 296 

Port Hope. 

Rarnett, K. W. & Co 384 

Benson, T. M 296 

Fowler, W. J 296 

Hastings House 384 

Helm, John, jr 384 

Hewson, Charles 296 

King, Joseph G 296 

Kirchofler, Nesbit 296 

Neelands, T 304 

Sydon, John 296 

Pout Pekuy. 

Hoitt&Gerow 385 

Maw, Hanison & Son 385 

Paxton & Jones 296 

Spencer & Ebbels 296 

\Vhite, George Uriah 385 


Brady Concert Hall 385 

Daniels' Hotel 385 

Hayuen, Joseph 385 

Higbee k McCoy 385 

Johnston, G. E 297 

LaBatt, R. P 385 

Ottawa Hotel (Junction).... 385 

Traveller's Insurance Co.... 385 

White, B 385 


Emaney, James 297 

Marsh, Wm. H 297 

Tomlinson, W. A 297 

Richmond Hill. 

Coghlan, Thomas. 65 


Clark, David 65 

Nairn, Alexander 65 

St. Catharines. 

Abell, Chandler 65 

Abbott, J. W. &Co 321 

Black, John 64 


Brownl6e,JThoinaa R 66 

Dew Drop Inn 64 

Dolson, S. G 65 

EUisHooiie 65 

Flint, J 821 

Goldsmith, S 64 

Gross' Dinine Saloon 65 

Hanntfan Je Laughlin 321 

Havens, Mahlon 65 

Huff, Wm. W 64 

Kane Brothers 65 

Kirby, James 65 

McCallum, Peter J 64 

McCoomb, Thomas 64 

McCormick, M...| 65 

Mclntyre & Son 65 

Mansion House 321 

May, A. 65 

May, Wm 64 

Mills, A. M 321 

Monroe, John B 321 

Smith, George 65 

Times (The Daily) 208 

St. Mary's. 

Mooi*e, John k Sons 64 

St. Thomas. 

Brown, Henry 64 

HillisA Metcalfe 64 

McLachlin, A 320 

Thompson, House 64 

White, Wm. J 64 


Salem Hotel 320 

Wissler, J. k E 220 

Guillot, J. P 320 


Adams k Seagcr 544 

Barron, John 320 

Bryce& Co 544 

Bucke, Julius P 544 

Carman, Geo. A 544 

Clark, William B 544 

Fleming, M 320 

Harkness, W. G 320 

McMillen, Robert C 320 

SuUivan, M 320 


Benson, James H 544 

Broadfoot k Gray 544 

Cardno, Alexander 544 

(/avanagh & Armitage 544 

Counter. M. R 544 

Johnston, Thomas 644 

Porter, John S 544 

Stephens, Thomas 544 


Walker & Fuller 496 

Smith's Falls. 

Frost & Wood 496 

Ketchuni, Stephen 496 

Ward, ^y. M. ctBro 496 

Williamson, W 496 


Cluvskey, James 495 

Laidlaw, J. D 496 

Lozie, Lawrence 496 


C'ale, Thomas , f 496 

C!orrie, John 496 

(Jibsori, John & William... 496 

Hanavan, M. J 496 

Hilton, G. A 496 



Hnntingtcm, J. B 496 

Lane, Roderick 496 

Owen, John 496 

Shanuan, Joseph 496 

Smith, A 469 

T2orapson, R 496 

Trim M. E 496 

Wiiikltr, Frederick 496 


Bell, Archilald 496 

Fawcett, T. & Co 612 

Kiiapp. C. F 496 

Leii testy & Lc Gallee 660 

Moore, Isaac 456 

Strathroy Despatch 209 

SrsPEKsioK Bridge, (N. Y) 
Westeru Hotel 97 

TzxAS Laxdixg. 

Morrell. Dallas 688 

White, T. B. &Ca 688 


ThornhiU Hott'l 688 


British Hotel 688 

City Hotel 688 

Dobhie, A 688 

Fitch & Kogers 688 

McFariaiid, George 688 

Patterson & Fotheringham. 688 

Saundors & Phelps 688 

Scott, Thomas D <)88 


Aldwell&Co 612 

Allcoik, S.— C. Laight & Co 512 

Bell,T 385 

Bell& Co 456 

Bigelow, N. G 456 

Black, Norris 481 

Blair, Ferguson & Parkinson 385 

Boeekh, Ciiarlcs 528 

Boxall, John 528 

Briggs, Thomas 528 

British American Ass. Co.. 2 

BronstUm & Paton 512 

Brown Brothere 512 

Brown, James, Jr 385 

Brown, Thomaa 456 

Bugg, Charles 528 

Burke, William 512 

Campbell, G. L 513 

Canaila Pennanent IMg. & 

Saving Society 2 

Canpdian Freeman 12!) 

Cadadian Journal of Com- 129 

minro 528 

Camiichael, Hobert 432 

CftJ-swcIl, K 885 

Christie, A 885 

Clarkson, Thos. & Co 613 

Climlinning, , J ohn A 385 

CollVc, L. &Co 528 

Coxon, George 512 

Ci-Rwford, AJthur 528 

Cnimpton, H 512 

Cumngfe Wells 385 

CuiTic, Neil 544 

Dalton, Wm «85 

Davids, Jos^^ph 513 

Davidsoi^ MoVittiei^ Co... 528 



Da^nes, T. & Son 481 

Douglas, J. & Co .. 513 

Di-edge, A. & Co 644 

Duflin, W. W 613 

Duncan, P. kCo 518 

Edwards, H 385 

Elliott, J. W 385 

Eves, Janes bottom lines 

Fortier, Charles G 385 

Gemmell, Alexander 385 

Giddings, George 385 

GillespM, J. & Co 640 

Gilmor, Isaac C 640 

Gray, Kobert H 640 

Gundry fe Langley 497 

Hamilton, Alexander 497 

Holmes, J 385 

Hubertus, W. L. k Co 497 

Laiitl, R. W 644 

Leader and Patriot 129 

Lucns, George D 497 

McCarthys Mason 432 

McCrosson&Co 480 

McKay, S 385 

Marston, W. P 689 

Matthews, W. D. &Co 660 

Morrison & Sampson 497 

Noverre, Frank A 432 

O'Connor, Thomas 497 

O'Neil, T. H 432 

OmTT, S. H 432 

Palmer, Joseph 432 

Pearcy, John 492 

Phillips, K 689 

Piper, Hiram 689 

Pocknell, II. T 432 

Provincial Ins. Co 3 

Purse, Alexander 432 

Reed, Thomas 432 

Robertson, Stephen & Co.. 529 

' Rordans&Co 529 

Roj'al Lyceum 496 

R utherfonl. An drew 529 

Savignv, Hugh P 432 

Scott, l\'ter A 432 

Scott & StoUery 529 

Sliarp, Wm. & Son 688 

Shepmrd, W. H 641 

Smith, Alex, 512 

Smith, F 512 

Smith, Prof. G. W 432 

Smith, Thompson & Son ... 641 

Spence, Hugh 432 

Stanlv, R 417 

Star Life Assurance Co 640 

Stem, S 456 

Sproat, Charles 432 

Taylor, F. P. G. & Co 416 

Taylor, J. k J 4 

Taylor ; John k him 94 J 

Taylor, Wilson 416 

Terry, John bottom Hius. 

Tidfv, W. J 432 

Tilburj', G. F. & Co 641 

Trees, Samuel 641 

Trotter, R. G 417 

Wagner, J. P 384 

Walton, Benjamin 384 

Walton, G. A 528 

» I 



Ward, George $84 

Ware, Geo. B 417 

Wilson, C 417 

Wilson, Geo 417 

Wilton, William 416 

Willmott, Geo. 417 

Shea, William 417 


Armstrong House 417 


Bricker, B.H 417 

MacGachcn & Colquhoun.. 417 

Shirely, W. H 417 


Bridges, James & Co 417 

Dewhtttst» £. R 560 


Armstrong, E 401 

Brown k I'atterson 401 

Caldtlell, E. M 401 

Clayton, James 401 

Donovan, M. O 401 

Gerrie, James H 400 

Grose, S 401 

Higgins, W. H 560 

Holden, James 400 

King, Brothers 401 

Robson House 401 

Till & Lama 401 

Walker, Thomas 401 

Yamold, R. J 233 

WiDDKR Station. 

Atkinson & Gattis..: 400 

Cornell, James 400 


Armour, John 400 

Batty, John 238 

Claik, Charles 233 

F^«ter, F. L 400 

Frazer, James 400 

Fulford, H. T. L 400 

Hirons, Wm. B 400 

Und, M. E 4O0 

McGregor. W. k D 400 

Mficdonald k Bnchan 400 

Neveux, Louis 233 

Paaent, Alex 40O 

Richai-ds, M. Jr 400 

Treble, JchnM 400 

Bain, John 400 


Gniy. William 433 

Miller, J. M 433 

O'Neil, James 433 

Reid, William 433 

Scott & Swan, Drs 433 


Leslie, George H. i Co ... 233 

]iro<'kviUc k ( )ttawa 29 7 

GrentJVestem 676 

Grand Tnink 608 k 577 

London k Port Stanley 672 

Michigan Central 673 

Northeni 609 

Port HoiH*, liind.sAv* and 
Beftverton 576 

N. B.— The Alphabetical Order of places has*, in a few instances, been slightly 
interrupted to avoid the division of a short list of names. A reference, however^ 
to the General Index, will prevent th a least delay in finding^ any place in the work. 




C. E. j^lSTDERSOlJT & CO,, 



loolatolbrwgiilir liii»ttou>wfflb»liowidlatfc»Ai<lwidt,>ttt»wdof IhliwgfiL 

Aberarder.— A Yilkgs <m the Onmd Trank Rulway and Moflktt's Cretk* ia the Township of Plymp- 
tott, Connty, Luabton. Distant from County Town, 20 miles. Ayertge price of land $10 to 925. 
PopolatioB, 60. 

Adams^ Bobert» cabinet-maker. 
Bell, Thos., wa^on-maker. 
Brown, John, fanner. 
Csims, Helen, dressmaker. 
Cairns, James, farmer. 
Cairns, Rachel^ dressmaker. 
Cairu, R.» tsloi". 
Goran, K. "8., teacher. 
Hamilton, Alexander, carpenter. 
Hamilton, John, carpenter. 
Harrey, Joseph, farmer. 
Janiine, Robert, fanner. 

Lowrie, James, farmer. 

McBEAH, D., PMt miBter md gsttsnd 

McKinlay, Donald, farmer. 

May, Frederiek« butcher. 

Moffatt, James,' farmer. 

Simpaon, John, shoemaker. 

Smith, FinUy, farmer. 

Stirret, Qeor^ weaver. 

Taylor, Ai^hihald, farmer. 

Watson, David, tailor. 

Wheelet, El^ah, brlck-nuiker, 

Wilkinson, Archibald, farmer. 

Aberfayle* — A village in the Township 
Town 7 mile% and froni Toronto 64 milesi 
Population, 100. 

Beattie, Wm., teacher. 

Black, John, fanner. 

CouzcDs, C, shoemaker. 

FALCOKB&IDG£, 8., Postmastsc 

Fleming, R., prop. Anglo* Amsriaui HotsL 

^lant, Joseph, AriMr*' 

Hammersley, J., J. P. 

Ingram, Tbsanas, auctioneer. 

Johniton, B., i^p. Johnston's Hotel. 

Little, R., csrpenter. 

little, Thos., butchsr. 


of Pnslinch, County Wellington. IMstanos from Cosntj 
Stages to GiMlfli AttAEEumOtad: ' Attrage piios of land t^. 

McBeath, Malcolm, fanner. 
McDonald^ Rer. K;, (Presbyterian.) 
Mcintosh, James, tailor. 
Mclntyre k McG^bbon, 
McLaren. Peter, teacher. 
McLean, Geoufw niller. 
McLeodjR., shoemaker. 
MiUer, WilHam, cabinet makttV 
Smith, A., J.P. 
Smith, Joseph, esxpsntflL 
ir, Aadxtw, liaoMr* 



Abinsdon* — A Tillage in tl^e Township of Caiator, County Lincoln, 2$ milea frpm Sj^ Catherines^ ai^d 
60 from Toronto. Population, 50. 

Asher, James, briokmakcr. 
Benson, Eev. M., (Methodist,) 
Black, David, blacksmith. 
Chesney, Rev. Mr., (Baptist), 
Chcyne, Rev. George. 
Cleliand, W. L., wagon maker. 
Cobley, James, blacksmith. 
■Culp & Spence, potters, 
Qrecr, A. M., lumber merchant. 
Haney, R. A., M.D. 
Harmon, Lawrence, cooper. 
Home, James, hotel 

Hughson, J. L., hotel. 
Jackson k Vaudusen, carpenteis. 
Jackson, John, blacksmith. 
Johnson, J., general merchant. 
McCaster, John. 
Mcintosh, Colin, attorney. 
Mcintosh, Jo' n,. cabinet maker, 
Miller, John, geueml merchant 
Park, James, J. P. 
PEARSON, THOM'AS, Postmaster. 
Smith, Thomas, grist miller. 
Waites, John. 

ActOIIa^A station on the Grand Trunk Railway, in the Township of Esquesing, County Halton, containing 
2 flour mills, 4 sawmills, 2 shingle factories, 1 planing mill, 1 tannery, 1 foundry, 1 cloth factory, 4 
churches, 1 commou inhool, 3 hotels. The principal trade is. in grain, lumber, cordwpod, leather and 
hops. Land averages from $28 to $36 per acre. Distant from County Town 11 miles, from Toronto, 3"^ 
miles, and from Guclph, 14 miles. Money order office. Daily mail. Population, 700. 

Adams, Ransom, broker. 

Ahcrn, John, express agent and station master. 

Allan, John, hop grower. 

Baird, H. A., dentist. 

BEARDMORE, G. L. & CO., tanners. 

Bell James, lime manufacturer. 

Bell, Wm., prop. Rossin House. 

Brown, Alexander. 

Brown, James, shingle maker. 

Burrows, Jeremiah, shoemaker. 

Cameron, Hugli, carpenter. « 

Cameron, Miss IsabeT.a, teacher. 


Cameron, John, carpenter. 

Cameron, Rev. Lachlan, (Presbyterian.) 

Chapman, J. J., deutist 

CLAfiK, THOMAS, pi*op. Royal Exchange Hotel 

(see adv.) 
Coats, F. D., cooper. 
Coats, John, cooper. 
Collins, Joseph. 
Cook, Rev. R. B., (Baptist.) 
Cooper, Alexander, painter. 
Dempsey, J., tanner. 
Dempsey, Mrs., dressmaker. 
Dixon, Adam, tailor. 
Ebbage, Thomas, painter. 
Firatbi-ook, William, lumber dealer. 
Fraser, James, bailiff. 
Freeman, A. H. k Co., druggists. 
Ful^ames, Tliomas, carpenter. 
Grant, Alexander, shoemaker. 
Grant, William, wagon maker. 

Hamilton, Riohard, carpenter. 
Hannah, John, liaker. 
Hewer, John, tanner. 
Hill, ChrlcH J, general merchant. 
Hume, Thomas, councillor. 
Jeffers, Rev. Thbmas, (Wesleyan Method! it) 
Kennedy, Mrs., hopgiower, 
LESLIE, GEORGE k CO., general mm'ianti. 
Lighthait, John, coopir. 
Lindsay, James, councillor. 
Little, Robert, teacher. 
Livingston, Daniel, ci>rpentcr. 

Jjozier, Oliver j)lasterer 

McBain, John, general merchant. 

McEner)', William, councillor. 

MuGarvin, Nelson, physician. 

McGregor, Peter, J. P. 

McKee. John, general merchant. * 

McNaughton, John: . 

Maloney, David, shoemaker. 

Mann, Alexander. 

Mann, Hugh, hop grower. 

Marehall, Miss, dressmaker. 

Marshall, Thomas, shoemaker. 

Matthews, Abraham. ^ 

Matthews, George, butcher. 

MATTHEWS JAMES, Postmaster, Clerk Div. Court, 
Telegraph Office, Commissioner in B. R., Issuer 
of Mamagc Licenses, Insurance agent, &c. 

Milburn, Thomas, k Co., druggists. 

Moore Bros., shintle makers, 

Morrow, Robert, physician. 

Nicklin, B. k E., millers. 

O'Haran, John, station master, G. T. R. 

Pearin, Rev. James, (Wesleyan Methodist) 

Scott, James, miller. 

SECORD, S. A., general merchant. 

Sharp, Whk k Co., lumlwr dealers. 


Smith, C. S. & J.'H., planing mill. 

SMITH, SIDNEY, lumber dealer and hopgiower. 

Snyder, Eli, carpenter. 

Spaight, John, wagon maker. 

Spaight, Michael, wagon maker. 

Stafford, Sumner, potash manufacturer. 

Stauffer, Abraham, lime manufacturer. 

Steel, George, cai'pcnter. 

Steel, Miss, dressmaker. 

Stone, R]<!hard, tanner. 

Storey, Wm. H., saddler. 

Symon, Charles, J. P. 

Symon, C. k J^ general merchanta k lumber dMdertt 

Yanallan Charles, tailor. 

AV^ard, James, proprietor Califoniift House. 

Warren, John, counciller. 

\Vp.Mer, William, miller. 

Weignv Charles, tlnemidi. 



AdaCre.— A Til]ag« it' the Township of IfcGilHrray, County Middlesex. Distant from Coimtsr Tdwil 
23 miles, from Toronto 187 miles. Average pries of land $40 to $60. Popnlatlon 70. 

Berryfield, S., carpenter. 

Diamond, WiUiam, miller. 

Elliott, Miss Matilda, teacher. 

Fitzgerald,. Gerald, saddler. 

Hicks, Samuel, teacher. 

Kilgallin, P. proprietor Adare House. • 

L£y£TT, MBS. AGN£S, PostmistKst. 

Lewis, Wm,, jr. 

McGee, J. proprietor Farmer's Kest. 

McNamee, J. & W. woiolen factors. 

McNamee, R. J., shoemaker. 
Maguire James, jr., wagon maker. 
Maguirci J. carpenter. 
Maguire, Wm., carpenter. 
Quarry, H. B., general merchant. 
R^gan, Miss M., teacher. 
Thompson, J., cariienter. 
Thompson, Miss M., dressmsker. 
Thoraxwon, R., j^arpenter. 
Winter, ReT., (Presbyterian.) 

Addison* — A Village in the Township of Elizabethtown and County of Leeds. Distant from Bvoekrill* 
the County Town 12 miles, and from Peith 88 miles ; daily mail. Population about 200. 

LKWIS, COLtTMAN, Postmaster and general merchant. 

Adelaide* — A ViHage sitiiatod ou the Samia branch of the Gi-eat Western Railway, in tiie Township 

of Adelaide, County Middlesex, 25 miles from London and 86 from Sarnia. Population 109^ Money 

Older office. 

HOARE, JOHN S., Postmaster, and J. P. 

Admaston* — A Village in tho Township of Admastou, County Renfrew, distant from County Towa 
30 miles, from Toronto 300 mile^ stages to Renfrew and Douglas. Average ivriee of wild land $1 to 94^ 
improved $8. Population 100. 

Allen, John, weaver. 
Bain, Alexander, weaver. 
Baiu, James, weaver. 
Black, William, wagon maker. 
Bolger, Martin, carpenter. 
Browu, Alexander, farmer. 
Brown, Geoi*ge, sen., carjjenter. 
Brown, Jamf«, cooper. 
Burlangett, Geoi^ teacher. 
Campbell, Jolui, aen., J. P. 
Campbell, Peter, sen., shoemaker^ 
Cardiif, George, farmer. 
Cardifl', Richard, farmer. 
Cherry, W. H.. weaver, 
Connolly, Thomas, coox)ei^ 
Fait^uharson, David, car|)enter. 
Felion, Vital, blacksmith. 
Foley, John, car])enter. 
Gillan, John, caqienter. 

Gorman, John, general merchant. 

Gorman, Patrick, J. P. 

Gorman, Simon, hotel keeper. 

Graham, David, fanner. 

Martnett, John, blacksmith. 

Hudson, Charles, proprietor Shamrock hotel. 

Lamont, Helen, teacher. 

Lyons, Thomas, teacher. 

McCormick, William, tailor. 

McDougall, Mm. A., hotol keeper. 

McDougJiU, Mra. S., hotel keeper. 

McDougall, W, & A., grocers. 

McGee, James, shoemaker. 

P.VITKKSON, M1S8 JANE, Postmistress. 

Rcid, Ei>hraim, woolen factor. 

Reid, Robert, weaver. 

8ellar, Alexander, carpenter, 

Vralker, Rev., F. H., (Wesleyan.) 

Wilson, Matthew, shoemalBca*. 

AdOlphlUStOWIl* — A station on the Grand Trunk Railway and shore of Day of Quiute, bi the Town 
ship of Adolphustown, County of Lennox. The principal trade is in gi'ain, stock and cordwood. Land 
avenges from $30 to $40 per acre. Distant from County Town 16 miles, and from Kingston 30 mile*. 
Daily mail Population 100. 

Allen, Parker, J. P. 

Allison, Joseidi B. 

Baker, James, butcher. 

Bartlett, Francis, architect and builder. 

Bog<:rt, M. C, councillor. 

Cuilett, C. J., clerk. 

Curlett, E. H. 

Daverue, R , councillor. 

Davis, P. D. councillor. 

Dorland, Paul J. auctioneer. 

Borland. Philip 

Kvans, Dr. 

(iihli, TImis. F., p. L. S. 

Haiglit, D., treasurer. 

Harding, Bev. R., (C*hurch of England.) 

Hart, James, wagon maker. 

Hawley, Samuel 

Johnston, Sanmel, shoemaker* 

Loynes, James, carpenter. 

Ogilen, J. D., tcai.^her. 

Cutwater, John, J. P. 

Penncr, ChsH., J. P. 

Piatt, B. At P., fannera. 

Poole, A. W., pToyrietor Adolphustown lloteL 

Ruttau, £., councillor. 

Hweetman, Capt W. H. 

Trampour, Paul 

Tmmpour, S. W. 

WAraON, J. J., Postmaster and gcnei^l merchant* 



AgtnCQIirt*— A poet Yilkg* in thv Towndiip of Scarboro, Omatj York. Distoiit from ToronU IS 

miles, and from Marfcham 7 milea. Daily mail PopalaUon 40. 
Fl«teher, Rer. D. H., (Prasbjtozian.) i MILKE, JOHN, Pottmartcr and geneial merduat. 

Irving, William, teacher. i 

AllsaCralg*— An important Tillage and Station of the Ghrand Tnink Railwaj,flitaa.ted on the Bauble Biror^ 
in the Townships of If cCHlliTray and Bast WilHsms, County Middleeez, 42 miles from London by rail and 
24 by road ; from Park Hill 7, Lucan 7 and Oarlisle 8. The sarrounding coontty is unsurpassed for its 
fertility, and an extensire and increasing business is done in the exportation of grain, lumber, stoTCs, 
ate Money order office. PopuUtion^ 500. 

AIUSA CRAIO HOTEL^ A Munro^ pxoprietor. 

■ jklaxander, Charles, carriage maker. 

Armstrong, Robert, shoemaker. 

ATKINSON, W. K. k CO., general merchants and 

manufacturers boots and shoes. 
BELCH, ALEXANDER, editor and prop^ North 

Middlesex Msview; books and stationery. 
Blackwell, Thomas, telegraph operator. 
Boles, L. C, hotel 

Bruce, Adam, section superintendent O. T. R. 
Christopherson, Rot. Hall, (Wesleyan). 
Coulter, Andrew, hotel. 
Cfiawford, William, cooper. 
Coaick, C, hotel. 

EssERT, Campbell k Johnston, flour miiis. 

Evans, John, bkker. 
Harcus, Geoige, buildin:. 
Harrison, James, tailor. 
Hendezson, Donald, M.D., druggist. 
HERSEY, S. C, produce merchant 
Hey, Thomas, drags and groceries. 
Hi4^esy John, general merchant. 
Jamieson, Alexander, blacksmith. 
Kinsman, H., dentist. 
IiOBg^ Joshua, cooper. 

Longstaff, J. C, hotel. 

McAlpine, Duncan, carpenter. 

McAlpino, John, caipenter. 

McBRIDE, M., boots and shoes. (See adr.) 

McDonald, Roland, general merchant 

Melntosh, William, nlaning mill. 

McKinnon, AngcCs, Sf.D. 

Martin, J. J., bricklayer. 

Mihell, Oeoige A., general merchant' 

MUMFORD, E. A., station agent 

MUNRO, A., proprietor Ailsa Craig Hotel. 

Munro, Hector, carpenter. 

NEVILLS, T. G. »., groceries^ wines and liouon. 


Pnngler, E., wagon maker. 
Price, Thomas H., general merchant 
Priestley, John W., produce and lumber. 
Priestley, Thomas C, bailiff. 
RANTON, JOHN k JAMES, general merchants. 
Rerin^n, Joseph, saddler. 
Sherwm, William, cabinetmaker. 
Shoff, Deimis, general merchant. 
Smith, J. S.. M.P.P. 
Sweeney, John, grocer. 
Weber, Albin, merchant tailor. 

le P. O.)— A inSlago sitoatad on the Maitland Rirer, in the Townahipa of Gny 
and Morris, County of Huron, 80 miles from Goderich, 95 from Hamilton and 13 firom fletforth Station, 
G.T.R. Improred land in the neighborhood ayeragas $20 per acre. The rirer affords excellent 
mannfactuiuig power. Manuftetarsa of all kinds are required. Population, 600. 

Ainlay, Charles, cabinetmaker. 

Aimstroiu^ William, hotel. 

Beaton, Norman, carpenter. 

Bristol, Rot. S., (Wesleyan). 

Bayidson, J. Ifc J., wagon makers. 

Brans, J. R., books and stationery. 

naU^ k Qeny/cabtiietaaakeii. 

Gerry, Benjamin, sash factory. 

Gtaham, A. W., M.D. 

Grants A, carpenter. 

Oraai J. R., druggist 

GRANT, WILLIAM, Postmaster. 

Hamilton, A., butcher. 

Hayaett, Rer. S., (Bible Christian). 

Holmes^ W. G. R., M.D. 

Johnson, J. B., dentbt 

Jone% ReT. R. a, (Canada Presbyterian). 

Kelly Brothers, lime and stone dealars. 

Kennedy, J. E. & Co., bakers. 

Kerr, Rer. John, (Episcopal). 

Kerr, J. W., insurance sfient 

Knetchtel, J., leather and findings. 

Knetchtcl William, saddler. 

Knox, T., grocer. 

Leckie, John, general merchacnt * 

Leonand, J., hotel 

Liringstone, William, general merchant 

McCormack, John, carocnter. 

McLaughlin, James, shoemaker. 

MePhau, John, cooper. 

Main, A., general merchant 

Morns, S. B., carpenter. 

Pearson, S., ahoemakar. 

Preston, Rer. P., (New ConnectiQn Methodist). 

Ross, D., tailor. 

Smale, S., tailor. 

Shelton, Jamea, auctioneer. 

Smith, John, R., leather and finding!. 

Smith Brothers, shingle makers. 

Thompson, Peter, carpenter. 

Thynne, Alexander, teacher. 

Vanstone, William, miller. 

West Brothers, general merchanti. 

Willson, William, wagon maker. 

Wright, Charles, buteher. 

Wxi^t, G. H., general merchant 



from St. ThomM. Stagoi daily to ChBiUmm 

B«ftteii, Aleacttdc^ akoeouker. 
Bolden, John, ahoeniAker. 
Campbell, Duncan, wa^^n maker. 
Gampball, John, carpenter. 
CABPENTER, L., Portmarter, eaUte agent. 
Carpenter & HcLean, |iseneral merchanti. 
Carrie, Eer, Peter, (Presbyterian). 
Gray, Angus, tailor. 

the Tomuhip of Aldboroq^ County 

and St. Thomas^. Populatian, 100. 

Groh, Henry, tailor. 
Lamont, Dugald, blacksmith. 
Lamont, John, blacksmith. 
McDiarmid, L., Clerk Division Coort 
Mclntyre, Dnncan, carpenter. 
Mclntyre, John^ carpenter. 
HoLeMi, Adam, miller, 
Timewell, James, hoteL 


Alberion*— A Tillage in the Township .of Ancaster, County 'Wentworth, 14 miles from HsaJltai 

and 65 from Toronto. 

8MITH, 8. W., Postmaster. 

Alblim*— (See Bohon.)— A Post YiUage on the BiTer Hnmber, in the Townskip of Albion, Coimtj Ftd. 
Distant from Coonty Town, 16 miles ; from Tonmto, 28 miles. Money Order office and Savings Bank. 

EYAKSk GBORQE, Postmsster. 

MSktBFJ, — ^A Post Yillafs wk the Grand Trunk Baalwaj and shore of B^yof Qouit^ in the Townahipof 
Ameliasbnigh, Covnty of Prince Edward, with n luge trade in grain, lumber and cordwood. Land 
averages from $40 to $60 per acre. Distant from County Town, 24 mUes ; from Toronto, 106 milsf. 
Popolfttioii, 150. 

AUey, John, cooper. 

Alky, Thomsa, butcher. 

Cunogton, William, sash and door manufacturer. 

Cunninghain, Heniy, senr., commission merchant. 

Dempsey, Isaac 

Dempsey, Peter, junr., J. P. 

Dempsey, P. C, cabinetmaker. 

Dempsey, W. B., butcher. 

Demps^ W. T. 

Pones, W. A., architect 

Germain, Sarah J., teacher. 

Graydon, William, cabinetmaker. 

Hunt, Henry B., coonciUor. 

Ksmp. N., councillor. 

Kaxen, Levi, painter. 

Ondesdonk, John, wagon maker. 

Peck, Jsmeiy senr., shoemaker. 

PECK, JAMES H., Pioetmaster, attorney, inmnttot 

agent, nurseryman, etc. 
Peck, M. A., dressmaker. 
Peck, Williun, coroner. 
Pierson, A. 

Pierson, David, broker. 
Boblin, Geoi^. 
Roblin, Philip^ councillor. 
Sager, Albert, constable. 
Sager, Georffe W., saddlsr. 
Sprsgue, S^vanus. 
Tnomson, Rev. James, (Weslajtn). 
Yancleaf, Jesse, carpenter. 

Aldfeor#i«|^— <Se* Ainu.)-— A Post-office in the TownsMp of Aldborongh, County BIgis. 

GABf ENTER, L., Postmsster. 

AldershOit.-- (Waterdown Section and Port Flamboro'.>~A Yillage and Station of the ToroBto taikoh 
of the Great Western Bsilwsy,, in the JTownship of East Flamboro', Countj Wentworth. 4} ailst 
fi«m Hamilton and m from Toronto. 

Baker, Wm., station agent 
Belfour, Peter, wagon maker. 
Brown, Alex., J. P., forwavdsr. 
Peeley, Wm., section master. 
HUl, A., fitimcr. 
Xenney, James A., hoteL 
Hctfahon, Daniel, blaekamith. 

Mosgrove Jsred, hotel 

Oliver, Hsmilton, Postmsster, hotsL 

Orr, Wm., soap maker. 

Sinclair, Bobt, shoemsker. 

Smith, Wm., iiurmer, 

,Stock, G., farmer. 

Wyatt, H., farmer. 

AMenriUe.— A Pest-offiot in the Township eif Alnwick, County Northumberland. 

CUBTI8, JAMES, Postmsster. 



JUexsadrla-— 'The Chief Town of tiie County of Qlmgaij, sibilated <m Loch Q^rry, in th^ P^owpliip of 
Lochiel. 293 miles from Toronto. Stagei to Lancaster ai^ L'OiigniU. Moffiegr Oi^t office and Sayings 
Bank. Population, 800. 

Chisholm, C. D., clerk 2d Division Court. 

Harrison, C, general merchant. 

Kerr, C, general merchant. 

Kennedy, John, wagon maker. 

Le Clair, N. P., M,I)., 

HcAUister, J. M. prin. grammar school. 

McDonald, a. S., Postmaster, general merchant. 

HcDonald, Allan, wacon maker. 

McDonald, Angus, tailor. 

McDonald, D. A., J. P., M.P.P. 

McDonald, Duncan, ^n. merdi't 

McDonald, Hugh, tailor. 

McDonald, Mrs., hotel. 

McDougall, Alex., tailor. 

McGiUis, D., hotel. 
McKen2de, A., county registmr. 
McKenzie, J., hoteL 
McKenzie, J. B., auctioneer. 
McMaster, John, gen. merchant. 
McMillan, Donald, M.D. 
McMillan, Mrs. hoteL 
McPhee, D. & D., general mefchant 
McBae, Donald, *wagon maker. 
Miller k Campbell, founders. 
O'Connor, Rtv. J. S., ^Roman Catholic). 
Simpson, John, general merchant, 
WaUis k McPhee, general merchants. 

Alfk*ed .— ^A post Yilkge of the Township of Alfred, County Prescott Distant 12 miles from L'OrignaL 

Brady, Mrs., hotel-keeper. 

3rady; Thomas^ J.P^ 

HILL, J., Postmaster and hotel keeper. 

Hughes, Humphrey, J. P. 

Langlor, L., school teacher. 

Lawlor, George, oroeer. 
McOauYeran, Joob, steam saw mill. 
Seyers, John, shingle-maker. 
Seyers, Oliver, sh£gle-maker. 

Algonquin.— A Post Village situated in the Township of Augusta, Comity Grtnville. Population 
about 100. WRIGHT^ SILAS, Postmaster. 

Ailanbnrgh.— -A Station on the Welland Railway, and Port on the Welland Canal, in the Township of 
Thorold, County of Welland. Principal trade, shipping. Average price of land, $80 to $40. Distant 
from County Town, 7 miles, from Toronto, 85 miles, from Buffalo, N.Y., 80 miles. Daily Mail 
Population 300. 

Allison, John. 

Anderson, James, carpenter. 

Cnrr, John, butcher. 

Church, Arch. 

Dyke, Henry, proprietor Welland House. 

Gray, George, butdher. 

Hane, George, saddler. 

McKenzie, Charles, teacher. 

Mussen, Henry, ffrocer. 

Plumsteel, Daniel, carpenter. 

RANKIE, JOHN, Postmaster and general merchant. 

Smith, Edward, caipenter. 

Spencer, Robert, J. P. 

Starr, B^v. — , (Wesleyan.) 

Taylor, Sylvester, woolen factory. 

Tucker, B. 

Tucker k Rannie, lumber dealerai 

Underhill, Wm., proprietor Black Horse hoteL 

Upper, James, proprietor AUanbin|^ House. 

Upper, Joseph, proprietor Upper House. 

Upper, Wm., livery stable. 

Upper, Willis, carpentar. 

Vanalstine, Miles, carpenter. 

Vanderburgh, Henry, carpenter. 

Wilkerson, Jacob, carpenter. 

Williams, James, carpenter. 

Allandale HUlSt — A Post Village situated on the Indian River, in the Township of Otonabee and 
County Peterboro*, [in the neighborhood of Rice Lake.' •Distant from Pcterboro*, the County Town, 
10 miles. Population about 250. 

SHORT, RICHARD J., Postmaster and saw mill proprietor. 

Allan Park.^A Poet-office Station on the Saugeen River, in the Township of Bentinckr Coiuily o^ 
Grey, with a good trade in grain and lumber* Land averages $25. Distant from County Town, 84 
miles, from Toronto, 90 miles. Daily MaiL 

i Evans, Rev. W. B., (Episcopal). 
Fensom Bros., millers and lumber dealers. 
Goodrue, Charles F., general merchm&t. 
Herd, Wm., carpenter. 

Adlam, GeoigCi carpenter. 

Bamfrid, John, carpenter. 

Blakeley, John. 

BODDY, THOMAS, Postmaster and gen. merchant 

Biigham, Henry, wagon-maker. 

Campbell, Robert 

Chittick, Guy, hotel-keeper. 

Cochrane, Alexander. i 

CoUett, Henry. 

Cook, Wm. 

Devlin, James, carpenter. 

Devlin, Thomas, carpenter. 

Hopkins, James. 
McDonald/ Daniel, ooundllor, 
McKenna, Michael. 
Marshall, James. 
Stephens, Alex, teacher. 
Tyreman, Thomas. 
Whiteford. William. 
Wilkinson, Robert. 



ABeiidale.— A Village and station of the Koitliern Kailway, in the Township of Innisftll, Comity Simooe, 
one Tuile South of Barrie. Money order office. Population, 150. 

Boon, John, hotel keeper. 
Bums, Edward, maaoa. 
Brooks, Stanley, blacksmith. 
Cline, Francis, carpenter. 
Cnlross, Wm., blacKsmith. 
Durham, John, proprietor saw milL 
Hamlin Ambrose, hotel keeper. 
Little, Thomas^ hotsl keeper. 


MoMahon, James, dry goods. 
Milbum, S. J., proprietor of saw miU. 
MISCAMPBELL, A., Postmaster. 
Myers, Jacob, land agent. 
Ross, John, station agent N.R.R. 
Sheridan Felix, merchant 
' Sheridan, James, merchant. 

Alfonford. — ^A Post-office in the Township of Amabel, County Bruce. 

SHARP, WM., Postmaster. 

AlUsonTille.— A Village OB the Consecou Creek, in the Townsliip of Hillier, County Prince Edward. 
Distant from the County Town 12 miles, and from Toronto, 100 miles. Average price of land, $30 
to $35. Population. 60. 

Ainsworth, Henry, farmer. 

Ainsworth, Phillip, fanner. 

Allison, Cyras R., proprietor lumber yard. 

Benson, David, teaoher. 

Burr, Wm., farmer. 

HICKS, ROYAL C, Postmaster. 

HcFaol, Nelson, iamer. 

Koxon, D., farmer. 
SpaiTonl, Samuel, carpenter. 
Thomas, A, farmer. 
Thome, Wm., te^ichcr. 
Valliere, Peter, farmer. 
Vancleny, W. H., carpenter. 
William, Daniel J., farmer. 

Alliston. — A Village in the Townships of Essa and Tecnmseth, ConntyJSimcoe, 25 miles from Barri 
and 60 from Toronto. Stages to Cdokstown and' Rosemont.' Population, 175. 

Buyers, Wm., carpenter. 

Chaffey. B., M. D. 

Crosbie^ Aitken k Co., founders. 

Dillane, M., wagonmaker. 

Dniry, T., general merchant 

Edwards, W., hotel. 

Fahey P., hotel. 

FLETCHER, GEO. P. M., flour milU. 

Hands, W., hotel. 

Hislop, Rev. J, K., (Canodii Presbyterian.) 

Keppel, Rev. J. H., (Wesleyan.) 
Kinzio, Abel, cabinetmaker. 
Madill, John, M. D. ., .., 
Mawhinney, Wm. , saddler. 
Rayson, J., general merchant. 
Seager, J., general merchant. 
Sleightholm k Fletcher, general merchants* 
Btrachan, John, shoemaker. 
Wightman, Adam, blacksmith. 

AUoa, — ^A Post Offico in tiie Township of Chinguaconsy, CountyPeel. 


Abna.— A Poet Village situated on the Gravel Road leading to Guelph, at the junction of ih€ Town line 
of Niohol, Peel, Pilkington, in the County V^ellington. Distant from Guelph, the County Town, 18 
miles, and from Hamilton 49 miles. Population, 100. 

BUkely, Wm. 

Cousins, Henry, carpenter. 

Cromar, Robert 

Cnllum, Croflon, carpenter. 

GRAHAM, THOS., Postmaster and gen. inerehaiit 

Johnston, James. 

Johnston, Thomas. 

McCrae, Robert. 

Miller, Henry, cabinetmaker. 

BomUe, Henry. 

SU ele, J. C, hotel proprietor. 

Switzer, James. 

Tindale, Richard. 



jyinira.— A Village on the Biver Bouge, in the Township of Markham, County York, containing 1 
flour mill, 1 foundry, i churches, 1 common school, tc. The principal trade is in gredn, flour, cotd- 
woody and agricultural implements. Avezage price of land, 160. Distant from County Town» ^i 
miles. Daily mail. Population, 75. 

Armstrong; £. B., accountant. 

Bowman, James, dentist. 

BOWMAN, JOHN, Postmaster and miller. 

Bruce, John, teacher. 

CampheU, Bey. John, (Preshyterian.) 

Denison, Thomas. 

Doner, John, cooper. 

Duncan, Bey. John, (Presb3rterian.) 

Fanner, Thomas, planing mill. 

Gilmour, James, general merchant. 

Hayles, Bobert,. tailor. 

Hayles, Bohert H., veterinary surgeon. 

Hooyer, Jacob B., cooper.- 

McClellan, Bev. John, (Baptist) 

Uiller, Elijah, dyer. 

Miller, Lyman, woollen factor, 

Miller, Mrs. Lyman, dressmaker. 

Morrison k Armstrong, iron founders, &c. 

Mustard, James. 

Mustard, William 

Nigh, Jonathan, accountant. 

Sinklater. Thos., shoemaker. 

Spofford, Alfred. 

Spofibrd, Arthur. 

Spofford, William, accountant. 

Wideman, Bev. Jacob, (Mennonite.) 

Almonte* — A flourishing Tillage, situated on the Mississippi river, in the Township of Bamsay, County 
Lanark. Distant from Perth, 26 miles , fr»m Ottawa 85, and from Brockville 35. It is a station of 
the Brockville and Ottawa Bailroad, and possesses first-class water privileges. The woolen goods fiace 
tory of Messrs. B. k W. Bosamond, are among the most extensive in the Dominion. Money oidtor 4IBe- 
and Savings Bank. Population 2,000. 

Ackland, Dudley, wagonmaker. 

Acton, Nassau, shoemaker. 

Aikenhead, David, farmer. 

ALMONTE GAZETTE; (weekly) Wm. Templeman. 

ALMONTE HOUSE, S, H. Davis, prop. (See adv.) 

Bain, Walter, farmer. 

Baird, William, farmer. 

Barker, William, farmer. 

Barrie James, hoteL 

Bennett, M.. blacksmith. 

Black James, farmer. 

Bond, Joseph H., tinsmith. 

Braggs k Northrup, (Cyrus Bragg, L. 0. Northrop,) 

woolen factory. 
Brown k McArthur (Bobert Brown, Peter McArthur) 

general merchants. 
Bruce, James, general merchant. 
Burke, Bev. E., (Church of England.) 
CANNON, GILBEBT, woollen factor (see adv.) 
Cannon, John, farmer. 
Cole, J. E., innkeeper. 
Coulter, Jolm, farmer. 
Cuny, William, blacksmith. 
DAY IS, S. H., prop. Almonte House (see adv.). 
Doherty, Francis J., tailor. 
Doyle k Mcljean (Thos. Doyle, Daniel McLean), 

geneial merchants. 
Drennan, James, farmer. 
Drury, Bobt, saddler. 
Edwards, C, shoemaker. 
Emper, Wm., grocer. 
Foley, Patrick, farmer. 
Forage, Andrew, storekeeper. 
Galbraith, Daniel, M.P.P. 
Oilmore; John, flumer. 
Gleason, Wm., farmer. 
Glossop, Daniel, shoemaker. 
•Gordon, Bev. John, (Presbyterian.) 
Gregg, James, farmer. 
Gregg, John, farmer. 
Hamun, — , fanning mill maker. 
Henderson, C. £., books, kc 
Hume^ John, tinsmith. 

Jamieson, Joseph, attomey-at-law. 

Johnston, B., storekeeper. 

Lawson, Walter, harness maker. 

Lindsay, Garvin, farmer. 

Lochead k Tomlinson, general store. 

Long, George, tailor. 

McArthur, Arch., farmer. 

McCullottgh, J. W., tailor. 

McDowell, Bev. Heniy, (Wesleyan). 

McEwan, D., tailor. 

McFarlane, David, farmer. 

McFarlane, James, farmer. 

McFarlane, Matthew, farmer. 

McGuire, Jolm, cabinet factory. 

McKenzie, Bev. Wm., (Free Church). 

McKinnon, John, grocer. 

McLean, Alex., grist milL 

McPkee, A. woollen factory. 

Marshall, A., farmer, 

Medcalf, Hugh, farmer. 

Menzies, John, Bqgistrar N. B. Lanark. 

Millians, Wm., farmer. 

Moore, Gilbert, farmer. 

Morrison, Daniel, general store. 

Mostyn, Wm., M. D. 

Nasmith, Lawrence, farmer. 

Nicholson, Edward, farmer. 

NOBTHGKAVES, G. D.,|w»tchmaker and jewtkr. 

(See adv.) 
O'Brien, Geerge, farmer. 
O'Brien, Bichard, builder. 
O'Hare, John, carriage maker. 
O'MALLEY. BEV. ANTHONY E., (Roman Catii.) 
O'Beilly, John, general merchant. 
O'BeiUy, Patrick, hotel 
Paterson, Geoige, general merchant. 
Paterson, James, general merchant. 
Patterson, Jamt^ M.D., druggist. 
Patterson, 'William, fanner. 
Paul, John, farmer. 
Pueblo, — blacksmith. 
Baines, T. W., dentist 
Bea, James and John, farmers. 



Btlrani ft WatBbn, gtnenl. mcrehintt. 

fieedy J« L. grocer, 

Bobinson, John, Uxmtx, 

Robinson, William, sawmilL 

ROSAMOND, B. and W. ft Co., manniactiirfEB of 

woolen goodB. (See adr.) 
Shaw, Alexander, druggist. 
Smith, William, farmer. 
Snedden, J. D., farmer. 
Stafford, Hear/, hotel 
Stafford, John, shoemaker. 
Steele^ Alexander, £umer. 
Steele John, farmer. 

Stephens, John, gristmilL 

TBMPLEMAN, WM., Editor Almonte Gazetter. 

Thompson, Geoige, farmer. 

THRU LL, J. HT, watchmaker. (See adv.) 

Tnrffeon, C, barber. 

Wafiace, James, farmer. 

Ward, David, general merchant. 

Whyte, Francis, tailor. 

WYLIE, JAMES A., Postmaster, gen. merchant 

Young, Peter, farmer. 

Young, Robert, fjEumer. 

Young, Stein, farmer. 

Young ft Fiett, founders. 

Alport— A village on the Mufl^ka River, in the Township of Monck, County Simcoe. 
county town, 60 miles ; from Toronto, 120. Government lands 50c per acre. 

Dftitaiit from 

ALPORT, A. F. C, Postmaster. 

Alport, A. J., J. P. 

Browning, A. H., insurance agent. 

Chapliuui, Mrs. E. J., teacher. 
Dane, P., farmer. 

Tillage in the township of Caledon, County Peel, on the river Credit, 22 miles from Bramp* 

ton and 45 from Toronto. The river affords unlimited water power for manu£BM3turing purposes. Popu- 

lation, 800. 

Allan, Wm., butcher. 

Alton Hotel, Mrs. A. Weeks^ proprietor. 

Alton House, J. McQuire, proprietor. 

Boddy, Wm., boot and shoe maker. 

Brook^ H., shingle maker. 

Bull, Geoig9 F., cabinet maker. 

Boll, G. F., carpenter. 

Cameron, Robert, carpenter. 

Clark, J., lumber yam. ^ 

Collins, W., painter. 

Denmson, James, carpenter. 

Dodds, George, manuiatuier of edge took. 

Dodds, Geo., J. P. 

Doddi, Joseph. 

Ferme/s' House, J. Cronkwright prop^ 

Ford, John, cabinet maker. 

Glover, Edwin, wagon maker. 

Glover, J., carpenter. 

Glover, John, wa^n maker. 

Hartsett, R., lumoer yard. 

Harrison, Janes, geneial merdiaDt. 

Harrison, James, cabinet maker. 

Harvey James, flour miUs. 

KenntMiv Emery, dyer and sooiirir. 

Kennedy, G. W.,' dentist 

Keys, Andrew, blacksmith* 

Leeson, M., saw milla 

Leflter, John, earpentar.*' 

Lemon, Justice. 

Lemon, W. 
Limeber, William. 
McClellan, John L., carpenter. 
McOlellan, L. Laurence, carpenter. * 
McGinnis, P., dyer and scourer. 
McClellan, James. 
McGrMjor, Alexander. 

meek; MRS. AGNES, Postmistress, hotel kaeper. 
Meek, Robert, eenerai merchant. 
Mullen, Michael, boot and shoemaker. 
Plnkeny, John, buteher. 
Pinkeny, Joseph, blacksmith. 
Riddel]^ J. B., druggist. 
Rowecliffe, E. blacksmith. 
RosseU, H. 0. 
Russell, Thomas. 
Russell, Thomas, J. P. 
Smith, A., livery stables. 
♦Smith, AlfVed, general merchant. 
Smith, Alfred, boot and shoe dealer. 
Smith, Charles, general merchant. 
Smith, M., lumber vard. 
Smith, James, butcher. 
Sniith, Robert, lime and stone dealer. 
Sinclair, Isaac, carpenter. 
Stephens, W, J., lumber vanL 
Travellers* End, Joseph Alexander, p r op i i atoi. 
Unger, Johnstone W., carpenter. 
West, S. E., general store. 
Wilkinson, R. L., lumber ywd. * 

Altona.— A Tillage in the Township of Pickering; County Ontario, 20 miles from Whitby, sad 80 from 
Toronto. Stages to Toronto and Slouffrille. Population, 200. 

Brown, Andrew, hotel. 
Brown, Joseph, farmer. 
Bnrkholder, Samnel, cabinet maker. 
Cliff, Edward, carder. 
Hoover, Jacob 
Jones, Ab^jah, former. 
Ke^ M., carpenter. * 

HcKay, Donald, teacher. 

Monkhouse, Thomas, general merchant 
Morden, George. 
Millard, Timothy, fanner. 
Keighswander, Martin, farmer. 
Keighswander, Samuel, miller. 
Robertson, Robert, shoemaker. 
Stouffer, Jacobs fiurmer. 



AlVanley,-— A Post Yillag«, in the l^owrisliip of Derby, County Gray, distant from County Town 8 
miles, from Toronto 120 mflcs. Stages to Owe^i Sound and Saugeen. Arer&ge price of Und $10 to 
|20. Population, 50. 

Bezell, John. 

Griffith, John. 

Hart, Thomas. 

Harshall, David. 

Marshall, Jt>hn. 

Matthews, Gordon M., hotiel keeper. 

*Walker, James T., teacher. 

Walker, William. 

Webster, A. 

WEBSTER, JAMES, Postmaster. 

White, Robert. 

Wilson. George. 

Witherspoon, James. 

AlTinston* — A village in the township of Brooke, County Lambton, 38 miles from Sarnia. 

BR.iNNAN, J. W., Postmaster. 

Amberley •— -A post office in the township of Ashfleld, County of Huron. 


AmeliasbniV*— A Village ot the outlet of Roblin Lake, in the township of Ameliasburgh, County 
Prince Edward. The principal trade is in grain, flour and lumber. Average price of land, $80. Distant 
from County Town, 16 miles, from Toronto, 110 miles. Daily raaiL Population, 170. 

Brooks, Jacob, shoemaker. 

Coleman, David, carpenter. 

Consand, Geoige T., lime manufacturer. 

Delong, Henry, tailor. 

Drewry, Charles K , millwright. 

Duke, Henry, cooper. 

Dulmage, Daniel, dentist. 

Graham, Wm., carpenter. 

Higmns, J. H., shoemaker. 

Livella. Peter, cooper. 

Meyers, B. W., saddler and innkeeper. 

Nash, S. L., physician. 
Roblin, Georee, ffeneral merchant 
ROBLIN, OWEN, Postmaster, miller, general mer- 
chant, &c. 
Roblin, Roger, accountant. 
Rothwell, Bet^jamin, accountant. 
Scragham, Darvin, carpenter. 
Sprague, James E., wagon maker. 
Tliompson, Rev. James, (Methodist.) 
Thwaite, James, physician. 
Vandusen, George E., teacher. 

AmherstbUTfif,— The town of Amherstbnrg is situated on the Detroit River, in the Township of Maiden, 
County Essex, 16 miles from Sandwich, and 18 from Windsor. It was first settled in 1796, many of 
the houses are built in the French style of a oentury ago, giving the town a very old fashioned appearance. 
Fort Maiden, formerly occupied as a garrison, is now converted into a Jjunatic Asylum. This is a 
'Port of Entry, Money Order office and Post Office savings bank. Population, 2,600. 

Allan, Wm., grocer. 

ANDERSON, EDMUND, Collector H. M. Customs. 

Archer, Mrs. Wm., dry goods and groceries. 

ASHDOWN, C. H., teacher. 

Askin, Mrs. M. 

Atkinson, J., carriage maker. 

Baker, James, grocer. 

Bastein, Augustin, carpenter. 

Bastein, John B., carpenter. 

Bastein, Joseph, shoemaker. 

Baufford, Daniel, farmer. 

Beaufour, Gregory, cooper. 

Bell, John, farmer. 

Bernard, Antoin?, proprietor Dominion House. 

Bertrand, Simeon, butcher. 

Betrie, Michael, shoemaker. 

Bofour, James, harness maker. 

Borrowmau, James, 

Borrowman, J. W., stoves and tinware. 

BORROWMAN, WILLIAM (Park k Borrowman.) 

Botsford, Alanson, clerk second Division Court. 

BOTSFORD, A., (McGcc & Botsford). 

Brett, John, boots and shoes. 

Breault, Marc, proprietor Amherstburg Hoosa. 

Brisbois, Gill^ert, merchant tailor. 

Brown, Chas., harness maker. 

Brown, Ellis, Western Hotel. 

Brown, Henry J., saloon keeper. 

Brown, Henry 

Brown, George, billiard saloon. 

Brown, John, watchmaker. 

Bungey, William, carriage and wagon manufacturer. 

Burke, J. D., baker. 

Bush, Rev. Fountain, Baptist. 

Caderat, Edward, carpenter. 

Cadaret, Joseph, wagon and carriaffe manufactures. 

Callam, Alex., prop, steam saw mill, 

Campbell, Miss Barbara, milliner. 

Call, John, bfiker. 

CONROY, FARRELL. Prince Albert HoteL 

Conroy, John, deputy sheriif, 

Conroy^ John, constable. 



Cote, HoriK^ cl«dc» 

Cot4 Thoe., wa^Q maker. 

CoiuiiiB. 'Wm.j groeer. 

Cousixiay Wm., fanner. 

Crawfoiil, George, carpenter. 

Ball, John D., cabinet maker. 

Delisle, Dennis, aaddkr, boot and ahoeraaker. 

Dnmillard, Lambert, cigar manofactuier. 

Doff, Wm. 

Duling. Rev. R. M., (Baptist) 

DUNBAR, JAMES, liveiy stable prop. (See adv. ) 

Bumon, Amable, carpenter. 

Dammon, Maxim, gunsmitii. 

England, James, builder. 

Fleming, James, boot and shoemaker. 

Fortier, (Hias. G., collector of Inland Revenue. 

Foster, Levi, livery stable. 

Gascon, Luke, grocer. 

Gerard, Daniel, carpenter. 

Gibb, Andrew, carpenter. 

Gordon, Mrs. L. G. 

Gott, James, boot and shoe manufacturer. 

Green, George, painter. 

Greenic, Henry, cooper. 

Grenier, John B., carpenter. 

Griemer, Lewis, farmer. 

Grondin, Frederick, carpenter. 

Hackett, P. B. 

Backett, Capt. James. 

Hamilton, James, surveyor, H. M. Cnstoms. 

Harkin, James, tailor. 

Healy, Jobn, merchant 

Healv, John, dealer in glassware and crockeiy. 

Horeley, Robert, boarding house. 

Horeman, Wm., White Horse Hotel. 

Button, John, keeper. Maiden Asylum. 

Ince, Henry, dry goods, grocer. 

Johnston, Alex., laborer. 

Johnston; John, farmer. 

Jones, Alfred, laborej. 

Jones, Alex., stock and money broker. 

Jones, James, dealer in groceries and provisions. 

Kalchthaler, Theodore M., cigar manufacturer. 

Kane^ John A., druggist. 

Kenan, Wm., laborer. 

KEVILL & CO., wharfingers, forwarders, and com* 

mission merchants. (See adv.) 
KEVILL, JAMES, Postmaster. 
King, Ray, carpenter. 
Kingsmill, Mrs. Louisa. 

??«™^^^ JOHN G., tannery, general merchant. 
LAFFERTY, G., general merchant (see adv.) 
Lambert, W., M.D. 

HJJP^^HE^K^. M.D., Superin't Asylum. 

LAURENT, REV. P. D. (Roman Catholic). 

Legros, Antoine, manufacturer of boots and shoes. 

Lelmay, Victor, blacksmith. 

Logan, Peter, blacksmith. 

Lowe, John, chemist and druggist. 

Lopier, Beiyamin. 

MACK, REV. FREDERICK, (Church of England.) 

gaiviUe, John B., blacksmith. 

Marcott Patrick F., wagon maker & blacksmith. 

*ane, Lewis, pattern maker. 

MaviU, John, senr., dealer in groceries & provisions. 

Meloche, CyriUe, baker. 

Hears, Thomas A. 

Menzies, Mrs. J. 

George) agricultural implement manuiacturers. 
(See adv.) 

Morin, Archibald, clerk. 

Morin, Felix, grocer. 

Morin, James, mason. 

Mullen, Alexander. 

McCurdy, Nathan, carpenter, 

McDomdd, Geoige A., oillardroom and saloon# 

McDonald, Georae A., railroad contractor. 

McGEE & BOTSFORD, dealers in gi-oceriea, pro- 
vision and produce. (Sec adv.) 

McGEE, SAMUEL, (McGee k Botsford.) 

McGregor, Miss Ellen, dressmaker. 

McGuire. Terence, shoemaker. 

McGuii-e, "William. 

Mcl^eod, John, prop, of Maiden mills and distillery. 

McLeod, Gordon, counsellor at law. 

McVitty, James, Sexton Church of England. 

Netles, A. G., shoemaker. 

O'Callighan, William* cattle dealer. 

Odette, Levi, moulder. 

Pargaton, Mrs., dressmaker. 

Park, John R. k Co. 

PARK, JOHN R. Jun., (Park & Borrowman.) 

PARK k BORROWMAN, (J. R. & W.), sash and 
door manufacturer. (Soe adv.) 

park Street Brewery, W. McLean^ proprietor. 

Paxton, Thomas. 

Peto, Henry. 

Pierson, Dr. Daniel. 

Presston, Press, blacksmith. 

Primeau, Francis, blacksmith. 

Priraeau, Francis F., blacksmith. 

Prineau, Israel, blacksmith. 

Prineau, Frank, blacksmith. 

Racicot, Miss Mary, dressmaker. 

Reaume, Alex., blacksmith. 

Reano, Lewis, blacksmith. 

Reneaud, Noah, blacksmith. 

Reheau, Nelson, farmer. 


Roberts, Mrs. Isabella, grocer. 

Rose, John, coo^r. 

SALMON I, M. J., general merchant. (See adv.) 

Sammond, Miss Matilda, groceries and piovisioi^^ 

Skinner, Airs. C. 

Skinner, Miss E. B., teacher. 

Smith, David, barber. 

Smith, Daniel, baker,. 

Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth^ groceries and provisioiis, 

Sudner, Wm., shoemaker. 

Stanton, Dr. 

Stephens^ Mtg'or, farmer. 

Stephens, Ezekial, farmer. 

Tansey, John, shoemaker. 

TEMPLETON, JAMES, solicitor. (See adv.) ; 

THOMAS, CHAS. W. k Co., millers. (See adv.X 

Tomlinson, Thomas, blacksmith. 

Tomlinson, Mrs. Thomas. 

TWOMEY, MICHAEL, groc6r. (See adv.) 

Valentinct £., shoemaker. 

Ward, John, groceries, and eating house. 

Webber, Mrs., boarding house. 

West, Henry, shoemaker. 

Wilkinson, W. T.. saddler. 

WILSON, GEO., land, ins. and gen. ^gt. (See adr.) 

Young, Asa, grocer. ^ 

Amiens.— A Poet Office in the Townihip of Lobo, Couiity Middlesex. 

Mc ARTHUR, C. SEN., Postmaster. 



AttCadter* — ^A Tillage in tihe Township of Ancaster, Cotmty Wentwortli, 7 miles from Bamilton, 3 frosi 
Dundas station Q. W. R., and 47 team. Toronto. It is snrrounded by an excellent agricnl total oonntry, 
'and possesses seyeral extensive manufacturing establishments, the principal of which are as follows : — 
Mr. E. Thuresson's card clothing manufactory is an entirely new business in this country, 38 machines 
are constantly at work turning out all sizes of card clothing of the most superior quality. The Ancaster 
Knitting Company employs over 100 hands in the manufacture of all kinds of knitted goods. Messrs. H. 
& A. Egleston do an extensive business in the manufacture of agricultural implements, and every de- 
scription of cotton and woolen machinery, and Mr. A. Egleston has lately erected oommodious woolen 
and cloth mills and employ about 20 hands. Population 500. 

Ancaster Knitting Company ; Wm. Dewar, Manager. 

ANCASTER HOTEL, Chas. Phillipo, proprietor. 

Arkell, Arthur, miller. 

Ballard, Rev. J. McLean, B.A.| (Church of England.) 

Brandon, J., M. D. 

Bull, John Jones, blacksmith. 

Bull, Wm. Jones, hotel keepsr. 

Bush, Thos., farmer. 

Byms, George, shoemaker. 

Campbell, James, farmer. 

Carpenter, John, tailor. 

'Chamberlain, Wra. H«« grocer. 

Chep, James 

Clark, Edwin, baker and grocer. 

CRANN, JOHN, prop. Ancaster Hotel. (See adv.) 

CROOKS, ARTHUR, bailiff. 

Dewar, W., Ancaster Knitting Company, / 

Donnelly, B. W., druggist. 

Dunbar, Thos., farmer. 

Egleston, Frank, carpenter, 

EGLESTON, H. & A. (Harris k Alonzo Egleston) 

foundry and itachine shop. (See adv.) . 
Ellii, Robert, woolen manufacturer. 
Evans, Lewis, machinist. 
Farmer, Wm. 

FINDLAY, S. A., ceneral merchant. 
Forsyth, Robert, teLUor. 
Gabel, Francis, tanner. 
Oabel, Jacob, tanner. 
•Ouest, George, builder. 
<]^uest, George, jun., blacksmith. « 
Gurnett, James, general merchant. 
GURNETT, L. A., derk 6th Div. Court k mercht 
Halson, Charles 
Hammil, Richard, butcher. 
Hinton, George, woollen manufactoryy 
IRWIN, RICHARD, hotel keeper. (See adv.) 

Kelly, Isaac, flour miller. 

Kemp, Lewis, carpenter. 

Lees, Rev. John, (Presbyterian.) 

Liddycott, D., engineer. 

Lodor, Wm., farmer. 

Lowrfcy M. S., hotel keeper. 

McCrimmon, Wm. builder. 

McKAY, MRS., Postmistress, 

McMiilian, John, blacksmith. 

Marr, Adam, cabinet maker. 

Marr, Thomas, cabinet maker. 

Milne, James, attorney-at-law. 

Murdock, Andrew, carpenter. 

Murdock, George, carpenter. 

Nichols, James, manufacturer* 

O'Hara, Richard, farmer. 

Orton, Henry, M. D. 

PHILLIPO, CHARLES, prop. AncasUr Hotel, 

Postan, Richard, general merchant. 

Postan, Thomas, iarmer. 

Raymond, Anson, druggist. 

Richardson, Henry, MTd. 

Rickard, Daniel, salddler. 

Rousseaux, George B. 

Spnoul, Thomas, blacksmith. 

Stone, Samuel, farmer. 

Taylor, Jos., wagon maker. 

THURESSON, EYRE, J. P., manufactiiM .of 
card clothing for cotton and wool machines, and 
all kinds of machinery, (See adv.) 

Thuresson, W. H., manufacturer of agricultural im- 

Tisdale, M. L. D. 

Wcthey, W. H., principal grammar schooL 

Williamson, Wiluam 

WILSON, JAMES, shoemaker. 

Yokam, Rev. Mr., (Methodist Episcopal) 

Anderson.— A Post Tillage on Flat Creek, in the Township of Bknshard, County Perth. Distaat 

from County Town 20 miles ; from Toronto 108 miles. Avenge price of land f 80. Populati<»i 50. 

Holmes, Rev. J., (Wesleyan.) Smith, Rev., (New Connexion.) 

McCallum, Rev. E., (Wesleysn.) WHITE, H., Postmaster. 

O'Connor, Rev. R., (Roman Catholic.) 

Angus* — A Village situated in the Township of Easa, County Simcoe, between the Nottawasaga and 
Pine Rivers, and a station on the Northern Railway, 12 miles from Barrie, the County Town, 22 from 
Collingwood, and 72 from Toronto. The two rivers supply ample water privileges. Money order office. 
Daily mail. Population 850. * 

Bush, Jones T., estate agent. 
Bush, John L. T., hotel keeper. 
Boyes k Nelson, general merchants. 
-Cameron D., builder. 
Chapin, T. F. station asent. 
ClarVe Riehard, shoemi^er. 
Cooper, A. & R., general merchants. 
•Craaock, A. & W., general merchants. 
Devlin, S. L., Aimiture dealer. 
Foster, Robert, hotel keeper.. 
Foster, Samuel, hotel keeper.. 
<(raham, James, hotel keraer. 
Hewlett, Wm., blacksmith. 

Hislop, Rev. J. P., (Canada Presbyterian.) 
Lawrence, D. L., saddler. 
McDougall, W, H., hotel keeper. 
Mather, John, general merchant. 
Price, Chas., shoemaker. 
Still, Charles, shoemaker. 
Sparling, Edward Adolph, teacher. 
Tomlinson, Joseph, painter. 
Tucker, Rev. Samuel, (Wesleyan.) 
Turton, Wm., tanner. 
Yantaasel, J. H,, tinsmith. 
Wilkinson, Joseph, blacksmith. 



JlBtrimu — ^A yUU^ in the township of Fitzroy, Coiinty Carleton, 31 miles from Ottawa. Population, 50. 

T. CAVANAGH, Postmaster. 

Appin* — ^A village and station on the Great Western Railway, 26 miles from London, in the Township of 

Ekfxid, County Middlesex. Population, 150. 

Black, Angus, general merchant. 

Bbtck, George, hotel. 

Black, Duncan, fumer. 

CAMPBELL, ANGUS, Postmaster, insurance agent. 

Dewitt, S., cabinet maker. 

Jollick, Rev. J., (N. C. Methodist.) 

Ford, Henry G.. general merehant. 

Holmes, Thoa., hotel, lumber mercl^nt. 

Heniy, Isaac, blacksmith. 

Johnston, Bobt. A., hoteL 

Kimble, Almon, grist and saw mills. 
Loton, Joseph, wagon maker. 
McKellar, Du^d, M.O. 
Mclntyre, J. P., fiirmer. 
Monroe, James, shoemaker. 
Morrison, Wm., shoemaker, 
Pole, James, section master, G. W. R. 
Rankin, Hugh, farmer. 
Sutton, Chris., blacksmith. 
Swaby, C. C, blacksmith. 

Appleby* — A village in the Township of Kelson, County Halton. Distant from County Town, It 
miles, from Toronto, 28 miles. Avenge price of land, $60. Population, 30. 

Acrell, J., M.D. 

Atkinson, T., J. P. 

Blanchard,tWm«, farmer. 

Breckon, G., agent. 

Brown, E., brick and tile manufiieturer. 

COTTER, JAMES W., Postmaster. 

?iaher, Rev. John S., (Wesleyan.) 

Fothergill, John, farmer. 

Haddow, R., saddler. 

Hopkins, Alton, farmer. 

McCullough, Rev. William, (Wesleyan.) 

Marshall, J., teacher. 

Pettit, W. G., accountant. 

Railton, £., carpenter. 

Tuffopd, E., "proprietor Grove Inn. 

Wheeler, W., carpenter. 

Young, Lucas, farmer. 

Appletonu — ^A Post Village in the Township of Ramsay. County Lanark. Distant from Perth, the County 
Town, 25 miles. Money order office. Population, 250. 

TESEEY, ALB£RT, J. P., Postmaster, lumber and general marchant. 

Apsley* — A village on Eels' Creek, in the Township of Anstmther, County PeterboiMnigh, Distant 
from County Town, iO miles, from Toronto, 180 miles. Stage to Peterborough weekly. Average price 
of wild land, 50 cents per acre. Population, 50. 

Benson, Miss, teacher. 
Befries, Williaia, fcurmer. 
Eastland, He&iy, gsneial metchant. 
Hales, Benjamin, farmer. 
HALL, £. S., Postmaster. 

Lonsley, Caleb, farmer. 

Beadle, A*, poprietor Apsley Hotel 

Steen, Joseph, nirmar. 

Stuart, Thomas, proprietor Stuart's HoteL 

Wilson, William, iaanner 

J^p|0. — X village in the Township of Flos, 

Bernard, Tliomas, farmer. 
Casey, Kicholas, farmer. 
Coughlin, John, farmer. 
Cummincs, John, J. P. 
Hnton, John, tailor. 
Johnston, James, farmer. 
Lo^ William, shingle maker. 
Mc^oy, Thomas, farmer. 
Mclaughlin, CONSTANTINE, Poetmaater, 
and store. 

County Simcoe, 11 miles from Barrie. 

McLaughlin, John, farmer. 
Mabin, William, fanner. 
Martin, William, shoemaker. 
Murphv, James, blacksmith. 
O'Neill, John, hotel 
Richardson, James, Burner. 
Robinson, James, faniMBr. 
Shaughnessy, John, fimner. 

Population, 30. 

• , 

Arden. — ^A Post-office in the Township of Eenebee, County Addingtoo. 

OSBORNE, D., Poftmaster. 
Ardoch*— A Post-office in the Townahip of Clarendon, County Frontenac, 68 miles fron Kiogiton, and 
50 from Perth. Improved land in the vicinity ayenges flO per acre. 

BITCHER, F. W., Postmaster. 
Christian, August, farmer* 
David, B., carpenter. 
EDdn^ton Frauds, farmer. 
Jacobi, £., £Eurmer, 
Jacobi, 0. R., farme^. 

Leckie, Alex., cooper. 
Perry, M., innkeeper. 
PUyfair: S., miller. 
Plots; Wm., carpenter. 
Walker, B., carpenter. 
Watkinii^ Bramwell, faxmn^ 



Ardtrca.— A TiHage in tlie Township of Orillia, County Slmcoe, distant froni' County toTO*te'feM«, 
from Toront#, 95 miles. Stages to and from Muskoka. Average price of land f 10 tb 820. Popcilatlon 50. 

BliAIR, WILLIiVM, Postmaster, and prop. Ardtrca 

Dick, Daniel. 
E.ean, Joseph. 

Reynolds, Georce. 
Robinson, Chanes, H.D. 
Selman, Joseph. 
Wood, Lieut. William. 


ArgylC.— A Post village in the to\vnship of Eldon, County Victoria. [Distant from County Town 
21 miles, from Toronto 80 miles. Stage to Woodville, Kirkfield and Lindsay. Average price of land $5, 
improved $25, jwpulation, 50. * 

Bowie, Alexander, tailor. 

Campbell, John, fanner. 

•Gillespie, Dugald, general mcichant 

Gunn, John, farmer. 

McDougall, Rev. Neil, (Presbyterian). 

McEachem, Allan, farmer. 

HcEachem, Malcolm, farmer. 

McFatlyn, A., teacher. 

Mclntyre, Andrew, farmer. 

Mclntyre, Archibald, farmer. 

McKAY, JOHN, Postmaster, general merchant. 

McKinnon, D., hotel keeper. 

McRea, D., J. P., 

McTavish, Rev. John, (Presbyterian). 

Morrison, John, farmer. 

Murray, Thomas, shoemaker. 

Ross, William, farmer. 

ArkclL— A Village in the Township of Puslinoh, County Wellington. Distant from County Town five 
miles ; from Toronto fifty-t^vo miles. Stages to and from Wellington Square, Advertised price of land 
$40. Population, 100. 

Arkell, John, woollen factor. 

Arkell, Thomas, farmer. 

Burgess, James, prop. Fanner's Inn. 

Finfflow, Rev. Alexander, (Church of England.) 

Haines, Henry, faimer. 

Haton, John, wagon maker. 

Hess, John, seur., fanner. 

Hough, Rev. John. (Wesleyan). 

Ilesj John, juur., farmer. 

King, David, constable. 

King, David, juar., butcher. * 

McFarlane, Duncan, J. P. 

Mcliennan, Simon, teacher. 

Neville, MioB Elizabeth, dressmaker. 

Neville, John, shoemaker. 

Nichols (xQQig^ blpfiksinith. 

Oulton, John, farmer. 

Petty, John, farmer. 

STONE, F. W., farmer. 

Wakefield, George, butcher. 

AVATSON, WILLIAM, Postmaster and gen, merclit. 

WilloU^bbv, Charles, fanner. 

Wood, William, woolen factor. 

Arkoiia< — A flourishing 'Village in the Township of Bosanquet, County Ijambton, ^ miles from. 
Samia, and 7 from Widder Station, Grand Trunk Railway. Improved land in the vicanity arera^s 
$25 per acre. Stage daily to AVidder. Money order office and Savings Bank. Population, 500. 

Armitage, Mark, baker. 

Budham, George, stone and lime dealer. 

Boyd, W. M.D., 

Brown, A,, general merc'hant. 

Camoghan, A., farmer. 

Camoghan, D., farmer, 

Cai'ton, John, hlac^k&mith. 

Champion and Nosworthy, foundei's, 

donnell, B., fanner. 

Davidson, Alexander, J, P., insurance agent. 

Donnelly, F., butcher. 

Douglass, P., tinsmitlu 

Dunn, Robert, Colonial hotel. 

Eastman, C. M., general merchant. 

Eastman, T. F., dniggist. 

Eastman, Z. F., J. P. 

Eccles, F. R., M.D. 

Everest, G. H., watchmaker. 

Everest, George M., druggist. 

Ensher, Rev. W., (Episcoi)«il Methodist). 

Feather, Rcv. lliomas, (Wesleyan.) 

Freeman, Rev. B., (Baptist). 

(loodfellow, Rev, JVter, (Presbyterian). 

Giun, John, iiaintvr. 

Hannah, Robert, tinsmith; 

if owe, H., cabinet makeb 

Jackson, A., shoemaker. 

Jackson, J. wagon maker. 

Jackson, W, H. 

James Joseph, carpenter. 

Knicely, John, farmer. 

liangle, M. J., tailor. 

Leani, Benjamin, general meivhant. 

Locke, Rev. W., (Church of Englond) 

McHaig, John, nurseryman. 

McFarlane, liL, t^^acher. 

Melton, Charles P. blacksmith. 

Miller, William, carpenter. 

Myres, — hotel. 

Paisley, James, tanner. 

Paisley and Jackson, geiu lumber merchanto. 

Petler, John, shoemaker. 

Rosenbenry, P. B., dentist. 

Saul, John, flour mills. 


Shawley k Vahev, general merchants. 

Showier, T. W., tailor. 

Stephenson, G. B., insuranee agent* 

Tremble, Z., wagon maker. 

"N'alipy, William, saddler. • 

Ward, D., cai*penter. 

White, M.| carjienter* 



irinnilJll.— A post YilUg^ in the Township of Anran, Couiity Brace. 
2Iimle8, Soathampton, 11 miles. Money order office. PopulaUon* 50. 

KILBQUBNE, G. D., Postmaster. 

Bsstanti^m Owen JSpuod 

Arlinirton. — A Tillage in the Township 
from Angus and 22 from Gilford Stations 
Population, 100. 

Bnzil, James, accountant. 
Brown, George, fanner. 
Brown, Thomas, hotel keeper. 
Borke, Patrick, farmer. 
Ousidy, James, farmer. 
Cusidy, Thomas, saddler. 
Ca«d;, William, farmer* 
Conneil, Thomas, blacksmith. 
Conway, Edward, fanner. 
Duff, William, wagon maker. 
Donnelly, Hngh, woolen factor. 
Ellard, William, shoemaker. 
0«%ber, Thomas, J. P. 
Hamilton, John, auctioneer. 
HeasHp, Samnd, farmer. 
Uiner, John, ungon maker. 

of A4jala, County Simcoe. 30 miles from Barrie, 16 
Northern Kailway. Stages daily to Cookstown and Gilford. 

Hunter, James, farmer. 

KIDD, THOMAS, J. P., Postmaster, k gen« merch't 

Langley, Patrick, hotel-keeper. 

Langley Thomas, veterinary surgeon. . 

Lemon, Robert, hotel and ^neral store. 

Lyons, John, farmer. 

McGregor, Malcolm, lumber dealer. 

McMulkin, Thomas, general agent 

Moore, John, shoemi^er. 

Murphy, John, J. P. 

Niohol. David, miller. 

Rusk, John, woolen factor. 

Ryan, W. J., tailor. 

Stephens, Thomas, blaeksmith. 

Wait. Whitney, wagon maker. 

t 4 

imott.— A Post-oiBee in the Township of Holland, County Grey, 12 miles south-east of Owen Sound. 

Population 75. 

MURRAY, WILLIAM J., Postmaster. 

Amprior* — An Incorporated .Village on the Brock villa and Ottawa Railway, at the junction of the 
^Udswaska and Ottawa JEtivers, in the Township of McNab, County Renfrew. Distance from County 
Town, 65 miles, from Ottawa, 40 miles, from Toronto, 260 miles. Stages in winter to and from Ottawa. 
Avenge price of land 920 to f 40. Money order office and Savings Bank. Population, 2000. 

ADm, J., uilor. 

Amstrong,— , M.D. 

Artlittr, J. W\, teacher. 

^^. hnr. J. C, (Wcsleyan.) 

Bites, E. A. attorney. 

^1 James, insurance agent 

^. J., grocer. 

Whmy, J., tinsmith. 

^r, RcT. Mr., (Methodist Episcopal.) 

^^, Jimes. 

Jwviff, Rev. J., (Roman Catholic) 

^^^^f David, tanner. 

Brovn and WilsoBy general merchants. 

oDtlw, John, tinsmith. 

Mfr,John, auctioneer. 

'^aipUll, Mm., hotel-keeper. 

<;«ii, Robert 

^'■fu, William, general merchant 

^^ W. fc Ca, planing mUl. 

^on k McGill, shoemakers. 

^ Geoige, \mkeT. 

Cnmton, -, M.D. • 

y^D, D., cooper. 

JjMae, Peter, wagon-maker. 

^, William. 

r^ -, watchmaker. 

t^Vell, A. H., J. P. 

:''M1,J.C., frriMH-r. 

^•ttttoche, Rev. a T., (Episcopal) 

W t, hotel-keeper. 

'^) Henry, wagon-maker. 

Elliott, Thomas. 

Farmer &Gibh, shoemakers. 

Fletcher, R., painter. 

Foy, Thomas. 

Frazer, J., railway agent 

FfHZer, George, lK>okseUcr. 

Glenn, J. F., grocer. 

Goodwin, John, 

Hanly, George, painter, 

Harrington, £., seneral merchant 

Harvey, John. 

Harvey, William. 

Heath, J., tailor. 

Hope, Samuel, weaver. 

Junkins, John, C'lrpeuter. 

Kenny, J. 

Lang, John, painter. 

Lang, W. H., gunsmith. 

Layoock, Andrew. 

Liu<lsay, Rev. Peter, (Presbyterian.) 

Lyons, It., hotel-keeper. 

Lyons, W., shoemaker. 

McDermid, James, carpenter. 

McDonald, Archibald. 

McDonald, W. T., insuranoe agent 

McDougnl, J. 

McGiiire, H. M., tanner. 


^[cfjaclilan, John. 

McLachlan k Bros., millen^ 

McLacUan k Bros., plsniiig KdUs^ 



McKamara, D. hotel-kreper. 

MeFhee, Him, teacher. 

HcPheEfon, A.» carpenter. 

Mackay, William. 

Harcellas, C, shoemalcer. 

Marqnazxd, — , tailor. 

Mavnard, J., saloonkeeper. 

HiUer, William, cooper. 

Mltcliell, — , telegraph operator. 

Hitebell, J. C, fancy goods. 

Moore, John, carpenter. 

KEIISON, A. G., publiBher & prop. Canadian Tvini$ 

Ntilson, O. £., general merchant. 

Ogden. — , liverj stable. 

Ogden, — , buteher. 

Parker, Andrew, shoemaker. 

Pettypiece, Miss, teacher. 

Prout, Mrs., hotel keeper. 

Ramsay, Daniel, general merchant 

Bobcrtson, Neil. 

Rorison k McEwan, iron founders. 

RUSSELL, ANDREW, Postmaster. 

Russell, Andrew & Son, general merchaatt. 

Schofield, W., carpenter. 

Sherlock, — v buteher. 

Sack, H. L., teacher. 

SIpance, F., marble cvtter. 

Stewart, Thomas, wocden factor. 

Stewart k Tiemey, general merchante. 

Storie, Thomas, carpenter, ' 

Sutherland, Thomas. 

Swan, — , buteher. 

Taylor, George, general merehant. 

Thompson, John. 

Tilley, Arthur. 

Wait, J., druggist 

Walker, — , tSor. 

Watson, Miss, tailoresa. 

White, James, wagon maker. 

White, James, grocer. 

"White, John. 

Willis, William. 

Wilson, J., tanner. 

Wilson, William, shoemaker. 

tV'olf, Jonathan, cabinet maker. 

Young, Mrs., general store. 

JLroS* — A Village on Balsam Lake, in tiie Township of Bezley, County Victona. Distant from County 
Town, 22 miles; from Toronto, 90 miles. Average price of land, $i to $10. Population, 50. 

Butler, Miss Emma, teacher. 

Ferguson, Miss T., teacher. 

Hardie, Rev., (Wesleyan.) 

Hodgins, Charles, prop. Coboconk HoteL 

Kerr, Miss Nancy, teacher. 

King, John, carpenter. 
McINNIS, CHARLES, Poitmaster. 
Mcljean, Miss J., teacher. 
McLean, Ker. John, {Presbyterian.) 
Reynolds, John. 

Arthsr* — ^A flourishing Village in the Township of Arthur, County Wellington, on the Owen Soitnd road, 12 
miles north of Fergus, 25 miles from Guelph and 15 from Mount Foi*est The Conestogo river pastes 
through the village. Money order office and Savings Bank. Population, 500. 

Ballentine, Adam, general merchant 

Bond, John, blacksmith. 

B\MfW^^ A., bltcksmitk. 

Bnschlen, John, miller and wsgon maker. 

Canton, Adam, farmer. 

Cavanagh, Garrett 

Church, George, blacksmith. 

ClaytoUf^James, tanner. 

Clayton, Samuel L., wagon maker. 

Corbett, John, carpenter. 

Costello, John. 

Cushin^ William, township clerk. 

Drake, Pictrick, showaker. 

Draper, Joseph, ffentral merchant 

Drummond, William H., shoemaker. 

Ebbs, James. 

Sden, Francis, farmer. 

Fxmzer, Akzander, p^mp mak«r, 

Frazer, Hugh, fanner. 

Frazer, James W., carpenter. 

Gordon, J. H., M.p. 

Gourlay, James, plasterer. 

Qourlay, Peter, tailor. 

GREEN, CARLTON C, prop. GMtn's HoteL 

Green, William, tinsmith. 

Hay, James, potash manufacturer. 

Henderson, Robert, druggist 

Hendereon, Walter, M-DT 

Hewitt, Isaac, miller. 

Hewitt Mark, miller. 

Hollinger, J. & J., tanners. 

Hughes, William, toiler and grocer. 

Lewis, Harry k Co., seneral merchante. 

Mcintosh, Duncan, snoemaker. 

Mcpherson, John, groceries, hardware, etc 

Mann, Patrick, carpenter. 

Mitehell, Joseph, teilor. 

Moore, George, bailiff. 

Morris, Rev. F. T. J., (Roman Catholic). 

Ostrander, Thomas, J. P. . 

Peterkin, William. 

SMALL, MRa JOSEPH, Postmistrets. 

Smith, James, merchant 

Stephenson, Robert, cabinetmaker. 

Arra*— (Village St Johns.)— A pott office in the Township of London, County Middlesex, 5i 

hmdm, Uffoey xnxler office , iy)imlati«ii 2£i0. 

Beamish, Heni^, shoemaker. 

BERNARD, W. B., PostauMfter.^iderkDivisioa Court 

Brough, Rev. a C, (EpiseopdL) . 

Carson, Silas, cabinet mAker. 

XlHot, TOomas, Crown hoteL . j j 

English, George, bkoksmith* 

HawkiBs^O0QM» millfor. 

McNab, JlAhn, blacksmith. 

Martin,^. O., M. D. 

HoBAi^um, Qwige^ hol4 keopsr. 

Orr, Robert, auctioneer and bailifl*. 
Pktt Frederick, blacksmith. 
Shea, Daniel, tailor. 
Stevenson, .Thomas^ tinsmith. 
'Stiles k Kent general merenantl. 
Teer, Daniel, saddler. 
WiUson, Crowell, J, P. 
WIHson k Bernard, woolen faotoiy. 
Zendler, John, shoemaker. 



JLshbnm* — A Tillage in the Township of Whitby, County Ontario, distant from County Town 9 milei^ 
froin Toronto 40 miles. Stagt?s to Whitby and Uxbridge. Average price of Land $45 to $50. Popular 

Alexander, A. G., teacher. 

Bowler, I^niel, wagon maker. 

Brasch, Robert, farmer. 

Bninscombe, John, shoemaker. 

Burchill, I»iac, tailor. 

Crd^hton, Dayid, general merchant. 

Dawson, Rev. Alexander, (Presbyterian.) 

Fisher, Timothy, farmer. 

Hasty, Miss K., dressmaker. 

Herron, William, farmer. 

Habertus, 6. J., general merchant. 

Lawrence, James, saddler. 

Lowerby, John, shoemaker. 

Lowcrby, J., druggist. 

Meofih, Alexander, fanner. 

Mftcalf, George, proprietor Ontario House. 

Mitchell, James, lanner. 

Nicol, John, farmer. 

OLVEll. EDWARD, Postmaster. 

Olver, W. H., tailor. 

Reid, John, carpenter. 

Smith, J. W., M. D. 

Wakem, Luther, carpenter. 

Webster, James, butcher. 

Wilson, Alexander, farmer. 

JLshbamliaill* — ^An {incorporated Village, 

immediately adjoining the County Town, 90 

Ainslie, Waltsr, shoemaker. 

Anfletson, John, carpenter. 

AraitstroQff, Thomas, hotel 

Bennett, Henry, J. P., cooper. 

Brown, Geoige, grocer. 

Biimbam, Rev. Mark, (Episcopal.) 

Beck, Rev. J. W. R., (Episcoj^) 

Bamham, Geoive, M. D. 

Brook, D., woolen factory. 

Cain, GeoT|;e, carpenter. 

<^ALCUTT, HKNRY, flax mills and brewer. 

(lancy, Edward k Peter, blacksmitlis. 

GWke, John, tanner. 

CJoe, Thomas, butcher. 

Connell, James, cooper. 

Cope, Alex., turner. 

Craiffie & Stephenson, planing mills. 

Dimlop, Charies A., J. P. 

Tis\i^T, Amos J., produce merchant. 

Hunter, Alexander, grocer. 

in the Township of Otonabee, County Peterborough, 

miles from Toronto. Population 1000. (See Peterborou^) 

Kells, W. H., hotel keeper. 

McDonald, Daniel, tailor. 

McDottgall k Ludgate, lumber merchants. 

McDougall, William, (McDougall k Ludgate.) 

Ludfjate, John, (McDougall k Ludgate.) 

McGregor, William, grocer. 

Mowry, A14us, founder. 

O'Brien, John, wagon maker. 

Orde, G. F., genenl agent. 

Rickey, Georgp, blacksmith. 

ROGERS, R, D., Postmaster and flour tnill prop. 

Rogers, James Z., general merchant 

Salient, Philip, builder. 

Stort'y, Geoi^e, axe maker. 

Stratton, James, clerk municipality. 

Sutherland Donald, produce and commission. 

Swauston, William, oaksr. 

Toole k Roliei-tson, planing mills. 

Wood, John, teacher 

Wright, Stewart, builder. 

AshgroTe. — ^A Villagi^ in the Township of Esquesing, County Halton. Average price of laud $00 to $40. 

Distant from County Town 8 miles, from Toronto 38 milrs. Mail stage to Milton, fare 20 cents. Popu* 
lation 30. 

Flemfeing; Roljert, teacher. 

C^sliam, Riehaiil. 

Hold, Win., blacksmith. 

Huffman, H. 

Hunter, J., J. P. 

HUNTER, SARAH, Postmistress. 

Huston, Francis, 

Keys, Rev., (New Connexion.) 

McColl,J., J. P. 

Payne, Jamra, proprietor Ashgrove hotel. 

Ru'dde, Joseph. 

SMYTH, ROUT., deputy Postmaster and grocer. 

Tnylor, Wm., wagon maker. 

Thompson, WiUiara. 

Weir, Andrew. 

Wilson, J. 

Wilson, Wm. 

Wrigglesworth, George. 

Ashion* — A Village on the Jock, in the Township of Goulbounir, County Car]nt«)n, 'outainiug 1 fotm* 
dry, 1 tannery, 3 charuhes, 1 common school, 2 hotels, kc. Land avei-agcs from $12 to ^:^0. Popula- 
tion 200. 

Aigue, George, tanner. 

Blair, Archibald, shotmaktr. 

Brown,^ (EpiKopaL) 

Brown, John M., lime mannfaeturei'. 

Caawell, Rev. (PijesbgrteriMi.) 

Church, C, M. D. 

t'osier, James, wagon maker. 

Cosier k Lindsay, shiii|(k) manofacturen. 

<^uii, James, general nerdbMit 

Fanning, Daniel, hotel keeper. 

Fnnl, Miss, dresswriusr. 

<^»w*., lvtt«r, livery stable. » 

Haeston, James, shoemaker. 

Ksnnedy, Robt., groc(HV 

Ijammond, John, tailor. 

Lindsay, James & Co., wagon Mskers, 

McEwaii, M^ Miiry, teacner. 

McFarbine, Donald, hoteUkeeper, 

McFarlanc, John, iron founder. 

McFarlane., Rolx^rt Ui^uer deftler. 

MuHin, Rev. (Presbyterian.)* 

MUNRO, JOHN M., editor Ashton ExPOiiner. 

Robinson, Hugh, wagon mak^r. 

Shore, John, fiirpentef. 

Stewnrt, lk>tganiin, i^binct maker. 

Sunaier, James, general merchant. 

SUMNER, JOHK, Postmaster a general meieha»t 

Sykes, Hiram, J. 1\ 



Aabirortll'— A Fort ofR<» in the Toinidup c>f Scot^ County Ontai^o. 

liUSTABD. JOHN, . PoBtmaster/ . 

'ii:%ti*' : ' 

Atha.— A Pott Village in the ^owndliip of Pip^eiliig, in the County of Ontario, 10 miles froUk Whitby 

the County Towii, and 28 milefi from Toronto* Population, about 50. . . i . , 

BELL, JOHN M., Pontmiwter. 
Bentley, Nathan, farilken 
Bundas, James, general merchant. 

Harriaon, Geoigc, farmer. 
Lapp, Andrew, farmer. 

Miller, Willianv funner. 

Spe^r^ AdiW* J^. P* : 

Spears, J. & J., lumber maAufactoreri. 

Whitson, James, farmer. 

I n " i' » 


AtheilB p. O. — ^Township of Uxbridgc, County of Ontario. Distant from County Towo, 24 
Toronto, 44 miles. 

BKIGHAM, EGBERT, Postmaster and gen. mcrcht. | OLELAND, REV. W. (Presbyterian) 


> ' ■ •'• : ■» ■' , ■' 

i> ■ >■» ^^ " m -m9' *■ >* I I 

Atll6rly> — A village situated on Li^e Simcoe,,in the Towbship of Mara, County Ontario,' 70 miles firftm 
"Whitby and 90 from Toronto. Average yalue of improved land in the vicinity, $25 per acre, Pofn- 
lation, 200. , ' 

Adam, Andrew, cooper. 
Botdton, William, township tresMirer, 
Burnett, Pefitf, P. L. S. 
Cahill, Timoth}', shoemaker* 
Campbell, Rev. K. A. (Roman Catholi<^ 
Cramer, Lawrence, carpenter. 
DUDENHAFER, A., Postmaater. 
Dudenhafer, Geor^ farmer. 
Diidenhafer, William, carfJimter. 
Fo ey, J. P., couDcillor. 
H arahy, Johii, diKHiciller. 
H^^witt, Charles, tfenerai merchant 
K nnedy, Alexander, general merchant. 
M Donald, Alexander, carpenter. 
Vlone, Denis, h«tel Keeper. 

Mulvahill, Thomas, blacksmith. 
'Prettyfoot, Edward, farmer. ■ .. 
McDonald, An|;iia,'4!arpenter. * 
Mcpherson, James, J. r. 
McPbee, William, lumber merchaat. 
Reeve, Arthur, general merchant. 
Revell, Henry, farmer. 
Smith, Colin, general merchant, ' 
Strathern, Geoi^ge, farmer. 
Thompson, Oliver, fiarmer. 
Thompson, Peter, farmer. 
Thorae, Amos, general merchant. 
Tivoan, Bernard, wagon maker. 
Whitney, John, hotel keeper. 

Atlierton»— A post village in theTbiwnship'of Windham, County of Norfolk. 

Atholr— A YiUagt on. Scotch river» in €ic<rowna]iip •f Senyos, Ccwaty Glenguty. Tke piilii|»|!Mde 
. if ita C^rain, Dairy' Piroduce* and Gordwood. Avenge priise of lani^ |6 toflS. Diataat fnm. County 
i Town, 27* i^iiM^ from Toiaoto,^ 9M aiiles.. Stpgai ii£-weekly !• and from Alafuadri««iid Plantagenft. 
Population, 150. 

Aird, Alexaa^Kir^D., caorpefiter." -i 

Beffig, Alexander, geneiM meiiekiuit. • > 


Brodie, WillUm. miller. ^ 

Cameron, Angus. 

Campbell, Angus M., Att«>t1iej. 

Campbell, Duncan, wagon maker. ' ^'• 

Campbell, John, wagon maker. '" ^ ' 

Campbell, John M, ~ 

Fisher, Christy. 

Fisher, John, livery AllMii. - ' . i.i .. . i 

FISHER, M.A., PostmatfttAf Mid geiMral merohaat 

Fisher, Peter A., accountant. ■ •< ■ •' 

Crimes, Martin, tanner, •-•i .. v r -, . ,- i< 

GordoD, Rev. Daiiel, <Pfei^yterian.>* 

Gray, Rev. — , (Church ^Sebtlaad.) 

Hunter,- Mary, teacher. ' 

Jacob Max, general merchimt ' 

LeClair, Mrs. J6hn, dressmdteri| 

McArthur, John. 

McDiarmid, Donald, •M.D. 

McDoaald, Alfan, cooper. 

McGregor, Alexander R., waav«r. . 

McGregor, Charles, shoemaker. 

I I 

r* • 

McGregor, C, saddln^ 

McGreger, Duncan. 

McGregor, Malcolm*- 

McGregor, Peter, weaver. 

Molntyve, Angup^ teaekcr. 

Mclntyre, John. 

Mckityre, Mai^gavel, toacherj 

McKenzie, James, auctioneer. 

McKERCHAR. COLIN, teacher. 

McKerchar, Donald, teacher. 

McLachlnn, Angus, wagon makWi 

McNaughton. John Ck, sfainglft ■umufaetaxef* 

Mcpherson, John, alivemadker* 

McRae, Alexander, ^neral-flMndia&tv 

McRae, Finlay, auctioneer. ' 

McRae, Hugh, general agent. 

Matheson, Miss Mary, dresamakcr. ' 

Peacock, Rev. W. (Congn^AUMHil) . 

Sabourin, Charles, carpenter. 

Sinclair, Donald, brick maaoliMlivir. • 

Sinclair, Peter. ' 

Vrqtihart, A., miller. 

Wollette, Gabriel, cabinet mak«;. 



AtUaiie*— A Tillage in tli« Towbship of AcUala, County Cirdwell. IH»t«nt from Ocuftty Tof^f TO ttilM, 
from Toronto, 45 miles. Arera^ j»ti«d of laud, $40 to $60. Money Order office. Population, 75. 

Agnew, W. H., dentist. 

Barton, James, calnuet maker. 
. Btrton, J^hert, (arniAr, 
' Colga'o, Xolin, coo|)ef. 

Connor, John T., farmer. 

Duruej, John, shingle manufacturer.' 

Elbtftl, Jlichnel, proprietor ^ew Domintoa HoteL 

Echriilge, WUtiaai, ifansmith. 

6n^%n, Hugh, shoemaker. 

Hilfey, John, farmer. 

Haydtr, James, carpenter. 

Hisleo, Edward, auctioneer. 

Sel^» Jtdin, fAtmer. 


Kidd, George, farmer. 

KI DD, JOHN, Postmaster and general merchant 

X^loyd. Thomas^, saddler. . 

McCahe, James, wagon maker. 

McCabe, Peter, carpenter. 

McCullough, James, usarpentar. 

McDermot, Thomas H., teaoiier. 

McOniness, Sarah, dnuisniAker. 

McLftughlin, John, miller. 

McLaughlin k Piggott, tannar*. 

Sfgsworth, James, farmer. 

Thompson, John, tailor. 

AttercliflTe. — ^A Tillage on the Chippaiva 

Couniy.Town, 24 mile^ from Tofonto, 

fraught on, Amos, shingle manufacturer. 

Orovrther, James, general merchatnt 

I>a7id»>n, Alexander, hotel keeper. 

Falsom, James, farmer. 

Green. Rob«»rt, farmer. 

HsbJip, Abraham, geneinl tuageliMai, 

Hodge, Homer, wagon maker. 

Hodge, S«th, t^iuh^r.' 

Jones, Adam, £anner. 

Jones, Darins, teacher. 

Kirk, Jno. L., M.I|. 

laidiaw, Andrew, farmer. 

Ljrmbnmer, Ralph, hotel koeptfr^ 

«iU«r, Robert, uurmer. 

It • 4 

RiTer, in Township of -Oalstor, County Lincoln. Distance {torn 

75. Average price of land, f 20 to $30. Popuktlon, 100. 

Montague, Mrs. Jane, dressmaker. 

Mohtague, Robert, shoemaker. 

Pitcher, Peter F., farmer. 

Sammous, John, farmtn*. 

Sensabaugh, C farmer, 

Sensabaugh, ^., shingle manufacturer. 

Shirton, Charles, carpenter. 

StoUery, J4.cob, farmer, 

Thompson, Isaac, carpenter. 

TISDALG, JAMES, Postmaster. 

Tisdale, James K., painter. 

Tisdale, John, carpeuUr. 

Tisdale, John W., painter. 

Tisdale. Reuben H., general mdrohant. 

«WiW«4>— «»MV«prip 

iBbnni (see Manchester).— A post offics in the Tolrnships of Wawauosh and HuUeit, Coifnty Huron. J^ 
tant from County Town, 11 miles, from Toronto, 143. 




^^A Tilhsemi the Gtnul' Tftiulr Skihray and Riter St. Lawrenco, in the TownsMp «f C to iailwk 
Oomitr Storteont T&e prEf&ipkl trade Ss iu lumber and eordwttdd. Land 9!fmym fyan %4A to 970| 
IMitaht fMBFCowitf Town, 18 milst; fjom Toroa^ 460. MoUey Qrdsr ofioo. V^T °^^ PopuIa[- 

. I 

AndnsoHf Francis, wagon malcetr- 

Anderson, James, blacksmith. 

Afclrews, ReT. Wm., \Wesleyan)- • 

Arehtr, George, blacksmith;* * 

AULT, ISAIAH R., Postmistor, genettl smrdkattt, 

lombor dealer, etc. » • ' • ■ '^ 

Anlt, J. R. Jfc S.,gen. raeiuhantitf -md hteber desAsM. 

AQlt,SamueU J.P. - - 

Attlt, Simeon N. \-f .-' , ' ' 

Anit, William R. . • . 

Baker, Joshua, sadtfAr. 

^er, SinM^^geaetal fnexdianl 

B^mhart, Ebcnezer, wagoik niftktr.. : 

Bamhart, Miss,; dieMMfcer. . 

Bamhart, Simeon, painter;.. 

Kouietto, John, teacher: 

Ikwrn, Robert, tatUiO- - >^ 

Cook, Gay H., ho(tal.kespfnr.: 

^^Hsl, John. 

D-foe, Kr.stua,,gBiienl:ib«QhaniL; ^ 

uafoe, Riahard, shoemaker. 

^liot, John, potter and brick mak#r* 

JK William, poitCT. ..t 

^P«Jf !», blacksmith. 

1 1 

./.» Hi 

Ferguson. Rct. J., (Mathodiat Epiaotfiljli 

Garrsity Rot. T./CK»iyopal>, 

Grogo, G(K>rgQ, shosmakar. \ 

GoTS, Nathaniel. 

Haines, John, shoemaker. 

Hanes, Charles J.; bla&ksmith. ' 

Hanes, H.. saddler* v v •. i 

Hume, JohB. ■ ? « . 

Hunter, Peter, carpenter. 

Jackson, Thomss, tanner. 

Loucks, Richard, lumber dMte> , < 

MoOihnall^ T^iqnMS* potter* . < 

Markell, Solmnon^M. P« 

Morgan, Helaon, shoemaker. 

Mullin, ReT. J^ Uf^ <i'r.<abyteriis.} 

IRchmtn, Oeoiig^««ilIlMilar« • i. 

Sampson, Qoarge» enrpentor. i .. , 

Sampson. James, carpenter.^ ' ; , * 

Silmsor, Nathaniel, (jBSWtH m«rc])Mit; 

Snyder, John, {i{enefai merchant. ' ". • 

Summers, DsTid D. 

Summers, Jacob, 

Wells, Georg**, genMplfinsivhaiii 

Whitney, R. L. 

) • 

« t 





»»■* ""»; 

r t » m 

f « 

'»'? JJ'^ '/ 

Auffhrlm.— A vllln^e on the'^T^eiiliani IKV^/lii UmI TomiiMptC 3itMfcp; Coatttf 'U]iililmi.> PiiiMitt ft«B 

Couuty Town, 40 miles, from Toi'^iito^ 179. 

Populaiiin, 75. ; * '' 

Archer, Joseph, farmer. i. ■ • 

Armstrong, W„ teacher. 

Gnnn, Rev. J. (Church of Kpgland) 

Lovell, Jamet, fanner. 

McAlpin, Joseph, farmer. 

McQallum, A., blackamith.. 

McDorman, W., car[)tnter. 

laad,^ to4tO,.dilproT«d#aOjto $26. 

. .• ■ • V. 

McEENNA, JOHN, Postmftstter. 

Murray, B., tailor. 

Patcrson, Dusald. teacher. 

Patterson, Jonn, shoemaker.' 

Sindair, J., J. P. 

Stafford, Rev. £. A. /( WeBl!«7ttn) 

Wall, Thouat, farmer. 

Aurora.— An incorporated Vtllageand l^tatSon of the Northern Railway in th« townvhipa of Kiiig^«ad 
Whitchurch, County Yorliu 30 nuleA from Toronto. Money Order oiUce and Sdrings' Bank. PopolA- 

'' Andrews E., tailor. ' • . < 

Andrews, James & Co., general merollMits; 

Apjdeton, S,, fire iQa|)ector. 

Arfeoid R., brewer. 
.Aahton, Scth. 

Atkinson, John, shoemaker. 

AURORA BANNER, (Friday), £. ¥. 8t«pheuon, 

Bacon, H. J., toilor. 

Blevins k Severs, Attorneys at law. • 

Bond, John, druggiitt. . i 

Boaanko, J., butcher. 

Boynton, A., blacksmith. 

Brodie, A., oooper. 

Butcher, Charles, )?enei-al merchant* 

Catcher, C, carpenter. . 

Campbell^ Hugh k tSoijs, rope tmd cordage ^tory. 

Campbell, Uugh, farmer. 

Glift & Neis, carriage makers. 

Connor, Robert, inaurauce agent« 

Dwibrook, Utury, Ijoota and #hoea» 

DOAN, CHARLES, J. P., itottmastar and geneiBl 

Boaa, David, agent Yicker's EzpNa* CottpiBy*. . 

Sari, George W., general merchant 

Elliott, J., general mt^chant. 

JBlIston, Benjamin, hotel keeper. 

Yield, • ohn, general merchant 

fVm^M, J0;6i&Pii,l<niiid(r Mid SRacJ^iauit 
•id, M.D. 

{ry. Stephen, agent N.R.R1) 
rvatt, Henry, niichini»t. 
0£(KIE, W>ijT«ftB., ixmiM 
Gundy, R<^v. S. B., (N«w Cowiezivn Mi 
Harris, Henry, cabinet maUsr* 
Hawthorne, Henry, cariwoter. 
Hillaiy, R. W., ri.n. 
HidUiday, J., butcbei. 
Ireland, William, cabinet maker. 
Irwin, Charles k S. P., lumber ■MVchanta. 
Irwin, M. B., farm«rr. 
Jrwin, R.P., J. P., farmer. 
Kinopp, J. W.. KaiJM«d HoteL 
Lemon, W., Marheli Houa*. 


Long, Frederick, *V<^per box factory. . 

McCsilum^ Rev. James, (Kpiaooiiai). 

McCarthy* William, watchmaker. ' ' ' 

McppnncU, J., blacksmith. 

McGaffin, J., mereliant. . : \ b 

McNalley, J. £., inearanee ^[*t, Gom'riii E R, etc 

JbUrritt, Jdin, latent rights agent. 

Moore, 6. F., general merchant and auctioneer. 

Moseley, James, ianner. 

Moseley. William, estate agi^nt. 

Nichol, J., brii'k maker. 

Ough, William, tinsmith. 

Patterson, J. M., auctioneer. 

Pearson, Benjamin, J. P., conreyaneer. 

Pearson, B., furniture. 

Pearson, D., painter. 

Pease, £., leather do^er. ' 

Peck, N. J., dentist. 


V(Mf:w^ K. D., baker. 

Richardson, J., hotel keeper. 

Robinson, A. B., dentist. 

Hage»| Josiah, iarmtr. 

Rnperti J. W., photographer. 

Shaw, Rev. John, (Wesloyau). 

Siddona, S. B., grocer. 

Snowden, R., tailor. 

STCPHENSOi^, ^. F., editor Bmun^t 

Stttvenaon, Geoi^ge L., saddler. 

8tih*s, H. B., auctio)2eer and general merchant 

Suttle, N. 8., gnner. 

SUTTLE It^H AUTMaN, (Fredk. and Isate), gnerml 

Taylor, Wiiliau/, |iaint«ir and pa|)«r maBufactowr. 
Thompson, J. R., iuml*er iMerchant. 
Todd, James, bla'-ksnath. 
Todd A Co., <;ari:h(^i makers. 
Trai-y, John, tailor, 
Haliace, A., land agent 

Wells, J. M., den list, x 

Whaley, A. T., lihiu^e maker. 
Willis, William, sa'idiei. 
Willson, J. , chiUA and giasswalv. 
Woodswortb, Itrv. )t \i , (We»iey.;i>;. 
York, Charles H., vAipt^niex. 

AtOB.— A Vilbge in the T^evnflkiv #r 

County of Elgin. Diitaiit 

Ution, 100. 

Andrews, John, wag<m RM»k«r. 
Bnmett, William, blaokantitk. 
Bsgroat, Eiias, farm<r. 
X^r, Christian, I'arotr/. 
bWr, John, general m«'reWil- 
ikrt^n, Ueniy, earpeater. 

Dore^e^er, Cennty MiddliN .\, %ud on the liv.. dividiiif tlm 
26 milre» nnd 11 frxim In^^ iMili. Mails tarl^H-^k^. Pn^n* 

Kiltt, Rer. James, (f^fscopal Methodist) 
Mcljochliu, John, Tixcrr. 
Pttllrn, Felix, t«il«>. 
Su>v«rr, Jacob, tsiu-f. 
SMITH, O. 0.| ^Mtxiaati-* 



Kt iT '. 

ATeMtec*— <^ Village in the Township of NottawaMgft, Ccmntj StflMot. ¥nm Bimrie, 22 milet, Sunnida]# 
* SMS^tti 6 ttllM^and Inm Toronto, 60 liikt. ' Iviprav«d ^da in the^Ticinity averages $50 per acr«^ 
■'-^ vildf tlO. AU UtKb of medhuiitt an reqmfod* Pfpolatipn, 8o6« . 

Bowman ft Pingle. milleri and lumber dealers. 

Cannthera, G. Tumber mprcbant. ■ - ' 

CuTuthera, William, sawyer. 

Daff, William, general agent 

Gardener, W. C, hotel k^ftsr^ . . 

Geyer, Albert, painter. 

Graham, K, t^Co., general .merchants. , 

Granger, T., livery stables. 

Henney, L., contractor. 

Houston. 6., auctioneer. 

Ingham, Joseph, carpenter. 

Island,. 6., blacksmith. 

ilsmieflpn, J.,, wagon maker. 

Kendriek. John, carpenter. 

Leslie, A., tailor. 

Little, John, wearer. 

lossie, J., tinsmith. ... 

Mcintosh, James, acciyintant. 
McManuA, J., accountant. 
Melfahon, J. J., dentist. 

Martin, Joseph, bnilder. '- 

Martin, R., builder. 
Matchett, Edward, builder. 
Matchett, R. , builder. 

MORRIS. R., Postmaster and general merchant. 
Sernggie, R., insurance agrnt. 
Shepnrd, 6,, butcher. 
Stonehouse, Thomas, carpenter. 
.Taylo^, O.^ carpenter. 

Weir, H., Khoemakcr. ' .•• . ; » 

Wilson, J., hotel* keeper. 
Woodruff, £., carpenter. 

Woodruff, Kendriek k Co., manufutnrers patent win* 

lylmer.— A Village in the Township of Malahide, County Elgin, 12 miles from St. Thomas, M ftom 
XJbndott, 80' from |iamilton« and 130 iirora Tofonto. Catfbh Creek, passing through the village, iJf/at^ 
good water power. Money Order olficc and SsVings Baak. . Ftopftlutioxv £00. 

Aldrich, R. J., carpenter. 

Aldrieht,R. R., Unuer. ^. . ' 

Arkelf, J, H., general merchant, " ' ' ' 

Biyes, James h., brickmaker. 

Bencroft, Henry, cooper., . * . 

Bingham k Sons, genep^ merchants.^' . / 

Brown, A. C, groc^Sr. ' '.' . 

BfDwn, James. 

Brown, M. J., miller. ,." 

C«lrert, Joseph, teacher. . ' . ' 

Caverley, Weisbrod k Thompson, wag^n lo^^ri. 

Campbell, Wm., stove dealer. ' ,» ' 

Ciswcll, Asa, tinsmith. .^ 

Chester, A, teacher. .... 

Chute, A., teacher. •■ ■ t 

Chnte, Miss, dressmaker. / , ^ 

CI«4)piaon, Rev. D. C. (Weslcyan.) ' 

Cltri^ Gek F., M. a ^ '\ , ' ' 

Clark, Chaa., M. D. / /.; ^ 

Clayton, Miss J^lagflic, tem^her. '.. 

CUyton, Peter; JTf. ',..;' 

Comsy,^ J. M., aMdlcr. ' / * ' / . , 

Cronk, J. H., shoemaker. 

Cmpp, D^vid, waiaon mpker. ' . 

DaSng, Wm., taSon -./.-. 

Daril,. Edwin.. ... ,."... 

Dans, Loder. 

DsTidson, Rev. T. L, D. I)., (Baptist,) ,. ' 

IXain, John, saddler. ' ^ ' . 

Doty, Joshua, proprietor TJuion HotoL 

Dnrkee, M. P., cooper. 

Dntrant, Thomas, butcher. 

Fiirchilds, Rev. J. (Ep^copal Methodist) 

Firthings, John, grocer. 

Farthings, R. W., gpneral merchant 

Faolda, William, painter. 

Foot, Ezra, M.D. 

Freeman, Melinda, teacher. 

Gillespie, Rol)ert, miller. 

GiUet, John W., J. P. 

Glen, Peter, tailor. 

Goff, James, carpenter. 

GoQ| W. & J., sash and door manufacturers^ 

Goff, William H., carpenter. 

Graham, Robert, tailor. 

Gregory, Kirby, livery stable. 

Gandry, L. J., wateh maker. 

Harding, Rev. F. (Church of England) 

Herrington, J., painter. 


Hicks, J., marble cutter. 
Holmes, Rev. E. (Nfc\tr Connexion) 
Hughes. William E., dentist. 
Jans<m, J. E., carpenter. 
Kerr, Miss, dressmsker. 
Lewis, Amasa, proprietor Commercial Hotel. 
Lightfoot, ThoraoAj '' 
Lobdell. Albert. 
Loritri^, Hmty, -milter. • 
Me Adams, James k Son. 
McCausland, John A.,- wagon maker. 
McDonald, James E.'; wa^on maker. 
. McDonald, Robert,' inigon maker. 
•Ifaclkliri,' H^ry, gJwneral merchant. v( 

Mann, S. H. & N., iron founders. 
Manh/Tl T.', bb^ksetter.' 
Martin, Henry, ^'ftneval mert^ant^ 
Moore, N. A., saddler. 
Murdie, William, aOctione'T. 
Murray ^ Furnie, general mercliantA. 
Murray, W. '8.; -c^imtniBsioner for taking alBdititll 
Mosfiey, Henry. 

Nairn, J. R, painter. ' j • 

Nairn, T. M., general agent. 
0' Riley, flames, proprietor Excbftnge Hotel ' 
Oust^Miout, A.'^M;,^ proprietor National Hote?. 
Parks, James, shoemaker. 
Price, Aaron, drumst. 
Price, Edwiu, M. D. 
Rushner, William 
Secord, Thomas, butcheir. - 
Siinonds, Mrs. baker. 
Smith, George M., carpenter. 
Smith, Rev. N., (Westeyan.) 
Smith, Samuel, cabinet maker. 
Stewart, Daniel, general agent 
Teeple, J. A., livery stable. 
ThtmifHion, Robert, proprietor British Americanj 
Tozer, C. G. A. 
Tread well, Alexander 
Vanpatter. F. D. 

Walker, George J. & E., hardware merchas^s. 
Walker, John k Son, cabinet makers. 
Wartl, Robert, tailor. 
Williams, Adolphus, M.D. 
Wright, R. C.,l)akcr. 
York, S. D., tanner. 



Avon Bank.—A small Tiha{«8itnated in the Towvfahip of Downic, Comity Perth. Po^alatura<MI -' • • 

MUIR, DAVID, PiMtiirtstwr. 

i . 

ATOIimore>-^A Post-office in tbe Toiosliip of Koxliorough, Conntj Stormont. 

SHAVER, E. N.j Pwtmaster. 

ATOnton* — A Village in the Township of 

Town, i from Sebringville Station, and 

'. ricinity, $40 per acre. 

Arnistrong, George, ftmier. 
BaUant3me, Thomas, cheese factor, 
Boak, Kev. "William. (Presbyterian.) 
Grieve, Adam, farme?". 
Inman, Samuel, saw mill proprietor. 

Downie, County Perth. 74 miles from Stratifoni, the County* 
104 from Toronto. Average price of improved lands in the 

McEellar, J«i blacksmith. 
McNicol, Archibald, carpenter. 
Wurray, George, farmer. 
Murray, Walttr, farmer. 
f I^HIELLS, ARCHIBALD, Postmaster and merckaiit 

Ayr.— -A Village on the River Kith, in the Township of I North Dumfries, County "Waterloo. The principal 
trade is in grain, flour, lumber and agricultural hnptements. Average price of land $40 to $60, 4Stago 
to Paris and Gait. Population, 1,000. 

ANDERSON, JOHN McK., teacher. 

Anderson, Thomas M., accountaut. 

AYR HERALD, weekly, James G. "Watson, editor 

and proprietor. 
Bain, James, M.D. 
Baker, William, general merchant. 
Bell, William, M.D. 
Bingham, G. W., M.D. 
Biickley & Lang, tinsmiths. 
Chittenden, George, fanner. 
Cunningham, Peter, brewer. 
Curric, Eben, general merchant. 
Cuthbertson, Hugh, shoemaker. 
Dent, John C, attorney. 
Ellis, H. & J., hotel keeper 
Gilles])i(3, Jos<^pb, painter. 
Gillrt, Ralph, dentist. 
Gladstone, James, cabinet maker. 
Goldie, David, miller. 
Hall,' Robert, x^arpioiter. 
Hendersbot &. Donaldson, general merchants. 
Hillbom, Henry C, hotel keeper. 
Hood, Thomas, hotel keeper. 
Howell, B. 0., fanner. 
Howie, Rev. J. (Evangelical Union) 
Kay, James, cabinet maker. 
Kilgour, Joseph, genernl merchant. 
HcCrae; James, shoemaker. 
McGregor & Boll, wagon makers. 

If cLean, Miss, teacher. 

McLean, Mrs. Sarah, teacher. 

McRnar, Hev. D., (Presbyterian). 

Marshall, Thomas, insurance agent 

Mathieson, Alexander, carpenter. 

Mills, Rev. J., (Wesleyan). 

Murray, John, baker. 

Piper, James, miller. 

Renwick, John, watchmaker. 

Robertson, William, liver)' stable. 

liichmond, William, fanner. 

Rose, Alexander, bailiff. 

Rosa,. Alexander, butcher. 

Scott, Michael, general merchant. 

Scott, Thomas C:, tar^tenter. 

Senior, Richard. * 

Stark, Miss, dressmaker. 

Souter James, tailor. 

Thomson, William, general merchant. 

Wallace, Marion, dressmaker. 

Ward, Geoi^', auctioneer. 

WATSON, JAMES G., editor and proprietor Ajfr 

WATSON, JOHN, J.P., iron founder. 
White, Charles, butcher. 
White, Henry, gunsmith. 
Willison, Walter, tailor. 

wyllie, John, Division Court nlerk, bookaellcr« etc 
^YLLIE, ROBERT, Postmaster, ins. i^gent, etc 

Ay ton* — A Village on the south branch of the 

Gray. Distant from Owen Sour:d the County 

of land, $30 to $40. Population, 200. 

Baster,. August, proprietor Commercial HoteL 

Bracht, B: , saddler. 

Cani, David, eoo|iW«. 

Paber, Bernard, cooper. 

Fink, John, shoemaker. 

Fitzpatrick, Patrick, shoemaker. 

Lewis, Robert, carpenter. 

Lissamer, Conrad, tinsmith. 

Faugeen River, in the Township of Normanby, County 
Town, 46 miles ; from Toronto, 98 miles. Average price 

MUller, John C, wagon maker. 

Nasmith, George, general merchant. 

PHILLIPS, JOHN M., Postmaster. 

Pinkerton, James, M.D. 

Pberr, I^nry. proprietor British HoteL 

Sikelly, ratrick, carpenter. 

M^idmeyer, Barbara, proprietor Ayton HoteL 

Widmeyer, Schroder, general merchant. 




Mabj'B Pofalt»-^A TUIiige on tlia riv«r St. Cluir, m ^•Tdwnsliip of Scnnbrf. Coo^ l«nibto|u. . Distant . 

from Sftinia the County Town 24 niila» front Tonaito 102 mUXttX stages to Wallaceburg and Chatliam 

steamers to 8arnia and Detroit Ayerage price of land on riyer $25 to $50, back from rirer %i to tlO, 

improTcd land $12. Population 100. 

Oin, B., proprietor British Hotel. Kellj, John G., grocer. 

Calder, Hugh, customs officer. Kilroy, Rcr. FatEer, (Koman Catholic) 

Carroll, K, butcher. llo£voy, Daniel, proprietor American Hotel. 

Crocker, WiUiam, baker. MENTEN, JAMES, sen., Postmaster and Ex, agent. 

Derlin, Uias Jeannie, teacher. Menton, William, general merchant 

Hatter, Qeoiype W., farmer. Stonehouse, R. C, tinsmith. 

H qirt f isnin ^ jFohii.M, cmpenter. . 

Baden.— A Village on the Grand Trunk Railway, and Wilmot Creek, in the Township of Wilmot, County 
Waterloa The Principal' trade is in gndn, itas and battle. Average price of laud $40 to t^O. Distant 
from County Town miles, froto Toronto 72 miles. Money order office. Daily mail Stages to aod 
from Wellesley. Population, 500. . ' , ' 

Beacby Alexander, teaoker. 

BECK, JACOB, Postmaster, miller, iron founder, &c. 

Boys, Earnest, tailor. « 

Prwihecker, John, carpenter. 

Cofan, Samuel, general merchant. 

Cook, Esmesty wagon maker. 

Crati^ John R, iam^r. 

Emeiy, John, fanner. 

Emmrich, Charles, saddler. 

Erbaeh, Philip, cooper. 

Fonie, Henry, express agent 

Gftble, Jacob, hotel keeper. 

Gtrbig, George, carpenter. 

Griger, Peter, gunsmith. 

Sufnuin, Adam, hotel keeper. 

Knaa, Christopher, hotel keeper. 

Kniapr, Ernest, butcher. 

Ifrach, Henry, general merchant 

Ltringston, J. k J^ proprietor flax milL 

Ifclntyre, G. A., ffenerol merchant 
Henges, Conrad, imoemaker. 
Milkr, Christian, farmer. 
Morley, Michael, planing milL 
Myers, Abram, farmer. 
Ross, Jacob, painter. 
Rupp, Lorenzo, brew«rl 
Schmidt, Rer. George, (Lntheran.) 
Smalltree, Matthew, cooper. 
Smith, Henry, farmer. 
Stattelb^rger, Henry, tinsmith. 
Steppler, Adolphiis, carpenter. 
Sterrit, James, telegraph operator. 
Waaler, Christian, farmer. 
Weiler, John k Son, cabinet makers. 
Witte, Charles, carpenter. 
Woodhead, Charles, woollen factor, 
^msky, William, cooper. 
2ehr, Joseph, farmer. 
2inn, George, carpenter. 

BagOt — ^A Post office situated in the Township of Bagot, County Renfrew. 

HALLIDAY, JOHK, Postmaster. 

Bafllieboro.— A YiUage in the Township of Cayan, Co. Durham, 18 miles from Cobourg^ 14 from Port 
. Hope, 16 from Peterboro, and 7 from Hillbropk Railway Station. Average value of land in the neigh- 
borhood, $45 per acre. Money order office. Population 200. 

Allen, Rev. T. W. (Church of England) 

Armstronff, John, fanner. 

Barnard, Joseph, J. P. 

B««d, Rev. James (Baptist) 

Clemnba, J<4ui, druggist. 

Covan, J. .J., general merchant 

IMxon, Robert, farmer. 

^ins, James, hoteL 

Bliott, G. P., fiinner. 

^"uhei; Jamea^ farmer. 

FITZGERALD, JOHN, Postmaster, gen. mercht 

Greer, George, csrpenter. 

Kidd, George, farmer. 
Ein^, Richard, M.D. 
l>ewis, George, tailor. 
Moffatt, James, hotcL . 
Korthcote, William, farmer. 
Parker, Martin, farmer.. 
Parker, Richard, saddler. 
PhUlips, Jeremiah, cabinet maker. 
Porter, Samuel, fanner. 
Quinn, Tbontas, carpenter. 
Reed, Alexander, farmer. 

Itakennillc.—A Village on Grindstone Creek, in the ^ownship of Flamhorough, County Wentwqrth, with 
a good trade in grain, flour, ke. Land averages %50, \ Distant from County Town, 8 milesy from Toronto 
40 miles. Stage to Hamilton. ' Daily mail. Population, 50. 

Armstrong George, carpenter. I dreen, John. 

BAKER. JOHN, Postmaster, prop. Bakexville Hotel, Griffin, B. 

Bmklqr, Peter. McDougall, D. 

Bremncr, John, teacher. Mitchell, John. 

Bona, M. Pepper, William, wagon makers 

Bonn k Son, mUlexB^ fcc. | Speck, S. 


BALDlJfeBCttr— BALLtBtri*. 

JKaldCrtOIl. — A Post-offieeof fbe TowAsUp of Lamrk, CamLtylMittiA, 8; R. 

WATSON, SAUNDEK8, . Bastmaater. 

* . 

Baldwin. —A sroall village in th^ Township of C&mden, County Addington. BisUnt from Kiagston^ SA 
miles, and from Toronto, 144 mlleA. Popultftioti, |l80. - ' 

YORK, GOKJDOjr P., Poetmaster. 

Sallantrae* — A Village in the Township of Whitchnrch, County York. Distant from County Town Id 
miles, from Toronto 35 miles. Average price of land, $35 to $50. Population, 75. 

Patterson, James, auctioneer. 

Gee, Rev. Daniel, (Wesleyan.) 
LEPARD, ISAAC, PostmaBt«r. 
lC<Oormack, R., J.P. . . 
Markham, Rev. J., (Primitive). 
Miller, Elgah, hotel keeper. 
Kooro, David, carpenter. 

Pryon, Daniel, general meroiiaiit. 
Sexsmithy George, general meiclia&tt 
Will, Robert, carpenter. 
Willson, Henry, teacher. 

BaDlliafad.— A Village in the Township of 
miles, from Toronto 35 miles. Stage to 
Population, 160. 

APPLEBY, J. S., Postmaster. 

Bennett, Robert, proprietor Commercial Hotel. 

Binnie, Thomas, blacksmith. 

Bonesteel, Albert, shingle mannfatiturcr. 

Campbell, A., saddler. 

Coke, Joseph, farmer. 

Czerwinski. L., shoemaker. 

Eckart, Adam, pump maker. 

Pletcher, A., wagon maker. 

Gibbs, Gcor^, proprietor BritiSch HoteL 

Gibson, David, carpenter. 

Grant, Miss A., teacher. 

Hamilton, W., farmer. 

Hills, Joseph, farmer. 

Hunter, Mi<3s, teacher. 

Erin, County Wellington. Distant from Counly •town !W> 
iKrin land Georgetown. Average price of land, $25 to $3dw 

Kennedy, John, farmer. 

Luke, Rev. C. V., (EpiacopaL) 

Leilwood, W., brick maker. 

McDonald, John, shingle mannfaetiner. 

McEnery, William, farmer. 

McKinnon, Miss^ teacher. 

Russell, John, farmer. 

Sayers, Geoi^g^, proprietor livery stable. 

Sayers, G. 0., blacksmith. 

Shortic, John, farmer. 

Snider, G. H., seneral merchant. 

Stewart. Mrs., dressmaker. 

Webster, H. B., fai-mcr. 

Yeaman, Peter, farmer. 

Ballycroy* — A Village in the Township of A^jala, County Simcoc, on the River Humber, 89 mile* frona 
Banie and 22 from Bradford. Population 100. 

Beatty, Samuel, carding mill. 
Campbell, Archibald, blacksmith. 
Crisp^ John, farmer. 
Faulkner, William. 
Fletcher, Joseph, saddler. 
Hurst, James, shoemaker. 

McClelland, JOHN, Postmaster, auctioneer and 

Patton, James, blacksmith. 
Reynolds, William, fiirmer. 
Scott, James, shoemaker. 
Small, Peter, general merchant. 
Small, William E., teacher. 
Welsh, John J., teacher. 

Bidlydafll^-A ViUage in the 1\)wnslup of Manvers, County Durham, 30 miles from the County Town» 
17 from Newcastle, and 7 from Manver's Station, Grand Trunk Railway. Population 150l 

Benson, Greg, hotel keeper. 

Benson, Thos., J. P., farmer. 

Benson, Wm., farmer. 

Brown, Lucas, tailor. 

Davey, Thos. G., farmer. 

Dewell, John, farmer. 

Dewell, Mattnew, farmer. 

McCabe, William, grist mill. 

McCnllouffh, Geoige, farmer. 

MAXWELL, W. A., Postmaster, and gen. merchant. 

MUchel), John, farmer. 

Mordaunt, Robert, blacksmith. 

Morrow, Thomas, tihoemaker. 

MuUgan, Robert, farmer. 

Porter, David; fanner. 

Graham, James, weaver. 

Graham, John, farmer. 

Holmes, James, farmer. 

Holmes, Joseph, farmer. 

Jenning, John, saw and shingle mill. 

Kellett, Edward, farmer. 

Sethbridge, Andrew^ fanner. 

Poi*ter, Francis, farmer. , 

Porter, Joaeph, farmer. 

Porter, William, farmer. 

Ream, Reuben, teacher. 

Staple, Henry, saw mills. 

Ward, Mn». j« eph, hotel keeper. 

Williamson, Jmh^ P., carpenter. 

Windle, Rev. \i. C, (Presbyterian.) 





-A Poet VilUge ia tlM Townsb^ of London, Oonnt^ 

O'BBIBK, J. W., Postmaster. 
Bateer*8 Island.— a VillagQ on the Hadawaska Biver, iu the Township of McNab^ CwAtf BenMJT 
Distant from Connty Town, 50 miles. Population, 100. 

Axnott, WilHaiD, farmer. 
Brown, David, farmer. 
Brown, Walter, farmer. 
Dickson, James, farmer. 
Douglas John, farmer. 
Dnil^ Alexander, seneial merchant, 
^fe, Dtaiiiel, teacher. 
Hamilton, Andrew, farmer. 
Hill, WilUam, farmer. 
Jailor, Andrew, farmer. 
McAllister, Dnncan, fisrmer. 
McCleam, hotel fce^^er. 

Mclntyw, Daniel, farmer. 
Mclntyre, John, J. P. 
McKeiizie, Peter, fanner. 
McNab, Duncan, farmer. 
Mackie, David, farmer. 
Munroe, Donalrl, prop. Glencaim Inn. 
Robertson, James, farmer. 
Robertson, Neil, farmer. 
Stewart, Alexander, farmer. 
STEWART, ALLAN, Postmaster. 
Sutherland, Donald, iiarmer. 
Wilson, Alexander, farmer. 

Balaioral. — ^A Village on the Buffalo and Lake Huron Railroad, in the Township of Rainham, Conntj 
Haldimand. Distant from C^juga, the County Town, 6 miles, from Toronto, 91 miles. Areragc priot 

of land $40 per acre. Population, 89. '* 

Aufuish, Chapiiis, wagon maker. Campbell, Hu^h. 

Anguish, Mrs, E., prop. Travcllett' Home. Dougherty, Michael, shoemaker. 

Anguish, William, farmer. Finch, N. P., teacher. 

Best, WUliam, J.P. LUNDY, GEORGE B., Postmaster and gen. mcrMi 

Boucher, Nicholas. McDonaldt Christopher, prop. Ontario Uovse. 

Brown, Alfred, painter. Moulin, Waltou. 

Butler, Finley, genenl merchant Whelan, Adolphus, cabinet maker. * 

Balsam. — A post Tillage in the Township of Pickering County Ontario. Distant fVom Whitby, th* 
Coonty Town, 14 miles, and ftx>m Toronto, 34 milrs. Population about 100, 

DODDS, ROBERT, Postmaster. 

Baltimore. — A Tillage in the Township of Hamilton, County Northumbeiland, ^ miles from Cob^Pittiia 

Population, 40O. 

Bopf, John, carriage maker. 

Burgess, John, tanner. 

Bnniett, David, M.D. 

Burrows, Charles, shoemaker. 

Campbell, J. H. t cloth factory. 

Chapman, N., blacksmith. 

Cockburn, Grorge, hotel keeper. 

Dnncan, John. 

GILLBARD, JOHN, Postmaster and gpn. merch*t 

Haig, Thomas, saddler. 
Hogg, G. M., blacksmith. 
Kelly, George, macliinist 
McDottgall, William, miller. 
Mann, William, miller. 
Pickcrinff, E. , hotel keeper. 
Turner, John, M.D. 
Wimble, F., shoemaker. 

Bambera* — ^ Tillage on Kroetsch Creek, in the 

County Town 13 miles, from Toronto 75 milss. 

$36 to $40. Popaktion 200. 

Ball, Joseph, blacksmith. 

Ball, Nicolas, shoemaker. 

Becker, Martin, cabinet maker. 

Beraang, Blasius, teacher. 

Bohmer, Jacob, cooper. 

Boppre, A., farmer. 

Dietrich, Joseph, cabinet maker. 

Dietrich, M., tanner. 

Foreter, Lewis, carpenter. 

Held, Adam, farmer. 

Henyot, John, farmer. 

Kiswetter, J., farmer. 

Kroetoch, John, lumber jUaler. 

lAttrer, C., farmer. . ., . 

Lorent^ Joseph, farmer. 

Township of Wellesley, County Waterloo. Distant from 
Stages to and from St. Agatha. ATemge priM of 

Mctzdorf, Charles, teacher. 

Moser, John, farmer. 

Reichert, W., farmer. 

Rumig, J., farmer. 

Rutz, Matthias, farmer. 

Schlocgel, John, blacksmith. 

Snyder, Matthias, farmer. 

Strauss, S., farmer. 

Thirhardt, T., farmer. 

Toll, K., farmer. • 

WALT£R FERDINAND, Postmaster and ffwM^ 

.Walter, F., proprietor Bamberg hoteL 
Z mmerman, Andrew, brewer. 
Zimmennan, Henry, wagon maker. 



Banda.— A Village in the Townsbiraof lialmer an4 Nottawosaga, County Simcbc. ' ^ mile* htta Rikli^ 
and 8 from New Lowell Station, Northem Railway. Population, 60. 

fittin, Neil, carpenter. 

CLEMENGER, JOHN, Postmaster, wagon maker. 

Cloughley, Thomas, blacksmith. 

Flack, Robert, fanner. 

Qr^ham, Henry, general merchant 

Hood, Joseph & Co., general merchant 

Johnson, TJiomas. 

Lattimer, William^ farmer. 
Little, William, cabinet mak;er. 
Munro, Hugh, carpenter. 
Perry, John, carpenter* 
Thomas, John, farmer. 
Walker, George, farmer. 

BandOlL— A post Village situati^ on the Soath branch of the river Maitland, in tlie Township of Hullct, 
County Huron. Distant from Goderich, the County iTown, 20 miles. Population 50. 

ALLEN, JAMES, Postmaster. 

BansfOr. — ^A post Village situated in the Township of Pickering, County Ontario. 

TURNER, ISAAC, Postmaster. 

Bannockbam. — A post village situated in the Township of Madoc, County Hastings^ 

CARPENTER, W. H., Postmaster. 

Bark Lake.— A Post-office in Jones* Township, County Hastings, on the Madawaska river, 74 miles from 
Sand Point and 124 miles from Ottawa, on tli^ Ottawa and Opeongo road. « 

Conway, Michael, farmer. 
Donaldson, Archibald, farmer. 
Donaldson, James, farmer. 
Dunn, William, farmer. 
Dupr^ Peter, farmer. 
Ofne, Joseph, fanner. 

Prishan, Anloine, farmer. 
Reed, Jami^s, hotel keeper. 
• Sayya, Jacob, farmer. 
Skuce, John, hotel keeper, 
SKUCE, RICHARD, sen.. Postmaster. 

Bamett— (See Ennotville.) A Post-office in the Township of Nicol, County Wellington. 

ELMSLIE, JAMJE3, Postmaster. 

. « I I ' . 

Bflkrriefield.— A small Village in the Township of Pittpburg, County Front enac, H miles from Kingston. 
Population about 150. 

Allan, Thomas, blacksmith. 

Bower, Rev. E. J., (Church of England.) 

Esford, Thomas, blacksmith. 

Tinley, Alexander, grocer. 

Button, William, inn keeper. 

Johnson, Walter, teacher. 

McRossie k, Co., saw mill proprietors. 

Barric— The County Seat of Simcoe, and a station of the Northern lUilway, pleasantly situated on Kem- 
jpenfeldt Bay, Lake Simcoe, in the Township of Ve$pra, It hsA a fine appearance from the opposite 
side of this bay, the rising ground bringing every pa^ of the town distinctly into view. Distance from 
Toronto 64 miles, from Collingwood ,31, and from prillia 27. Steamers to the Muskoka Territory, 
Orillia, kc Stage* to Peuetanguishcne. Population 3000. 

Albiston, James, afent Northern Railway. 

Alexander & Co., druggists. 

Anderton Bros., brewers. 

ARDAGH & ARDAGH, barristers. 

Armstrong, Joseph, grocer. 

ARj^^LL, ALFR£D, prop. Queen's HoteL (Seeadv) 

Ashton, George. 

Ball, Georyice, builder. 

BANK OF TORONTO, J. M. Smith, agent. 

BANK OF COMMERCE, Edmund 8. I^Uy, agent 

BARRIE ADVANCE, D. Crew, publishei*. 

BARRIE EXAMINER, W. M. Nicholson, editor 

and proprietor. 
Bennett, Humphrey, clothier. 
Bingham, A. K., prop. Wellington hotel 
Bingham Bros., batenera. 
Bird, Henry, boot^ and shoes. 
Boon, Jofan^ inn keeper. 
Booth, John, fanning mills. 
BOYS, HENRY B. A., County Treasurer. 

ters. kcm 

Brett, Wm., butcher. 
Brolley, Samuel, inn keeper. 
Biyant, Adam, carpenter. 

Burnett, A., stoves and tinware. 

Burton k Smith, props, steamer Ida Btf/rton* 

tiutt, Albei't, wagon maker. 

Bynies, Geom, slioemaker. 

Chmpbell, John, brickmaker. 

Carpenter, L., lumber merchant. 

Carey, Robert, shoemaker. 

Caldwell, Wm., blacksmith. 

Carson, James, boots and shoes. 

Cavauagh, John, farmer. 

Chalaupkn, Prof., music teacher. 

CLARKSON, JOSHUA, proprietor Commercial Hotd 

(See adv.) 
Cooper, George, grocer. 

Cotter, J. R., barrister. County Crown Attorney. 
Coulter k Pearcey, painters. 
Cox, Wm.. miller. 
Ck'eswicke, Henry, P. L. S. 
CREW, D., Editor Advance, 
Crookshank, J. S., M. D. 
CROSBY, WM. H.. livery (see adv.) 
Candle, Thos.^ lumber merchant. 
Chnio, Andrew, barber. 
I]k)ugal, DaWd, cabinet Aaker« 
Dunn, William^ baker. 



EDWARDS, JAMES, J*. P., P»«tmii8tcr. 

Fam^htT, D., prup. Famigher's Uotrl. 

FRASCR, HENRY, prop. Exchange Hotel 

GartoD, Diirid B., photographer. 

(VoTgen, T. W., druggist. 

GO^V AN, JAMES R., judge County Court 

Graham, Andrew, tan fir r. 

Grah.irn, Alexander, builder. 

GPJLHAM, JAMES N., flux and carding mills. 

Graham, T., dry goods and groceries. 

Grant, J. O., Inmfw merchant. 

Graver, Eld ward, hardware. 

Gridith, Thomas, iilastcrer. 

Gnibbe, H. W. 

Gtidd, Allan, lumber merchant. 

Hall, Robert G., aioicultunil iniplemcnts. 

Hamilton, Alexander, M.D. 

Harrison, C, general merchant. 

HASTINGS, JOSEPH W.. watchmaker (sec adr.) 

Hr-inrich, Heiiiy, music teaclier. 

Ht nJeraoo, J., general merchant. 

Hlckling. Chaxli^ farmer. 

Hibds, Bk;rnanl, general merchant. 

Hiiids, Edward, general merchant 

H Oaon, Robert C., general meitshant, bookbinder. 

H>i]t, William, commission agent, broker, &c 

Habbard, William, innkeeper. 

Hij^ard, John, innkeep*^r. 

Hinter, William, grocer. 

Irwin, William, A.M., tencher. 

Ji'bns, J. H., proprietor Victoria Hotel. 

Johnson, James, grp<'er. 

Johnson, Martin, brick maker. 

Joh!iscik, Thomas, fruits and confectionary. 

Joiinsnn, William M., farmer. 

KKLMAN & CO., druogista. 

Kiii^ & Crabb, general merchants. 

Kir.g, Nathaniel, prop. Temperance HoteL 

Xizij^, Roli«rt» buker. 

Lk'-ev, Jatnes. blacksmith. 

Laird k. Morrow, grocers, ^rain dealers, &c. 

LsiixL, John, pork and grain dealer. 

LALLV, EDMUND a, agent Bank of Commerce, 

Tii<iini.nce agent, issuer marriage licenses. 
L31M G«-or«;e, merchant taiior, town clerk. 
Li^e, Jonathan, clerk County Court 
Lrr, John , bu ilder, . 

LLOVD, THOMAS D., clerk Division Court 
L-Js.Cy Joseph,, general merchant. 
l^ick^y Mrs. J., ladies' school. 
Lficut, Gabricd T., clerk Rf'gistrar. 
lymnt, Gea J. P., County Registrar. 
Lnitr, Samuel, Deputy Registrar. 
LOU>T, WM., M. P.P. 
L&we, John, farrier. 
Lowe. Thomas, butcher. 
Lvon Bros., photographers. 
M-Aroy, P., grocer. 
Mi-Bridf, Chas., shoemaker. 
He Bride, P., men^hant. 
McCtARTHY & HcCARTHY, barristexv. 
MijCaosland, J. C, dentist. 
M'.Conkf-y & Ca, merchants. 
M'X'omiiok, Thoeu, carpeiiter. 

Mc-Cormick, Thos., genend merchant 

McFet ridge. Wm., produce ciealer. 

McGoirck, John, lime burner. 

HcHenrr* R<>bt, saddler. 

Mclntosii, Peter, lumber merchant 

M< Kin ley, Dnncan. cftrpenter. 

McL.^UGHLIK, M., ptopi Simcoe Honse. 

McVity, Wmi. B., Clerk of the Peace. 

McWatt, John, snperinttouient Barrie HoteL 

■M^nahaa, Mrs. J. A., grocer. 1 i. •< 

Mann, W. & Son, liooks and stationary. 
Marks, Mra. £., proprietor Barrie HoteL 
Marrin, James, general merchant 
Murrin, Tlios., shoemaker. 
Marston, James, carpenter, 
ifelaih', P., dry go<>ds and groceries. 
^lEElilNG, EDWIN" S., auctioneer and general 

men^hant (See adv.) 

]^^o^gan, Rev. Edward, (Church of England.) 
Morrow, Alex., insurance a^ent. 
Moirow, David, in8i)ector of inland revenue. 
MORROW. JAMES C, attorney. 
Morrow, Joh>i, merchant 
Morton, E. D., M. D. 
Moore, John, shoemaker. 

Moore, Martin, saddler. ■ .. • , 

Neil, Robert, shoemaker. 
NICHOLSON, W. M., editor and proprietor Btiri© 

Northgn\ves, Very Rev. Dean (Roman CathQlio) . 
O'Brien, William, barrister 
O'Connor. Michael, merchant 
()'NeiIl, John, carpenter. 
OLIVER, LLEWELLYN, M.D., coroner. 
Oxenham, R. J., plasterer. 
Pae, Peter, general merchant 
Palmer, William, blacksmith. 
I^ass, Walter, grnin merchant 
Payne, John, gi'ocer. 

Plaxton, George, stoves and tinware. ^ - . 

Powell L Thompson, groceries and liquors. 
Pullen, J., gunsmith. 

RAWSON, THOMAS E., stoves and tinwara (see adr.) 
Riddell, Walter, potash factor. 
Robinson, Thomas, miller. 
Robinson, W. C, stave factory. 
Rogers, Joseph, high bailiff. 
Root, William, saddler. 
Ross & Gilchrist, general merchanti. 
Ryan, James, car|)enter. 
Sanders, L. S., watchmaker. 
Saunders, Wm., P. L. S. 
Seadon, K., farmer. 

SEWRY, HENRY & CO., iron founder (see adr.) 
Sheridan, Bernard, merchant. 
Sherran, John, saddler. 
Sigsworth, Thomas, baker. 
Simpson, R, brerwer. 
Simpson, Thomas, brewer. 
SMITH, BENJAMIN W.. sheriff. 
SMITH, J. M., agent Bank of Montreal. 
Sonles, David, farmer. 
SPENCER, *L H., groceries, wines and liquom 

(see adv. ) 
Stevens, Francis, insurance agent 
STEWART, HAMILTON D., Tbarrister. 
Strong, W. E., M.D. 
Summers, Geome, carriage mak«r. 
Summers, Joseph, bricklayer. 
SummerMftt, Tnomas, blacksmitli. 
^wan, Mrs. J., grocer. 
Sweeney, John, shoemaker. 
Thompson, Archibald, lumber merchant 
T?hompson, Wm., grocer. 

VAN EVERY, DAVID, livery stables (see adr.) 
Watson, Mrs., buteher. 
WEAYMOUTH, JOHN, livery stables. 
Aj^estley; Sdrtiuel, canstable. 
Whitebread, Richard, wheelwright 
Willson, Andrew, lumber merchant 
^illson^ John, carpentert 



]tarl01lvtile.--A ViUage in the TowMUp of Btfton, County Wentwortb^ 8 tailfs fjcdm H»tiiilMiklm4 II 

• from Grimsby. Po^iilatidn 80. 

Surkholder, Jacob, farmer. 
Bnrkholder, William, farmer. 
Condy, James» blaeksmith. 
Crossett, Daniel, farmer. 
Crossett, Harvey, farmer. 
CrosAthwaite, Henry, farmer. 
Pepew, Abraham. 
Dcpew, Peter, general merchant. 

Gage, John, trader and farmer. 

Gage, Peter, school teacher. 

GAGE, W. J., Postmaster. 

Oliver, John, hotel keeper, 

Thomas, James, inn keeper. 

"Waller, George, farmer. 

Williams, Kev. D., (Episcopal Methodist.) 

"Wilson, William, farmer and hotel keeper. 

Bath* — An incorporated "Village and port of entry on the north shore of the Bay of Quints, in Ute Town- 
ship of Ernestown, County Addington, 12 miles from Napanee and 18 from Kingston. Stages diuly to 
Kingston and Picton. Money Oi-der offioe. Population 750. 

Lasher, John, general merchant. 

Aishton, Thomas, M.D. 

Armstrong, Thomas. 

Athos, A. butcher. 

Baiii, Thomas, sheomaker. 

Barrass, Revi E., (Wesleyan). 

Belfour, G., J. P. 

BELFOdR, JOHN, Postmaster, telegraph operator. 

Belfour, W., accountant 

Belfour k Armstrong, general inerohants. 

Blair, WilHam, tailor. 

Burley, Silas, livery stable proprietor. 

Burrowes, Frederick, teacher. 

Campbell, D. J., grocer. 

Chinnery, A., butcher. 

Cunningham, L, L., carpenter, 

Davy, P. R. 

Davy, W. H., commission merchant 

Davy, W. H., jun., accountant 

Dungan, John, boiler makor. 

Ferren, E. G., proprietor C'ity Httel. 

Finkle, R. R., steamboat agent. 

Forward, D. T., stock dealer. 

Foster, M., tanner. 

Gardiner, . Joseph, cabinet maker. 

Harper, Rev. W. F. S., (Churt^h of England.) 

Hawley, Joseph. 

Hoselton, H. A., commission and general merchant 

Houffh, Mrs., dressmaker. 

Houkghan, J., shoemaker. 

Howard, T. E.. commission, and gen. mcrcht 

Huffman, Henry. 

Injinean, Lewis, willow ware. 

Johnston, J. J., sadiil^r. 

Johnston, Robert, soap and candle mannfiicturer. 

Johnston, T. C, swldler. 

Johnston, William, wines and liquor. 

Kennedy, Roderick, M.D. 

Kitson, It shoemaker. 

I^urd, Biilings, gunsmith. 

Ijurd, J.McC, carpenter. 

Lauder, G. H., teleeraph opemtor. 

Lewis, Allen, steamboat agent^ 

McBride, Daniel, grocer. 

McFarlane, D., accountant. 

McKenty, £., geusral merchant. 

McQuirk, P. shoemaker. 

McTaj^rt, Miss, dressmaker. 

Millar, Samuel, stock dealer. 

Miiligan, Moses, seedsman. 

Mott, Robert, saddler. 

MurdufT, John, architect 

Noble, J. D., Division Court cUrk. 

0*Rourke, M., liquor dealer. 

Pappa, Peter, tailor. 

Parks, Thomas, carpenter. 

Petejson, W. F., J.P. 

Price, Elids. 

Price, R. B., dentist 

Purdy, H. W. 

Richards, Mis.s, dressmaker. 

Ridley, Rev. John, (Wesleyan). 

Rogers, C. L., accountant. 

Rogers, Hudson, dry goods. 

Rogers, Samuel, general merchant 

Ross, J. G., general merchant 

Rose, W. 

Rouse, D. T., general merchant 

Rouse, John, S., baker. 

Sheblcy, W., saddler. 

Sheppard, John, cabinetmaker. 

S}'monds, Mrs., dressmaker. 

Symonds, A., painter. 

Thurston, William, woolen factor. 

Trimlet, Joseph, tailor. 

Tuttle, Miss, teacher. 

Urquhai-t, Donald. 

Wemp, Duncan, proprietor Lion HoteL 

Wiloox, R. D., general agt^ut, > • . 

AVright, Edward, division court clerk, groccii *c 

Battersea. — A Vilkge in. the Township of 

Lake, 1 6 miles from Kingston. Stage to 

ANGLIN, W. J., Postmaster, merchant 

Ansly, John, carpenter. 

Bates, Timothy, sdsh and door manufacturer* 

Brewer. John, hotel keeper. 

Chapman, John, shingle maker. 

Chapman, William, carpenter. 

Davis, Robert, lumber merchant ^ 

Ginnis, George, hotel keeper. 

Hewton k Davis, woolen factory. 

Storrington, County Frontenac, situated at the outlet of liohoi* 

Kingston. Bi-weekly mails. Population 200. 

Hughes, Edward, blacksmith. 
Lattimer,'H., stage driver. 
McBride, William, weaver. 
Smith, John L. , lumber merchant 
Spooner, John, storekeeixT. ^ 
Vanluven, Cornelius, carding milL 
Vanluven, Henry, miller. 
Walker, David, wagon maker, 
Wiight, Z., tanner. 

Bayhani*— A Post-office in the Township of Bayliam, County Elgin, K R. 

LAING, GEORGE, Po&tmaiter. 



^A 'Village in the Township of fitm&ley, County Hunm, situated at the mouth of <<toOI4pft|i 
liver, on J^e Huron, 12 miles from Godcrich, 10 from Clinton, and .16 from Seaforth. It ia a pOirt of 
entry and vessels touch here on their route from Detroit to Goderich. Stages daily to Seaforth, It ia f 
Money Order Office and Savings Bank. 

Adams;, John, carpenter. 

Ahrena, Fritz, hotel keeper. 

Armstrong; William, hotel keeper. 

Ballantyne, Donald, lahorer. 

Baxter, Robert, hutcher. 

Beaton, DonaId» boat builder. 

Brikle, M., laborer. 

Bfttchin, Jacob J., wool and carding manufacturer. 

Biggart, John, laborer. 

Bconatoi^ A. B., fruit grower. ^ 

Boi^ess, Thomas, cooper. 

Cameron, lliss Mary, store keeper. 

Cameron, D. k A., saddlers. 

Canon, Mrs. William, weaver. 

Carson, William, laborer. 

Connor, W. W., J. P., 

Crawford, 3fliss Sarah, teacher. 

Crooks, Jainea, carpenter. 

Crooks, Kichard, carpeutsr. 

Cnllens^ David, blacksmith. 

Dsnnt, Rev., (Church of England.) 

IVisiiig, Peter, tanner. 

Droser, Charles, fisherman. 

Dancaa, Rev. James, (Free Chusch). 

Dnncan, William, teacher. 

Dapie, Sylvester, fimaer. 

Ea^eaoi^^ Bobert, weaver. 

EluThardt, Charles E., baker. 

IQlkitt, Thomas, shoemaker. 

ElHott, Edward, hotel keaper. 

Egan, F. Lk, general merchant. 

Ennn, James, carpenter. 

EsBon, John, farrier. 

Filkner, Alexander, carpenter. 

FcfgoaoD. John, blacksmith. 

Foy, William, shoemaker. 

Gafe, Mr. tailor. 

GAIBDNKB, J., Pestmaater. 

Gardner, C, general merdhantw 

Oairdner, M. D. 

Ganenhart. John, carpenter. 

Gibson, Rev. H., (Presbyterian.) 

GordcKD, Mrs. 

Gruttger, Jamea^ farmer. 

Haar-ke, Arthur, constable. 

Haaeke, David, laborer. 

Haarke, Henry, trader. 

Homan, Valentine, tinsmith. 

Irvine, Gaoige, blacksmith. 

JOSLIN, JOHN, hotel keeper 

Jacques, Rev., (Wesleyan.) 

King, William, hotel keeper. 

looker, U. Duncan, tcaeher. 

Lockhort, Richard, weaver. 

McAuley, Norman, fisherman. 

licAuley, Neil, fishenuan. 

McDonald, John, fisherman. 

McDanald, James, fisherman. 

Mv. Donald, James, tailor. 

McDougal^ Daniel, bailiif. 

McDougal, Mrs. D., dressmaker. 

McRuown, William, Wagon miker. 

McLeod, Hugh; fisherman. 

McLeod, Daniel, fisherman. 

Mcljcod, James, wool carder. 

Mcpherson, Peter, tailor. 

Marks, T., general merchant. 

Martin, Abel, laborer. 

Miller, E. It. , general merchant. 

Millar, Henry, cooper. 

Mitchell, Thomas, undertaker. 

Middleton, Charles, J. P. 

Mitchell, Mrs. George, dressmaker. 

MORGAN, JOHN, hotel keeper. (See adv.) 

Morrison, R., general merchant. 

Monison, William, cabinetmaker. 

Moore, Rev., (IMmative Methodist*) 

Murray, Angus, fisherman. 

Osmond, Zacariah, carpenter. 

Philips, William, cabinetmaker. 

Podock, James. 

Rankin, W. N., general merchant. 

Reid, William, wagon maker. 

Ritchie, D. H., clerk Division Conrt. 

Rogers, Solon, ^rpeuter. 

Rath, — , brewer. 

Eutledge, Andrew, gimeral merchant 

Rylie, H., caipenter. 

Sellers, Rol>ert, laborer. 

Shaw, Charles, plow manufacturer. 

Stanbury, Richard, M.D. 

Tliompson & Faliere, millers, etc 

Wainnght, H«nry» 

Wfllmon, A. shoemaker^ 

Watteford, Richard, miller. 

Wcllnian, David, carpenter. 

Wliitten, James, wam)n maker. 

Williamson, James, hotel kaeptr. 

Woods, Frederick, teacher. 

Woods, Nivian, M.D. 


^ _rg.— A Village in the Township of Westmeath, County Renfrew. Distent from Coujity T«in^ 

15 mSttw, from Ottawa, 80 BiUes, {torn Torojktov 348 miles. Stages to Pembroke and Sand Point Aven^ 
price of land, $S. Money order oifice. Population, 250. 

Badglcy, Rev. £. J. (Methodist Epiacopai) 
Bach, AbeU J. P. 
Bomett, William, butoher. 
Cuneron, Rev. Hugh (Preebvterian) 
Gannon, William, notary public, kt* 
Colqahonn, Miss Mary, dreMmaker. 
Condie, Alexander, lumber dealer. 
Coadie, Jamca, sen., miller. 
Coadie, James, jun. 

Condic, Maloolm. 

Dowe, Victor, saddler. 

Pann, James. . 

EggicBtoo, Newton, carpenter, 

Forbes, Geom, M.D. 

Fraist; Doaud, grneral merchant 

QardiBer, Charles, saddler. 

GiU, Jaaea^ carpenter. 

Heenan k Legge, general merchants. 

Johnston, Andrew, proprietor Johnston's HblcL « 

Johnaton, James W. 

Solinston, John. 

Lavender, Robert, wagon maker. ' / 

Lc»gerwood, Daniel, teacher. 

McLaren, Peter, shoemaker. 

Mf;Lean, Daniel. 

Munro, James, witgon maker. 

Murray, T. k W., flenttal kfteKhaHts. 

Simpion, Rev. J. H. (Chitneh of Sn^land.) 

Snlhvun, Thomas, iiropnefwr lVmbrok<« Hotel. 

SURTKKS, GKOKGB« lWuiast«raud gen. nweM. 

Taylor, Tliomas, tidlor. 

Tomblyn, Rev.'Wm., (Wefdfyan.) ,. ' 

AYi|;leaworth, John, J. P. 



' fceachVBle.— A Village on the Ortat Western Railway mid Kiver Thames, iii'ihe Tothishit/ df*^.' ^f6rd, 

^ * .County Oxford,- contalDiiig 1 flonr mill, 1 flax mill, 1 fotindvy, 2 saw mfll^ 3 tanneries i chnrchea, 2 

common schools, 3 hotels, &c. Distant from County Town, 4 miles from Toronto, 100 miles. Suge« 

to Emhro, Brooksdale, and StrstfonL Arerage price ef land, 830 to $40. Money Order oiiee. . Po|ki- 
Ifttion, 700. 

Barlow, Miss C, dressmaker. 
Bennett, Robert, proprietor Royal Exchange Hotel 
Blackwall, D. W., miUvn-ight. 
Bland, Luke, stock dealer. 
Bremner, Alexander, lime mannfaetorer.'' 
Brink, Charles, lannbr. • 
Brown, Isaac W., M.D. 
Brown, John H., pr<:prietor flax miU. 
Burton, John, tanner. 

Cantield, Steward, farmer. . / . 

Ciotolr, iohn, ftermer. 
Case, Harrison, carpenter 
Casswell, Albm, farmer 
Clfmenhegg, Nathan, blacksmith 
Collier, James, proprietor Oxfonl House 
Conrad, H. A. (Baptist) 
Cruighton, Alexakider, carpenter 
Dark, John, mason 
Dean, Solomon, match manufacturer 
Dickie,, James, wagon maker 
Dodge, John, fanner 
Dodge, William, fanner 
Downing, T., mason 
ELsey, J., general merchant. 
E^att, Jameb, grocer. 
Fairbairn, Jamea, gtocer. 
Fassie, William, painter. 
Fox, Philip., farmer 
Gilbert, E. teacher. 
Gould, W. R., cabinet maker. 
Gray, Mrs., dressmaker. 
i pray, J>, inmbet<|4'aliir. 
Green, Hiram, mason. • 

Greig, Major, George. 

Hamilton, Rev. Wm., D.D., (Presbyterian.) 
Harp, Henry, car^x^nter. 
Henry, John, tailor. ^ 

Henry, Warren, shoemaker. 

Hill, William U,, grocer. 

Hook, William, miller. 

Joverinj;, James, baker. 

K.arn, Frermdn, far.ner. 

Kain, James, proprietor Railway Hotel 

Lewis, Erwin, farmer. 

Li^k, John, farmer. 

Light, Alexander. 

MuComhs, Hiram, millwright. 

McDoujild, John, blacksmith. 

McLean, Robert, niiUwright. 

Maitiu, Culviu, J. P. 

Martin, H. F., farmer. 

Martin, S. C, farnier. 

Murtin, William, butclipr. 

MASON, CHARLKS, Postmaster, J. P. 

Matheson, J. G:, teacher. 

Midduugh, William, biacksmieh. 

Millar, T. D., commission merchant. 

Nellis, K E. & Co., ^neral merehuuts. 

Nott, James, lime merchant. 

Parsons, William, express agent. 

Perry, Stephen, shingle manufacturer. 

Phel}is, Joel, match mannfacturer. 

Phelps, Uriah, constable. 

Phelps. Uriah k Sun, blacksmiths. 

Rutlierford, L, farmer. 

Ryan, Mrs., dressmaker. 

Secord, Abraham,, match manufacturer. 

Slater, John, taiinr. ..'•••« 

Snider, ,W. .i\. carpenter. 

Taylor, James k Son. shoemakers. 

Walls, Alexander, millwright. 

Watson, Rev. W. C, B.A., (Weslejran.) 

Whitelaw, HolK'rt, iron founder, millwriglit, &c 

Younj(, Thomas, brick manufacturer. 


BeaTCrtOIU — ^A Village on the Eastern shore of L4ke Simcoe, at the month of the Beaver rivw, in the 
Township of Thora^ County Ontario, 45 miles from Whitby, 30 from Bell Ewart and 75 from Toronto. 
It is the terminus of the Port Hope, JUndaay and Bearei-ton Railway. The steamer Emily May plies 
daily between this point and Bell Kwaft station, Northern itailroad. Stages daily tu Whitby and Oshawa. 
Money Order otfiee and Savings' Bank. Popn^tion 700. 

Adams, John N., shoemaker, . ; . . - 

Adams, John, tannery. 

Anderson, James, tannery. 

Arbnthnot, Dl & Co., jjimetal meidbasts. 

Bates, Jamei, blacksmith.. 

♦Bitrehahl, Ansoii. blackimifth. ' . ' 

tCaldar,^ Alexniider** fanner i ' 

Calder, Dancan, Darmer. 

Cameron, A. general merchant. 

Cameron, Alexander, fanner. 

CAMERON, DONALD, Pq8tniait«; 

Cameron, James, stovtiS and tinware. 

Cameron, Col. Ktrtineth . «^ ' , . . 

Cameron & Bruce (Ahx. k G. F.) general nercha&ts 

DaWdson, C. H., farmer ^^ ^ , 

DAVISON, PETilR. M. D. (Seaadr.) 

Ellis Geoffrey, carding miUa 

Fkr<inha»iwn/D., dry todd* 

Gl«v«»i, D., l\ptel keeper 

Ooidon, N, k W., gentfal «• nch^nts . 

HAMILTON, ALJ5CAJIDKK» proj^ Hamilton house 


LOWES. J. S., eclectic physirian 

McDonald, D. 0., general merchant 

McKay, ALEX., M. D., coroner, druggist (Seeadr) 

McKimon, A., bla(;ksmith 

McLachlan, Rev. John, (Canada Presbyterian) 

Miller, J. G., genmtl mehdumt. 
) Mtirray, Peter, bM^kstniiJU 

Orde, Charles V., barristrr 

Paterson, Norman F., barrister 

PROCTOR, G. It, gi^neiial mercliaftt 

t'roctor Georiee, grist and. Saw mills 

Proclor, James R.,/fariajer 

Proctor, John A., flour miUs 

ROBINSON, CHARLES. J. P. dcrk6tfa Dir. Cburt, 
cum. ill B. R., conveyancer, valuator Cftuada 
permanent building and saving sunety 

Todo^ John k James, e-arriage makers 

Watffin, Rev. Ifr., (Praabyliirian) • •; 

Way, J. B., saw mill pn>pri«Wv 

Williamson, David, tailor 



HBftrQle.— A ViUn^ on the Q«eat Western Railway, m tJ^e Tov^ibip of Qliiyt<y»» Ofm^iUf^t^ 
Distant from Qount|r Town, 13 miles, from Toronto, 83 miles. Avenge price of la^d ii^ Ticmt^, $46 
M(^e7 Order office and Savings* Bank. Population 550. 

Amiss, ieremiaby seedsntln. 
Boache, A., painter. j 

Bon^ner, William, cooper. 
BoDghun, Patrick, shoemaker. 
Borer, Matthias, shoemaker. 
Barns, James, tailor. 
Carter, James F., saddler. 
Colladaj, Jacob, carpenter 
Comfort, W. A., M.D 
C«na«*8, — . proprietor Conse*s HoteL 
Cornwall, Miss Minnie, teacher. 
Eddy Je James, saw mill proprietors 
Frigoli, Tbos., watchmaker. 
Hrarle, William, tinsmith. 
Hen 17, James S., general merchant 
Henry, Michael, carpenter. 
Henry, Robert, carpenter. 
Hewitt, Wm., oroprietor saw milL 
Hippie, Jacob, teacher. 
Hodge, Archibald, general merchant 
Hann, Isaac, broom maker. 
Ismouci, J. J., stock dealer. 
Kerr, John C, telegr^)h operator. 
Kerr, William, wagon maker. 
Kilboaine, Cyrus, cabinet maker. 
KiiiiorDe, R., J. P. 
Kinfe William, cooper. 
Konkle, Matthias, grain merchant 
Kiotz, Abraham, bjroom maker. 

little. Miss, dressmaker. 

Little & Sons, potters. 

McBoughner, T., tailor. ^ ; 

MoLeau, J. 6., M. D. . ,; 

Mackie, Be V. Jas., (Baptist) . . i 

Merrill, R. S., stock dealer: i 

Morrow, William, shoemaker* . . j 

Moyer, Jacob S., broom maker. t 

Moyer, Jonas, mason. I . , 

Moyer, M. W.,' painter. , 

Moyer, Samucl^S., broom maker. , 1 

Murray, Rev., (Presbyterian) , . 

OSBORNE, J. B., Postmaster & genera) mordhant^ 

Reid, James, insurance agent , 

Rodger, i.» proprietor Rcdger s HoteL 

Rodgers, B., brick maker. /j 

Russ, Cyrii8.^shingle maker. 

Schwabb, William, potter. ; • , ) 

Shephard, R., proprustor Station. Qotet 

Smith, William, J. P. 

Spotton, H. B., teacher. 

Sutton, Geon^ butcher. . 

Tallman, William, mason. 

Tiiiline, William S., carpen^r* 

Walker, J. S., J. P. 

Walker, William, butcher* 

Walker, William, wagon maker. < 

Zimmerman, J eremiui, proprietor saw mUL 

Bear Brook.— A Villsge in the Township of Cumberland, County Russell. Pia^nt £eom l/Ongmi^ 
the County Town, 52 miles, fnmi Ottawa 18 miles, from Toronto 297 miles. Average price of land, |14 to> 
f25. PopuUtlon 150. 

Brick, J. B.^ carpenter. 

C^rteiv John, ,cai^nter. 

Chanron, Joseph, cooper. 

Coboum, Franuis, farmer. 

DansU CL, mason. 

Dunning k Co., general mercliants. 

FeinaoQ,. Janids, >{.!>. • 

Fletcher^ W*illiam H., proprietor Cottage Inn. 

Garrett, Rcv. T, (Church of England). 

*€a8lki, M., earp<-ntef. ^ 

fiRf¥^R, BIUKIK; PoBtmaster. 

Grier, J. Jc ^., general merchants. 

Hamilton, Robert, shingle manufacturer. 

Hanev, William, shingle manufacturer. 

Hill, Alfred,. teacher 
I^ne, Nathaniel, farmed 
Lowry, Rev. T., (Presbyterian) 
McKli-oy, David, farmer 
McNally,. Henry, farmer 
MuNeigh, Peter, J. P. 
Middleton^ Thomasy farmer / 
Kelson, Gilbert, farmer 
Rennev, liev. J. , (Wesleyah) 
Sh^, )>ennit, ftiimep 
Smiley* John* famifd' , 
Wslsh^ John^ farmer . 
Wilson, Anarewi farmer 
Yates, David, shoemakef. 

• . ft" ^ 

. . . '; 

. n 


- » 

Belfast— A Village in the Township of Aahfield, County Huron. .Distant from .Qqd^rioh, the Qim^iff Tfiiym, 
18 miles, from Toronto, 154 miles. Stages U Goderich and Lucknow. Average |>riea of land ^ft*to- 
fta Population, 50. - . t .. • 

Atherington, Mias^^iza Jane, teacher. 
Johnalon, Samuel, carpi*nter. 
MeCro«ti<>, John, farmer. 
MeUARDY, JOHN, Pi^stmaster. 
McUai^y, John.lcCo.g general merchants. 

< I 

' • ^. 

Phillira, Samuel, lumber dealer. 

Rrid, W. H., sen^,, J.P, 

Rincirnan, David,, lumber dealer.' / 

Sturgeon, Robert, proprietor Belj(ajit UoidL ' ' " '^ ^ 

\y'<K|dfiy WiUiain,^.Qai^ .; ' ' ,L i 

Belford.-— A poot Village in the Township of Markham, County York, 23 mile^from Toronto^ and 3 vvJpM* 

ffftym Markham Village. Population 6a* 
Beyd, James, J.P. I BURTON, ISRAEL, l^oitmastar. 



BelfOValate.— A VllUge on ^h% Biver Credit, in the Township of Ctledon, Connty Fnel. DistMit ftm 
Brampton, the Connty Town 20 miles, from Toronto 40 miles. Stages to Erin and Geoi^getown. Averagt 
price of land $20. Population 100. 

Baker, Michael, jr., farmer. 

Blair, John, farmer. 

Blair, P., farmer. 

Brock, Meadows, farmer. 

Brock, Robert, caliinet maker. 

Bash, T. J., fanner. 

Byam, J. F., grocer. 

Currie, D., farmer. 

Dodd, Thomas, miller. 

Frank, Archibald, farmer. 

HERRING, NOAH, Postmasters. 

Herrine, N. I. teacher. 

Kn«z, Rev. Mr., (Methodist Episcopal). 

liong, William, carpent^^r. 

Mcl^re, Andrew, farmer. 

McLaren, Alexander, farmer. 

McTaggart, Peter, wngon maker. 

Merry, Thomas P., J. P. 

Nugent, Rev. Mr., (New Connexfon). 

Ramsay, Malcolm, carpenter. 

Redick, F. C, proprietor Belfoaatain House. 

Reid, Rev. Hu^h, (Baptist). 

Sanderson, William, farmer. 

Smith, John, farmer. 

Steele, James, tanner. 

Walker, W. N., farmer. 

BclSPATC. — A Village on the Maitland river and Buffalo and Lake Huix^n Railway, in the Township of 
Morris, County Huron. Distant from Godcrieh, the County Town, 23 miles, from Toronto 106 miles. 
Stages to Wingham, Teeswater, Rivcrsdale and Kincardine. Average price of land $20. Population 50. 

ARMSTRONG, SIMON, Postmaster k gen. merr.h't 

Bell, C, carpenter. 

Brandon, Matthew, farmer. 

Corliet, Christopher, J. P. 

Coulter, Samuel, shingle maker. 

Oleeson, W.. genaral merchant. 

McCartney, liavid, general merchant 

McCrea, John, farmer. 
McCrea, William, fanner. 
McLean, Rev. Mr., (Presbyterian,) 
Morrison, G. W., proprietor of the 
Owens, James, fanner. 
Robertson, Donald, cabinet maker. 
Smith, Mi^s Annie, tea<^her. 

Half- Way Hobbc 


-A post Village in the Township of North Gwillimbury, Coiuity York, Nortli Riding, 

PROSSER, DANIEI^ Postmaster^ 

llelleTlll^ — The County Town of Hastings, situated on the Bay of Quinte, at the mouth of the river 
Moira, in the Township of Thurlow. It possssses some of the best water privileges in the Province and 
at different points on the river various extensive manufactories are established. It is a port of entry and 
does a large business in imports. The chief exports arc lumber, flour and produce. Having communica- 
tion iwith the principal ports of the Province and the United States, both by water and railway, it is 
one of the most flourishing towns in the country. The Grand Tnink Railway has a station here, and 
during the summer, steamers ply daily to and ft'om Kingston and intermediate ports. Distance from 
Toronto 118 tniles, and from Montreal 220 miles. ^lonoy Order office and Savings' Bank. Population, 

Ackerill, D., veteiinary surgeon. 

Adams, George, dealer in stoves, tinware, &c. 

Adamson, Mark, grocer. 

John Thomas, agent. 

SOCIATION OF CANADA, John Thomas, agent 

ALBERT COLLEGi; Rev. Bishop Smith, D.D., 
Rev. Bishop Richardson, D. D., Presidents, Rev. 
J. Gardiner, Secretary. 

Alford, William* shoemaker. 

AUcock, Henry, saloon. 

Alport, F. v., commission merchant. 

ATKINS, H. R., (G. C. Holton k Co) 

Bain, Mrs. Jane, milliner 

BAKER, JAMES, (John Carscallen k Co) 

Baker, Sanford, lumber merchant 

Baki^r, W. J., carriage maker, ke 

BANK OP MONTREAU W. K. Dwni, mnnr^f^pv 

BAI^CiNGEU k CO., proprietors Daioe House 

Barrodaile, 6. C.,prQ|>. Dominiott H«Q9e 

Bartley, James, Assistant Postmaster 

Bates, Mrs. T., prop. Railway House 

Bates, R. J., tailor 

Beamish, W. A. , landing waiter 

Beckirt, Paul, saddler 

Beleh, Samuel, grocer and soda water manufacturer 

BELL, JOHN, (Ross. Bell & Holden), solicitor 
Grand Trunk Railway 

Bellair, Mrs. Maraaret, milliner, kc 

BENJAMIN, ELLIS R., collector internal revenue 

Bennett k Bain, brewers 

Bennett, it N., butcher 

Bennett, Richard B., saloon 

Benson, S. M., P. L. S. 

Blackley, Mrs. James, groc<^r, kc, 

Blacklock, James, town trea8ur<^r, agent Phienbc 
! (Hartford) Insurance Co 
I Blaind, William, painter 

Bleasdell, J. H. T., barrist-r, kc 
"H!efk'»r, Wnru, proprietor saw mill 
i Bogait, A. L., J. P, 
j Bogart, C. v., boot and shoemaker 
I Bogart, D. D. 



Boner, John, grocer 

Boswell, Wm., slater * 

B<xiter, John C., liotal teewMflP 

BOWMJL^ M. M. P. P., fditor and prop, of BclU- 
vUU Intelligencer (daily and weekly) and County 
of Hasting'a Gazettfser and Directory 

BOYD, TURNER, barber and hairdresser 

Brehiuer, Charles, tobacconist. 

BKENNAN, D., (W. H. Campbell k Co) 

Brennan, ReT. John (Roman Catholic) 

Brennan, Rev. Michael (Roman Catholic) 

Brenton & Spear, provisions 

Briley, Miss Matilda, milliner 

Brtttom» £dward, batcher 

Brown, (rcorge A. (Brown & St Chai'Ies) 

BROWN, G. & P., proprietors Brown's foundry and 
machine shop (see adv.) 

BROWN, JAMES, M.P. (G. & J. Brown) 

Brown, James, grocer 

Brown, J. W., tailor 

Brown k St. Charles, carriage makers 

Brown, W., shoemaker 

Brydon, William, baker, 

Bnll, Saranel J., barrister 

Bollen, R., boarding house keeper 

Bullen, W. H., shoemaker 

Bollen, Wesley, groceries, liquors 

Burdett, D. E., M.D. 

BURDETT, S. B., barrister 

Bunion, Alexander, principal grammar school 

BURRELL, £., axe factory (see adv.) 

Byrne, M., tailor 

Campbell, G., discount elk. Merchants' Bk. of Canada 

C^annifi- Philips baker 

CAMPBELL, W. H. k Co., fonsarders, commission 

SOCIETY, John Thomas, appraiser. 

CARSCALLEN, JOHN k Co., builders, &c (see adv.) 

Chandler E., chemist and druggist 

('hapitt, C. G,, watchmaker 

Charters k Welister, druggists 

(■heny, Thomas, cabinet maker 

Chesebro, D. D., boots and shoes, groceries, provi- 
sions, &e. 

Chown, (ieorge, stoves, tinware, &c. 

Clarke, C. A. (McKinnon k Clarke) 

Clarke, Francis^ carriage maker 

Clark, James A., butcher 

Clarke, James, grocer. 

nark, Robert, blacksmith 

Clark, William, tidlor 

Cockbum, general merchant 

Coleman; Chaiies L., barrfstery County Attorney, 
Clerk of the Peace 

Coleman, ^ H., druggist 

Coleman, William H., wine and spirit merchant 

Colling, WilHsro, carriage and wogon maker 

RANGE COMPANY, John Thomas, agent 

Condon, £., tobaceooist 

Congeir Brothers, (Roger D. and James A.) grocers 

Con^- BdAe^r !>:> dry gooda 

Conner, William, shoemalur 

Cook, John, grocer and provision dealtr 

Copeland John, saddler 

CuRfiY M M Y* P 

CORByI h'.* k SON, miUers, distillere and produce 

Cornell, Henry, painter 
Cruiff^^aiaek^ bttil^r 
Ctotak^ J^sob, ptiotogra'pher ' 
Orotto, ]|» H., saloon . ' - - 
Crorieiv Joh» A» G., clerk Crown timber oflRce 

Cummins, James, saddler 

DAFOE HOUSE, Bamnger k Co., proprietors 

Dafoe, Zenas, turnkey 

Davy, R.. B., commission merchant 

Deacon, \Villiam, (Watson k Deaoon) 

DEAN k GILBERT, (W. W. & R S.) barrister* 

DEAN, W. W., (Dean k Gilbert), Master in Chan- 

DeField, Mrs,, Ferry houae 

DEMPSEY, M. O., books, stationery and fancy 

DENMARK, GEORGE, (Ponton, Falkiner k Den- 

Diamond, A., scnr., sash and door factor}' 

DIAMOND, A., (Diamond k Dickson)^ ^wlice magis- 

DIAMOND k DICKSON, (A. Diamond and Geoige 
D. Dickson), barristers, attorneys, etc. 

DICKSON, GEORGE. D., (Diamond k Dickson), 
official sssignee 

Dickens, William, baker 

Docter, William, grocer and hotel keeper 

Dorland, P. V., M. D 

Dougall, A. R., barrister 

DOYLE, JOHN, proprietors Inteniatioual Hotel. (See 

Dupont, Edward, agent Home of New Havon, fire 
Insurance Company. 

Dupont, Misses, select school 

Egan, W. F., accountant bank Montreal 

Ellis, Alfred, butcher 

Ellis, William, marine store 

Elliott, R., dry goods 

Elliott, Thoma.s, dry goods and groceries 

Elvins, Richafd, groceries 

Empey, Miller M. (Robertson k Enipey) 

Evans, John D., P. L. S 

Evans, Thomas, Civil Engineer 

Faliey, Peter, mason 

FALKINER, N. B., (Ponton, Falkiner & Denmark) 

Fanning, F., hotel 

Fanning, Walter, stage propritftor 

FINN, JOHN, baiTistev, &c 

FLETCHEK, A. & Co., (A. Fletcher and H. I^etty) 
produce dealers &c. (Sec adv.) 


Flint, E. C, nianuf. raelodeons and cabinet orgsins 

Flint k Robertson, (John J. B. Flint, David \^. Rob- 
ertson) barristers, &c. 

FLINT & YEOMANS, lumber merchants 

Fonl, Frederick, gunsmith 

Foran, John, builder 

Forrest k Lozo, (Lorenzo Foirest k Alexander Lozo) 
pnotographers, &c. 

Fox, John, dry goods and clothing, 

Foxton, H. P., chief police 

FRALECK, BALDWIN, B. A., (MaclelhinKi. Fraleck) 

Frederick, John, harness maker 

Frith, H., millinery and fancy goo<ls 

Frost, Abraham, leather and findings 

Frost, Frederick, cabinet maker 

Gardner, Thomas, plasterer 

Garratt, C k Co., g«nei*al merohants 

Gibson, Gcoi^ boots and shoes 

Gillen, Michael, hardwaro 

Glass, James, hardware 

Graham k Grainger, general merchants 

Graham, W. H. & I. B., general merchants 

Grainger, Joeepli, butcher 

Grainger, J. K., butcher 

Grant, James, grist mill proprietor 

Greatrix, RMianl, Imker 

Gri«*, Rev. i7ohn XClmrch of England) 

Hadden, Richard, saddler 



Haines, John J., jnn., boots and shoes 

Hamblj, J. H., chemist and druggist 

Hambly, Philip, confectioner andsaloon keeper. 

Hamilton, L. k Co. (L. Hamilton and J. L. Keed), 
soda water mannfaetureTS 

HAMPTON, HENBY D. (John Carscallen k Co.) 

Hannan, Sylvester, shoemaker 

Harrison, K., stationery 

Harper, Richard, book keeper, Victoria foundry 

Harry, Joseph, grocer 

HASTINGS CHRONICLE.(weekly), Miles k Mason, 
editors and proprietors. 

HASTINGS HOUSE, P. O'Brien, prop, (see ady.) 

Hay, Rev. — (New Connexion) 

HAYMES, G. H., hatter and furrier (see adv.) 

Haywaixl, Walter J., banister, kc. 

HEIVLY k BROTHER (D. P. & A. G.)photographei's 

Heller, Andrew, dyer 

Henderson, George E., barrister 

Henderson, L. H., attorney at law 

Henry, Adam (Jones k Henry) 

Henry, C, accountant and teller Bank of Montreal 

Herald, Alexander, cooper 

Higley, P. C, bailiff 

Hodge, John, grocer, &c. 

Hogg, James, merchant tailor 

Hoeg, Wm., baker and confectioner 

Hoffirook, T. A., prop. Anglo American House 

HOLDEN, R. k CO., wholesale and retail druggists 

HOLDEN, RUFUS, M. D. (R. Holden k Co) 

HOLDEN, JAMES C, (R. Holden k Co) 

HOLDEN, THOMAS, (Ross, Bell k Holden,) a^nt 

Phoenix (England) Fire Insurance Co 
HOLTON, G. C. k CO., dry goods and groceries 
(see adv.) 


John Thomas, agent. 
Hope, William, M. D. 
Howe, Robert, butcher 
Hulme, R. Croft, clerk division court 
Hume, Mrs. Thos., grocer 

Eng.,) J. Parker Thomas, agent 
Innes, Robert L., civil engineer and architect 
INTELLIGENCER, (daUy k weekly), M. Bowell, 

M. P. P., editor 
INTERNATIONAL HOTEL, John Doyle (see adv.) 
Ireland, J. B., engraver, &c. 
IRWIN, C. k CO., sewing machine mfimufacturers 

(see adv.) 
Jack, Henry, merthant tailor and clothier 
James, Mrs*. F., photographer 
James, George, High Constable County Hastings 
James, H., M. D. 
JELLETT k BROTHER, (Robert P. k Morgan,) 

Jones k Henry, (W. W. Jones and Adam Henry) gen. 

Jones, Nathan, dry goods and groceries 
Jones, Rev. S., (Church of Endand) 
JONES, WM. (A. S. Page k Co) 
KEITH, GEORGE, (Walker k Co.) 
KELSO, THOMAS (Pitceathly k Kelso) 
Kennedy, James, k Co., dry goods and groceries 
KEYE8, ANDREW, auctioneer and commission 

merchant (sec adv.) 
Kyle, Samuel, proprietor Willard House 
Lafertc, M., dry goods and groceries 
Lanigau, James, butcher 
Lanktrec, James, shoemaker 
Laving, J. P., "tailor 

LAZIER, JOHN, proprietor Belleville woolen fac- 
LAZIER k LAZIER, (T. A. & ». S.) barristers, ke. 

Legate k Price, grocers 

Lester, James, M. If. 

LEVER, JOHN P., proprietor cheese box factory. 

(See adv.) 
LEWIS, JOHN, hardware &c. 
Liuklater, Thomas, stoves and tinware. 
LLOYD k STEWART, (Robert R. Lloyd and Geoig« 

M. Stewart) exchange brokers 
Lockerty, Thomas, tobacconist 

COMPANY. John Thomas, ^ent 
McANNANY, F., County Treasurer 
McArthur, G. A., proprietor Bull's Head Hotel 
McArthur, Neil, grocer 
McCaffrey, Raymond, grocer. 
McCarthy, Charles, shoemaker and grocer 
McComh, James, fancy goods 
McCormick, Mrs. A., general merchant 
McCormick, Joseph, dry goods and groceries 
McCruden, John, Sergeant police 
McFee, Allan, watchmaker 
McFee, Angus, watchmaker 
McGum, John, butcher 
Mclnnes, John A., clerk crown timber office 
Mcluninch, Henry, blacksmith 
Mcintosh, Thomas (Read k Mcintosh) 
McKeown, John, (McKeown k Robertson) 
McKeown k Robertson, boot and shoe manufactarerB 
McKinnon k Clarke, grocers 
McKinuon, John, (McKinnon k Clarke) 
McLaren, Rev. William, (Free Church Presbyterian) 
McMuUen, S. S., marble cutter 
Mabey, Samuel, grocer 
Mackie, James, market clerk 
MACLELLAN, A. L. (Maclellan k Fraleck) 
MACLELLAN, DUNCAN, (Maclellans k Fraleck) 
MACLELLANS k FRALECK, barristers, &c., BeU©- 

ville and Madoc 
MACOUN, JAMES, (Walker & Co) 
Maiden, Joseph, grocer 
Marlow, L., hotel keeper 
MARTIN, CHARLES, foundry ^Aud machine shop. 

(See adv) 
Mason, J. R., (Miles & Mason) 
Maxlieia, Mrs. Sarah M., M.D 
MEACHAM, J. H., Postmaster 
Meagher. James, grocer 

Thomson, manager 
MEUDELL, JAMES, hatter and furrier. (See iidv> 
Meudc'll, William F., collector of customs 
Meyers, E. W., jailor 
Mikel, W. Y., grocer 
MILES k MASON, (E. Miles & J. R. Mason,) editor*. 

and proprietors Hastings OhronicU 
Miller, C. E., clerk sheriff's office 
Miller, John, butcher 
Mills, Parker, shoemaker 

Thomas, agent 
Moore, John G., foreman InUlligencer 
Moore, John S. A., marbla works 
Moricc, J. F. B., manager G. A. Simpson k C^ 
Morrice, Alexander, shoemaker 
Muir, John k C'O., clothier 
Mullin, C, hotel keeper 
NANTES, W. H., Customs broker 
NeilsoB, George, contractor 
Neven, P. & M., proprietors Union Hotel 

Thomas, agent 
Nichol, Thomas, M.D. ,homceiopathic physician 
Northrup, A. G., Clerk County Court, Deputy Cleric 

Crown and Pleas, Registrar Surrogate 



Northgraves, W. J., watchmaker 

Xosworthy, James, leather dealer 

Nulty, Michael, auctioneer and commission merchant 

NULTY, P. M., barrister 

O'BRIEN", PATRICK, proprietor Basting's House. 
(See adv) 

O'CARROLL, MISS M. A., milliner 

OSTROM, SYLVESTER, woolen factor)- 

Overell, James C, fancy goods and stationery 

PAGE, A. S. & CO., lumber merchants 

Papineau, Charles, Terrapin saloon 

Patterson, R. 

Patterson, R. S. 

PEAUD, JAMES, dry goods aild millinery. (See adv) 

Pearson, Henry, hatter 

Perkins, K, saloon 

Perkins, William, shoemaker 

PHILLIPS, N. W., flour and feed 

Phippen, P. J., soap and candle factory. 

PITCBATHLY k KELSO, (David Pitceathly and 

Thomas Kelso), wholesale grocera 

Ponton, N. B. Falkiner and George Denmark) 

PONTON, W. H., (Ponton, Falkiner & Denmark), 

County Registrar 
PONTON. J. W., deputy registrar 
Pope, G. H., (superintendent A. S. Page & Co.) 

Powell, William, wagon maker 
Power, James, M.D. 
PRETTY, HENRY, (A. Fletcher & Co.) 
PRICE, REES, grocer & provision merchant. (See adv. 
Inngle, A. N., sash and door factory 
Proctoi, A. E. ^ 

Rankins, Miles, foreman Victoria foundry 
Rankin W. W., engineer fire department 
Ranny, George W., sup't Trent public works 
Read & Mcintosh, (Robert Read & Thomas Mcintosh) 

gram merchants 
Redick, James, sash, door and blind factory 
Kedner, J., grocer and shingle manufacturer 
Kecd, J. L., ^L. Hamilton & Co.) grocer 
Reeves, George, builder, etc. 
REEVES, vflLLIAM, builder, etc. (See adv) 
Relyea, G. V. N., dentist, 
Ridley, Charles, M.D. 
Kitchie, George k Co., dry goods 

IS^nt %^^'Si\^7 «^°^« and groceries 
RObLRTbON. JAMES, (Robertson k Empey> 

^uiSo'SiX*^^'*'" (McKeown k Robertson) 
KOBERTSON & STEWART (Alexander Robertson. 

i>. h. kmnear Stewart), barristers 
Koche, George W. W., hatter 
itn^v'i ^^^' cabinet maker. &n, 
p rwa o i?i^^' *^- » watchmaker and jeweler (sec adv. ) 
RObS BELL k HOLDEN, barristers, solicitors Bank 

ot Montreal, and Merchants* Bank 
Rous, F. H., crockeiy and glassware 
Koy Kobert, Maitlaad, town and police derk 
Kutherford, Thomas, buUdcr 
Ravage, J. G., cabinet maker 
Sawyer, J. H. (M. Sawyer k Co.) 

w' M. & Co. (M. Sawyer and J. Sawyer), chem- 
ists and druggists. 

wV^ ^- (^'all^ri<lg« & Scholes) 

SwL A tV ^^^^^'^^^n* Merchants' Bk. of Canada 

siierwood, Hon.George, Judgo County Court . 

sE' w^-za ^-^P^^P^'-^^Jo^Qnint^elerator. 
ounpson, H. (G. A. Smapson k Co.) 

5iX2f» J. H., barrister. 

S»i!i^^?^.• BI>WARD (Walker k Co.) 
»nwth. A, L., founder. ^ 

Smith, C. F., stoves and tinware 
Smith, S. B., stoves and tinware 
St. Charles, James (Brown & St. Charles) 
btapely, A. J., architect and builder 

S^tlK' ^^^^'^^ ^-^ »^^' ^^^ ^ Wind factory 
atarlibg, C. J., contractor 

Stevenson, Hugh, carriage maker, kc 
Stewart, Robert, M.D. 

SUTHERLAND, J. & W., dry goods (see adv. ) 
Symons, William, tailor, &c. 
Tannahill R. produce and grain merchant 
Taugher, M. k J. (Michael and John) 
Taylor, George, Sheriff County Hastings 
Taylor, John, watchmaker * 

TpJlnf'/''Hl'MrP"^y Sheriff County Hastings. 
Templeton, W ilham, general merchant. 
rerwiUigar, A.M., photographer. 
Thomas, Mrs. George, grocer. 

'^^?^P ®' f ^T^^» insurance agent, appraiser Can- 

&c Offil'i /^^^^A^*™'*""' attorney, «,licitor, 

THOMPSON, J W., a«nt Canadian Express, Mon- 

Th!^^ ^'^^^i ^"1^ ^^'^^'^^ Steamship C?8. 
Thompson, M. M., book-keeper A. S Pace k Co 

of SI' ^^^^^^^' ^-Vr MeXit'^k 

TICKET ^rV' ^?- ' ^f ^^^^'^t^' Bank of Camwla. 

TRAYFr f iTriQ Jftj^'lr'?.*^^;:' ^flioJsterer, kc. 

rnl-tforH w P^l^^A^^ ACClbENT INS. Co, 
(ttartford) J. Parker Thomas, a^ent 

Truaisch & ZoUer, saloon keeper^ 

Turner, Jeremiah, general blacksmith. 

Vair, /;eorge, dry goods and groceries. 

Van Allen, Thomas, Walker k Co. 

V^f Tn""' ^"''l!'* bookseller and stationer. 
Vapor, J. C, merchant tailor. 

Vermilyea, W. H.. carriage builder. 

Verner, J W. Surveyor Customs. 

Walker, Rev A., (Presbyterian.) 

Walker, Hugh, grocer. 

WALKER, J V & CO., (J. M. Walker, Jame, 

W A mT/^VL' VofT^P^'^^" Belleville foundry. 

Wa ace James, prop. Sidney flouring mill 
wi&'V^« W (^^^Ibridge k Scholes). 

WALL^^mrfi^^^ ""^ '^^"^ merchants. 


Adam H.) banisters, kc. 
Wallbrid^^ W. H., prop. Victoria foundry. 
Walters, Thomas, tailor, ^ 

w**^''?^ ^^""T ^'* ^"^^ ^"^^i door factory. 
Ward M,D., dentist ^ 

w!Jf°'' ^^J^f,?°°"»,li?^^" ^nd confectioners 
Watson, AViUiam (Watson & Deacon) 

^*"ers -Mexander, blacksmith. 

w 1 ' ^V. ;♦ ^^^'^ timber agent. 

Weber, Michael, provision dealer and butcher/ 

Weese, John, hotel keeper 

Wensley, William, painter 

wllH^^r.*^} "^"""i^^ McviUe stone ware works 

w-!r- ^7' •^^seph, (Episcopal Methodist) 

Wilkms k Dolan, plasterers 

Williams, L, J., brewery 

Wills, Thomas, C^ounty Clerk 

Wilson, Charles, hair dresser 

Wilsan, John, baker and confectioner 


YAfiWOOD, A. F., cabinetmaker 
Yeomans, Horace, (Flint k Yeomans) 
ZoUf r, Peter, (Truaisch k ZoUer) 



Bell Ewart. — A Village and Station of the Northern Railway, on Lake Simcoe, in the Township of Inniio 
fil/ County Simcoe, 12 miles from Barrie. The steamer KmUy May connects here with the Northern 
Railway. Daily stage, running to Orillia, Beaverton, &c., in connection with the steamer to the Muskoka 
Territory. One of the largest saw mills, owned hy Messrs. Sage h Co., is located here. Money order office. 
Population, 500. 

Aston, Mrs. Jolin, hotel keeper 

Barr, Jonathm, gunsmith 

Beeman, E. W. 

Bostwick, J. R., huilder 

Brant, J., merchant 

Campbell, Daniel, mariner 

Doohttle, Alva 

DRAK B, P. £. , Postmaster, mercht. and lumber dealer 

Dushan, Louis, butcher 

Hager, George, merchant 

Hugg, E. F., agent Sage & Co 


Jcbb, W., engineer Sage & Co 

Kermott, C. H., teac^ier 

Law, £. M., clerk 

Lawi-ence, W. D., surveyor 

Linn, D. W., superintendent Sage & Co 

Macbean, Alexander, foundry 

Montgomery, J. M., M.D 

Ostr^der, Charles, farmer 

Reddington, Matthew, lumber merchant 

Sage, H. W. k Co., lumber merchants 

Spooner, W. A., superintendent mill 

Willson, Alfred, farmer 

Bellrock* — A Village on the Napanee River, in the Township of Portland, County Frontenac, with a large 
trade in lumber and farm produce. Distant from County Town, 24 miles, from Toronto^ 150. Stag^ ^ 
and from Harrowsmith. 

Boyce^ Caleb, farmer 

Brooks, W., farmer 

Coffey, Mrs. Mary, proprietor Bellrock Hotel 

Craig, Robert, woolen factor 

Freeman, Barnabas, general merchant 

Grant, Elizabeth, teacher 

Grant, George, farmer 

Grundill, Edward, carpenter 

McCaul, Patrick, general merchant 

Milligan, William, blacksmith 

Moir, George, 

Percy, John, blacksmith 

Percy, William 

POMEROY, WILLIAM, Postmaster and general 

Sanderson, Rev. E., (Methodist Episcopal) 
Shory, Silas 

Switzer, Orrin, carpenter 
Wheeler, J. 
Willson, Peter 

Belmont. — A Village iu the Townships of Westminster and Dorchester, Counties Middlesex and Elgin, 14 
miles from County Town, 8 from nearest railway station, 14 from London, and 120 from Toronto Stage 
to London daily. Improved land $50 and wild $40 per acre. Kettle Ci'eck affords good water power. A 
grist mill is required. Population, 400. 

Black, James, insurance agent 
Campbell, James, saddler 
Campbell, James B.. M'.B. 
Cline, Daniel D., M.D. 
Courson, J., general merchant 
Creamer, Robert, hotel keeper 
Currie, Rev. Alexander (Presbyterian) 
Dawson, A, W., general merchant 
Dumaw, Simeon, wagon maker 
Dyer, Omi, notary public 
Dyer k Adell, general merchants 
Eckert, W. D., teacher 
Harki^pss, Adam« farmer 
Hawkins, George, merchant tailor 
House, Jacob, cabinet maker 
Hoover, D. L., butcher 
Hungerford, Eli B., cabinet maker 
Kindree, J., boots and shoes 
Kennedy, Rev. James (Wesleyan) 
Mclntyre, A., carptnter 

McKellar, A., car^ienter 
McKellar, D., general merchant 
Manning, J. G., farmer 
Mohr, William, {Munter 
Murray, J. W., carpentw 
Nichoi, Brothei-s, flax millers 
Nugent^ W, T., general merchant 
ODELL, W. H., Postmaster 
Olmstead, Lewis, hotel keeper 
Pearson k Silk, woolen factory 
Seeman, Hcuiy, carriage maker 
'Simpson, James S., tailor 
Slecth, Robert, blacksmith 
Smith, Rev. J. P. (Episcopal) 
Spencer, Charles B., M.D. 
Walker, James, blacksmith 
Watcher, George, painter 
Yerex, W. N. , general merchant 
Yex, Isaac, stationery, books, kc^ 

Belmore.— A Village in the Townships of Gulross and Carrick, County Bruce, 10 mile« fromlWalkertoB 
and 40 from Goderich. Population 160. 

Caiman, F., general merchant 

Found k Fitjsgerald, saw mill proprieton 

Graham, William, carpenter 

Hall, Joseph, blacksmith 

Huston, Samuel, plasterer 

Irwin, F. W., J. P. 

Kay, John T., M. D. 

Lark, Henry, pump maker 

Lloyd, Henry, carpenter 

Luxton, John, wagon maker 

McNally, Wm., shoemaker 

Oatrim, D. J., shoemaker 

Proctor, John, carpenter 

PERRIFF, PETER, Postmaster, hMk 



Bell's Comers.— A Village in the Township of Ntpean, Countj Carleton. Distant from County Town, 
10 miles, from Toronto, 300 miles. Stage line from Ottawa to Perth. Money order office. Population, 120. 

ARN^OLD, G£ORGE, Postmaster and general mercht 
Bearman, James, J.P 
Beamum, John 

Brownlee, William, shoemaker 

Corbett, William, hotel keeper 

Crowe, Robert, shoemaker 

Dawson, John, J.P 

Dowler, Rot. J. A. (Wesleyan) 

Draffin, Richard 

Crourlay, Rev. J. L., M.A., (Presbyterian) 

Graham, Thomas 

Graham, William 

Harmer, F. W., Municipal Clerk 

Keeman, D., teacher 

Lafleur, Andrew, wa^on maker 

Moodie, Robert, hotel keeper 

Patton, Henry, cooper 

Pettit, Rev. C. B., M. A., (Church of England) 

Pratt, A. D., teacher 

Pratt, Isaiah, shoemaker 

Robertson, John, farmer » 

Spittall, Alexander, wagon maker 

Spittall, R. P., carpenter 

Wright, Albert, tanner 

BenmUIer.— A Village in the Township of Colborne, County Huron, 6 miles from Goderich. Semi-weekly 
mails. Population 150. 

Adams, Rodney, cradle maker. 

Cottle, James, blacksmith. 

DeGray, Joseph, cooper 

GLEDHILL, J. K X & T., woolen mills 

Guischbush, Joseph, tanner 

Hedeser, Jacob, painter 

Heddle, Andrew, carpenter 

Kerr, Thomas, shoemaker 

Madle, G., tanner 

Miller, Jonathan, innkeeper, grocer 

Nagle, Joseph, mason 

Robertson, William, blacksmith 

Rogers, David, njiller 

Scott, John, weaver 

Stewart, John, gardener 

Bennie's Corners*— A Village in the Township of Ramsay, County Lanark, distant from County Town 
30 miles, from Toronto 265 miles. Average price of land $22 to $40. Population 50. 

LEISHMAN, A., Postmaster and general merehant 
Philip, William, blacksmith 
Rothwell, A. T., teacher 

Anderson, William, farmer 

Baird, John, miller. 

Cummings, Robert, shoemaker 

Cunningham, John, lime manufacturer 

Gilmour, John, butcher 

Glover, John, cooper 

Henderson, Robert, miller 

Sncdden, David, proprietor Rose Bank Hotel 
Steele, John, farmer 
Toshack, Mneas, farmer 
Young, Peter, farmer 

]lensfort» — A Village in the Township of Monaghan, County Northumberland, distant from Cobourg 
the County Town, 25 miles, from Toronto 80 miles. Average price of lasd $40. Population 100. 

Anderson, Hugh, fanner 

Castle, Charles, shingle maker 

Caswell, Rev. James. (New Connexion) 

Creba, William, blacksmith 

Dodds, Thomas, farmer 

Emberaon, William, farmer 

Farris, James, shingle maker ' 

Pinnie, Andrew, farmer 

Huggins, David, shingle maker 

McBAIN, JAMES W., Postmaster, bookseller, &c. 

Moncrief, George, shoemaker 
Morrison, David, farmer 
Morrison, William, farmer 
, Richards, John, tailor 
Riddell, Walter, farmer 

Rutherford Walter, sash and door manufacturer 
Tumbull, James, carpenter 
Tumbull, John A., farmer 
Wood, Henry, shingle manufacturer 
Wood, William, farmer 

Beiltley. — A Post-office in the Township of Harwich, County Kent, 18 miles from Clmtham and 200 from 
Toronto. Improved land in the vicinity averages $80 per acre. 

BENTLEY, S., Postmsster. 

Berkeley.— A Post-office in the Township of Holland, County Grey, 20 miles*distant from Owen Sound and) 
100 miles from Toronto. 

FLEMING, JOHN, Postmaster | Ja«k8on» Ber. Thomas, (Mew Connexion Methodist 



Berlin— The Ck)unty Town of Waterloo and a station of the Grand Tnink Railway, 24 miles from Stratford, 
67 miles from Toronto, and 11 miles from Gait Honey Order office and Savings' Bank. Population. 

Aldons, John, manufacturer 

ANDREWS, H. M., (Bowlhy t Andrews) 

Armstrong, John S., detective 

Armstrong, Thomas, bailiif 

Ballin, August, M.D 

Banihold, Hy, shoemaker 

Beeking, William, wagon maker 

BERLIN TELEGRAPH, Alexander McPhcrson 

BERLINER JOURNAL, Rittingerfc Motz, editore k 

BOEDECKER & STEUBING, wholesale fancy 

goods, &c 
30ND JOHN, general merchant 
Borth, Andrew, cabinet maker 
BOWLBY k ANDREWS, (W. H. Bowlby, H. M. 

Andrews) barristers 
Bowlby, Davids.; M.D 
BOWLBY, W. II., (Bowlby & Andrews) county 

Bowman, Israel D., county clerk, & insurance agent. 
BOWMAN, W. H., chemist and druggist 
Breithaupt, Lewis, tanner 
Brick wer, Henry, cooper 
Bramm, John, brick maker 

BRAUEIt, B., prop. Railroad Station Hotel, (seeadvt) 
Braut'r, Henry, cooper 
BROWN k DEBITT, (Frederick Brown, Joseph 

Debitt) mattress manufacturers. (See advt) 
Bnibocher, Henry, farmer 
Brubacher, Samui-l, faimer 
Colquhoun, Jauics, Clerk of County Court. 
COMMERCIAL HOTEL, John Roat, prop. 
D'Esterre, Duncan, station master G.T.R. 
Davidson, George, sherifi*. 
Dopp, George, hotel keeper. 
Eby k Co., pump makers. 
Eby, John, fam»er. 

EBY, JOHN W., chemist and druggist. 
£rb, Menno, farmer. « 

Evans, Rev. — , (Church of England.) 
FEICK, JOSEPH K., dry goods and groceries. 
FEICK, MISS M.*W., milliner. 
KENNELL, JOHN, hardware, wholesale and retail. 
FOX AUGUST, watchmaker and jeweller, (See adv.) 
Funcken, Rev. Dr. Eugene. (Roman Catholic.) 
Gaul, Wm. tailor. 

Gauntley, Mrs. H., berlin wool and fancy goods. 
Gauntley, Henry, sdddler 
Geddes, Charles R., news depot 
Glowalski, Rev. Edward (Roman Catholic) 
Gow, Robert, shoemaker 
Gwynne, James W., banister 
HaUer, John, hatter 

Haiigh k Roat (John Haugh, Edward Koat) saddlers 
Heit, Louis, baggage master G. T: R, 
Heller, Casper, ])roprietor Royal Exchange Hotel 
Heller, John k Son, watchmakers, &c. 
Hett, Henry, painter 
Hett, John B., carpenter 

HOFFMAN, ISAAC, diy goods, groceries and hard- 
ware, also steam furniture factory 
Huber, H. S , general merchant 
Hughes, S. L., M. D. 
Hnnsick, J. C, books and stationery 
Hunsicker, John, variety store 
Hymmer, Peter, tinsmith 
JACKSON, H. F. J., pioneer tobacco factory 
J AFFRAY, WILLIAM, Postmast**r, Express and 
Insurance agent, telegraph operator 

Kaes&man, Rev. C. Y, A. 

Kauuengiesser, John, Berlin wool and fancy goods 

Keyscr, William, proprietor Berlin Hotel 

Kimmel, Henry, hotel keeper. 

King, John, pump maker 

Klein, George, butcher 

Klipnert, John, High Constable 

Knell, Henry, watches, &e. 

Knowles, William H. G., dry goods 

KIJAUZ, C. k Son, peneml njcrchants, agents (or 

Hamburgli and American Packet Co, (sec adv.) 
Krauz, Husfo, (C. Krauz k Son) 
Krauegtr, ^olin, butcher 
I^e, Frederick, mason, builder and contractor 
I^ang, Peter, broom maker. 
Levan, Jajob, k Co., blacksmiths 
Linprecht, Frederick, American Hotel 
McDougall, D., County Registnir 
McGuire, John, carriage maker. 
McKie, John A., general merchant 
McPHEKSON, A., editor aid proprietor Btrli^ 

Merchants Bank of Canadis Robert N. Rogen, igenl 
Meredith, J. S., teller Merchants Bank. 
Messncr, Martin, baker, 
^letzinger, John F., teacher. 
Miller, Alex, barrister 
Mogk, William, shoemaker 
Moore, Hugh E., photographer 
Moore, William, insurance agent 
Motz, John, (Rittinger k Motz) 
Mowat, Alex, Deputy Clerk of the Peace. 
Mowat, Alexander H., general agent 
Mover, Abraham, farmer 
Mylius,«Ru(lolph, M.D 
Nahrgang, Henry k Co., tailors 
Neville, C. E., B. A., principal grammar school 
Niehaus, William, boots and shoes 
Ott, Cyrus, tobacconist 
PETERSON, A. J., Clerk Divisian Court, Registrar 

SuiTogate, Com. jn B.R., Notary Public, agent 

Standard Life Ass. Co. (See advt) 
Potter, James, farmer 
Rickert, John, farmer • 

Ringle k Stroh, tanners 
RITTINGER k MOTZ, (Frederick and John) cditoH 

and proprii'tors Berliner Journal 
ROAT, JOHN, prop. Commercial Hotel 
Robinson, John, farmer 

ROGERS, ROBERT N., agent Merchants* Bank 
ST. NICOLAS HOTEL, Andrew Nicholaus, prop 
Schmitt, John, shoemaker 
Schmitt, Leopold, blacksmith 
Schmitt, Rev. William, (Wesleyan) 
Sehneiker, Conrad, hotel keeper. 
Sehofield, M. C, surveyor 
Schwenn, H. & J., hrick makers 
Schwieger, A. W., civil engineer 
Scully, Thomas, tanner 
Seller, Louis, miller 
Seiji, George, brewer 
Shantz, Darid, farmer 
Shantz, Jacob, farmer 
Shuh, Benjamin; fanner 
SIMPSON k ALDOUS, (WiUiam and John) cabinet 

chnir and pump factory 
Simpson k Son, (Martin k Tendill) shoemakers 
Sippel, Henry, weaver 
SNYDER, PREDERICK, stoves & tinware, (seeadvt) 



SpetSt Joseph, lager beer brewer 


A. J. Peterson, agent 
STANTON, CHARLES, County Treasurer 
Stan k Gottlieb, (William & Frederick) tailors 
Strickler, Henry, woolen and flax mills 
STUBBING, CONRAD, (Boedccker k Stuebing) 
Stackhart, John, cooper 
Tagge, Peter N., general agent 
Thomas, John H , boots and shoes 
Tncrk, Rev. F. W., (Swedenborgian) 
Tyson, Abram, grocer 
Van Camp, Lewis, dentist 

Voglesang, Emil, vegetable ivory button factory 

Wagner, Anslein, potter j^ ; 

Weaver, J. S., prop. Franklin Hotel and Livery 

Wells, Walter, msurance agent 

Werner, Justus, wagon maker 

Wieland^ Charles, mason 

Winger, John, manufacturer 

Woeme, John J., plough maker 

Wright, Charles, 

Wright, Francis, 

YOUNG & GOOD, (William & Peter H.) grooeriw 

wines and liquors 
Zeigler, Enoch, carriage maker 

Berne. — A Village in the Township of Hay, County Huron, 21 miles from Goderich and 16 from Seaforth 
station Grand Trunk Railway. Population 50. 

Bleam, Christian, farmer 
Bleam, David, farmer 
Bleam, Jacob, farmer 
Douglas, Allan, farmer 
Douglas, Peter D. R., farmer 
Duncan, Rev. Mr., (Presbyterian) 
Erwin, William, wagon maker. 
Foster, Joseph, farmer 
Hep, Andrew, carpenter 
-Hep, George, sen., cabinetmaker 

Hunter, John, farmer 

Mitchell, Allan, general merchant 

MURNER, GOTLEIB, Postmaster 

Jflker, Rev. Mr., (Methodist) 

Johnstone, Edward, farmer 

Roir, Andrew, farmer 

Scott, Robert, teacher 

Styles, Micheal, farmer 

Tapp, Christian, tailor 

Witwer, Samuel, tanner, '&c. 

Bervie* — A Village situated in the Township of Kincardine County Bruce, South^Riding. 

McINTYRE, NICHOL, Postmaster 

Berwick.- -A village in the Township of 

from Toronto, 300 miles. Average price 

Bates, Joseph, shoemaker 

Blay, Charles, butcher 

Campbell, Donald, blacksmith 

Campbell, Kenneth, carpenter 

Cavanagh, John 

Cavanagh, Michael 

Clark, Alexand<*.r, teacher 


merchant, &c. 
Cockbum, A. J., J. P. 
Cockbum, Isaac 

Connell, Stewart, general merchant 
Cryderman, Ja^ob 
Fleming, Thomas 

Fleming, William, general merchant 
Gray, Alexander, lime manufacturer 
Hamblin, Jesse 
Henery, Thonms, carpenter 

Finch, County Stormont, distant from County Town, 30 miles, 

of land, $8 to |10. Population, 150. 

Jackson, Robert, tanner 
James, James, wagon maker 
Kelly, Patrick, blacksmith 
Kittel, William 

Lament, Rev. Hugh (Presbyterian) 
Lewis, William 

McGillivray, Duncan, tinsmith 
general McKinnon, Alexander, carpenter 
McLeod, Murdoch, stone mason 
McMulIigan, Robert 

Mellersh, William, proprietor Berwick Hotel 
Mimroe, John C, M. D. 
Murphy, Francis, auctioneer 
Patterson, John, shoemaker 
Scott, Ddvid, shoemaker 
Scott, Miss Mary A., dressmaker 
Stcen, James, shingle merchant 
Tliistlewart, W. B., lime mauufactui*er 

Bethany.— A Village and Station of the Port Hope, Lindsay and Beaverton Railway, Township Monrcrs, 
County Durham, 31 miles from the County Town and 88 from Toronto. A stream passes through the 
village, aiTording ample power for machinery. This is a good position for a foundry, agricultural imple- 
ment works, and a tannery. Improved lands, $35 per acre, wild, ^25. Population, 300. 

Barr, Andrew, tailor 

Bleakly, Francis, general merchant 

Brearton, C. H., M. D. 

Brown, Andrew, forwardingand commission merchant, 

railroad agent 
Bvggins, Rev. George (New Connexion) 
Byers, James, farmer 
Cain, C. C., flouring mill proprietor 
Cnig, John, chandler 
Craig, William, J. P. 

Crosier, James, farmer 

Copeland, John, blacksmith 

Davis, William, farmer 

Ewing, Rev. John (Presbyterian) 

Fell, James, farmer 

Gardiner, W. F., auctioneer 

Graham, Jeffrey, farmer 

GRAHAM, WILLIAM MORTON, Postmaster, gen. 

merchant, and ^neral agent 
Graham, W. W., shingle maker 



Grandy, R. & J., general merchants 

Hanter, William 

Kelly, James, forwarding and commission merchant. 

Kennedy, Robert, blacksmith 

Lamb, Jolm,* builder 

Lee, Thomas, sash, door and blind factor 

McAlister, A-ichael, J. P. 

HcCuUough, H., wagon maker 

McHahon, Geor^ mason 

McMollen, David, farmer 

Miller, John, builder 

Niland, Robert, shoemaker 

Preston, R. J,, general merchant 

Raper, John, wine merchant 

Richardson, Alonzo, wi^on maker 

Richardson, Joseph, sash, door and blind factor 

Ryley, AlIM, notary public, general agent 

Stafford, Henry, builder 

Strike, William, tailor 

Sutton, Robert, butcher 

Vance, S. C, insurance agent 

White, Hamilton 

Wilson, William, teacher 

Winters, James, shoemaker 

Wrightman, S., grocer 

Bcwdlej.— A Village at the head of Rico La£e.fin the Township of Hamilton, County Northumberland 

Distant from Ck>unty Town 12 miles, from ^'oronto 76 miles. Average price of land $35 to $40. Popa- 

lation 100. 

Barrelthrope, Rev. Mr:, (Kew Oonnezion) Henderson, William, teacher 

Benson, James, J. P., insurance agent, k& Ley, George, J.P 

Hancock. John, shoemaker Sackville, James, lumber dealer 

Hancock, Phillip, grocer SIDY, JOHN, Postmaster 

Hancock, Thomas, shoemaker Tabscot, Rev. Samuel, (Baptist) 

Hannah, Philander, proprietor Farmeis* Hotel 

Wright^ Robert, proprietor Bewdiey Hotel 

IHlllllffS* Bridge —A Villa^ on the Rideau River, in the Township of Gloucester, County Carleton. 

Distant from the County Town 8 miles, from Toronto 286 miles. Average price of land $30. PopuUdkn 


Angus, William, blacksmith. 
Cunpbell, James, farmer 
Cuthocrt, Mrs., dressmaker 
Fairbairn, Peter, farmer 
Hepinstall, George, carpenter 
Longley, Miss SaraJi M., teacher 

McKcllar, A., farmer 

Masson, Hush, blacksmith 

SMITH, WILLIAM, Postmaster and gen. mercbani 

Tavlor, David, saddler. 

Whalen, Matthew, farmer. 

Blnbrook.— A Village ^in the Township of Binbrook, County Wentworth, 13 miles tram Hamilton. 

Population 100. 

Barlow, Albert, wagon maker 

Bigger, R. H., M.D 

Brown, John, general blacksmith 

Buntin. John, traving agent 

Carle, J. S., Franklin House 

Chesney, Rev. A, (Baptist) 

Gawley, James, wi^n maker 

HALL, HENRY, Postmaster and gen. merch't 

Hoey, James, merchant 
McGann, John, blacksmith 
McKenzie, Mrs., general merchant 
Rnssell, James, M.D 
Sallett, Robert, shoemaker 
Stafford; Theodore, harness maker 
Wickett, Robert, Union Hotel 

BIrkliani. —A Village in the Township of Moore, County Lambton. Distant from Samia, the County Town 
12 miles, from Toronto, 180 miles. Average priod of wild land improved, $8 to $30. Population, 50. 

Brown, J. B., teacher 
Farquharson, J., fanner 
GaUowav, John, J. P. 
Gould, P., farmer 
McBean, A, carpenter 
McBean, J., farmer 
McBean, Lewis, carpenter 
McDermid, Rev. Peter (Presbyterian) 
McDiarmid, J., farmer 
McDonald, James M, farmer 

McDonald, Wm. P., groeer 
McKenzie, J., teacher 
McKENZIE, FINLAY, Postmaster 
Manning,tD., shingle manufacturer 
Thomson, W., fanner 
Warren, Duncan, farmer 
Watson, A, carpenter 
Watson, J., teaciier 
Watson, P., carpenter 
Welsh, James, shorauiker 

Bishop's Mills*— A Post-offic« in the Township of Oxford, CJounty Grenville. 

BISHOP, ASA W.. Postmaster. 



Btnningliaill.— A Tillage in the Township of Pittsburgh, Connty Frontenac. Distant from Kingston 
12 miles, from Toronto 170 miles. Stages to Kingston and Whitefish. Arerage price of land $25 to $8f 
Population 80. 

Bower, Iter. K C (Church of England) 
Chambers, Rer. T. C. (Presbytsrian) 
Foster, J., miller 
Franklin, W. H., farmer 
Graham, Miss, teacher 
Joyce, J., farmer 
Joyce, L., farmer 
Joyces Matthew, J. P. 

Kennedy, Key. David (Methodist) 

McNeill, P., farmer 

Mundell, J., teacher 

Robb, D., teacher 

Smyth, W., former 

Todd. Miss M., teacher 

Todd, Samuel, farmer ^ 

Todd, T., fanner 

Bin** — A Post Village in the Township of Iiondon, County Middlesex, situated on the Proof Line Boad, 10 

miles from London. Population 25. 
Dixon, William, hotel keeper t YOUNG, JOSEPH M., Postmaster and gen. mercht 

Winttn, Daniel, blacksmith 

Black Creek.— A Village at the mouth of Black Creek, and on the Erie and Niagara Railway, in ths 
Township of Willoughby, County Wetland. Distant from St. Catiierines, tho County Town 18 milci, 
from Toronto 60 miles. Arerage price of land, $50. Population 100. 

ALLEN, ISAAC H., Postmaster and gen. mercht 
Bamhard, Michael B. 
Gonder, Michael D., J. P. 
Kraft, Francis, carpenter 

Leiber, Christopher, painter 
McLaughlin, Tnomas, customs officer 
Parker, John J., carpenter 
Smith, Key. Bobert (United Brethrwi) 

Black Heath*— A Pest-office in the Township of Seneca, County Haldimand. 

POTTS, T. S., Postmaster. 

Blair.— A Village on the Grand Riyer, in the • township of Waterloo, County Waterloo. Distant froik 
Guelph, the County Town, miles, frotei Toronto 70 miles. Stage to Preston and New Dundee. Areragi 
price of land $45. Population 200. 

Adams, J. W., teacher 
Bechtel, Isaac, constable 
Bechtel, Moses, lumber dealer 
Bkschka, Joseph, butcher 
Bowman, J. B., lumber dealer 
Bowmao, Samuel B., farmer 
Bowman, Wendell, farmer 
Bnrkholder, Samuel, carpenter 
Clements, Oliver, farmer 
Cornell, Erastus, fanasT 
Eshleman, Moses, farmer 
Evans, Rev. James, (Chxistadelphian) 
Gress, Peter, weaver 
OresB, Philip, carpenter 
Kiefhabtr, Adam, cooper 

Lamb, John, tailor 

McNally, Henry, J. P. 

McNally, Rev. John, (Mennonite) 

McNally & Co., dyers, etc 

Myers, John, wason maker 

Quirmbach, Chanes, proprietor Blair Hotel 

Reith, Miss Mary A., dressmaker 

RENSHAW, JOHN, Postmaster and general mer 

Shirk, Peter, miller 
Sipes, John, farmer 
Thomson, Hugh, blacksmith 
Tilt, William, accountant 
Wismer, David, fanner 

iBlaatxre— A Village in the Township of Euphrasia, County Grey, 22 miles from Owen Sound, 9 from 
Meaford and 25 from Collingwood. Stages to Meaford. Population 50. 

Aiser, Andrew, fanner 

Bree, WilUam, fanner 

Brown, Rev. A., (Presbyterian) 

Clarke, Andrew, farmer 

Clarke, Robert, farmer 

Davis, Richard, farmer 

Douglass, John, farmer 

Fallfl^ Alexander, farmer 

Handen, Rev. W. F., (Methodist) 

Jenkins, John, blacksmith 

Mcintosh, William, farmer 
Marshall, Samuel, farmer 
Mick, John, farmer 
Murray, Robert, farmer 
Paterson, James, merchant 
Paterson, William, shoemsker 
Percy, John, farmer 
Storey, Walter, farmer 
Walter, Philip, farmer 
White, Charles^ caipentar 



Blairton* — A ViUage and Station of the Coboarg, Peterboro' and Marmora Bailroad« in the Township of 

Belmont, County Peterboro', dtaate on Marmora Lake, 40 miles from Peterboro', the County Town, and 

115 from Toronto. The village is in the immediate vicinity of the richest iron mines in the Dominion, 

and miners and laborers are in great demand. The land in the vicinity is almost all taken up. Stagei 

to Norwood and Marmora, distance 21 miles. Money order office and savings bank. Population 500. 

Armstrong, W. W., baker and hotel keeper 

BATES, ROGER, Postmaster and agent 0. P. & M. B. R. 

Bell, Thomas, carpenter 

Brown, J., M. D. 

Duff, William, shoemaker 

Featherston, Thomas, cabinet maker 

Givin, Mrs., grocer 

Halstead, Rev. William, (Wesleyan) 

Leach, William, butcher 

Learmouth, Thomas R., general merchant 

McBride, Andrew, grocer 

Meikle, James, general merchant 


Powell, Edmund, butcher 
Powell, Miss Mary, teacher 
Rea, Miss Elizabeth, teacher 
Scott, D. D., livery stable 
Shaw, William, clothier 
Sloan, Robert, general merchant 
Turner, John, general merchant 
Weller, Gilbert, hotel keeper 
Whitmarsh, Levi, livery stable 
Wilson, D., M.D. 
Wynn, William, builder 

BleSSillfftOIl.— A Post-office in the Township of Tyendinaga, County^astings, E.R. 

LALLY, JOHN, Postmaster. 

BlOOmfield.— A Village in the Township of Hallowell, County Prince Edward. Distant from CountyTowB 
5 miles, from Toronto 140 miles. Stagesto Brighton and Picton. Average price of land $100. Population 600, 

Bethune, Bev. Mr., (Methodist) 

Boneman, Gideon, wagon maker 

Boneman, Stephen, butcher 

Bull, Albert, carpenter 

Bull, Gilbert, grocer 

Clark, J. F., M.D 

Clark, W. G., architect and builder 

Cooper, John, miller 

Cooper, Obediah, J.P 

Cooper, Thomas 

Borland, Joshua 

Hare, Dexter, saddler 

Hare, Peter S-, J.P 

Keith, £., proprietor Keith's Hotel 

Lake, S. K., M.D 

Leavett, Rev. U. D., (Universalist) 

McFaul, Peter 

Mc(jivem, John, cooper 

Morgan, Thomas, miller 
Noxon, Samuel 
Noxon, Thomas H., agent 
Noxon, William, iron founder 
Reynolds, Mrs., dressmaker 
Reynolds, J. S., dentist 
Sargent, G. A„ auctioneer 
Say lor, A. B., general merchant 
Stephens, George, carpenter. 
Sykes, W., tanner 
Tomputt, John, butcher 
Vamey, Levi, crockery^ &c 
Watson, C. E., shoemsdcer 
Williams, John P., seedsman. 
Winters, Mrs., dressmaker 
Winters, J. C. tailor. 

Blooming^dale. — A Village in the Township of Waterloo, County Waterloo, 5 miles from Berlin, and I 
from Breslau Station. Population 50. 

Bowman, John, farmer 
Bowman, Menno, farmer 
Bowman, Moses, farmer 
Brierley, William, shoemaker 
Erb, William, faimer 
Hauffer, Jacob, farmer 

McKay, Donald 

MEYER, JOHN G., Postmaster and hotel keepw 

Snyder, Benjamin, farmer 

Snyder, Benjamin J., farmer. 

Snyder, J., farmer 

Snyder, M., farmer. 

Bloomingtoil*— A Village in the Townsliip of 

miles. Average price of land $40. Population 

Bams, Jacob, farmer 

Browning, Henry, shoemaker 

■Cool, Mrs., dressmaker 

Cummings, Mrs., dressmaker 

Cummings, John, wagon maker 

Fairliss, Thomas, farmer 

Fenton, Wake, M.D. 

Fockler, John, fanner 

Fockler, Johnson, agent sewing machines 

Gee, Rev. E. F., (Wesleyan) 

Johnson, Robert, blacksmith 

WTiitchurch, County York. Distant from Toronto W 


Jones, Maxson, blacksmith 
Law, Isaac, farmer 
Lemons, Jonathan, farmer 
>tcMnrray, Alexander, teacher 
Patterson, James M., auctioneer 
Patterson, Thomas H., general merchant 
Stapleton, Robert, farmer 
Storry, William, farmer 
Tatton, Rev. J., (Christian) 
Tranmer, Robert, farmer ' 



BIOomsburiT*— -^ Village on Culver's Creek, in the Township of Townsend, County Norfolk. Distant 
firom Simcoe, the County Town, 5 miles, from Toronto 94 miles. Average price of land $40. Popula- 
tion 75. 

Bacon, Gad S., blacksmith 

BaCon k Griifin, proprietors cheese factory 

Culver, Loder, proprietor cheese factory 

Culver, Mahlon, tanner 

Culver, fianston, farmer 

Gilbert J., teacher 

Griffin, Rev. Stephen, (Baptist) 

Heath, Ansley, stock dealer 

Hunter, Alexander, farmer 

Ireland, Frederick, carpenter 

Ireland, George, carpenter 

Kellum, Jason, J. P. 

KITCHEN, L. W., Postmaster and general merchan 

Kitt^hen, William, farmer 

Lee, Thomas, farmer 

Kohiuson, George, butcher 

Saltzberry, Henry, carpenter 

Skin-ow, William P., farmer 

Sloght, Rev. Aaron, (Baptist) 

Smith, Albert, woolen factor. 

Tate, James, painter 

Ward, Henr}', shoemaker s 

Widner, Wesley, stock dealer 

Young Robert, J. P. 

Rlaeyalc. — A village in the Township of Turnberry, County Huron, distant from Godarich, the County 
Town, 32 miles. Honey order office. Population about 200. 

Barron, Thomas, general merchant 

Brown, George T., hotel keeper 

Bruce, Alexander, shoemaker 

Duncan, George, blacksmith 

Hast^e, Rev. James, (Presbyterian.) 

Johnston, James, hotel keeper 

Leach, W. H. & J., mill owners 

MESSER, JOHN, Postmaster and general merchant 

Redmond, James, wagon maker 
Re<lmond, Thomas, blacksmith 
Sherriff, Charles, miller 
Sibbald, liobert T., shoemaker 
Smart, Duncan, fulling mills 
Tindal, Edward, wagon maker 
Wright, Jacob, grocer 

BobCHygCOIls — A Village on Bobeaygeon river, between Lakes Pidgeon and Sturgeon, in Township of 
Yeruliim, County Victoria, with a good trade in lumber, limestone, hides, grain, &c. The well-known 
Galway lead mine at Bobeaygeon is now worked night and day. Distant from County town, 22 miles^ 
from Toronto 110 miles. Stages to Lindsay, Peterboro, and Minden, and in summer, boats to Lindsay 
and Peterboro*. Average price of land ^0. Money order office. Population 800. 

Aitken, J. & J., grocers 

Ambcrg, A., boiler maker 

Amberg, A., tinsmith 

Bick, George, J. P. 

Bottum, E., grocer 

Bonnell, — y M. D. 

Boyd, Mossom, proprietor saw mill 

Bradfield, Charles, insurance agent 

Bradfield, C, dry goods merchant 

Breden. James, farmer 

Breden, John, farmer 

Brown, Jose])b, genesal merchant 

Clements, Joseph, lock master. 

Cheetham, Thomas, carpenter 

Chittuk, James; blacksmith 

Gumming, Charles, carpenter 

Daley, M. 

Daley, M., J. P. 

Dawkins, H., tailor 

Dykes, James, general merchant 

Edgar, Mrs. W., dressmaker. 

Emsar, N., geneml merchant 

Fair, — , M.D 

Fairbau-n, Charles, farmer 

Garden, Joseph, shoemaker 

Gooley, Miss, dressmaker 

Graham, Joseph, Crown Lands agent 

Graham, S. S., attorney, kc 

Green, Edward, butcher 

Green, Geoige, gunsmith 

Green & Brothers, carpenters 

Green k Son, blacksmiths 

Harlow, Thomas, saddler 

Hoskins, Rev., (Church of EngTand) 

Hunter, Robert, constable 

Jolmston, Christopher, dentist 

Johnston,, S. dry goods merchant 

Junkin, Irvin, general merchant 

Kelley, Edward, farmer 

Kennedy, J. & J., carpenters 

Kennedy, AVilliani, proprietor saw mill 

Kelso, Joseph, faimer 

Law, D., tailor 

Larkin, Miss, dressmaker 

Lee, Wesley, farmer 

McClaverty, J., tanner 

McClelland, S., grocer • 

McConncll, John, Imker 

McConnell, Matthew^, projirietor Queen's Hotel 

McDonald, Duncan, blacksmith 

McKinnon, Hugh, carpenter 

Macnamara, Mrs., Lizzie, teacher 

Montgomeiy, James, butcher 

Moore, E., painter 

Nicholas, Ebenezer, wagon maker 

Nye, George, cooper 

Cakes, Merrit, farmer 

Orr, Alexander, general merchant 

Patterson, Rev., (Presbyterian) 

Rapley, James, butcher 

Read, J. L., general merchant 

Read, W. B., general merchant 

Robinson, Mrs., fancy goods 

Russell Cornelius 

Sheridan, Rev., (Wesleyan) 

Simpson, John, proprietor Forest House 

Snowden, W^illiam, proprietor Rokeby Hotel 

Steel, Thomas, general merchant 

Stephens, J., tallow chandler 

LinKell k Perrin, druggists booksellers, &c. 

Thomson, M. H., teacher 

TUP PER, A., LaTouche, Postmaster 

Ward, Seth, shingle manufacturer 

Wilson, James, shoemaker 



BIytt. — ^A Village in the Townships of Morris and Wawanosh, County Huron, 17 miles from Goderich, 
and 10 from the nearest station on the Grand Trunk Railway. Stages to CUnton, 10 miles, and Wingham, 10 
miles, fare 37 cents. Improved land in Ticinity ayerages $30 per acre. Mechanics and laborers required. 
The surrounding country Is excellently adapted for agriculture. Money order office. Population 850. 

Clarke, J., hotel keeper 

Clewart, Rev. Mr., (Methodist) 

Bnimmend, William, general merchant 

Gumey, George, tailor 

Headley, John, hotel keeper 

HOLM£S, RICHARD W., Postmaster and general 

Holmes, Thomas, J. P., general and insurance agent 

and auctioneer 
Kelly k Heeney, proprietors steam flour mill 
Luxford, J., butcner 
McEinnon, D. B., general merchant 
McLean, Rev. Mr., (Presbyterian) 
McQuarrie, James, woolen manufacturer 
McTavish, N., wagon maker 
Mitchell, R., saddler 

Moore, P., general agent 
Murphy, Rev. Mr., (Episcopal) 
Poison, AV., clothier 
Poulton, H., tailor 
Quinn, George, teacher 
Ritchey, Thomas, farmer 
Rome, James, stone and lime dealer 
Ross, Peter, carpenter 
Shane, William, hotel keeper 
Sherritt, John, shoemaker 
Sloan, William, M. D., druggist 
Thompson, J., M. D., druggist 
Urquhart, G., carpenter 
White, Thomas, tmsmith 
Whitehead, L., lumber dealer 
Winters, John, cooper 

Hljtlieswood. — A Post office in the Township of Mersea, County Essex. 


Boffart. — A small Village in the Township of Hungerford, County Hastings, • 27 miles from Belleville 
Iron abounds in the vicinity. Population, 50. 

BOGART,A. L., Postmaster 
Bogart, C. 0., merchant 
Cheatham, William, brickmaker 
Empry, Christopher, blacksmith 
Empry, F. W., farmer 

Hart, 0., teacher 
Hill, Rev. John, (Methodist) 
Hill, Joseph, wagon maker 
Rutten Abram, farmer 

]loli]lsbroke.-—A Post-office in the Township of Sherbrooke, and County Lanark, S. R. 

KORRY JOHN, Postmaster. 

BolflOTer. — ^A YilAige on the Talbert River, and on the line of the proposed Toronto and Nipissing Bail- 
way, in the Township of Eldon, County Victoria. Distant from Lindsay, the County Town, 28 milem 
from Toronto, 80 miles. Stage to WoodviUe. Average price of land $5 to $16. Population, 150. 

Burton, Joseph, cooper 

Crowther, Peter, tinsmith 

Dalffleish, Robert, auctioneer 

Dickson, William, farmer 

Donely, Cornelius, hotel keeper 

Folliott, H. W., wagon maker 

Folliott, Thomas, carpenter 

Foster, Henry 

Gibson, Thomas 

Gibson, William, farmer 

Kilingworth, Donelv & Co., tanners, &c 

McBumey, Alexander, carpenter 

McRea, Duncan, general merchant 

McReadv, W. 

MARSH, G. F., Postmaster, and general merchant 

Marsh, John, butcher 

Milligan, Misses, A & B., dressmakers 

Milligan, Maxwell, tailor 

Mitchell, Donald, carpenter 

Moncrieff Hugh, shoemaker 

Munroe, Donald, carpenter 

Nichols, John, farmer « 

Jabez, Oliver, M. D 

Russell, J. S., general merchant 

Scott, Robert, general merchant 

Smith k Davis, shinffle makers 

Thomas, William, saddler 

Ward, W. A., distiller 

Young, W. Y., hotel keeper 

Bomanton* — A small viUage in the Township of Haldiraand, County Northumberland, 13 miles from 
Cobouig. Daily stage to Cobouig. Tri-weekly mails. Po^ ulation 30, 

Brenton, John, shoemaker 
Forbes, Thomas, blacksmith 
Ireson, Rev. D., (Wesley an) 

KNIGHT, RICHARD, Postmaster and genezal mer- 
Williams^ Ber. W. M., (Presbyterian) 



ItoUoa. — (Albion P. O.) — A Village on the Riyer Hamber, and on the line of the propofed Toronto^ On^ 
And Bruce Bailwaj, in the Township of Albion, County Peel. Distant from County Town 16 miles, firom 
Toronto 28 miles. Stages to and from Weston. Ayerage price of land. $40 to $60. Population 700. 

Alexander, Robert, cabinetmaker 

Beemiab, J., bntcher 

Bee, ReT. W., <PrimitiTe Methodist) 

Bell, J. J.f shoemaker 

Bolton, L. R,, accountant 

Bolton, Samuel, carpenter 

Booth, R. H., bookseller 

Buist, William, woolen &ctor 

Cairns, J., carpenter 

Card, John L., fanner 

Clark, John, farmer 

Coates, Geoi^, blacksmith 

Cooper, Mrs., dressmaker 

Cooper, Thomas, tailor 

Cummines, T., tailor 

Curlia, TT, proprietor Albion Hotel 

CurliB, W., proprietor Masonic Hotel 

Dalton, W. H., M.D 

Dempster, T., butcher 
Dick, William & Bros., iron founders 
East, Samuel, shoemaker 
Eaves, T , fancy floods 

EVANS, GEORGE, Postmaster and propi Exchange 

Frazer, H., proprietor Ontario Hotel 

Friar, J., shoemaker 

Gritiln, William, weaver 

Guardhouse*, John, general merchant 

Hani wick, M., carpenter 

Harper, John, saddler 

BickmaD, K, M.D 

Billiard, John, weaver 

JafTray, Wyatt, general merchant 

Johnson, James, J.P 

McDonald, Francis, cooper 

McDougall, John, farmer 

McKee, Alexander, farmer 

McKeown, David, blacksmith 

McTavish, Miss Margaret, teacher 

McTavish, Peter, teacher 

Maltliy, Joseph, baker 

Martin, 0. A., tailor 

Morgan, E., attorney 

Newlove, James 

Noble, Geor^, butcher 

Norris, William, shoemaker 

Norton, David, brick manufacturer 

Osier, Rev. H. B., (Episcopal) 

Owens, James, pump manufacturer 

Parrett, James, potash factor 

Sanderson, M., wagon maker 

Seymour, William, wagon maker 

Sherlock, Rev. B. , (Wesleyan) 

Shields, John, general merchant 

Shore, Henry, farmer 

Shore, John, farmer 

Smith, G., painter 

Sterne, William, T., prop. Railway Hotel 

Stewart, Samuel, farmer 

Stork, J., druggist 


Switzer, J. C. carpenter 

Taylor, Walter, general merchant 

Waflord, S. A., bookseller 

Walford, S. A. k Son, tallow chandlers 

Warbrick, J., J.P 

Warbrick, Joseph, tanner 

Wilson, George, tinsmith 

Wheeler, Rev. J., (Presbyterian) 

Wolf, James, blacksmith 

Bongard*S Comers.— A YiUage on the Bay of Quinte, in the Township of Marysbuigh, County Prince 
Edward. Distant from Picton, the County Town, 10 miles, from Toronto 150 miles. Stages to Picton, 
and steamers to Kingston and Belleville. Average price of land $30 to $50. Population 100. 

Anglin, Misa Eliza, general store 

Augiin, Robert D., teacher 

Botigaid, Conrad, J. P. 

BONGARD, JOHN, Postmaster 

Bongard, J. D., farmer 

Campbell, Rev. Thomas, (Wesleyan) 

Carney, — ^ wagon maker 

Carson, Thomas G., carpenter 

Clark, £ , miller 

David, Henry, B., fanner 

David, Peler, farmer 

Harrison, Edward, farmer 

Hart, Jamea, wagon maker 

Hobson, William, carpenter 

Hodgins, Rev. — , (Church of England) 
Johnson, John, farmer 
Kerr, William, J. P. 
Miuaker, Nazareth, harness maker 
Pearce, John, wagon maker 
Solems, Harvey, shoemaker 
Solems, Sidney, wagon maker 
Tobey, Henry, farmer 
Turner, Cornelius, shoemaker 
VanWack, Elias, J. P. 
Vangesen, Henry, fanner 
Weldon, Rev. Isaac, (Weslevan) 
Young, Rev. — , (Church of England) 

Boston.—A Village on Boston Creek, in the Township of Townscnd, County Norfolk, 12 miles from Sim- 

coe. Tri- weekly mails. Population 160. 

Bailey, Mrs., milliner 
Barlier, H. J., general merchant 
Bowler, James, trader 
Butler, laaac, laborer 
Colton, Allen, tinsmith 
Doncombe, S. C., M. D. 
Generow, L, carpenter 
Honney, James, shoemaker 
Boris, George, cheese factor 
Johnaon, Jom^ sen., liarmcr 

Johnson, Joseph, jun., fanner 

Lutes, William, wagon maker 

Pereton, George, pump maker 

Reddick, Rer. Joel (Baptirt) 

ROUSEN, OLIVER C, Postmaster, merehvit 

Rusling, David, blacksmith 

Soutliem, William, cabinet maker 

Stevens, R., cooper 

Tobin, Martin, butcher 

Woodley, Israel, farmer 



Bondhead* — ^A Village in the Townships of Tecumseth and West Gwillimbuty, County Simcoe, 2S miles 
from Bame, 6 from Bradford station, Northern Railway, and 42 from Toronto. Stages dailyto Bradford. 
Money Order office and Savings* Bank, Population 350. 

Brunskill, Thomas, M. D. 

Carter, J. & H., general merchants 

Davidson, Rev. John, (Episcopal) 

Bixon, W. J., saddler 

Edmonds, W,, painter 

FENTON, WALTER R., prop. Fonton House 

FRASER, REV. WILLIAM, (Canada Presbyterian) 

Jamieson, W. R., boots and shoes 

Kline, Anthony, agricultural works 

I>wis, G., blacksmith 

LOU NT, Hiram, Postmaster and general merchant 

McCracken, John, builder 

McGeary, James, wagon maker 

McMunn, John, tinsmith 

Manning, Joseph, merchant 

Manning, Samuel,' hotel keeper 

Nelson, William, founder 
Nelson, William C, cjirriage maker 
Orr, Joseph R., M. D. 
Pearson, William, blacksmith 
Richardson, L. & A., carriage makers 
Robertson, Ccorg:, shoemaker 
Scholfield, Thoraiis C, M. D., Coroner 
Shields, Rol>ert, mason 
Sprolc, J. & R, flour and saw mills 
St. Clair, William and James, general merchants 
Stevenson, Richard, saddler 
, Sutton, John, cabinet maker 
Vaughan, James, carriage maker. 
Watson, George, J. P. 
Watson, Mos'-s, blacksmith 

Bookton.— A Village in the Township of Windham, County Norfolk. Distant from Simcoe, the County 

Town 18 miles. Average price of land $25 to $40. Population 200. 
Bertram, D. k W., farmers 

Book, L., farmer. 
Crane, J. & C, farmers 
Dalby, George, carpenter 
Donald, Rev. William, (Presbyterian) 
Dunlopi Alex, carpenter 
llliott. Philander, cari)entcr 
Hall, J., fanner 
House, Robert, carpenter 
Kelly, D. W., farmer 
Kelly, E., farmer 
Kelly, R., farmer 
Kelly, Samuel, fanner 
McCurdy, S., farmer 

McINTt^SH, PETER N., Postmaster and general 

Maddaugh, J., farmer 
Maddaugh, Miss N., teacher 
Marlatt^ A. L W., farmers 
Mingle, W., farmer 
Moore, Miss S., teacher 
Moore, W., farmer 
Morrison, Rev. F. W., CVVesleyan) 
Osborne, Rev. W. T., (Baptist) 
Root, A., shin'le manufacturer 
Russell, W., farmer 
Sweet, Henrv, carpenter 
Tufford, A. \r. J. & R., farmers 
Watson, R., farmer 
Whet'ler, T., farmer 

Borelia* — A Village in the Township of Reach, 

Money Order office. Population S50. 

Benson, Thomas, shoemaker 

Bower, John, farmer 

Bowman, James, pump maker 

Corson, A. T., farmer 

Cottingham, J. D., druggist 

Crandell, Caleb, farmer 

Crandell, Clark, farmer and drover 

Crandell, Stephen E., eabinet maker 

Haight, Harrison, gardener 

Harrington, Andrew J., hotel keeper 

Hilboni, James, millwright 

Jamieson, Rev. George (Presbyterian^ 

JEWETT, JAMKS, Postmaster, hotel keeper 

County bntaiio, 17 miles from AVTiitby. Daily stage. 

Johnston, Henry, blacksmith 
Kirkpatrick, Matthew, shoemaker 
Lund, Richuid, J. P., farmer 
Mtyor, Edward, auctioneer 
Morrish, Gcorj:fo, vinevard proprietor 
McConnell, Thomas, farmer 
Neale, Frt-ilerick, grocer 
NOTT, JOHN, cabinet maker 
Palmer, (ieorge, painter 
Post, Israel, grocer 
Smith, George, carpenter 
Swan, James, blacksmith 

Boswortb.— A Post- Village in the Townships of Peel and MarylK>rough, County Wellington, 26 vukt 
from Guelph, tlie County Town, the nearest railway station. The Conestogo river, near the Village 
affords exccUent water-power, not yet utilized. There is a Wesleyan Methodist Church in the neighbor- 
hood. Stages to Saugeen and Walkertou. Improved land $25 per acre. Population, 100 

Armstrong, David, butcher, hotel keeper 
DRAPER, CHARLES, Postmaster 
Green k Goulding, general merchants 
Jackson, Rev. Thomas, (Wesleyan) 
Johnston, William, builder 
liowry, J. W., cabinet maker 

Lundy, Miss C, teacher 
Proctor, Albert, general merchant 
Schneider, Martin, hotel keeper 
Stubbs, John, sen., builder 
Stubbs, John, jun., builder 
Taylor, William, saddler 



BomllolMI. — A Village on the Thames, in the Township of Logan, County Perth. Distaiit from Strat- 
ford, the County Town, 25 miles, from Toronto 118 miles. Stage to Mitchell and Listowell. Arerage 
price of land, $16 to $30. Population 160. 

Gashon, John, teacher 

Gerhon, John, auctioneer 

Feiguson, J. W., insurance agent 

Ga£>ney, T., shingle manufacturer 

Gilmartin, J., painter 

Haggerty, J. 

HAGGERTY, T., Postmaster and hotel keeper 

Honiibrook, J. 

Homibrook, T. 

Hunt, P., saddler 

Jones, K., J. P. 

Lyons, J. 

McCormack, £., shingle maker 

Morrison, Sills k Brown, millers 

Rock. G., planing mill 

Ruinn, T., telegraph operator 

Seger k Zimmerman, wagon makers 

Sodwater, John, butcher 

Shoults, G. 

Snubb, B. 

Wade, J. * 

Ward k Hebden, carpenters 

Botany. — A Village in the Township of Howard, County Kent. Distant from Chatham, the County Town 

15 miles, from Toronto* 169 miles. 

ArmstroDg, Andrew, fanner 

Atkinson. William, fanner 

Becket, Rer. J., (Presbyterian) 

McBrayne, Archibald, farmer 

McBRAYN£. C, Postmaster and general merchant 

McKerracher, William, J. P., farmer 
Mowbray, William, farmer 
Orme, Rev.,W., (Wcsleyan) 
Robertson, J. , farmer 

Bothwell. — A Town and station of the Great Western Railway, in the Township of Zone, County Kent 
Electoral District of BothwelL The town was incorporated in 1865. Bothwell is the centre of the prin- 
cipal oil region in the Province. Distance from Cliatham, 22 miles, and from Toronto, 152. Money 
Order office and Sayings Bank. Population, 1600. 

Allen, Henry, cabinet maker 
Arery, N. H., tailor 
Badder, James, fancy goods 
Ball Hiss, teacher 
Batzner, J., prop. Pcrkin*s House 
Bennett, A., carpenter 

Benson, Rev, Elder M., (Episcopal Methodist) 
Bodman, Richard, grocer 
Boon, Thomas, cabinet maker 
Bray, W., dru^;gist 
Gassmere, Louis, tailor 
Clark, C, provisions 
Coleman, James, blacksmith 
Conovpr, C. A., insurance agent 
Grotty, John, general merchant 
Bnimmond, John, proprietor Masonic Hotel 
Duncan, Alexander, proprietor Duncan's Hotel 
Finnegan k Dadsell, butchers 
Fleming, J., shi)emaker 
Gay, Walter, cabinet maker 
Gordon, J. D., general merchant 
Griffith, Thomas, proprietor Royal Hotel 
Lughton, William, general merchant, agent Ameri- 
can Express Co 
Lavin, Wilham, general merchant 
Leba, Mutty, livery stable 
Lick, John L., stock dealer 
Luke, James, wagon maker 
McCattie, John, teacher 
McCoU, J. T., general merchant 
McCraney, D., attorney, kc 
McDonald^ Angus, carpenter 
' ^cDouiild, James, carpenter 
HcLardy, D., shoemalcer 
McQueen, Mrs., teacher 

McQueen, Miss, teacher 

Marcus, R., hotel keeper 

Miller, George, cooper 

Miller, John, R., teacher 

Nichol, Robert, attorney 

Pope, F. H., M.D 

Pratt, A. K, Secretary Land and Patent Office 

Railton, George, attorney 

Raney, Rev. Father, (Roman Catholic) 

Reid, Colin, sash and door manufacturer 

Rice, Rev. E. M., (Baptist) 

Rowe, W. J., M.D 

Roseburgh, William, tinsmith 

Scott, John, tailor 

Smith, H. F., grocer 

Smith, H. F„ book and job printer 

Smith, Stokes, builder 

Snyder, Philip, blacksmith 

Spence, W. C, butcher 

Sutherland, E. B., carpenter 

Sutherland, MLss Maggie, dressmaker 

Tallman k Brant, watchmakers 

TAYLOR, JOHN, Postmaster 

Thomas, S, J., auctioneer 

Trout, James, wagon maker 

Tucker, Henry, watchmaker 

Vizena, Louis, carpenter 

Waite, J. R., telegraph operator 

Warden, Rev. Robert H., (Presbyterian) 

Webster, Jahn, (Wesleyan) 

Wesner k Pope, dmg|pst 

Whiting, Ezra, proprietor Martin House 

Wood, James £., builder 

Wright, Rev. J. T., (Church of England) 

Wright, Rev. M. K, (Methodist Episcopal 



B#lfnittlivillc«— A Tovm, ftud station of the Gr^d Tnxnk Bulway, idttuited on the north ahore of Lite 
Ontono, in the township of Darlington, County Durham. It passeaaes a good harbor, and t&efe is 
eztensiYe wattr power in the yicinity. The aurroundisj^ cOfmtty is very fertMe. Distant from Coboat;g 
27 milea, from Whitby 14, and from Toronto 48 milea. Money order office and Savings Bank* Popular 
tion about 8500. 

Allini John, grocer, etc. 
Alliflon, WUlTam, M.D. 
Alma Hotel, Thomas Shaw, proprietor 
Andrews, Joseph B., groccnea and fancy gooda . 
ARMOUR, ROBERT, Registrar West Ridmg County 
Durham, issuer of tavern licenses and lasuer of 
marriage licenses _ , , ^ . ^_.,,. 

ARMOUR k LOWE, (Robert Armour sad Wmiam 
H. Lowe), barristers, etc., solicitors Royal Cana- 
dian Baiik 

Banbury, W\ H , boots and shoes 

BARKER, CEPHAS, editor and publisher af Tfu 
Observer, (weekly) 

Bassett, William, (Basset & Brown) ^ ^ ^^ 

Basai-tt, Thomas & Co., (Thomaa Basaett and Robert 
Young), hardware , t i t> \ 

Bassett k Brown, (Wm. Bassett and John Brown), 
carpenters and builders 

Batting, Thomas, dry goods. 

Beith, Alexander, M.D. j i ,•« 

BENDER, G. C, manufacturer of cigars, dealer m 
tobaccos, fancy goods etc. 

Berry, — , brick manufacturer ^ 

Booth, Charles R. D., Deputy Registrar 

Bounsall, Mrs. C, milliner 

BOUNSALL, CHRISTOPHER, prop. Bowraanville 
marble works, and agent Briton Medical l^e 
Association. (See adv.) 

BOWMANVILLE MILLS, CVipt Raynea, proprie- 
tor. D. Towns, manager 

FACTURING COMPANY, (limited), Thomas 
Johnston, manager 

Bowmanvlile Union School, (Grammar and Common), 
Edward T. Crowlc, Principal 

Bradshaw, Samuel B., hardware merchant, manufac 
tnrpr and dealer in stoves, etc. 

Brent, Miss Jane, milliner , ^. ^ ,« i \ 

BRIMACOMBE, J. M., surgeon dentist. (See adv) 

Brodic, Thomas, senr « ,. . 

BRODIE'S HOTEL, Thomaa Brodie, junr., propnc- 
tor. (See adv) 

Brooke, L. F., dry gootls . 

Brown, John, (Bassett k Brown) 

Buckler, Aaron, watchmaker and jeweller 

Bunner, Henry, boot and shoemaker 

Canada Life Assurance Co., R. k H. O'Hara, agents 

Canada Permanent Building and Savings Society ; R. 
& H. O'Hara, agents ,^ ^ „ , 

Canadian Expresa Company, W. A. Neada, agent. 

Canadian Statesman, (weekly) W. R. Climie, Editor 
and Proprietor 

Cawker, Charles, b«tcher , , ., ^ . 

Chapman, L. B., wholesale and retail sUy manuf. 

CHRISTIE, THOMAS, coroner, official assignee, m- 
surancc and general a^t» auctioneer and aj)- 
praiser, collector, comnussioner in B. R. &c., &c 
office McFeeters block, opposite Town Hall , 

CUrk, Cbarlpa, clerk Division Court 

Climie W. B., editor and proii. Canadian StmUsman 

Coniaul k Co., (P. W. Consaul and J. Milne) grocers 
wtneand spirit merchants, kc 

Cornish It Son, (William Cornish and Lewis Cornish) 
watchmakers and jewallera 

Cowle. F. Y.. dry goods and clothing 

Crolrli, Bdwird T;, A.M. L,R.C.P.. Principal Union 

CUBITT, F. C, mayor 

Darch, lUchard, blacksmith 

Darlington, Joaiah, grocer 

Darlington, Thomas, grocer and provision merchant 

Davidson, — M. D. 

Davies, Morgan, wholesale tea and general commis- 
sion merchant 

Depoty, H., carpenter 

DICKSON, R. O., Secretary and Treasurtr the Bow- 
mannlle Furniture Mauufacturing Compau^ 

DIXON, ANTHONY, J. [P., CoUector of Customs, 
agent Queen Insurance Company, Roysl lusor* 
auce Company, and agent Provincial rermaneat 
Building Society of Toronto 

Dodd, Thomas, accountant Royal Canadian Bank 

Dunstan, Thomas, boots aud shoes, and fancy goods 

Eastern House, Daniel Jeffery, proprietor 

E ASTON, ROBERT, wholesale hoop skirt manul 

Edwards, William, barber 

Emery, Gordon, physician and surgeon 

FAIRBAIRN, J. B., Postmaster aud manager Mon- 
treal Telegraph Office 

Fairweather, Christina, teacher. Union School 

FansoQ k Northev, tanners and earners 

FAREWELL, J.'^K, (Farewell and McGee) 

FAREWELL k McGEE, (J. E. Farewell and R. Mc- 
Goe, ) l)urristers, attorneys, solicitors k notaries 

Farmers' Exchange and livery stables, Joseph May* 
nard, proprietor 

Farmers' Hotel, Francis Henderson, proprietor 

FISHER, D. cashier Ontario Bank 

Fletcher, Alexander, baker 

Fletcher k Swan, (Johu Fletcher, jr. and Geoi^ 
Swan) general grocers 

Foley, Richard D., produce merchant 

Forl)es, David, merchant tailor 

Fonnan, James G., cooper 

FRANK, FREDERICK, (MceFeten k Frank) 

Galbraith, ElizaWtli, teacher Union School 

Galbraith, Jolm Keith, barrister, kc 

Galbraith, Miss Mary A., fancy store 

GIBSON k CO., grocers. (Sec adv) 

Griffiths, John J., saddle and homess maker 

Haines, («corge, carriage maker 

Haniley, Richard, biickmaker 

Haynes, George, Deputy Reeve 

Hai-tford Fire ins. Co., R. & H, O'Hara, agents 

Heal, Samuel, carpenter 

Helson, Thomas H., teacher Union S<?liool 

Henderson, Francis, prop. Farmers' Hotel and livery 

Henrey, George, photompher 

Hieginbotham, John, chemist and druggist 

Hill7 S. F., general merchant- 

Hoar, Thomas, blacksmith 

Hocriftge, John, prop. Neptune Inn, Port Darling^n 

Holdeu, J., saw mill proprietor 

HOSKIN, F. T., stoves and tinwara 

James, R. W., dealer in agricultoal implements] fmd 

Jeffery, Daniel, proprietor Eastern HoMt 

Jeffrey, Joseph, merchant tailor 

Johnston, James (Mortin Jt Johnston) 

JORK^OK, TKOHASy mana^ The BowmanrilU 
Furniture Company (Limited) 

Jones, T. J., suYgton dsntisi 



Jones. W. J., teller Ontario Bank 

Jose, Joseph H., merchant tailor 

Kf te, JMie, teacher, Union School 

Kyle, William, teller Roral Cansdian Bank 

liOscombe, Charles R., deputy corouer, for Counties 
of Durham ami Northumberland 

liO^icombe^ Robert K., barrister, kc, 
.LOWE, WILLIAM H., (Armour k Lowe) 

Lrnden, Joseph, boarding hoase 

Mc Arthur, F. F., dry goods merchant 

McClellan, James, landing waiter Custom House 

McClellan, John, Harbor Master Port Darlington 

MeClelUn, William, telegraph operator G. T. R. station 

McClung; James (McClung Bros) 

MeCluug, John (McClung Bros) 

McClung, Samuel (McClung Bros) 

McClung, Thomas (McClung Bro$>) 

Mc(>1ung, William, carriage maker 

McClung; Bros., (James, Thomas, John and Samuel) 
dry goods and grocery merchants 

McCullough, J. h Co., general merchants 

McDOL^GALL, J., proprietor Fouldin Flouring Mills 

McF£ET£RS^ JAMES, (McFeeters k Frank) 

McFEETERS k FRANK, (James McFeeteni k Fred- 
erick Frank) produce and commission merchants 

McGEE, S.. (Farewell k McOee) 

McGill, G., accountant Ontario Bank 

McLeod, John, hardware merchant 

McMillan, B., telegraph operator 

McMillan, D.y telegraph operator G.T.R. 

McMurtry, John, groi^cr and provision dealer 

McMurtry, William, dry goods 

Manning Robert S., cabinet maker 

Manning, Thomas cooper and stave mauafacturer 

Martin, Richard, confectioner 

Mason, Samuel, saddle and harness maker 

3Iayer, Marcus, cap manufacturer and furrier 

Ma\iiard, Joseph, proprietor Farmer's Exchange 

Millanl, Alice, teacher Union School 

lioim mansu^r and Postmaster 

Moorcraft, Sarah H., teacher Union School 

Morris, James, carriage and wagon maker 

M(3rtiii, Philip, (Mortin k Johnston) 

Mortin k Johnston, (Philip Mortin k Jas. Jolinston), 
merchant tailors 

Murdoch, John, (Murdoch Brothers) 

Murdoch, Peter, (Muixloch Brothers) 

Munloch Brothers, (John and Peter), grocers and 

Neads, Jacob W., iron founder 

Neads, W. A., agent Canadian Express Company 

O'HAKA, HENRY, (R. k H. O'Hara) 

O'HARA. ROBERT, (R. k H. O'Hara) 

O'HARA, R. k H., .(Robert and Henry), booksellers, 
stationers, photographers, k^u'I insarance agents, 
agents Canada Permanent Building Society, sew- 
ing machine agents, and stock and money bro- 
kers. (See ady) 

ONTARIO BANK, (head office), D. Fisher, cashier 

Orr, Robert, teacher U^ion School 

Patoo, George, M.D. 

Patterson, Bradford, M.D. 

Patt4?rson, Thomas, dry goods 

Peate, Richard, tailor 

Percy, John, blacksmith 

Perry, W. G., sUtion master 0. T. R. 

Pethiok, William, tailor 

Pierce, William, carpenter 

Puic, William, taUor 

Pollock, Jane, teacher Union School ' ' 

Porter, George, assistant accountant 

Port Darlington Custom House, office Bowmanyills, 
Anthony Dixon, Collector of Customs 

Porter, Marshall, saddle, harness and trunk maker 

PORTER, WILLIAM, iron founder and stove manuf. 

POST OFFICE, J. B. Fairbaim, Postmaster 

Prout, Mark J., carpenter 

Quick, Lewis, (Yellowlees k Quick) 

Ratclitre, A. G., grocer and segar manufacturer 

Ratcliffe, F. W., produce dealer and grocer 

KAYNES, F., superintendent Capt. Raynes Bowman 
yille mills 

Reed, Richard, manuf. and dealer in booto and shoe» 

of Durham, Robert Armour, Registrar 

Reid, Henry, M.D. 

Robins, Paul, bookseller, kc. 

Rose, William A., veterinary surgeon 

ROYAL CANADIAN BANK, (Bowmanville branch) 
Rol)ert Young, manager 

Rundell, William, (Williams k Rundell) 

Si ott, William, boot and shoe maker 

Sluw, I'homas, proprietor Alma Hotel 

Silver, Edward, pump maker ^i 

Simson, T. E., grocer, wine and spirit merchant 

Spalding, Charles D., law student 

Stott, David, druggist 

Stott, Houston, carriage painter 

Stoughton, Miss M. G., fancy store 

Sumter, J., assistant accountant 

Thomas, Thomas, blacksmith 

THOMPSON k BURNS, (Willam Thompson and 
William Burns) produce merchants 

Tod, Cliarles, baker 

TOTTERDALE, THOMAS, proprietor Totterdale 
House, (see adv.) 

TOWNS, DAVID, prop. Caledonia oatmeal ami 
grist mills, Clinton street, and manager Bow- 
manville mills 

Travelers Life and Accident Insurance Co., Hartford, 
R. k H. O'Hara, agenU 

Treleven, M,, manutsctorer and dealer in boots ami 

Trewin, — , b^st and shoemaker 

Trick, John, butcher 

Upper Canada Bible Society, in connection with the 
British and Foreign Bible Society, R. k 11. 
O'Hara, Depository, King 

WEBSTER, GEORGE, manager, T, Baasett & Co. 

Westcott, Isaac, carriage and wagon maker 

Western Assumnce Comi>any of Joronto, R. k H. 
O'Hara, agents 

Williams, Mark, (Williams k Rundell) butcher 

WUliams k Rundell, (M irk WilUams k AY. Rundell) 

WILSON, CHARLES U., (Wilson k Bro.) 

WILSON, Joseph C. (Wilson k Bro.) 

WILSON & BROTHER, (Charles R. and Joseph C.) 
grocers and provision dealers 

WINDATT, RICHARD, Town Clerk and Collector. 

Wright, Miss Agues, milliner and dressmaker. King 

WRIGHT, WILLIAM, bookkee^r Murdock k Bro. 

Wyllie, James, bstli er and confectioner 

Yellowlees, Thomas, (Yellowlees and Quick) 

Yellowlees k Quick, (Thomas Yellowlees and Lewis 
Quick) fancy goods 

YOUNG, ROBERT, Manager Bowmanville Branch 
Royal Canadian Bank, agent Home Ins. Co. of 
New Haven, Conn., Commercial Union Ass. Co. 
of London, Eng., Koropean Asrarance and Guar- 
antee Co. of London, Eng., office, R. C. Bank 

Young k Co., butchers. Market Building 

Young, Charles, Britton 



BraC6bridgC- — A Village on the Mnskoka River, in the Townnhip of Macaulay, County Vietotia Dii' 
tant from Toronto 140 miles. Stages iu winter and boats in summer from Uanie to Wu^liago. Artngt 
price of wild land, f 2 to f 5 ; impi-oved, $10. Money Order office. Population 160. 

BAILEY, ALEXANDER, Postmaster and general 

mt reliant 
Bailey, A., hotel keeper 
Cheiiier, P., grocer 
Frazt-r, .John, teacher 
Glass, 'lames, gt-nt-ral agent 
Gow, George liotel keeper 
Herriit, William, fanner 
Uoiditch, 8., general merchant 
Johnston, John, blacksmith 
LOUNT, C. W., J. P. 
Lyniiugton, — , cabinetmaker 

McDonald, A. H., hotel keeper 
McDonald, H. J., grocer 
McNichol, Robert, tanner 
Bcarlet, William, accountant 
Shur|)e, Walter, famier 
Tait, W., blacksmith 
T<-viotdaie, John, general men*hant 
Teviotdale, — , cHoinetmaker 
Gilsou, G., accountant 
Winfielu, John, arehitect 
Way, Kev. — , (Church of England) 
Wright, Rev. — , (Presbyterian) 

Bradford* — An incorporated Village and Station of the Northern Railway, in the Township of Wnt 
Gwillimbnry, County Simcoe, 22 miles from Barrie and 38 from Toronto. Stages daily to Bond Head 
Money Order office and Savings Bank. Population 1000. 

Abbott, Jamet G. & J., tanners 

Adams, J. M.. tin ware 

Aigeo, Robert, hotel keeper. 

An-hard, W. Y., druggist 

Atkinson, -L, sash factuiy 

Anustrou":, John, famier 

Bamdrd, B., dry goods and groceries 

Barry, J. W. k Son, tanners 

Bingliam, Rdbei-t, hotel keeper 

Bingham, Edward, tanner 

Boiidy, John, dry goods and groceries 

Booth, J. D.. teacher 

Borrowmm, J. & A., marble dealers 

BUTTERFIELD, L., foundry and machinist 

Brimson, WiLiani, pianoforte maker 

Campliell, Alexander, groceries and provisions 

Clement^ Lewis, M. D. 

Cockeriine, M. B,, grist and carding mill 

Cook, Gibson, groceries and provisions 

Deacon, Joseph, druggist 

Dissette, Edwanl, carriage maker 

DOUGLAS, MRS. ANN, Postmistress 

Dobson, R., grammar school teacher 

Driffield, Tliomas & Sons, hardware merchants 

Durham, James, saw mills 

EDMONTON, WILLIAM, baker and confectioner 

Falcon bridge, J. R., dry goods and groceries 

Fisher, E. J. T., M.*D. 

Fiemniiug, Miss, school teacher 

GoodchiUi, J. k W., groceries and provisions 

Goodfellnw, John, farmer 

Herrick, Thomas, tailor 

Hwckridge, John, carriage maker 

Husband, Georg<*, dentist 

Kilkenny, Thomas, cabinet maker 

Kilgoe, llobert, hotel kaepsir 

Laniont, Mrs, tinware 

Long, William, merchant 

McBrien, John, boots and shoes 

Mi Kee, Alexander k Son, groceries and liquor stoii 

Manning, U. W., liaiiitf Divis>ion Court 

Marrow, Kdvraixl, station agent, N. R. Co. 

Montgomery, John, boots and shoes 

Morris, Job, hoti-l keeper 

MORTON, GEORGE D., M. D., coroner 

Morgan, G. W., druggist 

Murphy, .lohn, dry goods and groceries 

Onnsby, J., boots and shoes 

Orr, A. k W., dry goods and OToceries 

Paul, Rev. K., (Primitive Mctliodist) 

POKTER * BROUGHTON, props. SouihSimcoeNiW 

Rawe, James, photographer 

Ruttan, Rev. C, (Churt:h of England) 

SCANLON, MARK, barrister, attorney -at-law, kc 

Scott k Graham, saddlers 

SMALL, DAN lEU proprietor North American Hotel 

Smith, H., Iruit and fanc}r goods 

S^jence, John, painter 

Stephens, John, photogroph<r 

Stt'phenson, John, harness maker 

Stibbs, John, baker and conitctioner 

Stevenston, VV. M., dry goiMls and grui*eri«B 

Stewart, Robert, grt>cery and liquor store 

Stodders, Andrew, hotel keeper 

Strong, William, boots and shoes 

Swallow, John, hardware 

"SOUTH SIMCOE NEWS," (waekly) Porter and 

Broughton, editors 
Syme, James, It. D. 
Trott, W., teilor 

Turner k Coi-kerell, groceries and glassware 
Walker, R. k W., cabinet makers 
Walker k Overton, tin ware 
Wilcock, James, watchmaker 
WII^ON, J. W. H., attormy-at-law 
Wright, ('. W., groceries and glassware 
York, Eli, blacksmith 
Youmans, Rev. J., (Wesleyan) 

Braelliar«-*A ViUago in the Township of Bast Zorra, County Oxford. Distant from Woodstock, tb« 
County Town, 8 miles, from Toronto 91 mihss. Average piice of land, $25. Population 76. 

ANDREW, AL£XAND£K, Postmaster and genural 

Forbes, Robert, fanner 
Harrington, John, J. P. 
Leslie, Wiliiam, fanner 
McKay, Alexander, farmer 
McKay, George, carpenter 
McKay, James B., farmer 
McKay, John B., carpenter 

McKeilar, Hugh, teacher 
McKenzie, Rev. — , (Pn-sbyterian) 
Mnnro, William, teacher 
Hess, Andrew, farmer 
Ross, Thomas, tailor 
Sewel, Samuel, farmer 
Sutherland, John, farmer 
Whaly, Hugh, fkrmer 
Wilkuon, John, J. P. 



Box Crove* — A Village on Roage Creek, id the 

County Town 20 miles. Stages daily to Markham 

Break, David, farmer 
Break, Ja«e|)h, fanner 
Glenn, Geoi^, shingle manniactnrer 
Hudley. William, buti^her 

HcCAPFKEV, JOHN, Postmaster and general mer- 
Morri§ou, Rev. W., (Wealeyan) 
Raymer, A., farmer 
Rec«or, Frederick, teacher 

Township of Markham, Connty York. Distant from 
Village. Average price of land f 50. Population 100* 

Reesor, J. S., farmer 
Reesor, Samuel, fanner 
Roberts, W. M., farmer 
Smith, Edward, tailor 
Spry, Joseph, shingle mannfactnWr 
Sutton, Julius, woolen factor 
Tomlinson, A. M., farmer 
Tonilinson, Cicero, farmer 
Tomlinson, Sylvester, farmer 

BoWOOd* — ^A Post oi&ce in the Towns^iip of Lobo» County Middlesex. 

McLEAN, HUGH, Postmsster. 

Boyne.— A Post office in the Township of TraVgar, Connty Halton. 

EMMiTT, S., Postma;ter. 

BnunptOlU— The County Town of Peel, a SUtion of the Gnrnd Tnink Railway, in the Township of 
Chinguacousy, 20 miles from Toronto. The country in the vicinity is an excellent agricultural one. The 
County buildings, recently erected, are of freestone and white brick, and are generally admitted to be 
equiil in every respect to any similar structures in the Province. Money Order Office and Savings Bank. 
Population 1800. 

Addy, William, cooper 

Agar, T. A., ckrk 1st Division Court 

Alexander, Jiimes, carpenter 

Anderaon, A., wagon maker 

Anthony, John, wagon maker 

Anthony, William, blacksmith 

Armour k Dawson, builders 

Arnold, Rev. Robert, (Church of England) 

ATKINS, S. k CO., hardware 

AUSTIN, J. A., Deputy Clerk of the Crowa, Clerk 

County Court 
Bftird, W. M., cabinetmaker 
Bates, Jj>hn, agent sewing machines 
BARNHaRT, S. J., editor and proprietor JUview. 
BKCK« SAMUEL, proprietor Revere House 
Bell, H»-nry, grocer 
Bell, John, carriage maker 
Beynon, J. W., barrister 
Boyle, Rev. R., (Primitive Methodist) 
BRAMPTON TIMES, George Tye, proprietor 
Bright, Lewis, gnnsmith 
Broildy, R«>birt, Sheriff 
BuUermont. Thomas, grocer 
Burnett & Sons, cabinetmakers 
CAmpb«>ll.'D. K., County Registrar 
CHISHOLM, K., Postmaster 
CHISHOLM, K. k CO., (K. Chisholm k M. Elliot), 

Sentral m..'rchants, flour mill proprietors, produce 
ealers, et«'. 
CLARK, JACOB P., (Cummins, Coyne k Clark) 
Clark, John, blacksmith 

COATE8, JOHN, veterinary surgeon and srrseer. 
(See adv) ^ / 6 6 

Cole, J. W., photographer 

Carson, J. W.,M.D 

Coyne, John, boots and shoes 

COYNE, JOHN, M.P.P., (Cummins, Coyne k Clark) 

Oraif, Donahl, photographer 

Crozi«r, David, tailor 

CUMMINS, COYNE k CLARK, barristers, *c. 

CUMMINS, J. P., (Cummins, Coyne k Clark) 

Curry, R. C, M.D 

Dawson, Charles, fruits, ke 

DODUS, J. 0., liquor merchant 

DUGGAN, WILLIAM, Deputy Clerk of the Pcace^ 
C4)m. in b.K., issuer of marriage licenses 

Elliott, John, f»rmi*r 

ELLIOTT, M. M., (K. Chisholm & Co) 

ELLIS, EDWARD, chief consUble, auctioneer 

Fawcett, Rev. M., (Methodist) 

Fen ton. David, farmer 

Ferguson, William, carpenter 

Ft*wson, John, brewer 

Fitzgerald, R. C, asent Royal Canadian Bank 

Galbraith, Robert, U., watchmaker 

Gilkinson, Joseph, livery stable prop. 

Glenn, James, coo|)er ^ 

Goldittg, James, baker 

Goodf rham, George, grocer 

Graliam, George, Cuuniy Treasurer 

Graham, Joseph, genei-ai merchant 

Gi'uham, Thomas. J.P 

GRAHJkM, W. K., (TrotterA Graham) 

Grant, John, si'n., M.D 

GREEN, GEORGE, barrister. Clerk of the Pcaoe, 
Connty Attorney 

Green, James, shoemaker 

HAG(;ERT, BKOTHEBS, iron foundf*n and mer- 
chants. (See adv. ) 

HAGGEUT, JAMES, general merchant 

Hamilton, James, earfieuter 

Harris, Thomas, cooper 

Hegsie, David, M.D 

HANNAH, J. R., pmp. Britiah Arms Hotel 

Henderson, Robert, |^ncral merchant 

Hodgson, Joseuh, tailor 

Holmes, Mrs. M. R , select school 

Hoasie, W. N., Deputv Sheriff 

Hughes, Stewart, bricklayer 

HUGHES. WILLIAM, general merch:«Dt 

Hull, Anthony, carpenter 

Hurst, William, grocer * 

Johnston, William, M.D., caron'>r 

Jones, Robert, prop. Exchang* IMd 



Kennedy, JMnes, carpenter 

Kennedy, James, cabinet maker 

Eleiser, Augastnt, watchmaker 

LeBert, Joseph, baker 

Lewis, John, blacksmith 

Lewis, William, stage proprietor 

Lillie, William, grocer 

Lindsay, William, J.I*., County Clerk 

Lowes, Robert, farmer 

Lnndy, William T., general merchant 

McBride, Donald, shoemaker 

McCauley, Isaac, carpenter 

McClellan, George, grocer 

McClelland, George, grocer 

McDonald, James, hotel keeper ' 

McKechnie, Archibald, tailor 

McMann, Robert, carpenter 

McMnrray, Thomas C, watchmaker 

IfahafTy, William, blacksmith 

Malov, P. W., shoemaker 

Marsnall, William, farmer 

Mathers, John, merchant 

Menzies, R., proprietor Farmers* Inn 

MORPHY k FLEMING, barristers 

Murdock, Charles, shoemaker 

Kelson, James, saddler 

Newcombe. Christopher, farmer 

Norton, T. R., blacksmith 

Pace, Henry, watchmaker 

Patterson, Samuel, farmer 

Pattiillo, Alexander, M.D. 

Paul, Thomas J., attorney -at-law 

Peaker, William, stoves and tinware 

Pickard, A. John, carpenter 

Pimm, Jacob, watchmaker 

Playter, W. J., dentist 

Porter, John, tailor 

Pringle, Rev. James, (Presbyterian) 

REVERE HOUSE, S. Buck, proprietor 

REVIEW, (the) weekly, S. J. Barnhart, editor 

Robertson, John H., saddler 

Sarage, John« machinist 

Scott, A- B., P.L.S 

Scott, A. P., County Judge 

SCOTT, DAVID L., attomey-at-law 

Scully, Henry, carpenter 

Scath, John, principal grammar sehool 

Shaw, John, farmer 

Shepperd, Thomas^ carpenter 

Smith, David, farmer 

Smith, James, carpenter 

Smith k Robertson, bricklayers 

SNELL, JOHN, drover. (See adv) 

Sparks, Vipond, blacksmith 

Spelman, J. A., carpenter 

Sproule, J. G. C., butcher 

Stewart, John, cooper 

Stoneham, Richard, carpenter 

Stork, Christopher, druggist 

Stuart, Robert, carpenter 

Summerville, S., shoemaker 

Thistle, J. A 

Tilt, James, boots and shoes 

TROTTER k GRAHAM, dentists, insurance agents. 

(See adv) 
TROTTER, RICHARD, J. P., (Trotter & Graham) 
TYE, GEORGE, proprietor Brampton Tim^ 
Walsh, E, J., prop. Canada Hotel 
Ward, Richaxo, cooper 
White, David, butcher 
White, George, shoemaker 
Whitehead, Thomas, general merchant 
Wigley, A. H., tanner 
Williamsou, William, cattle dealer 
Wiln^ot k McGurn 
Wilson, John, shoemaker 
Wilson, «^S., saddler 
Wilson, iftctoas, marble works 
Wood, J. E., barber 
Woods, P. L, bookseller 
AVright, George, grocer 
Wright, Josephf attorney-at-law 

Branchton* — A Village on the Great Western 

loo. Distant from Berlin, the County Town, 

$60. Population, 250. • 

Aikins, Thomas, carpenter 

Arthur, Hugh, farmer 

Beamer, Joseph, planing mill 

Brown, C. w., shoemaker 

Buchanan, John, farmer 

Buchanan, T., fanner 

Burnett, Arthur, fanner 

Cope, James, carpenter 

CrozieV, James,- butcher 

GUMMING k CORNELL, genenl merchants 

GUMMING, D. W., Postmaster 

Davis, Henry, engraver 

Deacon, J. S., general merchant 

Duplan, Charles, station master G. W. R 

Farley, George, dyer 

Ooodall, Robert) farmer 

Railway, in the Township of S. Dumfries, County Water^ 
17 miles, from Toronto, 65 miles. Average price of land 

Hunt, James, livery stable jjropiietor 
Jenkins, J., proprietor Jenkins Hotel 
McDeisb, (George, fanner 
McLeish, Robert, teacher 
Middleton, George, accountant 
Morgan, James, wagon maker 
Sales, Peter, architect 
Simpson, George, farmc r 
Steel, John, dyer 
Tnmbnll, Thomas, wagon maker 
White, Hugh, farmer 
Wilcox, Richard, butcher 
WilUrd, Charles, ])ainter 

Br«chlB.— A Village in the Township of Mani» County Ontario^ 60 miles from Whitby, «nd SO firoia Bell 
Ewart, a Station on the Northern Railway. Tri-weekly nudls. , Population 50. 

Barker, Joseph, shoemaker 

Bimey John, hotel keeper 

Bimev, John, blacksmith 

Campbell, Kipv. K. A. (Roman Catholic) 

FOLEY, J. P., Postmaster and general marchant 

McGrath, Michael, wearer 

McGrath, Patrick, wagon maker 
O'Donnel, Edward, gardener 
Parsons, Jacob, farmer 
Roach, Thomas, hotel keeper 
Themson, Joeepli, general stoie. 



Brantford*— The County Town of Brant, is sitiuted on the Grand Riyer, at the head of nayigation and is 
a station of the BaflVdo and Lake Huron Railway. Its name is derived from the celebrated Mohawk Chie^ 
Joeeph Brant. The site of the town, 807 acres, was surrendered by the Indians to the Grown, 19th April, 1830, 
and was surveyed the same year. The Grand River Navigation Canal, commenced in 1840, added 
materially to the early prosperity of the town, its object was to remove the obstruction caused by ths 
falls on th* Grand River; its length is about three miles and it is capable of admitting vessels of three 
and a-half feet draught to the town. Brantford ie situated in the centre of one of the best agricultunl 
sections of the Province, and possesses first-class manufacturing facilities, and having direct railway and 
water communicati<m with all parts of t&e Province and the United States, must, at no distant day, 
become one of the most important towns in the Western Provinee. Stages to Hamilton and Simooe. 
P<^pulation 7000. The following are the principal manufacturing establishments:— ^mnZ/bref Engine 
JFofkt, C. H. WaterousltCo., established 1844» employing 100 hands; steam engines, saw and grist milL^ 
shingle, lath, and stave machines. Steam power 40 horse. Fidcria Foundry, William Buck, established 
1850, employing 80 hands; stoves, ploughs, castings, tin and copper ware, machinery, &e. SriUania 
F^mndry, B. k G. Tisdale, established 1851, employs 25 hands; steam power, stoves, kc A, SpenoCy 
* carriage maker, employs IS hands. Jiarndf TttU, planing mill and sash factory, steam power 10 hors^ 
employing 85 hands. Money order office and Savings bank. 

Adams k Brophy, boots and shoes 

Allan, P. C, books and stationery 

AMERICAN HOTEL, A. G. Hatch, prop, (see adv.) 

Armitage, W., butcher 

Ash, W.lLk Co., distillers 

Ashworth, G. L., hosiery, Jtc 

Atchison, Mr. 

Baiden, Rev. P. (Roman Catholic) 

Bamfather, David, tailor 

Bates, Richard, marltile works 

Bataon, H., hotel keeper 

Baxter, J. k W., livery stable keeper^ (see adv.) 

Beglan, Joseph, grocer 

Bddinc, W.^. 

Bell, W., tailor 

Bellhouse, G. £., grocer 

Bellhouse, James, builder ^ 

Bellkonse It Laige, builders 

BeUows, Mr. 

BINGHAM HOUSE, Job Bingham, proprietor 

BINGHAM, JOB, proprietor Bineham House. 

Blackader, F. F., aeoountant Bank Montreal 

Blaekwsll, Miss, teacher 

Botham, Thomas k Co., groceries, &e. 

Boulby, J. W., law office 

BRADLEY, A., livery stable keeper. (See adv.) 

BRANT HOTEL, G. Fleming proprietor. (See adv.) 

VERTISER, published every Saturday. Sub- 
seripdonHOO per year. Henry Lemon, editor 
and proprietor 

BRANTFORD EXPOSITOR, Stewart and Mathi- 
son publishers. Weekly terms $2.00 per year. 

Brendon, Frederick, chemist end dru^^gist. 

Brethour, H. W. k Co., dry goods, millinery, clothing, 

Broekington, B., hotel keeper 

Bromwich, W., hair dresser 

Brooke, Thomas, ffrooer 

BUCK, WILLIAM, stove and agricultural implement 
manufactory. (See adv.) 

Bunnell, A., produce dealer 

Caldsr, WiUiam, produce dealer 

Callahan, Daniel, boots, shoes, leather and findings 

Cameron, Ewen. Montreal Telegn^ Office. 

Cantillon, W. D., wholesaled retsil dealer in liquors 

Csmegie, John, accountant B. B. N. A, 
lorm A. Ik J., hardware merchants 

Clelaiid, William, dry goods 

CLEMENT, A. D., Postmaster 

Clement, C. H., Assistant Postmaster 

Clinch, Ralph, grocery and provisions 

Cochrane, Rev. W. (Zion Presbyterian) 

Cockshutt, J., dry goods, groceries, hardware, &c, 

Coday, Miss, teacher 


Collis, d S., blacksmith 

Comerford, John, grocer 

COMMERCIAL HOTEL, J.' C. Palmer, proprietor 

CORRIGAN, FRANCIS, Robinson HaU Hotel 

Corson, W. C, MD. 

Cowherd, Thomas k Son, copper and tinsmith 

Cox, Alfred, watchmaker and jeweller 

Cox, F. T., grocer and provision dealer 

Creyh, James, watchmaker and jeweller 

Crooks, H. P. S., boots and shoes 

Crown and Anchor Hotel, Edward Campbell, prop. 

Curtis, Daniel, collector of customs 

Cusack, Mrs., jrrocery 

Dalrymple, Wuliam, cabinet maker 

Davis, £., tailor 

DELL, WILLIAM, Grand Trunk Hotel 

Digby, Dr. 

Drake, W. A., Uker 

Dunn, P., blacksmith 

Dutton, William, Ontario Hotel 

Edgar, John, china and glasswace 

Edy, A. fc J., photographers 

ELLIOTT, JOHN, contractor 

Evans, R., agent Q. & L. H. R. R. 

EXCELL, JAMES P., umbrella milker (see adv.) 

Fair, A., groceries and Uquors 

FARR, JOSEPH, wholesale and retoil hardware mer- 
chant (see adv.) 

Finnessy, M., grooer 

Flestner, Jc^n, groeer 

Fitch, B. F., banister, kc 

Fleming, Geoige, livery stable keeper 

FLEMING, G., Brant Hotel (see sdv.) 

FORDE, J. k BROTHER, grocers and provision 

FORDE, R. J. k CO., grocers and provision dealsvs 

FOSTER, GEORGE, groceries and produce 

Gemley, Rev. John ( Wesleyan) 

Gilbert, Beigamin, barber 

Gill It Gardner, saddlers 

Gillan, Miss B., school teacher 

Glassco, George, hatter and Airrier 

Glasseo, Thomss, tax collector 

Gorman, Robert, boots and shoes 

GRAND TRUNK HOT£L» William Dell, pn^ 



Gray, Robert, grocer and butcher 

6r«inoii, O., Imker, Itc 

Griffith^ Heory, boot maker 

Griffith* James, watch maker 

Hall, J., agent American £xprem 

Hardy, A. S., Iiarrister 

Hardy, G., fruit and lieh dealer 

Hardy, Thomas J., hatter and furriet 

Hart, Dacres W., Collector Inland Rerenae 

Hartman, C, fruit and confectionery 

HATCH, A. G., nrop. Am<<ricaii Hotel (see adr.) 

Hawkins, John J., groceries, provisions, wines and 

Hayd, Benjamin, general store 
HAYOEN, J. C., dealt'TB in groceries, wines and 

liquors, provisions, kc, 
Hazall, J., Ontario Hotel 
Haselton, A. W., soap and pntssh factory 
Hebden, J. J., teller Bank British North America 
Hext, T. It J., carriage makers and blacksmiths 
HiU, A. A., M. D. 

Hocking & Bates, Brant Marble Works 
Howell, W., groc4*riea, wiues and liquors 
Hudson, Andrew, books and stationery 
Hunter, John, grocer 
Hurst, W. B., groceries and liquors 
Hutchinson, Alex., Montreal Telegraph Co. 
, Imlach k Good, viuegrar and starch manufacturers 
Imlach, \V. J., Deputy Reeve 
Jackson, L., Assistant Pf*stmaster 
Jackson, Roltert G., carriage maker 
Jackson, Samuel, dry goods and clothing 
James, JThomas, Assessor . 

Jarvis, C, jr., soap, candle and potash manufacturer 
Jenkins, John, merchant tailor 
Jez, Johnston, l)lacksmith 
Jones, J., locomotive foreman B. & L. H. R. R. 
JULL, J. H., Raulway Hot-1 
Kenny, T., Dominion Hotel 
Kerr, W. H. C, insurance agent 
Kerr, W. H., Brant Bakery 
Kerr's Music Hull 

KESTER, B.. anctioneer, &c (see adv.) 
KING. GRORGE, King's Hotel 
KING'S HOTKL. Railway staUon Brantford, George 

King, proprietor 
Kirby*8 Mills, Thomas RoImou, proprietor 
Kirchnee, J. J. . cigar maker 
Lacey, Kev. S., (Primitive Methodist) 
Lane, (\, groceries and ]>rovisions 
Larni nr, ^ ns4stantsui)erintendentB. k L. H. R. R. 
LAU'. ER '»Al*H, G., coffee, dining and oyster saloon 
Leemiii^, H. B^ of Leeming k VhU*t9oii 
Lecming k Paterson, confectioners 
LEMON, HENRY, editi.r Brantford Courier 
Leonard, Francis H., Reeve 
Lewis, J., tailor 

LINES. \V., grocer, provision dealer 
Loaey, J., groi*ery and proviidons, wines k liquors 
Long, William, shoemaker 
Lrons, Woods, carriage maker 
HoCann, A., tailor 

McCollum, William, McCollnm*s Hotel 
KoKflty, Donald B., saddlery and hardware 
SIcKay, Duncan, Town Treasurer 
KcLEAN, THOMAS, wholesale and nt ill dty goods 

millinery and clothing 
McLeun, Siimu I, fancy gmtds 
McMahony H., barrister, kc 
McMahon, T. B., barrister 
McMeans, A., groceries and liquors 
McMesns, James, Police Magistrate 
McMeans, Thomas, Chitf Constable 
McGuire, S., fruit and relre^hment rooms 

Marter Walter, collector Inland Revenue 

Martindale k Brother, dealers in plaster 

Mason, M. D. 

Mason k Hamilton, chemists and druggists 

Masterson, WiUiam, gunsmith 

Matthews, W., J. P., Mayor, Auctioneer and Issuer 

of Marriage Uoenses 
MATHISON, ROBERT, editor Brantford £jijtonUfr 
MKACHAM, J. B., dentist. (See sdv) 
Mcnzies, GtH>rgi% clerk B. B. N. A. 

James Weyms, pro|;rietor 
Minore, John, confectionery and fancy store 
Moore, M., tea«!her 

Moutrt^l House, Benjamin Hunn, proprietor 
MORTON, A. & J. ¥., wholesale and retail hard- 
ware merchants. (See adv) 
Noble, John, painter, kc 
I Nor\^uod C. barber 
OCCIDENTAL SALOON and BilUaiti Parlor, Welsh 

and Walsh, proprietors 
Orchard, John, tailor and clothier 
Ormerod, John, provision dealer 
Ott, John, tanner and dealer in wool 
Ox ley & (*a, grocers and dealers in wines k liquors 
PALMER, J. C, proprietor Commercial Hotel 
PALMER, STEPHEN, fish dealer and ice meruhant 

(See adv) 
Park, S., photographer 
Paterson, W., (Leefniug k Paterson) 
Peel, R., mason 

Pendlebury, H., boot and shoe maker 
Pierce, W., undcrtakt-r 
Plewt's, D., grain merchant 
Plummer, Waltrr, hotel keeper 
Poole, G., tailor 
Potts, Thomas, tinsmith 

Prin(!P I'l Wales* Hotel, John Brown, proprietor 
Qu«-<'n'8 Arms Hotel, Charles Farrell {-roprietor 
Quinlan; Joseph, groceries, wines k liquors 
RACEY, H. k Co., auctioneers, kc (See adv) 
RAILWAY HOTEI^ near Railway Sution, John 

H. JuH, proprietor 
RAN8FORD, E. V., Piano-forte sgent 
READ, JOSEPH, marble works 
Reed. Samuel, agent Bank of Montreal 
Riti:hie k Russell, t>luml>ers -and 191s litters 
RoI>ertson, Alexanatfr, Manager Bank B. N. A. 
Robinson, J., commission merchant and grocer 
Robnon, M., hotel 

Kolph, W. v., paymaster B. & L. H. R.R. 
Royal Exchange, John Beer, proprietor 
Royal Saloon and Ovster Rooms, J. Humburch, prop 
Sanderson, W., seedsman 
Savage, A., track inspector, B. &L. H. R.R. 
Sayles, «Tohn, butcher 
Scott, W. I\, grocer and butcher 
Sears, C. W., Sear's Hotel 
Shackell, R.. lager beer saloon 
Shannon, R., grocer 
Shuttleworth, James, butcher 
Simms, E., conveyancer, commissioner ia B.B., ko* 
Simm(»ns. Simon/ grocer 
Sims Etiwin, confectioner 
Smith, A. W., exchange broker 
SMITH, JAMES, saddle, harness It^trank maiiu£i»- 

tory. (See adv. ) 
Smith, John, Sheriff 
Sm3rtb, Margaret, groceries 
Sowden, Jolm, butcher 

SPENCE, A., carriage and wagon maker. <ke adr.) 
SPENCER, HUGH, groceries, wines and Uiuors 
Spencer, T., West brantford Brewdiy 
Staplefon, John, boots and shoes 



STEWART, C. E., Brantford JSxponior. (Soe ad^.) 

STOCK xVELL k BUOTIiEit, dyera & cleaners 

STRATFORD, JOHN H. & Co., dealers in oil 

STRATFi>RI>, W. H. whou-^iUe grocer an4 druggist 

Strong, T., boots and shoes 

Stnithers, J., baker, kc. 

Stubbs, Thomas, blackRmith 

Stubbs, W., biHoksiuith 

Stutttiixl, Jainea. giocery, &c. 

Santf r & £<igai-, china and glassware 

SuUivj&n, Dion C., L. UB., prin. Grammar School 

Sntherland, J., books and stationery 

Sutton, Dr., dentist 

TairisU, •lolin. pniiitor 

Tapscott, 8. k Co., druggists 

TATE, T. H., groceries, provisions, wines and liquors. 

Hour and tV^-d (see aldv. ) 
Taylor, John, dry goo'.ls, kc. 
Taylor, John, !>&kcr 
Temaitdt, G., provisions. 
Terrapin Lunch Room, W. Dcat>', proprietor 
"TH E SHADES,'" J. P. Excell, proprietor 
Tisdale, B. G., founder 
TooZc*, John, but<:ht*r 

TOWLER, SAM UEL, boot and shoe maker (see adr. ) 
Trigs^rson, J. T., saddler 
TUTT, JAMES, door, blind and sash factory 
Union Inn, (J. Doerin*?er, proprfetor 
Usher, Rev. James C. (Church of England) 
VanNorman, C. It, Itarrister, kc, 
Vaiiglian, ^(ames, tailor • 

VICTORIA FOUXDHY, \Vm. Buck, proprietor 
WALSH, F., Fountain saloon 
WALSH, F. & CO., tobacconists, kc. 
Wallace. Jami-s, leather de&der 
Wash, W. E. 

WATEROUS, C. H. (C. H. WateiousA Co.) 
WATEROUS, C. H. k CO., Brantford Stjam Engine 

Works (sec adv. ) 
Watson, Har>;rave, butcher 
WATT, GEORGE, wholesale giocer, wine and spirit 

merchant (see adv.) 
Watt, W., planing mill, builder, kc. 
W.4TTS, A., aoaii and caudle factory ^sea adv.) 
Wear, James, shoemaker 
AVebling, Edward, butcher 
Weinang, John V., butcher 
Welding k Belding, stoneware pottery 
Welding, \V. E. 

Wellingtcm Hotel, H. Woods, proprietor 
Welsh, Robert 

Weyms, Thoma.«, ^letropolitan Saloon 
WHITHAM, H. K., soua water manufactory 
Whitham, Matihew, variety store 
Whittaker, W., tinsmith 
WILKES, GEORGE H., (Waterous k Co.) 
Wilkes, G. S. 

WILKES, JAMES, J. P., general insurance agent 
Wilkie, Mrs., straw milliner 
Wilson, A. L., clerk customs 
W 1 LSON, C.g boot and shoe maker. (Sec adv) 
Wilson, E. C, confectioner. 
Wilkinson, John W., watchmaker 
WOOD, HOX. E. B., M. P., Treasurer Province oi 

Wood, Rev. John, (Congregational) 
Worden, Peter, general merchant 
Worthington, John, grocery 
Wright, J.,- shoeniuker 

Brentwood.— A Village on the Northern Railway, 

tant from B^irrie the County Town 18 miles, from 

lation 150. 

Auger. Awie, farmer 

Auger, Lewis, jobber 

Brown, Thomas 

COOK, CHRISTOPHER & Co., lumber dealers 

Cullen, Patrick, farmer 

Davidson, David, general merchant 

Davidson, Joseph, lumber dealer 

Desjardins Paul, farmer 

Dt^ourdis, Fmnuis, fu'aier 


Forest, Folix, co<i[)er 

Harris, E., farmer 

Helferen. John, farmer 

Jennings, AbeL butcher 

Keenion, Thomas, proprietor Farmers* Inn 

in the Township of Sunnidale, County Simcoe. Dis- 
Toronto 76 miles. Average price of land $25. Popu- 

Lnne, Daniel, farmer 

Leggatt, William, farmer 

McBridi*, John, firmer 

Mc(jrinnis.s Miss Catherine, teacher 

Middle brook, Joseph 

O'Conufll, Johi>, farmer 

Orser, John, farmer 

O'Sh&i, Patrii'k, farmer 

RobiilarJ, Joseph, farmer 

Itoas, George, proprietor Ross Hotel 

Sootr^ William, farmer 

Smith, Daniel, butcher 

Switzer, Philip, farmer 

Warner, John, general merchant 

Wiggins, Edward, farmer 

Breslan. — A Village situated in the Township of Waterloo, County Waterloo, distant 4'miles from Berlin, 
the County Town, and 58 miles from Toronto on the Grand Trunk Railway. Population 150. 

Bemer, John, cooper 
Cottrell, Geor:^', Stati'ni Master 0. T. R. 
ERB, EPHUAIM, Postmaster and J. P. 
£rb k Bricker, general merchants 
Friedland, Christoplier, shoemaker 
Grey, Miss A., school teacher 

Gerater, Charles, hotel keef^er and cabinet maker 
Hagey, Rev. Joseph, (Mennonite) 
K reason, Charles, lime burner 
Miller, Abram, jw-tent right agent 
Shoemaker, John, F., carpenter and builder 

Brewster.— A post town in the Township of Stephen, County Huron, South Riding. 

licDOUOALL, W., Postraa.ster. 



Brewer's MlHfll.— A village on the 

Distant from County Town 17 miles, 

lation 100. 

ANGLIN, ROBERT, sen., Postmaiter 

Anglin, Robert, jun., general merchant 

Beaupree, Joseph 

Brown, William, prop, carding mill 

Connor, Rev. Father, (Roman Catholic) 

Dean, Patrick, lock master 

Dillon, Francis, farmer 

Dillon, John, farmer 

Foster, Thomas, prop, grist mill 

Frill, Amos, fai-mer 

Hartnett, Joseph, farmer 

Hill, David, farmer 

Ridean Canal, in the TowBship of Pittsburgh, County Frontenac- 
frou Toronto 180 miles. Stages to and from Kingston. Popu- 

Jordon, Cliarles, hotel keeper 

Keagin, Patrick 

Kennedy, Rev. James, (Methodist) 

Keys, James, assistant lock master 

McLoughlin, William, hotel keeper 

McMinn, Samuel, cordwood dealer 

McReever & Son, blacksmiths 

Maxwell, Richard 

Milne, James, contractor 

Stetwell, H. B., proprietor saw mill 

Willman, Thomas, lumberman 

Briffht.—A Village situated in the Township of Blandford, County Oxford, and on the Grand Trunk Rail- 
road, 15 miles from Woodstock the County Town. Money oixier office. 

Baird, George, general merchant and stave factor 

Berk, Jacob, tailor 

Cowan, John, hotel keeper 

Cuthbertson, hotel keeper 

Gerrie, Rev. John, (Baptist) 

Gnhl, C, blacksmith 

McKee, Robei*t blacksmith 
Rostrock, G., merchant tailor 
Rowe, Geoige, boot and shoe maker 
Sharp, H. K. k Co., general merchants 
SHARP, W. A., (H. R. Sharp & Co.) Postmaster 
Simeon, James, harness maker 

Bridgeport. — A Village on the Grand River, in tho Township and County of Waterloo, two miles from 
Berlin and 62 from Toronto. The river and Laurel Creek afford first-class water power, which is exten- 
sively used. This would be a good opening for a foundry, cotton and woolen mills. Improved land in 
the vicinity averages f 50 per acre. Population, 860. 

Abel, Herman, dyer I Huff, John, shoemaker 

Abel k Euler, wine dealers 

Albert, John, carpenter 

Alderson, Jamesi J. P 

Beck, Philip, tailor 

Bierensteil, Adam, potter 

Diefenbacher, Philip, brick maker 

EBY, ELIAS, Postmaster 

£by, Elias k Co., lumber merchants, millers, store 

keepers, kc 
Flei83hhauer, John Otto, general mei-chant 
Froehlich, G., hotel keeper 
Heiser, Stephen, carpenter 
Hollinger, George, cooper 
Hollinger, Philip, cooper 
Huff, Adam, tailor 

Kreitzweiser, Michael, carpenter 
Murray, Adam, woolen factor 
Polaender, John, shoemaker 
Randolph, Henry, stone and lime dealer 
Rosbacn, Adam v., saddler 
Scheuerman, Frederick, leather dealer 
Schiedel, Noah, hotel keeper 
Schultz, Karl, shoemaker 
Smith, John, hotel keeper 
Speissman k Shautz, planing mill props 
Thoman, £., carpenter 
Velter, Adolph, painter 
Wellein, John, carriage maker 
Wendling, Jacob, woolen factor 

Bridgewater. — a Village on the Grand Trunk Railroad and Scootamotto River, in the Township of £lxi- 
ver. County Hastings. Distant from Belleville the County Town 30 miles, from Toronto 140 miles. 
Stages to Belleville. Average price of land $1.25. Money order office. Population 450. 

Barrie, Robert, farmer 
Bragg, John and George, tanners 
Bums, Francis, farmer 
Bums, John, farmer 
Chanque, Michael, cooper 
Cullen, Rev. Thomas, (Wesleyan) 
£mpy, Francis, shoemaker 
Finch, Henry, carpenter 
FLINT, HON. B., mill owner 
Fi-ost, Joseph, wagon maker 
Garrett, William, iron founder 
Gorsline, Norman, carpenter 
HARRISON, JAMES. Postmaster 
Higinbotham, Andrew, M. D. 
Humphries, W., wagon msker 
Langley, Michael, farmer 
Kerr, Geoige, carpenter 

Kerr, Willianii sen., carpenter 

Kerr, William, Jr., carpenter 

Klinstubcr, Ernest, shoemaker 

Kltnstuber, Julius, shoemaker 

McFee, John, tailor. 

Minie, M., cooper 

Rath, William, lime manufacturer 

Record, Rice, miller 

Bosevair, Joseph, wsfon maker 

Sager, Alezanaer, miller 

Spencer, William, saddler 

Tucker, Francis, lime manufacturer 

Turner, Joshua W., tinsmith 

Turner, William J., grocer 

Tuttle, Leslie, teacher 

Wemp, William B., proprietor Bridgewater Hotel 

Wolfe, George, woolen factor 



Iridgeil^rtlU—A VUlige on rihemong Lake, in the Township of Smith, County Peteiboro*. DbtMit 
from County Town 6 miles, from Toronto 100 miles. Stages to and from Peterboro*. Steamers to and 
from Lindsay. Average price of land $40 to $60. Population 150. 

McDonald, Neil, blacksmith 
McFiidden, Hugh, boatbuilder 
McFadden, John, boatbuilder 

JSnlmwclI, Jacob, carpenter 

DEAX, M. S., Postmaster and general merchant 

Dunbar, Aaa, hotel keeper 

<irey, George, cooper 

Ke%, S. S., general merchant 

McCall, Cfaarlos, butcher 

MtiCall. James, carpenter 

McCall, William, shoemaker 

Moffatt, William, painter 

Moreland, James, cooper ^ 

Pearson, Richard, carpenter 

Pope, John, proprietor Bridgenorth Hotel 

Watson, John IS., painter 

Brighton* — A V^illage and station of the Grand Trunk Railroad, and Port of £ntry on Presque Isle Bay 
Lake Ontario, in the Township of Brighton, County Northumberland. Distant from Cobourg the County 
Town 24 miles, from Toronto 94 miles. Steamboat line to Rochester, U. S. Stages to Picton and Camp- 
bellford. Average price of land in the yiciuity $80 to $100. Money order office and Savings Bank. Pop- 
ulation 1600. 

Ames, Robert, cabinet maker 
Anderson, £dwanl, carpenter 
Barker h Auston (Robert Barker, John Auston) chem- 

Mts and druffgists 
Blizard, John, bw^ksmith 
Bowles, W. C, general merchant 
fk>wger. Rev. Robert, (Church of England) 
RucUey, S., farmer 
RttUock, C. E., grocer 
Sutler, W^ilUam, carding and saw mills 
Carey, W. H. , sash and door factor 
Chapman, David, tailor 
Chapman, J., grocer 
Ck>le, John, vessel owner 
Cook, Herman, M. D. 
Cook, Josiah, tanner 
Cotter, Hiram, carpenter 
Ooyle, William, blacksmith 
Dalton, Thomas, barrister 
Davidson, Peter, constable 
DEAN, N. B., M.D. 
Demill, J. B., hardware 
Drewry, George, J. P. 

Edwards, E., insurance agent, plsater millii 
Ewing, Bezvjamin, insurance agent 
fiyrc, John M-P.P., attorney-at-law 
FERR1<^, M., general merchant 
Fife. A. R, M.D. 
Finnan, Charles, carpenter. 
Flagler, John, blacksmith 
Forbes, Alexander, attomey-at-law 
Franklin, BUdad, J. P. 
George, Edward, vessel-owner 
(rood, A., carpenter 
Gross, A., photographer 
Gross, P.. M.D. 

Gross, Picton, senr., nurser3rman 
Gross, S. P., general merchant. 
Hardcastle, George, carter 
HARPER, CHARLES, Stage House, daily to Camp- 

bella and Picton. (See adv. ) 
Hodgea, O. A., bailiff 
Hunk, Frances, crocer 
Jones. Rev. — (Methodist Episcopal) 
KETCHUM, HIRAM #., prop. Ketchum Honae^ 

Ketchum, John B., billiard rooms 
Ketchum, M. P. , general merchant, exchange bniker 
liui^^man, W^illiam, bricklayer 
Leslie, D. Y., Collector Customs 
Lewis, Henry, carriage maker 
Lockwood, M. K., notary public, conveyancer 
Lockwood, J. C, stationery and fancy goods 

McAlesc, John, blacksmith ' 

McCallum, Alexander, commission merchant 

McCullough, S., blacksmith. 

McKenzie, Daniel, wharfinger 

Martin, Alexander, Deputy Sheriff 

Morrison, Gilbert H., hotel keeper 

Nesbitt, James, dry goods and groceries 

Nix, Henry, blacksmith 

Norman, Rev. — (Episcopal Methodist) 

OCCIDENTAL HOTEL & livery stebles, J. H. Sanfofd 

Olsen, S. E., watchmaker 

Persons, John F., boat builder 

PUtt, Willett, lumber merchant 

Proctor, Isaac C, dentist ^ 

Proctor, I. R., farmer 

Proctor, I. S., grocer 

PROCTOR, JOHN E., J. P., general meroliaiit. 

wharfinger, &c. 
Purdy, David, general merchant 
PurkiB, James, station and express agent 
Purdy, L. A., general mei-chant 
Quick, John, vessel owner 
Quick, W^illiam, vessel owner 
SANFORD, J. H., prep. Occidental Hotel, livery and 

sale stables 
Sanford, T. D., farmer 
Sheai'S, James, hotel keeper 
Sherman, J. F., hop grower 
Siuffleton, A. C, farmer 
Smith, Rev. A. (Wesleyan) 
Smith, Jacob, baker 
Smitli, James, commission merchant 
Soldmon, James, painter 
Sparrow, Rev. — (Episcopal Methodist) 
Spencer, Augustus, carpenter 
Squires, H. 

Stanley, James, saddler 
Thayer k Brother (I. B. k I. B.), hardware, grocer* 

iea. &C. 
Thayer, N., nurseiyman 
Thompson, A., blacksmith 
Van Horn, C. 

Van Horn, Jamea, boots and shoes 
Wade. William, stage proprietor 
WEBB» A. C, P. L. S., & C. E. 
Webb, Henry, general merchant 
Webb, Thomas, general merchant 
Webb, W. W., grocer 
Weeks, William, butcher 
Wellington, I. M., baker 
"WYNN, bL, manufacturer and dialer in boots and 

shoes, grocer 
Young, J. 6., general merchant 



Brlnkworth.—A Villas in the Townsliip of Rawdon, County Hastings. Distant from Bellvrille, the 

Ck>unt7 Town, 20 miles, from Toronto, 110 miles, 
wild liind, $10, improved, $20. Popalation, 50. 

Adams, Rev. Q., (Methodist) 
Bradley, George, teacher 
Edmonds, Rev. E., (Methodist) 
Haffman, J., farmer' 
Merrick, J., fariiit^r 
Ranney, C, farmer 
Wescott, S., farmer 

Stages to and fiom Campblellford. Average price of 

Wescott, W., farmer 
White, P., farmer 

WILLIAMS, A., Postmaster, and proprietor Tem- 
perance Hotel 
Williams, C, farmer 
Williams, M. B., farmer 
Woodbeuk, E., fanner 

Brlnslej.— A Post- village situated in the Township of McGillivray, County Middlesex, and on the SaubU 
River, 24 miles from London. Mails semi weekly. Population, 100. 

Brewer, A., blacksmith 

BROWN, GEORGE, Postmaster and merchant 
Pixon, William, farmer 
Lewis, C, farmer 
Morgan, £., hotel keeper 

Pierce, Moses, farmer 
Ryan, P., shoemaker 
Shouldii^e, A., carpenter 
Slack, Genrge, miller 
Small, William, carpenter 

Brisbane. — A Village in the Township of Erin, County Wellington. Distance from Guelph, the County 
Town, 16 miles, from Toronto, 40 miles. Stages to Georgetown and Guelph. Average price of landi $20. 
Population, 70. 

Ashley, Joshua A., veterinary surgeon 

Bently, Godfi-ev, farmer 

BOOMER, WILLIAM, Postmaster 

Boomer, William & Henry, cai-penters 

Briggt, Thomas, farmer 

Brown, James C, farmer 

Burt, John, lumber dealer 

Higgins, William, proinietor Sportsman's Hotel 

Kenned., RoK-rt, larmer 

Kennedy, William, manufacturer wood ware 

Lang, Georgi*, farmer 

Loeson, Manasseh, proprietor British House 
Mackelcan, G. J., general merchant 
Nurse, Thomas, farmer 
Reid, Rev. Hugh, (Baptist) 
Ryckman, Elijah, gunsmith • 
Ryckman & Norton, wugon makets 
Smith, Henry, farmer 
Taylor, John, insurance agent 
Ward ell, Jacob, veterinary surgeon 
Wheeler, Aaron, farmer 

Brftaimia* — ^A Post-vilkge in the Township of Toronto, County Peel Distant from Brampton, th* 
County Town, 6 miles, from Toronto, 26 miles. 

Fish, Rev. Charles, (Wesleyan) I MUIR, JOSEPH, Postmast<T 

McMillan, James, teacher | Robinson, John, farmer 

Brock*— A Post-village of the Township of Brock, County Ontario. 

JONES, JOHN, Postmaster. 

Brockton.— A Post- village situated on Dundas Road, 3 miles from Toronto mirket, in the Township of 
York, County York. Population 60. 

Abbs, William, farmer 

Armstrong, 0)1. Arthur, J. P. 

Boland, Thomas, farmer 

Butler. William, mail conductor Grand Trank R.R. 

Cameron. William J., boot and shoemaker 

CHURCH, MRS. ANN, Postmistress and proprietor 

Church's Hotel. 
(Hary, Walter, toU-trate keeper. 
Crealock, John, c<»ttle dealer 
Dean, Thomas, drover 

Duggan, Daniel, groceries and pro^iona 

Dunn, William, butcher 

Hill, Alexander, market gardener and nvrieryman 

Hilton, Rev. John, (Church of England) 

KENNEDY, FRANK, propr Brockton Clih Hoo* 

MiO.ieggor. Archibald, ro||» walk 

Nrla 1, Michael, grocer and saloon 

0>enham, William, butcher 

Russell, William, baker. 



trtdnille*-— A Town «nd itation of tlic Oniiid Trank Railway, situatisd ou the river St. Ltwrence, ia the 
TowBihip of Elixabeth, County Leeds. It is the County Town of the llnite<l Conntiea of Leeds and 
Grenriile, and a port of Entry. The steamers plying between Montreal, Kingston, Toronto and ILimil- 
ton, stop here daily. It is connected with Smith's Falls, Perth, Almonte, Oarlcton Place and Sandy 
Pouit, by the Brockrille and Ottawa Railway. A steam ferry plies every half hour in sninntt^r between 
Brockville and iCorrisbniK, N. Y. Distant from Almonte, 52 miles ; from Carleton Place, 41 ; Perth, 
40 ; Smith's Falls, 28 ; Kingston, 48 ; Montreal, 125 ; and from Toronto, 208 miles. Money Order office 
and Savings Bank. Population, 5,000. 

isdenon, William, shoemaker 

Andrews, J., inn keeper 

BAXK OF MONTREAL, J. N. Traveni, Manager 

£irr, Henry, stoves and tin ware 

Bttcher, W F. t Co., founders 

Boinetti Thomas, produce dealer 

% W. K., teacher 

Biniey, William, flour and feed 

Bljth. B. k R., dry goods 

Botrford, W., liardware 

Bnnnitf, Thomas, saloon keeper 

BRITISH CANADIAN, (weekly), R. W. Kelly 

editor and proprietor 
B«»d*ij;k, Thomas, beker 
BROCKVILLiS MONITOR, (weekly), McMullen k 

Co., proprietors 
flROCK\riLLB RECORDER, (weekly), D. Wylie. 

editor and proprietor 
Brophy, James, shoemaker 
BDELL, J. D., barrister, attorney, etc. 
B1jR.SS, a., dentist. (St-e adv.) 
CAMPBELL'S HOTEL, J. L. Camphell, proprietor. 

CAMPBELL, J. L., proprietor Campbell's Hotel 
CHILD3, EDWARD A., (HaU & Childs) 
Q*7es, E D., produce and wool dealer 
^tou, James, lioots and shoes 
Coitoa, William, watchmaker 
Wborne, R, inn keeper 
^ A., grocer 
Cwr, A G., photographer 
^ J. A., hotel keeper 
^. W. H., tinsmith 
OOUSTOCK, W. H., dealer in patent medicines. 

C«Jaor, Robert, hotel keeper 
Cook. William, baker 
wiwford, Hon. G«3onre, Senator 
iJ»foTj, Jam.'s, M. 'P. 
CUWFORD, JOHN, Postmaster 
^bert, John, grpeer 
woaingham, Thomas, grocer 
JJ"<7» T. D., rarriage maker 
^ A. B. 

^ George A., leather dealer 
}*«on, Joseph, barrister 
"fwtt2.7. K., booU and shoes 
^kiii*oQ, French G., Sheriff 
I^Aidjon, A., general merchant 
Jj*>i^7, G., shoemaker 
^n, G*»fgc Ctdlector Cnstoma. 
■•ton, aH>fgf, Clerk. Cnatoms 
JJton, S. D., baker 
J«w>ndMn, Robert, M.D. 
J?ft% Richanl, grocer 

^ Samuel, proprietor Dominion Reelattrant. 

fcT?' T., grocer 

•"aammons, R k Son, grocers 

SSmmona, William. M.P.P. 

'^I^rCHKa, CHRISTOPHRR, hardware, groeeries 

- •nd lamber 

^•^f C. F., banister 

French, C. H., painter 

Fulfurd, Hiram, biiliartl rooms 

Fnlford, W. M., druggist 

Gilmour, F. k Co., gro ers 

Glazier, S., painter 

Gordon, Hugh A., M.D. 

Gordon, John, builder 

Graham, James, saloon 

Grant, R. W., stovee and tin ware 

Green, Joseph, M.A., Principal Grammar School 

Griffin, G. R., hatter 

Groves, William, butcher 

HALL, JAMES, (HaU k Childs) 

Hall, J. D.. M.D. 

HALL k CHILD3, (Jas Hall and Edw. A. Childs), 

Ontario glove works. (See adv) 
Harding, T. J. B., druggist 
HAWKES, JAMES, druggist (See adv) 
Hayes, D. F., dentist 
Henderson, James, butcher 
Hope, W. W. , boots and shoes 
Hover, E. & Co., comb makers 
HOUSTON, GEORGE k CO., wines and liciuors^ 

(See adv) 
Hume, — , station agent B. It O. R. 
Huril, Wil.iira H., mat<-h factory 
Hutchesim, George, dry goods. • 
Jamieson. P. B., tailor 
Jessup^ James, Clerk of the Peaoe 
Johnson, J., Itarber 
Johuston k Green, produce dealers 
Jones, David 

Jones, Herbert C, barrister 
Jones, Rc;v. John, (Canada Presbyterian.) 
Jones, J. B., Clerk Division Court 
JONES. ORMOND, barriBter, RegUtrar 
Joi>es, S. F.. commissiou merchant 
Jordan, J. H., news dtif^ot 

KELLY, R. W., editor and prop. Briiish Gamui4mi 
Kelly, Thomas, hotel keerper 
Kennedy, Edward, lx>ots and shoes 
Kincaide, J. E., frame maker 
King, Thomas, k Son, grocers 
Kinney, R., M.D. 

Knowles, H. £., accountant Bank of Montreal 
l.ALONDE, A. D., L. D. S., surgeon dentist (sdo adv.) 
Landon, A. W., general merchant 
LANDON, GEORGE L., saloon keeper. (See adr.> 
LtiRoy, O. R., grocer 
Lipsett, Robert, shoemaker 
Lothrop, F. L., auctioneer 
McCready, A. G., tanner 
McCullough, William, manufacturer scythed, kc 
McDongall, W. C, Unsmith 
McElhinney, John, tinsmith 
McGillivray, Rev. Daniel, (Presbyterian) 
McGregor, Rev. Alexander, (Congregational) 
McGregor, Jo.seph, tailor 
Mclntyre, A. C, photographer 
McKee, M. saloon 
McKcnney, James, grocer 
McLennan, William, general merchant 
McMullen k Co., books and stationery 



Mallocli, George, Connty JnAgt 

Manley, William, tailor 

Maraholl, Nortou, general xuerchant 

Marshall, Uriah, hotel keeper 

Miller, H., blackamith 

Mitchell, W. H., barber 

Moore, Frederick L., County Auditor 

Morden, John H., M. D. 

Murphy, Michael, butcher 

Murray, Q. B., fancy goods 

Murray, John, agent Montreal Telegraph Company 

and Canadian Express 
0*Brien, Ray. John, (Roman Catholic) 
O'Brien, William, job printer 
•O'Reilly, Mrs. Ann, grocer 
Odell, Amos, saddletrees, &c 
Odell, D.. M. D. 

Orerell, £., news depot, stationery, kc 
Parr, Arthur, saddler , 

Perciral, WUliam, hotel keeper 
Pierce, Joseph, tarem keeper 
•Quigg, James, cabinet msker 
KeioT George, hardware 
Reilly, Thomas, tailor 
Reynolds, Samuel, jr., clerk County Court, deputy 

Clerk Crown 
Rhodes, J. grocer 
Richey, Isaac, hotel keeper 
Ross, John, general merchant 
Schofield, James L., County Tressurer 
Schofield, W. A. coroner 
.Seaman, S. J., cabinet maker 

SEKKLER, £. J. jr., barrister, County Attorney 

Sheffield, J. B., genoral atefchaBt 

Shepherd k Kyle, general meichants 

Shepherd, Robert, grist mill proprietor 

Sherwood, A. 

Sherwood, T., grocer 

Sherwood, William, bairiater 

Shields, £., shoemaker 

SMART, JAMES, Novelty Worka. (Sec tdT.) 

Smart, Thomas, tailor 

Smart, Thomas, k bro., machinists 

Soper, R. R., hotel keeper 

Sparham, £. B., M. D 

Sparham, T., M. D 

Steacy, T. B., watohmaker 

^tagg, John, butcher 

Starr, A. H., It O. A., confectioners 

Steele k Redmond, attomies 

Tane, Rer. F. R., (Church of England) 

TRAVERS, J. N., manager Bank of Montreal 

Taylor, John, boots and uioes 

TURNER, ALLEN & Co., dmggiats, wholesale ud 

retail (See adv) 
Yanamum, Thomas, general marchant 
Wadsworth, William, grocer 
White, Alexander, grocer 
White, John, gaoler 
Whitney, H., watchmaker 
Whittemore, N., saddler 
Wilkinson, Thomas, mana^ gas works 
Woods, R. & B., tobacconists 
WYLIE, D., editor and proprietor i^0Ott{er 

BrodhaffeiL — A VHlage on Brodhagen rirer, in the 

Stratford, the ^ounty Town; 50 miles, from Toronto 

fitneris, L., hotel keeper 
Boedecker, Rev. J., (Bible Christian) 
BRODHAGEN, CHARLES, Po«tmaster sod prop. 

flax mill 
Brodhsgea, Ernest, hotel keeper 
Brodhagen, William, general merchant 
Byerman, Louis, shingle maaufactuier 
'Grouscopp^ A., shoemaker 
-Gronscopp, H., farmer 
Hannel, Christian, cooper. 
Hoball, John, saddler 
Huffman, Joseph, J. P. 
Jacob, Francis, shingle mannficturer 
Mclnnes, Miss, dressmakar 

Township of Logan, County Perth. Diitaat trm 

120 miles. Population 100. 

Manly, A., farmer 
Murray, Thomsa, farmer 
Newman, Theodore, wagon maker 
Oreimua, F., M. D. 
Rapen, John, farmer 
Rigby, Christian, carpentar 
Rack, Geoq^ miller 
Schnider, Adam, tailor 
Smith, John, farmer 
Suer, Christian, carpenter 
Warneker, Henir, shoemaker 
Wisenbury, William, farmer 
Wright, George, farmer 

Bronte,— A Post Village and station on the Great 

ship of Trafalgar, County Halton, 14 miles from 

County Town. Populatian about 200. 

ADAMS, SAMUEL, blacksmith 
Ainsley, Parry, teamster 
Anderson, Robert, boot and akoemako* 
Bronte House Hotel, Joseph N. Friller, prop. 
Butler, Rev. James, (Methodist Episcopal) 
Clements, Thomas C., painttr 
Borland, John Y., dentist 
•Griffin, Joseph, merchant 
Jones, Charles, machinist 
Kemp, Peter, cooper 
McCauley, Andrew, shoemaker 
MeCay, A. G. 

McCraney, M. S., general store 
McDonald, MRS. ELIZA, groceries^ Ice. 
McDoneU, Alex B., mail carrier 
McKay, Thomas 
Oakley, Rer. John, (Baptist) 

Western Railway, on the shore of Lake Ontario, Tewv 
Hamilton, 25 from Toronto, and 12 from Milton, thi 

Oakley, Reuben, batanic doator 

Robinson, Geoige, tailor 

Shaw, Thomas, station master 

Sorereign, Charles^ J. P. 

THOMPSON, E. C, Poatmasler It fcnml meRbto 

Thompson, Marshall, captain 


Yanleet, Isaac, joiner 

Yanleet, John, turner 

Warden, Jesse, joiner 

Weathcrson, John, G. W. R. 

Waller, Dr., botanic 

Williama, Henry, farmer 

WBAY, JOHN, propriator Bronte Station Hotel 

Wright, William, grocery ^ 

Wyhe, John, captain 



IrfakliB.— A Village on Campbell's Creek, Towaahipof Whitbj, County Ontario^ 5^ miles from Whitby^ 
the CoQDtj Town, and 36 miles from Toronto. Stages dally to and from Whitby, fare 25c. Money 
Order office and Savings' Bank. Population 7M. 

illemt, Charles A., miller 

ALLIN, THOMAS. (Allin k Thompson) 

iLUN k THOMPSON, (Thomas Allin and William 

Thompson) props. Ontario tannery. (See ad?) 
Mey» Edmund, ginger beer manufactni^ 
fiennesi, Geoige, tailor 
BICKELL, JAMES B., Township Reere and Warden 

Coantv Ontario 
BICKELL; JAMES B., prop. "MiU Hill" Mills 

Bielile, Henry, prop. Centre (flouring) millR 
Boreinun, W. D., woolen factor 
Bnx^lin Literary HaU 
Brockeiuhier, WiUiam, photographer 
Burnett, Alexander, tttcher 
Burnett, Leonard, teacher 
Campbell, Robert^ J. P., mill owner 
('■ampbeU, Aaron, J. P., farmer 
Cimpbell, John, retired 
Campbell, Calvin, J. P., farmer 
CuDpbell, John P., ]nt>p. Brooklin ftom'millK. 
Otmpbell C. A., dentist and telegraph operator 
Cird, Chester W., pump maker 
HjimbTO, Rer. A. C, (Wesleyan^ 
Chimbtrlin, Daniel F., blacksmith. 
COLE, JOHN, prop. Brooklin tannery. (Sec adr) 
Croxall Brothers, (/ames and John) farmers 
Cattle, James, printer and grocer 
Bale, John, harness maker 
DARLINGTON, ROBERT, Postmaster k Trensaror 

County Whitby 
Dawes, John, druggist, &c » 

Dockiuun, Rer. Henry, (Methodist Epiicopal) 
l^nrden, John, farmer. Deputy Reeve Tp. Whitby 
RsbpT, Timothy, Township Councillor 
y»te. Jonathan, M.D. 
f<nintain, Jani|s, constable 
^Roeis Bros., (Peter and Hcnrv) props. Kent Oat- 

meal Mills 
Jnaer, Isaac A., wagon maker 
Goldsbro, William T., boot and siioe maker 
Giainger, John, horse farrier 
''^t, Alfred, butcher 

Groat, Miss Pho&be, teac:her 
Harrison, Richard T., Township Clerk and J.P 
Hault, William, foreman Brooklin planing mill 
Hayward k Tyler, (Edgar R. B. Hayward and Joaepb 

Tyler) general merchants 
Hayward, Edgar, R. B., (Havwai-d k Tyler) 
HEPINSTALL, W., watchmaker 
Hepburn k Roberts, (George Hepburn and Geoige 

Roberts) blacksmiths and wagon makers 
Hepbnm, George, (Hepburn k Roberts) 
Hod^on, Thomas, captain 
Holhday, Daniel, sr., insurance agent and fanner 
Holliday, Daniel, jr., farmer 
Kester k Son, (Isaiah k William) carpenters 
KETCHEN, ALEXANDER, blacksmith and wagoo 

Manning, William, shoemaker 
Maybee, James A., harness maker 
McBrien, Geor^, painter 
McBrien, William, shoemaker 
MacDonald, George D. , com. meri'h't and valuator 
Murray, Mrs., dressmaker 
Nicholls, William, farmer 
Phippep, Nicholas, fiimitui'e dealer 
POWELL, JAMES, prop. Globe Hotel. (See adv) 
Roberts, George, (Hepburn k Roberts) 
Robson, Thomas, dealer in stoves and tinware 
Shaw, John A., schoolteacher 
Smith, Rev. Philander, (Methodist Episcopal) 
Smillie, John, tailor 
Spears, J. V., Township Councillor 
THOMAS, C. C, J. P., ins., land and gen. agent 
Thomas, Nelson H., prop. Brooklin planing factory 
Thomas, John, photographer 
Thomas, Stephen M., general merchant 
Thomas, John L. H., 

THOMSON, WILLIAM H., (Allin & Thoraijsou) 
Tnmer, Alfred, constable 
Tyler, Joseph, (Haywtird k Tyler) 
Vickery, Charles, prop. Brooklin Hotel 
Warren, Henry, M.D 
Wickett, William, butcher 
Willis, John, Township CU>unciflor 

^lldum.— A Village in the Township 
Town, 12 miles, from Toronto, 27 miles, 
uiatiou 400. 

Arntttronft Thomas, M. D. 

wrday, E. 

Wandon, WiUard 

^ell, WiUiam, shoemaker 

finpuU, William 

Jrown, Robert, wagon maker 

^n, Thomas, butcher 

'^archill, Mrs. EUen, dressmaker 

{jaiels, Mrs., dressmaker 

fB»l«, D., geneml merchant 

Jtmer, D. W., M. D. 

•^mld, John, butcher 

'^'OTe, S. 0., saddler 

jM, H. P., general merchant 


«7iek, A. C, teacher 

*«Jbiid,ThoaiMC.,J. P. 

Habbaid, William 

Mniton, J. 

of Pickering, County Ontario. Distant from Whitby the County 
Average prii»s of laud, ^50 to $60. Money Order office,. Pop- 

Lamoreaux, T., mannfacturer wooden ware 

Matthews, Charles, auctioneer 

Matthews, C. W., proprietor Brougham Hotel 

Miller. D. 

Miller, Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker 

Miller, J. 

Patterson, Andrew, tanner 

Philips, C. 

Philips, John 

Sherrard, S. W. 

Smith, J. C, general merchant 

Stobbs, Rev. T. (Wesle3'an) . 

Stock, G. B., planing mill 

Tatton, Rev. Jesse (Christian) 

TAUN, RICHARD, Postmaster 

Turner, Jacob 

Webb, Samuel, wagon maker 

Woodruff, Bentley k Co., dnifniats 

Wocdnff, Mrs. P., proprietor CeaAt^l Hotel 



Brooksdale.— A Post-office in thft Township of West Zorra, County Oxford. Mails hi -weekly. Digtaaos 
from Embro, 6 miles, and from Woodstock, the County Town, 14 miles. Population 20. 

BANNERMAN, SAGE, Postmaster 
Davidson, James, general blacksmith 

Heal, William, tailor 

BrOWnSYillC^—A Village in the Township 
Distant from Woodstock, the County Town, 

$35 to 946. 

ATidri*w8» B 

BARll, CHARLES, Postmaster 

Biirr, \N illiaiii, gt*neral merchant 

Brown, E. B., farmer 

Brown, J. A., farmer 

Clark, Charles 

Fewster, Richanl, farmer 

Fnrsman & Larkworthy, wagon makers 

Glover, Jatob 

Hall k Andrews, carpenters 

of Dereham, County Oxford, with a lai^ trade in cheeti^ 
22 miles, from Toronto 140 miles. Averajje price of laiid« 

Helmka, Henry, carpenter 

Lish, G.'orge 

McDiarmid, E., tailor 

McDiarinid & Clark, general merchants 

Kims, Frederick, butcher 

Pearson, Simon, shoemaker 

Sharp, Geoi^p, proprietor Royal Hotel 

Smitn, David, paint r 

Windfr, Jonat an, farmer 

Woolley, Lewis, farmer 

Braceficld* — A Village on Peters* Creek, in the Township of Tuckersmith and Stanley, County Huron, 
Distant from Goderich, the County Town 18 miles, from London 42 miles, from Toronto 145 milea 
Stages to Clinton, Seaforth, Baylield and London. Aveiiigu price of laud $35 to $45, Population 250. 

Briggs, Kdwaid, shoemaker 
Oameron, I), tailor 
Cameron, H**nry, teacher 
Dallas, James, farmer 
Ferguson, James, teacher 
Ferguson, l^tWrt, teaiher 
Frafer, Miss, dressmaker 
Hayter, T. N., shoemaker 
Kennanl, Mrs., dressmaker 
Kennard, Thomas -J., carpenter 
McCartnt-y, James, carjienter 
McCowaii, Samuel, coiuttable 
McDonald, Daniel, carpenter 
McDonald, Donald, carpenter 
Mrlntosh, Hugh, carpenter 
Mclntnsli, J., general merchant 
McKay, Donald, farmer 
McLagan, Alexander, farmer 

McLngan, John, farmer 

McTavish, Peter, fanner 

MAHKS, U. W., Postmaster and genera] mei-ehint 

Miller, Janiep, tailor 

Munro, Neil, M. D. , 

Murdoch, James, farmer 

Mustard, Hugh, firmer 

Mustard, William, farmer 

Payne, David, fanner 

RATTEN BURY, J., proprietor Crown lua 

Ross, Rev. J., (Presbyterian) 

Ross, Neil, farmer ^ 

Scott, W. & Co., general merchants 

Swan, Andrew, farmer 

West, Roliert, proprietor Exchange Hotel 

\N estcott, William, farmer 

Young, John, farmer 

Yuill, W. R., teacher 

Brunner*— A station on the Buffalo and Lake Huron Railway, in the Township of Ellict, County Pertlk 
Distant from Stratford, the Ccunty Town 14 miles, from Toronto 100 miles. Arwugt price of laud $10 

BRUNNER, JACOB, Postmaster 

Bninner k Kuhry, lumber dealers 

Orofip, Henry, farmer 

Haiiua, Robert, farmer 

Hen*, Louis proprietor Boundary Hotel 

Kerr, Colin, farmer 
Kreuter, Fredenck, farmer 
\Nichol, An^us, teacher 
Shine, Daniel, auctioneer 
Vogt, Henry, farmer 

BmnSWick«--A Village on the Port Hope, Lindsay and Bearerton Railway, in the Township of Manren, 
County Durham. Distant from Port Hops, the County Town 80 miles, from Toionto 70 mil«. Arenp 
price of land $25. Popnlatiwu 80. 

Buggins, Rer. GtoiKf, (Wesleyan 
Swing, K«jv. — , (Presbyterian) 
Graham, Mark, farmer 
Ingram, William, farmer 
Lee, Joseph, farmer 
McCann, Rev. A., (Wssleysn) 
V cRory, John» ISsrmer 
Mai^ JoMph, formw 



Morrow, — , proprietor shingle factory 

Preston, Isaac, J. P. 

Rowan, William, fanner 

THOMPSON, FRED., Postmaster and gen. mervkt 

Twigg, George, fannei| 

Vance, John: 

Wallace, Rer. — , 0^«tl«yaii) 



Brace Mines* — Noted chiefly for its extensire copper mines, in situated near the head of Lake Hnnm* 

ill the District of Algoma, opposite the lower end of the IsUnd of St. Joseph, 45 miles from SauH 8L 
Marie the judicial seat and 400 miles from Toronto ; the chief mode of travel is per steamer *' Algoma," 
Messrs. Perry & Carmthers, proprietors; the "Waubuno," J. k W. Beatty, proprietors; and the •*Chijora,*' 
Messrs. Milloy Bros., proprietors, which run regularly during the summer season. Average fare from 
Torouto to S^ult Ste Marie, cabin passage $10, deck $5. Bruce Mines is a port of entry and is npidly 
becoming a point uf great importance. Messrs. John Taylor & Co. of London, £ngland, have now three 
r> lues in active operation. The cliief minerals found here being coppi*r oi'e, gold, magnetic and micaceous 
iron. The land in the vicinity is at present in a semi-uncultivated state, improved lands being wortli 
from $2 to $6 per acre. Mails during the summer bi-weekly, winter bi-monthly. Population 1400. 

Kennedy, Miss, dressmaker 
Kiu^ Jo^teph, sen., cooper 
King, Joseph, juu., cooi)er 

Abelson, W., shoemaker 

BAXTKR, KEV. FATHER, (Roman Catholic) 


Big^iugs, Edwiii-d, liailiff, &c 

BO UK Eli, JOHN, msunince agent, Custom House 

OarpMiter. T., cooper 
OoaUworih, Joshua, clerk Division Court 
Cox, UoUTt, f<irmer 
CREKiHTUN, REV. K., (Wcsleyan) 
DOHIE, \V. C, Pustmaster 
Fisher, Richard, farmer 
Frechette, Stephen, coo|)€r 
Fiassoii, Miss, dr«.'Ss:nAker 
Coyne, .lolin, carpenter 
Hailaiii, .luhii, carpenter 
Hariw, Thomas, carpenter. 
Harm, William, ciir|ienter 
Hoix, Mws Mary, tescher ^ 
Hmkiiis, Josc'ph, carpenter 
Jackjj<»n, D., but4*her 

JACKSON, R., proprietor Ashburton Hotel 
JouiB, Miss Euuua, teacher 
Jones, H., farmer 

KOHLER, REV. FAi'^ER (Roman Catholic) 

Lobb, iS., butcher 

McDonald, A., tailor 

MARKS, THOMAS, k BROS., general merchant* 

Murray, Gordon, si'U., farmer 

NICHOLSON, PETER, general merchant 

Puynter, Joseph, cooper 

Paynter, Thoiuas, cooper 

PHIPPS, J. C. k CO., general merchanU 

RICHARDS, JOHN, dniggist 

Riihanlson, M., farmer 

SHEPHERl), W., express agent 

Sullivan, Misses, diessmakeis 

SUTHBRLAND, R. O., teacher 

THORLEV, REV. W. (Primirive) 

TRELEASE, E. A., proprietor Trelease's Hotel 

Tweed, George, ]>aiuter 

Vaughan, W., tailor 

Vi\ian, John, accountant 

WARD, THOMAS, watchmaker 

Wickt tt. Misses, dressmaker 

AViiliams, H.. shoemaker 

Wyllie, tiames, farmer 

Bmdenell* — A Village in the Township of Brudenell, County Renfrew! Distant from PemlMt)ke, Um 
County Town 36 miles, from Ottawa 108 miles. Stages to and from Renfrew. Average price of lud 
in village $50. Population 100. , 

Carty, Francis, farmer 

Carty, James, farmer 

Cany, John, farmer 

Donovan, Thomas, shoemaker 

Dorner, James, farmer 

Dorner, John. 

FiUluu, Juuies J., teacher 

Foley, Miss, teacher 

Orace, James, proprietor Bnidenell laa 

Harriett, Wiliiam, general merchant 

Keliy. Patrick, general merchant 

A^'iiliams, James, teacher 

Kinder, Joseph, M.P. 

Kilt, John, saddler 

licCormack, Rev. J., (itoman Catholic) 

McGuire, James, farmer 
MuNsmara, Patrick, shoemaker 
Moran, John, general merchant 
0' Boyle, Jolui, teacher 
O'Bnen, Miss, teac:hcr 
Payett, D., pro])rieti>r British Hotel 
Reynolds. Bernard, farmer 
Revnolds, James, carpenter 
REYNOLDS, JOHN, Postmaster 
Reynolds, John, farmer 
Ring, Edward, fanner 
Scharbonne, John, shoemaker 
Watson, John S., miller 
Whelan, John, farmer 

BryanstOll.— A Post Village in tie Towaship of London, County Middlesex, 12 miles ftva Le&dMi 
7 from Gran ton Station. Mails tri- weekly. Population 51. 

Cbiney, John, blacksmith 
Glass, M., hotel keener 
Kennedy, ChM-1<«, carpenter 
Lovelrsa, W., shoemaker 

Sanborn, H., wacon maker 
Stanfield, L. 4 W., general merchaftte 
8TANF1£LD, JOHN, Poetmastsr 



BWCldlom*— A small Post Village in the Township of Baleigb, County Kent Distent from Ohatli;^^, 
the County Town, 11 miles. Daily stage to Chatham. Population 50. 

Bameron, Malcolm, hotel keeper 

CleTelaad, James, jnason 

Crefotd, Philander, Managing Director Buckhorn 

Dock Co. 
Creford, Samuel, President Buckhom Dock Co. 

LEE, EDWARD L., Postmaster and general mer* 

Merrifield, Joseph, hotel kcp^ifr 
lUnson, Amos, blacksmith 
Wil^y, Uichanl, bUoksmith 

Bullock's Comers.— (See Crroensville Post Office.) 

Barf ord— (Kelvin P. O.^A Village 

Distant from Brantford, the County 

Paris. Average price of land$iO to 

Bingham, Jacob, iron founder 

Brown, Rev. Mr. (Congregational) 

Byrne, — . farmer 

CATTON, JOHN, Postmaster 

Chrysler, — , M. D. 

Cox, Henry, general merchant. 

Daniel, Charles, farmer 

Day k Sons, general merchants 

Dunn, — , cooper 

Flewclling, S., carpenter 

Flewelling, T. G., carpeBtrr 

Fonger, William, flax mill 

Foster, Alonzo 

Fowler, — , M. D. 

Fowler, G. P.. butcher 

French, G., butcher 

Green, Bridget, teacher 

Green, Miss Elizabeth, teacher 

drove, — , proprietor (.'laremont House 

Haun, — , farmer 

Harbottle, — , M. D. 

Heame, — , cabinet maker 

Hipkins, H., M. D. 

Horton, J., carpenter 

Howard, — , tinsmith 

Jones, T., shoemaker 

LINTON, JOHN, teacher 

Lloyd, Jones T., farmer 

on Whiteman's Creek, in the Township of Burford, County Brant. 

Town 9 miles, from Toronto 77 miles. Stages daily to and from 

^0. Money Order office. Popuktion 500. 

Lloyd, J., wagon maker 

McCaffray, — , tailor 

McGili, Mi-s., dressmaker 

McGinn, — , shoemaker 

McWilliams, fanner 

Mills, — , painter 

Mon^omery. shoemaker 

Munger, M.D 

Padfield, Rev. Mr., (Epis(v>pal> 

Padfield, J. H., dentist 

Perlcy, Colonel 

Pcrley, Charles, miller 

Perley, Thomas, brickmaker 

Phillip, Rev. Mr., (Metliodist) 

Ratchie, fanner 


Stuart, farmer ^ 

Sulman, — , baker 

Ti.4dale. Miss, dressmaker 

Towler, William, saddler 

Whale, J., artist 

Whale, Robert, artist 

AVilliams, — , proprietor Albion Hotel 

Wikon, M.D 

Winskill, — , farmer 

Woodeil, Mrs. Ira, dressmaker 

Yuigh, — , fanner . 

BUFgCSSVlllc —A Village in the Township of North Norwich, County Oxford, 12 miles fro:n Woodstock. 

Burgess, E. W., J.P., blacksmith 
Burtis, S. S., fanner 
CAMPBELL, J., Postmaster 
Clark, Rev. Elijah, (Baptist) 
Coulson, James, carjienter 
Dennis, J. R„ funnor 
Dennis, W. H., general merchant 
Doxsie, A., shoemaker 
Easton, William, farmer 
Force F.,fimncr 

Garthwaite, William, wheelwright 
Griffin, Isaac, butcher 

Griswold, H. B., (■ai*penter 

Manly, William, wool ('4inler 

Nichols, S.; fanner 

O'Neil, E., hotel keeper 

Pollard, A., woolen factor 

Pollard, W., ciu'penter 

Snyder, E. H., farmer 

Terwilliger, Rev. S., (Methodist Episcopal) 

Thompson, James, tailor 

Thrall, J. H., M.D , 

Watson, J. E., pump maker 

Bnrsoync. — a Post village ill the Township of Arran, County Bruce. 

SHELL, ALFRED, PostoMter. 

BarlelXll.— A Post Office in the Township of Burleigh, County Peterboro*, 80 tiinet fnm Petorboro*, th« 

Gonntj Town. 

Clsgg, D., J. P. I Giles, Heniy, miller 

COLdORNE, JAMES, Postmaster and merchant. | Ofles, ThomM, miller 



Bnrastpwn* — A VilUi^ on the Madawask* 
;<iM«i'P«DE£roke, ^e County Town 56 miles 

XndersoD* John 
Braden, Richard, teacher 
Daris, WiliiAm, tailor 
Douglas, James, general mercfiant 
Duff, J. 

F!i0W»iri0k«j, wtardsii 
Leckle, AheXp hotel keeper 
Leckitf, William, blacksmith 
McOallam, John, shoemaker 
McGr^^r, Colin 
McGregor, John 
KcKaj, James 

River, in the Township of McNah, Countj lienfrew. Distant 
. Fcpulatipti 80. 

McLanghKn, John 

McLenn, Robert, shoemaker 

McNab, John A., Constabls 

McN'avghton, Donald 

McNevin, Alex 

McRAE, DONALD, Postmaster and gsn« merchtBt 

Rochester, Qeorge, general merchant 

Stewart, John 

Stewart, Robert, Constable 

Wallace, John 

Wilson, WUliam, hotel keeper 

Barritt's Kapids.— A Village in the 
and Oanal, 80 miles from Brockfille, 
Bishop, JnSiTia, bailder - 
BrowpsJlrs. J, innkeeper 
BurrH^ C^dpI, Heary 
CampBcU^^R. O., tva^her 
Collins, Denis, J. P. 
Collins, S., inn keeper 
Corme, Hagfa, shingle maker 
Dowel, John, tanner 
Felker, Geoige, shoemaker 
Qltet>J#tbi, wfavsr 
ChMsl^ iK6ha|^!, tanner 
Harris, firastus, merchant. 
Healy, John, merchant 
Hard, Stephen, J. P. 
Johnston, Koble, hotel keeper 
Kerr, Alex. , woolen mills 
Kidd, W., saw mills 

Township of Oxford, Connty Carleton, situated on the Rideau river 

10 from Kemptville, and 5 from Merrickville. Population 300. 

Lane, A. k Son, h lnnksm i ths 

McGowan, P. H , bridge tender 

Hack, Matthew, saddlar 

Kanes, Jaiites, tailor 

MEIKLE, JOHN, Postmaster and merchant 

Mills, James, shoemaker 

Mills, John, tailor 

MofTatt, John, weaver 

Newans, Thos., lawyer 

O'Hrian, JohiH eoofer 

Pattersoo, Jamea^ blacksmith 

Pnictor, George, carriage maker 

Reid, J. K., J. P. 

Shannon, James, carriage maker 

Sheppard, George, Lock Master 

Thompson, Robert, gristmills 

Waldo, R.» miUwrlght 

Bamf^rse- —a Village in the Township of Seymour, County Northumberland. Distant fromCobourg, County 
Tovrn 40 miles, from Toronto 112 miles. Stages to Stirling, Campbellford and Belleville. Atmge 
pnik of lai.d |16 to $30 

Johnstone, John, prop. Stephen Housa 

Bedford, Gilbert, insurance agent 

Bnunby, William, grocer 

Chaplin, Thomas, teacher 

Clark, Jobot iarmer 

€S4d|^ Ja£ts C, fiumer 

Cleugh, William, fanner 

Oiai^uiad, Geoi|^, farmer 

Crossin, Jamasi lime manufaciursr. 

DONALD, ALRXANDKR, Postmaster and general 

Hume, Thomas, farmer 

Lock, Jasper, farmer 
Mituhell, George, muos 
Morrison, John, farmer 
Neill, R«v. Robert, (Presbyterian) 
% Rannie, G^owe, farmer 
ShilHuglaw, James, Carpenter 
Whitton. James, farmer 
AVilson, William, carpenter 
Young, L. Q., teachet. 


lllinihaiBthQrpe.--A Post Villsga in the Township of Toronto, Covnty Pael. 
ColKm» Z^ geoeral sverchant I SAVAG^ O£0RGE, Portmaster 

Hurnlcy-— A Pbtt office in the Township of Haldimand, County Northumb^imd. 

GRIM3HAW, R H., Postmaster, proprietor flour and saw milki 

■ r . 

WmttA^A small Village in the Townahip of Momington, County Perth, 22 

from Wrt<Wl* ijF9pill#tM» ;*0^ 

GIBSON, JOHN, Postmartcff. 

from Stratford t&d It 



'Bnrtcli'S Corners* — A Post Village in the Towiithip of Brantford, County Brant. Distant from 
County Town 6 miles, from Toronto 70 miles. Population 30. 

Baker, William, blacksmith 
Burtch, Daniel, farmer 
Burtch, David, farmer 

Dewer, David, fanner 

Uoag, William, wagon maker 

TAYLOK, GE0K6E, Postmaster and genL mercliAni 

Burton* A Village in the Township of Hun vers, County Durham, 10 miles from Bethany Station. 

Population, 80. 

McGlLL, JAMES, Postmaster and merchant 
McQuade, Robert, farmer 
Neal, Jomts, blacksmith 

Taylor, A., farmer 

Wallis, Rev. W., (Wesleyan) 

Windel, Uev. W. C, (Pre8byterian)j 

Bury's Green* A Post office in the Township of Somerville, County Victoria, 23 miles from Lindsay 

and 17 from Fenelon Falls. Weekly mail. 

Cavanagh, George, farmer 

Fell. Charles, faimer 

FELIj, JOHN, \ cstmaster and merchant 

Flett, William, faimer 

Gransden, A., fanner 

Hopkins, George, farmer 

Hoskins, Uev. B. S., (Church of England) 

Howie, Thomas, farmer 

Lamb, Richard, farmer 

Lorden, Peter, fanner 

Aloflatt, Robert, farmer 

Siaith, Malcolm. 

Bnttonville.— A Village on the Rouge River, in 
Toronto, 18 miles. Average price of land |60. 

Amos, Samuel, tanner 

Black, Robert 

Black, James, carpenter 

Breden, Rev. J., (Wesleyan) 

Button, Fi-ancis, seiir. 

Button, Francis, jnnr., auctioneer 

Couch, William, carpenter 

Dean, John, hotel keeper 

Duncan, Rev. F., (Presbyterian) 

Fisbburn, Rev. J., (Lutheran) 

Garbet, Rev. — , (Wesleyan) 

the To^Kiiship of Markham, County Vork. Distant from 
Population 100. 

Hart, Henry, shingle maker 

Hunter, John 

Kelly, John, shingle maker 

Nicholl, William, teacLer 

Sanderson, Edward, auctioneer 

Sanderson, John, general merchant 

Stiver, Josiah 

THOMSON, THOS., Postmaster and gen. merchant 

Wilkinson, B., miller 

Willmot, Joseph 

Young, Alexander. 

Baxton.— A Village in the Township of Raleigh, County Ki nt. Distant from Chntham, the County Town. 
10 miles, from Toronto, 191 miles. Average prive of land, ^10 to $14. Population, 100. 

Broadbent, John, fanner 

CJrUr, John, fanner 

Carter, Wilt lam, proprietor Ontario House 

Coutts, George, geiural merchant 

Echlin, Daniel C, general merchant 

Kersey, *ohn, carpenter 

King, Kev. William, (Presbyterian) 

KING, WILfJAM, Postmaster 
McSwan, William, teacher 
Pardo, Andrew, farmer 
Riley, Isaac, farmer 
Rowe, John, farmer 
Sanborn, George, lumber dtalcr 
Scott, Thomat>, shoemaker 

Byng* — A Village on the Grand River, in tha Township of Dunn, County Haldimand, one m)le from Dnmn 
ville, with which it is conneted by a bridge of 750 feet in length. Population, 150. 

Annour, Matihtw, mill proprietor 
Band, Kobert, Ailoa mill 
Brown, George, J. P., farmer 
Cokley, S., hold keeper 
Drake, Thomufs blacksmith 
Fitc, Henry, caipcnter 

Hannah, James, shoemaker 

Logan, Peter, carpenter 

MurUy, Kobert, bridge tender 

Kogers, V\ illiam, farmer 

Sheehan, W. B., custom officer 

THOMPSON, J. M., Postmaster and grocer 

Byng Inlett—A Poit-offict of the District of Algoma. 

LITTLE, CHARLES^ Pcstmaster. 



Byron* — A Village in the Township of Westminflter, County Middlesex. Distant froai London, 5 miles, 
from Toronto, 140 miles. Ayerage price of land $20 to $30. Population, 150. 

Cameron, Miss Flora, teacher 
Colville, James, farmer 
Dufiton, J. & J., woolen factors 
Olover, Joseph, proprietor Byron Hotel 
Griffith, John & Brothers, woolen factors 
Hallywood, A., farmer 
Harrington, A., (i^eneral merchant 
Kains, Archibald, farmer 

McNamee, L., fanner 

Martin, William k Son, shoemakers 

Montague, John, farmer 

SADLER, ROBERT, Postmaster and gen. merchant 

Savage, Kiev., (New Connexion) 

Shcpliard, George, farmer 

Stephens* John, farmer 

Wells, T. B., constable 

CaPSarca.— A Village on Lake Scugog, in the Township of Cartwright, County, Durham. Distant from 

Durham, the County Town, 18 miles, from Toronto 60 miles. Stages to Cartwright, Enniskillen, 

Hampton and Bowman ville. Areragc price of land $25 to $30. Population 100. 

Irwin, Robert 

Keys, John, hotel keeper 

Crozier, George 

DEMARA, EPHRAIM, Postmaster k gi«n. mercht 

Elliott. John, wagon maker 

Emerson, Matthew 

Graham, Georgt*, tailor 

HerroD, Edward, tinsmith 

Imin, John 

McDonald, Rev. J., (Weslcyan) 
Martin, William, lumber dealer 
Muirhead, Jacob, shingle manufacturer 
Prout William 
Thior, Paul, carpenter 

CainsTillc— A Village and Station on the Grand Trunk Railway, pleasantly situated on the Grand Rirer, 
in the Township of East Brantford, County Brant, three miles from Brant, the (^ouuty Town. It . «;» 
tains Kpiscoual and Methotlist churches, and paper, flouring, and woolen mills. Improved lands in the 
vicinity average $50 per acre. Stages to Brantfoixl and Hamilton, Population 300. 

Brown, Walter, wacfon maker 

Clark, Mrs. J., grocer 

Clotwortliy, R*v. W., (Church of Kngland) 

Colebeck, John, farmer 

Ck)miHh, Rev. G. H., (Wetjleyan) 

Dresser, J. D., accountant 

Duncan, A., geufirai merchant 

Elliott, A. L (Jo., flax mills 

Elliott, M., tailor 

Filer, R,, farmer 

Fitch, J. D., proprietor flour mills 

GRENNY, M., Postmaster and general merchant 

Kare, J. O., shoemaker 

Hassard, A., shoemaker 

Hamilton, R., nursury and seedsman 

llildred, William, farmer 

Hobson, James, butcher 

Imlach, Henry, farmer 

I^angs, J., shingle maker 

McConkcy, C,, carpenter 

Orr, Johu, prop. American Hotel 

Peatman, Henry, au"tioneer 

llanisay. A., lumber njerchaut 

Reid, James, wngon maker 

Rich, J. H., proprietor paper mills 

Sniithson, IL, farmer 

Stenehourgh, J., hotel keeper 

Thomas, Joseph, J.P 

Thomas k Ash, distillers 

Wfstbrook. P., J.P 

W biting, Isaac, general mcrcliaut 

Wright, S., rope and cordage manufactunsr 

CaintOWll.A post Village in the Township of Yonge, County Leeds. Distant from Lvn 7 miles, and from 
Brockvillc, the County Town, 14 miles. Population 200. 

TEXNANT, WILLIAM, jr., Postma-ster. 

Caistorrille. — A Village on Chippewa Creek, in the Township of Caistor, County Lincoln. Distant fmm 
St. Catherines, the County Town, 33 miles, from Toronto 60 miles. Average ]>rice of land $12 to ,^2(». 
Money order otHce. Population 100. 

A'UuiS, Robert J., blacksmith 
AshtT, Jamrs, farmer 
(,"leland, H^nry W., carpenter 
Clelanfl, William L., car]>enter 
<Tillcspip, Tiiomns M , teacher 
Hauey, Rob?rtA., M.D 
Hurlbiu't, Rev. Thoma.*;, (Weslfvan) 
Johnston, .lohn, jr., teacher 
Kaufman, Jacf>b, shoemaker 
Leigh, Robert, farmer 

Lesser,- Peter, farmer 

Lymbnrner, J. O. farinar 

Mitchell, James, lumber dealer 

Park, James, farmer 

Park, J., (general merchant 

SCOTT, M.(i., PoritmastiT and p:on. inercht 

Spears, Ad:4i)i, J.P 

Stiiveijson, William J., fanner 

Ti'.*e, Richani C., bla-^ksmith 



CaletfOD. — (Also called ChtrlcBton.) — A Village in the Township of Caledon, County Cardwell, 17 mite 
from Brampton. Honey order office. Population 150. 

Arkell, George, tailor . 
BawBon, Edward, innkeeper 
Doddfi, W. B., blHcksmith 
Pynep, John, blacksmith 
Hammond, James, prop, saw mill 
Harris, Isaac, J. P., general merchant 
Harris, John, general merchant 
Johnson, James, carriage maker 
Johnson, John, shoemaker 

McFaul, Rer. A., (Canada Presbyterisn) 

McLEAN, HUGH, Postmaster, fancy goods. (Sea 

McQuarrie, John, general merchant 
Noble, William, teacher 
Raybum, John, carpenter 
Kice, George, shoemaker 
Shoenlank, Samuel, general merehant 
Wauless, John, carpenter 

Calaboffie* — A Post-office situated in the Township of Bagot, County Renfrew. 

DILLON, D., Postmaster. 

Calder.—- A Post-office in the Township of Delaware, County Middlesex. 


Caldwell.*— A post Village sitnated in the Township of Ciledon, County PeeL Distant from Brampton IS 
miles, and from ToroLto 86 mile<. Population a^ out 85, 

MURPHY, PATRICK, Postmaster. 

Caledon East— A Villsge in the 
Town, 17 miles, from Toronto 83 
Population 100. 

Allison, Samuel, M. D. 
Amie, Rev. — (Primitire Methodist) 
Broddie, Alexander, auctioneer 
Bullivaut, James, carpfnter 
Campbell, Peter C, general merchant 
Cranston, Alexander, hotel keeper 
Dodsworth, William, painter 
Tleetham, John, tailor 
Greer, Craig, farmer 
Hackett, James, shoemaker 
Jones, Hiram wagon maker 

Township of Caledoo, County Peel. Distant from Brampton the Coimty 
miles. Stages to Mono Mills and Malton. Ayerage price of land $40^ 

I Judge, Thomas, farmer 

I McConnell, R«v. — (Presbyterian) 

McCue, Thomas, fanner 

MUNSIE, JAMES, Postmaster 

Nixou, Heniy, farmer 

Pearen, Henry, insurance agent 

Petiigi-cw, Henry, J. P. 

Scott, Jotin, saddler 

Stone, William, general merchant 

Walker, James, farmer 

Watson, James, faimer 

Caledonia Springs.— A Village on the Des Atacos, in the Township of Caledonia, County PreaooU. 
Distant from L*Orignal, the County Town, 9 miles, from Montreal, 72 miles, from Ottawa, «8 miles, 
from Toronto, 330 miles. Std;<es to and from L'OrignaL Average price of land $25. Population, 100. 

Butkr, Nicholas, hotel keeper 

CAM t RON, J. D., Postmaster and general mercb*t 

Oianelii, A. M. F., hotel keeper 

McDonald, George M., telegraph operator 
McDonald, William J., teacher 
Rochou, Joel, hotel keeper 

Camborne.— A Post-yUlage in the Township of Hamilton, County Northomberland. Distant from 
Coboa/g, tlie County Town, 5 mUes. Daily mail. Population, about 260. 

Camden Easl.— (Ste dark's y ills)— A Post-office in ths Tcwnship of Camden, County Addington^ 

CLARK, BENJAMiN, Poitmastsr. 



CftlcdoniA. — (Seneca post office). An incorporated Village and station of the Grand Trnnk Bailroad, ok 
the Grand river, in the Township of Seneca, County Haldimand, 12 miles from Cayuga the County 
Town, 14 from Hamilton and 30 from Port Dover. There is an Indian reserve of several thousand 
acres in the vicinity. Gypsum is found in the neighborhood in large quantities. Stages to HamiltoD- 
Port Dover and Cayuga. Money Order Office and Savings Bank. Population 1400. 

Adama k, Co. , grocers 

Aldridge, James, clerk Division Court, insurance agt 

▲Idridge, William, fanner 

Alexander, John, carpenter 

Alhambra Saloon, William Thomson, jr., prop. 

Aahbaugh & Adams, millers 

Ball. S., general merchant 

Black, Rev. James, (United Presbyterian) 

BOOTH, JOHN, Union Hotel, stage proprietor and 
liveiT keeper 

Britain, Matthew, hotel keeper 

Broderick, D. E., merchant tailor 

Brown, W. k J., general merchants 

Back, A. C, general merchant, insurance agent and 

Builder, John, cabinet factory 

CAMPBELL, JOHN, Railway Hotel 

Campbell, William, cooper 

CHAMBERS, HENRY, hotel heeper 

Chrystal, George, teacher 

DILLABOUGH, E. H.. M. D., Druggist 

Donely, M., agent G. T. R, 

Donely, M., senr. 

Doyle, John, grocer 

Elwood, Oeorgkf, shoemaker 

Farrell, John, hotel keeper 

Fulton, Samuel, carringe maker 

Furlong. E., attorney-at-law 

Garland, N. & T., general merchants 

Cfrand Aiver Sachem, (>Vednesday) Thomas Messen- 
ger, editor and proprietor. 

Green, El. D., dentist 

Harvey, William, accountant 

Hayes. James, shoemaker 

Heddle, Thomas, blacksmith 

Hicks, W. L., & Co., flour millers and merchants 

Hill, Rev., B. C, (Church of England) 

Holden, W., flour merchant ^ 

Howar 1, John, shoemaker 

Howard, Matthew, saddler 

Howell «, W. E., M. D. 

Hull, Henry, saddler 

Hull, J. W., saddler 

Ince, Henry, J., auctioneer 

Jackson, William, assistant Postmaster 

Kcan, David, baker 

Kennedy, Hugh; farmer 

Knipe, Oliver, prop. Seneca Honss 

Knipe, Soloman, blacksmith 

Lees, Thomas, woolen factoiy 

Leith, William, hotel keeper 

McBay, Alexander, shoemaker 

McCargow, William, M; D. 

McCargow, William, farmer 

McDonald, Donald, lime dealer 

McDonald, John, shoemaker 

McDonald, Malcolm, shoemaker 

McKiunnn, John M., insurance agent 

McKINNON, RONALD, manufacturer, mill owner 

McKinnon, J., general merchant 

McKinnon, R. A 

McLERNON, WILLIAM, general merchant 

McNfil, C, produce dealer 

Mi'Nulty, Rev. J., (Roman Catholic) . ^.^j 

McPherson, William, M.D 

McQuarin, Donald, miller 

Martinean, R., cooper 

Mercer, F. C, watchmaker 

MESSENGER, THOMAS, editor and proprietor 
Grand River Sachem, coroner and ins. agent 

Mitchell Nelson, painter 

Mohun, James, merchant tailor 

Moore, William, farmer 

Morrison, Hector, cooper [.'''}] 

Mullen, Robert, carpenter t 

MUNRO, WILLIAM, prop. Mansion Houss 

Murphy, Peter, hotel keeper 

Mutchmor,«J. T., lumber merchant *' 

Neilson, James, pr«)pnetor international Hotel 

Old, Jiimos, jun., auctioneer 

Palmer, Henry, M.D 

Paterson, Samuel, carpenter 

Patter, Rev, Robert, (Wesleyan) 

Rennelson, W. H., principal grammar school 

Rokton, Alexander, farmer 

Rosser, John, general merchant 

SCOTT, JOHN, Postmaster 

Scott, John k Co., foundry 

Seldon, Richard, baker 

Senn, George, carpenter 

Seyright, James, carpenter 

S :hoots, George, carriage maker 

Slater, VVilliam, builder and contractor 

Smart, W. R., attomey-at-law / 

SMITH, W. H., staffe proprietor and general agent 

TAYLOEt, ALEXANDER, insurance agent and plas- 
ter merchant 

THOMSON, WILLIAM, JON., proprietor Alhambm 

UNION HOTEL, John Booth, proprietor 

WALKER, R. E.. tinsmith 

WATTERS, JAMES, general merchant 


Wickett, Nathan, butcher 

Wilier, Robert, tinsmith 

Wilson, William, sash fcictory * g 

Young, Christopher, J. P., prop. American Hotel j 

Young, David, farmer 

Young; Frederick, ceneral merchant 

Young, Stephen, saloon keeper, 

YJUNG k Patterson; (J. Younc k Samuei 

Patterson) carriage makers and blacksmiths 

Camilla.— A Village on the Nottawasaga River, in the Township of Mono. County Simcoe, 6 miles from 
Orangeville and 28 from Brampton. Stages bi-weekly to Whitfield, OrangeviUe and Owen Sound. 
Population 75. 

Anderson, Thomas, wagon maker 

Christie, Rev. W. M. (Methodist) 

CURRIE, HUGH, Postmaster, general store, hotel 

Hamilion, Rev. W. (Presbyterian) 

Neil, Alexander, carpenter 

Orme, John, shoemaker 

Tumboll, Alexander, saw mill proprietor 



Cambraj. — A Village on Goose Creek, in the Township of Fenelon, County Victoria. Diataut from 
Lindsay, the Comnty Town, 8 miles, from Toronto 80. Stages to Fenclou Falls and Carden, fare$l. 
3Ioney Order Office. Population 100. 

Armstrong, George, sawyer 

Austin, J., shoemaker 

BATEMAN, J. M., Postmaster and merchant 

Birkley, M. H., proprietor grist and saw mills 

Biirley, William, blacksmith and wagon maker 

Butler, , M.D. 

Butler, Richard, saddler 

Cilder, Andrew, can)€nter and joiner 

Clendcnon^ Edwin, farmer 

Olendenon, John, farmer 

Coals, A., farmer 

Curry, Miss, milliner and dressmaker 

Dent, George, tanner 

Dillingham, Sidney, proprietor saw mill 

Dillingham & Smith, proprietors saw mill 

Douglass, Thomas, general merchant 

Hilbom, J. C. K, proprietors saw mill and tannery. 

Holmes, John, wagon maker 

Hunter, William, carpenter 

Janris, Thomas, farmer 

Mclutyre Duncan, hotel keeper 

McKinnon, John, general merchant 

McLanchlin, A., miller 

McMillan, James, hotel keeper 

McQuay, John, teacher 

Manney, Walter, cArpcnter 

Moffatt, James, blacksmith 

Morpm, John, shoemaker, 

!Newsou, John, farmer 

Ncwsou, William, farmer 

Phillips, William, shoemaker 

Playter Waterman, proprietor saw mill 

Pomeroy, Rev. J. C., (Methodist £pUcopal> 

Powell, Elias, carpenter 

Powell, J. v., dentist and photographer 

Russell, George, saddler 

Scott, Rev. J. R., (Bible Christian) 

Scott, Miss Sophia, teacher 

Shawl, John, engineer 

Sinclair, John, blacksmith and carriage maker 

Sinclair, John, sen., farmer 

Smith, Isaac, proprietor shingle factory 

Stoddurt, William, cabinet maker 

Wilkinson, Josex)h, prop, saw mill and shingle factory 

Cmnpbellford. — A Village on the River Trent, in the ToisTiship of Seymour, County Northumberland. 
Distant from Cobourg, the County Town 40 milcA, from Toronto 100 niih>s. Stages to Brighton daily, 
and to Stirling tri-weekly. Average price of land $16 to $24. Money Order office and Havings' Bank. 
Population 700. 

Abbott, G. W., general mercliant 
Anderson, James, carpenter 
Archer, ^llss, teacher 
Archer, James 

Beatty, James, cabinet maker 
Boatty, W., teat'her 
Benor,- James, carpenter 
Bogart, — , M. D. 
Boucher, F. 
Duller, C. G. 
Casian, M. S. 
Ghirk, William, contractor 
Cock, Robert, J.P 

Cockburn, R., miller, general merchant, &c 
Cogan, John, boots and shoes 
Collins, Daniel, sen., prop. Campbellford Hotel 
Collins, Daniel, jr., prop. Phoenix Hotel 
CosUey, William, wagon maker 
Dale, Arthur^ accountant 
Davidson, J., tailor 
Denmark, A 

Dickson, John, iron founder 
Dinwoodici James, contractor, miller, &c 
Doxsee, C, cabinet maker 
Doxsee, W\, saddler 
Dunlop, John, jointer 
£lly, R. J., cabmet maker 
F£RRISS, J. M., Postmaster 
Ferriss, J. M. & Co., general merchants 
Fraser, Henry, carpenter 
Frederick, R, tailor 
Free, Robert, carpenter 
Gibb, John, general merchant 
Grigor, James, butcher 
Harry, Richard,, boots and shots 
Hawley, M. A., hardware merchant 
Hawn, G. S., carpenter 
Heathcote, Edward, attorney, &e 
Hooper, James, saddler 
Inrine, Robert, general merchat 
Irwin k Fletcher, general merchants » 

Jjbna, Charles, saddler 
Tohnsy Thomas, butcher 

Johnston, John, seedsman 

Johnston, Bobert, wagon maker 

Keating, £., tailor 

Kennedy, D., insurance agent, &c 

Kierman, Edward, boots and shoes 

Lauder, John, saddler 

licffer, Augustus, brick manufacturer 

Linton, Robert, wagon maker 

Logan, William, cooper 

McCarthy, John, boots and shoes 

McColl, Airs, dressmaker 

McKay, Mrs., dressmaker 

McKelvie, F., carpenter 

Martin, G., tailor 

Massie, A., car|)cuter 

Maybee, Thomas, butcher 

Mitchell, George, lime manufacturer 

Morris, J. H., tailor 

Mir&eld, Samuel, woolen factor 

Nadoo, William, carpenter 

Nancarrow, Walter, tanner 

Norman, Jackson, cooper 

Ogilvie, Miss, teacher 

Oulton, C, iron founder, &c 

Reudlc, A. H., druggist 

Reynolds, M. A., cooper 

Rosinblath, John, manufacturer willow ware 

Sevesconte, J. M., J. P. 

Shillinglaw, R. carpenter! 

Skinner, H. £., general merchant 

Smith, George, cooper 

Smith, Peter, coojMir 

Stanbury, Aenry, general merchant 

Stettman, Robert, general merchant 

Temple, Mrs., dredsmaker 

Temple, Joseph, cooper 

Tice, G. F. A. , general agent 

Tobias, S. boots and shoes 

Wallace, — M. D. 

Weilman, John, carpenter 

Willman, Q., proprietiir Victoria Hotel 

Wilson, W., M. D. 

Young, Jolm, boots and shoes 



Camlachie. — A small Village and station of the Grand Trunk Railway, two miles from Lake HuroOy 
Township of Plympton, County Lambton. It is 15 miles Irom Sarnia, the County Town. ATerag» 
Talue of improved Lmd, |25 per acre. 

Campbell, James, teacher 

DOUGLAS, WILLIAM, Poatmaster, gen. mcrcht. 

Plastie, William, farmer 

McLean, James, teacher 

Kobinsou, James, hotel keeper 

Scott, RcT. Robert (Presbyterian) 
Smith, J. A., agent G. T. R. 
Symington, iVilliam, J. P. 
Truslcr, Alvali, farmer 

Cameron. — A small Village in the Township of Fenelon, County Victoria, 9 miles from Lindsay, th 
County Town. Population 30. 

Bice, George, innkeeper 


Flack, ilw., grocer 
Moilatt, Peter, blacksmith 

CampbellTille.— A Village at the head of Sixteen 

Halton. Distant from Milton, the County Towti, 

Square and Guelph. Average price of land 820. 

Abrey, G., miller 

Bnllwood, CUristopher, shoemaker 

Betts, Rer. J., (Wesleyau) 

Buck, William, tailor 

(Wlnghan, Patrick, wagon maker 

Cooke, John, proprietor Farmers' Arms 

COOPER, JAMES H., Postmaster and gen. mercht. 

Davidson & Brothers, woolen manufactiu-ers 

Deforest, A., manufacturer willow ware 

Doty, yharis, agent lumber mill 

FAsterbrook, William, proprii-tor Campbell ville Inn 

Hewson, Rev. — , (Church of England) 

Hopkins, George, auctioneer 

Hubbert, Michael, shoemaker 

Kidjiey, Williani, general merchant 

mile Creek, in the Township of Nassagaweya, County 

7 miles, from Toronto 40 miles. Stages to Wellingtoii 

Population 200. 

Little, Rev. J., (Presbyterian) 
M(iGn»qor, Peter, dentist 
Mcllvc'ivy, Goorgp, farmer 
McLireu, A. L., teacher 
McPhee, Alexander, teacher 
Meiizies, James, blacksmith 
Munn, David, J. P. 
Schram, Adam, shingle manufactarer 
SvTiver, Samuel, carpenter 
Skinner, Ricliard, farmer 
Smith, William, carpenter 
Smitton, R., butuhor 
Stribbling, Henry, fanner 
Winn, — , M.D. 

Campdcn,— A small Village in the Township of Clinton, County Lincoln, 11 miles [from St. Catherin«% 
the County Town, 65 from Toronto and 5 from Beamsville and Jordan Stations, G. W.R. Improved lands 
in vicinity average |40 per acre, unimproved $30. Population 70. 

Albright, Daniel, shoemaker 
Barrie, Rev. Francis, (Wesleyan) 
Dean, Andrew, flour mill proprietor 
Eddy, Edward, shingle manufacturer 
Grobb, Joseph, ^'neral merchant 
Hagemian, Daniel, blacksmith 
Uagerman, George, carriage maker 
High, William, farmer 
Hippie, Jacob, teacher, melodeor. agent 
Hippie, John, carriage maker 
Hippie, William, farmer 
Houser, John, farmer 
Houser, Michael, farmer 
Hummel, H. S., melodeon, etc., agent 
Hunsbnrger, Michael, shingle maker 
McFulton, James, farmer 
Moyer, David L., cooper 

MOVER, HENRY W., Postmaster, and auctionoer 

Moyer, Israel, painter 

Mover, Jacob S., broom maker 

Mover, John, farmer 

Mover, Josi*ph H., farmer 

Moyer, S. B., broom maker 

Moyer, 8. M., fanner 

Moyer, Tilman W., carpenter 

Moyer, W. W. & Co., tobacconists 

Nash, Joseph, sewing machine agent 

Nash, S. S., teacher 

Gill. James T., farmer 

Orth, Daniel, potter 

Orth, John, farmer 

Rittenhouse, Jacob F., farmer 

Smith, John, carpenter 

Smith, WUliain, J. P. 

Canboro*. — A Post- village, situated in the Township of Canboro,' County of Haldimand. 
Cayuga, the Connty Town, 10 miles. Mails, tri- weekly. Population, 130. 

Distant from 

Baldwin, George, shoemaker 
Boidsall k Mellick, merchants 
Carmody, Daniel, wagon maker 
FOLINSHEE, JOHN, Postmaster, J.P 
Goes, Jesse F., bailiff 
Hazleton, J. G., shoemaker 

Mellick. D., blacksmith 
Rogers, Ma^.thew, farmer 
Smith, Frederick, inn keeper 
Smith, Seth, merchant 
Sevick, William, butcher 



Campbell's Cross. — ^A Village in the Towmhip of Chinguocousy, County Peel. Distant froi^ Bramp- 
ton, County Town, 9 miles, from Toronto 36 miles. Stages to Brampton and OrangeviUe. Averag* 
price of land $40. 

Bradley John 

Campbell, Abraham 

Campbell, Francis 

Campball, Joseph 

Campbell, Seth 

Ceasor, John, blacksmith 

French, Thomas, stone cutter 

Garvey, Peter & Philip, brick manufacturers 

Hackett, John, shoemaker 

HAGYARD, E. T., Postmaster and general merch't. 

Hagyard, Thomas, M.D. 

Hagyard, T. C. 

Jeffers, Rev. Thomas, (Wesleyan) 

Jewitt, George 

Johnson, George, butcher 

Jordsn, Thomas, teacher 

laughed, William, proprietor Dublin Castle 

McCollum, R. C, J.P. 

McCollum, R. J., general merchant 

McDougall, John, carpenter 

McKechnie, Arehibala 

Martin, Joseph, wagon maker 

Reynolds, James, shingle manufacturer 

Robson, James 

Robson, Thomas, stock dealer 

Sage, John 

Smith, Andrew 

Snyder, Abraham, insurance agent 

Canlleld. — A Village in the Township of Cayuga, County' Haldimand, and the proposed crossing point of 
the Grand Trunk and Southern Railways. Distant from Cayugi, the County Town, 6 miles, from Toronto, 
70 miles. Stages to and from Cayuga. Average price of land $15 to $20. Money order office. Popu- 
lation, 150. 

Abbott, J. T., teachsr 

Adron, Mark, mason 

Bodgely, L. M., lumber dealer 

Badgely, Matthew, farmer 

Baldwin, James, farmer 

Bullock, William, farmer 

Canfield, A., shingle manufacturer 

Coates, John, blacksmith 

Coverdale, William, carpenter 

Dryer, £dward, blacksmith 

Flanders, G. E., teilor 

Flandt^rs, Nelson, farmer 

Haney, John, farmer 

Haynes, William, farmer 

Humphries, Thomas, brick manufacturer 

King, Heniy, fanner 

Leith, Rev. H,, (New Connexion) 

McDiarmid, Kenneth, shoemaker 

McDiarmid k Ozley, grocers 

Nelles, Robeit L., express sgent 

Philips, W. A., teacher 

Richardson, Rev. W. R,, (Wesleyan) 

Rose, Mrs., dressmaker 

Rose, Henry, match manufaotnrer 

Rose, William, proprietor Railway Hotel 

Sabines, M. J., painter 

Schrara, P., livery stable proprietor 

Street, S., farmer 

Switzer, Jacob, clerk 

Switzcr, John, farmer 

Switzer, M. D., general merchant 

Tenncy, Robert, shoemaker 

Weaver, Adam, mason 

Weaver, Adam, sen., farmer 

WILSON, JOHN, Postmaster and general merchant 

Wilson, J. C, telegraph operator 

Young, Henry, proprietor Royal Hotel 

CannlftOIl.— A Village on the Moira River, T«wn«liip of Thurlow, County Hastings, three milsa from 
Belleville, the County Town. Stages, to Bridgewater, Stirling and Belleville! Population, 600. 

Becket, N. J. , miller and grocer 

Betts, Rev. L. A. (Episcopal Mtthodist) 

Brooks, E., woollen factory 

Brown, George S., farmer 

BuUis, W. L., teacher 

Canniif, Daniel, farmer 

Canniff, John, clerk 

CANNIFF, JONAS, jun.. Postmaster 

Canniff, J. A., blacksmith 

Coon, C., carpenter 

Dale, Thomas, farmer 

Fairman, R. C, Farmer'* Inn 

Fairfield, J. K., teacher 

Famham, T. 

Gillespie k Smith, pumpmakera 

Gunsolius, John J., blacksmith 

Howell, R«T. J. £. (Wesleyan) 

Kane, William, shoemaker 
liake, N., grocer 
Liam, T., cooper 
Lingham, William, miller 
McLigret, R, carpenter 
Naylor, Thomas, blacksmith 
Naylor, William, shoemaker 
Pake, S. S., carpenter 
Powers, AVilliam, hotel keeper 
Stinson, Wflliam, yaw mill proprietor 
Stimers, J. L., hotel keeper 
Sills, Jacob, saw mill proprietor 
Sutherland, A., saw mill proprietor 
Sutherland, William, farmer 
Walsh^ James, carriage maker 
Wilson, A., J. P. 



CannillCr* — ^ Village on the River Nitli, id the Township of Blenheim, County Oxford, 16 miles from 
Woodstock, the County Town, and 4 from Princeton station, Great Western Railway. The immediate 
neighborhood contains some good water privileges. Average value of improved land in the vicinity, 
|40 per acre. Population 150. 

ALLCHIN, SAMUEL, Postmaster, proprietor saw 

atfd grist mills 
Davidson, James, fanner 
Johnson, H., farmer 
Martin, Charles, hutcher . 
Martin, Donald, farmer 
Matthewaon, George, mas«n 
Mitchell, Charles, farmer 
Oliver, Adam, fanner 
Rickert, John, farmer 
Rolierts, James, leather dealer 
Scott, Walter, fHrmer 
Simpson, James, cari>enter 

Slinfi;3by, William, woolen factor 
Smake, Samuel, farmer 
Spears, Thomas, farmer 
Sti'ong, J., general merchant 
Taylor, William H., nurseryman 
Turner, Judson, wagon maker 
Waldron, John, carpenter 
Weatherell, William, hotel keeper 
Whitehead, David, farmer 
W^hitvhead, James, farmer 
Williams, Joseph, farmer 
Wills, Martin, farmer 
Wright, Thomas, miller 

Canninffionu — A flourishing Village in the Township of Brock, CoUnty Ontario, on the Beaver River and 
line of the proposed Toronto and Nipissing Railway, 38 miles from Whitby, the County Town, and IS 
from Lindsay. Money Order oi&ce. Population 600. 

Brandon, Christopher baker 

Brown, David S., tanner 

Brown, Neil, general merchant 

Bomham, Charles, Clerk Division Court 

Card, S. W., carding mills 

Cavanagh, Allen, carpenter 

Clifl, ThoniaA, wagon maker 

Corvan, Matthew, J. P. • 

Davidson, Lachlan 

Davidson, P., miller 

DeLease, J6hn, brewer 

Donald, William, carpenter 

Ellis, John W., general merchant 

Forman, Thomas C, general merchant 

French, Frederick, builder 

GIBBS, CHARLfc:S, Postmaster, Commissioner in 

B. R.y agent Western Assurance Co., Toronto. 
Gillespie, Donald, M.D. 
Harris, Edward, shoemaker 
Hay, John, wagon maker 
Hefner, Charles, shoemaker 
Holmes, John, blacksmith 
Hoyle, Henry W., cabinet maker 
Hunt, Reuben, wagon maker 
Johnston, Robert, shoemaker 
Jolliff, John 

Jones, Robert, carpenter 
Keller, Charles C, solicitor 

Lucas, Joseph, grocer 

Mc'Dou<(all, John, flour mill proprietor 

McKay, Archibald, grocer 

McKechnie, Alexander, teacher 

McKenzie, Thomas, tailor 

Marsh, A. F., general merchant 

May, William, tailor 

Maybce, Henry, carding mill proprietor 

May bee, Henry W., saddler 

Maybee & Graham, stoves an 1 tinware 

Munro, Hugh, flour and saw mills. 

Kiiumo, — , proprietor saw mills 

Ross, Alexander, builder 

Silverthoni, George, carpenter 

Silverthorn, John, carpenter 

Silverthorn, William, blacksmith 

Sharp, John 

Smith, George, general merchant 

Smith, George, bailiff 

Taylor & Lindsay, satldlers 


Thorne, Thomas, miller 

Walsh, Thomas H., tailor 

Walton, George 

Ward, John, hotel keeper 

Willson, J. A., M.D. 

Wyatt, Alfred, druggist 

Canton. — A Village on Smith's Creek, in the Township of Hope, County Durham. Distant from Port 
Hope, the County Town, 5 miles, from Toronto 60 miles. Average price of land |60. Population 100 

Bragg, M., farmer 

Bray, W., farmer 

Colman, J., farmer 

Campbell, J., farmer 

Crawford, S., farmer 

Currelly, T., sen., farmer 

Currelly, T., jr., farmer 

DEACON, W., Postmaster and general merchant 

Eascott, R., farmer 

Gibbs, R. H., cooper 

Graham, Rev. J., ^Wesleyan) 

Harris, Charles, J.P 

Hawkins, M., farmer 

Henwood, J., farmer 

Johnston, E., farmer 

Johnston, J., carpeQter 

Lowes, J., fanner 

McMaster, J., carpenter 

Martin, J., farmer 

Martin, Thomas, prop. Canton Hotel 

Martin, T., co«per 

Peters, N., teacher 

Pethie» H., farmer 

Plain k Powers, lumber dealers 

Powers, Mrs. S. S., 

Powers, T. B., M.D 

Salter, G. B., miller 

Tindall, Mrs , dressmaker 



Cape Rich.-— A Village iu the Township of St. Vincent, County Grey, sitflatcd on Nottawasaga Bay» 
Georgian Bay, 20 miles from Owen Sound, the County Town, and 37 from Collingwood. There an 
extensive fisheries here. Steamers call daily in connection with the Northern "Kailway. All kinds of 
mechanics are required. Average value of improved land $20, unimproved $10 per acre. There isa T«fy 
superior clay abundant hcn% suitable for brick or pottery work. Population 180. 

Avery, Thomas, cooper 
Avery, William, cooper 
Boyd, Samuel, f;u'mer 
Burns, H., farmer 
Carson, J., farmer 
Cooper, William, farmer 
Dodger, David, farmer 
Doran, A., farmer 
Downing, William, farmer 
Foster F., farmer 
Irwin, Robert, farmer 
Kennedy, Gilbert, carpenter 

Mc.Intosli, Angus, carpenter 
Mrlntoah, G. 1*., commission merchant 
Mcintosh, Gilbert, carpenter 
McLaren, DONALD, Poslmaater 
McLaren. James, sbinglo maker 
Mitch, John, cooper 
Nicol, John, ytiii liter 
Ross, Rev. Robert (Baptist) 
Stephen, Adam S., teacher 
Terry, J. C., dentist 
Tottenham, F. R., farmer 
Watson, Col 

Carling^forcL- A Village in the Township of FuUarton, County Tcrth, 11 miles from Stratford, tie 
County Town, and 64 from SebringvilU Station. •Bi-weekly mails. Population 100. 

Mclnnes, William, iniikoeper 
Hamilt4)n, Robert, shoeinRKer 
Terry, Frederick, saw mill proprietor 

Babb, William, blacksmith and wagon maker 
DAVIDSON, WILLIAM, Postmaster and general 

Carleton Place. — A Village on the Mississippi River, in the Township of B^ckwith, South Riding 
County Ijanark, a station of the Belleville and Ottawa Railway, 22 miles from Perth, the County Town, 
28 from Ottawa and 275 from Toronto. Money Order oflice and Savin;;s' Bank. Population 800. 

Anderson, R. , notary public, commissioner in B. R. 

Beck, William, car|)entcr 

Bobier, Samuel, painter 

Boggart, D. P., M.D. 

Bredin, William, grist and oat mills 

Brian, Edward, carpenter 

Brown, John, general merchant 

Burke, John, cooper 

Barke, Maurice, cooper 


Poole, proprietor 
Carswell, Rev. T., (Canada Presbyterian) 
Cavere, John, carpenter 
Cragie & Stephiuson, shingle makers 
Craig, D., butcher 
Orampton, Robert, general merchant 
Crane, James, farmer 
Crane, William, carpenter 
Devlin, James, blacksmith 
Dunlop, James, carpenter 
Findlay, David, founder 
Galvin, Patrick, clothing 
Qillis & McLaren, lumber merchants 
Olover, William, blacksmith 
Graham, John, caniage maker 
Grant k McLaren, founders 
Gray, William B., painter 
Greig, J. 

Halpeny, R. W., general merchant 
Hurd, W^ H., M.D. 
Kelly, William, hotel keeper 
Kilpatrick, James, cooper 
King, Colin, farmer 
Leden, William, J. P. 
Lang, Alexander, blacksmith 
Lavelle, N., hotel keeper and auctioneer 
Leslie, Jacob, cabinet maker 
Lowe, George, agent B. & O. R. R., telegrapher, 

American express com^mny agent 
Mc Arthur, A., J. P. « 

McDonald, AUcii, dyer 

McDowell, Rev. il., (Methodist) 

l^IeEwun, John, farmer 

McEwan, John, grocer 

McKay, James, baker 

McLaren, P., B.A., principal grammar school 

McLaren, Robert, carpenter 

McXeeloy, Bryce, leathnr tlealer 

McPherson, Geor«^e, baiiifl' 

McVean, J., M. D. 

Metcalf, RolvTt, grocer 

Mntcalf, R., hot d keeper 

Moore, Hugh, merchant tailor 

Moore, Richard, shoemaker 

Moore, William H. shoemaker 

Morris, Rev. E 

Muirhead, William, farmer 

Munro, James, carj.euter 

Keelin, William, geueral merchant 

Patterson, William, cabinet maker 

Pattie, William, carpenter 

Pitlaud, Joseph, carriage maker 

Poole. James, proprietor Herald 

PRESTON, REV. J. A., (Church 6f England) 

Rorristm, William, carpenter 

Ross, Rev. W., (Presbyterian) 

Scott, John, carriage maker 

Scott, Walter, merchant tailor 

Sinclair, Colin, clothing 

Stewart, Rev. J., (Baptist) 


Summer, M. W., general merchant 

Taylor, William, china and glassware 

Taylor, William, tinsmith 

Tucker, Patrick, shoemaker 

Tooley, Charles, butcher 

Wallace, James, farmer 

Wilson, William, M.D. 

Waugh, Samuel, saddler 



Carlisle*— A Village in the Township of East Flamboro', County Wentworth, on Twclve-milo Croek, 8 
miles from Waterdown Station, Great Western Railway, 12 from Hamilton, the County Seat, and 42 
from Toronto. Population 150. 

Boycr, Anderson, butcher 

Barton, John, farmer 

Carson, Henry, mason 

Cranston, Henry, painter 

CROCKER, JOHN C, Postmaster, dry goods and 

Davis, William, wagon mater 
Dawson, F. K., blacksmith 
Duffy, Michael, butcher 
£aton, Daniel, hotel keeper 
Edgar, William, 

Ellis, John, mason 
Ellison, Thomas, J. P., farmer 
Hood, Henry, farmer 
Hood, John, shoemaker 
Muhon, William, blacksmith 
Millard, D. B., blacksmith 
Mills, W. F., hotel keeper 
Newell, William P., farmer 
Ross, John, general merchant 
Sullivan, James, farmer 

Carden. — A Poet office in the Township of Cardcii, County Victoria. 

CARLIN, JAMES, Postmaster. 

Carlow.— A Post office in the Township of Colbome, County Huron. Di«t«it from Goderich, the County 

Town, 6 miles. Population aboiit 150. 
McDONOUGH, JAMES, Postmaster and hinkccpcr. | Ross, John, hotel keeper. 

€arlsmhe.— A Village in the Township 

Town. Tri-weekly maihi. Population 

Branner, Wendel, blacksmith 

Bruder, George, shoemaker 

Gtjet, Albert, plough maker 

Goet, Emil, blacksmith 

Gross, William, brickroaker 

Grossman, Peter, basket maker 

Hauck, Henry, teacher 

Hogen, Matthew, carpenter 

Hesser, Philip, wagon maker 

Hesch, Jacob, mason 

Hoffarth, Conrad, farmer 

Hoffiirth, John, farmer 

Klunffy, John, cabinet maker 

KORMANN, IGNATIUS, Postmaster, gen. mercht. 

of Carrick, County Bruce, 8 niilcd from .WalkertoR the County 

Kuntze, Jacob, V)rewer "^^ 
Leulitts, Xavier, farmer 
Lobsinger, A., hotel keeper 
Lobsingcr, Louis, saw milbt 
Metzger, Michael, farmer 
Newman, John, carriage maker 
Rassarts, Rev. F., (Roman Catholic) 
Roeser, Philip, tailor 
Ropel, Jacob, farmer 
Schneider, John, cooper 
Schmitzler, Peter, brewer 
Schwan, WUliam, mason 
Ward, Lawrenee, contractor 

Oarlake-— A small Post Village in the Township 
the County Town, and 60 miles from Toronto. 

CALDER, JAMES, J. P. and Postmaster 

Calder, John, farmer 

Calder, Robert, farmer 

Grittman, Jacob, blacksmith 

Harvie, William, general merchant 

McLaren, James, cooper 

McL<^^, Peter, J. P. 

Moffatt, James, farmer 

Moffatt, William, farmer 

Morton, James, farmer 

of Ancaster, County W^entworth, 11 miles from Hamilton^ 
Daily mails. Population about 75. 

Renton, William, farmer 

Russell, John, farmer 

Stewart, John, steam flour and saw mills 

Taylor, James, wagon maker 

Thomas, H. A., teacher 

Prentice, John, groceries and dry goods 

Walker, James, farmer 

Walker, John, farmer 

Wilson, W., blacksmith 

CarnarrOll* — A post-office in the Township of Stanhope, County Peterboro'. 

BARNUM ANDREW^ Postmaster. 


-A post-office in the Township of Elderslie, County Brace. 

EWART, SAM;;EL, Postmaster. 



Carp* — A Tillage in the Township of Huntley, County Carleton, 20 miles from Ottawa, Countj Town. 
Stages to Ottawa and Pakenham. Population 125. 

Alexander, T. C, carriage-maker 

Bell, Rev. R., (Wesleyan) 

Brown, Thomas, wheelright 

Brown, Thomas, bookkeeper 

Butler, J., dru^^st 

Evoy, W., shoemaker 

FallA & Stewart, blacksmiths 

Featherston, W. J., lumber and general merchant 

<5odfrey, Rey. J., (Church of England) 

•Green, Edward, blacksmith 

Green, John, hotel keeper 

Kldd, Richard, J. P., farmer 

Law, William 

McBride, H.,J,P. 

Mealy, George k Brother, general merchants 

Newton, E. J., saddler 

Roberts, J. E., cabinet maker 

Sinclair, Rev. J., (Presbyterian) 

Tiiylor, T., hotel keeper 

Wilton, G., pump maker 

Carronbrook* — A Village and Station on the Buffalo and Lake Huron Railway, in the Township of 
Logan, County Pei*th. Distant from Stratford, the County Town, 17 miles, from Toronto 100 
Stages to Cromarty and Brodhagen. Money order office. Population 100. 

Baker, Elijah, butcher 

Belt, Henry, bookseller 

Biles, John, wagon maker 

Carpenter, Jauies shoemaker 

Carpenter, William, butcher 

Carpenter, W., proprietor Donegana Hotel 

Carroll Timothy, railway agent 

OARR«^NBROOK TIMES, (Friday), R. L. Smith, 

Caulfield, Rev. R. H., (Church of England) 
Coleman, Robert, accountant 
Comber, Edward, marble works 
Conlogue, Patrick, carpenter 
Conlogue, William, carpenter 
Crenin, Daniel, M.D. 
Davidson, John, cooper 
Dewitt, Thomas, shoemaker 
Donkin, R., J. P. 

Drummond, Huech, dealer in stone and lime 
Eaton, James, shingle maker 
Fegan, Bernard, carpenter 
Ferguson, J., insurance agent 
Flaherty. J. & Co., general merchants 
Flynn, Thomas 
Freill, Neil, carpenter 
Gallagher, F. , prop. Railway Hotel 
Harbor, John, brickmaker 
Harris k Son, general merchants' 
Henderson, 0. G., & Co., planing mill proprietors 
Hoskin, Rev. James (Methodist) 
Howard, James, dif«tiller 
Howard, William, cabinet maker 
Johnston, Frederick, baker 
Seating, Stephen, tailor 
Kennedy, J., prop. Metropolitan Hotel 
Kennedy, Solomon, shoemaker 
KIDD, JOSEPH, J. P., Postmaster, general mer- 
chant and miller 

Kidd, George, telegraph operator 

King, Henry, real estate agent 

King, Thomas, express agent 

King, T. & L., general mercliants, agents Amerieaa 

Exchange Company 
Lambert, Henry, sboemaker 
Looby, Edward, wagon maker 
McCarron, F. J., auctioneer 
McCardy, James, general merchant 
McDonald, Geoi^e A. , attorney at law . 
McLaren, John, accountant 
McNevin, Donald, tailor 
Malcolm, John, mason 
Maldoon, Frank, distiller 
Matthews, Thomas, carpenter 
Milne, James & Co,, general merchants 
Murphy, John, painter 
Nevin, Mrs., proprietor Union Hotel 
Nevin, P., proprietor Albion Hotel 
Oughton, M., cabinetmaker 
O'Leary, Denis, druggist 
Peirce, James, founder and machinist 
Piatt, W. B. , lumber merchant 
Purse] 1, James, saddler 
Reading, J. F., general merchant 
Reid, Samuel, builder, k sash factory 
Robinson k Co., hardware 
Rundle, P. L., general merchant 
Ryan, Thomas, shoemaker 
Smith, Henry, faucy goods 
Smith, Isaac, general merchant 
SMITH, R. L., editor Ttmn 
Smith, W. D., tinsmith 
Thompson & (3o., general merchants 
Tole, John 

Williams, James, carpenter 
Williams, Matthew, carpenter 

Carthasre. — A Village on Smith's Creek, Township of Mornington, County Perth, 26 miles from Stratfoz^ 
the County Town. Tri-weekly mails. Population 120. 

Armstrong, John, blacksmith 

Atchison, Stewart, shoemaker 

Baillie Hugh, engineer 

Balance, Alexander, farmer 

BROWN, C, Postmaster, hotel keeper k cooper 

Donaghan, Bernard, general merchant 

Eslie, Henrj-, cooper 

Gamble, James, miller 

Glenn, Charles, farmer 

Hamilton, Thomas, fanner 

I Harvey, Andrew, farmer 
Hosier, William, shoemaker 
McDonald, Alexander, farmer 
Meloin, David, miller 
Patterson, Samuel, general merchant 
Phillip, George H., carpsnter 
Phillip, Oran, carpenter 
Robertson, Alexander, farmer 
Schneider, Charles, general merchant 

I Shcppard, Rev. W. W., (Methodist) 



CWTTVille. — A VUlage on the wett branch of the Don, in the Towns]] ip of Yaughan, County York. I>i»- 

tint from Toronto, the County Town, 17 miles. 

Amley, Thomas, teacher 

Atkinson, George 

Bone, John 

Bone, Thomas 

Campbell, John 

Combs, John 

COOK, THOMAS, Postmaster 

Average price of land, $40 to $50. Population; 50. 

Cook, William 

Johnston, Kev. William, (Primitive) 

Keifer, Joseph 

Lund, William, general merchant 

Rumble, Joseph, miller 

Rupert, Peter, jun 

Yateman, Richai-d 

CartwrUj^hl.— (See Williamsbuii^h.) — A Post office in the Township of Cartwright, County Durham. 

VANCE, WILLIAM, Postmaster. 

€ashel-~A post Village in the Township of Markham, County York. Population about 100. 
Crosby, M. B., general merchant | Walker, Francis, blacksmith 

Jennings, Samuel, J.P 

Casbniere. — ^A Village on the River Thames, in the- Township of Mosa, County Middlesex. Distant 
from London, the County Seat, 40 miles, from Toronto 154 miles. Average price of land $50. Popa- 
latiun 200 

Bell, Thomns, teacher 

Campbell, Alexander, farmer 

Campbell, Donald, carpenter 

Carson, Samuel, farmer 

Downie, Robert, farmer 

farewell, Thomas, prop. Cashmere Hotel 

Ferguson, John, miller 

JPleming, Qeorge, farmer 

Fleming, G. B., farmer 

Fleming, John, farmer 

Fleming, William, farmer 

For J, Thomis, carpenter 

Gardiner, James, lumber dealer 

Gihb, Singleton 

Lewis, Alonzn T., constable 

Mclntyre, John 

McNeil, Hector, wagon maker 

MANSFIELD, GEORGE, Postmaster & gen. morcht 

Meyer, Abraham 

Pucksey, William 

Ward, G. G. , insurance agent 

Wood, James £., cabinet maker 

Casselman.—A post village in the Township of Cambridge, County Russell. Distant from L*OrignaJ 40^ 
miles, and from Ottawa 26 miles, 


Castleford.— A Village on the Ottawa River, in the Township of Horton, County Renfrew. 

Fox, Jolm, shoemaker 
Hannock, John, hotel keeper 
McDonald, Martin, hetel keeper 

Mc Williams, James, merchant 
Macklem, George, carpenter 
Wilson, Jolm, gunsmith 
Young, Archihidd, merchant 

Castleton.— A Vilhige in the Township of Cramahe, 

County Town. Stages to Colborne and Norwood. 

Andrews, W. H., carpenter 

Armstrong, Samuel, blacksmith 

Black, E. H., J. P., general merchant 

Bowen, W. R., general merchant 

Cole, C, general merchant 

Cole, R. A., Uilor 

Coleman, Hiram, shoemaker 

Deviney, William, painter 

Dorland, A. T., grist and saw millet 

Dixon, Samuel, teacher 

£raUck, A. C , liaker 

Gould, C. M., M.D. 

Gould, H. P., gv^neral merchant 

Griffiths, William, carpenter 

Ingeiaoll, H., blacksmith 

Jones, Willis, general agent I 

County Northumberland, 18 miles from Cobouig^ thr 

Money order office. Population, 300. 

Lapp. Chester, flour mill proprietor 

McDonald, Samuel, wa^n mak«r 

Mitchell, Wesley, butcher 

Moore, S. , hotel keeper 

Nichol, William, blacksmith 

Fennock, George W., general merchant 

PENNOCK, JOHN C, Postmaster, insuranct agsat 

Pennock, L. J., grocer 

Pettibone, Jacob, wagon maker 

Pomeroy, Henry, carpenter 

Robison, Edward, shoemaker 

Scripture, Geor^, grocer 

Simmondis, A. W., Temperance Hotd 

Stimers, J. W., saddler 

TmssdeU, Benjamin, carpenter 



Castlcmoor,— A post Villag* in tlic Gore of Toronto, County Peel. 9J milei from Brampton, the C<ran^ 
Town. Mails bi-weekly. Population 74. 

HASSARD, FRANK, Postmaster and hotel keep«r. 

Cataraqni.— (formerly Waterloo)— 
from Kingston, the County Town. 

Beamish, Williari, M. D. 
Brown, Marshall S., M. D. 
Caldwell, Andrew, farmer 
Caldwell, William, farmer 
Case, Rev. George (Wesleyan) 
Clyde, Thomas, farmer 
Daly, Mrs. J., hot^^l keeper 
Day, Johnson, J. P., farmer 
Ettley, Samuel, tailor 
Ferris, J. P., farmer 

A Village in the Township of Kingston, County Frontenac, 3 xnilci 
Population 200. 

Hennessey, Mrs., hotel keejier 

Marriott, (Joorge, farmer 

Marriott, J<tci)hen, farmer 

Mailin, Mrs., hotel keeper 

McKIM, PI'rn:R, J. p., Clerk Division Court 

NOUTHMORK, JOSEPH, Postmaster, gen. mercbt. 

Reilly, Kdwartl, blacksmith 

Simpson, Joliu, jun., J. P., firmer 

Stewart, John, shoemaker 

"Walker, Gcoigc, fanning mill manufacturer 

Cavan.— A small Village in the Township of Cavan, County Durham, 30 miles from Cobourg and 3^ 
the Port Hoi»e, Lindsay, and Pctcrboro* Railway. This is a good place for mechanics of all kinds, 
proved land avei-ages $40 pci» acre. Population 150. 

Allen, Rev. T. W' . (Church of England) 

Caswell, Rev. J. (N. C. Methodist) 

Coe, John, farmer 

Dexter, John, carpenter 

Fee, William, farmer 

GRiVHA.M, WILLIAM, Postmaster, general store 

Graham, William, farmer 

Orandv, Thomas, fanner 

Ilaggarth, Thomas, wagon maker 

Hutchison, William, hotel keeper 

Lough, Willi.^m, flour mill proprietor 

Mani'i), Georgo, leather dealer 

Newton, Jjimeis tailor 

Rowan, Thomas R,, M. D. 

Smith, Ric.luird, dniggist 

Stai)es, Richard, larmiT 

Swain, John, larraer 

Thomi>son, C. 

Thomi»s«»n, Jaiucs, cabinet maker 

Young, Charli'.s, teacher 

ravnca The County Town of Haldimand, situated on the Grand River in the Townsliipof North Cayuga^ 

25 miles from Hamilton, and 6 from Cautield station on the Buffalo and I^ke Huron Railroad. A l«x^ 
quantity of grain and plaster is shipiK'd annually. Money Ordar office and Savings Bank. Population 700. 

Baird, Alexander, tinsmith 
Baker, Thomas, builder 
Barnes, W. A., barber 
Baxter, J., M. D. and J. P. 
Baxter, R., M. 1). 

BURG1>'S, J. L , saddle and hr.rnrss maker (sccadv) 
CAMERON, D., chemist and druggist, 9^*iut Mon- 
treal Telegraph Company 
CAMPBliliU'fi- ^'-^ proprietor Haldimnnd Advocate 

]»rop. (Sec adv) 
orge uL Mts- 

scnger editor and proprietor 
Collins, William, hotel keeper 
COLTER, C. W., prmcipal giammar school 
DeCew, John, dry gootU and clothing 
Dochstnder, H., hotel keeper 
DOMINION HOTEL, A. T. Jones proprietor 
Durlong, J., hoUd keeper 
Farrell, A. P., County Treasuror 
-Gibbons, Joseph, toilor 
Gibney, Mis^ teacher ^ . .^ ^ ^ 

GIBSON, G. A., wine and spirit merchant 
Grant, Rev. Mr., (Methodist) 
Griffith, R. V., clerk County Court and dcjmty Clerk 

ffaldimand Advocate (Friday) E. C. Campbell prop 
y\ ..rv. Clmrhs, blacksmith 
Hill, Rev., Mr., (Church of England) 

Hoshall, John, teacher 

Hurssell, Joseph, produce merchant 

HMri>sell, Joseph 

JONl^^S, A. F., hotel keeper 

Lawrence, William, gaoler 

U'ith, Rev. M. (N. C. Methodist 

Lightall, P., Imker 

McClung, 1)., biit.'her 

McCLU^sG, W, R., l)oot and shoemaker 

McDonald, Angus 

McGiiiivniy, D., tailor 

McMuUen, IJanifl, hotel keeper 

Martin, J. R., Oounty Attorney, Clerk of Peaee 


MASON, JOSHUA, pr>p. Campbell House and Sr«^ 

jjroprietor (see adv.) 

iMason, William, mail conductor 

MESSENGKR, CiEOliGK A., Postmaster, editor 

tSenthieJ, l>ook, job and ornamental printer 
Orr, Thomas, paiiiter 
I'ark, Paul, butcher 
Robinson, Mr:i. J., (.'oininfTcial Hotel 
Rogere, J. H., J. P. 
Suyera, Edmund M., general merchant 
Stevenson, J. (i.. Count v Judge 
AValtets, John, geueral nvrchant 
Younglovc, 8., wat(hmnk«»r ' 



Cataract. — A Village on the River Credit, in the Township of Caledon, County Peel, 9 mileg from Bramp- 
ton, the Connty Town, and 45 from Toronto. Stages to Brampton and Orangeville. Populatidh 100. 

Cameron, D., farmer 

Cameron, James, farmer 

CHURCH, RICHARD, Postmaster k gen. mcrcht. 

Hammond, James 

Hunt, William, builder 

Keys, Robert, hotel keeper 

Little, John, builder 

McNichol, H. J., farmer 

McSorley, P., farmer 
Mailison, Thomas, carpenter 
Morrow, Thomas, farmer 
Murphy, William, shoemaker 
Scott, Isaac, farmer 
Smith, J., farmer 
Vernon, William, fanner 

Cathcart. — A Village in the Township of Burford, County Brant, 14 miles from Brantford, the Coonty 
Town. Population 150. 

MUIR, THOMAS, Postmaster. 

Cawdor.— A Post- village in the Township of Kalada^, County Addiugton. 


Cedar Grove. — A Village on the Rouge River, in the Township of Markham, County York, 
frum Toronto the County Tov/n, 20 miles. Average price of land $G0. Population 40. 

Allison, Andrew, farmer Perry, William, farmer 

Burrows, James, farmer lictsor, Peter, farmer 

Clark, James, farmer lleesor, Samur], farmer 

LAPP, DAVID, Postmaster and general merchant 
Lapp, Joseph, farmer 
Milroy, John, faimer 


Reesor. Simeon, farmer 
Whaley, David, farmer 

Cedar Hill* — A small Post Village in the Township of Pakenham, Connty Lanark. Distant from Perth* 
the Connty Town, 30 miles, from Ottawa 150 miles, and from Montreal 150 miles. Population a])«ut 80. 

CONNERV, JAMES, Postmaster. 

Centre Augusta. — A Village in tlie Township of Augusta, County Grenvillc, 1 6 miles from Brockville, 
the County Town, 12 from Prescott and 6 from Spencerville. Lands in the vicinity average $24 peracr^ 
improved $35. Stages daily to Prescott, fare 25c., to Spencerville 20c. Population 200. 

Black, O'Neil, farmer 
Brady, James, farmer 

Brown, S., wagon maker 
COMMONS, AARON B., Postmaster 
Commons, Abraham, farmer 
Davis, B.| shiuglo maker 
Davis, Marcus, shingie maker 
Gay, Thomas, hotel keeper 
Hand, W., butcher 
Kingston, Paul, farmer 
Lane, Charles, J. P. 

McGrath, Maurice, farmer 

McLean, J., wagon maker 

McLean, Solomon, C, teacher 

McLean, William, fanner 

Murph}', Michael, fjinner 

O'llcilly, Teronc, farmer 

Roach, Rev. E. P., (Roman Catholic) 

iSteelo, Josc})h, farmer 

Stitele, S., carpenter 

Stevenson, ¥., J. P. 

Throop, B., farmer 

Ccntrcton.— A Village in the Township of Haitlimand, County Northumberland, 16 miles from Coboiir|^ 
the County Town, and 100 from Toronto, Average value of land in vicinity, $25 Population 100. 

Burns, Patrick, farmer. 

Bradley, William, agent 

Brewster, Jolin, J. P., farmer 

Campbc'li, Rev. Mr., (Kpiscopal Methodist) 

Coffee, Thomas, farmer 

Finn, Rtv. Wiiliam, (Episcopal Methodist)^ 

Holland, William, fanner 

McBride, William, farmer 
McCann, Abraham, shoemaker 
Purd.y, Smith, shin£rle manufacturer 
Sargent, Willis, J. P., farmer 
Sladc, Alfred, farmer 
Thoma.", James, fanner 
Wills, Thomas, farmer 

McAULEY, THOMAS H., Postmaatcr, gen. mercht. I Workman, George, teachej 



Cedayrllle.— A small Post Village ii;i the Township of Proton, County Grey. Distant from Owen Sound 

the County Town, 46 miles, and from Toronto 60 miles. Population about 80. 
BOOERS, THOMAS, Postmaster and gen. merchant. | Rogers, \V. & T., merchants and mill owneta. 

II !.> 

CclltrCVillC.— A Village on Whelan's Creek, in the Township of Camden, OoMlty Addingtoo. Distant 
from Napauee, the County Town, 15 miles, from Toronto, 180 miles. Stages to Kingston, JfajMiee, *oA 
Tam worth. Arerage price of land |30. Population 150. 

Prout, John, teacher 
Reid, R., prop. Reid's Hotel 
Rcynold.s, George, teacher 
Robertson, Samuel, cooper 

Ash, John R., M.D. 
Carswell. Samuel, wagon maker ^ 
Cunningham, — , prop. Cunningham s Hotel 
Dowling, Wi»u« E. & H.^ drpsamakers 
HAW LEY, JAMES M., Postmaster 
Hawley & Bros., general merchanU 
Hassard Miss C, dressmaker. 
Lapum, Jamas N , general merchant 
Longhead; Jumps, carp«»ter 
McWamara, John, teacher 
O'Connor, William, t«acher 
Parks, Jerome, saddler 

Rupert, Rev. E. S., (Wesleiyan) 

Switzer, Wilson J., M.Di 

Toomey. Rev. John, (Roman Catholic) 

Whrlau, William, Vilkge Clerk 

Wheian, J,, prop. WTielan's Hotel 

W^ills, George, carpenter 

Wright, Rev. Peter, (Methodist Episcopal) 

.». .* 

Chandos.- A small Post Village of the Township of Chandos, County Peterboro', E. R. 

MAXWELL, H., Postmaster. 

diartns Cross.— A VilUgc on the line between the Townshiiis of Raleigh and Harwich, County Kent. 7 
miles from CliRtham, the County Town, and 5 miles from Blenheim. Arerage TaiiMof improved land 
.in the vicinity $35 per acre. Population 100. 

Bennett, WiUi«m, carriage maker 
Chapman, Rev. William, Methodist 
Drewry, Robert, farmer 
Framptoii, Jolin, teacher 
GAY, J., Postmaster 
Knott, John, farmer 

McCallum, Rev. Idwin, Methodist 
Mancill, William, hotel keeper 
Roe, Thomas, hotel keeper 
White, Cynis, butcher 
White, Henry, farmer 
White, Stephen, farmer 

Cnbuurleston. — A Village on Charleston Lake, in the Township of Escott, County Leeds, 18 miles from 
Brockvill(w, Population IOC. 

Beale, Benjamin, saw mill prop. 

Booth, A, C, J. P. 

Booth, R. L., inn keeper 

Burrows, Willu^m, grist mill prop. 

GREEN, P. F., Postmaster, general merchant 

Hamilton David, J. P. 
Hicks, WUlium, wagon maktr 
Johnston, Henry, J. P, 
Melvina, John, inn keeper 
Slack & FosUT, saw null ptops. 

Cliarleyllle. A Village on Nation River, in the Township of Augusta, County Grenville. Distant fron 

Presaott, Pyi^D^/ .Towo« 12 mUes^ ffom Ottawa 45 miles, from Toronto 200 m}itm Population 150. 

Alden^ Miss Jane, tearher 

Alder, Miss Levice, diessmaker 

Alden, William . 

Anderson, Jesse 

Barton, John 

Basis, David 

Bass, Henry 

Baas, James 

Bass, J. . ' y 

Birks, Edward B. 

Birk«, Kuhur^ 

Carson, John 

Covill, Stepli^n 

Dakins, fUisha 

Kirby, Wilson -.. 

Lane^ Charles, J. P. 

Lane, James 
Lane, Joseph 
•Mosher, James 
Perrin, Ebenezer 
Place, Wright 
•Stetenfloii, Thotnas 
Tanney, William 
Throop, Benjamin 
Throop, Justus 
Throop, Samuel 
WfftneJ, Calvin 
Whitney, Samuel 
Wiley, John 
Young, Joseph 

YoUDg. :>^4uil , 


E- liAW^LESS, 


Ctty JBloet, Main St., BroekviOe. 




Wholesale and Betafl Hqnor Merchant, 


A. D. L ALONDE, L D. S., 

(Suooaiaor to John Leggo.) 

0pp. OonrtHonse Avenue, Main St., Brookville* 

6. Ii. liiNOON'S 

Tliree Doora West of Canipliell House. 



Hauttfartaivn and Dealers in all kimls of j 

Waxed & Grained Leather, Findings, &c. 



^maia^n 3p^w#|} 


The Proprietor will spare no paius to make the travelling public comfortable. Excellent Stabling. 


Manufacturer anU Dealer in oil kinds of 

Spllr, Grained and Waxed Leather, &c. 

Highest Prif e paid for Haw Furs of all kindB. 

John Meikle, 



A largo and well osHorteil stoc-k oF Dry OoodH. Groceries, 
Clotliiiig, Drugti, &c„ &c. Cohh for Produce. 







%iHh dndH$rn$$$.M$ktr, 


Re|>airiiiR done with neatness aud dispatch. Onlcrs promptly 
attended to. Charges Low. Oarriu'^'c and Team Harness 

coiLstantly on haiul. 

JOSHUA MASOWr, Proprietor. 

Good Aecommndation, and Sample Rooms for Commercial 





F. B. BISSELL, JProprietor. 





Kins StiT«et, Chatham, Ontario. 

A fau^ Aiisortinent of Saddles, Bridles, Wldpt, etc., always on 
hand at lowest rateit. Repairing neatly executed. 




Dealer In Watetaen, flocks and Jewelry, 

King Street, 

Chatham, Ont. 
Masonic Regalia made to onler. 

Baker and Craeer, and Dealer im Flo«r aMd Feed, 

The Square, 

CHiprEWA, Ont. 



Dealer la Dry Ciooda, Graeeriet, Cracfcery, Hard* 
ware and ofker 4Saod«, 

In great variety, at low prices. Chippewa, Ont. 


GEORGE GORDON, - - Pkoprietor, 

; Bridge and "Water Streets, 

Chtppawa, Ont. 
Good Stalling attached. 

J. S. & T. MACKLEM, 

Dealers In Dry Cioodii, Clolhlnc, Boats and Shaes, 
Hardware, Ciroeerles, ff'ines, Liqnors, dce« 

Chippawa, Ont. 
John S. Macklem, Tliomas Macklem. 

J. k D. MACNAB, 

Dry fioods, Cracerlcs, Hardware, Crockery, 

Claremont, Ont. 


Issuer of Marriage Licenses, 

fGeneral Dealer in Dry Cioods and Groceries, 

Clark's Mill.s Ont 


Clifton, (Sotpension Bridge,) Ontario, Dominic n of ConAda, 

[M. U. BUCKLEY, Pbopriktor. 

Good accommodatlonii for Ibe imTollihg pnblic and at reason- 
•ble prices. The bar in supplied with Uie best Wines, Liquors 
and Cigan, and the table will be fuminhefl with the best the 
market affords. Board per day 75c.— single Meals 26c. 


Opposite Great Western Railway Depot, Clifton, 

J. J0N£S, Prupriktob. 

Good accoiumodatian for travellers. Meals at all 
houTj, 25 cts. Good stabliug and attentive hoatlen. 



ABIA8A ATWOOD, Proprietor. 

This house is situated close to the N. Y. C. Depot, 
oh the North side, and is newly furnished through* 
out. Spacious 8ani]dc rooms for Commercial travellers, 
ond a hrst>cla88 livery attached. 

N. B. — Also a spacious Billiai'd Room. 


FRED H. GRAHAM, Pboprieror, 
Good Stabling. Clifton, Oxt. 

woouEN mani:factvkeb» 

Clinton, Oxt. 

The subscriber has now in operation one of tne largest wool- 
en manulkctoiies in the County of Huron, and is canable of 
uiauufacturing all kinds of Woolen Goods, viz., tweeds, l!an- 
nols, blankets, &c. Fulling and r^arding goods made to order. 


Clerk lOtli Division Court, Clinton, Ontario, CoiiB^ of 


Flre^ lilf^ and CiCBeral InsvmMce AcentJ 

And proprietor Huron Grist A Oatmeal mills. 

CUBt«B Steun Barrel RcmIIbs A fthlBgle 

All OaDEas raoscpxLr attexdbd to. 

Clinton, Ont. 

J. T. WILKIE, M.D., L.D.S., 

Clinton, Ont. 



ilUlUiaBii — The GounAjr Town of Kfint, is adyantsgeously situated on the River Thames, at the head of 
nayigation, and is one of the most important towns on the Great Western Railway. Large quantities of 
grain and farm produce of eveiy description, and stare and square timber, are exported from this place. 
The Churches are namerom, and handsomely constructed. The Merchants' and the Royal Canadian 
Banks have each established branches here. Chatham is also noted for its mechanical prosperity. There 
are three large flouring mills, viz : the Kent, City and Union Mills, two caiding and woolen mills, 
the Chatham machine works of Messrs. Hyslop k Ronald, who manufacture reaping and mowing 
machines extensively, several other foundry and machine shops, tanneries, breweries and numerous saw 
millsy the manufacture of lumber is carried on here very extensively. The steiimer Dominion plies 
regularly during the season of navigation between Chatham, Windsor and Detroit. Chatham is distant 
from Toronto, per Oreat Western Railway, 179 miles, from London 64, and from Hamilton 140. Daily 
stages to Morpeth, WaUi^iebiug, St. Thomas and Dresden. Port of Entry. Money order office and 
Savings' Bank. Population about 5,000. 

Abbs, Richard, farmer 

Adams, John, fanning mill maker 

Adam, Robert (Downie & Adam) 

ADAMS, WILLIAM, groceries, wines, liquors, &c. 

ADDIS, SALEM G., saw miller 

Allen, James, currier 

Allen, Robert, photographer 

Alexander, John, dry goods 

American Express Office, Thomas McCrae, agent 

Anderson, Levi, cooper 

ANDREAE, RUDOLPH, dyer and scourer 

Askin, Charles J. S., M.D. 

Atkinson, Alexander W., clerk registry office 

Baker, W. P , photographer . 

Ball, William, saw miller 

Ball, William, stoves and tinware 

Baiid, Mrs. Robert, straw and felt worker 

BARFOOT, SAMUEL R., Postmaster 

Barr, Robert, M.D. 

Bartlett, Henry, machinist 

Bartlett, Lewis, builder and carpenter 

Baxter, A. B., dry goods 

Baxter, Henry, mason 

Baxter, John, carpenter and builder 

Baxter, James H., miller 

Baxter, James, carpenter 

Baxter k Reed, erocers 

Baxter. Thomas iL, carpenter 

Baxter, William, flour mill proprietor • 

Beaver, — , M.D. 

Beaver Mutual Insurance Company, John J. J. 
Thompson, ag^t 

Bennett, Thomas, distiller 

BERARD, AUGUSTUS, prop. St. Charles Restau- 

Berry, Mrs. J. W., milliner 

Berry, William, livery stable 

Berube, George* book keeper 

Biles, J , auctioneer 

Birch, James, teacher 

BISSELL, F. R., prop. Rankin House. (See adv.) 

BLACKBURN, L. A., groceiies and provisions 

BLACK, HARRY, exchange broker, cigars k tobacco 
(See adv) 

BOGART, A. D., flour, feed and provisions 

Bogart, Alfred carpenter 

Bogart, James 

BOYD, GRANDISON, hides, wool and provision 

Bogart, Nicholas, salesman A. D. Bogart 

Brady, John, shoemaker 

Brady, John, carpenter and contractor 

Brady, THomas, cattle dealer 

Brady, P., mechanic 

Bradley, P., butcher 

Bray, John L., M. D., coroner 

3ridges, John, carpenter 

BRIGHT, J. C, M. D., chemist and druggist 

Brown, Richard C. 

Brown, J. W., exchange broker 

Buckle, George, St George's Saloon 

Bums, Jants, boots and shoes 

Bush, Rev. F., (Baptist) 

Caledonia Hotel, Alexander Mcintosh, proprietor 

Cameron, Donald, dry goods 

Campbell, Duncan, farmer 

Campbell, Kenneth, groceries and provisions 

Campbell, P. McYean, barflsier 

Campl>ell, William, (McColl k Campbell) 

CAMPBELL, K., groceries and provisions 

Cartier, Charles 

Carr, Hugh, jfrocer 

Carruthers, William, station master G.W.R. 

Chapman, John, photographer, chemist and druggist 

CHARTERIS, JOHN C, commission k general agent 

Chatten, Robert, boots and shoes 

" CHATHAM BANNER," J. R. Gemmell, Jr., editor 

and proprietor. (See adv.) 
CHATHAM PLANET, (weekly and tri-weekly) Ru- 

ftis Stephenson, M. P. P., editor and proprietor 

^See adv.) 
Chanty, James H., boot and shoemaker 
Charteris, A 

Charteris, Charles G , County Treasurer 
Chinnick, William, saloon 
Chrysler, H., tax collector, 
City Flouring Mills, Draper k Castle, proprietors 
Cleeve, James, lumber dealer' 
COATE & LAMONT, wholesale dealers in pot and 

pearl ashes. (See adv.) • 

Coate, Philip S., (Coate k Lament) 
Connilleau, Rev. C.8., 8. J. Rectof, (R C.) 
Conroy, Samuel, tailor 
(hooper, Ezekiel C, groceries, kc 
Cooper, Robert, bookseller and stationer, and agent 

Montreal Telegraph Company 
Courtilette, John L., gardeiler 
Courtelette, L., confectioner 
Cowan, Samuel, harness maker 
CUDMORE, RICHARD, auctioneer k commission 

Gumming, H. F., diy goods, clothing, boots k shoes 
Cunningham, John, blacksmith 
Oraddo<;k&Somervilie. sash, doors, blinds, planing, &c 
Crandall, Henry, carpenter 
CressweU, R. H., Teller Merchants' Bank 
CROW, JAMES E., Prop. Star Billiard Saloon. 

(See adv.) 
Cross, Thomas, M.D. 
Crow, Mrs. Ann, groceries 

W. W. KITCHEN'S PURE GRAPE WINE3> 500 baireU annridly, at Grimsby Vineyard. 




Crow, Mrs., milliner 

BiJgamo James (Dalgamo, Parkinson & Co.) 

Dalgamo, Parkinson & Co., founders and machinistB 

pay, Wesley, hotel keeper 

Dayis, Isaac, stove founder . 

Dennis, S. F., painter 

Delabays, Rev. Joseph, (Roman Catholic) 

Belos, Louis, tailor 

Degge, John, grocer 

Dixon, James, grocer, &e 

Dickson, Thomas, carpenter 

Donovan, James, toll keeper. Old bridge 

Dolsen, Joseph, waggon maker 

DOLSEN, 0. J. v., hook keeper P/an«^ office 

Douglas. James, M. D., coroner 

Douglass, William, barrister & attorney. Clerk of Peace 

DOWNIE & ADAM, hardware, iron & steeL (sec adv) 

Downie, John, (Downie k Adam) 

Downie, James, (Do>\iiie k Adam) 

DRAPER k CASTLE, proprietors City flouring mills 

(See adv) 
DRAPER & CASTLE, flour and grain merchants (see 

Duck, Geoi;ge, book keeper Register office 
Duck, J., landing waiter 
Duff, Robert, butcher 
DUNLOP k BKO., grocers 
DUNHAM, J. D., prop. Parsons House, (see adv.) 
Dumortier, Rev. Francois, (Roman Catholic) 
Earl, R. J., commercial traveller 
Eberts, Charles, sailor 
Eberts, Henry, saw miller and ship owner 
Eberts, H. J., general merchant 
Eberts, J. M., book keeper H. J. Eberts 
Eberts, Captain Walter 

ELLISON, J. B., local editor Chatham Planet 
lEscott, William H., confectioner 
Etna Fire Insurance Company (Dublin) E. W. Scane, 

Evans, Israel, lively 
Everest, Heniy M., shoemaker 
FABER, M., proprietor Faber's Hotel 
Farrell, Richard, leather flndings, boots and shoes 
Fontencau, E., blacksmith 
FORDHAM, DANIEL, boot and shot maker 
Fordham, Miss Mary, milliner, &c 
Forsyth, Daniel, tax coUec^tor 
Fountain, E., gi-oceries and provisions 
ERASER, WILLIAM, watchmaker and jeweller 
Fi-anecs, William P., butcher 
FREEMAN &,FREEMAN, barristers, &c 
Freeman, George 0., (Freeman k Fi*eema]i) 
FULLARTON, JA^IES, prop. Royal Exchange Hotel 

(see adv) 
GARDINER & BROTHER, (W. E. k S. F.) bankers 

and exchange brokere. (see adv) 
Gamer, John, proprietor Kent Brewerj' 
Gemraell, James, carnage maker 
GEMMELL, J. R., jr., proj). Chatham J5fl?iM<'/- 
Gemay, L., tailor 
Gemay, R., merchant tailor 
Gillett, Edward, stAge proprietor 
GLASFORD, ROBERT, prop.. Farmers k Mechanics 

Hotel, North Chatham 
Gonne, William, carpenter 
GARY, WILLIAM, carriage maker 
Green, William, fniits and confectionery 
Goodyer, John, chief of police 
Gordon, A. G., dry goods 
Guttridge, David, tailor 
Guttridge, Tliomas, blacksmith 
JUDLEY, SYLVESTER, proprietor planing milL. 

(See adv) 

Hart, James, County Cleik 

Harper, James, painter 

Harris, James, Agent fruit trees and muneiyman 

Hawkins, Nathaniel, grocer 

Haylock, Rsv. J. (Primitive Methodist) 

Higgins, James, boots and shoes 

Hill7 A. L., landing waiter and florist 

Hillman, John, grocer 

Hoag, A. N., plying mill 

Hoig, William, tailor 

Holmes, A. S., J. P., barrister 

Holmes, Thomas, flouring mill 

Holmea, Tecumseth K., M.D. 

HOON, JOHN A., groceries and provisions 

Hooper, John, saddler 

Howard, WiUiam J., boots and shoes 

Hughes, E., clerk Merchants' Bank 

HYSLOP, JOHN, general dry goods, etc. (See adv^ 

HYSLOP k RONALD, founders and machinists, 
agricultural implement manufacturors 

IRELAND, THOMAS A., Clerk County Court and 
Deputy Clerk of the Crown 

Ireland, W. S., manager Merchants' Bank 

JAQUES, FRANCIS, saddle and harness maker. 
(See adv) 

Jahnke, A., cabinet maker 

Jones, Arthur, P.L.S. 

Jones, Charles A., clerk Registry Office 

Jones, Irvin, barber] 

Jones, James M., gunsmith 

Jonts, Francis, baroer 

KELLY, JOHN B., dry goods, boots and shoes 

Kemp, D., accountant Merchants' Bank 

Kent, Lubin, groceries wines and li(iuoi's 

KENT MILLS, Robert Lowe, proprietor 

Kitson, Jonathan, grocer 

KOGELSCHATZ F. W., cigars and tobacco 

Lamont, Archibald 

Lamont, Donald 

Lamont, H. & M., (Hector k Malcolm) gen. mercliU 

LAMONT, JAMES, dealer in grain, wool and pro- 
visions, general agent. (See adv) 

Lamont, L. C, grain buyer 

Lennox, Charles P., dentist 

Leonard, Julius, _grocerie8, provisions and litjuor* 

LOWE, ROBERT, prop. Kent flouring mills 

McColl, Rev. Angus, (Canada Presbyterian) 

McCormick, Mra. James, milliner 

McCrae, Thomas, Police Magistrate 

McCrae, William A. 

McCrea, Hon. Walter, (McCrea k Robinson) 

McCrea k Robinson, barristers 

McCROSSAN, THOMAS, dealer in d^' goods, gro- 
ceries, hats, caps, kc 

McCully, S. E., M. D., coroner 

McDONELL, A., P. L. S. and agent Royal Ins. Co. 

McDoncU, J. A., C. H. broker 

McGregor, A. R., lauding waiter k elk Custom House 

Mcintosh, A. B., wholesale and retail grocer 

Mcintosh, Alexander, proprietor Caledonia Hotel 

Mcintosh, John, saddler 

McKAY, JOHN, prop. North American Hotel 

McKAY, SAMUEL, prop. Star Restaurant, (see adv) 

McKELLER, PETER D., County Registrar 

McKEOUGH, J. ^W.(Jno& William) gen. hardware 

McKERRAL, M., saloon 

McKeiTal, John, groceries and provisions 

McKerral, P. E., prop, McNaughtou's Hotel & grocer 

MacNab, Thomas C, clerk Registry Oilice 

McNaughton, Dougald, grocer 

McNaughton, D., promietor Market Hotel 

Mcpherson, A., clerk Kankin House 

McQuade, Rev. F. S. J., (Roman Catholic) 

W, W, KITCHEN'S lURE GRAPE WINES, 500 barrels annuaUy, at Giimsby YineyanL 



Magnire, John, traveller Ac Auctioneer 

Malcolmson, Hugh, general merchant 

Htfling^ S. A., SLA.f principal grammar school 

MARQCAND, J., watchmaker and jeweler (see adv) 

Martin, J. W., (Wall & Martin) 

MAKTIN, THOMAS, bookseller and stationer 

Msson, Mrs. Charlotte, toll gate keeper 

Medarr, Kichard, dyer 

Merchants* Bank of Canada, W. S. Ireland agent 

MERCER JOHN, sheriif 

MHRRILL, SOLOMON, prop. Union KesUurant 

Miiidlemiss, Robert, foreman cooper 

MILES, JAMES W., saloon keeper 

Milner, James, grain buyer and constable 

MILLER, H. L., constable and detective 

Miller, Miles, printer 

Miller, R. O. k A. M., dry goods 

MONSELL, W. H., agent Royal Canadian Bank 

Montreal (Marine) Insurance Co., John J. Thompson, 

Monck, Richard, land agent 
Monk, Henry, gardener 
MORRISH, JOHN, post office book store, sta- 

tioner, &c 
Morton, John A., (R. Morton & Co) 
Morton, Robert, (R. Morton & Co) 
MORTON, R. k CO., general hardware 
Mulbolland, C, wagon maker 
Murphy, — ., lA^ 
Murray, Nathaniel, shoemaker 
Nicliol, Thomas, gunsmith 
Northwood, Henry, lumber merchant 
Northwood, John M., grocer 
KORTHWOOD, JOSEPH, lumber merchant, dealer 

in groceries and provisions (see adv. ) 
Korthwood, William 

Northwood, William, jun., general merchant 
O'HARA, ROBERT, baVi-ister and insurance agent 
O'Reilly, Charles P., boot and shoemaker 
Oldershaw, James, lime dealer 
Orr, Geoige S., pump maker 
Oswald, James, carpenter 
Oswald, John, painter 
Owen, Mrs., milliner ' 

Parkinson, liobert (Dalgamo, Parkinson & Co) 
PARSONS HOUSE, J. D. Dunhamprop. (see adv) 
PATCHING, WILLIAM J., saloon and restaurant 

G. W. R. depot 
Payne, Robert K 
Pavne, William, grocer 
PEGLEY, CHARLES G., barrister 
IVglfv, R., M.D., chemist, dniggist and coroner 
Pfnnefather, J. G., collector custom housfie 
Phn-nix Fire Ins. Co., John J. J. Thompson, agent 
Pierce, John S., flour miller 
Pierce, Joseph M , wheat buyer 
Poile, Charles, boots and shoes 
Prinioe, Julius, fanning mill maker 
Priuioe, S., blacksmith 
PRIMOE, THEODORE, groceries, provisiens, wines 

and liquoi-s 
<)uinu. Miss H., milliner 
gUIRK, MATTHEW T. (Small k Quirk) 
RADLEY, 8. D., apothecary 
RANKIN HOUSE, F. R. Bissell, proprietor. (See 

RANNIE, WILLIAM, dry coods and millinery 
Reardon, Mrs. G., boarding house 
Reeves, George, blacksmith 
Pi^er, Rev. F. (Roman Catholic) 
ReiD, JAMES R., merchant tailor. (See tdv) 
Rice, John, dry goods, boots, shoes, etc. 

Richardson, W., (Smith k Richardson) 

Riggs, David P., marble works 

ROCHE, EDWARD, prop. St. Nicholas Restaurant 

Ronald, John, (Hyslop & Ronald) 

Rolls, Arthur M., chemist and druggist 

ROLLS, JAMFS A., barrister 

Rolls, J. A., M.D., coroner, chemist and druggist 

Rose, George D., general merchant 

Ross Miss A., milliner and dressmaker 

RUTLEY, THOMAS R. G., prop. Rutley House 

Royal Canadian Bank, W. H. Monsell, agent 

Sandys, Rev. F. W., D.D.,R.D., (Church of England) 

Scane, E. W., barrister 

Schneider, John, carnage trimmer 

Scribner, George W., organs and melodeons 

Shackleton, ]Mrs. M. A., prop. Court House Hotel 

Shadd, Isaac D., groceries and provisions 

SherrifT Brothen, carriage and wagon makera 

Shotwell, G. , cabinet miucer 

Singer, W., grocer 

Siverwi-ight, James H., M.D 

Slade, John, manuf. and dealer in boots and shoes 

Slade, Mrs. J., photographer 

SMALL k QUIRK, pumjxs, flour ban-els, staves, 
straw cutters, &c. , (see adv) 

Smith, Andrew, blacksmith 

Smith, Charles, cooper 

Smith, David, grocer 

Smith, Frederick F., shoemaker 

Smith, Henry 

Smith, Isaac, (Smith & Richardson) 

SMITH, JOHN k SONS, tanners and curriers, i>a- 
tentees of leather horee nets, saddlers, &c 

Smith, John, gardener 

Smith, John, farrier 

Smith, John, {,1. Smith k Sons) 

Smith, James M., foreman tanner 

Smith, Joseph, blackrmith 

Smith, R. O., cabinet maker and undertaker 

Smith k Northwood, photogtaphers 

Smith k Richardson, (Isaac Smith and W. Richard- 
son) merchant tailors 

Snook, Thomas, grocer 

SONTAR, JAMES k CO., dealers in agricultural 
implements, patent rights, seeds, &c 

SPARKS, J. W., watchmaker and jeweler 

Springer, Oliver, M.D 

Stammelen, Mrs. Ignatius, hotel proprietress 

Stanton. Thomas, marble cutter 

Stark, L. F., founder k machinist (Sontar k Co) 

Steinhoff, J. W., captain steamer Dominion 

STEPHENSON, RUFUS, M.P.P., editor and pro- 
prietor Chatham Plawt 

Stevens, J. J., grocer 

Stewart, Mrs. E., groceries 

Stringer, George, commission merchant 

Stringer, John, proprietor Great Western hotel 

STONE, THOMAS, general merchant 

Sturman, G. J., proprietor Farmers' Exchange 

Sutherland k Riclianis, bakers and confectioners 

Swan, James, weaver 

Taylor, Ingram, farmer 

Taylor, John, proprietor Fanners' Hotel 

Taylor, John W., barber 

Taylor, Robert, photographer 

Taylor, Captain William J. 

TAYLOR, THOMAS H. k CO., wooUn manufactur- 
ers and dealers in wool (see adv) 
Taylor k Williamson, grocers 
Tetrault, N. dry goods 
Thacker, John, carpenter 
Thompson, John D., wagon maker 
Thompson, John J.- J., general insurance agent 

W. W. KITCHEN'S PL^RE GRAPE WINES, 500 barreU annually, at Grimsby Vineyard. 



Tilt k Baxter, "builders and contractors 

Tiflsiman, John, town clerk and insurance agent 

Trazler, Isaiah, grain merchant 

Trailer, Salem, grain merchant 

Tuner k Lambert, sodawater manufacturers 

Union Ins. Co., John J. J. Thompson, agent 

URQUHART, KENNETH, groceries, glass and 

crockery (see adv) 
Van Allen, Daniel, lumber merchant 
Van Allen, John P. , foreman Planet office 
Verrall, Henry, clerk postoffice. 
Verrall, George W., job printer 
Verrall, S., grocer 

Walker & Leith, tanners and curriers 
WALLACE, STEPHEN, hotel keeper 
Wanless, Thomas K., shoemaker and constable 
Wall k Martin, dry goods and clothing 
Warren, Duncan, 
Warren, James, attorney 


Weaver, Heniy, crocer 

Wells, William R, law student 

Weir, J. C, elerk American Express Compaay 

Westcott, F., teller Royal Canadian Bank 

White, WUliam W.. dentist 

Whitworth, Rev. W. E.. (Primitive Methodist) 

Williams, Geoige, attomey-at-law k elk Surrogate Ct 

Williston, Louis, proprietor Chatham Arms Hotel ' 

Wilson, Archibald, barber 

Windsor, E., (Dalgamo, Parkinson k Co) 

Windsor, F., (Dalframo, Parkinson k Co) 

WINSLOW, GEORGE S., billiards, (see adv) 

Winter, Alfred, blacksmith 

Winter, George, hatter and furrier 

WOODS & CAMPBELL, (R. S. Woods k P. McYetn 

Campbell,) barristers 
Wortley, Robert, groceries and provisions 
YOUNG, GEORGE E., groceries, wines and liquon 
Young, W. & J. , wagon makers 
Younger, Mrs. Mary, boarding house 

CliatSWOrtll* — A Village in the Townships of Holland and Sullivan, Coimty Grey. Distant from Owen 
Sound, the County Town 9^ miles, from Toronto 98 miles. Stages to Owen Sound, Durham and 
Guelph. Average price of land $12 to $16. Money order office. Population 170. 

Graham, Samuel, teacher * 

^^kerville. Rev. James, (New Connexion) 

Brese, Stephen H., general merchant and proprietor 

California House 
Bristol, Edwai^, blacksmith 
Burgess, John A., M.D. 
Cameron, Alexander, general merchant 
Cameron, Rev. James, (Presbyteriap) 
Campbell, — , saddler 

Campbell, Alexander, proprietor Carriboo House 
Cardwell, David, photographer 
CARD WELL, HENRY, Postmaster 
Oasserly, Michael, farmer 
Cummings, James, teacher 
Curtis, George, wagon maker 
Duffie, Joseph, blacksmith 
Foster, Samuel, shoemaker 
Foster, Samuel C, farmer 
Freeman, Richard, plasterer 
Gibson, Thomas, tinsmith 

Graham, Simon, teacher 

Hill, Rev. Joseph, (Wesleyan) 

Hopkins, John, shoemaker 

Hopkins, Joseph, prop. Queen^s Arms Hotel 

Kingsberry, Stephen, tanner 

Leggett, Gore, wagon maker 

McGill, Andrew, iron founder 

McGregor, Duncan, M.D. 

Merriam, Justus, cabinet maker 

Merriam, Manchester, carpenter 

Morehouse, George, carpenter 

Mulholland, Rev. A. H. R., (Church of England) 

Rftdfem, James, cooper 

Richardson, Samuel, blacksmith 

Shouldice, John, farmer 

Thorpe, Charles, farmer 

Van Felson, Charles, druggist 

Chcapside.— A Village in the Township of Walpole, County Haldimand. Distant from Cayuga, the 
n^nrtttr Trttp-n 1ft mi1i*«. froTTi TAroTito 7fi milfiA. StA£rpa tft Port Dov^r ■.nd Dunnville. Aver&ffe nricc 01 

County Town, 13 miles, from Toronto 76 miles, 
land $20. Population 70. 

Blackman, Theodore, teacher 
Buckley, James 
Buckley, John 
Buckley, Robert 
Byrei-s, Rev. — , (Wesleyan) 
Day, Samuel, saddler 
Dick, John, blacksmith 
Hammond, Thomas, teacher 
Hobbs, Aaron, miller 

Stages to Port Dover and Dunnville. Average price ol 

Puyslev, Rev. W. (Baptifct) 

PUYSLEY, W., Postmaster and general'merchantj 

Schissler, Martin, shoemaker 

Sheek, George, M.D. 

Shilderick, James, blacksmith 

Silverthorn, George 

Sloan, William, auctioneer 

Steele, Edward E., wagon maker. 

MlCltenbam* — A Post Village on the River Credit, in the Township of Chingnacousy, County PeeL Difl 
tant from Brampton, the County Town, 12 miles, from Toronto 38 miles. Daily maiL PopuUtioi 
about 200. (See Villages too late, at the end of the work.) 

CAMPBELL, JOHN, Postmaster. 

W. W. KITCHEN'S PURE GRAPE WINES, 500 barrels anaually, at Grimsby Vineyard. 



Cherry Creek. — A Village in the Township of Innisfil, Couatj Simcoe, 14 miles Irom Bsrrie, the Conn^ 
Town, 4 miles from Lefroy Station^ Noriheni| Bailwaj, and 61 miles from Toronto. Arersge ralne of 
improred lands in the Tieinitj §25 per acre. A creek in the neighborhood affords good power for 
machinery. Population 100. 

Beatman, Thomas, sen., fiumer 
Beatman, Thomas, jr., fanner 
Clement, Lewis, J.P 
Kell, William, farmer 
Kirkpatrick, Francis, farmer 
Lennox, Lambert, teacher 
Lynn, Isaac, &rmer 
Main, John, carpenter 

Main Richard, fanner 
Main, W. B., gunsmith 
MAIN, WILLIAM, postmaster 
Matthews, William, farmer 
Sawyer, John, farmer 
Tapper, William, farmer 
Wilson, Lambert, farmer 
Milliken, Robert, shoemaker 

€%erry Talley* — A Post-office in the Township of Athol, County Prince Edward. 

INSLEY, ISAIAH T:, Postmaster. 

Chepstow* — ^A Post Village in the Township of Greenock, County Bruce. 

UENESEY, WILLIAM, Postmaster. 

Cliesley.— A Village in the Township of Elderslie, County Bruce, situated on the north branch of the 
Saugeen River, 15 miles from Walkerton, the County Town, and 120 from Toronto. Mechanics of all 
kinds and laborers are required in this section. Improved land in the TicinityaTerages $20 per acre. 
Stage to Hanover, 12 miles, fare 75 cents, population 150. 

Adolph, John, wagon maker 

Anderson, Duncan, earpenter 

Blackwell, T. B., saddler 

Cameron, Rev. P., teacher 

Campbell, G. dealer in lime and stone 

Carter, Henry, tinsmith 

Cass, — , carpenter 

Clark, A., wagon maker 

Cooke, George, M.D 

Dobbie, John, farmer 

Elliott, J. H., miller 

Graham k Co., tailors 

HalUday, D. M., general merchant 

Irwin, Rev. Mr., (Wesleyan) 

Kerr, W., painter 

Long, David, carpenter 

McDonald, W., shingle maker 

McGaw, Joseph, hotel keeper 

Mc Lagan, Jonn, farmer 

McLagan, P., farmer 

McLean, Allen, cooper 

McLean, Rev. Mr., (Canada Presbyterian) 

McManus, J., farmer 

McMANUS, MARK, Postmaster 

McManus & McNaughton, general merchants 

Quirk, John, shoemaker 

Rauhn, Christopher, cabinet maker 

Riley, A., wa^on maker 

Shea, John, shoemaker 

Jhoeder, Martin, cooper 

Wallaoe, — , cabinet maker 

Winters, Rev. Mr., (Free Church) 

Cbesterileld.— A Postoffice in the Township of Blenheim, County Oxford, 18 miles [from Woodstock, 

the County Town. 

BROWN, WM., Postmaster and Commissioner in B. R. 

Cliarehvllle.— A Village in the Township of Toronto, County Peel, 6 miles from Brampton the County 
Town, and 26 from Toronto. The river Credit passes through the Village, affording excellent power for 
manufacturing pui-poses. Average price of improved land in vicinity $40 per acre. Stages daily to Mal- 
ton 9 miles. Population 200. 

Anderson, Alexander, shingle maker 

Amett, James, fanner 

Atchinson, John, prop. North American Hotel 

Fish, Rev. Charles ( Weslevan) 

Fogarty, F. A., wagon maker 

Frazer, John, carpenter 

Hall, Fletcher, farmer 

Hall, L. S., farmer 

Hall, Salmon, blacksmith 

Hardy, William, blacksmith 

Harris, Stephen, prop. Revere House 

Joice, Maurice, blacksmith 

Lake, Rev. Mr., (Episcopal Methodist) 

I^slie, John, farmer 

lietty, Edward, shoemaker 

McClure, James, sen., farmer 

McClure, John, jr., farmer 

McHugh, John, farmer 

Madden, Richard, carpenter 

Norton, James, butcher 

POINTER, J. E., Postmaster 

Pointer, J. E., & R., tanners 

Reeve, J. T., farmer 

Robinson, Rev. Geor^, (Wesleyan) 

Shaw, Rev. Mr., (Episcopal Methodist) 

Temple, E., shoemaker 

Tisdale, William, farmer 

Trew, S. J., teacher 

Wilson, John, farmer 



dlllppawa- — ^An incorporated Village, on the Erie and Niagara branch of the G.W.R., at the confluence of 
the Welland and Niagara rivers, in the township of Willoughby, County Welland. Distant from AVel- 
land, the County Town, 13 miles, 4 from Niagara Falls, and 82 from Toronto. There is a very exten- 
sive distillery here, owned by Messrs. John Thomas k Co., and two tanneries employing a lai^ge number 
of men. Money onler oflice and Savings' Bank. Population 1,200. 

Aberdeen, Robert, M.D., druggist 

Abraham, W. H., wagon maker 

Anderson. James, farmer 

Amm, James, tailor 

Amm, William, painter 

Bartle, John & Co., tanners andcmTicrs 

Bond, H., blacksmith 

Bosse, Charles 

Box, H., grocer 

British American Hotel, George Gordon, proprietor. 

Caistor, Mra., grocer 

Cameron, Rev. J. Y. (Presbyterian) 

Carter, John, blacksmith v 

Caraochan, A., carpenter 


Crane, li. k B., proprietors lumberyard 
Cummings, James 
Davidson, Thomas, planing mills 
Deakers, R., shoemtiker 
Dobbie, John, farmer 
Flemming, William, cabinet maker 
FLETT, JOHN, dry "goods, groceries, ready-made 

clothing, boots and shoes (see adv) 
Forbes, John, R. N., M.D. 
(rerrard, William, teacher 
Gilmore, William, blacksmith 
Glasher, A., tailor 
Glassco, Georpje, farmer 
Glosser, William, tailor 

GORDON, G., prop. British American hotel (see adv) 
Greenwood, William 
Hackart, Adam, painter 
llerbold, A., dentist 
HERBOLD, ADAM, baker, grocer, and flour and 

feed (see adv.) 
Herber. Herman, grocer and cooper 
Hill, John, G. W. R. 
Higgins, John, grocer 
Hume, Mrs., grocer 
Hujoe, Thomas, grocer 
Ives, Alfred, grocer 
Ki[)p, John, shoemaker 
Kirkpatrick, John C, general merchant 
Enarff, John, watclimaker 

Lannor, James, cooper 

Lauzon, F., cooper 

Lennox, E. 

Logan, Rol)ert, grocer 

Lyons, J., shoemaker 

McCredie, Thomss, farmer 

MiVCKLEM, J. F., notary public, banker and money 

MACKLEM, J. S., Postmaster 
MACKLEM, J. S. k L., insurance agents and general 

^ mt;rchants (see adv.) 
MacLeod, Rev. D. J. F. (Church of England) 
Marshall, William, farmer 
Mater, Rev. M. (Methodist) 
Mater, M., gunsmith 
Massev, A., wagon maker 
Oldfeild, F., butcher 
Overholt, Simon, barber 
Penrod, Eli, saddler 
Peters, E., cabinet maker 

k Co., agents 
Pierce, Israel, tinsmith 
Ross, John, (Iry goods merchant 
Schacht, C, painter 

Schumacher, L., proprietor Railroad House 
Shainholdts, E., farmer 
Slater, J., farmer 
Speck, J., proprietor Exchange 
Spitzer, C, grammar school 
Swava, G., tailor 

THOMAS, JOHN E., insurance agent 
THOMAS, JOHN, distiller and rectifier 
THOMAS, J. k CO., malsters and gi-ain merchants 
Thompson, William, collector inland revenue 
Thomas, W. H., (J. Thomas & Co) 
Vanwyck, V., cooper" 
Vinidei, H., shoemaker 
Weinbremer, L., gunsmith 
Wells, John, farmer 
Wells, F., fanner 
Welsh, J., Wellington Inn 
Wylie, Samuel, butcher 
Yarwood, St. George C., Collector of Customs 

Cburch HilL — A Village in the Township of Innisfil, County Simcoe, 12 miles from Barrie, the County 
Town, and 2 miles from Lefroy Station, Northern Railway. Population, 120. 

Allan, Gavin, J. P., farmer 
Boyce, Richard, farmer 
Clement, James, general merchant 
Ooalter, James, carpenter 
^I'cgg, John, hotel keeper 
Hempenstall, Robert, blacksmith 
Kirkup, James, farmer 
McDougall, Daniel, tinsmith 
Mathers, John M., wagon maker 

Miller. John, blacksmith 

Ross, James, M.D 

Sheltz, August, potter 

SLOAN, HENRY, Postmaster and wagon maker 

Sloan, John, farmer 

Werner, Lewis, carpenter 

Willson, Wellington, fanner 

Wray. Samuel, farmer 

Olachan.— A small post Village in the Tqwnship of Aldborough, County Elgin, distant from St Thomas, 
the C«unty Town, 85 miles. 

HcPHAIL, D., Postmaster 



daremont.— A Village in the Township of Pickering, County Ontario, 16 milea from Whitby, the County 
Town, and 10 from Frenchman's Creek Station Grand Tnmk Railroad. Money Order Office. Popula- 
tion 200. 

Applel>y, Thomas, butcher 
Banry, John, saw mill 
Bnndy, George, cabinet maker 
Bundy, Joshua, tinsmith 
I>igby, James, saddler 
Dowswell, Ambrose, hotel keener 
I>ow8well, William, wagon maker 
Scker, Hrs. Isabella, bonnet maker 
£ldon, Robert, merchant 
1**orfar, John, shingle factoTy 
Gerow, George, pump maker 
Oerow, John, carpenter 
Hopper, George, teacher 
Johnston, Thomas, tailor 
Ltunley, William, painter 
McOausland, David, blacksmith 

McGregor, J. AV., tub and pail factory 
Mcpherson, J., merchant 
MACNAB, JOHN M., Postmaster 
Macnab, J. & D.. general merchants 
Mil hell, John C, merchant and miller 
Michell, William H-, conveyancer 
Morgan, Alexander, blacksmith 
Palmer, John W., shoemaker 
Paterpon, John, carpenter 
Russell, J., oatmill proprietor 
Spencer, William, wagon maker 
Stafford, Rev. C, (Primitive Methodist) 
Stobb, hev. Thomas, (Wesleyan) 
Taylor, Duj^ld, shoemaker 
Watson, William, tailor 

C^larcnc^. — ^A Village in the Township of Clarence, County Russell, distant from Ottawa 27 miles. Averag 
price of land $7. Money Order office. Population 75. 

Boucher, Rev. O. J. (Roman Catholic) 
IiUlwards, W. k G., general merchants 
ESdwards, W., J. P. 
l^aubert, F., general merchant 
Kamage, J., J. P. 

Ross, Rev. J. (Baptist) 

Surtees, C, hotel Keeper 

WILSON, T., Postmaster and general merchant 

Woodley, R., hotel keeper 

Clarksburg.— A Village on Beaver River, in the To\\Tiship of CoUingwood, County Grey. Distant from 
Owen Sound, the County Town, 30 miles, from Toronto, 110 miles. Stages to and from CoUingwood. 
Average price of land ^20 to $80. Money Order office. Population 300. 

-Albeiy, Robert, saddler 

Appleby, Rev. Thomas (Church of England) 

Barber, Franklin, cabinet maker 

Oalverly, John, carpenter 

Clark, W. A., woolen factor 

Oumming, D. N. 

X)izon>, James, cooper 

X>onaldson, John, teacher 

£lvin, Thomas 

Fraaer, Hueh, woolen factor 

Hazzard, William, proprietor Clarksburg Hotel 

nines, F. W., shoemaker 

Hogg) Nicholas, wagon maker 

Hunt, R. H., B. M. 

HUNTER, WALTER, Postmaster, insurance agent 

LeRoy, Frank, proprietor Beaver Valley Hotel 

LeRoy, John B., cari">eiiter 

Little, William, carpenter 

McMaster, James 

Marsh, W. J. 

Mitchell, Alexander, auctioneer 

Rorke, Joseph, attorney-at-law 

Sheeres, 6. H., carpenter 

Sparling, Richard, architect 

Sparlinff, William, carpenter 

Tyson, Walter L., miller 

Clark's Hills.— (P. 0. Camden East)— A Village 

County Addington, 9 Qiiles from Napanee, the 

Napanee. Population 500. 

Andrews, Samuel, brewer 

Andrews, Thomas, chair maker 

Bicknell, Nathan, M. D. 

Bnigoyne^ Joseph, millwright 

Basil, William, tanner 

Calder, William, tailor 

CLARK, BENJAMIN, Postmaster, grocer (see adv.) 

Clark, Peter H., manufacturer 

Dayem, M., miller 

Denioche, £. A., teacher 

Duncan, Hugh, shoemaker 

Duncan, Seth, general merchant 

Dunning, A. B., general merchant 

Gray, Rev. James (Methodist) 

Hamilton, Edward, hotel keeper 

Haydon, James, general merchant 

Hooper, E. J., M. P. P. 

on the Napanee River, in the Township of Camden, 
County Town. Stages to Kingston, Tamworth, and 

Johnston, Peter, Township Clerk 

Kinner, John, blacksmith 

Lew, Benjamin, baker 

Lewis, Joseph, saddler 

Lockwood, Isaac, Clerk Division Court 

Lockwood, Jonas, blacksmith 

MacDowell, John, Commissioner in B. R. 

Nimmo, James, fanner 

Reilly, Charles, shoemaker 

Robertson, William, painter 

Robson, E., butcher 

Shaw, Rev. W. (Methodist) 

Stanton, Rev. Thomas (Methodist) 

Weir, Peter, hotel keeper 

Williams, ll D., fanner 

Wilson, Charles, carpenter 



Clarence Creek- — a Post Village in the Township of Clarence, Goanty RusselL 

NEAUBERT, FIRMIN„ Poetmaster. 

Clarke. — (see NewtonviUe) — ^A Post Village in the Township of Clarke, County Dorham. Money Order oflSce 

LOCEHART, JAMES, Postmaster. 

'Claude. — ^A Village in the Township of Chingaaconsy, County Peel. Distant horn Brampton, the Couuntj 
Town, 10 miles, firom Toronto, 86. Stages to Brampton and Orangerille. Population 60. 

Campbell, James, &rmer 
Caslor, Hiram, miller 
CloniL Alexander, blacksmith 
droll. Rev. R. (Presbyterian) 
Embraa, J^khn, ff b^m^ikffr 
Graham, Darid, woolen factor 
Lewis, Joseph, wagon maker 
McBzide, Daniel, farmer 
McCollum, P. J., J. P. 
McKechniey, Neil, farmer 

Manning, Henry, proprietor Clande hotel 

PERDUE, HENRY, Postmaster and general mercht 

Robinson, Charles, M.D. 

Robinson, George, farmer 

Rosfl; Joseph, taUor 

Shipley, John, farmer 

Smith, John, farmer ^ 

Sutton, William, brick maker 

Wiggins, John, farmer 

Claverinilf. — A Post office in the Township of Amabel, County Bruce. 

SHACKLETON, JOHN, Postmaster. 

CSayton— A Village on the Indian River, in the Township of Ramsay, County Lanark. Distant from 
Perth, the County Town, 23 miles, from Toronto 260 mUes. Average price of land $8. Population 160. 

BANNING, OZIAS, Postmaster and general mercht 

Bellamy, Edward, farmer 

Blair, Edward, carpenter 

Blair, Ttoothy, carding and fulling mill 

Bolger, Samuel, farmer 

Bussy, John F., shoemakor 

Ck>ulter, Thomas, pi-oprietor CotQter's hotel 

Cowie, Francis, potash manufocturer 

Oram, Henry, wagon maker 

Dickson, Mrs. Esther, groceries, &c. 

Drummond, D., miller 

Drummond, John, farmer 

Foster, Edward, farmer 

Foster, Edward, shoemeker 

Gemmell, John, proprietor GemmeU's hotel 

Gibbs, Catherine, dressmaker 

Giles, RobsrtW., blacksmith 

Gillon, John, carpenter 
Gunn, George, farmer 
Hogan, Patrick, tailor 
HepkiM, Miss S., teacher 
Lelond Xavier, cooper 
Letang, Edward, cooper 
McClary, James, carpenter 
McDonald, Alexander, blacksmith 
McDowel, Rev. — , (Wesleyan) 
McNeil, George, tanner 
McWilUams, Hugh, blacksmith 
McWilliams, Joseph, farmer 
O'Donnefl, Andrew, blacksmith 
Saunders, Rev. —, (Church of England) 
Shean, John, shoemaker 
Watt, Daniei, cabinet m^er 
Wilson, R. P., miller 

dearyflle.— A Vniags in the Township of Orford, County Kent, 80 miles from Chatham, the County 
Town, 12 miles from Bothwell, and 17 from Thamesville station. Clear Creek, passing through the Vil- 
lage, affords good water power. Average value of land, |80 per acre. Stage to Thamesville, fare, $1 25, 
Money order office. Population, 105. 

Baily, Robert, shingle maker 
Berry, Joseph, tailor 
Bogart, John, fanner 
Bums, C. S., farmer 
Bury, E. A., coal dealer 
Bury, William, shipper 
Campbell, D., fanner 
Gesner, D., J.P 
Gunder k Gibson, millers 
Henrv, George, general merchant 
Humber, A., cooper 

Landon, C, cabinet maker 

]/jiycock, Joseph^ hotel keeper 

McFarUne, — ^., blacksmith 

McKeller, D., caipenter 

Redley, E. A., J.P 

Robinson, Robert, fanner 

Ruthven, A., carpenter 

Smith, H. D., stock dealer 

Smith, John C., stage house 

Stokes, Robert, farmer 

WATSON, H. T., Postmaster and merchant 




JAMIS FUIiLERTON, Propbibtoil 


FixBt class aecommodfttioii for ConmiercUl Travellers. Livery in connection witk the Hotel i 

to and from all trains. 

Hotel is the most Central House in the town, and every attention wiU be paid to guea 


Mannfitctnrera of and Wholesale Dealers in 





VBAVa&lt, ... OHV. 






Hext door to Telegraph Office, Chatham, Ontario, 

Exchange Broker* Etc. 

Gold, Silver and American Funds bought and 
sold at best rates. 

■ ■■ !■■■ '■» "' . ..p.*..-* 


{LaU Larke'9 EoUl,) 



Corner of Wfllimn and Colbome Sts., 

Chatham, Ontario. 

Qo9d, Accommodation for TrawlUrs, 

. Ill -' 



H. £[ JL D riSir, 


Bmalkt Boors and BUndSt 




All Orders attended to. 


Shop on Wellington Strut, CkaiJiam, rear of Market, 
Hie. MIbLi:R, 

Dry Goods, GrocerieSf Crockery, M iscellaneons Books 

dx., dr., 


Clerk of Third IXvisifni Court, 

Boterj r«bllc, ConveirsBeer, CoMiliatomor fbr 
takliM; aflidATltoi Flro and Uffe 

Office-King Street^ GAKAN0<iU8» ONTABIO. 

ProTlAdal Ho«se, CaaABoqvo, Onterto, 

(Xa<« Chwe/9 Hotel,) 

A good house for tonritts, being in view of ths Thousand 
Islands, and iiear t^ ISshiag and hunting grounds. 

i • •« 

JDig|irg, Tohaceoy^ ^te. 


General dealer in Cigars, Tobacco, Pipes, Meenchaum 

Goods, Jbc, 

Next door to Telegraph Offiee, Chatham, Ontario. 


Manufacturers of 



Pnmps and Straw €ntters» 


in Staple and Faao7 Dry Oooda, Boota and Bhoea 
OloStalnff, Aw., 

King Street, Cliatham, Ontario, 

Dealar In Orooorles, Olastiraio, Orookeiy, Lamps, Coal 


King Street, Chatham, Ontario, 



Mordiaat Tailor, and gaaoral dtaler in Boady-Kado 
dothtng, aoths. Hats, Caps, fta. 

King Street, Chatham, Ontario, 


WlMloMlt and vstall daaltr in bfy Ooods» MlUlasry 
add Bsadj<4lad6 dot^lnc. 

Clothing made to Order. 

King Street, Chatham, Ontario. 

t . 

BJankers addBi^angt 9fok9ti 

Dealers In Gold, Silver, Canadian and Ameriaan. Gorrencj. 

«&d U. S. Bonda, 

King Street, Chatham, Ontario^ 



THE Undersigned beg leave to mention tliat they have a WATER k STEAM FACTORY now in good 
working order, with all the most improved Machinery of the day» and are ready to, do all kinds of 

Cnstom Work, such as Carding, SpimilDgf, B7eing,WeaTiilg, Fnlfiiig, 

I> I> DR E S S I IT O-, 


Work done to order on the shortest possible notice. Warranted satisfactory. We cordially invite the pnblic 

interested to give ns a, call. 



•C and WlioUsale aad Betell dealer In 

Mill Street, Elora. 
The largest stock of any in the trade. 


imCactisrer A Dealer In Upper Kid, Calf, liamess 
Slnncbtcr and Sole Leather, 

Fergus, Ontario. 
Hii^est Market price paid for Hides and Skins. 


istiller and Rectifier* 

Fergus, Ontario. 

Drj Cieedfi. MlUinery. <tMeeries, 

Hardware, CrocUery, 



anis and laiportcrs i Healert In all 
ftAids er FrSme, ^^^ 

Fergus, Ont. 

FsRQiiB, Ontario. 


ardware Herchant, 

St. Andrew Street, 

' FERGUS Ontario. 


&oot amd. Shoe Maker, 

St, Andrew Street, 

Fergus, Ontario. 

T — r 

J. D. WARD, 

in <traeerl«s and iMporter 
and Iiqn«n, 

' FoftT Eieii,* QNtiHIO. 

of wines- 


CoMHJfurioner In flL B*, C«nrcarancer, HannD|«* 
tnrer of Sawed I^unl^er Jt Shlnsles, 

Grain and Greneral Merchant. 

Frederikcsburo Ont. 


• • 



Power Presses & Special Machinery, 


Water Wheels, Mill Gearing, Wood Working Machinery, &c., and 

Merrill's Telescopic Lift and Force Fumps, 








Gollard's Patent Pea Harvester, Gollaid's Patent 
Forge Wheel Gnltivator or Goney Plough, 


Seven Tooth Forge Wheel Potato Cultivator 

0^"^, For sale at the Prindxial Hardware Stores throughout the Province. 



Clear €hr6e]L--AimallTillagttin the TownalupofSlxmghton, County K^ 

Town, 90 miles from Toronto, and 40 from the nearest railwaj station. There is an abundance of water 
power in the vicinity. Metfhanict of wverf kind are needed in the neighborhood 

BRIDGKAN, J., Postmaster and general merchant 

Bridgman, R. £., general agent 

Bridjrman, T. R. £., auctioneer and insurance agent 

Bzooksy A., carpenter 

Fair, Aaron, cooper 

Folger, »^Y. 3. W., <Biptiflt> 

Jackson, ^., J.P 

Layooak, Brethers, lumber merehants 

lionch, A., blacksmith 

Loontbniy, S., butcher 

McGall, William, teacher 
Misener, A., flour mill 
Mitchener, A., brickmaker 
Pierce, Thomas, carpenter 
Pierce, Warren, carpenter 
8t»pbeis, W., bkcksmitii 
TraadweO, Ker. W. H., (Baptist) 
White, M. W., J.P 
Wilson, A., jun., cabinet maker 
Wilson, T., wagon maker 

diftoll^ — ^A Town and Station on the Great Western and the Erie and Ontario Railways, on the west bank 
of the Niagara Rirer, about a mile and a-half below the celebrated Falls, in the Township of Stamford, 
County Welland. Canada is here connected with the Stat< of New York by two suspension bridges, 
which rank next to the Victoria tubular at Montreal, as the most scientific works of the kind on the 
continent. The principal is suspended in the air, 250 feet aboye the riTsr, by four wire cables, each ten 
inches in diameter, from towers seyenty-five feet in height, a distance of 822 feet from tower to tower, 
the total length of wire in these cables being 4,000 miles. There are two roadways, one aboye the other, 
the upper haying a railway wfth tbxee different gauges, and the lower one for waggons, &c The other, 
erected in 1868, is situated near the Clifton House, distance between the towers 1200 feet, it is intended 
for foot passengers and carriages. Clifton is the eastern terminus of the Great Western Railway, and 
eonneets with the railways of the State of New York to all parts of the continent. Money order offiee 
and sayings bank. Population 1,000. 

ALBION HOTEL, M. M. Buckley prop, (see ady) 

American flxpress Company, W. A. Gray agent 

A meri can Hotel, E. M. Bromley proprietor 

ATWOOD, AMASA, prop. Western Hotel, Suspen- 
sion Bridge]{8ee ady) 

Atweod, James, carpenter 

Bamett, Sydney, fancy store & photographic yiews 

BABNETT, THOMAS, museum fancy store and 
water-proof clothing 

Bamett, Tnomas, jun., artist 

Bell, Rey. George, (Presbyterian) 

Biggar, Alanson, water works 

BIGGAR, A. H., plumber and gas fitter 

Booth, James, taxidermist 

Bowan« Uriah, butcher, &c 

Bower, T., tailor 

BBOML^Y k SHEARS, (D. H. Bromley k George 
P. Shears) props. Clifton House 

Bromley, £. R., exchange office 

BUCKLEY, M. M., prop. Albion Hotel 

Buckley, William, grocer, kc 

Bush, J. T., prop. Zimmerman grounds 

Butters, Thomas, freight agent 

CanMTDQt John £., landing waiter 

Central House, B. Hull, pro|> 

ClaT,k George W., prop. Elgin House 

CLIFTON HOUSE, Bromley k Shears, proprietors 
(see ady) * 

Colsan, John, baker 

CRICKETERS' HOTEL, J. Jones, prop 

Davis, C, clerk Table Rock Hotel 

Davis, Edward, clerk. Table Rock Hotel 

DAVIS, SAUL, prop. Table Rock Hotel 

Drew, John, mason 

Parley, Mrs. Mary, temperance saloon 

Ganter, Joseph, shoemaker 

Gardner, William, chief constable 

GBAHAM, F. H., prop. Suspension Bridge Hotel 

Gilmore, Thomas, carpenter, etc. 

Gorman, John, cab proprietor 

HsJl, Charles, telegraph agent 

Hall, Ralph, ticket clerk 

Henderson, George, clerk 


Henderson, George, jun., gate keeper Susp. Bridge 

Hooey, T. G., telegraph operator 

Hull, B., prop. Central House 

JONES, J., prop. New England Hotel (See ady.) 

Jones, W. Martin, United States Consul 

Kelly, Michael, floujr and feed store 

Law, R., grocer 

Leggatt, Wiltlam, J.P. 

Lewis k Biggars, Clifton water works 

Lewis, Z. H., oovoner 

life Association of Scotland, Jas. Mackenzie, agent 

MacKenzie, James, Castom House and forwarding 

McLeoid, Rcy. D. J. F., (Church of England) 
Mahoney, Timothy, general store 
Marston, G. W., butcher 
Muchlheini, John, hotel keeper 
NIAGARA FALLS MUSEUM, Thos. Bamel^ prop. 
Neilson, Peter, station agent 
NEW ENGLAND HOTEL, J. Jones, proprietor. 

(See adv) 
Newson, Mr8.,_prop. Great Western House 
Oliver, —, M.D. 

Preston, F. I., groceries and liquors 
Richmond, J., Erie and Niagara Railroad 
Robinson, Robert, teacher 
Rosli, G., prop. Rosli's Hotel 
Rosskelly, William, butcher 
Simpson, Wright, station master 
Stein, Charles, grooeries, provisions, crockery and 

Stiff, William, cashier 

F. H. Graham, proprietor * 
TABLE ROCK HOTEL, S. Davis proprietor 
Treston, Henry, Custom House, broker, exchange agt 
Walker, Sarah, confectioner, ko 
Wallace, Andrew, flour and feed store 
Webster, Geerge, superintendant locomotive depart. 
WESTERN BTOTEL, Suspension Bridge^ N. Y., A. 

Atwood, proprietor 
WOODRUFF, W. W., Postmaster, dry goods and 




^CUfford*— A Pott- Village in the Township of Minto, County Wellington, situtted on the Red Hirer, 47 
miles from Guelph, the County Town. Average price of improved land in vicinity, $30. Stages to 
Guelph, Walkerton, and Southampton. Money order office. Population, about 200. 

Andrews, Joseph, blacksmith 

Appleby, Charles, carpenter 

Seek Frederick tanner 

BROWN, FRANCIS, Postmaster, miller, and hotel 

Bullock, Noah, farmer 
CaldweU, Robert, J.P 
Campbell, Donald, tailor 
l.^'ockerell, John, lime dealer 
Crandell, Dr 
-Cusack, John, carpenter 
Dolmage, Anson, general merchant 
Dolmage, J. H., general merchant 
Depew, Rev. Mr., (Methodist) 
Fglesham, Hugh, farmer 
Fraser, William, farmer 
Graff, W. F., shoemaker 
•Gray, A., miller 
Hale, John, farmer 
HaUard, James, carpenter 
Hay, Rev. Mr., (Presbyteriau) 
Hillhouse, John, fanner 
Jiouse. J., carpenter 

Hunsberger, Paul, farmer 

Knight, James, carpenter 

Luffg, Samuel, farmer 

McDonald, George, general merchant 

Mc£achren, Bros., general merchants 

Mclntyre, Alexander, farmer 

Morrison, Dr. 

Patmore, Henry, blacksmith 

Pearson, J., shingle maker 

Pearson, John, farmer 

Pearson, Samuel, sliingle maker 

Phink, M., cabinet maker 

Renny, WHliam, teacher 

Rose, James, shoemaker 

Seiple, George, cooper 

Sherman, George, tailor 

Sparrow, Sylvester, general agent 

Stewart, William, hotel keeper 

Thompson, Alexander, carpenter 

Walton, R., wagon maker 

Ward, John, farmer 

Weber, Jacob, butcher 

'Clinton.-^A prosperous Village and station of the Buffalo and Lake Huron Railroad, injthe Townships of 
Tucke^mith, Hlulet and Goderich, County Huron. It is the centre of a rich agricultural district, dis- 
tant from Toronto 120 miles ; and from Goderich the County Town 12. Money Order Office and Savings 
Bank. Population 1500. 

Bacon, Henry, shoemaker 

Biddlecombe, J., watchmaker 

Boij^ers G ^1! T)aiiit6i* 

BROWN, GEORGE, proprietor Clinton breweiy 

Brown, George, J. P 

Buchanan, D., carpenter 

Buchanan, James, shoemaker 

Callender, Robert (Cal lender & Scott) 

Callender & Scott, (Robert Callender, Hugh Scott) 

dry goods and groceries 
Caution, H., (of Cantlon & Bro) 
Caution, William, (Caution & Bro) 
Caution & Bix)., cairiage and waggon inakers 
Cassels, Mark, carpenter 
Charlesworth, — , manager Blythe flour mills 
Chidlev, Joseph (M. McTaggart & Co) 
Clinton Mills, James Fair, proprietor 

and proprietor 

CLINTON TANNERY, O. S. DOAN, proprietor 
Coates, William, general merchant 
Cole, R.,M.D. 

Commander, Charles (Commander k Elder) 
Combe, J, H,, chemist and dru^^t 
Commander & Elder (Charles Commander and John 

Elder) dry goods 
Counter, C., shoemaker 
COOPER, THOMAS, proprietor Piince of Wales 

Cruickshank, Charles, boots and shoes 
Cunningham, John, grocer 
Date, S., clerk 
Davis, Silas (Searle & Davis) 
Dayment, Charles, builder 
DOAN, 0, S., prop Clinton Tannery (seeadv) 

Elder, Johu, (Commander & Elder) 

Fair, James) proprietor Clinton Mills 

FAIR, THOMAS, Postmaster 


FARRAN, W. W., (Uerk 10th Division Court 

and insui*ance agent (see adv) 
Fisher, A. S., geneml merchant 
Fitzsimon, H., sawyer 
Forbes, James, general merchant 
FOSTER, T. R., proprietor Clinton Woolen Mills 
Fullerton, J. W., photogiupher 
Fulton, H. H., teller Royal Canadian Bank 
Grant, Peter, blacksmith 
Grassick, William (Grassick & Twitchell) 
Grassick & Twitchell (William and James) saddlci's 
Griggs, William, blacksmith 
Gunn, Alexander, grocery 
HALE, HORATIO, conveyancer, real estate agent, 

commissioner in B. K 
Harland, Brothers (William S. & JohnT.) stoves and 

Hartt, Charles A., attorney, solicitor. Royal Canadian 

Helyar, Charles, blacksmith 
Hine, WilUam H., produce dealer 
Hodgins, John (Irwin & Ho<lgius) 
HOLMES, EDMUND, editor and proprietor Clhiton 

New Era 
Hovey, C, assistant manager Clinton Foundry 
Hudson, Henry, plasterer 

Hunt, George, manager Huron flour and oat mill 
Irwin, Richard (Irwin & Hodgins) 
Irwin k Hodgins (Richard Irwin, John Hoigins) dry 

goods and groceries 
Jackson, John, shoemaker 
Jackson, Thomas, merchant tailor 
Johnson, Philip, grocer 
Jones, Stephen, butdie r 



Jones, Thomas, bricklayer and plasterer 

King; A. R., painter 

liane, Thomas, proprietor Railway Hotel 

Layeock, George, lK>ok8 and stationery 

Lee, Roger, saddler 

Leslie, John (Kumball & I^eslie) 

I/eviui Thomas, wagoiwmaker 

Loveless, John, tailor 

LOUGH, MATTHEW, agent Royal Canadian Bank. 

agent North British and Mercantile Insurance Co 
McCafium, Malcolm, merchant tailor 
McDonald, Rev. A. D. (Presbyterian) 
McGarva, John, groceries 

MeMillan, William, assist, man. C-linton Foundiy 
3IcMurchie, Alexander (M. McTnggart & Co.) 
McMui-ehie, D., M. D. 

AlcPherson, Alexander, asst. man. Clinton Foun<lry 
McTageart, M. & Co.|(M. McTaggart, Joseph Chidley, 

(Alexander McMurchie) jirops. fanning mill factory 
McTavish, Donald, iron plough maker 
Mack, Mrs. Francss, confectioner 
Malcolmson, S., barrister 
Matheson, Archibald, blacksmith 
Miller, John, saddler 
MOONEY, JOHN, cattle merchant 
Mountcastle, S. H., farmer 
MuUins, E., station master, tclcgi-aph operator 
Murray, William 
N<Mwortliy, Henry, tailor 
Patei^son, J. W., grocer 
Paterson, R., baker 
Patton, David, general merchant 
Patterson, Mrs., proprietor Commercial Hotel 
PIUNC'E OF WALES HOTEL, Thomaa Cooixjr, prop 
RACEY, JAMES B., groceries, wines and lii[U0i-s 
Racey, R. M., hardware 
Railway Hotel, Thomas Lane, proprietor 
RANCE, SAMUEL, manager Royal Canadian Hotel 

RATTEIJBURY, ISAAC, prop. Royal Canadian Hotel 
Rattenbury, William, proprietor Clinton Hotel 

Bidottt, Charlw, ciyil enginew 

Kidout, George 

Robsou, N., groceries, wines and liquors 

ROSS, JAMES, prop Farmei-s' Hotel (see adv) 

Ross, Miss, dressmaker 

ROYAL CANADIAN BANK, M. Lough, agent, H. 
Fulton, accountant 

Royal Canadian Hotel, Isaac Rattenbury, prop 

Rowell, James, blacksmith 

RUMBALL & LESLIE, (Frederick Rumball and 
John Leslie) carriage and wagon makers 

Salt, Thomas B., moulacr 

Salt, Mrs. T. B., grocer 

Scott, Hugh, (Callcnder & Scott) 

Searle, W. C. (Searie & Davis) 

Searle & Davis. J[(W. C. Searle and Silas Davis) tin- 

Sharp, H. F., photographer 

Smitii, James, merchant tailor 

Stanbury, Thomas, grocer 

Steep, John, boots and shoes 

Stevens, Henry, carpenter. 

Stevenson, Thomas, cabinet maker 

Strathy, D. B., genei-al merchant 

Sturgein, R., pump maker 

Spooner, Charles, butcher 

Taylor, Alexander, wagon maker 

Tavlor, William, blacksmith 

THWAITES, RICHARD, J. P., issuer of marriage 
licenses, insurance agent, appraiser Can. Per- 
manent Building and Saving s Society 

Twitehell, James, (Grassick k TAvitchell) 

Walker k Smith, Misses, dressmakers k milliners 

WALKER k BROTHER, (H. R. and J. S.) props, 
stave factory, buildera (see adv) 

Watts, W. R., Montreal Telegraph Company 

WATTS k CO., chemists and druggists 

WILKIE, J. Z., M.D., sui'geon dentist (see adv) 

Williams, John, moulder 

WHITEHEAD, JOSEPH, M.P.P., prop. Blythe 

White, Frederick, attorney and solicitor 

Clifton Hoase. — A post office located in the Clifton House, County Welland, for the use of the guests ; 
closed during the winter. 

SHEARS, J. Postmaster 

Cloync* — A VUlago in the Township of Barrie, County Frontenac. Distance from Kingston, County Town 
70 miles, from Toronto, 235 miles. Average price land, $1 to $4. Population, 100. 

Benny, Charles, carpenter 

Benny, Joseph 

Benny, Miss Sarah, dres.smaker 

Bishop, George 

Boisley, Francis, proprietor Dominion House 

Brintnall, John, proprietor British A^merican Hotel 

Campbell^ William, lumber dealer 

Clark, Bibbin, general merchant 

CLARK, ELI, Postmaster 

Chuk, Rev. J. F., (Methodist Episcopal) 

Clifford, John 

Corbett, Rev. J., (Weslsyan) 

Cornell, John, carpenter 

Cowan, Alexander, marble cutter 

CummingB, Charles S., carpenter 

Bempsey, W 

Dunham, MisstJane, teacher 

Earl, John, teacher 

Gaylord, Levi, wagon maker 

Hawley, Davis, shingle manufacturer 

Herbert, G«orge 

Jackson, Calvin, shingle manufacturer] 

Lewis, Miss Melissa, teacher 

Lucas, John, shoemaker 

McMillen, Donald, cabinetmaker 

Meek, Denison, carpenter 

Miller, Adolphtts, cooper 

Miller, Francis, cooper 

O Donald, John, prop. Barrie Hotel 

Perry, Bowen, lumber dealer 

Perry, Edward 

Snider, Charles, lumber dealer 

Trimpo, William 

Winters, John, lime manufacturer 

York, Miss M., teacher 



Cl«Iltarf«— A Village in the Township of Sobastopol, County Benfrvw, 85 miles from Pembroke, the 
County Town, a&d 120 from Toronto. Improyed land in the vicinity KtengeB |6 per ftcre, wild, 75ct8. 
Money order office. Population, 10. 

Beneou, Thomas, shingle maker 
Hotterman, C. F., general merchant 
McCormick, Rev. James, (Koman Catholic) 
McDonald, Angus D., carpenter 
McDonald, Ardkibald, wagon maker 
McDonald, Daniel, farmer 
McDonald, John B., leather dealer 
McDonald, B., Postmaster and hotel keeper 
McDonald. Ronald, wagon maker 
McDougall, — ., shoemaker 

Moran, James, farmer 
Plant, X., hotel kee^r 
Potter, John, gunsmith 
Ryan, Stephen, J.P 
Roebotham, — ., shoemaker 
Ryan, Patrick, farmer 
Sellar, Carroll, farmer 
Sinclair, John, cari)enter 
Yamey, John, engraver 

ClOTCr HilL— A Post Village, Township of l^ecumseth. County Simcoe, 18 miles from Banie, the County 
Town, 11 miles from Gilford Station, N. R. C, and 60 from Toronto. Land in the vicinity averages |d5, 
unimproved, $20 x>er acre. Honey order office. Population, 80. , 

Campbell, Robert, carpenter McLean, Robert, farmer 

Cobb, Henry, shoemaker McLean, William, farmer 

Dinwoody, George, farmer RITCHEY, EDWARD J., Postmaster and general 

Dinwoody, William, farmer merchant 

Duff, George, farmer Seabury, Richard, cooper 

Duff, John, farmer Stephenson, John, blacksmith 

Clyde— A Village in the Township of Beverly, County Wentworth. Distant from Hamilton the County 
Town, 23 miles, from Toronto 70 miles. Stages to Gait and Puslinch. Average price of land $35. Pop- 
ulation 100. 

McPHEESON, WILLIAM, Postmaster and general 

Bryce, James, farmer 
Common, James, farmer 
Conkey, Alexander, farmer 
Elliott, George, general merchant 
Ferguson, Archibald, farmer 
Galbraith, John, blacksmith 
Hunter, Robert, auctioneer 
Law, Thomas, shoemaker 
McDonald, Alexander, farmer - 
McPherson, Daniel, farmer 

McQuillan, W., shingle manufacturer 

McWilliams, Robert, teacher, 

Mathei^-son, Andrew, proprietor Clyde Hotel 

Mathewson, A, blacksmith 

Murray, James C, tailor 

Scott, John, farmer 

Scott, Joseph, farmer 

VanMeter, Ira, constable 

Cobourg.— The County Town of the United Counties of pTorthumberland and Durham, on the line of the 
Grand Trunk Railway, ajid the Southern terminus ot the Peterboro' and Cobong Railway, 7 miles from 
Port Hope, 100 from Kingston, 70 from Toronto, 24 from Peterboro', and 60 from Rochester, N. Y. The 
Town is beautifully situated on Lake Ontario, and the adjoining Country is unsurpassed for fertility. The 
educational establishments are numerous and are well supported. Money order office and Savings Bank. 
Population 6,000. 

Agnew, James, carter 

Alexander, William, saloon keeper 

AUan, J., grocer 

Allen, Henry, accountant 

Andrews, Matthew, grocer 

Armour, John D., Q.C., barrister, Co. attorney, &c 

Arnold James, i»ainter 

Arrol, James, shoemaker 

AUSTON, JAMES, barrister, elk 6th Div. Court 

Avaiil, Chilli, saddler 

Bain, Abraham J., teacher 

BAIN, JOHN, painter and paper lianger (see adv) 

Baird, John, dyer 

Ball, Thomas, boots and shoes 

BANK OF MONTREAL, John Porteous, manager 

BANK OF TORONTO, J. H. Roper, manager 

Barber, James R., railway superintendent 

BaiT, Alexander, wagon maker 

Barr, William M., wagon maker 
Barron, Frederick W., teacher 
Battell, Thomas, grocer 
Battell, William, sen., sash and door factory 
Battell, William, jun,, builder 
Beatty, John, M.D 
Beatty, Edmund J., attomey-at-law 
Beaulbrt, Ernest L., G.T.B. saloonkeeper 
Benedict^ Henry W., accountant 
Bennett, Glover, tailor 

Benson, R. L., Deputy Sheriff Counties Northum- 
berland and Durham 
Benson, William, Surveyor of Chistoms 
Bevan, Thomas G., prop. Bevan's Hotel 
Bird, Gilbert, painter 
Blenkhom, William, carpenter 
Boate, Alexander, music teacher 
Boggs, William (Cockbum, Loscombe & Boggs) 



Bolster, Jolin, gardener 

Bolfter, Thoraaa, satddler 

Bolster, William, carijenter 

Bond, \Villiam, builder 

BoBwell, Augustus O., barrister 

Boswell, Charles M., clerk post-office 

Boswell, David, clerk post-office 

Boswell, George M., County Judge 

BOSWELL, JOHN C, Postmaster 

Boswell, John S., insurance ugent 

Boswell, J. Vance 

BoaltoD, Darey E., barrister 

Boulton, Edward T., barrister 

Boalton, Hon. ^eorge S., Registrar 

Bounsall, John, tailor 

Boansall, Mri^. M. A., straw milliner 

Boyd, Robert, shoemaker 

Boyd, William, shoemaker 

Brass, James, cooper 

Bny, Benjamin, carpenter 

Bray, Edwaid, gardener 

Brewer, John G., bricklayer 

BRODIE, DAVID, Town Clerk and Treasurer 

Broughall, Lewis, cooper 

Brown, George, tailor 

Bachannn, William, proprietor Railroad Hotel 

Barke, Mi(ihael, proprietor Queen's Arms Hotel 

Bum, David, actuary Savings Bank 

Bumham, Hon. Asa A., Senator, County Treasurer 

Bumham, Asa, A., jun. 

BURWASH, REV. N., M.A., prof. VictorU College 

BUTLER, JOHN, insurance agent and Deputy Clerk 

of the Peace 
BUTLER, WILLIAM (Winans & Butler) 
Calratt, James, brewer 
Oilcutt, Edward, express messenger 
CALCUTT, KINGSLEY, brewer and maltster 
Calcutt, William S. K., brewer 
Caldwell, William P., teilor 
Callender, T. G., dentist 

SOCIETY, G. M. Goodeve, agent 
Carlisle, M. L., proprietor restaurant 
Carson, Archibald, rope maker 
Carson, Thomas, proprietor rope walk 
Carswell, William, shoemaker 
Chapman, George, machinist 
Cliatterton, Richard D., Deputy Clerk Crown and 

Clerk County Court 
Clark, George M., Judge Division Court 
Clark & Wjde (RicliaraH. and William,) physicians 

and surgeons 
CLENCH, FRKEMAN S., cabinet maker 
CLENCH, THOMAS B., cabinetmaker 
Clynie, Thoma.s, tailor 
COBOURG SKNTINEL, D. McAllister editor and 

OOBOURG STAR, Wm. H. Floyd, pub. k prop. 
COBOURG SUN, Thomas McNaughton, editor and 

COBOURG WORLD, Henry Hough, editor & prop. 
COCKBURN, HON. JAMES, Speaker House of 

COCKBURN, JAMES, Q.C. (Cockbum, Loscombc& 

COCKBURN, LOSCOMBE k B0GG8, barristers, &c 
Coles, John, wagon maker 
COl. LINGS, S. & CO., wagon makers 
Comrie, James, plasterer 
Conlan, Nicholas, blacksmith 
Connell, Richarti, carpenter 
Connell, Mrs. R., dressmaker 
Cooney, Edward, Chief Constable 
Cooper, George, bailiff 

Corrigal, William, Deputy Regirtnur 

Corson, Rev. Robert, (Wesleyan) 

Coventry, George^ Custom House broker 

Covert, Henry 

Cox, Aaron, express assent 

Craig, HeniT, prop. Market Tavern 

Crawshaw, John, {Eraser k Co.) 

CROSSEN, JAMES, iron founder 

Cullingford, John, druggist 

Culver, Abi-aham B., bailiff 

Curley, Charles, weaver 

Cuthbert) Alexander, groceries and liquon 

Daintiy, George S. 

Daintry, John 8., P.Ij.S. 

Daveney, Arthur B., station agent G.T.R. 

Dawe, Samson, tailor 

Deer, Samuel, painter 

Deering, William, boots and shoes 

Delaney, Henry, gunsmith, etc 

Densmore, Jonathan, farmer 

Dickson, Adam, flour and feed 

Dinner, Mrs. C, milliner and dressmaker 

Dixon, H., proprietor Dominion Hotel 

Doak, Josepii, blacksmith 

Dooly k Hewson, dry goods and millinery 

Dooly, Mrs. Dora, (Dooly k Hewson) 

Downing, William, tinsmith 

Doyle, John, tailor 

Dumble, John H., banister 

Dumble, Thomas, sen., contractor 

Duncan, James, confectioner 

Eakins, James 

Easton, Henry, Collector Customs 

ELLIOTT CHARLES, harbor master, agent Royal 
Mail Line steamei's. Ocean Irmian Line, and gen- 
eral ticket agent 

Ely, Edward, cai'penter 

Evans, Henry, carpenter 

EWaRT, SAMUEL L., proprietor Rochester House. 
(See adv) 

Fairbrother, George, blacksmith 

Farmer, William, general merehant 

Farry, Edward, carpenter 

Featherstone, John G., painter 

Fee, James, carpenter 

FIELD, CORELLI C. (Field k Brother) 

Field, John 

FIELD, JOHN C, (Field k Bro.) 

FIELD k BRO., (John C. and OoreUi C.) diy goods 
and groceries 

Field, William, clerk Field k Bro. 

FLANIGAN, JAMES, proprietor Commercial House 

Fleming, Mrs. Mary, propnetor Cobourg Hotel 

Flet<2her, John, grocenes, boots and shoes 

Flood, Jameji, gunsmith 

FLOYD, WILLIAM H., publisher and proprietor 
Cobourg Star 

Forrest, W^illiam, saddler 

Fowler, John, shoemaker 

Fowler, Robert, tailor 

Fox, John, boots and shoes 


ERASER k Co., (Alexander Eraser and John Crftw- 
shaw) proprietoi-s Ontario Woolen Mills 

Gale, Francis, boots and shoes 

Gait, Thomas, barrister 

Gilbard, Thomas, merehant tailor 
Giddings, James, shoemaker 
Giddy, Thomas, farmer 
Gilchrist, James A., M.D 

Gillard, Herbert, painter 

Gillard, James, tailor 

Gogett, Caesar, cooper 

Goodeve, George M., insurance agent and aecoantaat 



€k)Tdon, James, grocer 

Gowans, James, cabinet maker 

Grant, John & Co., general mercliants 

Graveley, J. Vanbe, sen., excise officer 

Graveley, J. Vance, jr., barrister 

Greenwood, John, saloon keeper 

Greenwood, Thomas, proprietor British Hotel 

Greenwood, William T., contractor 

Grieve, David, tailor 

Grieve, George, carpenter 

Grieve, James, proprietor Court House Hotel 

Guillet, Georgi*, general merchant ' 

Gummow, James, wagon maker 

Gmnmow, Kobert, grocer 

Guv, Michael, coojwr 

Hales, Richard, blacksmith 

Hall, Joseph, j,rocer 

Halliday, Andrew, swldler 

Hambly, Edwin, tailor 

Hamilton, George, blacksmith 

Hargraftfc Co. (William Hargraft and John Urqnhart) 

Harper, Thomas, grocer 
Harrison, Simon, bookbinder 
Hawthorn, Thomas, boots and shoes 
Hawthoiiie, William, blaokiimith 
Hayden, John, dealer in pictures, paints, oils, kc, 
Haytcr, Edmund, J., watchmaker & melodeon agent 
Hayter, Mi-s. E. J., milliner and dressmaker 
Helm, Jolm, iron founder and machinist 
Henderson, William, carpenter 
Hcnwood, Roger, boots and shoes 
Hewitt, John, gaixlener 
Hewitt, William, painter 
Hewson, Andrew (Dooly & Hewsoni 
Higs^ns, William, grocer 
Highet, Robert, hardware 
Hitchens, William, grocer 
Hoare, Richard, shoemaker 
Hobart, Matthew T., cabinet maker 
Holman, Mrs. John, dry goods and clothing 
.HOLMES, ADAM, forwamer and commission morcht 
Home, Thomas, tailor 
Hooey, John 

Hooey, Stuart, gi-ocerics and dry goods 
Hopper, William, blacksmith 
Hoskins, Henry, bricklayer 
Hossack, James, bairister 

HOUGH, HENRY, editor and prop. Colx/myf World 
HOUSE, FRANKLIN, bookseller 
Howard, Rev. V. B., (Wesleyan) 
Howell, Stanley S., grocer 
Hull, Edwanl C., auctioneer 
Hunter, William, mason 
Hutchison, Samuel, cooper 
Irwin, Samuel, cooper 

Jakes, William, proprietor North American Hoti'l 
Jackson, John, cabinet maker 
James, John 
Jeffrey & Co., hardware 
Jewell, Thomas, soda water manufacturer 
Jex, Frederick, carpenter 
Jex, William, barrister 
Johns, Jacob, carpenter 
Johnston, David, teacher 
Jones, George E., broker 
Jones, Rev. Richard, (Wesleyan) 
Kcenan, James, grocer 
Kennedy, Abelf:^., boots and shoes 
Keown, John, blacksmith 
Kerr, John W., barrister 
KERR, WILLIAM, barrister. Mayor 
KINGSTON, AVILLIAM, M.A., Profewor Victoria 


Kershaw, Thomas, grocer 

Kobald, Leopold, butcher 

Koerber, Louis, music teacher 

Laine, Rev. John, (Presbyterian) 

LAUDER, JOHN, grocer, produce and conu mercht 

Laverty, Robert, carpenter 

Lawes, Charles, photographer 

Lee, William, caqwnter 

Lilly, Bernard, prop. Ontario Hotel 

Linton, Richard, weaver 

Little, R. S., photographer 

LOSCOMBE, W. C. (Cockburn, Loscomlic & Hoggs) 

Lossee, Bateman, gardener 

Lyons, (Jaorge, butcher 

McAllister, DAXIEL, editor ami prop. Cobourg^ 

McBride, Dugald, teacher 
McCallum, l*eter, k Son, general merchants 
Mc^'aughey, John, wagon maker 
McConnell, James, carpenter 
McConnell, William, druggist 
McCnllough, (iiH)rge, groeer • 

McDonald, Arthur, notary public 
McDonald, James, auctioneer 
McFiggin, John, i)liisterer 
Mcintosh, Jame^ wagon maker 
McKechnie, Henry, prop. Victoria brewer>- 
McKeown, Samuel, brewer 
McLeod, John, blacksmith 

McNachton, Eibnund A., County Clerk, official as- 
sign eee, &c. 
McNAUCJHTON, THOMAS, barrister, editor & proji. 

Cobouiy Sun 
McNeil lie, Michael, teacher 
McNight, William, carpenter 
Maguire, John, carriage maker 
Martin, James J., tinsmith 
Mason, Henry, insm-ance agent 
Medcalf, William, farmer 
Mickleborough, Daniel, hatter 
Miller, Jacob, shoemaker 
Minaker, k Brother, (David H. and Calvin) diy gooiis> 

and clothing 
Iklitchell, John, market clerk 
Moore, C'harh s C, M. D. 
Monlen, Benjamin, gi-ocer 
Morrow, Thomas, saddler 
Muldoon, Mrs., groceries 
Mulholland, k Brown, (Robert and Peter) hardwaiv 

and groceries 
Munson, Alfretl E., contractor 

NELLES, REV. S. S., D.D., Pres. Victoria College- 
Nixon, J. J. k Co., sa^ldlers 
Noble, John, boots and shoes 
Northrope, Augustus B., manufacturer of musical m- 

OTlynn, Pati-iek, teacher 
O'Neil, John, general merchant 
O'Neill, Timothy, livery stable 
Oliver, Frederick S. H., express agent 
ORMISTON, DAVID, B.A., head master Gramiimr 

PAUWELS, EDWARD, proprietor Pauwek' House 
Payne, William L., carriage maker 
Pearce, James, tailor 
Perry, George, landing waiter 
Pengelley, tfohn, blacksmith 
Phillips, Edwanl, proprietor Enniakillen Hotel 

don England), Winans and Butler, agents 
Plews, Robert, grocer 
Polkeiihom, John, grocer 
PolkenKom, Richara, grocer 
Pollard, Misses, select school 



Pomerqyy William, carpenter 

Poiteons, John, manager Bank of Hofntreal 

Postlethwaite, Thomas, cabman 


Powell, Orrin W., batcher 

Pratt, Alexander, confectioner 

Pntt, John, baker 

Pntt, John, farmer 

Priogle, Alexander, watchmaker 

Priiigle, James, surgeon 

Pny^ Frederick, M. D. 

Qnum, Patrick, blacksmith 

R^jan, Patrick, livery stable 

Ketallack, Samuel, grocer 

Itetallack, Thomas, bricklayer 

REYNAB, REV. ALFRED H., prof. Victoria Coll. 

Reynolds, Francis, teacher 

Reynolds, John H., flour and feed 

Richardson, William, bailiff, Inspe(*tor Weights and 

Riley, John, shoemaker 

Roberts, John D., seedsman 

Roberts, Samuel P., proprietor Bank Saloon 

Robinson, Henry, reterinary suigeon 

Robinson, James, blacksmith 

ROCHESTER HOUSE, Samuel L. Ewart, proprietor 
(see adv. ) 

Rolls, Charles, sen., M. D. 

Rolls, Charles, jun., druggist 

Rolls, Jones, druggist 

ROPER, J. H., manager Bank of Toronto 

Ross, David, merchant tailor 

Ross, Walter, merchant tailor 

Rowe, Thomas, dentist 

ROY, REV. JAMES, B. A., teacher grammar school 

ROYAL CANADIAN BANK, Alfred Stow, agent 

Rundell, Henry W., shoemaker 

Rush, Warren J., grocer 
Rattan, Hon. Henry 

Ruttan, Henry Jones 

Ruttan, Richard, barrister 

Sailsbary, Jonathan, bookseller 

Saunders, John, blacksmith 

Scoon, Alexander, grocer 

Scott, Joseph S., dentist 

Service, JoLu, boots and shoes 

Sidey, James, accountant 

Simmons, George N., saddler 

Simpson, Rev. James, (Methodist Episcopal) 

Smith, Henry, banister 

Smith, Robert, cabinet maker 

Smith, William, livery stable 

Smith, William, blacksmith 

StantoD, Oliver, farmer 

Stanton, William Irvine, banister 

Stennett, Rev. Walter, (Church of England) 

Stephens, George, agent pianos and melodeons 

Stephens, George J., cabinet makei* and upholsterer 

Stephenson, Joseph, veterinary sm'geon 

Stickle, Henry, wagon maker 

Stock, Zachariah, sardener 

STOKR, ALFRED, agent Royal Canadian Bank 

Stuart, Charles H., marble cutter 

Summons, George, saddler 

Sutherland, J. k Co., grocers 

Tanner, Henry, farmer 

Taylor, Mi-s, K., groceries 

Thomas, William, butcher 

TILDEN, WILLIAM k NEPHEW, manufacturers 

of varnishes. (See adv) 
Timlin, Rev. Michael, (Roman Catholic) 
Tourje, Wilbur F., tinsmith 
Tonrje, William, tinware and stoves 
Trebilcock, Paul, sen., shoemaker 
Tripp, Henry, carriage maker 
Underwood, John, farmer 

S. Nelles, D.D., President 
Urquhart, John, (Harmft & Co.) ^ 

Van Ingeu, Abraham J., auctioneer 
Van In^en, William, auctioneer 
Waddall, William, barber 
Waddell, Archibald, broker 
Waddell, R. N., Sheriff 
Wade, WiUiam, M.D. 
Waldie, John, baker and confectioner 
Wall, William, teilor 
Wallace, Daniel, painter 
Wallace, John S., agent 
Walsh, Thomas, blacksmith 
Ware, John, cooper 
Waters, — , M.D. 

Weller, William H., barrister. Master in Chancery 
Weller, Tliomas M. T., telegraph agent 
West, William, bricklayer 
Western, Thomas, plasterer 
White, Christouher, saddler 
White, Henry B., accountant 
White, J. C, farmer 

Whitelaw, John, tinsmith, gas manufacturer 
Wricks, George, fanner 
Wicks, Thomas, engraver 
Williams, Matthew, cai*penter 
Williams, Matthew B., saddler 
Willis, Alfi'ed, boots and shoes 
Willis, George, boots and shoes 
WILSON, JACOB, general broker 
WILSON, JOHN, M.A, Proleasor Vic. College 
Wilson, John, Excise officer 
Wilson, John, carriage maker 
Wilson, Richard, druggist 
Wilson, Robert M., M.D 
WINANS, EDWARD S., (Winans k Butler) U. S. 

Consular agent 
AVINANS & BUTLER (E. S. Winans and WilUam 

Butlei') commission merchants k insurance agts. 
Winch & Brother, butchers 
Winn, Charles, gi'ocer 
AVood!, James, ttiilor 
Woods, Mra. William, hotel keeper 
Woodruff, Thomas, tailor 
W^right, John, confectioner 
York, James, shoemaker 
Y'ork, William, barber and dealer in fancy good.4 

Cobden* — A post Village on Muskrat Lake, in the Township of Ross, County Renfrew. Distant from 
Pembroke the County Town, 20 miles, from Ottawa 70 miles, from Toronto 190 miles. Population 50. 

Aril, Antoine, wagon maker 
Boulton, George, steamboat acent 
Cnwfsrd, John, general mercnant 
Qraflfe, John, tailor 
Hoist, George W., teacher 

McDonald, JOHN R., Postmaster 
McDonald, John R., carpenter 
Overman, C. E., J. P. 
Rankin, John, general merchant 
Rankin, John, proprietor Rankin Howe 



Coboeonk*— A small poet Village in the TownaMp of Bezley. County Victoria, diftant from Lindsay 

the County Town, 25 miles, and from Toionto 80 miles. Popnilntioii abovt 80^ 
Cronk, J. & J. H., Bawmillera | LEEOY, JOHN, postmaster 

CodrlngtOlU— A Village in the Township of Brighton, County Northumberland. Distant from Cobourg, 
the County Town, 40 miles, from Toronto 110 miles. Stages to Campbellford, Meyersburg, HUton and 
Brighton. Average price of lanil, $10 to $50. Population 100 

,, ^ T^-, i...„i 1 .» Kempt, C. B., J.P. 

Alison, Mrs. Rachel, hotel keeper 
Clark, W. K, farmer 
Cooney, John, tailor 
Creag, Samuel, cooper 
Donohoe, Patrick, wagon maker 
Dulma^ O., farmer 
HeatoQ, Lyman, wagon maker 
HoUeran, Thomas, fai-mer 
Hutchinson, Thomas, shoemaker 
Kavanagh, A. blacksmith 
Kempt, A. F., lumber dealer 

JE^empt, l;. »., J.r. 

KILBANK, WILLIAM, Postmaster and gen. mefcht 

King, Geoige, bri<i manufacturer 

King, Isaac, farmer 

Lahay, Miss J:, teacher 

Morrum, John, farmer 

Parsall, William, farmer 

Shay, Miss Johanna, teacher 

SuUivau, James, blacksmith 

Sterling,. William, farmer 

Young, Miss J.^ teaoher 

Colbornc* An incorporated Village in the Township of Cramahe, County Northumberland, Colborne har- 
bor on Lake Ontario is two miles distant, from Cobourg, the County Town, 16 miles. Daily mail. 
Money Order Office and Sa^^ngs Bank. Population about 1000. 

JOHNSTON, WILLIAif, photographer and frame 

dealer. (Sec adr) 
Keeler, J., M.P.P.> foi-warder 
KEYES, GEORGE, editor and proprietor CoOoruc 


Bennett, Norman, farmer 

Bethune, A. N., M. B. 

BYWATEli, R. E., druggist and watchmaker 

Cameron & Fuller, (C P. Cameron and J. K. FuUer) 
r general merchant* 

<Jampbell, Donald, farmer 

Campbell, William, carpenter 

Camell, George, tailor 

Casey, H. N., broker and lumber merchant 

Chapiii, 6. A., cabinet maker 

Chapman, John, wagon maker 

Cockbum, George, farmer , , . ^ ^ 

«* COLBORNE EXPRESS," (weekly) George Keys 
editor and proprietor 

CJrandell, R,, farmer , ^ , , 

Dailey, Daniel, grocery and book store 

Deans & Deans (James and Robert Deans) druggists 
and general merchants 

Dewey, J. B., plaster and flouring mills 

Donaghy, M«. W. H., milliner 

Donaghy, W. H., cabinet maker 

Duncan. Rev. Peter, (Presbytenan) 

EASTON, W. D., grocer 

Erringion, William, carriage maker 

FORD, CHARLES R., Postmaster, agent Montreal 
Telegraph Company 

Fowler, G. C. , iHittery 

Fowler, Rev. R , (Wesleyan) 

Gibson k Campbell, tanners 

Gilley, John, Aouring mill 

Gordon, G. N., stoves, tm and hardware 

Gould, E., cooper 

Greer, Thomas, farmer ^^ ^, , 

GROVER, JOHN M., Registrar East Northumber- 

Hart, Edwin, innkeeper 

Hawkins, W. A., shoemaker 

HICKS; H., i)roprictor Hicks Hotel. (Sec adv) 

Higgins, William, waxjon maker 

Huyck, Selim, generafroerchant 

Jackson, Benjamin, cheese factory 

King, Adain, baker 

Lawrence, — , mist mill prop. 

Leake, E. W., baker and confectioner 

Leith, Robert, hotel keeper 

McHUGH, JOHN, proprietor Marion Hotel. (Sec 

McRae, F. , general merchant 
McDonald, J. L., dentist 
Male, Joseph, blacksmith 
MARION HOTEL, John McHngh, proprietor. (Sec 

Massie, John, M.D. 
Miller, Samuel, butcher 
Milligan, A., tailor 
Mun-ay, A. , grammar school teacher 
NICHOL, D., dry^oods 
Niles, W. H., flounng mill and stave factory 
Payne, S. H., attorney at law 
Petwson, Fletcher, farmer 
Peterson k Huyck, blacksmiths 
Peterson, T. H., general merchant 
Powers, J. P., M.D. 
Robertson, Donald, general merchant 
Scott, Reuben, founder 
Scougal, James, carriage and harness maker 
Scripture, 8. R., founder 
Shannon, R., merchant tailor 
Simpson, R^v. J., (Methodist Episcopal) 
Sinclair, John, tailor 
Spilsbury, Francis B., farmer 
Strong, W. G., farmer 
Tuttle, W. W., boots and shoes 
Webb, J. G., general merchant 
Wells, Alfred, butcher 
Wilson, Rev. John, (Church of England) 
Vai-s, A., grocer and provision de^r 

Colcbester P. O— (See Oxford ViUag*.) 

MECKLE, JOHN, Postmaster. 




TLe choicest Wines, Laquors and Cigars always on liand. Evpry attention paid to the comfort of traTeUevi 


O. S. DOKE, 


^annfiicturer of all kinds of Leather. Highest price 

in cash imid for Hid'w. 

Albert Sireet, Ciinioth Ontario, 
WlBsluiHt ftlage MBec, 



Ample Accomodation. Bar and Larder Choicely Supplied. 
Sample Rooms for Commercial Travellers. 


B-aruteTBt Attorneys, Notaries, Solicitors in Chan- 
eery, &c. , Solicitors fiank of Montreal 

Office Nok. 19, 20, 21 & 22 Victoria Hall. 


Hon. Jas. Cockbuni, Q.C., W. C. Loacombe, 

William Boggs. 


MannrAetiiren of Tamlsheg. 




»r WMmmm^r, Dealer la Cm! Oil JLampA 


Photographer and dealer in Mouldings, Frames, Look- 
ing Ulassea, and Pictures of all descriptionB, 
Wholesale and Retail 


Divisioji Street, Cobouig; Ontario. 


cox-bo:r.^n:^» Ontario. 

mMismfiTBt'C^^^''^ Charges moderate. 



Livery anil Billiard Room attach^. 


Druffs, Medicines, and Cliemieals, 

Horse land Cattle Medicines, GaAen and Field Seeds, 

Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Dye-Stuffs, Pens, Ink, 

Letter Paper, Envelopes, Fancy and Toilet 

Articles, Coal Oil and Lamps, &c, &o. 

* ■- — — III 1 .P ■ — * ■ ■■ ^ — ■ ■ — 'I ■* 


Ohemlst and Oruggloty 

Opposite Cameron's Hotel, 

CollinjTM^oetf, Ont 



Importer and General Dealer in 


Shelf and Heavy 


Ice. Ti 


Coal Oil Lamps ami I^mi) Fixtures, Chandclieis, Brackets, lleflectorp, Chininies, &c. A FUl^L 
Assortment of All Gooda usually kept by the Trade. 


Importers and AVholesale Dealers in 




MAXM SmftSSV, 9dtSr3Sr^«&S, 033i[S. 

This First-Class Hotel Is centrally located, and has lately been enlarsed and 

thoroughly reftimished- 

The lable is always supplied with the Belicacies of the Season. 


No pains will be spared by the Proprietor to render iti in every respect FIRST CLASS. 


"S^, E. F-A-R^iJIElsrXEDEl, «Sc CO-, 



Sheepskins, Morocco Roans and Skiycrs, all colors t Cbamols Leathers, Hat 
li^iMbers, VaiicyCiilarod^tir»ol<llats, &c. Also, Plain and Colored Woollen Yam. 

Hides, Leather, and Canadian Pulled Wool. 


Main Street, Dundas, Ontario. 



Caldstream.— A Post Office in the Township of Lobo, County Middlesex, on Bear Creek, 15 miles from 

London, the County Seat. 

Cutler, Amos, f^^nner 

Cutler^ E., miller 

HcCollum, Lafayette, wagon maker 

licKinley, Donald, earpenter 

MARSH, JACOB, Poetmaster and gen. mercht. 

Marsh, John, cabinet maker 
Rutherford, Alexander, brick maker 
Wood, John J., teacher 
Zavitz, Daniel, seedsman 

CoMwaler. — A Village in the Township of Medonte, County Simcoe, on the Coldwater River, about a 
mUe from the Georgian Bay, '30 milea from Banie, the County Town, and 15 from Orillia. Population^ 

C^aswell, George, hotel keeper, lumbervmei-chant and 

Christie, Alexander R., lumber merchant 

Darling, — ., hotel keeper 

EPLET, JOHN", Postmaster and general merchant 
Hall, William, lumber merchant 
Rutledge, William 

Colebrook. — A flourishing Village situated on the Kapanee River, in the Township of Camden East, and 
County Addington. Distant from Dingston, 20 miles, and from Napanee, the County Town, 16 miles. 
Stage to Kingston daily. Population about 260. 

Brooks, U. C, merchant 
Degraff,, Wilson, saddler 
Freeman, M., agricultural implements 
I^rio, J. & P., coopers 
Newman, John, general merchant 
Shibley, Charlers, saw miller 

Smith, Jamea^ blacksmith 

Walrath, G., lumber merchant 

WARNER, CHARLES, J. P., Postmaster and issuer 

marriage licenses and com. in B. R. 
Warner, D. S.. general merchant and saw mill prop . 
Wartman, Peter, lumber merchant 

C/Oleraine* — ^A Village in the Gore of Toronto, County Peel. Distant from Brampton, the County Town, 
11 miles, from Toronto, 22 miles. Stages to Bolton and Weston. Average price of land $35. Pop. 5o^ 

Birch, F.^ shoemaker 

Calluum, Zachariah, blacksmith 

Cole, Thomas 

De\'ins, Isaac, teacher 

Gibson, John 

Gould, David, proprietor Bee Hive Inn 

Ciowland, Matthew 

(;UARDHOUSE, JOHN, Postmaster 

Hodffson, Rev. J., (Wetleyan) 

Hughes, W. C, general merchant 

Kersey, William 

Leighton, George 

Sandiman, Kirby 

Thorubum, A., hotel keeper 

Toppin, John 

Young, Joseph, weaver 

Coleridff^.— A Post Village in the Township of Amaranth, County Wellington, distant from Guelph, the 
CVmnty Town, 50 miles, from Toronto, 60 miles. Average price of wild land $10, improved $20. Popu- 
lation 50. 

Abemethy, John, farmer 
Braiden, James, farmer 
Coleman, John, farmer 
Fit tie. A., farmer 
Graliam, Thomas, carpenter 
HaU, WiUiam, J. P. 
Uosley, Thomas, farmer 

Irwin, Joseph, farmer 

Large, J., J. P. 

Montgomery, James, farmer 

Nixon, M., carpenter 

Stones, George hotel keeper 

Torrence, Thomas, cabinet maker 

TRUEMAN, JOSEPH W., Postmaster 

CaliniTllIe* — A Village on the River St Clair, in the Township of Moore, County Lambton. Distant from 
Samia, the County Town, 10 miles, from Toronto 178 miles. Average price of wild land $9, improved 
$25. Population 60 

Alexander, James, farmer 

Annatrong, Rev. David, (Church of England) 

Butler, James, farmer 

BUTLER, JOHN, Postmaster 

Bodds, John, wagon maker 

(iarrett, James, farmer 

Henry, John, farmer 


Kerr, John, carpenter 
Kerr, Peter, carpenter 
McDiarmid, Archibald, farmer 
Smith, R. S., farmer 
Watson, James, teac^her 
White, James, blacksmith 
White, John, farmer 


Collinin^OOd* — A Town at th« terminuf of the Northern Railway, aitoated on the Geoigian Bay, in the 
Township of Nottawaaaga, Conntj Simcoe ; 95 miles from Toronto, and 83 from Barrie the Cotmty Town 
Steamers to Meaford, Owen Sound, Penetanguishene, Parry Sound, Byng Inlet, Sault Ste Maria, Fort 
William, &c. Stages to Durham, Thombuiy and Owen Sound. Money Order Office and Savings Bank. 
Population 2500. 

Bain, Peter, M. D. 

Barker, J. J., general merchant 

Bamhart, Noah, flour milk 

Bassett, Thomas, blacksmith 

Benway, Anthony A., boat builder 

Bimie, John, carpenter 

Bourchier, W., lumber merchant 

Brown W. A. & Bros., butchers 

Bumslde, Robert, cooper 

CAMERON, CHARLES, proprietor North American 

Hotel, stage proprietor, (see adv) 
Campbell, Colm, general merchant 
CARPENTER, £. R., chemist and druggist, (see ady) 
Cleland, Hugh M., stoves and tinware 
Collins, Allen, proprietor International Hotel 
Cooper, M., watchmaker 
Crone, William, general merchant 
Curtis, Arthur, boots and shoes 
Dickinson, 0. R., M.A., principal Qrammar School 
Dougherty, Patrick, brick maker 
Dudgeon, Adam, auctioneer 
Duffey, (Charles, cabinetmaker 
Earle, John, carpenter 
Edwards James, carpenter 

ENTERPRISE (Weekly), John Hogg editor k prop. 
Ferguson, Peter 
Fleming, John, P. L. S. 
Florance, £. C, boots and shoes 
Foster, W|Tliam, general merchant 
Gamon, Charles, estate agent 
GAMON k DALLAS, barristers, kc 
Geldart, William, carpenter 
Gillson, H., prop, saw mills 
Gordon, Robert, general merchant 
Grant, Dunean, cooper 
Grant, John, boots and shoes 

GREAVES, JOSEPH, chemist and druggist (see adv.) 
HAMILTON, W. B., Postmaster and ms. agent 
Hardie, W. H., carpenter 
Harrison, Matthew, carpenter 
Hartelow, Thomas A., merchant tailor 
Henry, James, merchant tailor 
Heitman, H., seedsman 
Hewitt, John, commission merchant 
HEWITT, J. T., books and stationery 
Hewser, P., painter 
Hill, John, carpenter 
Hocking, Henry, carpenter 
HOGG, JOHN, Editor 

HOTCHKISS & PECKHAM, lumber merchants 
JARDINE, JOSEPH, seneral merchant 
Jones, Enos, stone and Time dealer 
Jones, Stephen, Victoria Hotel 
Keen, William, carpenter 
Kelly, D., prop. Commercial Hotel 
Kennedy, R., pump maker 
Kirk, Robert, planing and saw mills 
Knox, Robert, cooper 
Leonsxd, P. C, saddler 

LAWRENCE; JOSEPH H., town clerk, esUte agent 

and auctioneer 
LeRoy, Eugene, saddler 

LETT, REV. STEPHEN, L.L.D., (Church of Eng.) 
LiddeU, WilUam, baker 
Lindsay, James, general merohant 
Lockerbie, Andrew, blacksmith 
LONG, THOMAS k BRO., general merohants 
Mclntyre, John, carpenter 
McKinnon, Angus, carpenter 
McLEAN, (K)DFREY, watchmaker, (see adv) 
McMaster, John, general merclumt, agent Vicker's 

Macdonell, Charles, commission merohant 
MELVILLE, FAIR k Co., (Andrew and Thomas W. 

millers and general merchants 
MELVILLE, DAVID, general merohant 
Merrill, John, proprietor Huron Hotel 
Moberly, Arthur, M. D. 
Moberly, Geoige, barrister 
MulhoUand, Edward, merchant tailor 
Munson, Jared, carriage maker 
Neff, Edmund, general merohant 
Nettleton, John, merohant tailor 

PAGET, WILLIAM P., photographer and merchant 
Palin k McMillan, leather merchants 
Parlane, William A., accountant 
Parrott, Edwin, tinsmith 
Pattersoui W. G., commission merchant 
RAILWAY HOTEL, J. P. Rylev, prop. ' 
ROBERTSON, HENRY, LL.B.,' barrister 
Rochester, Andrcw, cooper 
Rodger, Rev. R., (Presbyterian) 
Rowland, John, prop. Globe Hotel 
RYLEY, J. P., prop. Railway Hotel 
Seward, J. P., butcher 
Smith, Geoiffe, accountant 
Smith k Mulholland, broom makers 
Strong, William A., carpenter 
SUTHERLAND, A. M., gtnentl mettshant 
SWAIN, WILLIAM, ^neral merchant 
Sykes, Royal, blacksmith 
Sykes k Brown, carriage makers 
Telfer, Andrcw, carpenter * 
Teller, Hall, baker 
Telfer, James, agent 
Telfer k Wiggins, general merchants 
Trott, H. J., cabinet maker 
Turner, Rev. Charles, (Wesleyan) 
Tyson k Post, stave factory 
Watts, William, boat builder 
Wainsley, W. H., painter 
White, Thomas B., carpenter 
Wolfe, Thomas P., commission merduuit 

Colpoy'S Bay.— A Post Office of the Township of Albemarle, in the County Bruce, N E 

KRIBBS, G., Postmaster. 



CaUsprlngl. — ^A Tillage in the Township of Hamilton, Ck>ant7 Northumberland, 7 miles from Cohouigy 
the County Town, and 7 from Harwood. Population 100. 

AinsHe, Archibald, fanner 
Eagleson, R., carpenter 
Os0B, 6., carpenter 
Oiaham* Bobert, J. P. 
Iredale, Dr. 
McCune, H., butcher 
Mcintosh, Allen, J. P. 

MclNTOSH, D., Postmaster, general merchant 

Neill, Christopher, J. P. 

Nixon, George, iarmer. 

Philips, J., carpenter 

Bamsay, William, hotel keeper 

Sidney, D., general merchant 

€oIlill*g Bay*— A small Village on the Bay of Quints, and a station of the Grand Trunk Railway, in the 
Township of Kingston, County Frontenac, i miles from Kingston, the County Town. Improved land 
in Ticinity averages $30, and unimproved |20 per acre. Population 150. 

Aiken, Clarke, farmer Jaquith, Edward, blacksmith 

Ashley, A., dentist Jaquitli, William, carriage maker 

Carline, Cornelius, fonner Lamb, Geoige, livery stable 

Case, Rev. G. (Wesleyan) McGuin, Antony, fanner 

Davy, Peter W., J. P. Marsh, George hotel keeper 

Everitt, John, farmer Purdy. James, carpenter 

Grass, John, fanner Rankin. David, farmer 

Hamilton, David, farmer Rankin. Hugh, farmer 

Hasitard, Rev. R. (Primitive Methodist) Smith. James H.. fanner 

Heck, John, butcher Smith. John, farmer 
HERCHMER, LAWRENCE, Postmaster and grocer 

Columbia^ (Coventry Post Office). — ^A Village in a branch of the Humber, in the Township of Albion, 
County PeeL Distant from Brampton, the County Town, 20 miles, from Toronto 80 miles. Average 
price of land |40. Population 100. 

Araett, Simeon, shoemaker 
Bown, Robert, general merchant 
Brown, Robert, tailor 

Campbell, Duncan, blacksmith 
Elliott k Swinorton, tanners 
Elliott, Robert, shoemaker 
Kitchen, William, blacksmith 

Linn, Andrew, teacher 
McAllister, William, general merchant 
McGinnis, Josepli, carpenter 
McKEE, WILLIAM, Postmaster 
Magoveni, E., proprietor Columbia Inn 
Potter, William, miller 

ColniDbas* — A thriving Village in the Township of East Whitby, ('ounty Ontario, 10 miles from Whitby, 
the County Town, 40 from Toronto, and 8 from Oshawa station. Grand Trunk Railway. Improved land 
in the vicinity averages $60 per acre. Money otder office. Population 8i0. 

Adams, Joseph, farmer 

ASHTON, ROBERT, Postmaster and gen. merchant 

BeuU, James, mason 

Benll, William, nota^ public, conveyancer, kc. 

Bieklr, John, flour mills 

Bright^ John, carriage maker 

Bryce, McMurrich & Co., Empire Woolen Mills 

Older, John, shoemaker 

Chesterfield, Stephen, shoemaker 

Cole, Edward, prop, saw mill 

Cruse, Jolin, carriage maker 

Doidge, George, farmer 

Doolittle, Elisha, farmer 

Edmondsou, Rev. J. (Canada Presbyterian) 

Oaskin, Matthew, blacksmith 

Goodman, James, proprietor flour mill 

Grass, Lewis C, farmer 

Harper, Richard, farmer 

Hawkey, L. C, saddler 

Hawkins, James and William, shoemakers 

Hill, Walter, farmer 

Hodgson, Robert, proprietor Crown Inn 

Hugre, Stephen, tailor 
Hull, Rev. F. C. (Bible Cliristfan) 
Joynt, John, potash factor 
Kcrslake, William, carriage maker 
McLaren, Duncan, carpenter 
McLean, William, carpenter 
Milne, James, proprietor saw mill 
Naukeville, Edwin, bricklayer 
Passmore, Thomas, shoemaker 
Porteous, Alexander, blacksmith 
RatcUlf, John, J. P. 
Roberts, John, butcher 
Rowse, John, general mercbaut 
Scarrah, Charles, cooper 
Scarrah, Joseph, cooper 
Slater, Rev. J. C, (Wesleyan) 
Smith, Allen G., farmer 
Smith, William, farmer 
Stokes, C. Scott, M.D. 
Wherry, John, tailor 
Wickett, Samuel R., tanner 
Wilcockson, Thomas, fanner 



Combermere*— A small Village on the MadaiKiMka Riyer, in the Township of Badcliffe, Ccrantj fienfcew, 
6i miles from Pembroke, ths County Town, 54 from Kenfrew, and 71 from Sand Point Bi-weekly 
mails. Population 54. 

Bellisle, Joseph, hotel keeper 
Cameron I A. k Co., general merchants 
Denison, Henry, farmer 
Denison, John, sen., farmer 
Denison, John, jun., farmer 

Glenn, "William, shoemaker 

JOHNSON, DANIEL, Postmaster and gen. mereht. 

Kelly, Cornelius, blacksmith 

Kelly, Thomas, millwright 

Seeley, Justus, hotel keeper 

Comber.— A Post Village in the Township of East Tilbury, County Essex. Distant from Sandwich, the 
County Town, 12 miles. Money order office. Population 100. 

McALISTER, D., Postmaster. 

ConcstOgO.— A Village in the Township of Woolwich, County Waterloo, situated at the confluence of the 
Conestogo and Grand Rirers, 8 miles from Berlin, the County Town, 7 from Breslau Station GrandTrunk 
Kailway, and 70 from Toronto. There are first class water privileges in the Tillage and neigborhood. 
The 7th Division Court of the County is held here. Improved lands in the vicinity average |55 per acre, 
unimproved $40. Money Order office Population 300. 

Bergman, August, carriage maker 
Bowman, John K, lime dealer 
Cole, Isaac, earring maker 
Cole, Nelson, carnage maker 
Dechir, Philip, carpenter 
Eby, William k Cyrus, potters 
!Fieids, James k Son, distillera 
Haack, Carl, brick maker 
Hahn, George, cooper 

HBNDRY, CHARLES, Postmaster and general mer- 
HoUe, Felix, carpenter 
Klcmmer, John, shingle maker 
Kuntz, jACob, cooper 
Lippert, Jacob, shoemaker 
Musselman, David, farmer 

Musselman, Peter, fiumer 
Musselman, Solomon, farmer 
Oswald, Philip, hotel keeper 
Ritzer, Joseph, tailor 
Ruby, E., teacher 
Schweizer, Martin, hotel keeper 
Shoemaker k Good, carriage makers 
Shoemaker, John, shoemaker 
Snider, John, farmer 
Snydar, J. B. k Co., general merchants 
Steuemagel, Christian, hotel keeper 
Stroh, Conrad, farmer 
Weaver, Daniel, farmer 
Weaver, Peter, farmer 
Wiegand, WiUiam, cabinet maker 
I \\ nght, Geoige, farmer 

Conlngsby.— A Village in the Township of Erin, County Wellington, 16 miles from Guelph the County 
Town, and 10 from ActMi sUtion Grand Trunk Railroad. Stage to Georgetown, IS miles. Population 

Barbour, Robert, J. P. 
Baughman, Charles, carpenter 
Baughman, Henry, cabinet maker 
Binn^am, Robert, lime dealer 
BURT, J. W., Postfhaster, J, P. 
Burt, J. & D., shingle makers 
Clark, Edward, farmer 
Ferguson, Donald, farmer 
Harper, John, wagon maker 

MeGill, Jolm, farmer 
McGil, Neil, farmer 
McLean, P., teacher 
Smith, J., farmer 
Smith, Jacob, lime dealer 
Smith, M., carpenter 
Smith, William, farmer 
Thompson, Angus, farmer 
Thompson, Dugald, farmer 

€oiiner.—A Village in the Township of AiUals, electoral division of Cardwell. Distant from Barrie tlie 
County Town, 35 miles, from Toronto 88 miles. Average price of land $20. Population 75. 

Leggett, Joseph farmer 

LefiK»?tt, WiUiam, farmer , ^_i 

McGIBBON, WALTER, Postmaster, and general 

McGilvrav k Parsons, millers 
McLaughlin^ John, miller 
Mercer, Robert, farmer 
Smith, W. £., teacher 

Beaton, Kenneth, teacher 
Caberon, John, farmer 
Collins, Rev, M., (Wesleyan) 
Darrach, James, fanner 
Elliott, James, farmer 
Elliott, Joseph, farmer 
Hamilton, Rev., (Presbyterian) 
Hunt, Bev. D., (Wesleyan 
Jackson, Geoiga 



Conr^y^—A small Village in tha Townahip of Dawnie, Coimty Perth, 64 milea from Stratfoid« the Coun^ 
' Town. Areraga price of improTad land in yicinity $30 per acre. Stages to Stratford, fare 50 cants. 

Bradshaw, Thomas, farmer 
Blair, William, hotel keeper 
Boyes, John, ahoemaker 
Oalahan, John, shoemaker 
Cole, H. H., farmer 
Coonau, Michael, farmer 
Fahey, Timothy, carpenter 
Pox, James, farmer 

Harrison, John, farmer 
Iredale, Joseph, miller 
Kane, Timothy, farmer 
Knott, Richard, farmer 
Moran, Patiick, teacher 
O'Grady, John, ^vagon maker 
SMITH, PETER, Postmaster 
Thistle, Robert, fanner 

Con€Ord.~A small Poet Village in the Township of Vaughan, County York. • Distant from Toronto 14 

milea. Daily Mail. 

DUNCAN, JOHN, Postmaster 

COBS^COn.^ — A Village on Conseoon CVeek, between the lake of the same name, and Weller's Bay, in the 
Townships of Amaliasburg and Hillier, County Prince Edward. Distant fh)m Picton, the County Town« 
21 nules, from Toronto, 140 miles. Stage to Brighton, Picton and Wellington. Money order office. 
Population 800. 

Arthur, Charles, general merchant 

Arthur, Hugh, J.r. 

Arthur, James 

Bailey, Levi C, painter 

Beard, James, sen. 

Beech, D. 

Beech, P. V. 

Boothe, Robert, shoamaker 

Byers, John, carpenter 

Cadman, J. M., J. P. 

Camike, John, baker 

Chase, Jacob, shingla manufacturer 

Clark, Henry, cooper 

Cotton, W., M.D. 

Dipple, — , wagon maker 

Firman, Thomes, bailiff 

Hays, George, wagon maker 

Harrington, J., butcher 

Hioks, John, saddler 

Hiram, Edward, proprietor Prince Edward hotel 

Hayc]^ Jessie, teacher 

liOYeleas, Hiram, tailor 

McDonald, — , M.D, 

McDonald, David, tailor 

McGrath, Mrs., groceries 

MARSH, ABRAJIAM, Postmaster 

Marsh, Edmund, carpenter 

Marsh, Edmund, jun., telegraph operator 

Marsh, Matthias, wagon maker 

Maybee, John, saddler 

MEACHAM, W. W., teacher 

Miller, Joseph, tinsmith 

Miller, Martin, carpenter 

Morrison, John k Co., wagon makers 

Osborne, F. J., miller 

Osbonie, John T. 

Parliament, Henry 

Porter, Robert, proprietor Globe Hotel 

Quackinbush, Calvin, tailor 

Robinson, Mrs., groceries 

Smith, William 

Squier k Whittier, general merchants 

S(juires, H., carpenter 

Viant k Mastin, butchers 

Weeks, Morris, cooper 

Weeks, Solomon, butcher 

Weeks, S. S. 

Young, M., sliingle manufacturer 

Constance (see Klnbum). — ^A Post Office in the Township of HuUet, County Huron, 20 miles from God- 

erich, the County Town. , 

•^THOMPSON, ROBERT, Postmaster. 

Conway* — ^A Post Office in the Township of South Fredericksburgh, County Lennox. 15 miles from Nap* 
anee the County Town, and 15 from Eamestown Station Grand Trunk Railroad, on the Bay of Quinte. 

Bajrass, Rev. Edward, (Wesleyan) 

Chamberlain k Sills, patent medicines 

Clark, James, farmer 

Ham, George, J. P., farmer 

Harding, Rev. Robert, (Church of England) 

Harwood, Georse, farmer 

IngersoU, Marshall, farmer 

Ingersoll, W. H.; &rmer 

HcDowall, Robert, potash manufacturer 

Nealson, Alexander, potash manufacturer 

Neilson, John, potash manufacturer 
Phippin, William, potash manufacturer 
Phippin, Richard, potash manu£»cturer 
Silis, Conrad, farmer 
SILLS, G. B., Postmaster, &c 
Sloane, William J., farmer 
VanDyck, Henry, J. P., fanner 
Wright, Solomon, potaidi manufacturer 
Young; Robert, potash manufacturer 



OoakstOWII. — ^A Village situated at the oomen of tiie TofWHahipB of Easa, luniafil, Tecumsetk and Wnt 
Gwillinlmry, County Simeoe, 15 miles from Bartie, the County Town, 13 from Bradford, and 8 from Gil- 
ford station, Northern Railway. Stages to Gilford. Money order office. Popvlation 400. 

Armstrong, "William, blacksmith 

Bailey, Thomas, photographer 

BOYS, T. T. A., barrister (see adv) 

BANTING, COL. ROBERT T., County Clerk 

Bradshaw, James, stage proprietor 

Buchanan, C. W., M.1). 

Campbell, Rev. A. R., (Wcsleyan). 

CLEMENT, STEPHEN, general merchant 

Coleman, E., proprietor hotel 

Cook, Christopher 

Cook, James, farmer • 

Cook, Thomas, farmer 

Bales, William, blacksmith 

Daniels, El^'ah, teacher 

Dawson, Alexander, farmer 

Ferguson, Thomas B., M.P.P. 

Ferris, James, farmer 

Fidler, Rev, A. J., (Church of Engknd) 

Graham, Robert, proprietor hotel 

Hamilton, Charles, saddler 

HARPER, HENRY, Postmaster, druggist 

Hughes, Robert, cooper 

Kidd, James, J. P. 

Kidd, William F., wagon maker 

Leadbetter, William, general merchant 

Lenshner, Paul, watchmaker 

McCracken, Alexander, wagon maker 

McCracken k Heaslip, carpenters 

McFarlane^ Finlay, J. P. 

McKee, Hu|^ carpenter 

Montgomery, WiUiam, i^oemaker 

NICHOL, H. A., M.D. 

Norris, J. W., M.D. 

Parkin, William, proprietor hotel 

Proctor, John, saddler 

Ralston, Peter, shoemaker 

Ralston, William, potasheiy 

Ross, John, J. P. 

Ross, William, farmer 

Ross k Sanders, general merchants 

Strong, James G., general merchants 

Tate, James, tailor 

Watson, John, general merchant 

Whitelock, Christopher 

CookSTillC.— A Village in the township of Toronto, County Peel, 10 miles from Brampton, the County 
Town, Id from Toronto and 3 from Port Credit station. Great Western Railway. The Vine Growers 
Association, established here in 1863, have about 80 acres under culture. Stages daily to Streetsvillt 
and Port Credit. Money Order office. Population 400. 

Codling, Thomas, butcher 

Colweli, Charles, wagon maker 

Cook, Jacob 

Cook, M. W., manager CooksviUe Vine Grbwers* 

Coombe, Mark, butcher 
Cox, William, baker 
DeCourtney, J. M., vine grower 
Faulkner, Eliaa ^ 

Galbraith, John, general merchant 
Harris, James, ship carpenter 
Harris, Timothy, shingle maker 

Howard, Rev. T. S., (Wesleyan) 

Kiii^, Thomas B., J. P., general merehant 

Lewis, Thomas, M.D 

MORLEY, F. B., Postmaster 

Ogden, — , M.D 

Parker, Melville, J. P 

Peaker, William k Son, tinsmiths 

Roraain, P. Z., general merchant 

Schillar, Jehn, hotel keeper 

Soady, James, shoemaker 

Weeks, William, shoemaker 

Cooper.— A Village on Bkck and Cooper Creeks, in 

from Belleville, the County Town, 34 miles, from 

Average price of land $25. Population 100. 

Adams, Robert, cooper 

Allen, Charles 

Allen, Robert S 

ALLEN, THOMAS, Postmaster 

Allen, WUliam 

Allen, William J 

Bacon, Samuel, sen 

Bacon, Samuel, jun., lime manufacturer 

Bateman, J., constable 

Blair, William 

Cooper, Miss Sarah Ann, teacher ' 

Deprose, Joseph 

the Township of Madoc, County Hastings. Distant 
Toronto 147 miles. Daily Stage to and from Madoc. 

Elliott, Thomas, teacher 
Fowler, Amos, shoemaker 
Kellar, Isaac, carpenter 
Ketcheson, J. JE^ town clerk 
Kinnear, Robert, grocer 
McDonald, D., constable 
MuUett, — , tanner 
Remington, John, grocer 
Rutledge, Miss Fanny, teacher 
Vankleek, B., J.P 
Vankleek, Peter 
Wood, William, cai-penter 

Coplestone*— A Village on North Creek, in the Township of Enniskillen, County Lambton. Distant from 
Samia, the County Town, 17 miles. Average price of land $12 to $30. Principal manufacture coal oil. 

Elliott, W., carpenter 
Graham, John 
Johnson, WiUiam, teacher 
Mitchell, Aquila 
Morrison, John 

Slack, John 

SMITH, RICHARD P., Postmaater 

Tracy, John 

Wolsey, John, carpenter 

Wolaey, Thomas 



Capetown* — ^A Villag* and Station on the Oreat Wtstem Railway, on the line between the Townships of 
Ancaster and BeTcrly, County Wentworth, 10 miles from Hamilton, the County Town and 50 from 
Toronto. Aversge value of improved land in the vicinity $50 per acre. Population 300. 

Kennedy, Thomas, farmer 

Ketchen, H. H., J. P 

McAllister, Rev. J., (N. C. Methodist) 

Aikman, Charles, M.D 
Armitage, J. W. D. 
Bawtinhimer, Adam, wason maker 
Bowman, Joseph, saw mui prop 
BoiTows, Joseph, grocer 
Cope, Jacob, farmer 
Cronan, John, hotel keeper 
Elliott, H. N., prop. Railroad Inn 
Field, Solomon, farmpr 
Hall, Rev. John, (N. C. Methodist) 
Head, Robert, shingle maker 
Inksetter, Robert, farmer 

Milne, Thomas, J. P., general merchant 
Phelp, N. & 0. J., sawmill proprietors 
Pritchard, John, carpenter 
Yandusen, Zena, teacher 
Vinton, J., carpenter 
Vinton, Newell farmer 
Williams, William, shoemaker 
Wood, Peter, prop, saw mill 

Corinth.— A Post Village in the Township of Bayham, County Elgin, £. R. 

BEST, F. A., Postmaster. 

ComabuSS. — A Village in the Townshijis of Glenelg and Artemesia, County Orey, 32 miles from Colling- 
wood, situated on the Saugeen River, which affords good water privileges. Stages to OrangeviUe, Owen 
Sound, Collingwood and Durham. Money Order office. Population 200. 

Noble. Alfred, ^wagon maker 

Allen, James, hotel keeper 

Benson, John, carpenter 

Black, John, weaver 

Brown, William, general merchant 

Bums, James, cai-pcnter 

Dnndas, William, saddler 

Eaton, A. W., blacksmith 

Edwards, J. S. , C*oramissioner in B. B. 

Gillie, Rev. W. (Wesleyan) 

Ha^kett, Brothers, tinsmiUis 

Mc Bride, Robert, barber 

HcFARLAND, W. J., Postmaster, general merchant 

3Iathews Thomas, saddler 

Reynolds, Clark, gcnci-al merchant 
Richardson, Mark, blacksmith 
Ritchie, William, waffon maker 
Ronlan, Thomas, M. D. 
RutUnlge, Alexander, hotel keeper 
Sheldcr, Hiram, cooper 
Stewart, Henry, weaver 
Thibodeau, J. B., general merchant 
Vardon, Thomas, M. D. 
Waldie, James, miller 
Wright, George, caq)enter 

Comwftll. — A Town on the River St. Lawrence, and Grand Tnmk Railroad, in the Township of Cornwall, 
County Stormont. It is the chief Town of the United Counties of Stormout, Dundas and Glengarry. 
Distance from Montreal 68 miles, from Toronto 265. Money Order Office and Savings Bank. Population 

A<lams, P. £. , baker and grocer 

Allan, William C, M. D. 

Atchison, William & Co., proprietors steamer British 

Austin, Rev. Henry. (Church of England) 
Bailev, J., general merchant 
BANK OF MONTREAL, James Cox, Agent; Evelyn 

Vardon, accountant 
Bartley, Henry, grocery 
Bergin, D., M. D. 
BERGIN, J., Solicitor, Insurance Agent and Master 

in Chancerv 
Bethune, Angus, flour and grist mill 
BETHUNE, JAMES, barrister. Clerk Peacs and 

County Attorney 
Bethune, W., solicitor 
Bradbury, J. L., principcd grammar school 
Broderick, John, proprietor International Hotel 
Bullock, R. E., Collector Customs 
Butler, J. R., watchmaker 
Cad well. A, £., iron founder 
Callaghan, Owen, blacksmith 
Carpenter, David, livery 
Carpenter, George, blacksmith 

Chisholm, William, attorney-at-law 

Cline, Samuel, general merchant 

Cline, William, general merchant 


E. M. Hopkins, President, George Stephen, 

Vice-President, John Warwick, Manager, James 

P. WatsoD, Secretary 
COX, JAMES, agent Bank of Montreal 
Craig, Robeii;, tannery 
CUSHMAN, J. W., watchmaker and jeweler 
Darois, Peter, hairdresser 
Davy, John, shoemaker 
Dennany, John, innkeei)er 
Dennison, Joseph, ashery and grocery 
Dickinson, J. J., M.D. 
Dingwall, James, barrister 
Dixon, Rev. James, (Wesleyan) 
DUNKIN, THOMAS, proprietor Ottawa Hotel 
Duncan, William, livery 
Flack & Van Arsdale, (D. A. Flack & Isaac H. Van 

Arsdale) stone ware manufacturei-s 
Gilley, James k Son, blacksmiths 
Gilley, Peter, blacksmith 



GoUinger, William, blacksmith 

Hepbuni, H., proi)rietor Commercial Hotel 

Hessell, William, butcher 

Heudebourck, Rev. W. H., (Canada Presbyterian) 

HILL, WILLIAM, general merchant 

Hodge, Andrew, flour and gi'ist mills 

Hollister, W. G., agent Montreal Telegraph Co 

Hunter, John, tinsmith 

Irons, William, painter 

Irving, James, carriage maker 

James, C. H., general merchant 

Jarvis, George S., judge County Court 

Johnston, James C., builder 

Joyce, Miss Mai-garet, confectionery and fancy goods 

KEWIN, EDWIN, general merchant (see adv) 

Kilgour, J. & Son, (J, Kilgour & James Kilgour) 

general merchants 
Kisso<;k, James, marble works 
LEWIS, JOHN W., barber 
Littlefield, Mrs. Mary, billiard room 
Ix)nney, John, blacksmith 
Lynch, Rev. Michael, (Roman Catholic) 
Lynskey, Thomas, agent G. T. R 
Mc Arthur, A. A., grocer 
McCracken, David, butcher 
McDonald, Alexander, cabinet maker 
^IcDonald, R., County Treasurer, Clerk County 

Court and Deputy Clerk Crown and Pleas 
McDonell, Angus, coronor 
McDonell, G. & D. , genei*al merchants 
McDonell, J. A., tailor 

McDougall, Alexander, diy goods and crockery 
McDougall, John S., boots, shoes, harness and 

leather dealer 
McEniry, Michael, Railway Hotel 
McFarlane, Arch k Co., general merchants 
Mcintosh, J. A., insui'ance and genciul agent 
Mclntyre, D. E., Sheriff 
McLean, Alexander, editor and proprietor of 

the Freeholder 
McLean, Neil, insuranc^e agent 
McLennan, Duncan, jailer 

McLENNAN, JOHN B., (McDonald & McLennan) 
McM^hon, Thomas, harness maker 
McMillan, D. & Co., genei*al merchants 
McPhaul, Angus, genei'al merchant 
McPhee, John, hardware and tinware 
Macdonald, J^neas, M.D. 

M.P.P. (McDonald & McLennan) 
Macdonald, R., M.D. 
MACDONALD & McLENNAN (Hon. J. .Sandfield 

Macdonald, Q.C., and John B. McLennan), bar- 
Macdonell, D. A., general merchant 

Macdonald, R. G., forwarder and gram marchaut 

G. T. R. 
Mack, William, flouring and grist mills 
Martin, P. B. , pax>er manufactuivr 
Mattioe, William & Sons (WiUiam Mattice, C. J. 

Mattice and CJregor Mattice) general merchants 
Mea, T. M., taUor 
Meyere, James, mason 
Miller, Donahl, brick manufacturer 
Moraell, John, prop, foundry 
Munro, Duncan 

Park, William M., watchmaker 
Patton, Very Rev. J., D.D. (Church of England) 
Plielan, J. A., colle<ttor of canal tolls 
Pollock, Samuel, chief constable 
Porteous, A. T., photographer 
Poole, Charles, clerk Divison Court 
Pringle & Hawkes, (George Pringle, M.D., & James 

Hawkes,) druggists 
Pringle, Jacob F., assistant judge County Court 
Rattray, Charles, M.D 
Robishaw, Oliver, baker 
Ross, A. P., carriage 'maker and blacksmith 
Ross, Gordon, mason 
Ross, William, barrister 
Skeith, J., druggist 
Skeith, John,' stoves and tinware 
Smaiy, John, steamboat agent 
Smith, Daniel M.D 
Smith, William, caniage maker 
Smythe, Rol»ert, shoemaker 
Snetsinger, John, builber 
Styles, Homer, blacksmith 
Sullivan, Daniel, painter 
Talbot, Angus, carpenter 
Talbot, John, carpeater 
THE FREEHOLDER, (weekly) Alexander McLean, 

editor and proprietor 
Turner, N., hwdware 

Urquhart, Rev. Hugh, D.D., (Presbyterian) 
Van Alstine, John, baker 
Wagner, Adam, innkeejier 
WAGNER, WILLIAM J., watchmaker and jeweler 

(see adv) 
Warrington. William, proprietor Farmer's Hot«l 
WARWICK, JOHN, manager Cornwall Manuf.' Co. 
Wegant, R. G., dentist 
Weber, H. W., photographer 
Wildon, Thomas, tailor 
Wilson, D., baker and grocer 
WOOD, GEORGE C, I'ostmaster and Registi-ar 

County Stormont 
Woraley, John, shoemaker 

CotSWOld.— A .Village in the Township of Minto, County Wellington, distant from Gaelph, the County 
Town 85 miles, from Toronto 82 miles. Stages to Guelph and Walkerton. 

Allen, Rev. H. W. P. (Wesleyan) 
Currie, John, teacher 
Frazer, Alexander, general merchant 
McKENZIE, PETER, Postmaster 

McLcllan, Rev. George (Presbyterian) 

Mackillop, A. 

North, S. R., carpenter 

Smith, John 

COHlson.— A small Vilkge in the Township of Medonte, County Simcoe, 20 miles from Barrie, the County 
Town, and 86 from Toronto. There is excellent water power in the neighborhood. Average VHlne of 
improved land $20, wild $5 per acre. Population 40. 

COULSON, JAMES, J. P., Postmaster, general mer- 
chant, dealer in lumljer, stone, lime, &c. 
Coolson, William, carpenter 
Carmichael, Dugald, farmer 

Fagan, John, farmer 
Tudhope, John, shingle maker 
Walker, Josepli, farmer 



Coraua* — A thi-iviiig Village on the River St. Claii*, in the Townsliip of Moore, County Lambton, 6 
miles from Sarnia, the County Town. Large (j[uantities of st&yes and timber are annually exported, and 
thonaands of eoixis of word are sold, chiefly to American steamers. Daily maik. Population 200, 

Aiidreaux, Rcy. Father, (Roman Catholic) 

Bajcter, John, tailor 

Bennett, John, farmer . 

Beattie, William, cabinet maker 

Brit ton, Joseph, boot and shoemaker 

Brown, William, teacher 

Chambers, John, fanner 

i liislett, John, boot and shoemaker 

Countois, Albert, grocer 

Edwards, Davids, sportsman 

Kllis, Henry 

Ellis, Henry, jun., sailor 

Farquharson, Alexander, sailor 

Faniuharson, John, carpenter 

FISHER, DR. ALFRED, Postmaster Saniia 

Gilbert, William, weaver 

Hagan, John, shipbuilder 

Haney, John, plasterer 

Havers, John, butcher and grocer 

HUGHES, J. W., general merchant 

Jackson, Joseph, tailor 

Kinj^ston, Thomas, enginer 

Lewis, John, teacher 

McOill, John, farmer 

McNiel, John, shii^builder 

Marson, John T. , gardener 

Mitge, Richard C. E., teacher 

MILLER, H. J., Postmaster and general merchant 

Miller, John P., tin pedler 

Mintnu, Tiiomas, hotel proprietor 

Morris, John, blacksmitn. 

!Moylan, John, inn keei)er 

Porter, James, farmer 

Proctor, George, carjwnter 

Proctor, James, general merchant 

Proctor, Merza, millwright 

Richards, Peter, carpenter 

Scott, William, M. 1). 

Simpson, Alexander, mechanic 

Sim{i8on, James, sailor 

Skirving, James, blacksmith 

Stanley, Lawrence, wood merchant 

Taylor, John, wood merchant 

Wallace, James, bricklaver 

Wallace, John, bla<*ksmith 

Watson, Joseph, farmer 

Conrtland.— A Village in the Township of Middleton, County Norfolk, 19 miles fi*om Simcoe, and 20 
from Ingersoll station Great Western Railway. Stages to Straflfordville and DeUii. Average value of 
improved land in the vicinity $20, unimproved $15 per acre. Population 150. 

Campbell, Henry, carriage maker 
Connor, Thomas, hotel keeper 
Cowan, James, flour and saw mills 
Cozens, Georee, carpenter 
(hittina Stcj^en, carpenter 
Dean, Percy, Township Tyeasurer 
Flaherty, William, tailor 
Glover, Pierce, carpenter 
Crraydon, William, carriage maker 
Hall, Daniel, saddler 

HARRIS, CHARLES S., Postmaster, clerk 4th Div. 
Court, Commissioner in B. R., general merchant 
Heiminck, B., blacksmith 

Herron, John, general merchant 
Herron, John C. H.^ shoemaker 
Herron, Thomas, farmer 
Mills, William, fanner 
Ranson, George, fanner 
Ranson, Thomas B., farmer 
Ranson, William, farmer 
Reigh, John, fanner 
Stauden, James, fanner 
Tisdale, Lot, farmer 
Wliite, Thomas, general merchant 
Wilson, James, hotel keeper 

Coventry* — a post office in the County of Cardwell. (See Columbia.) 

Craighurst* — A Village in the Township of Medonte, County Simcoe. Distant from Barrie'the County- 
Town, 13 miles, from Toronto 75 miles. Stage daily to Barrie and Penetanguishene. Average price of 
wild land-$4, improved $40. Money order office. Population 200. 

Archer, Edward, farmer 

Bishop, Stephen, farmer 

Cauey, Micliael, general merchant 

Clark, John, lumber dealer 

CRAIG, JOHN, Postmaster 

CVaig, Thomas, farmer 

Craw, Rev. George, (Presbyterian) 

Daly, Mrs., proprietor Farmers' Arms 

Firth, Georg^, wagon maker 

Frawley, P. J., shoemaker 

Green, k Bros., general merchants 

Gunn, James, shoemaker 

Harris, Rev. R. H., (Church of England) 

Hutton, John, tailor 

Johnson, Lawrence, farmer 

Johnson, William, farmer 

Laing, John, blacksmith 

McCkan, John, blacksmith 

McLean, George, farmer 

McLean k Johnson, lumber dealers 

Matheson, Rev. James, (Wesleyan) 

Miller, Alexander, teacher 

Mintie, Robert, farmer 

Morrison, Mrs. C, proprietor Queen's Arms Hotel 

Morrison, William, carpenter 

Powell, Richard, general merchant 

Rodgers Peter, tinsmith 

Rush, Joseph L., carpenter 

Sproule, T. S., M. D. 

Thornton, John, wagon maker 



Craigleith* — A small Village in the Township of CoUingwood, County Grey, sitnatecLon the Gmiy^ Bay, 
6 miles from Ck>llingwood station Northern Railroad, and 38 from Owen Sound the Connty Town. Aver- 
age ralme of wild lands in vicinity $10, and improved $30 per acre. Stages to Owen Sound and Colling- 
Wood. Population 50. 

FLEMING, A G., Postmaster | Spong,. George, teacher 

Cowal* — A post office situated in the Township of Southwald, County Elgin. 

MoBKIDE, N., Postmaster. 

drais ¥ale*— A Post Village and Station on the Northern Railway, in the Township of Innisfil, County 
Simcoe, 7 miles from Barrie, the County Town. Messrs. Thomson, Smith & Son, of Toronto, do an 
extensive lumber business here. Daily mails. Population about 120. 

Bell, Charles, carriage maker 
Craigvale Hotel 
Grlmn, James, blacksmith 
McCraw, R. G., tailor 

Maneer, Samuel, blacksmith 

MUNSIE, ROBERT, J. P., Postmaster, issuer of 

marriage licenses, auctioneer, general merchant, 


Cranbrook.— (Grey P^O.)— A ViUage in 

miles from Goderich, the County Town, 

water power. Population 160. 

Armstrong, Joseph, carpenter 

Barker, John, shoemaker 

Bambs, William, hotel keeper, butcher, etc. 

Ferguson, Rev. — , (Presbyterian) 

Guners, Jacob, carpenter 

Gowanlock, Andrew, farmer • 

Hicks, James, shoemaker * 

Hogan, Michael, farmer 

Hunter, Alexander, carpenter 

Huter, F., carpenter 

Johnston, John, cai*penter 

Knifht, Joseph, farmer 

Leadbeater, Thomas, general merchant 

the Township of Grey, County Huron, on the Maitland River, 44 
and 20 from Staforth Station, Grand Trunk Railway. Good 

LECKIE, JOHN, Postmaster 

McDonald, Daniel, teacher 

McLaughlin, John, farmer 

McNair, Alexander, teacher 

Miller, Henry, A., saw mill proprietor 

Mullisan, David & Co, , general merchants 

Mulholland, Miss, teacher 

Schesser, Rev. John, (German Wesley an) 

Scale, George, cooper 

Siemens, Samuel, farmer 

Tuck, James, h^tel keeper 

Woodriff, Daniel, farmer 

Cranworth.— A Post office in the Township of South Burgess, County Leeds, 35 miles from Brockville, 
the County Town. Land in the vicinity averages $8 per acre. Phosjihate of lime, plumbago, mica, ana 
other minerals abound in the neighborhood. 

Baker, George W., shingle maker 
Gutridge, Robert, farmer 
Hart, Richard, farmer 
Jones, Joseph, farmer 
Jones, John, farmer 

Jones, Peter, farmer 

KYLE, THOMAS M., Postmaster and teacher 

^IcKenney, John, fanner 

Morrison, James, farmer 

Toffey, George, farmer 

Crawford.— A Post office in the To^^ghip of Bentinck, County Gi-ey, 28 miles fi-om Owen Sound, the 
County Town. Wild land in the vicinity averages $3 and "improved $12 per acre. 

Anderson, George, farmer 
Coutts, Alexander, farmer 
Coutts, John, farmer 
Honess, Stephen, farmer 

McQuarrie, Lachlan, farmer 
McRAE, HECTOR, Postmaster 
Shewell, Edward, farmer 
White, James, farmer 

Creek Bank.— A Village in the Township of Peel, County Wellington. Distant from Guelph, the County 
Town, 20 miles, from Toronto 65 miles. Stages to and from Guelph. Avei-age price of land $40. ^oj*- 
ulation 50. 

GRAHAM, JAMES, Postmaster and gen. uiercht 
Jackson, Rev. Thomas, (Wesleyan) 

Burt, Thomas, carpenter 
Crane, Rev. Isaac, (Wesleyan) 
fisher, Alexander, J.P 

Miller, Jacob, prop. Creek Bank Hotel 



CredttlNIU — ^A Village in the Township of Stephen, Coanty Huron. Distant from GMerieh, the Gonntsr 
Town, 37 zniles, from Toronto 169 miles. Arerage prioe of land $80. PopnUtioa 200. 

AIm &*Llo^f^ eaipentsfs 

Back, John, general merchant 

Bish, Greorge, painter 

Bissett, Robert, brick manufactorer 

Brown, Charles, gen^hil merchant 

Campbell, George W., M.D 

Eilber, C, ^neral merchant 

EHber, Jacob, carpenter 

foster, Samuel £., teacher 

Gaum k Krause, woolen factors 

Gaxmi, v., cabinet maker 

Heitzman, C, cooper 

Hooper, Rev. William, (Bible Christian) 

KImnpp, John, shoemaker 

Kranse, F. & Bros., architects 

Kreider, Mrs., dressmaker 

Kreider, John, carpenter 

Lloyd, Mrs., dressmaker 

Mellon, Henry, tailor 

Mitchell, William, brick manufacturer 

Murlock, Julius, wagon maker 

PARSONS, JOHN, Postmater k general merchant 

Press, Simon, pi*op. Crediton Hotel 

Schmidt, Michael, wagon maker 

Schnider, William, carpenter 

Schoelly, Greorge, saddler 

Schwandt, Rev. William, (Dutch Evan^lical Ass.) 

Schwitzer, Charles, butcher 

Schwitzer, Henry, lumber dealer 

Schwitzer k Wirt, brick makers 

Trevethick, John, wagon nii^er 

Well, Henry, carpenter 

White, Robert, cooper 

Zwiker, Christian, shoemaker 

Credit. — (See Springfield) — A Post village in the Township of Toronto, County Peel. 
Brampton, the County Town, 18 miles, from Toronto 19 miles. Money Order office. 

TAYLOR EMERSON, Postmaster. 

Distant from 

Creemore. — A Village on the Mad River, in the Township of Nottawasaga, County Simcoe. Distant 
from Barrie, the County Town, 26 miles, from Toronto 85 miles. Stages to and from Stayner. Tri- 
weekly mails. Average prioe of land $50. Money Order office. Population 200. 

Briggs, Bev. S. R., (Episcopal) 

Coupland, John 

Carrie^ James, J.P 

Came, Malcolm, teacher 

Dack, E. B., M.D 

Day, John 

Fox, C, cooper 

Galloway, T., shoemaker 

Gillespie, A. , general merchant 

Gowan, William, prop. Gowan's Hotel 

Hygey, Samuel 

£eliy, William, prop. Exchange Hotel 

Kitching, T., shoemaker 

Langtrey, W., butcher 

Lawrence, William, painter 

McBeth, John 

McManus, G. C, M.D 

MadiU, R., J.P 

Neelands, H 

Newton, Edward 

Parker, Charles 

Patterson, R., saddler 

Smith, R., general merchant 

Thombury, F. C. k Co., general merchants 

THORNBURY, W. H., Postmaster & gen. mercht 

Walker, R, shingle maker 

Watts, Rev. J. M., (Methodist Episcopal) 

CreigfatOn. — ^A 'small Village in the Township of Medonte, County Simcoe, 24 miles from Barrie,. the 
County Town, and 10 from Orillia, Average value of improved land in the vicinity, J12 ; unimproved, 
$6 per acre. 

Bell, John, J.P. 

Brotherson, David, tannt^* 

CAVANA^H, THOMAS, Postmaster and general 

Clapham, William, dyer 
Cook, John, saw mill prop. 
Dnddy, Thomas, farmer 

Goss, Joseph, farmer 

Harris, Rev. Mr., (Church of England) 

Livingston, Dusald, farmer 

McKay, Dugal(^ teacher 

O'Connor, «fames, saw mill prop. ' 

O'Connor, John, farmer 

Thompson, John, woolen mill 

Cressy. — ^A small Post Village in the Township of Marysbuigh, County Prince Edward, Distant from. 
Picton, the County Town, 9 miles. Population about 40. 

CARSON, S. W., Postmaster and merchant. 

Crieff.— -A small Post Village in the Township of Puslinch, County Wellington. 

McLEAN, JOHN, Postmaster. 



Criliail«^-A small Post Village situated on the River Thames, in the Township of Aldboro*, County EJgin 
Distant from St Thomas, the County Town 80 miles. Population 80. 

McGUl, D., blacksmith I McINTYRE, DUNCAN, Postmaster and tailor 

Cromarty. -7 A small Village ill the Township of Hibbert, County Perth, 24 miles from Stratford, th< 
County Town, and 100 from Toronto. Average value of land in the vicinity, $35 per acre. Population 
about 60. 

A Hen, Benjamin, wagon maker 

Bell, John, farmer 

Currie, Hugh, farmer 

Currie, John, farmer 

Ferguson, Alexander, insurance agent 

Fotheringham, Rev. John, (Presbyterian) 

Hamilton, George, J. P. 

Hamilton, Robert, farmer 

McKellar, Duncan, fanner 

McLaren, Alexander, farmer 

McNicol, Walter, shoemaker 

McVey, Charles, insurance agent 

PARK, ALEXANDER, Postmaster and carpenter 

Eeading, Joseph, general merchant 

Rigg, John, farmer 

Walker, Oswald, farmer 

W^hyte, John, famier 

CrosshilL— A Village in the Township of Wellealey, County Waterloo. Distent ii-om Berlin, the County 
Town, 16 miles, from Toronto 75 miles. Stages to and from Berlin. Average price of land ^. Popu 

lation 200. 

Barbour, William, farmer . 

Bird, Benjamin, painter 

Boyd, Rev. James, (Presbyterian) 

Cleghom, S. A., pi-oprietor Union Hotel 

Couts, William, farmer 

Hastings, William, J. P. 

Hewatti William, farmer 

Hutchison, Adam, fanner 

Kerr , Andrew, wagon maker 

Ijce, Joseph, nurserjmian 

Logan, Rev. -— , (Church of England) 

McCUTCHEON, JAMES, Postmaster 

McCutcheon, R. A., farmer 

Mackie, John A., general merchant 

Milliken, Rev. Andrew, (Wesleyaii) 

Oakley, George, pBi({prietor Queen's Arms Hotel 

Rannie, S. W., carpenter 

Rath well, W. J., teacher 

Sutcliffe, Edwai"d, nurseiyman 

Tilt, Nathaniel, insurance agent 

Wooil, Elizabeth, groceries, etc 

Croton.— A small Post Village in the Township of Camden, County Bothwell. Distant from Chatham, 
the County Town, 20. Daily mails. Population about 80. 

Butler, John S., shoemaker 
'Greenwood, Ira, shoemaker 
How, L., blacksmith 

JOHNSTON, J. H., J.P., Postmaster, gen. mer 

and saw mill owner 
W^oodford, Joseph, cooper 

Crowland.— -A Post office in the Township of Crawland, County Welland. 

BOARDMAN, LUTHER, Postmaster. 

•Croydon.— A Small Village in the Township of East Camden, County Addington, 15 miles fromNapanc 
the County Town. The Salmon river affords excellent manufacturing facilities. Woolen, paper aid saw 
mills are rec[uired in the neighborhood. Population 100. 

Beeman, Hilton J., teacher 

Campbell, James, farmer 

Close, John, farmer 

Cunningham, William, fanner 

Doupe, Jacob, farmer 

J)Taaer, John, cooper 

Estes, Geoiige, prop. Croydon House 

Feskey, James, teacher 

Feskey, Joseph, farmer 

Hanna, Robert, farmer 

Keller, Peter S., farmer 

JLockwood, James, wagon maker 

Lockwood, L(»'enzo^ wagon maker 

McCabe, Mrs., California House 

MendeU, Carlos, farmer 

Miller, William, tailor 

Rupert, Rev. Edmund S„ (Wesleyan) 

Shannon, Robert, fanner 

Smitli, M., agent flour mills 

Vanest, Elisha, carpenter , ,.^ 

WILLIAMS, IRA. Postmaster, gen. mercht, Um 

missioner in B. R., conveyancer, &c 
Williams, John M., prop, flour mills 



(|r^er« ^A Village on the River Nation, in the Township of Finch, Connty Stonnont. Distant front 

Cornwall the County Town, 40 miles, from Toronto 220 miles. Average price of land $60. Population 


Johnstone, John, farmer 

Ssgham, £. Wy general merchant 

Brown, E., shoemaker 

Ceu2, Ay general merchant 

liySr, J, R., farmer 

Faher, Rev. A., (Church of England) 

funey, Henry, hotel keeper 

Graham, Edward, carpenter 

Hay, J., farmer 

Johnston, A., farmer 

JOHNSTONE, E. B., Postmaster, general merchant 

— ♦— 

Johnstone, William, farmer 

Stark, A., teacher 

Stevenson, J. L., farmer 

Stevenson, William, farmer 

Stewart, R., farmer 

Waldragff, Z., tailor 

WrightTJames, wagon maker 

Wright, James, carpenter 

Wright, James, sash and door manufacturer 

Cnllodeil. ^A Tillage in the Township of Dereham, County Oxford, 20 miles from Woodstock^ the County 

Town, and 105 from Toronto. Average price of land in vicinity, $85 per acre. Population 200. 

Bames, Thomas, k Son, coopers 

B^ta, Rev. J. E (Wesleyan) 

Biadbnme, James, gen. mercht and agent patent 

Broadway, James, painter 
Conrad, Joseph, chandler 
Daiki^, James, painter 
Davy, John, insurance agent 
DiDon, M., auctioneer. 
H^ton, A. A., saddler 
Hogarth, Isaac, wagon maker 
Hopkina, Benjamin, J. P. 
Lancaster, D. H., M.D. 
lindsay, W., shoemaker 
liivin^tone, W., shoemaker 

Lune, Georoe, carpenter 

McArthur, R., hotel keeper 

McDonald, S., M.D. 

Magwood, Rev. J. (Wesleyan) 

Nichol, E., carj)enter 

Palmer, S., cabmet maker 

Palmer, S. H., painter. 

Peck, Levi, carpenter 

Pritchard, J. F., teacher 

Smart, J. B., tailor 

Staples, Francis, lumber merchant 

Staples, Robert, wagon maker 

Tripp Brothers, flour mill 

WILLIAMS, R. T., Postmaster and gen. mercht. 

Cambeiiand.— A Village on the River Ottawa, in the Township of Cumberland, County Russell. Dis- 
tant from Russell, the County Town, 40 miles, from Ottawa 164, froni Toronto 800. Stages to Ottawa^ 
L'Orignaland RusselL Average price of wild land $3 to $4. Improved $30. Money ortler office. 
Population 200. 

Allan, John, shoemaker 
Cbmeron, J. 8., Clerk Division Court 
Chene, Rev. A. (Roman Catholic) 
Colbert, John, jun., insurance agent 
Dueaam, Theophile, teacher 
DUNNING, G. G., Postmaster (see adv) 
Dmrning, 6. G., & Sons, general merchants 
Dunning, Walter, telegraph operator 
Dunning, W. H., general merchant 
Fergmou, James, M.D. 
Foamier, Thomas, carpenter 
Oner, J. & B., general merchants 
Hubert, William, lime manufacturer 
La Rocqne, F., cooper 
Lough, William, jun., miller 

Lowry, Rev. Martin, (Presbyterian) 

Lumsden, James, teacher 

McCallum, Archibald, bailiff 

McKee, Henry, carpenter 

McNeil, Miss Isabella, teacher 

Migor, Edward, cooper 

Moreau, Alexander, shiugle manufacturer 

Poirier, Andre, lime manufacturer 

Seguin, Gabriel, shingle manufacturer 

Smith, Rev. James C. (Presbyterian) 

Swain, Hugh, carpenter 

Toutloffe, Francis, son., butcher 

Wilson, William, general merchant 

Windsor, John, hotel keeper 

^._„^ vfflft.^A Tillage on Mill Creek, in the Township of Nelson, Coimty Halton. Distant from 

ililton, tlie County Town, 8 miles, from Totonto 40 miles. Stages daily to Hamilton and Milton* 

Average price of land $40 to $60. PopuUtion 100. 

Houston, George 

Kinff, Thomas, shingle manufacturer 

Leske, Thomas, tailor 

McGregor, William, M.D. 

Nichol, James, general agent 

Savage, Hugh 

Tait, William, proprietor Victoria Mills 

THOMSON ROBERT, Poatmaster and genl. mercht. 

Thompson, Miss, proprietor " Dusty MiUer" hotel 

Wall k O'Neil, tinsmitlis, Ice. 

Coffee, Andrew 
dtminina, Titus G., J. P. 
Earls, A. H. 
Fleming, Henry, grocer 
Flynn, John 
Foley, Thomas 
Foatei; Henry 
Fiszer, Alexander, teacher 



'Onrran. — A Village in the Townsliip of North Plantagenet, County Prescott. Distant from L'Orignal, the 

County Town, 21 miles, from Toronto, 250 miles. 

$20. Population, 250. 

Allard, Joseph, farmer 

Allerie, John, gunsmith 

Anderson, James, J.P 

Bertrand, Rev. P., (Roman^CathoHc) 

Boucher, Francois, painter 

Ohatelin, John, farmer 

•Chatelin, Joseph, farmer 

Desjardins, F., wagon maker 

Desjardine, M., tanner 

Bes Lds, Demiers, general merchant 

Des L^, Obliere Regis, butcher 

Desmouchette, Emma, dressmaker 

Fthier, Calixte, M.D 

Oallagher, Patrick, farmer 

«Goul^ Leon) wagon maker 

Stages to and from Pendleton. Average price of knd 

Lacroix, Leander, wagon maker 
Leroux, Joseph, shingle manufacturer'^ 
McKinley, John, farmer 
McLiaren, Alexander, M.D 
McLean, A., insurance agent 
Katte, Louis, wa^on maker 
Meilleur, Alexander, baker 
Muldoon, M., stock dealer 
O'BOYLE, JOHN, Postmaster 
O'Boyle, T. O., proprietor Gurran Hotel 
Portelance, Joseph, farmer • 
Presl^, George, farmer 
Bochon, A., farmer 
Scott, Rev. Thomas, (Pteflibyterian) 
Thibeau, Alfred, tinsmith 

CunUIOCk* — A Post Office in the Townships of Nichol, County WelHugton. 

ANDERSON, JOHN, Postmaster. 

Daere.— A Post Village in the Township of Brougham, County Renfrew, 50 miles from Pembroke, the 
County Town. Mails tri-weekly. Population, 45. 

Foy, Michael, farmer 
Lane, William, weaver 
Lewin, Samuel, carpenter 

McCormack, Rev. John, (Roman Catholic) 
McWlLLIAMS, THOMAS, Postmaster and general 

McWilliams, Mark, hotel proprietor and plasterer 

Mills, James, hotel proprietor and cabinet maker 

Morrow, John, general merchant 

Siam, Peter, shoemaker 

Stoodley, Robert, sen., stone mason 

Stoodley, Robert, jnn., stone maaon 

DalllOasle HUllS.— A Post Village in 
Cornwall, the County Town, 30 miles, 
facilities for manufacturing purposes. 

Anderson, Rev, L., (Free Church) 
Bathurst, William, geaeral merchant 
Belhumere, Joseph, cooper 
Cattenach, A., general merchant 
Fei^guson, Alexander, M.D 
McCrimon, Alexander, bkoksmith 
McQuaig, Alexander, tanner and cuirier 
McDonidd, Archibald, farmer 

the Township of Lancester, County Glengarry. Distant from 
The De Lisle River passing through the Village affords good 
Mails tri-weekly. Population, 89. 

Mclntesh, John, carriage maker 
McKay, Rev. Alexander, (Presbyterian) 
McMaster, Rev. John, (Roman Catholic) 
McRae, Alexander, teacher 
McRae, Donald F., blacksmith 
McVean, John, farmer.' 
Millar, John, mill owner 
Munro, George, farmer 

*]lalkeith.— A Village situated on the -River DeGrasse, Township of Lochiel, County Glengarry* 

Anderson, Rev. A. R. (Baptist) 
Campbell, Donald, fanner 
Carry, Thomas, teacher 
D^uire, William, butcher 
Dpnovan, James, farmer 
Jamieson, John, wagon maker 
Jamieson, William, wagon maker 
Laselle, Antome, carpenter 
Mc Arthur, C, teacher 

McArthur, Hugh, carpenter 

McDonell, John, shoemaker 

McDougall, Duncan, carpenter 

McGillivray, Duncan, farmer 

McLennan, Jonathan, farmer 

McPhee, Norman, farmer 

Roliertson k McLennan, general merchants 

ROBERTSON, WILLIAM, J. P., Postmaster 

Stewart, John, J. P., farmer 

Balston.— A Pof»t Office IB the Township of Vespra» County Simcoe, 9 miles from Barrie, the County Tows- 

Improved land in the vicinity avenigps |25 jttT tare. Stages to Barrie, Orillia and PenetanguiihtfBe. 
CLIFFOED, HENRY A., Postmarter / | Gow, F., hotel keeper 



DarrelL— 'A Post Office situated in the Township of Chatham, Oonnty Kent, 7 miles from Chatham, the 
Comitj Town. 

Campbell, Duncan, J. P. 
Fisher, John, J. P. 
French^ John, carpenter 

Green, William, carpenter 
HALL, EDWARD, Postmaster 
Larwttll, Joseph, school teacher 

Dartf orcl«— A Village in the Township of Percf , County Northumberland, 27 miles from Cobouig, the 
County Town. Improved land in the yicinity averages $16 per acre. Stages tri- weekly to Colbome and 
Norwood. Population 100. 

BAILEY, WILLIAM, Postmaster, leather merchant 

unuingham, Thomas, carpenter 

Doriand, D. B., carpenter 

Humphries, J. C, farmer 

Kelly, William, propi saw and grist and saw mills 

Masters. John, shingle maker 
Masters Samuel, shingle maker 
Thompson, Sylvester, carpenter 
Walker, John, cooper 
Zuefelt, John, carnage maker 

Danfortta.— A Post Office in the Township of Scarboro', County York. 

HOGARTH, HENRY, Postmaster. 

DaTenport*— (Carlton Village.) — ^A Village and Station on the Northern Railway, in the Township of 
York, County York, 5 miles from Toronto. Population 100. 

Bartlett, Mr., nurseryman 
Blake, Chancellor 
Brown, Joseph, general merchant 
Brown, Wilnain, auetionner 
Bull, Bartholemew, farmer 
Bull, B.,jun., J.P 
Bull, Thomas, barrister 
Bull, William & Sons, wagon makers 
Damp, John, contractor 
Farr k Taylor, butchers 
Orimsby, llenry, cattle dealer 
Hayden, John 
Hugill, Joseph, teacher 
Johnson, Rev. Mr., (Church of England) 
Johnstone, James hotel keeper 
oliffe, James k Son, carpenters 
Keams, Patrick, constable 

Eeele, William S., barrister 

Lowcock, Johnson, shoemaker 

McNabb, John, barrister « 

McNamara, John, nurseryman 

Nightinnile, M., hotel keeper 

Rapple, Matthew, saddler 


Shedden, John, farmer 

Sinclair, C, blacksmith 

Tozwell, Albert, farmer 

Tuer, Thomas, hotel keeper 

Turner, Robert, Canister 

Wakefield, William, auctioneer 

Watt, John, fiurmer 

Wood, Rev. Dr 

Yearly, David, butcher 

YEARLY, GEORGE S., Postmater, insurance agent 

Dawn HilbU — A Village in the Township of 
16 miles from Chatham, the County Town. 

Anderson, Arthur, J.P 

Arnold; D. AC, props, saw and grist mills 

ARNOLD, T. S., Postmaster 

Blackburn, Peter, farmer 

Blackburn, Robert, fitrmer 

Boylan, William, farmer 

Chambers, William, farmer 

Craft, Isaac, farmer 

Ecclestone, J. W., hotel keeper 

Galbraith, Dr 

Camden, County Kent, situated on the River Sydenham, 
Average price of land $20 per acre. Population 100. 

Gilford, William, fanner 

Hicks, Samuel, farmer 

Holmes, John, farmer 

Hugh, Rev. Thomas, (Church of England) 

Kerch, Heuir, hotel kee]>er 

Kerr, Rev. Mr., (Methodist) 

Pmuffley, Charies, farmer 

Smith, James, J.P 

Ward, W. A., general merchant 

Webster, Heniy, J.P 

BayWOOd...A Post Office in the Township of Sydenham, County Grey, N.R. 

CAMERON, A. S., Postmaster. 

DealtOWll.-~A Post Office in- the Township of Tilburjr East, County Kent Distant 20 miles A^otik 
Chatham, the County Town. 

RUSSELL, ISAAC, Postmaster. . 



He CewSvOlc — A Village in the Township of North 'Cayuga, County Haldimand, 3 miles from Cayuga, 

the County Town, and 9 from Canfield Station. 
Trild $10 per acre. Populactwtt 120. 

Bamett, G., farmer 

Best, D., farmer 

Bingleman, G., proprietor hotel 

Campbell, D., farmer 

De Cew, John, butcher 

De Cew, R. & K, millers 

DIER, THOMAS B., Postimister and genl. merchant 

Pinley, J., cxirpenter 

Foster, A., farmer 

Gardiner, G., insurance agent 

Jack, James, sash factory 

Eindree, William, J. P. 

Kinnear, James, farmer 

Kinnear, John, teacher 

Average value of land in the viciniit, itt|90ycd'|30. 

] McClung, D., farmer 
MoF^riajie, John, teacher 
McGovcm, J,, carpenter 
Nuoii, William, patent rights agent 
Petheran, R., shoemaker 
Robertson, Robert, pointer 
Rose, A., hotel keeper- 
Stanuamau, D., carj[)enter 
Strohm, G., farmer 
Vanderburgh, A., farmer 
Ward, John, farmer 
Watson, John, wagon maker 
Wharton, G., farmer 
Wharton, T., fanaer 

DcePhurst.— A Village in the Tow 
the County Town, 16 miles. Mails 

Baynes, Riehard, farmer 
Bell, James, farmer 
Bolton, John, hotel keeper 
Clement, L., M.D. 
Cronan, Michael, farmer 
Croxon, Henry, auctioneer 
Duck, Robert, farmer 
rennell, Mfoseph, J. P. 
Fisher, E., M.D. 
Glassfin, John, hotel keeper 
Hambly, Joseph, farmer 
Henderson, — , teacher 
Huff, Henry, shingle maker 
Kelly, James, shingle maker 
McBeath, John, J. P. 

nship of West GwiUimburj^ County Simcoe. Distant fromliime 
tri-weekly. Popalatioti 500. , 

M<QjDonchie, Thomas, nuraierynian 

McKee, Bev. William (Presbyterian) 

Mom, Patrick, carpenter 

Morton, D., M.D. 

Neilly, John, farmer 

Neilly, William, teacher 

Paul, Rev. Mr. (Primitive Methodist) 

Roberts, Thomas, carpenter 

Ruttan, Rev. C. (Church of England) 

Tindal, Joseph, farmer 

Touse, Bethuel, J. P. 

WALKER, 8AMUEL, Postmaster and gen. mercht 

Wood, James, farmer 

Youmans, Rev. Mr. (Wesleyan Methodist) 


]|e|aware«— A Village in the Townskip of Delaware, County Middlesex, in the valley of the Thames, 12 
miles from London, the County Town, and 8 from Komoka Station G. W. R. Money Order office. 
Population 800. 

Acres, Henry, former 

Agnew, N., M. D., coroner 

Alliey, George, builder 

BilUngton, George, M. D. > 

Bullen, W. F., sen., J. P., Clerk 4t1l TWvfsion Court, 

Commissioner in B. R., Kotaiy Public 
Dain, J., merchant 

Davis, Robert, Delaware MPs , . 

Francis, A. McD*, druggist ^ 
Godfrey, George, auctioneer 
Godfrey, Mrs. G., teacher 
Grant, Rev. George (Canada Presbyterian) 
Grant, William, farmer 
Harris, George, farmer 

Hill, George, brickmaker 

Jennings, John, butcher 

Johnstone, Henry 

Johnstone, Jc^ii . . 

Kirk; William, IJIacksmHh - / 

LADD, CALVIN P., Postmaster, druggist 

Lawson, David, shoemaker 

Livingston, William, J. P., insurance agent, notaiy 

McKay, M., innkeeper 

Maleck, John, cabinet maker 

Miller, Thomas, carpenter 

Newman, Rev. E. E. (Church of England) 

Paine, Beinamiu, shoemaker 

Peocock, Charles, shoemaker 

Pennock, George, butcher 

Phelps. A., wheelwright 

Rawfings, Henry, baker 

Robertson, Charles, shoemaker 

Ilogers, W. S., builder 

Sanagan, Louis, cooper 

Tupholme, ^ordley, hotel keeper 

Uptigrove, William, wagon maker 

Vail, John, merchant 

Vanderveer, David, VagoA maker 

Whittaker, WilHam, ' saddler 

JlelU.— <*«® Fredericksbuig)— A Port Office in the Comity Norfolk. Money Onlor office, 

"VV^ITESIDES, JAMES, Postmaster. 

- '. » 



Peila.— A Ydk^t im tiMTowMlor^ Butord, Oma^LeedM;hmuiifvl\jtrif^n^b6dw a mnall vtrnan between 

two smaUlAM, tlia waters of wliieh empty into the St. Lawrence at Gauanoqne. 24 milet from Brock- 

TilU^ th« County Town, 19 from Iriah Creek stfttion Brockville and Ottftwa Railway, and 40 /from Kingston^ 

Lai^ depoeits of iron, plumbago and mica are found in the neighborhood. Stages to BrockviUe and 

' Westport Money Order office. Population 300. 

iflyn, a, mar^ works 
Beniam, B. C, general merehant 
Beckett Bi., carrisge maker 
Bell, J. A., generalmcrchant 
Bell, William, J. P. 
Booh, Robert, tailor 
Bosh, P., boots andahoes 
Caxiiy Hr, genesal merchant 
Coleman, Anson, leather dealor 
CoDistock, Leyi, hotellceeper 
Curtii, G., general merchant 

DENAUT, W. H., Postmaster, miller. Clerk Dir. 

Court, Commissioner for taking Affidavits 
Hazelton, John, boots and shoes 
Hioock, Philo, iron founder 
Lang, W., carriage maker 
Mott, Henry, hotel keeper 
O'Hara, Rev. Mr. (N. C. Methodist) 
Quinn, Reuben, carpenter 
KosB, Samuel, general mezrhant 
Sinclair, J. M., M. D. 
Stevens, V., saddler 
Wlialey, Isaac, J. P. 

Df morestrille. — A Village situated on the outlet of Fish Lake, Township of Sophiaaburg, County Prince 
Bdward, 9 miles from Picton, the County Town, 49 irom Kingston, 9 from ShannonvIIIe station, Grand 
Trunk Railway, 12 from Belleville, and 4 from Northport, on the Bay of Quiute. Thaie are good water 
privileges in the village and neighborhoo<l, affording a good location for any kind of machinery. 
Mechanics wanted. Improved land averages $80 per acre. Stages daily to Northport, fare 25c., and in 
winter daily to Picton, fare 50c, and Belleville 75c. Population 850. 

Hunt, Samuel, shoemaker 
Joyce, Valentine, cariMJuter 
Lazier, George N. , farmer 

Ackermsn, George, architect 

Baker, William, baker 

Barton, James J., agent Rochtster nurseries 

Bttton-Bros. , wagon makers 

Boflftfr, Jam,es, bfickmakeT. 

Bonlter, Wellington, farmer 

Batler, Brothers, wagon makera 

<lark, }L B., Ubrarian 

Otter, Samuel, farmer 

Curlett, J. F., 3LD. 

Dingman, Rev. J. G. (Weeleyan) 

Dunning, Henry, farmer 

Pox, Henry P., farmer 

Oreeley, A., M.P.P. 

<Tordon, Edward, grocer 

Hamilton, J., lime dealer 

Hamilton, Israel, auctioneer 

Hart, J., general merehant 

Hill, Rev. J. (Episcopal Methodist) 

J>eatch, Hugh, shoemaker 

McDowall, R. J., general merchant, lumber dealer, 

potash and soap manufacturer 
McDowall & Stortts, carding and flour mills 
Moore, Thomus, M.D. 
Morden, Goorge, ]>roprietor hotel 
Xixon, E. R-, tailor 
Peck, A., hotel keeper 
Simonds, Allen, carpenter • 

SMITH, BENJAMIN, Postmaster 
Smith, David, genei-al agent 
Sprague, George, farmer • 

Spi-ague, James S., teacher 
Sprague, N., J. P. 
Thompson, Charles, carpenter 
Wright, J. G. & Son, saddlers 

D^nbii^ — A Post Office in the Township of Denbigh, County Addington, 68 miles from Napanee, the 

Countv Town. 

HUGHES, DAVID, Postmaster. 

Dcnilcld.— A Post Village in the Township of London, County Middlesex, 16 miles from London, the 
County Town, and 120 miles from Toronto. Population 20. 

Rosser, Miss M., teacher 

Oriflitli, Mrs., milliner 
^[atthews. P., J.P. 
Morgan, Miss M., teacher 
Moor, James, tailor 
Noyew, W., cari)enter 
Parker, Sdwara, shoemaker 
lUibsou, William, saloon 

ROSSER, BENJAMIN W., Postmaster 

Rosser, Thomas, shoemaker 

Rowland, Rev. D. W. (Baptist) 

Shipley, W. J.P. 

Teller, J. . teacher 

W^augh, Itobert, ilax and woolen miller 

Dcrryvillc.— A Post ViUage in the Township of Brock, County Ontario. 

ALLIN, THOMAS, Postmaster. 



Henistonu — ^ I'ost office in the Township of Hinchinbrook, County Frontenac, SO miles from Kingston^ 
the County Town. Average price of improved laud in the vicinity, $7 ; wild, $2 per acre. Iron and 
plumbago are found in the neighborhood. Stage to Harrowsmith, 16 miles, fare 40c. 

Buttrell, George, carpenter 
FREEMAN, B. C, Postmaster 
Giles, John, carpenter 
Godfrey, Chester H., J. P. 

Goodfellow, David, hotel keeper 
Goodfellow, Jamec, hotel keeper 
Hamilton, John, J. P. 
Matthews, Adam, hotel keeper 

Derry West< — A Post officeintheTownshipofToronto, County Peel. 

WILSON, WILLIAM, Postmaster. 

Dcrwent* — ^A Post office in the Township of Westminster, County^Middlesex. Distant 10 miles from 
London, the County Town, 115 from Toronto. 

Allen, John, farmer 

Beattie, Edward 

Black, A., teacher 

Craig, James, J. P. 

Crews, Rev. — , (Wesleyan) 

Dibbs, John, farmer 

Kernohan, William, stock dealer 

McKilty, Rev. — , (Hethodist Episcopal) 

Moore, John, J. P. 

Tibits, Alonzo, carriage maker 

Walker, David, farmer 

WILLSIE & BULLARD, general merchants 

WILI^IE, LEWIS, Postmaster and stock dealer 

Dcnx Rivieres. — A post office in the District of Nipissing, on the river Ottawa, 30 miles from des 
Joachim. There is no conveyance except by canoes and during the winter by sledges. The land in the 
vicinity is unfit for cultivation. 

Bell, David 

BeU, Joseph 

Johnson, T. H., J. P., District officer 

Maguire, Charles 

RANSON, ROBERT, Portmaster, and prop. Albion 

Heyizes. — A post office in the Township of London, County Middlesex, 6 miles from Granton station, Grand 

Trunk Railroad. 

Baker, Henry, general merchant 
Bisbee, Reuben, farmer 

COSTELLO, JOHN, Postmastei* general merchant 

Gearing k Harding, millers 
McMillan, Neal, carpenter 
Nelson, William, wagon maker 

HevOD. — A Village in the Township of Stephen, County Huron, situated on the gravel road from liondon 
to Goderich ; 33 miles from Goderich the County Town, and 27 from London. Imx)roved laud in the 
vicinity $40 and wild $25 per aero. Population 100. 

Bissett, Robert, stock dealer 

Coughlin, Timothy, stock dealer 

Edwards, Rev. E., (Wesleyan) 

GREEN WAY, T. W., Postmaster, general merchant 

Harris, Henry, farmer 

Hockey, Henry, farmer 

Holman, Lewis, farmer 

Hooper, Rev. William, (Bible Christiftn) 

Huxtable, John, farmer 

McPhee, Hugh, flour mills 
McWilliams, W. T., farmer 
Martin, William, farmer 
Prowty, Chester, teacher 
Sando, Richard, carpenter 
Sando, Thomas, carpenter 
Trivitt, Thomas, clerk Division Court 
Ward, Thomas, carriage maker 
Webber, George, shoemaker 

Dexter.— A Village on Lake Erie in the Township of Yarmouth, County Elgin, 10 miles fro^t St. Thomas 
the County Town, and 150 west of Toronto. Population 250. ^' ' 

Armstrong, William, farmei 

Bailey, Edward, farmer 

Bell, John, shoemaker 

Pisher, Benjamin, farmer 

Gilbert, T. W., teacher 

HcLean, John, c«oper 

PABRER, NELSON, Postmaster, grocer 

Parker, Rodney, shoemaker ^ 

Parker, Wellington, fanner 
Parker, William, farmer 
Pfeffer, John, cooper, hotel keeper 
Robins, Caleb, cooper 
Vanayckle, John; farmer 
Vansyckle, Isaac, farmer 



Diamond.— A Post Office in the Township of Fitzroy, County Carleton, 30 miles fi-om Ottawa the 
County Town, and 9 miles from Pakenham, the nearest station on the Brockville and Ottawa Railwav 
There are two churches. Church of England and Wesleyan Methodist in the vicinity, and a Common 

\V-ALKER, ROBERT, JUK, Postmaster, general 
merchant and manufacturer 

Baird, Georga k John 

Emery, Rev. C. P. (Episcopal Methoilist) 

f4oiirIey, William, farmer 

Oi-een, Thomas, farmer 

McMillan, Alexander k Donald, farmers 

Young, Joseph, cari)enter 

Desmoild.-A Post office in the Township of Camden East, Connty Addington, U miles from NananeiL 
the County Town. a^nucvy 

BELL, J. W., Postmaster | Irwin. ViUiam, boot and shoemaker 

DickllUOn's laaOtag.—fSe* Villages tog late /or regular iiucHion, at the end of On icori.) 

Dingle (see Ainlayvillc).— A Post Office in the County Huron. Money order office 

GRANT. WILLuif. Postmaster. 

©We (fomerly Syde.ham).-A «nall Village in the Township of Toronto. County (Peel. 12 miles from 
Bramptoi. the County Town. 14 from Toronto, and 4 from Port Credit station Great Western Railway 
Improved hj^m the riciuity rfverage., «« per acre. SUge daily to Toronto, fare 38c Popuktion 16o' 

B«imett, John, teacher 
Bell, John, wagon maker 
Collia, John, innkeeper 
Elgie, Mrs. J., storekeeper 
Parr, Joseph, farmer 
Giiljes, Thomas, tailor 
Ciould, John, farmer - 

Hawkins, John, J. P., farmer 

KENNEDY, WILLIAM, Postmaster, general mer- 

chant and innkeeper 
Silverthom, Joseph, farmer 
Wilson, John, stock dealer 
Wilson, Samuel, shoemaker 

Dixon's Comers,— A ViUagc 

the County Town. Improved 

Allerous, William, wagon maker 
Baker k Co., general merchants 
Brinston, Thomas, store and hotel 
('Oad, William, wageu maker 
Croliar, George, shoemaker 
Crobftr, ^[atthew, shoemaker 
Dixon, E., hotel 
Donaldson, George, hotel 
Doyle, Cornelius, constal)le 
Enijjey, Peter, collector 
Flatt, Thomas, carpenter 
Fulfoi-d, W. & H., carpenters 
Gilaon, John, wagon maker 
Rarkness, Adam, clerk 
Harkuess, John, M.D. 

in the Township of MatUda, County Dundas. 86 miles from CoriwaU 
land in the nfighl»orhood averages $30, and unimproved $15 per acre. ' 

Hialmager, Joseph, shoemaker 
Lochead, Rev. John (Presbyterian) 
McNulty, A., general merchant 
Mead, Kev. M. (Roman Catholic) 
Morton, Rev. W. (Wesleyan) 
Pattei-aon, William, assessor 
Rath bun, Hugh, cooper 
Salter, William, shoemaker 
Shaw, Alonzo, wagon maker 
Shaw, Daniel, carpenter 
Thompson, David, carpenter 
Thompson, E., carpenter 

«rMl'?*^^' Thomas, general merchant 
Williams, Rev. W. fi., (Wesleyan) 

WOOD, WILLIAM, Postmaster 

^•ncgaL— A Post TilUge in tllb Townsliip of Elma, County Perth, 26 mUes from Stmtford. the Co,,ntir 
Town, and 100 from Toronto. Population 60. ^uniy 

Andeiaon, William, farmer 
Buchanan, WiUiam, farmer 
(Jilchrist, John, farmer 
Heiirj', Hugh k R., farmers 

Hemphill, A., fanner 
McGilll, George, teacher 
MASON, MRS. MARY, Postmistress 
Stewart, William, farmer 

i^ObblntOll.— A Post Office situated in the Townrfiip of EldereUe^ County Bruce. 

DOBBIN, JAMES, Postmaster. 



DOD* — A small Village in the Township of York, 8 
river. Average value of land in the vicinity, (50 

Bond, Thomas, farmer 

Brown, William, potter 

Oastick, Daniel, shoemaker 

Cole,' Peter, dyer 

Craig, Wilb'am, carpenter 

Craig, John, carpenter 

Cudmore, George; potter 

Duncan, David, farmer 

Duncan, Henry, farmer 

Edgar, Rev. James (Methodist) 

Elliott, David, general merchant 

Elliott, Edward, farmer 

Pitzpatrick, Albert, carpenter 

Gray, Alexander, farmer 

Gray, James, farmer 

Gray, John, farmer 

Gray, William, miller 

HOGG, JOHN, Postmaster and general merchant 

miles from Toronto, the County Town, near the Don 

per acre. 


Hogg, Robert, farmer 

Homely, R., farmer 

Laird, Hugh, farmer 

Maginn, C. D., general merchant 

Meredith, W. H., teacher 

Milne, Peter, farmer 

Milne, William, general merchant 

Milne k Sons, woolen factors 

Morrow, Richard, farmer 

Muirhead, James, farmer 

Sampson, James, fanner 

Sampson, John, farmer 

Smith, A. M., mill proprietor 

Smith, John, farmer 

Taylor, Brothers, paper manufacturers 

Walker, Rev. J. W. (Primitive Methodist) 

Witherspoon, Adam, tailor 

DOOD. — A Village and Station of the Doon branch of the Grand Trunk Railway, in the Township of Water- 
loo, County Waterloo, 6 mUes from Berlin, the County Town, 33 from Hamilton, and 65 from Toronto. 
It is situated at the confluence of the Grand and Doon rivers, and possesses excellent manufacturing 
facilities. Average value of improved lands in the vicinity $40 per acre. Population 200. 

Bryer, J. L., shoemaker 

Jamison, Andrew, hotel 

Lamb, John, tailor 

McGarvey, William, hotel 

McKemrie, Rev. W^illiam (Presbyterian) 

Mortindale, Martin, shoemaker 

Mulloy, N., M.D. 

Osborne, William, miller 
Padder, Joseph, carpenter 
Perine, Brothers, linen factors 
SLEE, THOMAS, Postmaster 
Vipont k Slee, general merchants 
Walker, James A., tailor 

Doran* — A Post-office in the Township of Bathurst, County Lanark, 15 miles trom Perth, the County 

Crosson, J. T., grist mill proprietor 

Dickson, William, carpenter 

DORAN, WILLIAM, Postmaster, gen. mercht 

Murjihy, Richard, innkeeper 
Sx>eucer, Bernard, shingle maker 

HoiHChester Station. — A Post-office and Station on the Great Western Railway, in the Township of 
Dorohester, County Middlesex, 10 miles distant from London, and 107 from Toronto. The Village con- 
tains several excellent mill sites. Tri-wcekly sto^e to Aylmer, Lyons and Springfield. Daily Hail. 
Population 220. 

Beal, James, stone mason 

Beddlecombe, Charles, shoemaker 

Cartwright, William J., J. P., mill owner 

Chittick, Francis, boots and shoes 

Chittick, George, toll gate keei>er 

Ferguson, Alexander, grocer 

Fordyce, William, wwkI turner 

Foster, George, carpenter 

Freeman, Alfred 

HARDY, JOSEPH, J.P., Postmaster 

Huffman, Christopher, hotel keeper 

Hunt, James, blacksmith and wagon maker 

Hunt, Peter, farmer 

Hunter, Charles, carpenter and builder 

Lewis, Oliver, farmer 

McCall, Alexander, school teacher 

McCann, 'E^,, carder and cloth dealer 

McCutchcon, James 

McLean, Uobeit, hotel keeper 

MeRae, A., lumber merchant and saw mill prop. 

Merrills, John 

Mitchell, Joseph, blacksmith 

Painter, John, grocer 

Partlow, W., flouring miU 

Sweet, Nathan, haniess maker 

Vanson, Joseph, station master O.W.R 

Wade, William, shingle factory and saw mill owner 

Ward, Richard, builder 

Williams, Reece, section master G.W.R 

DorklllS*— A Post-office in the Township of Maryboro* County Wellington, N. R. 

GAT8CHENE, JOHN, Postmast^sr. 



Dornoch. — A Post Village in tha Township of North Oxford, County Oxford, 9 miles from Woodstock, 
the County Town, and 100 from Toronto. Population 60. 

Campbell, James, dry goods and groceries 
GARDNKK, PETER, Postmaster and grocer 
Gilchrist, J., cooper 

McDonald, John, carpenter 
McDonald, Robert, hotel keeper 

Donslas* — A Village situated on the River Bonnechcre, Township of Bromley, County Renfrew, 27 miles 
from Pembroke, the County Town, 70 miles from Perth and 75 from Ottawa. The river supplies excel- 
lent water powei^ Average value of improved land $10, wild $4 per acre. Stage to Egansville, 10 miles 
fare, 50c ; Renfi-ew Village, 16 miles, fare 76c. Money Order Office. Population 800. 

Bell, Rev. C. R., (Church of England) 
Bolam, Thomas H., general merchant 
CAMERON, DONALD, Postmatcr, gen. mercht 
Culbertson, Thomas, hotel keeper 
Gilchrist, Peter, miller 
McEachren, S., J.P 

McGregor, John, hotel keeper 
Pliilip, John, carpenter 
Queeley, John, geueml merchant 
Rose, Rev. K., (Episcopal Methodist) 
Thompson, W. S., teacher 

Dover South* — A small Post Village in the Township of Dovei', County Kent. Distant from Chatham 
the County Town, 6 miles. Population about 90. 

GERVAIS, S., Postmaster. 

Downey vUlc^A Village in the Township of Emily, County Victoria, 8 miles from Lindsay, the|County 
Town, and about 100 from Toronto. Population 75. 

Cameron, James & Co., wagon makers 

Coyle, Rev. R., (Roman Catholic) 

Crowley, T. & P., shoemakers 

Pox, John, farmer 

Herlihan, William, gunsmith 

Holland, William, farmer 

McCarthy, J. S., Postmaster and grocer 

McCarthy, T., hotel keeper 
Pigott, Edniond, farmer 
Powers, Michael, farmer 
Richardson, William, hotel keeper 
Scully, Denis, farmer 
Scully, Jeremiah, fanner 
Scully, John, farmer 

DowilTiew* — A Post-office lately establishsd in the County of York, a few miles distant from Toronto. 

Drayton. — A Village on the Conestogo River, and on the line of the proposed Wellington, Grey and Bruce 
Railway, in the Townships of Peel and Maryborough, County Wellington. Distant from Guelph, the 
County Town, 28 miles, from Toronto, 75 miles. Stages to and from Elora, 15 miles, fere 50cts. Money 
order office. Population, 600. 

Adams, W. E., carpenter 

Anderson, Rev. William, (Bible Christian) 

Connor, C. M., shoemaker 

Crane, Rev. J., (Wesleyan) 

Crull, Theodore, cabinet maker 

Dales, Edward, farmer 

Dales, John, farmer 

Dales, Robert P., architect 

Deeble, Henry, carpenter 

Doan, Jacob, general merchant 

Dolton. T., watchmaker 

Ebv, Lemuel, tailor 

Eciilin, James, cabinet maker 

Ernes, S. P., M.D 

Fawcett, J. D., carpenter 

Fisher, George, shoemaker 

Fisher, John, baker 

Fox, Martin, proprietor Drayton Hotel 

Gardner, A. , general merchant 

Gordon, J. F., dentist 

Haight, John, gereral agent 

Haliiday, James, teacher 

Hambly, W. L., fanner 

Harrison, John L., proprietor British Hotel 

Hartney, J. H., general merchant 

Healey, Almond, farmer 

Jackson, Rev. J., (Wesleyan) 

Marshall, Stephen, wajffon maksr 

Matthews, R^v., M. IL, (Primitive Methodist) 

Montgomery, John, farmer 

Moodie, A^lfred, saddler 

Nocker, Louis L., architect 

Richards, John, carpenter 

Samis, Solomon, ianner 

Smith, J., M.D. 

Smith, Alfred, auctioneer 

Smith, Alfred & Son, coopers 

Tate, John, baker 

Tuck, K N., farmer 

WhaWs, John, carpenter 

White, John, general merchant 

Wittich, John, carpenter 

WORTLEY, W. C, Postmaster and gen. merchant 



Dresden. — A flourishing Village on the SydcDliam River, in the Township of Camden, County Kent, 18 
miles from Chatham the County Town, 200 from Toronto, and 16 from Thamesville Station, Great 
Western Railwa)'. Improved land in the vicinity averages ^20 per acre. Stages to Chatham, fare 75e. 
Money order oftice. Population 650. 

I Mclnnis, T.K., M.D. 

Mcintosh, Charles, carpenter 

Anderson, Rev. Peter, (Wesley an) 
Aniald, C. F., teacher 
Bodkin k Adams, tragon makers. 
Bow, Solomon, carpenter 
Bradley, U. H., farmer 
Brown, J., proprietor Livingston Hotel 
Carroll, James, constable 
Carroll, William, carpenter 
Clancy, William, carpenter 
Clancy, C. ^f., piioprietor City Milb 
Clancy, James, grocer 
CUarke, Sibree, M. 1)., druggist 
Craig, J. H. & K, lumber merchants 
Davis, Rev. S. H., (Baptist) 
Davis, T. W. , dry goods merchant 
Deacon, John, shoemaker 
Feladeau, P. , proprietor Dresden Hotel 
Fmncis, William, shoemaker 
Graham, G. M., carpenter 
' Graliam, G. M., photogi'apher 
(ireen, (Jeorge, carpenter 
Hall, J. H., carpenter 
Hazlett, J. B., gi^ocer 
Hart, Thomas, wagon maker 
Henson, Josiah, fanner 
Holland, J. W. bookseller 
Huff & Campbell, grocers 
Hughson, W. A., M.D. 
Hughes, Rev. Thomas, (Church of England) 
Huston, Edwai-d, auctioneer 
Johnston, J. H., general merchant 
Kerr, Rev. (Wesleyan) 
Lyman, Rev. B. (Methodist) 
McDonald, John A., J. P. 

McKay, William, wagon maker 

McWho, Robert, butcher 

Merrils, D. P., cabinet maker 

Merritt, A. E., genei-al merchant 

Mooncy, M., grocer • 

Moo«'c, Miss teacher 

Mount Albert, carjx^nter 

3{ountier, William, butcher 

Nellis, William, saddler 

Osbonic, S., cabinet maker 

Ricliey, Sandford, grocer 

Roberts, Ltwis, wai^un maker 

Scratch, John T., farmer 

Smith, Mrs. Mary, gi-ocer 

Stewart, Daniel, fanner 

Trevice, Alexander, J. P. 

Trevice, Isaac, lime manufacturer 

Trevice & Wright, lumber merchants 

Van Allen. Henrv, farmer 

Van Duze, H. H. & T 

Verley, George, proprietor brickyard 

Watson, A. k Co., general merchants 

WATSON, C. P., Postmaster 

Watson, David, <'abinet maker 

Watson, J. A. , proprietor Dresden House 

Webster, Joseph, suoemaker 

Webster & Watson, tanners 

Weesc, Thomas, farmer 

AVells, Miss Amanda, dressmaker 

Williston, J. W., general merchant 

Windover, W. H. , general merchant 

Winter, H. E., M.D 

Dromore.— A Post Village in the Township of figremont, County Grey, 41 miles from Owen Sound, th« 
County Town, 66 miles from Guelph Station, Great Western Railway, 40 from Collingwood Station, 
Northern Railway. Improved land in the vicinity averages $15, wild $7 per acre. 

Camp, Joseph, saw mill proprietor 
Clark, Duncan, shoemaker 
Delong, Ephraim, nursery 
Isaac, James, patent rights agent 

Isaac, William, patent rights agent 
TAYLOR, ALEXANDER, Postmaster and general 

Hmmbo. — A Village and Station of the Buffalo and Lake Huron branch of the Grand Trunk Railway, in 
the Township of Blenheim, County Oxford, 17 miles from Woodstock, the County Town, and 9 from 
Paris. Money order office. Population, 400. 

A.dam8 Dr 

Bailey,' Rev. H., (Church of England) /) 

Barr, Greville E., cabinet maker 
Bastendorff, John P., tailor 
Brown, S. D., iron founder and planing mill 
Capron, John B., hotel kreper 
Chipman, John, tinsmith 
Clark, J. W 
Colwell, J., cooper 
Harrison, George, shoemaker 
Irving, P., hotel keeper 
Johnston, Andrew, groceries and liquors 
Keetch, Rev. J. S., (Primitive Methodist) 
Kellej k Harvey, tanners 
Laidlaw, John 
McCarty, James, carpenter 

HcKENZIE, JAMES, Postmaster, druggist, agent, 
American Express Co., telegraph agent 

McQuarrie, Rev. H., (Canada Presbyterian) 

Markle, Alexander S., carriage maker 

Mnma, Henry, estate agent 

Muma, Nelson, carpenter 

Munn, R S., general merchant 

Pattullo, G. R., teacher 

Peck, Almon, ca^)cnter 

Pollock, John, baker 

Rathbun, Charles 

Robertson, D., general merchant 

Rogers, James, wagon maker 

Rounds, J. B., M.D 

Shaw, Daniel, carpenter 

Smith, G. W. general merchant 

Smith, Rev. Mr., (Baptist) 

Stevenson, William, brickmaker 

Tibeaudo, J. W., station agent G. T. It 

Vanderlip, William, hotel kteper 



DnunmonclliUe West. — A Village in the Townflhip of Stamford, County Welland, within a short dig 
tance of the Eri^ and Ontario Kailroad, and 1 mile from the Falls of Niagara, 14 miles from Welland- 
the County Town, and 50 miles from Toronto. Manufacturers of all kinds are greatly needed, facilities 
heing first class. Arerage ralue of land in the neighborhood $35 per acre. Honey order office. Popula, 
tion 1,000 


Bigger, Charles H., cooper 

Biggar, John, tailor 

Blanton, Thomas, carpenter 

Bowman, James, carpenter 


Brown, Henry, carpenter 

Cameron, Bev. James Y., master grammar school 

Carr, John, J. P. 

Centre House, Dan. Mahoney, proprietor 

Cole, Edwin, boot and shoemaker 

Cole, Mrs. Edwin, milliner 

Cole, Thomas, boot and shoemaker 

Cole, Thomas H., marble cutter 

Cook, H. C, dentist 

Corry, Matthew N., M.D. 

Curry, Amos, painter 

I)alton, Greorge, carpenter 

Eaf les, Rev. Charles, (Church of England) 

Duncan, G-. W. J., general merclmnt 

Earley, General, late C. F. S. A. 

ELLIS, THOMAS F., proprietor National HoteL 

England, John, watchmaker and photographer 
Evans, John, proprietor Exchange Hotel 
Fralick. James, proprietor Battle-ground Hotel 
Fndick, Robert, shoemaker 
Forsyth, E., teacher 
Gamer, Robert, J. P., 
GARNER k CAMPBELL^ tin, copper and sheet iron 

smiths, dealers in stores k hollow ware. (See adr. ) 
Girven, James, baker 

Hartman, Jacob, saddle and harness maker 
HENDERSHOT, PETER, wholesale and retail dealer 

in I dry goods, groceries, ready-made clothing, 

boots and shoes, etc. 
Henley, Richard, drugffist 
Hixon, Timothy J., J7r. 
Ingles, Rev. C, (Church of England) 
International Hotel, Michael Kick, proprietor 
Jackson, Moses, woolen goods 
Ker, John 

Kerr, Peter, general merchant 
Kick, Michael, proprietor International Hotel 
Laird, Rev. J., (Wesleyan) 
Latflhaw, £. 

liatshaw, James, carpenter 
Latshaw, John, carpenter 

Lemon, Wilson 

Lowell, William 

Lundy, L. S., J. P. 

McGarry, James, surgeon 

McGilley, L., promietor Railroad House 

McGlashan, John T., J. P. 

McGunne John, proprietor Farmers* Inn 

McHAY, WILLIAM, dry goods merchant 

McKenzie, Donald, carpenter 

Malone, John, J. P. 

Mason, John J., dentist 

Mason, John & Jacob, carriage makers 

Mewburn, Frank C, surgeon 

Morse, Edward, painter 

Moss, Austin, cabinet maker and undertaker 

NATIONAL HOTEL, T. F. Ellis, prop. (See card) 

Norris, M. B., teacher common school 

Orchard, J. A., Clerk Division Court and auctioneer 

Oswald, James, proprietor Whirlixwl Hotel 

Pen, John, J. P. 

PIPER, ALEXANDER, caniage maker. (See card) 

Prowse, William, painter 

Robert, Rev. John, (Baptist) 

Rowe, Miss Eliza Jane, milliner and dressmaker 

RUSSELL, WILLIAM, proprietor Drummondville 

Brewery. (See adv) 
Rysdale, George, proprietor brickyard 
Sargent, James, dry goods 
Smith, Mary, proprietor Rose Inn 
Spence, Henry 

Sutton, Hiram, butcher 
Sutton, Philip, butcher 
Sutton, Stephen, buteher 
Taylor, G. W. 

Thompson, Captain, boards National Hotel 
TMce, Henry, carpenter 
Tucker, Jacob, saddle and harness maker 
Vanderburg, John 

WEIli, GEORGE, flour and feed store (see adv.) 
White, George, brewer 

Willox, James, proprietor Nia^ra Falls Mills 
WILLS k KERB Y, dealers in groceries, winei and 

liquors, crockery; hardware, &c. (see adv). 
Winn, Joseph 

Woodruff, J. C, general merchant 
Woodruff k Co., general merchants 
Wright, Henry, cabinet maker 

Dmmqiltll.— A small Post Village in the Township of Trafalgar, County Halton. Distant from Milton, 
the County Town, 8 miles. Population 50. 

Bell, William, farmer 
Brown, Charles, blacksmith 
Cottherd, John, farmer 

Hood, William, £uiner 

TOLSON, W. J., Postmaster and hotel keeper 

DmiTr*— -^ Post Village in the Towmship of Oro, County Simcoe, 9 miles from Barrie, the County Town, 
and 72 from Toronto. Average value of land in the vicinity, $25 per acre. 

DRURY, RICHARD, Postmaster. 

Dry4eil«— A Post Office^ln the Township of Wallace, County Perth, N.R. 




Unapt* — A Post Village in the Township of Oxford, County Kent. 28 miles distant from ChAthtm, the 
County Town, and 140 from Toronto. Land in this vicinity averages from $20 to $30 per acre. A flour- 
ing mill would pay here, the surrounding county being extremely fertile. Honey order office. Popula- 
tion 350. 

Ball, John, carriage maker 

Ball, Miss, dressmaker 

Benson, Rev. Mr. (Wesleyan Methodist) 

Blue, John 

Bray, Miss, dressmaker 

Cunningham, Archibald D. 

Cunningham, H. D., J.P. 

Cunninffham, John, lumber dealer 

Cm-tis, William, policeman and butcher 

[Fallon, Edward, carpenter 

Ford, Thomas A., nurseryman 

Genge, R. S., cabinet maker 

Gisner, J. S., hotel proprietor 

Graham, J. W., M. D. 

Graham, N. k Co., fancy goods 

Hicks, John F., M. D. 

Hill, Horace, cooper 

Jolmston, Geoige, carpenter 

Kennedy, William, carriage maker 

Kerr, Peter 

Lankin, William, boots and shoes 

Leitch, Dugald, tailor 

Leitch, James, hotel keeper 

Livingston, John, hotel proprietor and cooper 

McCallum, Edward, general merchant 

McDonald, Alexander, teacher 

McDonald, Archibald 

McLaren, Daniel, builder 

Pattei-sou, Miss, dressmaker 

Patterson, Isaac, general merchant 

Pollard, Kev. Mr., (Baptist) 

Reycroft, Joseph, lx)ot8 and shoes 

Risk, William, teacher 

TAIT, DANIEL M., geneiul merchant 

TAIT, JAMES, Postmaster 

Wright, Maurice, teacher 

DnflTeiln* — A post Village in the Township of Oneida, County Haldimand, 7 miles from Ca}iiga the County 
Town, and 60 from Toronto. Laud averages from $30 to $35 per aci-e. Population 100. 

Baird, James, faimer 

Brooks, F. , sewing machine agent 

Campbell, William, school teacher 

COSSAR, WILLIAM, Postmaster and general ag^nt 

Grant, Riev. Alexander, (Presbyterian) 

Grant, W^illiam, J. P 

Hamilton, William, farmer 

Herod, William, fanner 
Knox, John, fanner 
Martin, Hugh, farmer 
Murray, Andrew, farmer 
Tumbull, David, teacher 
Williamson, James, farmer 

Dnmblane* — A Post office in the Township of Saugeeu, County Bruce, North Riding. 

FRASER, JOHN, Postmaster. 

Unnbar. — ^A Post office in the Township of WiUiamsburgh, County Dundas. 

ALLISON, A. C, Postmaster. 

Unnbarton* — A Village in the Township of Pickering, County Ontario, 9 miles from Whitby, the Count}' 
Town, 20 from Toronto. Average value of land in vicinity, $50 per acre. There are several excellent 
water powers in the neighborhood. Money Order office. Population 120. 

Allison. William 
Amian, Thomas, farmer 
Dunbar, William 
Falconer, James, saddler 
Fawcett, John 

Henderson. Thomas, carpenter 
Holmes, Jonathan, teacher 
Lawson, David, farmer 
McConochie, Hugh, faimer 
Marquis, John, farmer 

Milne, James, tailor 
Muir, William, leather dealer 
Nisbet, Peter, farmer 
Oddie, John, agent G.T.R. 
Palmer, Thomas R., general merchant 
PARKER, JOHN, J. P., Postmaster, general mer- 
chant and insurance agent 
Seeker, Robert, hotel keeper 
Tripp, Reuben, cai'penter 
Tripp, Thomas, general merchant 

Bnnerief.— A small Post Village in the Township of Lobo, County Middlesex, in the centre of a good 
farming district, and on a never-failing stream. Distant 16 miles from London, the Ootmty Town, and 
12 from Strathroy. Population about 90. 

BARNES, JAMES, Postmaster and general merchant. 



Ifc n imI Allr . —A Village in the Township of Melancthon/.County Grey, 44 miles from Owen Sound, the Coonty 
Town, 40 from CoUingwood Station Northern Railway, and 48 from Brampton. Stage Monday and 
Thursday to Orangeville. Population 100. 

Airth, William 

Bell, Clement, farmer 

Bowler, William, tailor 

Breen, Lawrence 

Corbett, James, hotel keeper 

Dane, James, farmer 

Hill, R€V. Rowland, (Church of England) 

Uu^es, William, fanner 

Irwin, Christopher, cooper 

JCing; James, larmer 

Lowry, Charles, farmer 

McAuley, Alexander, fanner ^ 

McAuley, Nonnan, farmer 

McDowell, John, J. P., farmer 

McKee, Thomas, hotel keeper 

McQuarrie, John, general merchant 

MULHOX.LAND, JAMES, Postmaster and farmer 

Noble, Edward, farmer 

Oldtield, Michael, druggist 

Palmer, Charles, teacher 

Redmond, Sylvester, tailor 

Russell, Robert, teacher 

Dnndas* — An incorporated Town, in the Township of West Flamboro', County Wentworth, at the head o 
the Desjardins Canal, and on the line of the Great Western Railway, 5 miles from Hamilton, the County 
Town, 79 from London, 44 from Toronto, and 49 from SusjKnsion Bridge. Dundas is noted for its cele- 
brated manufacturing establishments. The water privileges are unlimited. Money Order Office and 
Savings Bank. Population about 8600. 

AITKIN & POST, (William Aitkin and Chas. Post), 
manufacturers woolen machinery, &c. 

Allen & Skinner, (James Allen and John Skinner), 

American Express Co., Post office building 

Babington, J. M., accountant 

Baillie, William 

Baird, Mary L., grocer 

Baird, N. G., barber 

Baker, R., axemaker 

Barnwell, Job, fanner % 

Barrie, William, blacksmith 
Barton, George M., barrister 

Baskerville, ITiomas, butcher 

Bayley, William, tailor 

Beach, George L., dentist 

Began Peter, shoemaker 

Begue, A. P., J. P., Clerk Second Division Court- 
Bennett, Alfi-ed, billiard saloon 

Berry, George, blacksmith 

Bickdl, George, pattern maker 

Bickell, George, sen., pattern maker 

Bickell, David, carpenter 

BILLINGTON, J. P., manager Canada Screw Co. 

Bishop, William B., cabinet maker 

Bland, Rev. H. F., (Wesleyan Methodist) 

Bloomfield, Peter 

Booth, H. G. 

Boyle, Patriek, general blacksmith 

Brady, Peter, stoves and tinware 

Brinkworth, William, watchmaker 

Brooke, R. S., photographer 

Borthwick, Walter, baker 

Brown, Michael, shoemaker 

Bryce, James, telegraph and express agent 

Brydges, William, wagori maker 

Boms, James, grocer 

Bums, John, TOots and shoes 

Butler, Rev. John, (Baptist) 

BURROWS, G. F., accountant and insurance agent 

Burton, Adam, blacksmith 

Burton, Peter, peg maker 

Cain, Patrick, mnkeeper 

Calder, Alexander D., druggist 

Calder, Duncan 

Callaghan, John, grocer 

CAMERON, A. D., commission merehant 

Campbell, D. M., blacksmith 

Campbell, John, carpenter 

Cantwell, James, general merchant 

Cardwell, William, tailor 


SOCIETY. George F. Burrows, agent 
CASEY & MERCER (William Casey & Jas. Mercer),. 

general merohants 
Cass, Patrick, carpenter 
Chalmers, Alexander, tanner 
C^anells, John, paper makers 
Chamberlin, W. H., baker 
Chegwin, Mrs. Ann, dry ^ods, kc, 
Cherry, Blaney, paper maker 
Clark, Edward, shoemaker 
Cody, Richard, cooper 
COLEM.IN, JAMES, flour mills and stave and barrel 

Collier, Tliomas, lumber dealer 
Collins, B., innkeeper 
COLLINS & BENNETT (Peter Collins k Henry Ben- 

nett), •pMhlisherBrfFent worth Xeif's. 
Conley, Bernard, shoemaker 
Conley, John, boots and shoes 
Cook, Rev. Richard (Presbyterian) 
Cooper, Jesse, grocer 
Orandell, James H., grocer 
Crann, Francis, blacksmith 
Crow, J. J., l)ook-keeper 
Cummings, Edward, snoemaker 
Cummings, John, brewer 
Davis, J. H. k Son, boots and shoes 
Davis, Edwai'd, manager cotton mills 
DICKIE, JOHN, grocer 
DICKIE, J. C. k CO., grocers 
Dingle, Richard, butcher 
Dodgson, John, whip maker 
Duggan, Michael, tailor 
Duncan, Mrs., hotel keeper 
Dundon, James, cooper 
Egerson, Robert, plasterer 
ENRIGHT k BROTHER (John k William Euright),. 

saloon and livery 
Evan, John, machinist 

Fahey, F., cooper ^ 

Fields, Daniel, sen. 
Fields, Daniel, plasterer 
Fisher, John k Son, paper mills 
Forest, John, wire worker 
FORSYTH, JOHN, agricultural implement and 

woolen machinery manufacturer 
Forsyth k Co., card clothing manufactuTer» 
Foulds, Mrs. John, fancy goods 
Fralev, Mrs. C, grocer 
Freed, W^illiam S., tinsmith 



OARTSHORE & CO. (John and Alexander Gart- 
shore) founders and machinists 

Geddes, F., station master Great Western Railway 

Oeddes, J. C, station master Great Western Railway 

Gilleland, Thomas, miller 

Gleeson, James, Dundas and Hamilton Express 

Goos, Henry, cabinet maker 

(ioixlon, Captain John 

PANY, George F. Buitows, agent 

GRAFTON, J. B. & J. S., dry goods 

Graham, Andi*cw, gix)cer 

Gray, W. R., manufacturer agiieultural implements 

GREENING, TIMOTHY, Dundas wire works 

Griffin, ^liss E. C, teacher 

Griggs, F., tobacconist 

Gwyn, W. B., collector of customs 

Hall, William, tanner 


Hamilton, Robert, painter 

Harper, James, painter 

Harvey, B. , general merchant 

Hazlewood, William, blacksmith 

Heffernan, John, cooper 

Herald, Rev. James (i^resbyterian) 

Hollingshead, Robert, iwtter 

PANY, New Haven, Connecticut, George F. 
Burrows, agent 

George F. Burrows, agent 

Hopkins, D. W. 

Hourigan, Jeremiah, edge tool manufacturer 

Howard, Benjamin, painter 

Howard, H. H. and 11. T., carriage makers 

HUNTER, J. H., M.A.,headtetujher Grammar School 

Hurst, Samuel, boarding house 

INNES, HUGH, official assignee and agent 

Innes, W. P. 

Johnson, William, blacksmith 

Joyce, William, shoemaker 

Kelly k Patterson (John Kelly and Charles Patterson) 

Kent, Mra., innkeeper 

King, Alonzo, grocer 

Knowles, John, carpenter 

Knowles, H., shoemaker 

Knowles, William, tanner 

Laidlaw, William P., tax collector 

Lamarche, Joseph, cooper 

Jjatshaw, Isaac, cabinet maker 

Laven, Richard, axe maker 

LA WRY. CHARLES, leather and findings (sea adv.) 

Lesslie, John 

LITTLER k MAW, machinists 

Looney, J. B., teacher 

Lyon, Mrs. William, stoves and tinware 

McArdell, John, shoemaker 

McCarthy, J. C, lumber merchant 

McCulIonsh, Alexander, founder 

McDonnell, H., livery stable and hotel keeper 

McINTOSH, L., hotel keeper 

McKECHNIE k BERTRAM (Robert Mc^echnie and 
John Bertram) manufacturers machinists* tools 
(see adv.) 

McKenzie, Thomas H., commission merchant 

McMAHON, JAMES, M. D., coroner (see adv.) 

McMahon, Philip cooper 

HcManus, Mrs., notel Keeper 

McMillan, D., photographer 

McMillan, D., confectioner 

McTaggert, Archibald, tailor 

Macdouald, J., founder 

Marshall, John, saddler 

Martlin, W. B., builder 

Martlin, W. J., builder 

Marquis, John A., accountant 

MEACHAM & BURROWS (J. B. Meacham and C. J. 
Burrows), druggists and stationers 

MERCER k CASEY, builders, kc. 

Millman, James, saddler 

MOORE, H. k SON (H. k H. H. Moore) gen. mcrchts. 

Mornsh, Edwin, fruiterer 

Monison, — , retired 

Moss,, Charles, saloon keeper 

Moss, Joseph, baker 

Mountain, Thomas, painter 

Nawn, Mrs. Jane, grocer 

NeM'itt, William, butcher 

Niblett, W. C, dru^ist 

Nisbct, James, blacksmith 

O'Connor, Patrick, blacksmith 

O'Leary, Thomas, grocer 

O'Neill, Michael, mason 

O'Reilly, Rev. John, (Roman Catholic) 

Osier, Rev. F. L., rector St. James' 

OSLER k BEGUE, (B. B. Osier & T. A. Begue) 

Ovei-field, S 

Parker, E. B., pumpmakcr 

PARMENTER, W. K, morocco leather and glove 
manufacturer (sec adv.) 

Passmore, William saddler 

Patterson, David, hotel keeper 

Pirie, George M., Krocer 

Quarry, John, saddler 

Quinu, Patiick, grocer 

Kandoll, James H., imnter 

RANKIN, JOHN, dry goods 

Ratcliffe, Rev. Frederick, (Baptist) 

Reynolds, James, engineer 

Ridlcr, Gcoi^e, assessor 

RILEY, P. B., prop. Riley's HotoL 

ROBERTSON k WARDELL, (Thomas Robertson t 
A. R. Wardell,) barristers 

Rolph, George 

Russell, Abram, insurance agent 

Rutherford, H. C, M.D 

Sanders^ Richard, hotel keeper 

Scace, George F. , hotel keeper 

SCOTT, JAMES, agricultural implement manufac' 

Smith, John H., hotel keeper 
SMITH, J. F., general haixlware (see adv.) 
Smith, William, cabinet maker 
SOMERVILLE, JAMES, publisher True Banntr 
Suter, R. W., secretary ana ti'easurer Canal ComiAoy 

and insurance agent 
Thompson, James, 'accbiintant 
THORNTON, JOHN M., Postmaster 
TRUE BANNJ:R newspaper (weekly), James Somcr- 

ville editor and proprietor 
Urquhart, A., oUcKsmith 
Van Noble, David, boiler maker 
Wagstaff, John, tinsmith 
WALKER, A. H., M.D (see adv) 
Watson, David, farmer 
Watson, L. B., tailor 
Webster, Joseph, flour mill proprietor 
Willbey, Thomas, carriage maker 
Wilson, John, prop. Wentworth mills 
WILSON, RICHARD T., grocer wholesale and rctafl 
Wilson, Wilson, pt)cer 
Wood, John, baihff First Division Court 
WOODHOUSE, EDWARD, town clerk 
Woods, Andrew, agen,t 
Wright, John, boiler maker 
Wyatt, Robert, engineer 
Wynne, Dominick, laborer 



Unnnyille* — An incorporntiKl Village and station of the Ctrand Trank Railway, situated on the Grand River, 
at its juurtion with the feeder of the Welland Canal, in the Township of Moulton, County Haldimand, 
16 miles from Cayuga, the County Town, 40 from Hamilton, and 40 from Buffalo, N. Y. Money Order 
office and Savings Bank. Population 1500. 

AMSDEN, JABEZ, general merchaiyt, auctioneer and 

Armour, John, Clerk Division Court 

ARMOUR, THOMAS, Postmaster 

Barker, Edgar, attoniey at law 

Beeraer, Rev. A. (Episcopal Methodist) 

Beebo, Nelson, dentist 

Bolj3fPT, John, saloon keej)er 

BOYLE, A. & CO., dry goods and gi-oceries 

Braund, J., insurance agent 

BRAUND, W. & CO., hanlware and general dealers 

Brown, Oeorgc, lime dealer 

Brown, J. R., groder 

Brownson, A., commission merchant 

Bushell, James, hotel keeper 

Cairns, Samuel, blacksmith 

Callowliill, W., watchmaker 

Carlisle, Thomas, general merchant 

Chambers, Richard, tiour mill prop. 

Clemo, James, bailiff 

Cormick, Samuel, shoemaker 

CRAYSTON, THOMAS, general merchant 

Culver, Peter, saloon keeper 

<'unningham. Rev. S. (Baptist) 

DUNNVILLE luminary (weekly), Thomas Mes- 
senger, editor and proprietor 

Duval & Irwin, saw mill proprietors 

Ebershott, Peter, butcher 

Edgar, John, builder 

Everingham, James A., miller 

Parrsn, John, barber 

Farrell, J. T., M.D 

Fleming, Rev. Robert, (Presbyterian) 

Flood, Rev. John, (Church of England) 

FoixL A. B., tinsmith 

Fry, W., M.D 

CaAh, Matthew, butcher 

(ramble, William, restaurant 

Gibbs, M. , saloon keeper 

Han ly, James, photographer 

HEJsDERSHOTT, P. H., dry goods, clothing and 
groceries, agent Wanzers* sewing machines 

Hodder, E., butcher 

Hodder, George, butcher 

Hood, John, surveyor 

Hopkins, N., M.D 

Hopkins, N., jun., M.D 

House, W., carpenter 

Jarden, Z., watchmaker 

Johnson, l^L B., general merchant 

JOHNSON, JOHN T., dry g09ds and groceries 

Kennedy, Rev. George, (Wesleyan) 

King, R., grocer 

Lawe, Henry, P.L.S., insurance agent 

Laidlaw, James, foreman Luminary 

Leaver, Rev. J. J. A., (N. C. Methodist) 


liiteter, John, tailor and grocer 



JlcCrae, W. A., Customs Collector 

M'^Laughlin, Alexander, M. D. 

^IcNeil, C, saloonkeeper 

McNeil, Robert, grocer 

JlcNulty, Rev. J. (Roman Catliolic) 

Macartney, A. T., dry goods and groceries 

May, Richaifl, baker 

Montreal Telegraph Company, J. R. Brown, agent 

Morris, James, shoemaker 

Murphy, J., landing waiter 

Moote, W. M., grocer 

NE VENS, JAMES H., prop. Nevens' Hotel (see adv.) 

Ncvens* Hotel, near Railwav Station* 


Schofield & Son 
Noble, J., grocer 
Old, F. W. M., tinsmith 
PENNY, H., boots and shoes 
PERRY, CORNELIUS, groceriesand liquors (seeadv.) 
Phipps, Job, shoemaker 
PIGEON, MRS* E., prop. Queen's Hotel 
Price, D. S., hotel keeper 
Price, David, Iwarding house keeper 
QUEEN'S HOTEL, Mrs. E. Pigeon prop. 
Ramsay, Francis, deputy sup. Public Works 
Randell, N. B., grocer 
Reed, J. F., grocer 

ROOT, HARM AN, liven' stables (see adv.) 
SCHOFIELD, JAMES k SON, marble works, steam 

cabinet factory 
Scott, George, woolen factor 
Scott, J. S. & Co., cabinet makers 
Simms, George, farmer 
Smith, George, shoemaker 

Smith, John F., drUggist, issuer of marriage licenses 
Smith, M. A., saw mul proprietor 
SMITHERS, RICHARD, boots and shoes 
Soper, W., gunsmith 
Sowerby, John, carriage maker 
STEVENS, CHARLES, saddler, &c 
Stevenson, F., attomey-at-law 
Thewlis, Allan, grocer 
Tipton, Thomas, L. 3f., collector canal tolls 
Upper, M. C, attomey-at-law 
Walker, George, painter 
WALTHO, SAMUEL, woolen factor 
Watson, David, proprietor mills 
Weatherbv, Miss, milliner 
Webber, B. H., flour and feed 
Wheeler, Samuel, watchmaker 
Whipple, James, carriage maker 
WHITE, WILLIAM, merchant teilor 
Yocum, James, agricultural implements 

Handelfk — A post office in the Township of Matilda, County Dondas. 

WHARTON, THOMAS, Postmaster. 

Dnnkeld.— 'A Post-office in the Township of Brant, County Bruce, S.R. 

BELL, HUGH, Postmaster. 



Hundonald' — A Village in the Townahlp of Cramalie, County Northumberland, 25 miles from Coboorg 
the County Town, and 90 from Toronto. Improred land in vicinity averages $35, uuimmproved |12 per 


Avery, Anson, fanner 

BARKER, JOHN, Postmaster, general merchant 

Bedell, D. R., J. P. 

Bellamy, Andrew, carpenter 

Campbell, D., grist prop, mill 

Chesterfield, Henry, shoemaker 

Coons, W. , saw mill prop. 

Dudley, Levi, farmer 

Farrow, George, farmer 

Harden, William, sliingle maker 

Hinman, S. J. P. 

Ives, William, carpenter 

Lane, C. T., wool carder 

Murphy, G. T., farmer 

Phillip, William, J. P. 

Potts, I., saw mill prop. 

Purdy, David, fanner 

Kobson, Rev. Mr., (Wesleyan) 

Simpson, Rev. L, (Episcopal Methodist) 

Sprung, John, cooper 

Stimers, James, lime dealer 

Thorne, John T., farmer 

Walker, William, farmer 

Watson, S. E., telegraph operator 

Dnngannoil* — A Village in the Township of Ashfield, County Huron,' 18 miles from Goderich the County 
Town, and 162 from Toronto, situate on Nine Mile ci-eek, which affords good water power. Improved 
land in the neighborhood averages $40 per acre. Money order office. Population 250. 

McLean, John, farmer 

Anderson, Thomas, farmer 

Barr, Rev. William, (Presbyterian) ' 

Black, Anthony, hotel keeper ' 

CLENDINNING, R., J.P., Postmaster, gen. mercht 

Crawford, William, wagon mtiker ' 

Daunt, Rev. Mr., (Church of England) 

Davidson, Robert, fanner 

Disher, Thomas, woolen factor 

Forbes, Robert, teacher 

Garvey, Andrew, cooper 

Johnston, Thomas, general merchant 

Kerr, & McGrattan, shoemakers 

Kitson, George, brick yard 

McArtlmr, William, carpenter 

McKay, James, M. D. 

McMath, Hugh, woolen factor 

McMath, S., saddler 

McPherson, Alexander, tailor 

Mallough, William, J. P. 

Miller, George, shoemaker 

Pentland, Alexander, fanner 

Pentland, Thomas, fanner 

Robei*te, J. W., & Co., general merchants 

Saunley, S. B., miller 

Sproule, Andrew, cabinet maker 

Swift, Dean, hotel keeper 

Trealeaven, John, general merchant 

Whyford, James, tinsmith 

Wiggins, Robert, farmer 

UnilTesail. — A Post-office in the Township of Kenyoh, County GlengaiTy. 

McLEAN, HECTOR, Postmaster. 

Unntroon. — (Formerly Bowmore.) — A Post Village in the ToTsiiship of Nottawasaga, 5 miles from Stayner 
the nearest Station on the Northern Railway, and 22 miles to Barrie by load. Daily Mail. Popula- 
tion 90. ' 

Belfry k Co., general merchants 
Briggs, George, shoemaker 
Cluncs, John, blacksmith 
Johnson, William, merchant 
McCausland, John, carpenter 
McDonald, William, machinist 

McDonald, William, jun., carpenter 

McKeggie, John, J.P 

Mackeniclicr, Alexander, M.D 

NefT, Isaiah, inn keeper 

RUSSELL, JAMES, postmaster, gen. mercht 

Smith, Donald, tailor 

Dnnsford. — A small Village in the Township of Verulam, County VictoAa, 2 miles south from Sturgeon 
Lake, 10 miles from Lindsay, the County Town, and 12 from Bobcaygeon. Improved lands in the 
neighborhood average $25, and wild $12 per acre. Stages to Lindsay and Bobcaygton. Population 30. 

BeU, James, carriage maker McCrea, Donald, teacher 

GRAHAM, WILLIAM, Postmaster and storekeeper Thurston, Jabcz, J.P. 

Dnil8lliaiie« — A Post Office in the Township of Huron County Bmce, S. R< 

McDonald, JAMES L., Postmaster. 



Unrbaill. — A Villtge on the main branch of the Saugeen River, in the Townships of Bentinck and Qlenelg, 
Coninty Grey. Bietant from Owen Sound the County Town, 28 miles, from Toronto 100 miles. Stages 
to Guelph, fare $3, and Collingwood, fare $2. Average price of farming Und $20. Park 1 $75. Money 
Ordfer Office and Savings Bank. Population 1200. 

Anderson, Rev. J., (Wesleyan) 
Anderson, W., blacksmith 
Bain, James, general merchant 
Baldwin, John, carpenter 
Barrett k Park, attomeys-at-law 
Burnett, A. H., blacksmith 
Boulder, Thomas, carpenter 
Brown, Alexander, grocer 
Brown, James, general merchant 
Carson, John, general merchant 
C^ittick, Christopher, blacksmith 
Cochrane, Alexander, J. P. 
Cochrane, Asa, proprietor planing mill 
Cochrane, A. & A., wagon makers 
Cole, Henry, proprietor Exchange Hotel 
CoUes, W. U. & Co., broom manufacturers 
Crawford, J., M. D. 

"DL^RHAM CHRONICLE," White & Johnston, Ed- 
itors and proprietors 
Edwards, — , bookseller 
Edwards, J. H., watchmaker 
Elvidge, Lockwood, livery stable 
Evans, Rev. W., (Church of England) 
Findlay & Jones, booksellers 
Finlay, R., telegraph operator 
French, P., tailor 
Ounn, James, M. D. 
Harper, C, attomey-nt-law 
Harris, Thomas, tinsmith 
Hunter, Archibald 
Hunter, J. H., general merchant 
Hyudman, John, general merchant 
Isaacs, George, saddler 
Jack, John, painter 
Jackson, David, J. P. 
Jackson, William, Crown Land agent 
Jamiesou, J., carpenter 
Jamieson, W., wagon maker 
Jones, Japiea, cabinet maker 
Jones, Thomas, shoemaker 
Kelly, John, lumber dealer 
Legate, S. E., painter 
Limiu, Cliarles, butcher 
McCullough, John, carpenter 
McDonald, J. W., carpenter 

KcFarlane, A., wagon maker 

McFarlane, R., wagon maker 

Mclntyre, D., tailor 

McKay, Hugh, auctioneer 

McKechnie, A & G., general merchants 

McKelvy, Robert, carpenter 

McKENZIE, ARCHIBALD, Postmaster and general 

McKenzie, Donald, shoemaker 
McKenzie, Roderick, farmer 
MacDonnell, D., 
Mahuet, Rev. P., (Roman Catholic) 
Meredith, — , grocer 

Middough, J. H., proprietor International Hotel 
Moodie, John, accountant 
Orton, Richurd, M. D. 
Parke, Rev. W., (Presbyterian) 
Parker k Cattle, chemist 
Parrot, John, tinsmith 

Paterson, Peter, lumber dealer and woolen factor 
Perry, J., general merchant 
Porter, — , M. D. 
Rol)ertson, John, tailor 
Rose, Alexander, tailor 
Ross, J., shoemaker 
Rombough, W. R., teacher 
Rowland, John, auctioneer 
Russell, George, general merchant 
Shewell, John, cabinet maker 
Sidsworth, J. baker 
Smith, Thomas, tanner 
Spence, James, i)roprietor British Hotel 
Stoddart, T., propnetor Durham Hotel 
Storey, Henry, wagon maker 
Sullivan, J., tinsmith 
Surveyor, Duvid, teacher 
Sutherland, R., baker 
Tucker, G., cooper 
Turner, Wilton, teacher 
Turner, k Richardson, general merchants 
Walker, Rev. J., (New Connexion) 
WHITE k JOHNSTON, publishers and proprietors, 

Durham Chrmiiele 
Whitmore, Thomas 
Willey, G. G., shoemaker 

£ast llawkcsbnry.— A Village in the Township of East Hawkesbury, County Prcscott, 14 miles from 

L'Orignal, the County Town. 

Albright, Archibald, farmer | 

Allison, William, J. P. 

Bertrand, Leonard, carpenter 

Bertrand, Leonard, jun., carriage maker 

Burwash, Caroline, dressmaker 

Burwash, Nelson, J. P. 

Cameron, John, farmer 

Chalmers, Rev. William (Methodist) 

Cook, James, painter 

Cooke, James, architect 

Cunning, William, cooper 

Foumier, Peter, cooper 

Oarrett, Rev. Mr. (Methodist) 

• '-' - 

Grout, Solomon, farmer 

Kirkconnel), John, farmer 

I^blond, Pierre, leather dealer 

Laiiame, Antoiue, shingle maker 

Lc Roy, Frank, carpenter 

McADAM, JOHN, Postmaster, boot and shoo maker 

McKiunon, — , M.D. 

McLennan, Harriet, teacher 

McKae, Alexander, teacher 

Maneeley, Micliael, hotel keeper and genl. merchant. 

Ogden, Mrs., milliner 

Ralston, Elizabeth, school teacher 

£flStpil*fi Comers.— r^«« Villages too lati for regular ituertion, at the end of th's %corl\) 



£a8;le. — A Post Village in the Towiiahip of Aldboro', County Elgin, distant 24 miles from St. Thomas, the 
County Town. Population 75» 

Edwards, Robert, painter 

Lindaman, P., dry goods, &c. 

McCallum, J., carpenter 

MOWBRAY, WILLIAM, Postmaster and carpenter 

MulhoUand, G. A., cabinet maker and wagon maker 
Siegel, Frederick, boots and shoes 
Stewart, J. H., caii>enter and builder 

£llSt Oro. — A small Post Village in the Townshij) of Oro, County Simeoe, 16 miles from Banie, the 
County Town. Population 60. 

SIMPSON, WILLIAM, Postmaster. 

BastHllC— (Holt P.O.)— A Village in the Township of East Gwillimbury, County York, 40 milf's fi-oni 

Toronto, the County Town, and 5 from Sharon. 

Armitage, Joshua, inn keeper 
Douelas, Samuel, farmer 
Fields, Thomas, farmer 
Hopkins, James, farmer 
Lepard, John, farmer 
Lepard, Leonard, carpenter 

Stage to Newmarket. Population 50 

Morris. Evan, carpenter 

QUIBELL, JOHN, Postmaster and general merckmt 

Kowen, Richard, fanner 

Thomjison, Kemp, farmer 

Traviss, Charles, farmer 

East Williamsbnrgll* — (Sec VUlagts too laUfor regular uisertion, at the end of the uoi'l'.) 

Eastwood.— A Post Village in the Township of East Oxford, County Oxford, *nd a Station on the Gi-eat 
Western Railway, 4 miles distant from Woodstock, the County Town. Population about 100. 

Fowler, James, shoemaker 
Hyde, William, farmer 
Robinson, John, black&mith 

Smith, Hiram, blacksmith 
Shaw, John, general merchant 

Eden.— A Post Village in the Township of Bayham, County Elgin. Distant from St. Thomas, the County 

Town, 24 miles. Daily mail. 

KETHERCOTT, JOHN, Postmaster. 

Eden Mills. — A Village in the To^-uship of Eramosa, County Wellington, 7 miles from Guelpli, the 

County Town, and 4 miles from Bockwood Station, Grand Trunk Railway. A branch of the River Speed 

passes through the village, and affords good mechanical power 

Boyle, Andrew, blacksmith l^IcKay, Samuel, general merchant 

Campbell, Malcolm, shoemaker Martin, George, wagon maker 

Cook, Frederick, cabinet maker MEADOWS, SAMUEL, Postmaster 

Cook, Othello, cabinet maker North, James, carpenter 

Gokey, Frank, coojier Richardson, Ralph, wagon medcer 

Hampson, George, stone and lime dealer 
Hams, John, hotel keeper 
Harris, Thomas, cooper 
Hough, Rev. M., (Wesleyan) 
JackBon, Anthony, general merchant 

Roberts, Daniel, carpenter 

Thomas, George, dentist 

Wilkinson, Rev. M., (New Con. Methodist) 

Wilson, Peter, dyer 

Edgecombe.— A Post Office in the Township of Mornington, County Pei-th, distant 20 miles from Strat- 
ford, the County Town. Pojndation 30. 

Coulter, Robert, farmer 

Dunbar, Mrs., accouchante 

Gallop k Brother, carriage makers and blacksmiths 


Hamilton, William, farmer 

Kompff, Louis, carpenter and builder 

JCennedy, Thomas, hotel proprietor 

McFaddt^n, Uriah, J. P. and fanaer 
McKeiu:ii'i X^lt^^can, stone masou 
Moutji^infrv, Joseph, plasterer 
^tartuii Robert, farmer 

"lobert, stonemason 
White, Samuel, teacher 




£lfanoill011. — A Post Village in the Township of ChinguacotuBy, Connty Peel, 44 miles from Brampton, the 
County Town, and 30 from Toronto. The Brampton and OrangsviUe stages pass through the Village 
daily. Population 140. 

Cameron, K, general merchant 


Duckworth, James, farmer 

GAscoyne & Quinm, carriage makers 

Humphries, Edwin, cabinet midcer 

Huxley, John, boot and shoe maker 

Jordan, — , teacher 

Knox, William, hotel keeper 

Lundy, James, hotel keeper 

McCailom, R. C, Township Clerk and Treasnrec 

McLellni, James, hotel keeT)er 
Newton, George, boot and siioemaker 
Quinn, K., J.P 
Shields, Thomas, fanner 
Snell, B. & E., farmers 
Snell, John, farmer 
Watson, Benjamin, farmer 
Watson, James, farmer 
Watson, Robert, farmer 

£lldy stone. — ^A Post office in the Township of Haldimand, County Northumberland. 

Sdwardsbnrg^. — (Sec Villages too late for reg^ilar insertion, at the end of tlu worLJ 

IRIHiighiint. — A Village in the Township of Pelham, County Monck, 7 miles from St. Catherines, tlip- 
County Town, and 72 from Toronto. Improved land in the vicinity $55 per acre. Population, 50 

Atkins, John, farmer 
Beckett, Whiston, fanner 
Beckett, William, wool factor 
Metlar, David, fanner 

REDPATH, GEORGE, Postmaster 
Sanderson, John, fanner 
Ward, Nehemlah, farmer 
Wilson, Alexander, former 

£ga]ITllle. — (See Villages too laUfor regular insertion, at the end of ths work. ) 

Egbert,— A Post Office in the Township of Essa, County Simcoe. 

STRACHAN, JAMES, Postmaster. 

Cserton. — A Post Office in the Township of Luther, County Wellington. 

HUNTER, JAMES, J. P., Postmaster and geueial meixhaut 

CsUnirton. — A Village on Yongc Street, Township 

Campbell, James, blacksmith 

Coulter, James, shoemaker 

Douglass, William, cania^e maker 

Haigrave, Joseph, shoemaker 

Han-is, Rev. James 

Jackea, W., J.P 

Lawrence, Jacob, farmer 

Lawrence, John, farmer 

McBride, Charles, proprietor Prospect House 

of York, 4 miles from Toronto. 

Martin, Joseph, fanner 
Martin, Wilham, farmer 
Maughan,, N., carpenter 
Nightingale, Henry, butcher 
Snider, S'dwin, farmer • 
Snider, Edward, farmer 
Snider, Elia, farmer 
Ward, George, farmer 

Population, 200. 

'Egremont — ^A Post-office in the Township of Normanby, County Grey. Distant from Owen Sound, the 
County Town, 42 miles, from Toronto 90 miles. Stages daily to and irom Guelph. Average price of 
land $15. Population 60. 

Allan,, John, farmer 
Anderson, William, farmer 
Cooper, Mrs. M., hotel keeper 
Crii^^le, James, hotel keeper 
Dawson, Robert, fanner 
Dickson, John, miller 
Lumley, William, fanner 

McFarlane, George, fanner 

McKellar, Neil, farmer 


Ryan, W. H., J.P 

Sefton, Miss Martha, teacher 

SMITH, THOMAS, Postmaster and gen. mercht 

West, Rev. Mr., (Methodist) 



Egmondvill6. — A Village adjoining Seaforth Station, Buffalo and Lake Huron Railway, on tlie Bayfield 
River, in the Townsliip of Tuckeramith, County Huron, 22 miles from Goderich, the County Town. The 
The Village was settled in 1845 by Conajpt Louis Van Egmond. The river affords good water power. 
Average value of land in vicinity, $40 per acre. Stages to Bayfield, Bruoefield and Varna. Money order 
oflice. Population, 500. 

Allen, Thomas, butcher 

Badger, William & Brothers, potash and soap factory 

Bohler, V., potter 

Bowdeu, John, brickmalcer 

Brett, Robeii;, tanner 

Brown, William, miller 

Cameron, S., tailor 

-Carter, James, lumber merchant 

COLBERT, HENRY, proprietor Huron Brewery 

Duncan, David, carpenter 

Ewing, George, butcher 

Fultoui Robert, blacksmith 

Graham, Rev., (Presbyterian) 

-Gray, John, plow maker 

Heftier, Christopher, wood and willow ware 

Hill, Thomas, blacksmith 

Holcombe k Hamilton, grocers 

JACKSON, pEORGEK, Postmaster 

Jackson, G. & H., general merchants 

Krusi, C, cooiier 

McDonald, Solomon, cooper 

Merkans, Leopold, tanner 

Neff, J.-, hotel keeper 

Robinson, Mis., hotel keeper 

Rudglph, Maftin, manufacturer of syrups and cordials 

Rudd, William; wagon maker 

Shaffler, Paul, carpenter 

Smith, Andrew, saddler 

Sparrow, Edward, carpenter 

Steel, John, shoemaker 

Tinkess, Levi, pump maker 

Van E^mondv August, fuUing mills 

VAN EGMOND, C. L., proprietor flour mill 

Van Egmond, Leopold, proprietor saw mill 

Vercoe, H., M.D 

Watson, C. W,, sheepskin tanner 

Eldorado.— A Village in the Township of Madoc, County Hastings, on the road from Belleville totlio 
Madawaska, and in the heart of the celebrated gold mining region. The Richai-dson and the Belleville 
and Richardson mines are now in coui-se of working. The village is 34 miles from Belleville, the County 
Town, and 153 from Toronto. 

Bacon, Charles 

Bacon, John 

Best, J. R. 

Best, J. S 

Borland, Samuel, J., dry goods, &c 

•Chambera, James 

Chambers, Joseph 

'Cooke, Henry 

Cooke, Joh'n 

"Craig, W., hotel keeper 

DICKSON, ADAM, Postmater 

EUis, William 

•Gonsolus, Andi*ew 

•Gonsolus, Peter 

Hassanl, Richard 

Impey, Servius 

Knight, Overton, M.D 

Lightbume, Stafford, attomey-at-law 

McCarthy, H., hotel keeper * 

Mcluroy, John 

Moore, Alexander 

Moore, James 

Moore, John 

Moore, John M 

O'Brien, John, hotel keej)er 

Pine, William 

Richardson, John 

Ru^jert, Charles 

Rupert James 

Sandford, Charles 

Simmonds, N., hotel keeper 

Seott, Robert, grocer, &c 

Scott, Thomas, grocer, &c 

ElglB. — A Village in the Township of South Crosby, 

Town, and 4 from Phili]^)sville. Population 200. 

Austin, C. S., general agent 

Bftkef, R. H., shoemaker 

Burns, Arthur, farmer 

•Connors, Thomas, shoemaker 

Dargand, Brothers, ffcuenil merchants 

Dai^vel, R., bookbinder 

Earl, James F., cabinet maker 

Halladty, B., carriage maker 

Halladay, James, carriage maker 

Howard, Rev. N. H. (£|nscopal Methodist) 

Hunter* Israel, blacksmith 

Kelvey, S., saddler 

Laishley, Henry, general merchant 

Leavitt, A. S., M.D., druggist 

Leavitt, T.» insurance a^ettt 

IiCggett, Benjamin, earriafre maker 

Leggett, Roltert, hotel keeper 

County LeedSj 38 miles from Brockville, the CounU 

Merriman, A., brickyard 

McGhie, B. T., M.D. 

ilurphy, James, shoemaker 

Mustai-d, William, carpenter 

Newman, A. S., general merchant 

Pen nock, A. W., cooper 


Pennock, William, farmer 

Ren nick, Sterling, builder 

Riplev, 0. T., J. P. 

Savage, Rev. W. (Methodist) 

Seel, S., blacksmith 

Sexton, T., general merchant 

Sly, David, siiddler 

Warren, J. B., fanner 

Withie, A., carpenter 

Elfrida— A Post-office in the Township of Saltflect, County Wentworth. Tri-weekly mail. Poi nlation 50. 

£IJ>£K— ELMIIfiA. 145 

Mer.— A Post Villagd in the Township of Mono, County Simcoe, S5 miles from BMtie, the Ckmaty T«wft 
sHd 6Q ^ro« Totonto. 

: roXX, CO0RTNEy, Postmastor 
FJtler. Thonjag, J.P 
Krin, John, lime dealer 

I^ewis Williani, J. P., teacher • 
Mullin, Edward, lime bunuT 

UgtelNirE- — (See ViU<*{f€S too lalefor regular insnftOH, at the end of this woil.) 

Clgfalield. — ^A Post A'iUagc in the Township of Ixindon, County Middlesex, 14 miles from London, the 
Comity T»wn, and 8 fn>m liUcan, a station on the CJrand Trunk Railway. A stage from laondon to Clin'- 
ton passes daily. Population oO. 

Atkinson, William, hlacksrnitli 
Benn, H. k Sons, hriekniakers 
UHirthy, William, innkeeper 
MfCormack, Stephen, general men'lmnt 

Nnngle, Tliomas, general merchant 

Kj'an, "VV. H., Postmaster, fjirnier and inukeei>cr 

Scott, "W., potash mauufat.-turer 

Tracy, Thomas, eaqx-nter 

, ClizabethTillC- — A small Villap; in the Townshi]) of Hope, County Durliam, 13 miles from I'ort Hojk*, 
the County Town, and 65 from Toronto. Avm-age value of improved laud in the vicrinity, f 45 por u^k. 
Popolatioii 75. 

MrMUIlTY, JOHN, Postmaster. 

EIlfBS^OWail. — A post oUIce in the Township of Biuut, County Bnice, South Hiding. 

BROWNLKE, JAMES, Postmaster 

HlftMiePe. — A post oftice in the Township of Scarboro, County York. 


CbiYale. — A small Village in the Township of Flos, County Simooe, 22 mil^s tVoni Btuiie, the. Coiurtf 
Town, &Sjd t% from Toronto. The rircr Wyo, in tli^ ncighborliooil, affonls g<Tod wattr j)owcr. 
" • HAllVEY, WILLIAM, Postmaster. 

EWra.— A Tillage in the Township, of Woohvich, County Waterloo. l)ista>it 12 miles from BerKii 

d^ County Town, and 6(5 miles from Toronto.' The V111ag«j is fast growing into iniiwrtunce and numN-ri 

at the present time about 450 inhabitants. 

•jfOi-hler, Jacob, cooper Rupi>fl, Jolin, gcnci-al incr<*hant 

^«iuidian Maple Leaf, Thomas Ililliard, propnLi.^i- . Russell, Charles, c^irjjenti'r 

''HKI.STMANA, JOHN, livery proprietor Savage, Jolm Y., c^hcniist and druggist 

jHiwiler, A- T. & Co., founders and machinibt.-; SUuniafher, John S., iuiut<'r 

^JjAkf^ HoQly, cams<^ mal^r . f Simon, liOuis, tailor and naddler ■ 

«^is W. O., iiotel keeper ! Simjison, James, cabinet maker 

KUlRA JOINT STOCK grist aud flouring miU < Smiley, B»v. Mn (Wesieyan)* . 

company ; Stork, John, carriage maker, R^v., Mr., (Luthern) ] Sutherland, Robert, general merrhant 

Girling, John, saddles and harness makor ; Voght, Ui'orgc, pro{>riotor Union hotel 

(tfiLiiu, Rev. Mr., (Pres>)Vterian^ J Wachsmutli, William, l>tx>t and shoe maker 

H-^r-wt, Caspar, tailor " * , Walmsley, D.ivid L., M.D, 

nlUiIARD, THOMAS, editor wid. pro|m<;l-r • Warner & Kptiiig, l>oot and shoe makew 

Citnadum Maple Leaf 
Mnston, C, teacher 
Jwipf, Frederick, carpenter 
Eiffel-, Matthias, hotel proprietor and bht«h<i" 
i**^ Pettt* k Co., stoves and tinware 

Wenz, Jacob, cooper 

Whiting, James A., M.D. 

Winger, Isaac, general merchant 

WINGER, PETKli, Postmaster . , - • 

Winger k Weaver (Peter Winger fmd 8«miiel 8.. 

^Ju, Hiiam, carpenter , Wearer), genend merchants, .wool 9xA »▼ quH 

win, Henry, carpenter ' i ' lers 

j'*! Her. Mr., (Lutheran) i Woodward, George W., teacher 

'^'^^ C^lind, pv9|]if«tor iJ^ijildji Ifot^l.' -^ ^ffckKlward, Harriet A., t«achar 


Elilt f OltO¥Si^-I^ORA. 

Stan Ciroye. — ^A small Tillage in the Township of Easa, Countj Simebe, iritaatvHi *on the IfottaWaaaga 

rlprivil^ges. It ia distant 19 miles from Barite the County Town, and 


60 from Toronto, Population 30. . 

Hnnt, E., agent R. Lore 

LOVE, RICHARD, Postmaster, and gen. merchant 

Mooney, John, school teacher 

HcKaughton, Thomas^ hdal keeper 
Woods, Henry, boot and ahoe mMter 

SlniWOM. — A Post Village in th^ Township of Brant, County Bruce, 13 miles distant from Walkerton, 
the County Town, and 125 from Toronto. It is situated on a branch of the Saugeen river, which affords 
excellent water power. The surrounding country is extremely fertile. Stages to Hanoyer^ Scone and 
Chesley. Population 30. 

Bannister, Samuel, shingle maker 

Barton, Hagh N. ^ atone entter 

Brown. Rev. (Baptist) 

Balgleish, Robert^' potash maker 

DIRSTEEN, JOHN, Postmaster and mill owner 

Eveligh, Joseph, miU-wright 

Gustour k Co., cabinetmakers 

Huscher k Co., boots and shoes 

Huseher, Frederick, accountant 

Kempkes, Herman, wagon maker 

Karr, Alexander, teamater 

Kerr, John M., painter 
Pepper, William, lime burner 
Puttock, David, blacksmith 
Reinhardt,, John, general store 
Reinhardt, Jacob, maaon 
Robertson, Alexander, blacksmith 
Robertson, John, stonecutt^ 
Smith, Thomas, contractor 
Smith, William, weaver 
Watson, Thomas, carpenter 

Elont-^An incorpoi^ated Village in the Township of Nichol, County Wellington, beautifully situated near 
the junction .of the Grand and Irvine rirers, 18 miles from Guelph, the County Town, 8 from Feigui, 36 
from Listowell, khd 52 from Walkerton. Daily 6tage from GuelpK Money Order Office and Sai^gs' 
Bank. Population 1,500. 

Allan, Charles 

ANDREW, JOHN, watchmaker 

Arkeli, James, miller 

BAIN, JOHN, sen., prop. Elora Hotel 

BAIN, JOHN, At SON, caxding, foiling and woolen 

mills (see odv). 
BAIN, JOHN, Jun. (John Bain k Son) 
Bank of Montreal, W. P. Newman, manager 
Barron, George, J. P. 
Beck, Fred, cnrpentep 
Beck, Thomas, car|>enter 

BIGGAR, THOMAS, prop. Commercial Hotel (seeadv) 
Blake, George, mason 
BOWES, JOHN, dry goods, groceries, &c. 
Brown, George, proprietor marble works 
Brown, John, constable 
Buckley, John, weaver 
BURNS, EDWARD (McMillan k Bums) 
Bye, George, grocer 

CASSCADEN, JAMES, prop. Farmer's Hotel -. 
Cattanach, Uv9. Mary, dressmaker. 
Cheeseman, Charles, cabinet maker 
Chinnech, Robert, tailor 

COMMERCIAL HOTEL, Thomas Biggar, proprietor 
CONNELL, ANDREW, hardware 
Connor, Thomas, i»intcr 
COOK, ROBERT A., hotel keeper 
CULLODEN, W. G., editor and proj^ietor 2^orth 

Welliiinton Tinw , ; 

Cuthbert, Alexander, blacksmith. 
Cuthbert k Noble, wagon makers 
DALBY, FRANii„proprietorDalby House (seeadv.) 
DALBY HOUSE, Frank Dalby, proprietor 
Dalby, Robert, tanner . . 
Douglass, Moses 

PREVV..G,EORGE A. (Drew k Jacob) 
DREW &'JA(iOB (George A and John), barristers, 

attorn ies, notaries public, &c. 
Duff, Rev. John (Presbyterian) 

Duncan, John ' - 

Dunean, William, niason * 

Eby, Jonas, carpenter 

Eby, William^ carpenter 

Elliott, William, veterinary surgeon 

ELORA HOTEL, John Bain, proprietor 

Farrow, Benjamin, pump maker 

Farrow, Edward, pump maker 

Finlay, David, bailiff 

FINLAYSON, JOHN, M. D., Poatmaatec 

Foote, David, farmer 

Forl)e8, George, tailor 

Ford, George, catpenter 

Fraser, Alexander, miller 

FRASER, J. M., miller and distiller 

FRASER, J. M. k Co., merchants 

Fraser, Peter, miller 

Fuller, George, cooper - 

Garrard k Son, wagon makers 

Gay, A. W., agent Elom milk 

German, Rev. J., (Wesleyan) 

Gerrie, James, shoemaker 

Gerrie, Robert, farmer 

Gibbeon, William 

Glick, Lewis, distiller 

Godfrey, John, shoemaker 

Gordon, A., saddler 

Gordon, John W., photographer 

Giav, William, mason 

Halley, Maurice, grocer 

Hamilton, H., blm;ksmitk; 

Haslcm, Charles, carpenter 

Hay, George, carpenter 

HELE, JOHN W. k Co., chemists and druggists 

Henderson, J., merchant 

Henderson Bros., merchants . ' . ^ 

Henneberry, J. k Co., prox)rictorf flax and grist mills 

Hicks, John, coo[)cr 

Inch, Charles, cooper 

JACOB, JOHN, (Drew k Jacob) 

1 m/»tA^VMfa»Q. 


Keiif, Thomas L., brewer 
Kenning, J. fr R., blacksmStbs 
Kerr, Robert, tanner 
Kerr, William, boots and sboas 
Kilnatrick, WiUiain, otfrpanter 
Kirs k Clarke, merchants 
Kirkendall, Joseph 

KNOWLES, WILLIAM, haidware mercht. (see adv) 
Ijand, Henry, shoemaker < 
lAPenoticre, W. H., P. L. B. 
lAwrence, Charles, bricklayer 
Iieach, William, chair maker 
licslie, Oeorge, farmer 
liown, Jaco^ tailor 
JCcBain, D., mason 
licColloch, James, packer 
JCcDonald, John, carpenter 
McGregor, M. 0., hamster 

3£eGR£60K, REV. J. G., head master gram'r school 
Jiclboj, Samuel 
Kclntosh, James, millwright 
JCeKinlay, Geoige, carpenter 
ICcLean, John, clerk Diviiioa Conrt 
JfcLeod, John, farmer 
licMicken, WiUiam, carpenter 
JfeMILLAN, A. G., (McMillan k Bums) 
JfcMILLAN k BURNS, (A. G. and Edward) barris- 
ters, attorneys, kc, 
MeKeil, John, cabinet maker 
Ifariinj Thomas, saores, tinware, kc 
Haw k Fenwick, (Robt. B. k Wul) ntierctumt tailors 
Hiddlemass, Rev. J., (Canada Presbyterian) 
MIDDLETON, William G., M. D. 
Mitchell, Robert, saddler 
MITCHELL k ROBERTSON, general merchsntB 
ModelaiKl, Isaac, iron founder 
MUNDELL, JOHN, cabinetmaker . 
NEWMAN, £. H., auetSonser . ; 

NOBLE, GEORGH; wagon nuker (see odr.) 
Paget, A. H., M.D. 

\ < 

Patmore, Leri, earponter 

Pitcher, Richard, painter 

Potter, D. lie., iron founder 

Punrias k Mclntyre, teamsters 

Roberts, Hugh, farmer 

Ross, Arthnr, fiimier 

Ross, James 

Ross, John M., miller and distiller 

Scott, Charles, carpenter 

Scott, Henry, painter 

SHAW, J. M., editor and piop. Lightnintf BKf¥m 

Shepherd, Jacob, carpenter 

SHEPPARD, M., watchmaker and jeweller (see adv.) 

Sheppard, William, carpenter 

Simpson, Peter, carpenter 

Sinclair, George,. laerchant 

Smart, Alexander, potash manufacturer 

Smith, James, cabinet maker 

SMITH, JOHN, editor and proprietor Elord Ok$eroer 

(see adv.) 
Smith, John A., carpenter ■ 
Smith, R. J., stationery and drogs 
Somers, J. G., taiUr 
Spalding, Alexander^ carpenter 
Stafford, William, bricklayer 
STEPHENSON, S. E., watchmaker and jewekr 
Tait, J., teacher 
Taylor, Benjamin, merchant 
Taylor, John,, farmer 

Thompson, Rev. C. E , (Church of England) 
THOMSON, GEORGE, boots and shoes 
Toph^m, Rol^crt, shoemaker 
Tribe, Jonathan, fai^mer 
Veitch, James, cooper 
Vicars, Francis, teamster 

VICKERS, THOMAfi, prop. Royal Hotel ; . f. 
Waddell Bros., (Alexander k John) carpent^';^ 
Webster, Samnel, tin and coppersmith . * / > * 
WhitUw, Charles, ptop^ Elora Mills ' 
Young, Jam^ 

Embf O* — An ineoporated Tillage situated on a 

County Oxford, one of the finest agricultural 

County Town, C miles from a station of the 

tion 600. 

Adams, Henry, M.D., druggist 

Adams, James, treasurer municipality 

Bartley, Jowph, farmer 

Campbell, George, carpenter 

Oampltell, James, carpent^ 

Chisholm, Walter, farmer, 

Cody, E., grocer 

Pent, Ijieut.-Cdl. John D 

Duncan, Geoige, M.D 

Duncan, John, farmer 

Farmsworth & Mumey, founders 

Forrest, George, general merchant 

Fraser, Duncan, grocer 

Geddes, William, cnrriage maker /; 

Grant, William, tailor 

Gnnn, John, farmer 

Henderson, Angus, tiftsmith 

Herron, Thomas, dry goods 

Hicks, Thomas, proprietor flour mills ." 

Hodgkinson, John, farmer ** 

Johnson, Rev., J. B., (Weslevan) ' 

Laycock, Josepli, proprietor ifour mill* 

HeAnlay, Hugh, tinsmith 

McDonald, A., councillor 

McDonald, John, manufacturer woolen goods 

McDonald Roderick, carpenter 

branch of the Thames, in the Township of West Zorra, 
sections of the Province, 10 miles from Woodstock* tli« 
Great Western Railway. Money Order office. Popnla- 

McDonald k TTrquhart, carriage makers 

McKay, A. A., councillor 

McKay, Daniel, painter . 

McKay, John, grocer 

McKay, Robert, farmer 

McKenzie, Rev. Donald, (Free Presbyterian) 

McPherson, D. R. , insurance agent 

Mann, James, guneral merchant 

MATHESON, D., Postmaster, estat^ agent 

Middleton, Donald, JCarmer 

Midgly, William, stock dealer 

Midgly, William, saddler 

Mitchell, Peten hotel keeper 

Munro, Donaldf, bntblicr 

lifunro, James S., tailor 

Patton k McKenzie, general merchants 

Roes, Henry, teacher , 

Ross, David, carpenter 

Ross, Johii M., proprietor flour mills 

Sanders, Mrs. hotel keeper 

Shaiy, Willinin, brick yaiil 

Straubel, Charles, saddler 

Sutherland, W; K. k H., cabinet makers 

Thome, John H., carjMjntcr 

Welch, William, cooper 






., I 



ElSlnorC' — ^A small Post YiUage in the Township of Arran, Connty Brace, 82 miles from Walkerton, the 

Connty Town, and 140 miles from Toronto. It is situated on the Stage rotite from Owen Sound to 
Southampton. Population 80. 

Beatty, James, hotel proprietor McLeod, Donald, farmer 

Forsyth, Robert, carpenter MONTGOMERY, ROBERT, Postmaster 

Hamilton, Alexander, carpenter Nelson, William, farmer 

Luxon, John, general merchant Pallister, Matthew, caqienter 

Kmbnui. — ^A Post office in the To^iishipof Russell, County Russell. 

LALONDE, JOSEPH, Postmaster. 

Emerald* — A Post o^ce iu tho Township of Amherst Island, County Lenox, 18 miles from Napanee, the 
County Town. 

HITCHEN, JOHN, Postmaster. 

Enfield. — A Post Village in the Township of Darlington, County Duiiiam, 12 miles from Port Hope, th« 
Coun^ Town, and 40 miles from Toronto. Stage to Oshawa tri-weekly. Population, 80. 

Amott, John, farmer 

Bray, John, faimisr 

Bray, Jonathan, carpenter 

Cuxtisa, Rer. J., (Bible Christian) 

Dyer, Daniel, butcher 

Dyer, James D., farmer 

Hull, Rer. J., (Bible Christian) 

HYMERS, JONATHAN, Postmaster and general 

Jessnp, Elisha, teacher 

James, John, farmer 
McCullough, George, farmer 
McDonald, Mary milliner 
Neddery, Robert, J. P., farmer 
Ormiston, Robert, farmer 
Powell, Benjamin, former 
Storkes, Charles, fanner 
Tapp, William, bootmaker 
Thompson, John, sliingle maker 
Thome, Thomas, carpenter 

Enniskillen.-'A Post Village in the Townahip of Darlington, and West Riding of the County Durham. 
The surrounding country is extremely fertile. Distant from Cobom-g, the County Town 86 miles, and 
from Toronto, 62 miles. Daily stages to BowmanWlle and Cartifv-right. Mails daily. Population, 800. 

Bigham, William, cooper 
Biu^n, William, auctioneer 
Couch, J., boot and shoemaker 

Flintoff, William, carriage maker 
Hannah, Robert, farmer 
Hiller, William, M.D 
Hu^, Richard, tailor 
Hull, Robert, farmer 

Hutchinson & Brisbane, ceneral merchants 
Kenedy, Robert, boot and shoemaker 
McLaughlin, James, M.D 
McLaughlin, Robert, carriage maker 
McLEOD, D. W., Postmaster, foundry' and nutchine 
shop, and general merchant 

Mallory, Charles, carpent-er and builder 
Martin, John, flomiug miller 
Mills, Samuel, harness maker 
Morley, Mrs. Ann, hotel proprietor 
Osborne, Alexander, teacher ' 

Potter, Philip, farmer 
Preston, John, carpenter 
Salter, David, farmer 
Sandycock, Alexander, butcher 
Sharp, James, CAbiuet maker 
Trewin, Samuel, general merchant 
Virtue, Archibald, farmer 
Virtue, William, hotel proprietor 

£imotVllle.-~(Barnett Poet Office.) A Village 
from Guclph the County Town, 84 miles, from 
age price of land $40 to $80,. * Population 50. 

Beattie, John, J. P., insurance agent, &c 

Beattie, William 

Broadfoot, Samuel, J. P. 

Campbell, Samuel 

C'Ook, John 

Cunningham, John 

Cunningham, Robert 

Cimninflrhaoi, William 

Davie, John, innkeeper 

DftTidjBOD, JUtJUwdar, grocer 

in the Township of Nichol, County Wellington ; distant 
Toronto 584 miles. Stages to Fergus and Giielph. Aver- 

Dow, James 
Dow, William. J. P 
ELMSLTE, JAMES, Postmaster 
Gunn, John 
Loghrin, Thomas 
McNee, Archibald, carpenter 
Scaulon, Eugene, J. P 
Scott, James 

Sherrat, Archiliald, blacksmith 
t Talbot, Richartl, teacher 



EnilisiBOre* — A Village iu tlie Township of Ennismore, County Peterborough ; 10 miles from Peterborough 
the County Town, and 80 from Toronto. Arerage price of land in the vicinity ^20 per acre. Mechanics 
of all kinds are needed. Stages to Peterborough and Bobcaygeon. Population 50 

Clarke, Alexander, farmer 
Coley, David, farmer 
Coyle, Rev. B., (Roman Catliolic) 
Corkery, Martin, J. P., farmer 
CYough, Michael, frrmer 
Donoghue, John, hotel keeper 
Dow, Humphry, hotel keeper 

Lawson, Henry, saw mill 

LEH ANE, TH0MA8, 8AR8FIELD, Pottnuirtei^'gai- 

eral agent 
O'Rtilly, Michael, farmer 
Rivington, George, farmer 
Reynolds, William, carpenter 
Waters, (leorge, brickmaker. 

Enterprise. — A Village in the Township of Camden, County Addington, situated on Jackson's Creek, 2Q 
miles from Napanee the County To\ni. Average value of improved land in the vicinity |dO per acre. 
Stages to Newbuigh and Napanee. Population 150. 

Ash, J. R., M. D. 

Card, Jos^h, carpenter 

Olancey, (J., fanner 

Clark, Kerens, teacher 

Cousins, James, farmer 

Cox, Eugene, cabinet maker 

Dopkinff, Nateanitl, farmer 

Dunn, Michael, farmer 

Svons, James, stock dealer 

GRAHAM, ROBERT, Postmaster 

Graham k Woolfe, general merchants 

Grass, Christopher, hotel keeper 

Uawley, £. P., general merchant 

Hulin, Rev. James, (Episcopal Metliodist) 

Lockwood, J., wagon maker 

0*Dea, P., lumber dealer 

Odekirk, Isaac, shingle maker 

Parks, Henry, fanner 

Pike, James, shoemaker 
B;eid, Robert, lumber dealer 
Retan, John, shingle maker 
Rupert, Rev. Mr., (Wesleyan) 
Shannon, James, farmer 
Snider, Thomas, shingle maker 
Switzer, W. J., M. D. 
Vaunest, John, farmer 
Vanolstine, James, wagon maker 
Wager, George 
Wager, M. O. B., fiumer 
Wager, Peter, carpenter 
Wager, Sanford, carpenter 
Wager, WiUiam N., carpenter 
Walker k Co.i wood and iiillow ware 
Wisnom, Samuel, tailor 
Wolfe, E. P., farmer 

Epptng. — A Village iu the Township of Euphrasia, County Grey. Distant from Owen Sound the County 
Town 30 miles, from Toronto 90 miles. A rerage price of land $20 to $30. Population 50 

Ball, Richard 
Boyd, James 

Brownell, Rev. D., (Wesleyan) 
Gilray, Robert, J. P. 
Longhead, John 
McKnight, James 
McKnight, Samuel 
McSorley, John 

MARSHALL, J. W., Postmaster k general merchant 

Masoks, George W., teachor 

Neil, John 

Neil, Joseph 

Piper, S., shoemaker 

Rooinson, T. 

Smith, George 

Epsom. — A Village in the Township of Reach, County Ontario, distant from Whitby, the County Town, 
15 miles, from Toronto 35 miles. Stages to Whitby and Uxbridge. Daily maiL Population 120L 

Bolton, William, hotel keeper 

C^Mtello, William, carriage maker 

Earchman, Adam, fanner 

English, John, fanner 

Huckins, J. C, Postmaster and general merchant 

McDowall, T. H.| shoemaker 

Mortson, John, blacksmith 
Munro, Timothy, J. P. 
Reid, Rev. H. (Wesleyan) 
Walker, Archibald, blacksmith 
"Williams, Rev. — (Wesleyan) 
Wilson, T. N., teacher 

Erbsrille.— A Post Village in the Township of Waterioo, County Waterloo, 8 miles from Berlin, the Coim^ 

Town. Pox>ulation 110. • 

Browman, Joseph, tailor 

Dipjp, Valentine, wood and willow ware 

ERBy JOHN L., Postmaster and lumber merchant 

Hett, Henry, former 

Knechtel, Miss V. 

Mitchell, William, hotel proprietor 

Nixdorf, Ernst, tailor 
Sands, Henry, shingle maker 
Schnarr, Baltzer, brick maker 
Schnarr, Demetrius, cabinet maker 
Schnarr, G., farmer 


ERAko^A— asQtrisiifd 

EraniOSa. — ^A small Tillage in the 

County Town. Average price of 

ANDERSON, JOHN, Postmaster 
Armstrong, James, hotel keeper 
Benn, John, hotel keeper 
Bolton, James, faimer 
Carter, Heniy, farmer 
C<^hlin, Geoige, carriage maker 
Cockbnm, James, tailor 
Daj, David, farmer 
Dryden, Bobert, hotel keeper 
Duffield, John, farmer 

Township of EramoslK County Wellington, 5 miles from Oiiel^,th6 

improved land $40 per acre. Stages to Guelph and Erin. 

Forsyth, William, blacksmith 
Johnson, John, farmer 
Parkinson, Joseph, farmer 
Parkinson, Lazarus, farmer 
Scott, George, farmer 
Scott, Henry, farmer 
Smith, Archibald, J. P. 
Thompson, Adam, shoemaker 
Tolton, Henry, farmer 
Tolton, William, farmer 

Srie— A Post Office in the Township of Walpole, County Haldimand, 9 miles from Cayuga, the County 
Town, and 70 miles from Toronto. 

Aikins, William, farmer 
Biffsar, James^ fanner 
Caldwell, David, farmer 
* Caldwell, John, farmer 
Finch, Andrew, farmer 
Fleming, Henry, farmer 

Hastie, John, farmer 
McBURNEY, R,, Postmaster 
McRubie, Rev. John (Presbyterian) 
Stuart, Geoi*ge, farmer 
Weir, Archibald, farmer 

Erin. — ^A Village situated in the Township of Erin, 

Town, 35 miles from Toro&to^ and 12 miles from 

Railway. Stage to Guelph 20 miles. Fare 75c. 

Population 600 

Alton, S., hotel proprietor 

Ames, Mrs., milliner, &c, 

Blashill, WUliam, watches and jewelry 

Broddy, James, auctioneer 

Campbell, A. & D., clothiers 

Campbell, A., farmer 

Carl)ery & Crozier, groceries and crockery 

Clark, J., hotel proprietor 

Cooper, A., painter 

CORNOCK, WILLIAM, Postmaster, J. P., steam 

flour mill prop. 
Crozier, H., hotel keeper 
Davis, James, fanner ^ 

Ferguson, C, genend merchant 
Gibbs, Geoive, auctioneer 
Harvard k Walker, hardware merchants 
Holden, J., druggist 
Hood k McKinnon, general merchants 
How, William, general store 
Hurd, G., farmer 

Irwin, Thomas and Samuel, coopos 
Kennedy, William, tinsmith 
Lennon, J., attomey-at-law 
Mc Arthur, A., tailor 
McKinnon, Miss, milliner, kc 

County Wellington, 20 miles from Guelph, the County 
Georgetown, the nearest station on the Grand Trunk 
Daily malL Money order office and Savings* Bank. 

McL«an, Miss, milliner, kc 

McLean, John, carpenter and builder 

McMillan, A., farmer - 

McMillan, Charles, fiairmer 

McMillan, D„ caniage maker 

McMillan, D. & J., lumber dealers 

McMillan, Hu^h, farmer 

McNaughton, H., M.D 

Mann, John, teacher 

Matthews, William, harness 

Medley, R., boots and shoes 

Meloy, Hueh, carriage and wagon maker 

Overland, Charles, carpenter and builder 

Shingler, J., farmer 

Shinffler, William, lime manufacturer 

Smith, James, harness maker 

Thomas, D., dentist 

Thompson, A., boot and shoe maker 

Thompson, J., farmer 

Tyler, William, J.P 

Yanderlip, J. H., grocer and provision dealer 

Walker, John S., foundry and machine shop 

White, E., farmer 

Willis, John, butcher 

Wood, R,, druggist 

Escott.— A Post Village in the Township of Escfttt, County Leeds. Distant from Brockville, the County 
Town, 30 miles. Population 40. 

Abrahams, Thomas, proprietor Escott Hotel 

Graham, Daniel, carpenter 

McMickle, John, farmer 

Mallory, James, saddler 

Mallorj', Norton, farmer 

Nickleson, DaWd, farmer 

Oliver, William, shoemaker 
Parr, William, farmer 
Storey, Thomas, farmer 
Sumerby, William, teacher 
Todd, Andrew, general merchant 

XsqnesilKg.— (See Stewarttown.)— A Post office in the Township of Esquesing, County Halton. Distant 
fix>m Milton, the County Town, 12 miles, frt>m Toronto 80 miles. 

MURRAY, JOHN, Postmaster. 



SrlBSTiller— A Yiljage in the Town^ipof Sl^effield, County Addington, on the Sdmon Hirer, ISmiltti 
from Napanee, the County Town. The river affordA good power, and manufacturers and mechanica'kri 
required in the ricinity. Average price of land 920 per acre. Population 150. 

Berry, John, cooper 
Clark, Andrew, tailor 
Gumming, Alexander, farmer 
I>onovan, Alexander, hotel keeper 
Oaftiey, Mrs. P., grocer 
Hooley, Michael, farmer 
Hughes, Lawrence, shoemaker 
XilToran, James, farmer 
Knight, Cornelius, M.D. 
liockridge, Boberl, carpenter 
McGarvey, James, shingle maker 
McEewan, Michael, storekeeper 
McKswan, William, &rraer 

McMuUen, Patrick, J. P., farmer 

Milling, S., farmer 

Murphy, John, J. P., fanner 

•Murphj^, Michael, shoemaker 

Palmatier, John, farmer 

Paul, Robert, painter 

Phelan, Nicholas^ storekeeper 

Russel, Geoige, architegt 

Stanton, Rev. M., (Roman Catholic) 

Stewart, Archibald, farmer' 

WALSH, PATRICK^ Postmaster and gen. merchant 

York, David, carpenter 

KlToU— A Post Village in the Township of Plympton, County Lambton, 12 miles from Saniia, the 
County Town. Population 60. 

Cameron, John, farmer 
Cmmobell, James, teacher 
Cronkhite, Wellington, fanner 

Emsley, Mrs, grocer 
Richardson, John, farmer 

EtoblCOke.— (See Lambton Village.)— A Post office in ihe Township of York, County York. Money 
Order office. 

ROWLAND, F. A., Postmaster. 

Eugenia. — A Village on the Beaver River, in the Township of Artemisia, County Grey, 40 miles from 
Owen Sound, the County To^m. The village site is a lot of 800 acres, belonging to Government, a laig« 
portion of which is still unsold, and offered to actual settlers at nominal prices. The facilities for manu* 
facturing are first class, there being 384 feet fall in the distance of one mile of the village plot, one being 
a beautiful cataract of 70 feet perpendicular height. Manufacturers, mechanics and laborers wanted. 
Stages to Collingwood Station, Northern Railway. Population 70. 

Akitt, Michael, general merchant 
Fulford, Rev. E. J., (Methodist Episcopal) 
Green, Rev. M., (Wesleyan) 
Hambley, W, S., carpenter 
Henderson, James, teacher 
Knowles, Rev. Mr. (Presbyterian) 

Purdv, Alexander, M.D. 

PURDY, R. McLEAN, J. P., Postmaster, miller, 

real estate agent, etc. 
Sanders, John, carpenter 
Sanders, William, carpenter 
Sloan, Jacob, carpenter 

Evdyil.— A Post Oflfice in the Township of Nissouri West^ County Middlesex, 10 miles from London, the 
County Town. Improved land in vicinity $36 ; wild $25 per acre. 

Belcher, Rev. S. (CHiurch of England) 
Carlin, Edward, J. P. 
Clipperton, William, farmer 
Douglas, James, farmer 
Evans, James, M.P.P. 
HENSHAW, GEORGE, Postmaster 
Henshaw, Samuel, farmer 

James, Hugh, farmer 

McMaster, Alexander, farmer 

Purdy, S., farmer 

Scott, Henry, farmer 

Seymour, Rev. John (N. C. Methodist) 

Taylor, Thomas, farmer 

Webster, James, farmer 

Evcrslcy.— A Post Village in the Township of King, County York, 24 miles from Toronto, tlic County 
Town. Population 2§. 

Bales, John, shingle maker 
Ferguson, John, farmer 
Leigh, John, carriage maker 
Riddett, Robert, carriage maker 
Rogers^ Timothy, farmer 
Scott, Thomas, fanner 
Shanless, Thomas, blacksmith 

Tawse, Rev. John, M.A. (Presbyterian) 

TINLINE, JAMES, Postmaster and gen. merchant 

Trowbridge, Henry, butcher 

Wells, James, farmer 

Wells, James P., M.D. 

Wells, Joseph, farmer 

Yule, Andrew, blacksmith 



Blliel. — ^A Post office in the Townahip of Grey, County Huron, 45 miles from Godeiich, the Coti»l3R0)fftt,. 
' and 70 from Toronto. The Wroxeter and Seaforth stage passes 1)y the ofKoe. 

SPEiJCE, JAMES, Postmaster. 

£Yei*t01L — A Village in the Township of Eramosa, County Wellington, S. R., distant 11 miles from Guelph, 

and 40 by rail from Toronto. Laud averages in the vicinity f20 per acre. Sta^;^ to Gaelph« Populik- 

tion 150. 

STEWART, D. K, Postmaster 
Stewart, Miss, dressmaker 

(ril)soD, — , proprietor Everton Hotel 
Gokoy, A. H., coo^xir 

McCulloch, Dr. 
McKay, — , general merchant 
N«irn, A., milier 
Kichardsou, — , carpenter 

Warden, — , carpenter 
W^heeler, Miss, dressmaker 
Wheeler, Miss M., teacher 

Exeter. — A flourishing Village in the Township of Stephen, County Huron, on the river Aux SaUe. The 
location of the Village is healthy, and the surrounding eouiitiy productive. Distant from Goderich, tlis 
County Town, 30 miles, and from Toronto 120. Daily stage to London, fare 91> Aud to Clinton, 1 9 
miles, 75c Daily mail. Money order office and Savings* Bank. Population 1 20. 

Balkwill, Richard, farmer 

Balkwill, William, hotel keeper 

Bawden, Joseph, butcher 

Bissett, Robert, brick maker 

Bi&sett, W\ R., tinsmith 

Boulton, H. C, diTigglst 

Brown, Jobn, tailor 

Brown, Mrs., milliner 

Browning, J. W., M.D. 

Brownlee, JameA, auctioneer 

Bryant, Richard, flouring mill prop. 

i!arling, Isaac, gt^neral merchant 

Clarke, C. F. , barrister and land agent 

Clark, Mark, boot and shoe maker 

Collins, Rov. James (Bible I'hristian) 

Cowan, Y., M.I). 

Crocker, James V., carpenter 

(>ocker, John v., caqjenter 

Davis, Richard, carriage maker 

Down, James, carriage maker 

Drew, Edred, planing mill 

Drew, William, hotel proprietor 

Dyer, A. G., carpenter 

Eacrett, (.'harles, naniess maker 

Eacrett, George, harness maker 

Eacrett, M., painter 

Edwards, Rev. Andrew (Wesleyan) 

Elliott, B. v., barrister and msurauce agent 

Elston, Mr., teacher 

Elston, Robert, baker 

Fanson, William, haniess maker 

Floyd, George, farmer 

Freeman, A. D., general merchant 

Gidley & Bro., planing mill and cabinet makers 

Gidley, Thomas, fanner 

Gorden, James, hotel keeper 

Gould, John, manuf . soap and candles 

Green, C, painter 

Greenway, Miss Jane, teacher 

Greenway, John, butcher 

Grigg, William, fancy goods, clothing, kc 

Hamilton, C, dru^st 

Harris, John, carriage maker 

Harwood, George, cabinet maker 

Harwood, Mrs., milliner 

Hooper, Rev. William, (Bible Christian) 

Hopkins, Mrs., milliner 

Hutton & Hilder, props, flouring mills 

Hyndman, John, M.D 

Johns, David, tinsmith 

Kelly, W., 'farmer 

Keyji, Rev. George, (Chnrcli of England) 

Kilpatrick, George, woolen mills prop 

Kingdom, George, farmer 

Ijcwis, A., painter 

Logie, James, geneial merchant 

Logie, Rev. Jolm (Presbyterian) 

Mc Bride, J., hotel keener 

McDonald, A. D., M.D. • 

McDonald, Peter, teacher 

McDonnell, Miss Susan, teacher 

McDonald, William, car^ienter 

McLeod, Miss, milliner 

McNahb, James, cabinet maker 

Martei^ C. G., general merchant 

Milne, James, general merchant 

Mitchell, William, brickyard 

Osborne, T., teacher 

Pickard, James, general merchant and lumber dealer 

Pickard, James, fiirmer 

Ramsay, James, car})entcr 

Rowfc, C, tailor 

Rumley, Miss, milliner 

Sanders, A., grocer 


Sliarj), George, boot and shoe maker 

Sharp, Miss, milliner 

Shoobrook, James, carpenter 

Simpson, William, farmer 

Smallcombe, W. G., tailor 

Snow, John, boot and shoe maker 

South«:ott, C, grocer 

Spackman, John, auctioneer 

Switzer, Henry, brickyard 

Tait, S., fancy goods 

Tait, Sinclair, coojier 

Taylor, William, tailor 

Towers, James, hotel keeper 

Treble, John, boot and shoe maker 

Trick, John, carri>ige maker 

Trevitt, 1 homas, l>arrister 

Verity, W. 11., founder and machinist 

Vine, B. D., wines and spirits 

Vosper, George, carpenter 

Walrond, George, boot and shoe maker 

Wannacott, John, dentist 

W^ard, Thomas, carriage maker 

Welsh, William, carpenter and builder 

W^illis, George, farmer 

W^inans, H. B., dniggist and insnnuice agent 



WfieM.M»e* Th^.)— A post village in th^ Township of Hahdch, Count)- Kent, 18 mflcs ffom^CMBlkA 

the County Town. 

Bnrt, R. P., commission men^hant ] Lambert, S., cooper 

BURT, S. M., Postniaater j Swartout, J., lumber merchant 

Fairfield Flaiil.— A post Village in the Township of Burfovd, County Brant, South Riding. 


Fairvicw.— A iwst office in the Township of Downie, County Perth, 7 miles from Stratford the Oomrty 
Town, ami 107 from Torouta 

Bell, William, fanner 
Dansmore, Joaepli, hotel keeper 
HoQck, Richard, farmer 
Xontehli, Saiuuel, fsamer 

Nichol, William, teacher 
Robb, Samuel, J. P. 
Thamer, Henry, fanner 

Young, James, farmer 

Falkenburs.— A Post Office in the Township of Monck, County Victoria, X.R. 

GEORGE, ROBERT, Postmaster. 

Falkirk.— A Village in the Township of East Williams, County Middlesex, 21 miles from London, th« 
County Town. Population, 150. 

Biker, Thomas, chandler 

Btovtt, Thomas, shoemaker 

^^*UMHm, G., carpenter 

Cbtkm. ReT. James, (Primitive Methodist) 

DiTit, Rev. M., (Church of England) 

Rrtchtr, Rer. W., (Presbyterian) 

Huiet, Joseph, hotel keeper 

Hodgsotu John, shoemaker 

Joacs, Thomas, farmer 

My, John, saddler * 

telx:rt b Son, woolen mill proprif tora 

I^«ch, John, farmer 

McCamUesa. F., M.D 

XcGuire, E,, shoemaker 

McFarlaiic, James, farmer 

Merrillf Thomas, shoemaker 

O'liCary, R., carpenter 

Overholt, Peter, shoemaker 

Owens, Rev. Thomas, (Church of England) 

Pemperbatton, S., butcher 

PRIESTLY, JAMES, Postmaster 

Pirkes, T., carpenter 

Sheplcv, Lionel, prop, gi-ist mills 

Smith,* W., M.D. 

Stephenson, Thomas, tailor 

Stewart, Alexander & Duncan, farmers 

Turner, Henry, shoemaker 

"Westcott, James, flour mill prop. 

Wilson, James, caniage maker 

FarmersvillC.— A Vilkge in the Township 
County Town. Stages to Delta, Philipsville, 

-Udi9ou,R. Pu, M.D 

Alguire, H., farmer 

Boddy, Samuel, saddler 

'•'aditell, X. S., willow ware 

CbamWUin, A. A., M.D 

^lirvrier, F. H., principal grammar school 

Cooke, Hiram, dyer 

Dicker, James, .shoemaker 

I^ovan, John, hotel keeper 

Dnper, Luke, tailor. 

l^uggan, James, shoemaker 

Haher, Duncan, wagon maker 

^ner. Rev. James, (Methodist Episcopal) 

<iil«,J.G.,M.D r t-^ 

<^ai, William, saddler 

^iiioy, E., wagon maker 

Greea, William, farmer 

Halladay, S. & K, hotel keeper 

Hogill, Rev. Joseph, (Wesleyan) 

«onefi, John k Son, leather dealers, 

JvdsoQ, RateB., grocer 

of Yonge, County Leeds, 15 miles from BrockriUe, the 
Forfar and WestporL Money order office. Population, 800. 

Kincaid, Archibald, tinsmith 

Ijamb, James P., dentist 

Landers, John, cooper 

Logan,. James, builder 

Mansell, David, general merchant and clerk Dirlaloii 

Court, George, farmer 

PARISH, ARZA, J. P., Postmaster, general merchant 
Parish, William, carpenter 
Pluraasteel, Henry, druggist 
Plumasteel, William, shoemaker 
Pronson, Henry, grocer 
Redmond, James, teacher 
Saunders, William, grist mill prop. 
Stafford, George, namter 
Stevens, H. J., cabinet maker 
Strong, P. W., general merchant 
Taplin, Sidney A., general merchant 
Wilter, A D., J.P 
Wilter, Edward, butcher 
Yates, Stephen, general merchant 



Fiur^shar. — A small Yillnge in the Towathip of Usborne^ County Hu^n, 85 miles from, GoUer^pli, tfat 
Coontj Town. Popnktion 30. 

EDMOND, WILLIAM, Postmaster, gen. mercht 
Daris, James, hotel keeper 

Gollett, James, slioemaker 

Falkland* — ^A Post office in the Township of Brantford, County Brant, S. R. 

STALLY, M.„ Postmaster. 

FamdnfftOll. — A Post-office in the Township of Amaranth, County Wellington, N.R. 

MAY, JAMES, Postmaster. . 

FenelOB FallCU— ^^^ Villages too late for regular insertion at the end of this Work.) 

FeFffQS. — An ii^corporated Yillage on both banks of the Grand River, in the Township of Nichol, County 
Wellington. The riyer affords unlimited water power, and the Yillage x>068e8ses a lai^e n^imber of man* 
ufactoriBg establishments. Distant from Guelph, the County Town, 13 miles, and from Elora 2 miles. 
Money order office and Sayings' Bank. Population 1,500. 

Adams, John, shoemaker 


Anderson, Francis, miller 

ANDERSON, GEORGE (Dobbin & Anderson) 

Anderson, Matthew, blacksmith 

Angel, Hercules, tailor 

Angel, Samuel, carpenter 

ARGO, JAMES, merchant (see ady.) 

Armstrong, George, nurseryman 

Ashbury, John, mason 

Bank of Montreal, George D. Feigusonj agent 

Beames, Henry, plasterer 

Beames, Elisha, plasterer 

Beattie, John, insurance agent 

Seattle, William, carpenter 

Berry, John, carpenter 

Black, Hugh, mason 

BLACK, JOSEPH, proprietor Fergus Anns hotel 

Black, William, farmer 

Bp^and, James, cooper 

Court and insurance agent 

Calder, John, carpenter 

Campbell, D. S. 

Campbell, Neil, tanner 

Cardy, William, tanner 

Cattenach, James 

Cooper, Rev. H. D., (Episcopal) 

CRAIG, JOHN (Craig Bros.) 

CRAIG, ROBERT (Craig Bros). 

CRAIG, BROS., (John and Rol»ert) editors and pro- 
prietors Fergus Nexos Record. 

CREIGHTON, JOHN A., general merchant 

Cross, James F., barrister 

Camming, Alexander, millright 

Dalziel, Robert, teamster 

Dass, James, merchant tailor 

Dass, William, tailor 

Davie, Andrew, carpenter 

Davie, John, prop, ooarding house 

DOBBIN S. LEONARD (Dobbin & Anderson) 

DOBBIN & ANDERSON (S. L. & George), general 
merchants (see adv). 

Dryden, Andrew, teamster 

Edwards, William, shoemaker 

FERGUS ARMS HOTEL, Joseph Black, proprietor 

Fergus Mills, William Robertson, pi-oprietor 

FERGUS NEWS RECORD, Craig Bros, editors and 

Fei^guson, G. D. , agent Bank of Montreal 

Fer^sson & Watt 

FERRIER, A. D., County Clerk 

Fleming, Henry, butcher 

Forbes, Alexander, boots and shoes 

Fordyce, A. D. , school superintendent 

Forrester, Andrew, mason 

Forrester, Charles, watchmaker 

Fredrum & Huffman, chemists, &c. 

Garvin & Boomer, general merchants 

GERRIE, ALEXANDER, saddle and harness maker 

GERRIE, JOHN, jprop. St. Andrew's Hotel 

Gilmour, John, cabinet maker 

Gordon, James F., I). D. S. 

Gordon, Thomas, A- W., barrister 

Gordon, Thomas H., D.D.S. ^ 

Gow, Robert, currier 

Graham, James, cooper 

Grain, William, proprietor saw mills 

Grant, J., flour, &c. 

GRIEVE, PETER, prop. Ontario House 

Grindley, James & Co., iron founders 

Grose, John, miller 

Hamilton, William, jim., carpenter 

Harrison, Benjamin, brickmaker 

Hay, William, carpenter 

HEFFERNAN, P , prop. Wellington Hotel (see adr 

Hoehn, Marcel, barber 

Hunt, John, blacksmith 

Ironside, John, general merchant 

Jamieson, John, bricklayer 

Johnston, James, blacksmith 

JOHNSTON, J. T. (McKay & Johnston) 


Kay, Charles, prop, saw mills 

Kidd, William, teacher 

Lingwood, Robert 

Lingwood, William H., tanner 

Little & Wilson, wagon makers 

Logan, William, mason 

McCrory, Henr5% satldler 

McCutcheon, J. K. A., general agent 

McDonnell, Rev. George (Presbyterian) 

Mclnnes, Geoi-ge, wagon maker 

Mclnnes, Malcolm, blacksmith 

Mcintosh, Donald, carpenter 

Mcintosh, James, carpenter 

Mclntyre, Archibald, miller 

McKAY, THOMAS (McKay & Johnston) 



liKAYk JOIO^STON (Thomas and J. T.), ntt- 

McMillan, James, tailor 
McMillan, Jolrn A., boots and shots 
McQU££N, JAMES, Postmaster 
McTamrt, D., bailiff 
McWuDam, Alazander, baker 
McWilliam, John, baker 
Mick, Charles, cooper 
Mmhall, John, general merchant 
Mezmie, Alexan£r, currier 
Mamie, John, shotmaker 
Midiie, H^^niy, merchant 
Miller, Moses, baker and grocer 
MOli, Matthew, batcher 
Mibe, James G., attorney 
Miloe, Thomas, taOor 

Miaor, Silas, B.A., principal of Grammar School 
Moffatt, A., carpenter 
Moffatt, J. ft A., cabinet makers 

Mowe, Garrett, prop. Elrin Hotel 
Moore, Richard, shoemaker 
Momi, James, mason 
Maoro, James, saddler 
Muro, John, M.D. 
Monro; L C, chemist and druggist 
Murdoch, Robert, saddler 
Munj, Robert) wagon maker 
Murray, William, shoemaker 
Noble, Peter, shoemaker 
Noble, P. C, photographer 

NOBTH AMEklCAN HOTEL, James Whyte, prop. 
ONTARIO HOUSE, Pster Grieve, prop. 
Orton, George T., M.D. 
Patterson, Archibald, carpenter 
PATTISON, WILLUM, prop. GlenHvat distillery, 

>nd dealer in dry goods, groceries, ftc. 
Pielin, Edmund, painter 
Pheian, James, fanning mill roannfactorer 
Philip, James, conveyancer, commissioner in 6. R. 
Pliilip, Robert, druggist 
Porter, John, brickbw'er 
POWNEY, CHARLES, general hardware, oils, &c. 

(see card) 
J.AMORE, DOMINICK, merchant 
Bad, Robert, miller 
P^anie, William, carpenter 

Bento», James, blacktmitli ' * ;* * 

Richardson, Alexander, ge&cfal merchant 
Richardson^ Thoma^ wa^on maker 
Roberts<m, Alexander, tailor 
Robertson, William, miller 
.Ross, James, carpenter * 

Roas» John, weaver , 

Ross, Thomas, carpenter 
ROBS, WILLIAM, village clerk 
ST. ANDREW'S HOTEL, John Gemc, prop. 
Sampson, T. J., shoemaker 
Scott, Gideon, batcher .. .^ , .^ 

Sherwood, T., merchant 
Shields, George, cooper 
Shortreed, Robert, farmer 
Slater^ John, carpenter 

Smellie, Rev. George (Presbyterian) * ^ ' ' 

Snaden, James, teamster 
SomerviUe, Samuel, shoemaker 
Steel, Robert, flax miller 

STEWART, ALEXANDER, boots ft shoes (sm adv)* 
Sweeney, William, shoemaker 
TAYLOR, ALEXANDER, /taflof and clothier 
Temple, John, prop. Queen's Arms Hotel 
Templeton, John, blacksmith 
Thompson, John, carpenter 
Thorp, George W., horse dealer 
Todd, Arthur, shoemaker 
Todd, David, moulder 
Todd, Matthew, farrier 
Yickers, George, watchmaker 
WATSON, THOMAS, steam tannery (see adv) 
Watt, James, merchant 
Watt, John, merchant 
Webster, Henry, sen., tinsmith 
Webster, Hennr, jun., stoves, tinware, &c. 
WELLINGTON HOTEL, P. Heffeman, prop. (Sm- 

WHYTE, JAMES, prop. North American Motel 
Wilkie, Alexander, blacksmith 
Wilkie, George, carpenter 
Wilson, Hugh, wagon maker 
Wilson, James, muler and woolen factor 
Wilson, John, blacksmith 
WYLLIE, GEORGE G., distiller and rectifier (sefr 

Young, Charles, mason 
Young, Thomas A., book-keeper 

^<rgii80n*8 Falls.— A Post office in the Township of Drummond, County Lanark, 12 miles from Perth, 
tlie County Town. Average value of land in the vicinity $24 per acre. 

'l-isholm, Rev. Dr., (Roman Catholic) 

'-ral^, Robert, leather dealer 

HICKS, ROBERT, Postmaster, general merchant 

Hollinger, Charles, hotel keeper 
O'Connor, Edward, hotel keeper 

^rnliill,— A Vilhige in the To^i-nship of Lobo ; County Middlesex, 20 miles from London, the Count 
Town. Average value oT land in the vicinity $30 per acre. 

^'iBstPODg, Richard, fanner 

'^bell, John, farmer 

'_f»wford, James, farmer 

pigman, John, fanner 

[BJihaw, Rev. Dr., (Methodist Episcopal) 

'»»y, Archibald, tailor 

y»ch, Walter, farmer 

J^rtliur, A., lime dealer 

^owe, Neil, teacher 

Neff, Isaac H., fanner 

OWEN, JENKIN, Postmaster, general merchant 

Owen, Rev. T. R., (Baptist) 

Preharme, John, farmer 

Ross, D. M., J. P. 

Rowland, Rev. D. W., (Baptist) 

Woodward, Henry, farmer 

Woodward, Thomas, sen., J. P 

Woodward, Thomas, stone and lime dealer 



Peversham* — A Village on the Beaver Hirer, * in the Township of Ospnj, County Qrejr, 40 miles from 
Owen Sound, the County Town, 22 from Collingwood and 120 from Toronto. Arerage value of impiQv«d 
land ill vicinity 920, wild $10 per acre. Stage to Collingwood. Population 80. 

Alister, George, fanner 

Brown, Robert, farmer ^ 

-dark, William, teacher 

•Colgate, Daniel, farmer 

Davidson, (leorffe, farmer 

Davidson, William, fanner 

Edwards, George, cooper 

Fisher^ A., hotel keeper 

Fulford, Rev. E. J., (Clmrtjh of England) 

Hudson, HeniT, farmer 

Hudson, Jos^eph, farmer 

Knowles, Rev, Robert, (Canada Presbyterian) 

LOGIE, JAMES, Postmaster, general merchant 

McI{ol)ert, Donald, carpenter 

Ross, John, carpenter 

Speer, John, auctioneer 

Tndmpson, David, farmer 

Thompson, Geoxge, farmer 

JPemiOy*— A small post Yillags in the Township of Bedford, County Addington, distant 50 miles from 


BOTTIKG, EDWARD, Postmaster. 

Flni^alL — {Se^ Villages too lat^far regular insertum at the end of this JForh) 

Pish Creek*— (Village Prospect Hill.) 
miles from Stratford, the County Town. 

Arthur, James, carpenter 

Bell, John, farmer 

Bell, Thomas W. , general merchant 

Bisbce, R., brickmaker 

Bugg, T., farmer 

Byheld, E., blacksmith 

Cowper, Rev., — (Church of England) 

Crandou, John, butcher 

Dennison, James, auctioneer 

Draper, John, farmer 

Finoley, Rev. A., (Canada Presbyterian) 

•Gilmour, John, carriagemaker 

Hagerty, Dennis, hotel keeper 

Harding, William H., gunsmith 

Hardy, If enry, butcher 

Hartshorn, D., blacksmith 

Hayes, George, fanner 

Hayes, John, farmer 

A Post Office ill the Townsliip of Blaushard, Coun^ F«rth IS 
Population 150. 

Hollingshead, D., farmer 
Hughes, T., farmer 
Johnston, P., farmer 
Langford, Elijah, dentist 
Little, John, J. P. 
McCallum, Rev. — fVN'csleyan) 
McConnell, A., farmer 
McDonald, Dr. 
McLaughlin, John, J. P 
Mossey, Joseph, farmer 
Padfield. Alfred, carriage maker 
Peacock, W., farmer 
Robin.son, Andrew, shoemaker 
Smith, Rev. — (New Connexion) 
Somerville, R., J. P 
Stanley, Samuel, cairiage maker 
Warren, A., cariienter 
Willis, Joseph, farmer 

FItzroy Harbonr*— AYillage beautifully situated between the Ottawa and Carp Rivers, in the Township 
of Fitzroy, County Carleton ; 88 miles from Ottawa the County Town, 10 from Pakenham and 10 from 
Amprior Railroad Station. Average price of improved land in the vicinity 925 per acre. Population 200. 

Atkinson, Henry, pro}), flour mill 

Aylwin, D., M/D 

Baird, Daniel, general merchant 

Barnes, John, shingle maker 

Campbell, William, hotel keeper 

Cockoum, William, carpenter 

Cop^ie, John, farmer 

■Curry, Rev. Erastus, (Wesleyan) 

Daly, James, tailor 

Drummond, James, carpenter 

Dubord, D., M. D 

Emery, Rev. Charleys P., (Church of England) 

Flint, Robert, carding mill 

Hawley, Andrew, hotel keeper 

Henderson, Andrew, farmer 

Hines, James, farmer 

Hyland, Henry, lime and stone dealer 

Kirby, John, blacksmith 

liearmouth, George, merchant, saw and grist milh 

McDonald, John, saw mill proprietor 

McFarlane, David, dentist 

McFarlane, David, fanner 

McLaren, David, general merchant 

Nicholson, John, cabinet maker 

Robertson, John, general merchant 

Sheriff, Allen, farmer 

Sheriff, Alexander, general agent 

SHERIFF, ROBERT, Poetmaater 

Smith, James, shoemaker 

SomerviUe, William, general merchant 

Tait, Rev. James, (Pi'esbyterian) 

Tait, Ralph, teacher 

Teevens, John, hotel keeper 

Tripp, Henry, farmer 

Wark, James, shoemaker 

Weir, Thomas, blacksmith 



nsheirille* — ^A Village In the TownBhip of Bamliam, Coiintiy Huldiiiuind, 7 miles from C^yMf% 
Coaaty Town. . Average ralue of improved landa in vicinity 9^^ V*^ mx«. Popnlatba 90. 

I indt^Hcv. W., (Lutheran) 
ELSWORTH, JAMES, Postmaster 
!iit, George, fanner 
1UM«, Henry, farmer 
HUenbacker, Jacobs farmer 
iiUfr, A. B., teacher 

Phillips, Peter, famev 
Kath, Andrew, farmer 
Shurr, Samuel, farmer 
Sitter, Peter, farmer 
Winger, Jacob, farmer 

FlMll€rtOII« — A Village in the Township of Artemiua, County Grey, at the head wate/s of Beaver River, 
31 miles from Owen Sound, the County Town, 29 from Stayner, and 80 from Collingwood. Stages daily 
to Collingwood and Deerham and bi-weekly to OrangeviUe and Chatsworth. Money Order office. Pop- 
oktion 160. 

Aadej, Julian, farmer 

innstrong, J. W., J. P., Clerk Division Court 

fiotham, Richard, farmer 

Cuapbell, Peter, carding mills 

Clffistie,W. S., M.D. 

Qtfk, William, carpenter 

Cbrton, William, shoemaker 

l^nwoody, John, farmer 

%!, Samuel, farmer 

Ftel^is, John, cooper 

n^ESHEli, W. K., Postmaster, notaiy public, gi-ist 

and taw mills 
'^*^, Rev. J., (Wesleyan) 
Hard, John H., wagon maker 

Jones, John, general nierehant and hotel keq>er ' ^ 

Keefer, Georse, carpenter 

Larman, A. L., M.D. 

Matthew, H. k Son, shingle makers 

Munahaw, Aaron, hotel keeper 

Pickle, Wilmot, farmer 

Redeoff, Rev. Richard, (New Connection) 

Richardson, Matthew, general merchant 

Richardson, Mra., milliner 

Stewart, Geoige, farmer 

Trimble, Rob^'t, general merchant 

William, R«v. David, (Wesleyan) 

Wright, W^illiam, general merchant 

Flora— A Post Village in the Township of Woolwich, County Waterloo, on the Kannakajaiqiie lU*'er, 1^ 

mil^s from Berlin 

DEVITT, ISAAC, Postmaster. 

Florence. — A Village in the Township of Euphemia, County Lambton, on the River Sydenham, 84 uulea 
&TO1 Samia, the County Town. Average price of improved landa in the vicinity ^25 per acre. Money 
Order Office. Population 350. 

^S!s^ k Drake, general merchants 

2«ti?», Frederick, marble dealer 

^pbell, Peter, carpenter 

^'^y, Hosea, farmer 

^^er, Miss C, milliner, kc 

^ridson, M., prop, steam saw mills 

Aiii^jon, Myers, M.D. 

J^krell, Joseph, wafon maker • 

^j James, shoemaker 

^4, Kabert, teacher 

r^^crth k Weljster, blacksmiths 

fuithtfr, John, farmer 

^«d«ii & Merrell, props, steam shingle manufactory 

^Ay\m, Charles, druggist 

**»?4»n, William A., general merchant 

^i^t James, prop, steam flouring mill 

^^aae, Rev. John, (Church of England ) 

^^Qiiie, Robert, general agent 

^"i^oa, M., prop. Florence Exchange Hotel 

Mission, Joaepn A., wagon mak(*r 

«rt,T, CJeorge P 

«f^7. Squire, prop, brick yaid 

{*SMit, David, teacher • 

»zmt, James C. 6., saddler 

^is, William, shoemaker 

Livesly, Robert, general merchant 
McCrea & Dunbar, blacksmiths 
McGuire, Andrew, tailor ' 
McGregor, John, farmer 
Mead, James, prop. Farmer's Exchange Hotel 
Mead, Robert, butcher 

Morrison, Alexander, manufacturer ot woolen goods- 
Morris, William, M.D 
Paul, James, farmer 
Pinhale, George, butcher 
Proctor, John, farmer 
Rheintgeu, Gerhard, cabinet maker 
Shaw, James, fancy goods, toys, &e 
Sheply, Joseph, shoemaker 
Smith^ Rev. Frederick, (Episcopal Methodist) 
Smith, Henry, carjjenter 
Sturgeon, James, fanner 
Tennant, Rev. Elisha, (Wesleyan) 
Warden, Rev. Robert, (Canada Presbyterian^ 
W^ebster, James T., J. P., cari>enter 
WeKster, William, general agent 
Whitehouse, George, druggist 
Young,. Answorth, general merchant 
YOUNG, JOHK A,, Postmastei' 

'•fey.— A Post office of the Township of WTiitby, County Ontrrio, S, R. 




nintolk— A ' Village te th« Towasbips of Kaladu 
on Scootomotto Omk; 40 mil«t from Nafifttiee, 
tlie vicinity ^12 per acre. Population 160. 

Beckwitli, James, broom maker 
'Brushy, Ckarles, faMuehr 
Bryden, John, dentist 
Corbett, Rev. John, (WedOTwn) 
<3ARSCALLEN, JOHN N., J.P., Postmaatcr and 

real estate agent 
Davidson, Robert, carpenter 
Disiletts, Francis, cabmet mdcer 
Borland, Levi, cooper 
'Flinty R, dry goods ^ealet 
Fuller, James, gunsmith 
"Orant, Charles, soap and candle maker 
Layo^, Mos^ clotning dealer 

and Anglesea, Counties Lennor and'AddingtoBi sitMted 
the County To\tm, Average Talue of improved land in 

McDonell, George, butcher 

McLucky, William, wagon maker 

Matthews, £. J., teacher 

Miller, P. W., carpenter 

Miller, S. H., carpenter 

Ruttau, M. S., M.D. 

Smith, B. F., shingle maker 

Smith, F. H., shingle maker 

Wagar, William, carpenter 

Wateon, James, farmer 

WiUiamfl, Albert, butcher 

York, M. G., druggist and hotel keeper 

ff Onthill.— A Village in the Townships of Pclham and Thorold, County Wellanil, situated on Twelve MiW 
Creek, in the centre of one of the best agricultural districts in the Province, 5 miles from Welland, tbi 
County Town, and 4. from Port Robinson Railway Station. Money order office. Population, 500. 

Brown, John, farmer • 

Buckner, S. W., J. P., farmer 

•Canby, Thomas, accountant 

Ohurch, William G., filrmcr 

Cook,- William, saddler 

Oreighton, Rev. John, (Church of England) 

•Currie, John M., attomey-at-law 

De LaMaittie, Henry, teacher 

Dentz, Benedict, carpenter 

B'Everardo, Dexter, J.P., attomey-at-law 

Emmett, James 0., M.D . ' 

Frazer,John, M.D ; 

Gadsby, E. W;i pifnter ' ; 

Giles, "Harold, cabinet toaker • " •' 

Giles, Henry, farmer 

Oore, John, cabinet maker 

Habbershaw, David, shoemaker 

HaualiBr^ George W.,* J. P., farmer 

Hobson, Robert, Sheriff. Co. Welland 

Hunt, Henry, saddler 

Keefer, Rev. B. B., (Wesleyan) 

Kinsman, A. B., carriage maker 

KINSMAN, DAWSON, Postmaster and gen. mercht 

Killman, Adalm, fal«»er 

Lay, James H., tailor 

McCombs, John, carpenter 

Moisley, William, shoemaker 

Muir, Rev. William, (Baptist) 

Oxley, Albert, farmer 

Oxley, Henry E., farmer 

Oxley, John B,, farmer 

Page, Joseph C, accountant 

Page, William, nurtery 

Parks, C. C, general merchant 

Pearson, William, tailor 

Potter, DtJjfter D. E., accountant 

Price, James H., J. P.. farmer 

Price, Woodruff, J.P 

Randall, Nathan, carjienter 

Reilly, James, shoemaker 

Rice, Samuel, J. P., farmer 

Robertshaw, Geor^^, carriage maker 

Ross, H. T., architect 

Schoiield, Adam K., J. P., general agent 

Smith, James, hotel keeper 

Smith, Thomas, hotel keeper 

Starr, Rev. J, H., (Wesleyan) 

Steele, James, J. P., fonner 

Sterling, Arthur, painter 

Swayze, Fletcher, insiuimce agent 

Swayze, M., J.P 

Watson, David, carpenter 

Weidinan, Michael, carpenter 

Willson, Daniel, J. P., farmer 

Willson, John H., farmer 

Forester's Falls^— A Village in 
miles from Pembroke, the County 

Bennett, John, shoemaker 
Boyce, Henry, carding mill - 
Brown, Delomia, shoemaker 
Bulmer, Edward, farmer 
Cartman, Robert, farmer 
Cameron, Rev. H. (Presbyteriaaa) 
Devlin, James, carpenter 
Elliott, Thomas, farmer 
Forester, Oliver, Idmber merchant 
Grant, James, sen., insurance agent 
Howard, PhilaflSfder, ^carpenter 
Hunter & Co., general ui^rohants 

the Township of Ross, County Renfrew, on MoNaughten's Creek, 2 
Town. Population 100. 

Huntington, £., fanner 

Jack, James, farmer 

Jameson, Archibald, blacksmith 

Ken-, John, farmer 

Knight, William, general merchant 

McKay, Owen, teacher 

McLeliand, John, coopiT 

McMartin, John, shingle ittanufactnrer 

Murdoek, James, farmer 

Olmstead, Mymau, hotel keeper 

Smith, Thomas, stone and lime dealer 

Thomson, Alexander, jun., M.D. 

Walk, James, farmer 


.*•■•■ ** 

• > r 

. ■■i 

/ t. 



F#V^yce.— A Post Office in the Township of Wawanosh, in the Gonnty of Haroo, y.B^, lfk-mih$'fiima 

Goderich, the Comity Town. Wild hind in the neighborhood aytrigea ffom #10 to $18 per wan, dear 
from $20 to $80. Farm laborers mnch needed here. 

Anderson, Alexander, fanner 
Innstrong, Jolin, geneml inerchant 
Baxter, James, farmer 
Beecroft, John, farmer 
Brophy, William, fanner 
CaUin, John C, tether 

Chamney, Richard, ftoner 

FAHQUHARSON, WILUAM, Postmaster ifc fanner 

Jefferson, John, carriage maker 

Jamieson, Thomas, liiinMr 

Mason, John, fanner 

Forest. — A Village and Station of the Grand Tronk Bailway, in the Township of Plympton, County liunb- 
. ton, 24 miles from Samia, the Coanty Town. Money order office. Population 259. 

Brush, Thomas, prop. Farmers* Inn 

COLCLOUGH, W. H., station and express agent 

ODNKLIN, JAMES D., general merchant 

CROTTY k HOLCROFT, general merchants 

BaTidson, James, carriage and wagon maker 

Diakey, R. R., merchant 

DI£H, ROBERT, Postmaster and general merchant 

EDGAR, MRS. T., British Queen Hotel 

Hewer, Henry, carpenter 

Hill k Dier, flouring mill 

Hodgins, E., commission merchant 

Holdworth, Thomas, farmer 

flUTTON, JAMES, M.D., druggist and coroner 

JENNINGS, T., clerk British ^een hotel 

Johuson, Kev. Richard (Ohorch of England) 

linngstouy John, farmer. 

liTingsstoii, Dani(il,,a»^penter and grocer 

Loeli^d, William, tinsmith 

McFadden, L., farmer 

Mcpherson, Allen, farmer 

HcPberson, Allen and Dugal, flooring mills 

McPherson, John, fanner 

ihUory, S. C, photographer 

Messier, Isaac, planing mills 

Morrison, Alexander, telegraph operator 6. T. B. 

NASH, H. J., M.D 

Phelan, Joim, blacksmith 

Revington, David J., saddler 

Salmon, Rev. Dr. {CokigregMioiMl) , , ' 

Say, Edwin, butcher 

Shaw, Mrs., grooeries 

Smith, C. P., shoemaker 

Smith, John, cabinet factory 

Stephenson, Hugh, aMoki<Mieer 

Stephenson, T. J., butcher 

Stephenson, Thomas, butoher 

Stevenson k Brodic, carriage and wagon maken 

TRIPP, JESSE, general merchant 

Vivian, Thomas £.» shoemaker 

Walker, William, cooper 

West, Mra. Anna, milliner« kc 

Wichmann, Charlos, tailor . 

Williams, M., potashery , 

Wilson, John, blacksmith 

Woodroofe, J. A., general merchant 

Yoder, William, bla^Q)ith 

Forfar, — ^A Village in the Townahip of Bastard, County Leeds, 33 miles ft-om Brockvine, the Coaaly Ttmm. 

and 40 from Kingston. Stages to Westport and Brockville. Population 100. 

Davidson, H. S., J. P., fanner 
Delong, Jesse, J,F 
Deusette, W- P., farmer 

Oale, John, farmer 

HALES, RICHARD, Postmaster, fanner 

Mattice, E., farmer 

Poole, J. W., fanner 

Bobbins, R. D., farmer 

Singleton, George, general loerohaat 

Young, W. H. farmer 

1 1 

Formosa. — A Village in the Township of Carrick and Culross, County Bruce, 8 miles from Walkerton, the 
County Town, and 40 from Seaforth station, Grand Trunk Railway. Stages to Wroxeter, Walkerton and 
Seaforth. Population 200. 

^tell, \., accountant 

Anatell, F. A., bookbinder 

Austell, Joseph, fanner 

Austell k Beuiuger, general merchants 

Beninger, L., hotel keeper 

Bcninger, SI., farmer 

Brii'k, X., fanner 

Frank, Silvestei*, cooper 

Gibson, Robert, carpenter 

Gittler, A. & F. R., books, &c 

Gicaler, George, carpenter 

Oark, Frank, coojier 

Kinh, John, shoemaker 

QciQ, Jo8e{]^, tinsmith 

Dehi, John M., former 

Sutzmeir, Joseph, shoemaker 

KroetKh, J. IJ., prep, flour mill 

Muter, Lewis, hotel keeper 


Mesner, -jlL., J.P 

Mesner, A. & F. X., general merchants 

MESNEU. F. X., Postmaster 

Mesner, Wendel, farmer- 

Mosack, John, wagon maker 

Mosack, Joseph,' hotel keeper 

Mosack, Michael, fanner . 

Nicklous, B., cooper 

Prainer, J. B., tailor . 

Rich, Christ oj)lier, farmer 

Scharbach, Simon, shoemaker : 

Scliierhuit, J; F. carpenter 

Schich, Martin, cabinet maker ' 

See1)er, G., attor|K*y at*law 

Smitz, Rev. J. J., (Roman Catholic) 

Urich, Charles, slic^tnaker 

AVeils, Joseph, cabinet maker 

Zettel, Andrew, J.P 




F*I«SlVllle.— A Village in the Township of Charlottnlle, Countj Korfold, 14 mU«8 from SiiQfiOi% 4k» 
Connty Town, and 90 from Toarojito- Average Value of imyiwed knd ia vidnity, $40 per acree. Stages 
daily to Brantfoid and raris. Population 1^. 

Bcanford, Edwanl, cooper ■ 

Brown, M,, hotel" keeper 

Donelly, William, M.I). 

Dunnett, Rev. — , .Close Comnumicai liaptist)- 

Dunnett, 3JisB ^lartha, teacher 

Griffin, G. W., J. P. 

Heath, James, brick maker 

Horton, John, llonring mill 

Kna^m, An^os, cooper 

Lee, John, hotel keejicr 

Pettv, Curtis, shoemnker 

Shaw; Kuv. E., (N. C. Methodist) 

SiinmonK. Jonathan, carpentei: 

Taylor, Ja-sjier, wagon maker 

WHITE, lALVlN A., Postmaster, caippnta* 

» ,, — — ,^^- 

Fort Eric— A Villapre in Uic Township of Beriii*. 
Jliagara Hirer, nenrW opposite Black Kock, N. Y. 
terminus of the Erie and Niagant Ifaihviiy. Money 

Barker, William, U.S. Viee-Consul 
Blake, F. N. Anierican 0)iiMil • 
Bristow, Henry, boot and ahoc maker 
Bristow, Heufy, prop. Itsiagara H»ttse 
•Clarke, William, wagon maker 
CuUen, J. T., school teacher 
Dargavel, Robert, Loot and shoe maker 
Desaart, Rev. Father, (Roman Catholic i 
Bougal, James, agent (i.T.ll 
Douglas, "William, M.R 
Douglas, John, bairister and attorliey 
Kden, Williau>, assessor and Customs officer 
Elliott, John, M.B. 
Ekessor, John, marble eutter 
Ferris, J. P., dandelion coffee manufacturer 
Fitch, Henry, proprietor Royal Exehnngo Hotel 
Gallaher, John, telegraph operator T.T.K station 
Graham, Richard, J. P., Collector of Customs, 

Commissioner in Chaneery 
Grccman, Rev. M., (Chunh of England) 
Grogan, William, tinsmith 
Hanley, Thomas, saloon keei^er G.T.K. station 
Harris, Heniy, bntclifcr ■ 
Hemming. Henry, U. S. con«»iilar agent 
Johnson, S. W. k Co., dandelion coffee manufaeturers 

Kohl, John C, butcher 

LEWIS, GEORGE, Postmaster and general merchant 

Lewis, George, clerk of village 

McDougall, John C, machinist ^. ^ 

McDougallfc Russell, Niagara mowuig machine wks. 

McKinley, John, baiker 

Mcl^ren, Duncan, gi-o»'er, wine and liquor dialer and 
provision merchant 


County Welland, on Lake Erie, at the liead of i\w 
It ia a Htation of the Grand Trunk Railway and thtf 
Order Office. Population 1000. 

Mc Nairn, Bemaitl, prop, saloon and biilianl room 

Mag^'Ood, John, preventive officer 

MagA'ood, Robert, |>roprietor Frontier House 

Mnhonv, C. G. T., (Uniiif; saloon 

MnmiY, William, landing waiter 

Nelles, George, telegraph op.'rator G.T.R. station 

Noble, O., saloon keeper 

Ottley,' Thomas M., produce merchant 

Perkins, Mrs., saloon ki^i»er G.T.R. station. 

Kadiean, Pat^ pr*P' Canada House « 

RAINSFORD, WILLIAM, dealer in dr>' goods, gro- 
ceries, wines and liq^noi'S^ boots and shoes, ami 
ready-made clothing 

Rose, Francis, refreshment rooms 

Russell, William, machincst 

Russell, William, lumber dealer 

Schryer, Joseph, aitist 

Smith, Henrv 

Stewart, Robert, painter 

Tracv, J. R., freight clerk G.T.K. 

TREHLK, CHARLES, J. P., agjnt for London and 
Liverpool and GIoIr*, I'ro^nncinl, ami Victoria 
Mutual Insurance C'ompan}'. 


Treble, C'harles, officer of customs 

Treble, William, grocer and liquor dealer 

Tolmie, (\ E., Ene and Niagara lUnlway agi»nt 

Turner, Benjamin, collector 

Tuttou, Joseph, blackmnith 

Vosburgh, Eli,('ity Hotel 

WARD, JOHN 1).. grocer and liquor dealer (see adv) 

Wanen, Ri»bert (Ji-ant, laudiTig waiter 

FOUrnier. — A Village in the ToxvTiship of South Plantagenet, County Prescott, on Plaxton's Creek, 5^ 
miles from L'Orignal, the Connty Town, Population 150. 

Fortier, Alfred, hotel 
Gemieux, Bernard, flour mills 
Gemieux, Joseph, carpenter 
Johnstone, Alexander, saddler 
I^aiidriault, Fabien, blacksmith 

I licvi Harris, general merchant 

I MoLENNAN, A. S., general meivhant 

j Philips, Rev. S. (Roman Catholic) 

Ryan, John, J. P. 
Scott, John, shingle maker 

Foxboro*.— A Poat Village iii the Township of Thuriow, County Hastings, E.R. 

DUFFY, WILLIAM, Postmaster. 







Auctioneer and General dommission Herchaht, 

Money advanced on Gkxxls for Immediate sale. Yahxator to the Tpist and Loftn Co. of Upper Canada. 

M' l l I 'Will Mill ,, I , | ,,„ ^ \^ I g 



E. H. HOSKER, Proprietor. 




Dealers in Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, 

£iigli«by Scotib fttid C^^tdiiui Cloths, tteady*made ^ttd$g, 4o., Fashioiiali^ TnllelFikig^' 

, ■ _ ' J,"'- -I ■ - ■ - ■ »- 





And Geueral Insuraiiee Agent, First-claaft ar.coinB^lHtiou for travellers. The best 

hrands of lic^uors at the bar. (Grood stabling and 

Market S<xuare. • Goderlch, Ont. 

GEORGE H. MARTIN, Ask for Saunders* Lalie Huron Smoked Fish. 

to! WD ^Auror^nruiuvn Jt^* james saunders, 

BAKER, CONFfiCTIONBR, Ac, , ^^^^ ^^^^^ pj^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^ 

I HAMILTON STREET, GODfiftlCH, ONT. | wnoLEHALE asd retam. 

/ VK88ELS sri'PLiKi). j GODKRICH, .... ONTARIO. 


CA R HI AG E MAKR RSi ^o.^ -w-iirais a^ loiqpcjomb. 


HAMILTON 8TRBET, GODEftlOH, ONT. , g^^ Market S<i««r,. Ooderiel.. Ont. 


Hanufacturers of Reaping and Mowing MaehineB, 

OultiTatoTs, Ploughs, Stump Machines, and Agricultural Fuk^emeiita, 

_ J. >-j. 

m Cf. rt 

A- RANDALL, 'PtoprMibr. 


]f. B.— Good accommodation for commerckl travellers. GRIMSBY, ONTARIO. 


WM. BAflKR l^> BRO'S., 



I)omiiiioii and Ontario GroverninerLts* 




Envelope, Machine^ Bag;, IPaper-H angling anci 

Window-shade Paper, 



For Manufacturers and IVholesale Dealers. 

Gr. c. 3yccK:EisrziE, 

Iron Founder, 

MannfiietiiNr of Agnooltoral ImpLaments 


J. CKAIC} A BK08., 

fropr's. of the "HALTON BS&ALD." 

Back aad Jl^h Priafteriiy 

Georgetown, - - Ontario. 




All w#rk gaaranleedi] 

ilUkHcery, CkmveyaiLoer. 

40Hy W. PVJlRW, Proprietor, * 


€«oB«sEmwif , DirrABi«4 

Tht« Hoiiae U situated in the immediate vicinity of the Salt 
Works, «acl uSIjjxIa convenience for accommodation of j{u»«t9 

r 3 

Oojolda M»df to Ovdtx^ 


r t 






WmWt WilH— I a Tillage ritaated at the moath of the KamiaietoqiK^ Rirer, in the Bistxiet of Algona, 
access to which is obtainad by steamer, distant from Toronto 900 vules. ^It is noted for its eztenaive 
mineral resources. The principal mines are situated at Thunder Bay about 6 miles distant, in which can 
be found Silytr and Copper in good paying quantities, Lead, Iron |snd Amethysts' are also fonnd in the 
vicinity. Lea Peree Jesuites hare a very sacaessful mission here. Abont two miles above the Fort on 
the opposite side of the river there is a good Church and 60 or 70 houses^ chiefly occupied by half-breeda 
aad Indians, also a good school and resident Priest. 

*The Hudson's Bay Company have a large farm here and grow oats, barley and all kinds of roots, and there ia 
no donbt wheat can also be raised here ; fish are abundant both in the Bay and River. 

MoEeUar, P., explorer 

Dawson, S. J., superintendent Government Works 
Dixon, £., agent Thomas Marks 
Duioquet, Bev. Father, (Roman Catholic) 
Flaherty, J., wine and spirit merchant 
Hudson*s.Bav Company s general store 
McAlliater, William, explorer 
McDonald, Capt. D., supt. Thunder Bay mine 
Hclntyre, J., J. P., agent Hudson Bay Company 
HcRellar, Dr., explorei 
HcKeUar, J^ explorer 

McKinney, D. Cape and Shunea mine 
McLaren, John, general merchant 
McYICAR, MISS C, Post mistress 
McVicar, George, explorer 
Marks, Thomas, general merchant 
Necldo, Rev. Father, (Roman Catholie) 
Savigney, H. P., P. L. S 
Shune, Rev. Fatiier, (Roman Catholie) 

Franklin* — Jl Post Village in the Township of Manvers, County Durham, 80 miles from Cobouig, the 
County Town, and (K) from Toronto. Stage to Mount Horeb, distant miles. Population 100. 

Armstrong, T. L., teacher 

Burffin, Bev. George (New Connexion Methodist) 

Fallis, James, farmer 

Lytle, James, &rmer 

liaguire, Miss Margaret, muUner 

MAGUIRE, WILLIAM, Postmaster, coroner, J.P., 

and general merchant 
Maguire, William, insurance agent 
Middleton, George, teacher 
Morrow k Graham, shingle makers 

I Mulligan, Mrs. £., hotel keeper 
Noble, Archibald, farmer 
Russell k Argue, lumber dealers 
Russell, Thomas, J.P, 
Stewart, James, farmer 
Veals, John, farmer 
Windrum, CoU., farmer 
Woods, Joseph, farmer 
Woods, Thomas, farmer 

FranktOWn*— A Village on Goodwood Creek, in the Township of Beckwith, County Lanark, 16 miles 
from Perth. Lands in the vicinity average $12 per acre. The Brockville and Ottawa Railway have 
a station near the Village. Population 200. 

Allan, William, engraver 

Anderson, Matthew, blacksmith 

fiudd, Joseph, telegraph operaler 

Burrows, Dominic, stock dealer 

Cameron, Allan, fanner 

Campbell, A., farmer 

Cavanagli, Robert, general merchant 

Clarke, B., druggist 

Olarke, Thomas, shoemaker 

Clark, Thomas, hotel keepor 

Sdwards, John, cabinet maker 

Ferguson, Duncan, auctioneer 

JPlegg, Thomas k Bros., coopers 

Forde, Miss, milliner 

^Griffith, Thomas, blacksmith 

Hawkins, Henty, butcher 

Huhchback, Edward, wood and willow ware manuf. 

•Jackson, James, soap and candle maker 

James, Thomas, saddler 

Kidd, George, J. P ' 

Lawiord, John, sash, door and blind factory 

Leaver, Henry, cabinet maker 

Lowe, Phinens, farmer 

McDonald, John, farmer 

McDonnell, R., stock dealer 

McEWEN, EWEN, J. P., Postmaster, commissioner 

and conveyancer 
HcEwcti, F., insurance agent 
McEwen, Hugh, telegraph operator 


McEwen, John, farmer 

McEwen, Keil, former 

McEwen, Peter, real estate agent 

McGregor, D., sash, door and blind factory 

McKenna, Hugh, soap and eaadle maker 

McKen^ie, D. k Sons, painters 

McKercher, J., J. P. 

McLaughlan, Robert k Sons, carpeutem " 

McMahon, J., agent B. It O. B. R. 

May, William, farmer 

Michael, Murray, shoemaker 

Moore, W., leather dealer 

Moore, William, hotel keeper 

Morris, Joseiih, blacksmith 

Muirhead, WilliaTO, fanner 

Neilson, J. A., M. D. 

Neilson, M., dentist 

Nesbitt, Rev. A. C, Clnirch of England 

Nesbitt, George, M. D. 

Nesbitt, Thomas, general merchant 

Nowlan, George, broom maker 

Pierce, Thomas, k Sons, rope makers 

Roach, Thomas; shoemaker 

Roe, Thomas, k Sons, shingle makers 

Rosa, Rev. Walter (Presbyterian) 

Saunders, Thomas, wagon maker 

Stewart, Duncan, tailor 

Stewart, James, farmer 

Stewart, John, J.P. 



I'naikford.— A Villag© on the riT«r Trent, in the Township of Sidney, Connty HMtings, 14.niUw frpn* 
Bellerille, the County Town. Stage dwly to Trenton Station, Grand Trunk Bailway. Average price of 
improved land $30 per acre. 

Bryant, Joseph, butcher 

Byam, G. F., caniage maker 

Campbell, A., teacher 

Campbell, Rev. A. ^Methodist Episcopal) 

Chapman, John» shoemaker 

Clark, George, hotel keeper 

Consaul, J., carriage maker 

Craske, Walter, grist mill 

Borland, C. H., dentist 

7 amsworth, Richard, butcher 

Foster, Thomas, baker 

Fraser, Q. E.,_general merchant 

GILBERT, wfliLIAM, Postmaster 

Oolding, Hiram, hotel and livery 

Oolding, S., hotel 

Goldsmith, G., general merchant 

Grass, R., general merchant 

Grout, Rev. Mr., (Church of England) 

Howard, Thomas J., J. P., general merchant 


Huffman, James C, manufacturer of woolen goads 

Kinney, William, general merchant 

Lafa, A., cooper 

Near, J., cooper 

Orouhyatekha k Co., druggists, bookseUers, kc 

Oronhyatekha, Dr. M.B 

Cutwater, A., tinsmith 

Pettet, P. P., carpenter 

PhlUiiw, Rev. S. C. , (Wesleyan) 

Roblin, Edward, farmer 

Roblin, M. B., insurance agent 

Shorey, J., cooper 

Sills Brothers, props, paper mills 

Stevens k Sons, tailors 

Stillwell, J., general merchant 

Sweetman, James, €ar|)enter 

Turley, P., farmer 

W^alter, William, general merchant 

Frankrille*— A Village in the Township of KitUy, County Leeds, 18 miles from BrockvUle, the Couuty 
Town, and 240 from Toronto. Improved land in the vicinity average $60 per acre. Population 300. 

Baker, John, Robinson House baker 

Bain, A., dentist 

Brennan, H. H., general men*hant 

Bulges, Rev. T. (Church of England) 

Connor, Miss M., millinery, kc. 

(?onnor k Insper, leather dnleTs 

(;ONNOB, SAMUEL, Postmaate", grocer and dealer 

inbo)ts and shoes 
Carley, Miss K., millinery, &e. 
Downsly, David, carpenter 
Dowsly, David H., teacher 
Dixon, Adolphus, shoemaker 
Dixon, G. A., general merchant 
Dixon, Isaac, wood and willow ware 
X>ixon k Stewart, painters 
Dowsly, William, brickraaker 
barren, John, butcher 
Ferguson, John, J»P„ Crown Inn 
Hugill, Rev. J. (We^eyan Methodist) 

Humphiies, Henry, blacksmith 

Hunt, Absalom, wagon maker 

Kilbom, }(. A., farmer 

Kilbom, James, carpenter 

Kilbom, Levi S., blacksmith 

Kilbom, Truman, brick maker 

Kilbom, Vincent H., blacksmith 

Kilborn, Virgil, blacksmith 

Kilbora, Warren, M.D. 

Lauder, N., M.D. ^ 

Logan, James, proprietor Globe Inn 

McCrca, Hiram, attorney-at-law 

Parker, Robert, carpenter 

Rathwell, Rol)ert, saddler 

Richards, Christopher, teacher 

Soper, John, lime and stone dcali-r 

Southwortli, S. J., J. P. 

Stewart, B. F., wagon maker 

Willmott, Rev. William, (Methodist New Con.) 

Fredcrick8bnrg.--(Po»t Office Delhi)— A Village in the Township of Middlcton, Comity Norfolk, and! 
on the Rowan River. It manufactures and has a large trade in sawn lumber, the river supplying good 
water power. DisUnt from Simcoe, the County Town, 12 miles, Hamilton 50 miles, London 52 milea 
and from Toronto 100 miles. Daily sUges to Straflbrdsville and OakUnd. Mails daily. Money Orde 
office. Population 300. 

Blake, W. H., M.D., coroner 

Burkhart, Magdalene, innkeeper 

Church, Joseph, cabinet maker 

ConHn, Edwaitl, tanner 

Cook, Luke, general merchant 

Crozier, James, blacksmith 

DeWitt, Jonathan, pump maker and butcher 

Durkee, SVarren, harness maker 

Gilbert, Rev. C. W. M., (Wesleyan) 

Hayes, James A., collecting agent 

Hazelton, Rev. William P., (Baptist) 

Hillaker, H. C, wagon maker 

Homey, Israel M., blacksmith 

Hubbard, John, tailor 

Kemp, James A., hotel keeper 

lAmbert, Jacob, butcher 

Long, Alexander, harness maker 

Long, David, carpenter 
Owen, Egbsrt, grocer 

Power, Robert, innkeeper and bailiff 4th Div. Court 
Redman, Lawrence, shoemaker ' 

Sanderson, John B., wagon maker and blacksmith 
SaylcR Edwin, hotel keeper 
Schmidt, Frederick, ^loeinaker 
Shaw, Rev. C, (N. C. Methodist) 
Silbert, Rev. C, (Wesleyan) 
Smith, Lewis H., baker 

Sovei-een, Jacob, grist and saw mill and doth factory- 
Ward, William founder 
WHITSIDE, JAMES, Postmaster (see adv) 
W^ilkejsson, William, cabinet maker and builder 
Wilson, Daniel k E<lgar, general merchants^ 
Winslow, Clark, carpenter 
Wood, George W.,M.D 



F^eelloil. — A Village in tlie ToWnship of West Flaml>oro,*Coimty Wentwortll^ 12 miles from HamOtcm, 
the County Town, and II from Diindas St*tiuu Great Western Railway. Population, 120. 

Addison, Christina, milliner and dressmaker 

Adib'rjon, Mrs. Ellen, hotel keei»er 

AUwi, Michael, slioeniaker 

Atkiuwn, E. 8., M.D 

Bmir. James and John, wagou makci^ 

Brown, David, carpenter 

<-TirriU, Oeoige, blackimith 

Dwiils, Peter, carpenter 

Flwk, C. W., M.D 

>yi, Patrick, J. P., hotel keeper 

JVrgoson, James, carpenter 

Hirst, J. and E., general mercliants 

HIKST, JAMES, Postmaster 

McTiean, Rer. Alexander, (Presbyterian) 

Mc.Monnils, James, tailor 

Maynard, Roger, teacher 

Morgan, Bros, k Co., steam flouring milU 

Pannaker, LewU, saw miller and lumber dealer 

Rowley, James, general merchant 

Wood, Rev. George, (Primitive Methodist) 

Yokom, David k Co., general merchants f 

Frefport. — ^A Village in the Township of Waterloo, County Waterloo, on the Grand Birer, 4 miles from 
Berlin, the County Town, and Preston IWlway Stations. Population, 60. 

Alli»n, A. B., blacksmith ^ 

Aiford, Miss Lucy, teacher 

Bowman, Rev. J. B 

ljwnian,.j. L., J. P., priuei|)al Freei^ort Acadamy 

Wwards, Rev. Abel, (Wesleyau) 

Kram, James, teacher 

•Vhl. fiicbard, farmer 

I'^iiihel, Bartel, farmer 

Howard, Rev. T., (Weslcyan) 

Krf>pi,,Rev. H., (United Brethren^ 

Ulz, Henry, carpenter 

Plowman, Rev. R. G. 

Schliohtcr, Rev. J. B., Secretary vFreeport Academv 
SCHLICHTKR, J. B., Postmaster, «tation<ir and gen- 
eral merrliunt 
Shcrk, Rev. A. B., President Freei»ort Academy 
Shupe, £., insurance agent 
Shupe, Isaac, patent right agent 
Snyder, £. B., fanner 
Weaver, Amos, farmer 
Weaver. Rev. A. C. 
Wliitaker k Zyrd, manufacturers of woolen gooiU 

F'PWltrc.— A Poet Office in the Townsliip of Toronto, County Peel, on the Riv«r Credit, 15 miles fr<ym 

Bnmpton the County Tonni, 6 from Port Cnnlit Station Great Western Railway, and 6 from Streets^ille, 

Avenge value of improved laud in tlie ueighljourhood $45 per awe. The Credit affords exoallaat wat^ 

l^ririleges. Population of Wcinity 200. '21 miles ftom. Toronto. 

AXDKRSON, C. E., J. P., jiotaiy pilblic, famiev I ERASER, JAMES, fanner 
iVhi'Du^xr ^ .,rT,^.r^ Gill, Johu, farmer 



AwJrews, Thomas 

Afford, Miss Lucy, teacher 

-J-^I^ORD, WILLIAM, Postma.stcr and wa^yon maker 

wll William, farmer 

Rromiridge, William, farmer 

'AMKR05, DONALD, J. P., fnrmer 

^MEROX, WILLIAM, farmer 

• I'IFTOy, JOHN, farmer 

'fMTiT, Albert, farmer 

'"nor«»r, James, farmer 

''ijjflver, Samuel, farmer 

' wran, Patrick, farmer 

'^y'li, Robert, pensioner 

:'j»*rda, Rev. Abel (Weslevan) 

^VIX ONER, GEORGE, faniun 

Howard, Rev. T. (Wealej-an) 

Jolinson, Charles, farmer 

Johnson, Robert, farmer 

Marlatt, George, farmer 



Mo88, John, farmer 

Mnnn, George, farmer 

Neil, John, fanner 

Pho$nix, George, farmer 

Rowe, James, blacksmith 

Shaiu, Charles, farmer 

Sliain, William, farmer 

Staffonl, Ira, farmer 

Taylor, H., dentist 

Taylor, Henry, hop grower and ftriyi<;r 

fj^Bie.— A Post Offiee in the Township of Southwold, County Elgin, 7 milts from St. Thomas, thft 
County Town. 

Kt4, Darid, teacher ' Morse, James, carpenter 

:^itfl, Kev. — , (Episcopal Methodist) I P»y"<*t William & Haury, prop4. stoarn flouring miU* 

-' " ' j Randall, F., J.P 

' Sharon, K., farmer 
Sharon, H., farmer 

|-«»i.T., fanner ' " i Randall, F., J.P 

^Tj'lifjT, Key. J. (Congregational) 
f^^rroX, ANDREW. PostmaHtoi- . 

J"fV)n, X., carfienter 
!!^'ii, P., farmer 
'^'^wU, R., nursery 
^i^% 0.. tailor 
J'^'*!!, N., tailor 
^'"^^ K. A., tailor 

) Sharon. T., farmer 
I Shipley, Rev. J., (Weslevan) 
! Sutton, J., farrciT 
' Silcox, W., tanner and caijfenter 
Silcox, J. B., teai^-her 



FHllttrton*— A Village cm the River Tha-meg, in. the 

Stratford, the County Town, 12 from St. Mary's 

yicinity $40 per acre. Population 200. 

Baird, John, carpenter 
Buchan, John, general merchant 
Bums, Alexander, M.D 
Chisholm, Hugh, insurance agent 
Clark, Rev. Mr., (Bible Chriatian) 
Davidson, Alexander, inn keeper 
Dyer, Rev. Mr., (Wealeyan) 
Ford, Thomaa 

Green, H|v. Thomaa, (Baptist) 
Hugill, Charles. J.P 

Township of FuUarton. County Perth, 16 miles from 
and 6 from Mitchell. Average value of land in thi 

Hugill, William, shoemaker 
Jeffrey, John, shoemaker 
Kerr, William, tanner 
McLellan, Alexander. M.D 
Poi-teous, William, J. P., farmer 
Rice, George, general merchant 
Rice, Robert 

Rigg, Anthonv B., carpenter 
Vanstone, William, wagon maker 
WOODLEY, JAMES, Postmaster 

FvltOll.— A Post offloa in the Township of 

Berry, Jev. Francis, (Weeleyan) 

Buckbee, A. P., farmer 

Buckbee, J. H.. fanner 

Gulp, William, pottery 

Greenman, S. G., farmer 

Hughson, W., bricklayer 

King, Thomas, grocery 

Lee, James, carpenter 

If erritt, Alanson, farmer 

Miller, P., farmer 

Grimsby, County Lincoln, 80 miles from St. Catheiinei. 

Miller, John, shingle maker 

Miller, Robert, insi^^nce agent 

Nelson, R., farmer 

Riddle, — . , wagon maker 

Service, Rev. R., (Methodist Episcopal) « 

Snyder, E., farmer 

Stephenson, W. C, farmer 

White, C, farmer 

WHITE, JOHN E., Postmaster 

Freebnrg.— A Poet Office in the Township of Waterloo, County Waterloo. 


€alt«— A Town and Station of the Gait and Guelph branch of the Great Western Railroad, on the Grand 
River, in the Township of North Dumfries, County Waterloo ; 11 miles from Berlin the County Town, 
80 from Hamilton and 14 from Guelph. The surrounding country is remarkable for its fertility. Galtw 
the largest Town in tlie County, and in regard to its manufacturing establishments, one of the principal 
in the Province. The water power is unlimited. The Town is rejyjularly laid out and the employment o 
stone in building which abounds in the neighborhood, gives it a remarkably substantial appearance 
Money Order Office and Savings Bank. Population 4000. 

Atcheson, Rev. Robert, (Presbyterian) 
Adams, Amos, proprietor Farmers* Inn 
Adams Rev. Thomas, (Methodist) 
Adams, John, wheat buyer 

ADDISON, ALEXANDER, cabinet maker and libra- 
rian Mechanics' Institute 

Aikens,* Thomas, proprietor Union Hotel 

Ainslie, James, farmer 

Allan, Daniel, builder 

Allan, James, carpenter 

SjLAN, JOHN, editor and prop. Dwmfrifs Reformer 

Allan, Robert C, clerk 

Allison, John, drDver 

ser, agent ^ 

Anderson, James, carter 

Anderson Bros., (John & Isaac) dealers in syrups and 

Andri3i, Martin, butcher 

ARNOT, ALEXANDER, D. prop. Gait Brewery 

Austin, Adam, millwright 

Austin, Samuel, fishmonger « 

BAILEY. JOHN A., barber and hairdresser 

Baker, Thomas, veterinary surgeon 

Baker Bros., (W. H. & John) grocers 

BALL, A. T. H., barrister, &c 

BARBOUR, John, cabinet maker 

Barry, Thomas, tailor 

Bell, Andr»'\v, teamster 

Bell, William, ttainster 

BENN, WALTER H., prop. Inkerman Inn 

Bernhardt, Villiam, pi-op. Alhambra saloon 

Billing, John, taunei* 

Black, Fran« is, blacksmith and farrier 


BLAIN, lU'HAIlD, prop. Dickson Mills 

Blain, Thomas, wheat Vmyer 

BOOMER, IJKV. MICHAEL, (Churth of England) 

BREIMEU, F. H., barber and hair dresser 

Brennan, Hugh A., clerk 

Brodie, Miss Agnes, confectioner 

BROOM Fil. LI), R., (McDougall & Broomfield) 

BROWN, .'AVID, book-keeijer 

Brown, .larjn'S, photographer 

Brown, .Joi.ii, butcher 

Brown, K. S. dentist 

BROWN i .( ) \V, THOMAS, merchant 

Brydon & V- anian, (Walter k William) wagon makers 

Buchanan, a Icxander 

BURNETT, A' ALTER, thinner and curri-r 

BURNET'i'. VLEXANDKU, market clerk 

Caldwell, iMvid, nurseryuuiu 

Cant, Aclsn,;, ]»attern maker 

CANT, llliUl, saddle an«l harness maker 

W. W. KITCHEN'S PURE GKAPE WINES, 600 barn-l.- .mnunlly, nt (iiimshy Vineyard. 



Cioi, Joho^ trimmer 

CaHyle, Wiljlam, principal Central school 

Gin^ck, Alexand^, ftumer 

Cuter k Todd, produce and commiAsion merchantB 

Cheeseman, John, carpentar 

CLARK, JOHN, prop. Young Canadian Saloon 

doden, James, farmer 

dnmell, Darid, innkeeper 

COOKE, WILLIAM, manager Merchants* Bank 

Goolthard, William, carpenter 

C^wan, James, farmer 

Csf&ii, Thomas, collector » 

Crane, Henry, carpenter 

CROUBIE, JAMES & CO., woolen factors, millm, 

Cariiss, James, teamster 

Btlgldsh, James, builder 

Dilgleish, Thomas, builder 

Dat^ H. H., manufacturer of edge tools, axes, &c. 

DAVIDSOK, JOHN, Postmaster and manager Gore 

I^TidsoD, William, saddler 
Davis, J. W. k Co. , iron founders, tinsmiths, &c. 
BEAN, 0. S., dealer in fruit, confectionery, &c. 
Ikm, W. Carter, M.D. 
Deary, Jamfs, prop. North American hotel 
Dennis, Henry, teamster 
Dill, Mrs. Jalia, boarding house 
Diitin, William L. 
Dinm, James, carpenter 
Dovker, John 

DRYDEN, ANDREW, lumber dealer 
%den, Thomas, carpenter 
DUMFRIES FOUNDKY, Goldie, McCulloch & Co., 

Dm.VD, CHARLES A. (Duiand & Philip) 
BL'KAXD k PHILIP (Charles A. & George S.) bar- 

risteps, he. 
DTKES, JOHN G., town Clerk 
ELLIOT, WILLIAM, Photogiupher (see ady) 
Sliott, Mre. C. , boarding hous^ 
KLSLIE, ALEXANDER O., <J. Fleming k Co.) 
«»?greaTe, George, carpenter 
Joioson, D. A Co., painters, etc. 
jesnson, John, clerk 
"ftW, Thomas, collector 
^Blier, George F., clerk 

JISHER, THOMAS S., dry goods, groceries, etc. 
JLEMING, JOHN, dry goods, groceries, etc 
JLEMING, JOHN & CO., bookseUers & Jtationers 
'^X, CHARLES A., watchmaker and jeweller, (see 

'fl«r, James G,, agent Americain Express Company 

and telegraph operator 
''ALT REPORTER, Jaffray Bros., editors & proprs. 
wab, Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding house 
^Jt William, band master and music teacher 
'*ide8, James D., accountant Gore Bank 
Giliobn & Hogg, (Luke and Francis), proprs. steam 
^ laTrmill 

^[Clesijie, J. B., dry goods 
^m, Peter, wagon maker 
wdlestone, C. W., book-keeper 
^'^^LDIE, JOHN, (Goldie, McCulloch & Co.) 
'^JLDIE, Mcculloch & CC, proprs Dumfries 

];'«dall, George, farmer 
5<*M, John, farmer 
^on, Thomas, shoemaker 
''«« District Mutual Fire Insurance Co.. Thomas M. 

Simons, secretary 

GORE BANK, John, DayTdson maoagar 
Gorth, Frederick, shoemaker 
Oourlay, John, machinist 
Graham, Dftrid, carpenter 
Graham, William, carpenter 
Grant, Alexander, maspn 
Gray, Mrs. Alice, fancy goods 
Gray, Robert, carpenter 
Grisch, John, shoemaker 
Guggisberff, Frederick, dry goods 
Habbick, John, dry goods, millinery, ko 
Hardy, James, weaver 
HARRIS, T. W., Assistant Postmaster 
HaviU, James, plasterer 
Ha^, Peter, machinist 
Hemhold, William, furrier 
Henderson, Archibald, farmer 
Henderson, James, Cbrpenter 
Henderson, Juraes k Co., booksellers,' kc 
Henshelwood, Peter, teamster 
HETHERINGTON, JAMES, prop. Gait Hotel 
Hohl, Jacob, carpenter 
Holland, John, painter, kc 
Hood, Adam, sen., carpenter 
Houseman, John, painter 
HOWELL, DANIEL, (Robinson k HoweU) 
. Hume, Gavin, general merchant 
HUNTER, JAMES, provision dealer and mona^ 

HUSBAND, GEORGE E.. M. D., homoeopathic 

physician (see adv) 
Irving, Matthew, null stone builder 
JAFFRAY BROS., (G. H. k R.) editoro and props. 

Otilt Beporter 
Jaffray, James, book binder 
Jamieson, George, farmer 
Jardine, John k Walter, blacksmiths 
Jeffrey, Peter, weaver 

JOB, CHARLES C, M.D., homoeopathic physician 
JOHNSON, W. H.. gunsmith (see adv) 
Kay, James, carriage maker 
Kay, John, watchmaker and jeweler 
Kay, Mrs. William, groceries, ko 
Keachie, John B., cai-penter 
Keefer, Peter, clerk Division Court 
KER, ADAM, mayor 
Knapp, F. A., accountant 
KNOX, THOMAS, baker and confectioner 
Laidlaw, Walter, prop, saw mill 
LAIDLAW, WILLIAM W., prop. Waterloo sash, 

door k blind factory (see adv) 
Laird, George, carpenter 
Lammond, John, machinist 
Lavin, Peter, prop. Albion Hotel 
Leathcrdale, James, carpenter 
Lister, Thomas, drover 
Lithgow, Alexander, tailor 
Little, David, tailor 
Little, Thomas, cabinet maker 
Little, William, mason 
Livett, S. C, grocer 

1*0 WELL, FRANCIS, prop. Queen's Ai-ms Hotel 
LUTZ k CO., iron founders, agricultural implement 

makeriL kc 
McBROOM, WILLIAM, gi-ocer 
McCrea, William J., seedsman and grocer 
McCrum, Henry, book-keeper . 
McCULLOCH, HUGH (Goldie, •McCulloch & Ca) 
McDonough, L., chief constabla 
McDougall, Adam, carpenter 
McDougall, D., boots and shoes 

.» ■■■! ■■ ^^W— iia*» 

W. W. KITCHEN'S PURE ORAPK WINES, 600 barrda annnaUy at Grimsby Vineyard. 



McDOIK^ALIi, ROBERT ^'McDougall k Broomfield) 
McDOUGALL k BKOOMFIKLI) (Robert k Robert), 

carpenters and wiw mill prop* 
McFarlane, Mrs. J., boarding Iiousa 
McFeiggan, James, ])ook-kt*eper 
McUwraith, Andrew, lx)ok -keeper 
Mclntonh, Thomas, gardener 
McKeand, Donald, accountant 
McKendrick, James, plasten-r 
McLachlan, William, tailor 
McMillan, James, farmer 
McMillan, Thomas, secdbman, &e. 
McKae, (ieorge, gardener 
McRae, James, teacher 
McTague, James, stoves, tinware, kc, 
McWilliams, Charles, tailor 

MacGregor, Alexander, insuranocand general agent 
Haitland, Hugh, music teacher * 
Malcolm, A., cabinet maker 

MECHANICS' INSTITUTE, A. Addison, librarian 
Meikle, John, saddler 
Mellish, RobiTt, minter, kr. 


Middlomas, Tliomns, stn.tion master O.W.R 

MILI.KR, HENRY k CO., druggists 

MILLER, JAMES k JOHN, barristers, &c. 

MILLER, WILLIAM, County Judge 

Miller, William, baker 

MILLER, W. NICHOLAS, barrister, kc. 

Morris k Jackson, (Thomas k John) boots and shoes 

Muir, Rev. J. B., pastor (St. Andrew s Church) 

Mundel, J., freight dark, G. W. R. 

Munro, George, j-arpi^ntcr 

MURDOCH, HIT(;h, baker and confectioner 

MURDOCH, REV. W. T., i>astor (Melville Church) 

Murray, Robert, cooper and giocer 

Murray A: Ati lu.son, (Hugh k (George M.) dry goods 

Myles, Thomas, coal yard 

Neilson, James, baker 

Nellcs, R. F., collector of Inland Revenue 

Gates, Mrs., confectionery 

OLFORI), JOSEPH, boots and shoes 

Oliver, Andrew, druggist 

Oliver, (icorge, drover 

OLIVER, SIMON, mamif. soap, candles, potash, &c 

Osborne, Willis m, proprietor I>)on Mills 

Ovens, Robert, builder 

Ovens, William, millwright 

PATRICK, ROBERT, woolen factor 

PATTERSON, GEORGE H., manager Royal Cana- 
dian Bank 

Patteraon, James, carpenter 

PECK, THOMAS, maltster 

PHILIP, GEORCJE S., (Durand k Philip) 


Pollock, James, P. L. S. 

Poison, Angus, drv goods 

POLSON, k LAVIN, (Robert k Peter) icrocers 

QTjARRIE, WILLIAM, saddle and harness maker 

QUEEN'S ARMS HOTEL, FmncU Lowell, prop. 

Ramsay, James, drover 

RAMSEY, S. F., M.D. 

REID, ROBEiaV surgeon dentist, (sje adv)l 

Richaidson, Samuel, M J). ' 

Hobinson, Edwanl, shoemaker 

RQBINSON, WILLIAM, (Robinson k Howell) 

ROBINSON k HOWELL, (William and Daniel), 
woolen manufacturers 

BOBSON, R. & J., builders, sash, door and blind 
factory, (see adv) 

Ross, Mal(*oIm, earjwnter 

Sampson, Theophihis, J. P. 

SCOTT, JOHN, pn»p. Gait marble works, (Sec ajv) 

Scott, JoliTi, cattle dAiler 

SCOTT, T. F., barber and hairdwaser 

Scott. Walter, cariienter 

SCOTT, WILLIAM, (James &'ott k Son) 

SCOTT, JAMES k SON. caqientera, bobbin maauf. 

etc. (See adv) 
Scringer, James, farmer 
Scringer, John, farmer 
Scringer k Main, (William and Henry >L) proprs. 

Hverv stable 
Scrogie, George, drover 
Seagram, Eilward, lK>ok-keepcr 
Seagram, Joseph 
Sesgram, Thomas, M.D. 
Shells, James, drover 

SIMONS, T. M., Sec. Gore District Mutual Fire In- 
surance Co. 
Slaile, Thomas, carpenter 
Smith, Rev. J. K., (l*resbyterian) 
Smith k Yt>ung, (Joel B. and James) props. Victoria 

Snell, Edmund, butcher 
S^tari-ow, Thomas, ihsuer of marriage licenses 
Sproule, James, shoeionker 
Stevens, George, pi*oprietor livery stable 
Stewart Charles, weaver 
Stewart, Thomas, ]»roprietor Dumfries MilU 
Stoildard, Henr)'', proprietor Western Hotel 
Strickland, (Jeorg^T., auctioneer, &c 
Strong, R. S., chemist anddrugList 
Sutherland, Mrs. Elizabeth, confecitoucr 
Sutherland, John, lumHer dealer 
Tuit, John, blacksmith and agricultural implement 

T ASS IE, WILLIAM, M. A., head master Gait Gnuii- 

mar School 
TAYLOR, ROBERT, merchant tailor 
Thoni] .son, James J. k Co., woolen factors 
Tiudel, John C, clerk 
Trotter, James, watchmaker and jeweler 
Thompson, Peter, blacksmith 

Trotter A: Scott, (William T. & Robert) stores, ti&\iiii« 
Turnbull, (Jeorge, hosier 
Urcn, Thomas, niaehinist 
Urquhart, Alexamler. blacksmith 
Vcitch, John, plasterer 
Wagner, Joscpn, tanner 
Wallace, Robert, distiller 
Wamock, Adam, (James Crombie k Co) 
Warnock, James k Co., hardware 
Webber, C 'harles, broker and insurance a^ent 
Webstar, Robert, builder 
Wells, James, tool temperer 
Whitney, i\ L. k Co., ale and porter vaults 
WILKINS, N. & E. J., merch't tailors and clothiers 
WILKINS, W. H. k S., merch't Uilors and clothiera 
Wilkinson, Robert, cooiK?r 
WILLIAMS, MORGAN, photographer 
Woodruff, Mrs. Aim, boarding house 
Woods, James, book-keejier 
WRIGHT, THOMAS, mathematical master Gali 

Grammar School 
Yorston, Alexander, carpenter ^ 

YOUNG, jamf:s, M.P.P 

Young, William k Co., paper collar manuf 
Younie, Jaiues, gardener 

W. W. KiTC^HEN'S PURE GRAPE WINES. 500 barrels annually at Grimsby Vineyard* 



4iBd*U Hill*— A Village in the Township of Ellic^ County Perth, 6 miles from Stratford, the Conntj Town. 

Population 100. 

Bkillard, B , Snnkeepr 
Crinkley, A. & W. B., lumber dealers 
CRINKLEY, W. B., Postmaster 
Deibrich, Geora^e, farmer 
Hartlingy Ohanes, farmer 
Hattnng, Philips farmer 
Kirkpatrick, James, former 
Kneiscl, Henry, farmer 
Kollman, Jacol^ lumber dealer 

Lautenschlager, Adam, cooper 
Leisemer, Henry, general merchant 
Pfefier, Conrad, dentist 
Katz, Henry, planing mills 
Schmidt, B., farmer 
Schmidt, Henry, fanner 
Schnarr, N., innkeeper 
Whitlenfer, Henry, farmer 

Clalway. — A Post-office in the Township of Gal way, County iPeterboro', 42 miles from Peterboro*, the 
County Town. Average value of improved laud in the vicinity |8 per acre. 

•Gnefiis, Andrew, "inn 'keeper 
MeOee, Henry, carpenter 
Maxwell, John, inu keeper 

MaxiA'ell, Bobert, shingle maker 

PRO BERT, THOMAS, J. P., Postmaster 

Stewart^ Robert, painter 

^SailAIIOqae. — An incorporated Village and portW entiy, situate on the river St. I^wrence, and distant 
thrt^e miles from a station of the Grand Trunk Railway, in the Township of Leeds, County Leeds. 
Tlic steamers plying between Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton, call here daily. The proximity of the 
Village to the magnificent scenery of the Thousand Islands make it a favorite resort for tourists. The 
water jiower here is almost unlimited and a large portion has been utilised. Distant from Montreal 155 
miles, from Toronto 179 miles and from Kingston 18 miles. Money Ortler Office and Savings Bank. 
Population 2,250. The folloAving are the principal manufacturers: — E, E, AbhoU, machinists' tools, 
power presses, water wheels, nuts, bolts, &c., and employs a large number of hands; Cotoan A BriUtm^ 
nails and hinges; l8(mc JBriggs, steel can*iage springs; />. F. Jo}ieSf spades, shovels, forks, &c. ; George 
Mitchell, ** Excelsior" mattrass filling, sash and door factory; Byera dsMaWuw, wagon skeins, iron and 
copper rivets, &c.; William Bullock^ kettle ears, felloe plates, &c.; Peter O'Srien, "Excelsior" mattrasd 
filling; Bobert Bnntgh, hay rakes, wheel heads, &c. ; Henry Collard, agricultural implements; Gordon A> 
Kirkhum, woolen battings Skinner de Co,y scythe snaths, grain cradles, hames, kc 

ABBOTT, E. E., manuf. machinsts' tools, power 
presses, water wheels, mill gearing, bolts, nuts, 
&c, (seeadv) 

Acton, Joseph, ship owner 

Acton, Robert, boots and shoes 

ALBION HOTEL, Bernard Shiels, prop, (seeadv) 

ASSELSTINE, G. N., watchmaker, agent Montreal 
Telegraph Co 

Auchinvole, Gilbert, prop, tannery 

Bain, Brothers, dentists and photographers 

Battams, Samuel, tailor 

Beaumont, George, lumber merchant 

Bennett, Isaac, tinsmith, stoves, &c 

Bockus, C. N., general merchant, agent Mutual Life 
Insurance Co., of Hartford 

BRIGGS, ISAAC, manuf. carriage springs, pumps, 

BBITTON, D. F., Postmaster, general merchant, 
forwarder &c 

BRITTON, FREEMAT^", job printer, bookseller, 
newsdealer, wools, fancy goods, and small wares 
(see adv). 

Brophy, Denis, restaurant 

8ROUGH, ROBERT, manufacturer patent wheel- 
heads, hay rakes snd general wood turning 

BROUGH, WILLIAM, ^neral merchant, prop. 
Gananoque flom-ing mill 

Brown, AndrowF., hotel keeper 

Bullock, William, manufacturer of kettle ears, felloe 
plates, mop sticks, &c. 

BYEBS & MATTHEW (W. Byers and W. G. Mat- 
thew) manufacturers carriage and wagon axles 
and skeins, iron and cox>x)er rivets, &c« 

BYERS, R., clerk J. Briggs 

Owroll, Rev. John (Episco]>al) 

CARROLL, W. B., agent Commercial Union Asso 
ciation, England 

Calhoun, J. C, prop. Calhoun House 

Campbell, Henry, butcher 

CHeVeRS & McADAM, props. Provincial House 

Cheevers, M., tailor 

CHEVERS, THOMAS, J. P., treasurer 
(see adv) 

Chcvers, Thomas H., carnage maker 

Church, Joseph, hotel 

COLLARD, HENRY, manufacturer of agricultural 

Cotton, R. P., woollen factor 

COWAN k BRITTON (0. D. Cowan and 0. E. 
Britton) manufacturers nails, hinges, &c. 

Crysler, Charles B., general merchant 

Damien, Thomas, shoemaker 

Edwards, William, cabinet maker 

Ellis, Mrs., confectioner 

Fainnan, Daniel, manufacturer spoons 

Fairman, Warren, saw mill proprietor 

Gordon, Rev. Hcnrv, (Presbyterian) 

GORDON & KIRfeHAM (John H. Gordon and 
Thomas C. Kirkhara) manufacturers carded 
woolen batting for mattrasses and general up- 

Croulette, A., shoemaker 

GOULETTE, 0. V., manufacturer hickory chisel 
handles, buggy spindles and bureau knobs, 
tobacconist and fancy goods, &c. 

Haig, David, hotel 

Heaslin, S., manufacturer carnenter's patent brace* 

HiscocKs, John, general merchant 

Hunt, J. D., hotel keeper 


OAKAlK)QfJi;^*4}ARD]BK tttrSE. 

Borat, Oeom, gMotr «&d baker 

Huyler, £. B., manufacturer aewiiig machinea 

Inwood, John, hotel 

JONES D. FORD, manufacturer ipadea, slwrcla^ kc 

Kirkea, Jamea, ahoemaker 

Laurie, Robert, blackandth 

Landon, £., aaddler 

Lindaay, Oeoi:ge, wagon maker 

McGAMMON, S., cbemiat and druggiat, clerk 
8rd Divifdon Court (aee ady). 

HcCluy, Charlea, aaddler 

McClevertT, J., tailor 

HcCmm, Robert, M.D., coroner 

McDonald, Rev. Davidaan (Wealeyan) 

McDonnell, John« builder 

McKenzie, William, cabinet maker 

Mack, William, hotel keeper 

MILLER, H. C, general merchant. (See adv) 

MITCHELL, GEORGE, builder, aaah and door fac- 
tory, manufacturer Excelaior mattraaa filling. 
(See adv) 

O'BRIEN, PETER, proprietor Exchange Flouring 
Mill, cooperage, barrel heading and atave fiMtory 
and general merchant (See adr) 

O'Connor, Rey. Michael, (Roman Catholic) 

O'Neil, L., baker. 

Ormiaton, John, Collector of Cuatoma 


Parmenter, Jasuea W., J. P., comm&ionerfat B: R. 

and oonTeyaaoer 
Parmenter, Joel D., farmer 
POTTER, WILLIAM, MD., coroner 
PROVINCIAL HOUSH, Cheven k tf oAdam, pnps. 

(See ady) 
Richmond, Thomaa, M.D. 
Rogera, Samuel, grocer 
Rogera, W. N. Jb Co., general merchanta 
Sheridan, Jamea, blacksmith 
SHIELS, B., proprietor Albion Honae. (See ady) 
SKINNER k CO., (S. kS.C. Skinner), manufactn- 

rera saddlery, hardware, agricultund implements 

Skinner, A., clerk 
Stunden, George, blacksmith 
Stunden, J. & C, general merchanta 
Sytz, Joseph, shoemaker 
Taylor, Brother k Co., seueral merchants 
Trayeller, Rev. Mr., (Methodiat Episcopal) 
Treneman, John, station agent 
Turner k Taylor, (James and George), gen. merchanta 
Waddie, J., atage proprietor 
Wilkinson, William, Dtfber. 
Wing, John, butcher 
Wright, Robert, builder 

Craraflraxaf (Douglas Village). — ^A Village in theTownahip of Garafraxa, County Wellington, on the Grand 
Riyer, 21 milea from Guelph, and 14 from Rockwood Station, Grand Trunk Railway. Money orderoffice. 
Population 150. 

Alpane, John, farmer 

Black, R. J., farmer 

Brown, George, general merchant 

Brown, Rev. Robert, (Congregational) 

Clark, Rey. — ., (Wesleyan) ^ 

Connolly, Thomas, liyery stable proprietor 

Gassiday, William, steam saw mul proprietor 

Coiyse, Paul, farmer 

Cowae, Peter, innkeeper 

Cuny, Duncan, general merchant 

Geme, Peter, farmer 

Jupj^O., wagon maker 

LIGHTBODY, ANDREW, Poatmaster, gen. mercht 

Lightbody, John, surgeon 

Lindsay, James, farmer 

Loyie, Jamea, farmer 

Loyie, Micliael, farmer 

McClanacahm, James, farmer 

McGrigor, William, blacksmith 

Melican, Rev. William, (Canada Presbyterian) 

Menee, Geor^, innkeeper 

Michie, William, J. P., piat mill 

Rathbum, W. H., dentist 

Reid, John, teacher 

Rodgers, William, blacksmith 

Sargent, Cyrus, farmer 

Sargent, Henry, farmer 

Sargent, John, farmer 

Strachan, Robert, carpenter 

Thorn, John C, M.D. 

Thompson, Theodore, innkeeper 

Todd, Alexander, shoemaker 

Ward, William, mason 

Crarden Island* — APost Office in the Township of Garden Island, County Frontenac. 

GUMMING, GEORGE, Poatma-ster. 

Crarden River* — An Indian Village, beautifully situated at the confluence of the Garden and Ste. Marie 
Rivers, in the District of Algoma^ 12 miles below the Sault Ste. Marie. The former riyer runs through 
the village from north to south, emptying into the latter, which runs from west to east in front of the 
village, conre}ing the surplus waters of Lake Superior to Lake Huron. The Ste. Marie separates tha 
State of Michigan from Canada, and is navigable for vesaels of every description. Canadian and American 
steamers are supplied with wood by the Indians, who are christianized and have attained to a high degree 
of civilization. Population about 400. 

AUGOSTO, «ucf 

CHANCE, REV. J., (Church of England Miasionary) 

Finley, Alexander, farmer 

Holderoft, Thomas, farmer 


ROHLKR, REV. A., (Roman Catholic Miaaxonaiy) 
Rush, William, farmer 
Sanders, John, farmer 




CMidey»~-A Post Office in the Towndiip of Clurendon» County Frontenac, 7( milee from KiBgrton» tbe 
Connty Town. Wild lands in the vicinity ayerage $1, and improred fS per acre. 

Baoher, William, general merchant 
Caheron, C, general merchant 
Leokie^ C, hotel keeper and cooper 
Lockie, William, distiller ' 

Ferry, Mrs., innkeeper 
Perry, Rey. C. (Wesleyan) 

Plotz, William, cabinet maker 
Rington, £., M.D. 
Shaw, William, general merchant 
STALKER, JAMES, Postmaster 
Ward, WilUam, shingle maker 

€<tor|i;etOini« — ^An incorporated Village and »Station of the Grand 'Trnnk 'Railway in the Township of 
Esquessing, County Huron, on the River Credit, 12 miles from Mihon, 28 from Torontq, and 37 from 
Hamilton. Population 1500. The extensiye premises of Messrs. Barber Brothers occupies an area of an 
acre, employing 40 hands in the manufacture of every description of book, writing, printing, manilla and 

wrapping papers. 

Allen, William, shoemaker 

Anderson, Alexander, grocer 

Asderson, Belden, fanner 

Anderson, Robert, carpenter 

Andrews, John, clothtj&esser 

Annoor, Nicholas, watchmaker 

Badem, Joseph, shoemaker 

£ailey, Isaiah, tailor 

Bailey, Thomas, painter 

BARBER, JAMES, paper manufacturer 

BARBER, JOHN R., reeve 

BARBER, JOSEPH, paper manufacturer 

BARBER, JOSEPH, Sen., paper manufacturar 

facturers (see adv) 


Barclay, George A., shoemaker 

Baines, Peter N. R., carpenter 

Boms, AVilliam, constable 

Baxendale, Richard, paper manufacturer 

Benham, Alfred, livery stable 

Bird, John, shoemaker 

Blewa, Jolin, shoemaker 

Brasbie, Rev. Denis L. 

BrinkerhofT, Robert, brewer 

BRITTON, N. R., barrister 

Brown, George N., blacksmith 

Brown, W. K, carriage and wagon maker 

Bnrchell, Bobert, grocer 

BUTCHABT, DAVID, photompher 

Calder, Alexanaer, marble dealer 

Calder, Asa, marble dealer 

Calder, Charles, marble dealer 

CALDER & SON, marble dealers 

Campbell, Alexander, printer 

Campbell, James A., printer 

Carbeneau, Philip, shoemaker 

CHASE, JOHN H., innkeeper 

Clark, Duncan, livery stable ., 

CLARK, THOMAS, innkeeper 

Cook, Thomas, barber 

Corry, John, farmer 

CRAIG, JOSEPH (J. Craiff & Bro.) 

CRAIG, J. & BRO., publishers and proprietors 
Balton Herald 

Creach, Samuel, tanner 

Cross, David, tanner 

Crowley, Patrick, wheelwri^t 

Colp, Hiram, blacksmith 

Colp & McKenzie, carriage makers 

Cummings, — ^ retired 

Cnshoian, George, painter 

De Pottie, James A., merchant 

Bade, Rev. Charles 

Dalton, Catherine, dressmaker 

Dayfoot, G. C. 


Dundas, William, carpenter 

Evans, Peter L., merchant 

Ewing; Rey. Robert 

Forsyth, George, carpenter 

Forsyth, John, carpenter 

Fonyth, Joseph, carpenter 


Gain, Henry, shoemaker 

Gkdn, William, shoemaker 

Galbraitii, A., watchmaker 

Geddes, Robert, town clerk 

Graham, Wdiam, butcher 

Grandan, H., shoemaker 

Grant, Lachlan, grocer 

Grieve, Alexander, blacksmith 

Hardaker, Jonathan, shoemaker 

Hayes, John, fishmonger 

Hayes, John, shoemaker 

Heartwell, Lewis, fanner 


Higgins, Jamas, innkeeper 

Higgins, John, innkeeper 

HILLOCK, JOHN C, tanner 

HOOD & McKlNNON, general merchants 

Johnston, John, carpenter 

Joyce, William, 

Kennedy, James W., farmer 

Kennedy, John, farmer 

Kennedy, hev. Morris 

Kennedy, Samuel, sen. 

Lee, John, painter 

Long, Robert, cooper 

McCann, Peter, carpenter 

McCulloch, Robert, M.D. 

McDermid, John, grocer , 

McGaw, Robert, carpenter 

McKAY, HUGH, grocer and insurance agents 

McKay, Walter, caipenter 

McKechnie, A., tailor 

McKenzie, Dauiel, carriage maker 

McKENZIE, G. C, iron founder (see adv) 

McKinnon, David, merchant 

McKiunon, Donald, blacksmith 

McLeod, William, merchant 

McMaster, William, ffrocer 

Maw, F. & W., founders and machinists 

Meadows, John, baker 

Miller, Charles, marble cutter 

Moore, James, bailiff 

Morrison, Rev. S. 

NOBLE, WILLIAM, shoemaker (see adv) 

Norwich, Henry, painter 

O'Leary, Thomas, shoemaker 

Orr, Edward A., marble dealer 

Page, Solomon, merchant 



F«rker» John G., merchant 
BanneVy Marcolm, M.D. 
Beid, bougald, merchant 
Beddinc, R. A., tailor 
Boe, mlliam "VV., auction wr 
Rose, Thomas, blacksmith 
Rue, John, tailor 
RUSHTON, THOMAS, druggist 
Ruahton k Rose, hop growera 
Rjan, Charles, station master 
St. John, James, shoemaker 
Shea, William M., manufacturer 
Spartinff* Christopher, butcher 
Stall, Henry B/, carpenter 
Standish, Joseph Y, merchant 
STARR, MILTON H., M.D. (seo adr) 
Stathcm, >Silas, tinsmith 

Taatardinii Abel, blacksmith 

Taylor, Isaac, shoemaker 

Taylor, John F., saddler 

Thayer, Charles, cabinet maker 

Thomas, Daniel, carpenter 


Travis, David S., turner 

Travis, Elijah, retired 

Unsworth, Rev. Joseph 

Wadsworth, Joseph, carpenter 

Walker, Elias, tanner 

Wasott} Thomas, shociaaker 

Webbe, Rev. Henry 

Whittaker, Thomas, merchant 

W^right, William C, M.D. 

Young, James, J. P. 

Young, Robert, Division Court Clerk 

Young, Thomas, merchant 

Creorgina*— (See Sutton)— A Post office in the Township of Georgina, County York. Money order office. 

BOUCHIER, J. 0. B., Postmaster. 

Ciiirord- — A Post office in the Township of South Cayuga, County JIaldimand, 6 miles from Cayuaga, the 
County Tawn. 

FREDENBURGH, C. B., Postmaster. 

€rilbert*8 Hills.— A Post village in the Tow-nship of Sophiasburg, County Prince Edward. 

GILBERT, JOHN D., Postmaster. 

Crllford. — A Post village in the Township of West Gwillimbur}', County Simcoe, and a station on Iha 
Northern Railway, 16 miles from Barrie, the County Town, and 49 from Toronto. Daily stage to Cooks- 
town. Population 100. 

Banker, J. W., carj^enter 
Brimmer, William, carpenter 
Eraser, Alexander, station master 
•Graham, William, general merchant 
Huff, Alvah, carpenter 

-AIACOXCHY, THOMAS, Postmaster and proprietor 
saw mills 

Ne<»ly, William, famiei' and saw^ miller * 
NELSON, R., merchant and grain buyer 
Rogers, John, innkeeper 
Russell, William, farmer 
Stevenson, John sawyer 
Swallman, Henry, car][>cnter 

'Crladstone- — A Village in the Township of North Dorchester, County Middlesex, 14 miles from London, 

the Coutty Town. Poxiulation 80. 

Boothy, Jesse, carpenter 

Brodie, Alexander A., faime'r 

<:!ameron, John, farmer 

Demary, Deacon William 

Hill, William, farmer 

Jackson, William, farmer 

Jemarr, James, farmer 

McCailum, Hugh, farmer 

McDonald, Mrs., dressmaker 

McMurray, James 

McMURRAY, LEVI, Postmaster and gen. merchant 

McMurray, Morris, farmer 

Marsh, Deacon William 

Marsh, Randall, farmer 

Noble, Benjamin, farmer 

Perrin, Rev. Andrew, (Baptist) 

Scott, Thomas, cooper 

Shipp, Thomas, farmer 

Swales, William 

Tooley, Richard 

Ward, Jonathan, general merchant 

Ward, Peter, farmer 

York, Gustavus, fanner 

York, William, jr., farmer 

Young, Charles, blacksmflh 

Crlanford.— A Post-office in the Township of Gknford, County WentwortlL (See Village of Mount Hope) 

ATKINSON, JOHN, Postmaster. 



CliMMMtg- — A Village in the Townslkipof Bnic«, County Brace, 17 miles from VTalkerton, the Conntj 
Town. Improved lands in the vicinity- average (20 per acre. Population 50. 

Berton, Riehard, farmer 
Campboll, Duncan, fanner 
TRAWFORD, JAMES, Postmaster 
Currie, Rev. Mr., (Pn*.sl»yteiian) 
Harrison, Ricliard, general mcrclumt 

Jeflfera, Rev. J., (Methodist) 
Mcliennan, Alexander, fiarjuer 
McFjennan, Donald, fanner 
Preston, John, farmer 
Ross, Allan, farmer 

€Ianmirc.— A Village in the Township of Tudor, County Hastings, 18 milea from Belleville, the County 

TAPr, EDWARD, Postmaster 

Clanworth. — A Poat Village on the London and Port Stanley Railway, in the Township of Westminater, 
County Middlesex. Distant 8 miles from London, the Covnty Town. Daily mail. Population 150. 

Quinn, Terence, J.P 

(^nlfiehl. Rev. St George, M. A. (Church of England) 

FemiKon, Colin, farmer 

Fisher, Vicars, J.P 

Glenn, Mi<>hael, farmer 

Jackson. W., J.P. 

Kerr, Murdoch, farmer 

Mecban, Kdward, carriage and WHgon mnker 

Hnnioch, Alexiwder, tailor 

Regan, (.-onielius, farmer 
Regan, Dennis, farmer 
Rcid, John, hlacksmith 
Rose, Daniel, farmer 
Sweeney, John, shoemaker 
Swecnev, Patrick, farmer 
TURNilULL, JOHN, Poatmaater 

(UaSCOtt.— A Post Village in the To^\Tiship of Glenelg, County Grey, S.R. 

ENGLISH, JOHN, Postmaster. 

Cileaallan* — a Village in the Township of Peel, County Wellington, on [the Conestogo river, 24 mles 
from Giielph, the County Town, and 22 from Berlin. Daily stages. Money Order Olfice. Popula- 
tion 300. 

ALLAN, GEORGE, J. P., Postmaster, clerk Divi- 
sion CouH and general merchant 

Badley, (ycorge, general merchant 

Barlow, J^lirhacl, carpenter 

CANADA MAPLK LEAF, (Friday) Thomas Hilliard 

'^^wkman, James, grain cradle manuf 

Konl, George, wagon maker 

Oibson, John C, J. P., gen. mercht., and ins. agent 

Greift Peter, shoemaker , 

Raiarey, Samuel A., M.D. 

Hewit^ Rol>ert, hotel keeper 

HILLIARD, THOMAS, editor and proprietor Cututda 
Maple ^nf 

How^let, Wimam, hutaher 

Janson, Matthias, grain cradle manufacturer 

Kinney, Jesse, stone and lime dealer 

IjOvc, James, painter 

Mcliflchlan, Hugh, tailor 

Mand<;rson, John, lu"iber dealer 

Mann, Robert, i\xy goods 

Martin, C. S., saiidlcr 

Mollis, George, auctioneer 

Minis, Robert, tailor 

Moore, W. M., teacher 

Pelfcrs, Neil, cabinet maker 

Rankin, John, cari)enter 

Rcid, Robert, woolen manufacturer 

Ryckman, John, shoemaker 

Sq^uires, 13., ntirserymau 

Sutherland, W. S., J. P., grist-mill proprietor 

Tanner, John, leather dealer 

Ward, William, wagon maker 

Watson, William, innkeeper 

Cilenbnrnie. — A small Village in the Township 

the County To^ti. 

BUcklock, "W., farmer 

Case, Rev. George (Wesleyan) 

Collins, Charles, wagon maker 

Cordukes, Rol)ert T., carpenter 

Crozier, Rev, Air. (Presbyterian) 

Doyle, J.. J.P. 

Draper, R., farmer 

KUice, Amot, cabinet maker 

Fair, J. M.. J.P. 

Hward, Geoige, fanner 

Hickey, J., fanner 

Hunter, Geoige, fanner 

UUNTKR, GEORGE, Sen., Postmaster 

of Kingston, County Frontcnac, 6 iniles from Kingston, 

" Joseland, Rev. Mr. (Wesleyan) 

Martin, Rev. Mr. (Alethodist Episcopal) 

Mucleverty, Thomas, teacher 

Pope, Rev. Mr. (Methodist Episcopal) 

Rankin, W., farmer 

Shannon, R.. innkeeper 

Spooner, C. N., farmer 

Spooner, R., stock dealer 

Stinson, J., innkeeper 

Sturges, Joel, lime and stone dealer 

Waggoner, Col. E., J.P. 

Waggoner, Thomas F., butcher. 



denaniL— A Pbst Office of the Tomuhip of £ldoii, Coontyt Vietorifl, distant 18 Xttilw from LindMiy, 10^ 
County Town. Average price of land, $18 per acre. 

COOPER, W., Postmaster. 

Crlencairn* — ^A Vlllfige in the Tomuihip of Tosaorontio, Oovmty Simooe, adjacent to the Mad Kirer, 19 
miles from Barrie, the CountjTown, and 85 from Toronto. Land in the neighborhood averages $20 pef 
acre. Population 150. 

Bayne, Neil, carpenter 
Frame, J. F., accountant 
Grainger, W. K., farmer 
Grieve, William, hotel keeper 
Handy, Benjamin, fanner 
Linn, Adam, shingle maker 

McBride, James, farmer 

McEinley, Charles, shingle maker 

Ritchie, David, farmer 

STEPHENS, M. W., Postmaster, J. P., gen. merckt. 

Stewart, John, farmer 

Crlencoe.— A Village and Station of the Great Western Railway, in the Townships of Ekfrid and Mosa, 
County Middlesex, 30 miles from London, the County Town, and 150 from Toronto. Money Order office. 
Population 500. 

Bredin, R., G. W. R. 

Cameron, Miss, millinery, &c. 

Campbell, J. W., saddler 

Coyne, J., dentist 

Currie, N., J.P., M.P.P. 

Crouse, Oliver, carpenter 

Cuthbert, A., shoemaker 

Dewar, J., carpenter 

Brummond, J., general mecchant 

Frederick, S., teacher 

Freele, Greorge, shoemaker 

Gross, H., telegraph operator 

Harris, G.^ tailor 

Lawton, Charles k W., cooj^ers 

Leitch, M., tailor 

McCallum, John, farmer 

McCracken, Alexander, general merchant 

McDonald, A. P., M.P.P. 

McDougall, A. R. & Brother, general merchants 

McGee, William, lumber dealer 

Mclntyre, ~, M.D. 

McKinnon, H., hotel keeper 

McLeod, Rev, J. (Kirk of Scotland) 

McNeil, John, tailor 

McPIin, Miss, millinery, kc, 

McRAE, D., Postmaster, general merchant 

McRae, John R., J.P. 

Mottashed, J., shoemaker 

Munroe, M., stock dealer 

Mullett, Lucy, teacher 

Riddel, A., painter 

Ro8% P., hotel keeper 

Simpson, William J., J.P. 

SUmhoff, F., wagon maker 

Sutherland, Rev. N., (Presbyterian) 

Thorbum, J., cabinet maker 

Walksr, John, farmer 

Walker, John S., farmer 

Walker, Johnston, carpenter 

Walker, Samuel J., carpenter 

Wandeley, John, brick maker 

Wright, Rev. WiUiam 

Crleilly01l.-rA small Post Village in the Township of Carrick, County Bruce. Distant from Walkerton» 
the County Town, 9 miles and from Guelph 50 miles. Population about 80. 

Markle, Edward, saw mill proprietor 

Pepper, William, agricultural implement manufr. 

SHENNAN, J., Postmaster 
Shiel, Charles, tailor 

Clen MoItIs* — A thrivingVillage situated on the Grand River, in the Township of South Dumfries, Conaty 
Brant, 12 miles from Brantford, the County Town, and 75 miles from Toronta Daily stage to Gait and 
Paris. Population 350. 

Benham, M. B., carpenter 

Corcoran, Patrick, proprietor, flouring mills 

Dimbar, Rev. John, ((;anada Presbyterian) 

Flanagan, John, wagon maker 

FLEMING, G., J. P., Postmaster and gen. merchant 

Forbes, William, carpentei* 

Geddes, George N., wagon maker 

Germain, A. & S., manufacturers of woolen goods 

Griffith, E., proprietor Farmer's Inn 

Henderson, Mrs., miUin<sr 

Lapraik, Miss, milliner 

Mcintosh, Hugh, farmer 

McKinnon, D., proprietor Waverly Hotel 

McMillan, James shoemaker 

Murray, John, tailor 

Scott, Thomas, carpenter 

Sharp, James, J.P 

Smith, Frederick, tailor 


Trotter, Mrs., milliner 

Wallace^ Robert, distiller 

Crlen Tay.— A Post office in the Township of Bathurst, County Lanark, S. R. 

MAYBERY, HENRY, Postmaster. 



€3eABe¥lS*— 'A Pott TiUftge in the Township tt Luusarter, Coont]^ CQAnganj, 2<^ rnibs 
Cornwall, the County Town. Population 25, 


Brown, Michael, teacher 

McDonald, D., foundry 

McDonald, John, wagon maker 

McMillan, D., lumber dealer 

McRAE, A. D., Postmaster and genenl merchant 

McBae^ D., butcher 

McRae, W., general merchant 
O'Kayanagh, John, shoemaker 
O'Kayanagh, P., saddler 
Thompson, D., carpenter 
Thompson, D. Ie L., gonsmith 

Cilenvale. — ^A small Post Village in the Township of Kingston, County Frontenae, 9 miles from Kingston, 
the County Town, and 150 from Toronto. Daily stage to Kingston. Population 100. 

Ayoist, Alfred, J. P. 

Bumington, George, farmer 


Garmthers, Ellen J., teacher 

Clark, George, hotel keeper 

Curran, Robert, farmer 

Davidson, J. O., farmer 

Derbishire, Hiram, carpenter 

Foster, Thomas, grocer 

OIBSON, ROBERT, J.P., Postmaster and fkrmer 

Gordon, Christopher, farmer 

Heath, Richard, wagon maker 

Jackson, Edward, flouring miller 

Langwith, Joseph, Farmer's Inn 

Lindsay, Mary, teacher 

McCau^erty, Hugh, farmer 

Moon, Robert, farmer 

Orson, Thomas, farmer 

Robinson, Henry, J. P. 

Robinson, Lucy, teacher 

Shbrbine, J., teacher 

Thirbum, Joseph and Robert, carpenters 

Wartman, B., shingle maker 

Wartman, C, dentist 

Wartman, Peter, farmer 

Weinechie, W., tinsmith 

€vleil Wlllam* — A Village on the River Credit, in the Township of Esquesing, County Halton, 1} miles 
distant from Georgetown Station, on the Grand Trunk Railway, 14 miles from Milton, the County Town* 
and 30 miles from Toronto. Daily mail. Population about 600. 

Ackert, George and NeUon, lime and stone dealers 
Alexander, Thomas, wagon maker 
Bell, Walker, farmsr 
Cook, Alfred, farmer 
Cook, Daniel, farmer 
Cook, John, general merchant 
Forster, James, farmer 
Orant, William, dyer 
Herald, John, tailor 

Hunt, Bradshaw k Brown, pump and bobbin manu- 
Kerr, William, tinsmith 
Lake, Rev. (Wesleyan) 
Leslie, John, farmer 
McChu'e, W., shingle maker 
McMaster, William, general merchant 

McMurchy, Thomas, cabinet dealer 
Malloy, P. W., shoemaker 
Murray, John, wagon maker 
Roden, William, general merchant 
Selway & Tredide, last factory 
Shaw, Rer. (Episcopal Methodist) 
SQiitli, J. A W, shingle maker 
Standish, J., teacher 
Sterrett, Alexander, farmer 
Thompson, Joseph, shingle maker 
Tweedle, Joseph, lumber dealer 
Watkins, William, general merchant 
WILLIAMS, CHARLES, Postmaster, J. P., manu- 
facturer of woolen goods and lumber dealer 
Williams, Joel, carpenter 
Williams, Joseph, flouring mills 

4rOble*S Corners, — A Post Village in the Township of Blenheim, County Oxford, 10 miles distant from 
Woodatoek, the County Town, and 78 miles from Toronto. The Village is within a short distance of the 
Great Western Railway. It is surrounded by a good farming country and possesses several flouring and 
8fiw mills. Population about 500. 

Bastcdo, Mrs. E. J., teacher Union School 

Brown, J. L., painter 

Brown, William, butcher 

Burns, James, J. P., farmer 

FlannigQ-n, William, teacher 

Ooble, George, blacksmith 

•Goble, J. G., farmer 

GOBLE, W. L., Postmaster, gen mercht 

Ooble, W*. L: & Sons, cooped, turners and painters 

Kane, James, farmer 

Kipp, James, general merchant 

Kipp, Robert, J. P 

Xi ay cock k Bros., props, flouring mill 

Lewis, Brothers, lumber dealers 

Lucas, A., hotel keeper 

Mclntyre, David, a^ntG.W.R 

Miller, John, farmer 

Oliver, Robert, farmer 

Palmer, David, carpenter 

Patten, Rev. George, (Baptist) 

Rains, John, farmer 

Robinson, Robert, shoemaker 

Rutherford, John, waggon maker 

Selby, George, farmer 

Shirk, Rev. W. B 

Underhay, George, farmer 

Walker, William, farmer and real estate agent 

Warc^ G. N. blacksmith 



imleUMey^er.—A P^t Office m the Township of Houghton, County Norfolk, 21 miles from Simcoe,-Mi# 
County Town. Average price of improved land $25 per acre. 

HKYER, O. K., Poatniiwter and farmer 

Gftvit, A., farmer 
Harvey, Andrew, J. P., farmer 
House, J., teacher 
licCumber, Daniel, carpenter 
Munsell, Nathan, cariieutcr 

Staght, James,. farmer 
Smith, J., farmer 
Whitney, S., farmer 
Willis, Robert, fanner 

CiOdwicllft— The County Town of Kui'on, Town9lu]> of OoJcrirh, is situated on Lake Hui-oii, at the moutli 
of the Maitland River. It is a \)OTt of entry, has u good haHx)r, and beuig the ternimua ofthe Buffalo and 
Jjikt Huron Railway, affords excellent fkcilitics for the trans^xirtation of merchandise, grain, kc. t« and 
from the Western States, by way of Chicago and Milwaukee. In summer it has daily communication 
by steamer with Detroit, Sarnia, Kincardine, Saugecn, kt'. It is surrounded- by a fine whoat growing 
country, whi(;h, with its fisheries, and the immense salt bcdi recently discovaivd, liare added materially 
to the prosperity of the town. Distant fVmn Htratfonl, 44 miles ; Samia, 65 ; Torontoi, ISO ; BnfTalo, K. 
Y., 160. Money oixier office and Saviiigs Bank. Population 4,500. 

Acheson, William, saddle and hamea<i maker 

Acheson, k Smith, (George Acheson, 1{. B. Smith, > 
general merchants 

Adams, David, merchant tailor 

Adamson, Peter, County Clerk 

Addison, James, bailiff 

Allcock, Thomas, U. 8. Consul 

Amann, Martin, cabinet maker 

Andrews, Thomas, butcher 

Archibald, C. K, general mercliaut 

Arthur, William, boarding house 

Bain, W. R., barrister 

Barrie, Ceorge, furniture dealer 

Bates, George, cooper 

Bell, David, (Shannon k Ikll 

Bennett k Stctt, millen 

Benton, J. C, ^ocers 

Bingham, £dwin, fruit and confectionary 

Bingham, William^ jwiuter 

Bi&sett, (leorge, carpenter 

Brooks, James, tailor 

Brophy, John, carpenter 

Blake, John 

Brough, Seeker, Judge County Huron 

Buchanan, James, car{K!ntor 
BurnSy William, cabinet maker 

Butler, John, books and stationerv 

CAMERON, M. C, M.P.l*., Urrister 

Campaigne, Edward, jailor 

Campbell, Daniel, photogra]>her 

CASSADY, FRANCIS, boots and shoes (seeadv) 

Cattle, George, cliemist an<l druggist 

Clifford, Edwin, baker and coufei'tioner 

Collins, A., shoemaker 

Towdry, N. H., teller Royal Canadian Bank 

4.;0X., W. T., editor Si,jnal 

CRABB, CHRISTOPHER, J.P., general merchant 

Craig, John, Steamboat Hotel 

Cressman, Moses, wagon maker 

Crichton, Miss A., dressmaker 

NDancy, Thomas, prop, salt works 

Dark, Mre. R., pror). Western Hotel 

Dark, T. (Dark k Snelh. 

DARK & SNELL (T. Dark and William Sncll) 

props. Dark's hotel. 
Davis, G. N., tinsmith, stove dealer, &e. 
Davison, John, barrister 
DEAN, JOEL (Dean k Smart) 
DEAN k SMART (Joel Dean and W. F. P. Smart) 

banking and exchangi^ brokers (see adv) 
DETLOR, J. C. k CO. (John C. ind Thonus Detlor) 
general mcrclmnts 

Detlor, J. v. (Rnmball k Detlor) 

Detlor, S. H. (Rnmball k Co.) 


Dickson, James, Registrar County Huron 

Dixon, Thomas, l)Oots and shoes 

Dobson, Isaac k Son, broom factory 

Dol)son, Stoddard, (I. Dobson k Son) 

DONAGHY, WILLIAM, editor and prop. (Ma-k 
Star, (See adv) 

Donogh, Andrew, proprietor North American Hotel 

Donogh, John, proprietor Albion Hotel 

Dotv, D., Collector Customs 

DOYLE, B., (Dovle k Squier> 

DOYLE k SQUfER, (B. Doyle k W. R. Squier\, 
barristers, et^^. 

DUN LOP, HUGH, merchant tailor and clothier 

Edward, J. H., grocer 

Klwood, Rev. E. L., (Church of England) 

ELWOOD, GEORGE V., clerk Crown Land agemy 

EL WOOD, J. Y., banister, etc., agent Stamlard Lifc^ 
Insurance Co 

Ferguson, Charles, musirian 

Ferguson, Daniel, grocer 

Fin lay, James H., accountant Bank of ^lontrcal 

Fitz Williams, J., grocer 

Fletcher, Charles, town treasurer 

FRASEIi, ANGUS, Deputy Sheriff County Huron 

Frazer, Donald, Deputy Registrar 

Frnlerick, Isciac, watch maker and jeweler 

Furse, Samuel, boots and shoes 

GARDNER, H. L CO., hanlware 

Gibbons, Robert, M.P.P., Warden (-oimty Huron 

(vooding, D. S., barrister, attorney, etc. * 

(jlooding, J. K. 

G<inlon, Danwd, cabinet maker 

GORDON, JOHN B., barrisU*r, attonie>', solicitor, te 

GRANDY, JOHN, agent sewing machines and musi- 
cal instruments 

Grant, George, groceries, wines and liquors 

('raham, G<»orjTe, carpenter 

Graham, E., grocer 

HAL DAN, JOHN, ofTitiid nsni^jAee, geTieral land and 
inijurance agent, notary public, commissioner in 
B. R., &c. 
H ALDAN, J. F. C, barrister 
Harri.% John, general merchant - 
Hayes, James, gro<*er 
Hazlehurat, B., auctioneer 
Hick, Walter, eaqienter 
Hilton, Geoi^ge, butcher 
Hincks, Ralph, proprietor Koyal Canadian Hotel 



ilOirrON, HENRY, grocer 

HOBTON, HORACE, insorance agent (see adv.) 

HOSKER, EDWARD H., proprietor Maitland Hotel 
(s6C adv. ) 

LOWELL, HARVEY, manager DominiMSaU Works 

JewQp, GeorfiK, shoemaker 

JohnaDO, E L., photographer 

Johnston, J. W., photographer 

JOHNSTON, HUGH, ClcrtCounty Court, Registrar 
SaiTogate, Deputy Clerk Crown, 

JOKDAN, FRANCIS, chemist and druggist 

K&y, W. k J., general merchants, agents American 
Express Company 

Ken, William, groceries, irines and liqnon 

Kirkbride, Alexander, Macksmith 

Kydd, Thomas, clerk 

LEFKOY, ANTHONY, barrister 

Lewis, Ira, harrister, crown attorney 

Lizns, Duiiel, Clerk of the Peace 

liO^yi, Thomas, prop, woolen factory 

Logan, William 

Longworth, John 

KcCormack, B., merchant tailor 

HcDennott, Henrv, harrister, master in chancery 

McDonald; JOHN, aherfff 

McDougaU. P. A., M.D. 

Mcintosh, Charles, mariner 

Mcintosh, J. C, general grocer 

McKay, Angus, collector and assessor 

McKELLAR, JOUN A., principal commercial aca- 

McKidd, Rer. A., (Presbyterian) 

McKenzie, G., general merchant 

McKenzie, John, cabinet maker 

McLean, Allen T., mcrchimt tailor 

McLttQ, M.D. 

McLeod, John, wagon maker 

MeMath, William, blacksmith 

McMicking, — , M.D. 

MoPherBon, James, blacksmith. 

McYicar, Adam, mason 

Macan, John, barrister 

Marlton, Edward, shipbuilder 

Mirlton, Henry, shipbuilder 

Martin, A., (MarUn k Whitely) 

MARTIN, GEOHC^E H., bakeiy (see adr). 

MARTIN. ISAAC, prop. Union Hotel 

Martin, William, saddler 

MARTIN k WHITELY, carriage and wagon makera 
(see adr) 

Middleton, William, carpenter 

Millff, James, machinist 

Mitchell, John, flour and feed 

Moore, Elijah, builder 

MOORE, LEWIS C. (Toms k Moore) 

Moorhonse, Theodore J., books, stationery, kc 

Mnm, William, shoemaker 

N'i<!holaoD, Malcolm, sui^geon dentist 

Dea, P., dry goods and groceries 

•H L. W 

<>rter, John, barber 

Xolan, Peter, carriage maker 

proprietor (see adv) 

I'arka, Robert 

Paraons, George H., merohant 

l*KNTLAND, SAMUEL, boots snd shoes 

PHARIS, J. W., Hbtel keeper 

POLLEY, A. M., lireryand sale stables (see adV) 
Pollock, Samuel, official assignee 
Pollock k Johnston, (S. Pollock and T. Johnstons- 
general merchant 
Poole, Rev. Wm. H., (Wesleyan) 
Radcliff, Richard, customs officer, agent Scottish 

Amicabh} Life Assurance Co 
Ralph, John, stoves, tinware, ke 
Reid, Harry, prop. Ontario House 
Reed, Mrs., grocer 

Richardson, W., agent Bank of Montreal 
ROBINSON, WILLIAM, groceries and i>rovisi^lM. 
Ross, A. M., agent Royal Caiudian Bank, County 

Rumball k Co., (G. RumWll, J. V. Detlor and S. H. 

Detlor), forwarders, etc. 
Runciman, James 
Rundman, R., founder 
Runciman, R. & Co., founders 
SAUNDERS, JAMES, fish curer and dealer (see adrV 
Saunders, James, tinsmith, plumlier and stove dealer 
Savage, W. M., general merchant 
Seegmiller, Jacob, farmer , 

Seymour, W. k Co., (W. k B. Seymour) commission 

merohants, forwarders, eta. 
SHANNON k BELL, (W. D. Shannon and I). Bcin 

groceries, wines and liquors 
Shannon, G. C, M.D. 
Shlpwood k Strachau, (James Shipwood and D. C. 

Strachan), groceries, etc. 
Sinclair k Walker, barristers, etc. 
Sloane, Samuel, produce dealer 
SMAILL, JAMI&, architect 
SMART, W. F. P., (Dean k Smart) 
Smith, Abraham, merohant tailor 
SNELL^ WILLIAM, (Dark k Snell) 
Snyder, Rev. P., (Roman Catholic) 
Snyder, W., grocer, agent Montreal Telegmph Co. 
SQUIER, W. R, B.A. (Doyle k Sriuier) 
Stewart, William, dry goods 
STORY, J. & J., hardware, tinsmiths 
Stotts, William, saddler, liver}' stables 
Sturdy, T., shoemaker 
Sutton, John, dry goods 
Swanson, Geoige, carpenter 
Thompson, Charles, proprietor Colbome Hotel 
Tobin, M. J., 
TOMS k MOORE, (J. F. Toms, Lewis C. Moore) 

barristers, &c. 
Trines, B., chief constable Conn tv Huron 
TRUEMAN, G. M., auctioneer, fand agent, (sec adv) 
Ure, Rev. R., (Presbyterian) - 
WADDELL, ANDREW, vessel owner 
Watson, James, general merohant 
Watson, L. W.^ dry goods and groceries 
Western Hotel, Mrs. R. Dark, proprietor 
Wetherall, Thomas, ci-vil engineer 
White, William, J.P 
Whitely, R. J., (Martin k AVhiteley> 
WIDDER, CHARLES, Crown Land 2\ 

lector Inland Revenue 
W^illiams, J. H., hair dresser 
Wilson, George, farmer 
Wilson, Mrs. K., milliner 
Woodcock, E., clerk registry 
Worden, William, produce merchant 
Wright, J. J., proprietor Huron Hotel 

Agent and col- 

Golden Creek. — ^A post office in the Township of Bosanquet, County Lambtou, 80 miles from Samia and 
170 from Toronta 

^'ornell, 8., teacher 

Hunt, Rtev. George, (Episcopal Methodist) 

Kennedy, Allen, Postmaster, J. P., flouring mills 



CloldstO]l6«— A post Village in the Towiulup of Fed, County Wellington, distant 24 miles from Onolptk 
the County Town. Daily mail. Population about SO. 

dote, Mark, carpenter 
•Coatea, Milner, tavern keeper 
DouTard, Jamea, mason 

FRANELAKD, THOMAS, Postmaster and genonl 

Greenley, James, carriage and wagon maker 

€rOOdWOOd. — A post Village in the Township of Uxbridge, County Ontario J 25 miles from Whitbj the 
County Town, and 85 from Toronto. Stage to Stouffville and Bloomington. Population about 100. 

Armitage, David, hotel keeper 

Barkey, Jacob, blacksmith 

CHAPMAN, MICHAEL, Postmaster, gen. mercht 

Degeer, Charles, carpenter 

Downwell, George, farmer 

Dyke, John, saw mill proprietor 

Field, George, farmer and auctioneer 

Fraser, George, carpenter 

Hamill, James, hotel keeper 

LehmaA, D. B., saw mill proprietor 

McCullou^ James, genem merchant 

Peterson, William, cooper 

Sangster, John A, J. P., farmer 

Sangster, J. A, k William, wood and willow ware 

Shaver, Jbhu, shoemaker 

Smith, Thomas C, teacher 

Stapleton, Henry, steam saw mill proprietor 

Stover, Abram, farmer 

Wagg, John, farmer 

Wagg, Joseph, fimner 

Wagg, Thomas, farmer 

Watson, W. B., farmer 

Weighall, John, (armer ^ 

'CrOr6*S LandiBg* — A Post Office and Village in the Township of Hamilton, County Northumberland, K. R. 

GAB£TIS, SARAH, Postmistress. ^ 

4}OFlllley. — A Post Village situated in the Township 

the County Town. Mails bi-weekly. Population 

Brillinffer, Peter, saw mill proprietor 
Bruce, Robert, flour mill propnetor 
^Chebine, Andrew, saw mill proprietor 
Collard, George, carjienter 
Duncim, Alexander, blacksmith 
Farmer, Thomas, planiug mill proprietor 
Fisher, Charles, shoemaker 
Franey, William, hotel keeper 
•Giles, William, boot and shoemaker 

of Markham, County York, 28 miles from Toronto, 

about 80. 

GORMLEY. JAMES, J. P., Postawister, tc. 

Hendry, Thomas, blacksmith 

Inncs, Leslie, carpenter 

Joice, John, 1)lacK8mith 

Lewis, Thomas, saw miller 

Marwood, William, tailor 

Oliver, William, carriage and wagon maker 

Quantz, George, storekeeper 

Watson, John, general merchant 

•iJorrie— A Post Office in the Township of Howick, County Huron (see Howick Village). 

€vOarock.— A Post Office in the Township of Guelph, County Wellington, 3i miles from Guelph, the 
County Town, and 5 from Hespeler. 

Blachford, Richard, innkeeper 
Botterell, Thomas, farmer 
Dooley, Martin, farmer 
Green, Jonathan, farmsr 
Heam, WilUam, drover 
Keogh, James, innkeeper 

McGarr, Joseph, ropemaker 

McGan-, Patrick, farmer 

MEWHORT, JAMES, Postmaster, dry goods, grocer 

ies, wines, liquors, kc 
OTarrell, Andrew, farmer 
Snelling, George, farmer 

€vOWa]IStOWIl.—A Villsge in the Township of Wallace, County Perth. 

GO WAN, MRS. M. A., Postmistress. 


CrOWer Point. — A small Post Village in the Township of Westmeatb, County Renfrew, North Riding, 
distant from Pembroke, the County Town, 25 miles. Population about 100. 

'Carswell, Thomas M., J. P., Postmaster 
•Chambers, John, tailor 
Mansell, Alfred 

Wright, N. 

Wrighl^ Samuel, shoemaker 


SSOfrST 03^ TECS €fr03Et©SSt S^ltS; 

• • • 



BlaurafiMtiircn of Clothing, MUllnery and Mantles. 




Steam Pumiture and OofBn MannfAofoiy, 
Kino Sxrket, Ixgkiwoll. 

A Bann sto<^ of Furaitnre and Coffins oa Imnd. 
^^ Slegant Hearses for hire. 


Tliames St., opposite Koyal Exchange, 


JBstablished 1854, Dimilas Street, opp. Strongs Hotel, 

Ix>NDOX, OnT. 

Mesd Stones Monuments, &c. Satisfaction guarau- 
^Hi or customers need not accept. Free Stone for 
"* ' Building purposes. 


jkB«l HavvfiMtarer «f Keady- 
jlfjMle ClatHlair* 

Thames St., oppoaite Royal Exchange Hotel, 


r. H. BAKER, 






plsin and colored. 


King Street, IngereoU, Ont., 

Mamafkctarer of 0*Meal luid Oaelda i*] 

With all the latest improvements. Dairic 
tbropighoat. PricQ.ii8t sent post psid oui 
aUo dealer in StoveS| Tin aim (bpper Wa 


Biiit^r, Clieeae and Bacon I 

and general dcder in all kinds c 





Dry Goods, Groceriej 


T. W. McCREA, 







Comer Clergy and William Street 

Einston^ ( 



t * 9 

"•''-. V 

♦ . * ' • .• V. 

• I 






Music, Musical Instruments, Violin and Guitar Strings, 


Particiil&r attention paiil to famiaiiiug Militnry oi Amateur BuiiiU wit1i ttie latest and most approved 
styles of 'Warranted InstnimeiiU. Prices extremely moderate. 

Denlers supplied nilli eVerydesrtiption of Huflic Horchandiie. alio the veiy bent Strings for rarioua 
liMtrumerits ftt the lowest wholeule mtes. Military Coll Buglca, Dntma, Flutes aiid Film cooslantly on band. 


Acconntant and Offlclal Assignee for the County of Wentwortli, 

Agent of the i€tna Inmrauce ('otniiany, of Hsrtford (Fire and Matine), Incorporated 1819. 

Agent of the London Aaaurancc Corporation. (Fire and Life), Iiicoq)onited 1/20. 

Agent of tlie Edinbargh Life Auuntace Company, Ettabliahed 1S23. 

Agent for tlie sale of Lands. 

Money to lend on Farm or other nrft-class securities. 

HCA-l-aiLTOIsr, oisrx-A.Eiio. 







laLA.I.dlLT'OrT, 02STX. 




MR. MILN^E has now one of tlte Finest Establishments in the Province; the Receptia 

Booms and Gallery being on the Firat Floor. From his long experience (18 years) 

in Hamilton, his work can always be relied on. 





York Street, Sign of the Big Cvllar, near jthe Harket, 



4S«ifleld.— A Village in the Township of Gosfield, County Essex, on Lake Erie, 32 milet from Sandwich,' 
the County Town, and 38 from Windsor. Daily stage. 

Atkinson, Rer. Thomas, (Wesleyan) 

Alwarth, Edward, M.D 

Bamett k Bashlan, shoemakert 

Berlin, A. B., dentist 

Broadwell, Joel, bittcher 

Bmnner. Abraham, broom maker 

Oadv, James, saddler 

Clark, Rer. William, (Wetleyan) 

Coats, Thomas, (uirpenter 

Coatsworth, (r. W., farmer 

COATSWORTH, JOHN, J. P., Postmaattr 

Coatsworth, Solomon, carpenter 

Cooper, >.rthur, hide and leather dealer 

Cooper, Geoige, tailor 

Craney, Thomas, shoemaker 

Curtis, Reuben, cooper 

Deming, WaiTen & Wate, general merchants 

Drake, William H., M.D 

Foster, George, broom maker 

Fox, k Co., proprietors liyery stabla 

Fox» Charles, farmer 

Fox, J. M., lime and stone dealer 

Fox, G. M., farmer 

Fox, Hugh, hotel keeper 

Fox, John VV., hotel Keeper 

Greener k McVej, tinsmiths 

Greenville, William A painter 

Harris, H., baker 

Haxrison, Jason, shoemaker 

Hart, Patrick, saddler 

Herman, Joseph, cooper 

Herrington, Rev. R., (Baptist) 

Herrington, R. D., general merchant 

Kennedy, Mrs., milliner, kc 

Kennedy, William, druggist 

King, James, notary public 

King, Sidney, M.D 

lawless, Levi, hotel kee^ier 

Longland, William, carpenter 
Lypps. — , prop, lumber yard 
Lypps, P., prop, flouring mill 
McNutt, Jonn, general merchant 
Marks k Morse, soap makers 
Malott, George, hotel keeper 
Mallott k Wigle, props, flouring mill 
Pike k Co., props, planing miU 
Price, James, carpenter 
Pulford, Alfred, wagon maker 
Pulfbrd, Edwin, wagon maker 
Pulfoi^l, Frank, wagon maker 
Scratch, A. BI., general merchant 
Scratch, Joseph, farmer 
Stewart, Simon, hotel keeper 
Thornton k Wigle, general merchants 
Tuffelraire, George, shoemaker 
Upcott, r-, prop. Inmber yard 
Whittle, John, farmer 
Wigle, Andrew, dentist 
Wigle, A. M., farmer 
» Wigle, -il. R., farmer 
Wigle, Charles, farmer 
Wigle, Daniel, lime and stone dealer 
W^igle k Malott, lumber yard 
Wigle, M. J., farmer 
Wigle, J. S., hotel keeper 
Wigle, James, carpenter 
Wigle, John W., farmer 
Wigle, Solomon, M.P.P., farmer 
Wigle, S. S., farmer 
Wigle, W., farmer 

Williams k Cuuiiford, shingle makers 
Woodbridge, A., general merchant 
Woodbridge, Miss E., teacher 
Woodiwis, John, cooper 
Wye, James, shoemaker 
Wye, R, C, wagon maker 

Crafton.— A Village and Station of the Grand Trunk Railway, in the Township of Haldimand, Comit:y 
Konhumberland, 7 miles from Cobourg, the County Town, and 77 from Toronto. Money Ordor Office. 
Population 300. 

Aird, James, carpenter 

Allen, E., agent G.T.R 

Bamnm, K, farmer 

Bcatty, William, fanner 

Black lock, John, tailor 

Clitheroe, James, painter 

Clitheroe, Miss, millinery, kc 

Craig, Garvin, farmer 

Dooiittle, Samuel, J.P 

Downie, H., shingle maker 

Drummond, C, farmer 

Fisher, J., farmer 

Fntser, Charles, tailor 

Frsser, William, shoemaker 

OiUwd, James k Son, general merchants 

GIIXARD, J03IAH, Postmaster 

Gillespie k Brothers, props, flouring mills 

•Godaid, A. H., accountant 

Gould, Abram, teacher 

Greenwood, H. & G., manuf. woolen goods 

Halliday, James, M.D 

Hoyt, Asa, wiigon maker 

Hildreth, T. fT, ilLD 

Uaeheson, William, bateher 



Johnston, Brothers, general merchants 

Johnston, William, cabinet maker 

Lawless, Thomas k Henry, general merchants 

McCullough, Andrew, flouring mills 

Mcl)onal(£ W. H., hotel keeper 

MeFiirlane k Co., distillers and rectifiers 

Massy, J. G., flouring mills 

Mulhulland, John, farmer 

Monroe, Miss, milliner 

Niles, W. H., flouring mills 

Patterson, William, hotel keeper 

Reid, William, carpenter 

Rogers, J. G., J.P 

Rogers, R. Z., farmer 

Booney, John, foundry 

Ross, Andrew, carpenter 

Smith, Rt'v. John, (Presbyterian) 

Spitale, William, wagon maker 

Standley, R. W., farmer 

Stewart, John, farmer 

Taylor, James, planing mills 

Willoughby, William, M.D 

Wilson, Rev. J., (Church of England) 



Kapfti^e, the County Town. . 

Bogart, K. C, J.P. 
CoUins, Robert, J. P., fanner 
GERMAN, GEORGE, J.P., Postmaster 

German, G. M., farmer 

Kelly, Rev. Thomas (Wesleyan) 

Scott, Rer. WilUam (Wesleyan) 

CraliaillSTUIe. — ^A Village in the Toronto Gore, County Peel, 7} miles from Brampton, the County 
Town, 22 miles from Mono Mills, and 20 from Toronto. Population 60. 

Anderson, C, farmer 
Annstr*DfCr A., auctioneer 
Bell, H., farmer 
Bell, Robert, hotel keeper 
Brown, John, farmer 
Brougham, M. £., accountant 
Clifton, Thomas, shoemaker 
!D«dton, W., farmer 
Dt La Have, A., M.D. 
Dorsey, Thomas, wagon maker 

Herbert, Andrew, painter 

LAMPHIKR, PETER, J.P., Postmaster. Mlifmi»l 

McCaffrey, Robert, shoemaker 
Mitchell, James, blacksmith 
Pajme, T., fanner 
Philips, —, M.D. 
Proctor, Henry, teacher 
Sims, John, farmer 

ISrantley* — A Post Office in the Township of Graatley, County Dundas. 18 miles from Momsbiuf. th» 
County Town. 

Brown, Aaron, mason 
Bruce, George, P.L.S. 
Oarr, Alexander, carpenter 
Ganr, Aleziihder J., farmer 
Garr, Henry, fanner 
Carr, Hugh, carpentei* 
Carr, Jonathan, blacksmith 
Oarr, Thomas, lime burner 
Oasselman, P. A., farmer 

Collins, James, farmer 

Collins, Thomas, farmer 

Gordon, Alexander, farmer 

Munro, George^ J. P., farmer 

MUNRO, J. O., Postmaster and general merchant 

Robinson, Z., teacher 

Russell, Thomas, bricklayer 

Sutherland, James, farmer 

€rrant011.— A^Yillage and Station of the Grand Trunk Railway, in the Township of Biddulph, Count/ 
Middlesex, 20 miles from London, the County Town. Average value of land in vicinity, $45 per acre. 

Armitage, James, lumber yards 
Barron, William, telegraph operator 
Blackwell, B., commission merchant 

Brooks, John, wagon maker 

BeamebS, John, farmer 

Dowryer, Michael, painter 

Germyne, Henry, carpenter . 

Grant, N., commission merchant 

Grant, A., farmer 

Grant, -J., farmer 

Grant, James, telegraph oj)erator, agent G. T. R. and 

Am. Ex. Co. 
Grant, William, farmer 
Halt, Rev. — , (Episcopal Methodist) 
Hewit, Rev. — (Wesleyan) 
Hod^ns, Samuel, hotel and livery stable keeper 
Finmay, Rev. Allen (Presbyterian) 

Forman, C, farmer 

Forman, 0., farmer 

Fulton, Thomas, carpenter 

JAMIESON, JAMES, Postmaster, shoemaker 

licavitt, William, butcher, flour and provision store 

Leavitt, William, farmer 

Mcintosh, Henry, carpenter 

Mclntyre, James P., notel keeper 

Mowbray, P., farmer 

Murray, Matthew, tailor 

Sillev, Samuel, teacher 

Stanly k Hodgins, general merchants 

Stanley, K., commission merchant 

Stewart, Alexander, saddler 

Webb k Gan^tt, general merchants 

Woodgate, J. R., M.D. 

JvrareilhnrM;.— A Village in the Township of Muskoka, District of Muskoka, beautifully situated on Lak* 

Muskoka, and in the vicinity of the picturesque lakes Rosseau and Joseph. It is a favorite resort for 

pleasure seekers, abounding in game, and the lakes plentifully supplied with fish. The steamers Wenonah 

' and Camilla call here during the summer months. Distant from Barrie 52 miles, and from Toronto 110. . « 

Population 100. 

Brown, D., hottd keeper 
COCKBURN, P., Postmaster 
Fuller, S., general merchant 

Harvie, J., livery stable keeper 
Horton, J. B., hotel keeper 
Horton, Miss, teacher 

Knott, R., painter 

Piercy, J., farmer 

Pimbolt, George, agent Wenanah steamboftt 

Scott, John, J. P 

Bharpe, J., farmer 

Wright, D. fanner 



;r«-A ¥illa(pB in tbt ?l»wiiahip of RMcl^ County Ontario, 20 tnileft from Whitby, tkoCoHftty 
Town, and 50 from Toronto. ImproTed land averages $40 per acre in the yicinity. Popnlatioti 100. 

Andenon, William, architect 
ASHLING, JOHN, Postmaster 
Bailey, Jolm, wagon maker 
Blako, William, teacher 
Dusty, Edward, sjioemaker 
K^rgnaon, William^ butcher 

Hall, Henry, wagon maker 

Murta, Robert, hotel keeper 

Read, Rev. J., (Wesleyan) 

Smith, Rev. 6. J., (Primitive Methodist) 

Vancvery, Rev. Mr. (Church of England) 

CSreeMfendk— A village in the Township of Elizabethtown, County Leeds, 40 miles from BrockviUe, tha 
County Town. Population 100 

Abbott, J. K., J. P., painter 
Blanchard, A. W., farmer 
Blanchard, Daniel, farmer 
Blanchard, Daniel, wagon maker 
Blanchard, Emery, farmer 
Blanchard, Thompson, teacher 
Codd, Richard, cooper 
(Connor, Thomas, shoemaker 
Cook, Andrew, carpenter 
K^oler, J. M., farmer 
Kerr, O., farmer 
Kerr, Mi98,'L., teacher 

Kerr, R., farmer 

Loverin, Norris, farmer 

Loverin, Simeon, farmer - 

Mott, N., tailor 

Patterson, John, farmer 

Peer, Reuben, livery stable 

Powell, Miss £., teacher 

Robinson, William, lumber yard 

Shetford, Henry, shoemaker 

Smith, Thomas, carpenter 

Taylor, George, shoemaker 

WHITE, E. L., Postmaster, gcueral merchant 

Crrc^n^Ck- — A Village in the Township oi Greenock, County Bruce, 8 miles fiom Walkerton the County 
Town, 180 miles from Toronto, and 20 from Kincardine. Improved land in vicinity $20 per acre. 
Stages to Walkerton, Seaforth and Kincardine. Population 100. 

MONTGOMERY, HUGH, San., Postmaster, J. P., 

general merchant 
Montgomery, Hugh, jun., steam saw miller 

Black, Thomas, carpenter 
Black Si Munro, wagon makers 
Bradin, A., blacksmith 
Colter, James, farmer 
Cunningham, Samuel, J. P., farmer 
Dermid, Rev. M., (N. C. Mctliodiiit) 
Forbes, A. G., (l*resbyterian) 
Grnndy, William, blacksmith 
Hawthorn, Samuel, hotel keeper 
Homell, William, general merchant 
McDonald, John, accountant 
Melntyre, William,, plasterei- 
Montgomery, Hugh, farmer 

Montgomery, James, farmer 
Montgomery, Robert, hotel keeper 
Pinkerton, Robert, J. P., farmer 
Ritchie, J. B., faimer 
Ritchie, P., farmer 
Ritchie, William, carpenter 
Rolston, Rev. D. D., (N. C. Muthodist) 
Stewart, Rev., (Baptist) 
Trotter, Willirm, shoemaker 
Wisser, W., shoemaker 

Creenwood. — ^A Tillage in the Township of Pickering, County Ontario, 10 miles from Whitby, the County 

Town, and 20 from Toronto. Popnlation 200. 

A damson, Samuel, brickraaker 

Ballard, George, saw mill proprietor 

Bodily, John, shoemaker 

BycTS, Samuel,, flouring snd grist mill proprietor 

Clark, William, fanner 

Dovle, Owen, proprietor British Armn Hotel 

FU'LLKRTON, ADAM, Poetmaster, J.P. and M.O. 

Graham, Robert, shoemaker 

Green, Fred, J. P., farmer 

<>r4?on, Samuel J., flouring and grist mill 

Hill, Iter. — (Methodist) 

Jackson, Edward, farmer 

Lcnnon, Robert, cooper 

Lurkin, Patrick, farmer 

MoCarin, Vere Ward, fanner 

McKay, Alexander, tailor 

MrjKittrick, Andrew, farmer 

McKittrielf,' Eliza, milliner, Lc. 

McMurray, James, carpenter 

Mr* Murray, Thomas, farmer 

McRaid, John, farmer 

Mceu, Frederick, general merchant 

Meen, Frederick, telegrapli operator 

Mitchell, John, flouring and grist null 

Montgomery, J. R., insurance i^nt 

Philip, Sylvan us, teacher 

Itetidy, Patrick, wagon maker 

Saddler, James, carpenter 

Saddler, William, fanner 

Shea, Henry, cooper 

Snell, Samuel, carpenter 

Somerville, SamueX farmer 

Slatter, Jacob, barrel, 6ta\'e and hoop maaufactoror 

Sterling, James, general merchant 

Sterling, Judith, hotel keeper 

Stobbs, Rev. — , (Church of Kngland) 

Tate, Sophia, milliner, cti(. 

Wilson, George, farmer 

Wilson, Richard, farmer 



Green GroTe.--Poit office Thisletown (fonncriy McKaysville), a ■cttlement in the Township dl Va»jh«B, 
15 miles distant from Toronto. Daily mail Population about 80. 

Bauldry, Alfred, carpenter 
Fox, William, farmer 
Haidy, James, sen., farmer 
Hardy, Jamea, jr., ifarmer 

Nichol, Robert, fanner 
Strong, James, fanner 
Smithson, Thomas, farmer 

Green Point.— A small Post Village in the Township of Sophiasburg, County Prince Edward. 

ROBLIN, PHILIP, Postmaster 

CreenSTille.— A Post Village in the Township of West Flamboro*, County Wentworth, 7 miles distant from 
Hamilton, the County Town, and li miles from Dundas Station, on the Great Western Railway. It ha* 
a good flour and grain trade. Mails daily. Population about 600. 

Anderson, James, lime and stone dealer 

Armstrong, James, hotel keeper 

Ashbourne flouring and grist mills, J. Webster, prop 

Ballantyne, Thomas, jun., cooper 

Barr, Frederick, tailor 

Betzuer, Samuel, farmer 

Brown, M., wagon maker 

CUrk k Langly, manufacturers of woolen goods 

Cochnour, Jacob, saddler 

Coulson, George, farmer 

Frascr, Hugh, general merchant 

Globensky, Lewis, cooper 

Graham, James, cooper 

Green, Abraliam, farmer 

Green, John S., fanner 

Gumey, Charles, farmer 

Higgins, Henry, wagon maker 

Hore, F. W., saw mill and lumber dealer 

Hume, Miss Mary, teacher 

JOYCE, JAMES, Postmaster and general merchant 

Lackey, John, weaver 

KoCarty, Charles, teacher 

McCarty, Miss Eliza, teacher 

HcMasterSi Charles, mason 

Mann, W. M., lime and stone dealer 

Mordcn, Jonathan, flouring and saw mills 

Morden, M., fanner 

Markle, £., hotel 

Morin, T., blacksmith 

Moxly, 0., farmer 

Peet, Thomas, carpenter 

Peny, A., wood turner 

Post, George, cooper 

Ray, Francis, lime and stone dealer 

Sanderson, M. paper mills 

Snisdel, Joseph, clerk and auctionear 

Soper, George, canpenter 

Steel, Jolin, distiller 

Steen, John, wood turner 

Surarus, J. D., farmer 

Tliompson, William, mason * 

Town, James, distiller 

Tunis, John, farmer 


, - , Flouring MiDi 

Wilson, Joseph, tinsmith 
I Wishart, K., general merchant 

Gresbam.— A Post offioein the Township of Bruce, County Bruce, 25 miles from Walkerton, the Oomit/ 
Town. Average price of wild land in the vicinity, $6; improved, $12 per acre. 

Austin, John, carpenter 
Bpwen. J., shingle maker 
BROWN, G. J., Postmaster 
McLeod, John,|;,teacher 

Matthewson, Kov. William, (Canada Presbyterian) } 
Mills, Richard, blacksmith 
Pace, James, wagon makerj 

Gretna* A Village in the Township of North Federicksburgh, County Lenox, 5 [miles from Napanee, the 

County Town. Population 60. 
Aylsworth, Rev. J. B., (Episcopal Methodist) 
Cole, C. B., J. P. 
Hambly, Samuel, farmer 
Hough, Charles, butcher 
Hongh, Jacob, farmer 
Hough, John, carpenter 
Kelly, Rev. James, (WosleTan) 
Kinerley, Charles, lime and ftona deal«r 

MELLOW, W. J., Postmaster and general merchMi 

Mellow, W., fanner 

Miller, Samuel, farmer 

Randall, J., fanner * 

Scott, Rev., ^Wesleyan) 

Williams, Edward, tailor 

Withers, Daniel, farmer 

Grey —(See Cnnbxook)— A Poit office in the Township of Grey, C:k>unty Huron. 

LECKIE, JOHN, Postmaster. 



CffiCfVrllle-' — A, Pest ViJUge in tha Township of St Vincent, County Grey, 25 miles distant from Owes 
Soond, the County Town, and 120 miles from Toronto. Population about 150. 

Brinkman, William, shoemaker 

firownell. Rev., (Wesleyan) 

fijeia, John, Urmer 

Gauld, Rev., (Presbyterian) 

GRIER. ANDREW, Postmaster 

McConnell, N,, carpenter 

McDonald, Miles, larmer 

McKinley, Andrew, fanner 

McLean, Robert, hide and leather dealer 

Msrshall, James, wagon maker 


Mitchel, Henry, blacksmith 

Mitchel, Robert farmer 

Noland, Arthur, teacher 

Rattray, Alexander, hotel keeper 

Spike, Brran, farmer 

Stirling, f). k Co., general merchants 

Taylor, William, farmer 

Terry, Gaorge, blacksmith 

Wright, .0. W., M.D 

Criinsby* — A Village and Station of the Great Western Railway at the junction of Forty-mile Creek with 
Lake Ontario, in the Township of Grimsby, County Lincoln, 17 miles from St Catharines, the County 
Town, 18 from Hamilton and 46 from Toronto. The surrounding country is unsurpassed for fertility in 
the Province. All kinds of fruit* are grown in great abundance. \V. W. Kitchen, Esq., is exten* 
sively engaged in the manufacture of wine, taming out about 500 barrels of a very superior article per 
annum|; the vineyard occupies 11 acres. Money Order office and Savings Bank. Population 1000. 

Allison^ R. H. , wagon maker 

Anderson, Charles, farmer 

Anderson, H. H., farmer 

Anderson, M. J. , Collector Custom? 

Bonilaugh, W. H., saw mills 

Brown, John, T. C, P.L.S. 

Cimpbell, Daniel, master Grammar School 

Ohsmben, J., blacksmith 

CUike, Rev. John S., (Wesleyan) 

Cline, Dsvid P., baker 

Cole, Geoige, wagon maker 

CoJ^ W. A., blacksmith 

Hfcch, J. D., chemist and drucrffist 

ftHW.,M.D. ^ 

Forb^ W., general merchant and insurance agent 

Green, Dr., dentist 

GBIM8BY MANSION HOUSE, A. Randall, prop. 

(See adv) 
GRANT, JOHN H. & CO., foundry and agricultu- 

ral implement manufactory. (See adv) 
<iuniey k Nelles, ^st mills 
Kitchen, Jacob, wme maker 
Kitchen, W. T>., fanner 
KITCHEN, "W. W., vine grower and wine maker 

(see adv) 
Konkle, William, hotel keeper . 
Uboreau, Rev. W., (Roman Catholic) 
huin, John D., telegraph operator 
Uttle, B. painter 
Locke, Rev. J. H.. (Wesleyan) 
Looseley, E. D„ tailor 
MtFarlane, A., fanner 
McKay, A. J., collector 
McNinch, John, ahingle maker 
Ibbey, Gcoige^ butcher and hotel keeper 

Mariatt, P. D. hotel keep:* 

Mihell, £. M., tinsmith • 

Miller, W. H., blacksmith 

Mill ward, W. E., M.D 

Murray, Rev. J. G., (Presbyterian) 

NELLES, H. E., PostmasteJ 

Nelles, J. W. G., farmer 

Nelles, P. B., miller 

Nelles, S. A. k Co., produce dealers 

NELLES, W. H., (John H. Grout k Co) 

Nixon, D., farmer 

Oman, C. C, wagon maker"! 

Orr, Robert, station master 6.W.R 

Palmer, D. k Co., canned fruit 

PALMER, £. J., general mercht and produce mereht 

Petit, J. R., farmer 

Petit k Muir, (H. A. k A. P.) props, cheese factory 

RaceVf C. S., genersl ag^nt 

RAJSDALL, A., prop. Grimsby Mansion Hovsa 

Hotel (see adv) 
Randolph, Ralph W., butcher, &c 
REED, REV. CANON, (Church of England) 
Smith k Vandusen, nurserymen 
Soper, John 
Spillett, W. S., 

Taylor, J. & J., groceries and liquors 
Vandyke, John& George, wagon makers k blacksmiths 
Westlake, George, saddler 
Wilson, W. grist mill 
Whittaker, S., shoemaker 
Wilson, W., saw mills 
Woolverton, C. E., nursery] 
Woolverton, A., M.D. 
Woolverton, J., M.D. 

^>r«TC8eBd.— A port office in tke Township of Malahide, County Elgin ; distant 20 miles from St Thmut 
the Cofonty Tomrn. 

Borten, Qeorffe, fanner 
Boidick, A. I)., farmer 
<3]appison. Rev. D., (Wesleyan) 
Iiyoo, C. H., larmer 
Lyon, W. B., farmer 

LYON, W. B., Postmaster 
Morkle, R. L., farmer 
Parks, A., shoemaker 
Smith, Rev. W\, (Weslipyan). 

W. W. KITCHEN'S PURE GRAPE W1N£S» 600 bamU annually, at Grimsby Vineyard. 



Ctfielph.— Hie County Town of Wellington, situated ^n the Rirer Speed, a branch of the Onad ttftr, in 
the Township of Guelph, was laid out by the late Mr. Gait, the i)roje(:tor of the Canada Company, in the 
year 1828. The situation was well chosen, being ini the midst of a line undulating fiountiy, high, dry 
and healthy. The town is a station of the Grand Trunk and the northern terminus of the CUlt and 
Guelph branch of the Great Western Railway. It is connected with Fci^s, Elora, Southampton, Owtn 
Sound, &c., by stage. In the immediate viGiuity are inexhaustible quarri^ of limestone, of which 
several of the public buildings are constructed, ^loimmercially, Guelph will compare fayorably with any 
inland town in the ProTuiee. The chief manufacturing establishments are : WeUingUm Foundry, Evatt, 
Inglis k Co., steam and water, iO hands; Ouelph Steam Foundry, Mills k Melvin, 80 hands ; Outlph 
Fofimdry, Robertson & Sons, steam, 15 hands; Cfuetph Milla (flour and distillery), David Allan, steam 
and water, 20 hands; SUwMrt* a Planing MHU, steam, 12 hands, capacity 600,000 feet per annum. 
Haymond's Sewing Machine Factory, steam, 40 hands, manufacturing 85,000 machines per annum. 
Armstrong, McCrae & Co., extensively engaged in the manufacture of lamb's wool, hosiery, woolen goods, 
kc Distant from Toronto .47 miles, Hamilton 30, Gait 14, and Owen Sound 85. Money Order office 
and Savings Banlc Population 6000. 

Alnly; Richard, lumber merchant 

Albig, John, merchant 

Alexander, William, cabinet maker 

ALLAN, DAVID, miller, distiller and rectifier (see 

Allan, James D., miller 

Allan, John C, machinist 

ALLAN, WILLIAM, manager Guelph IHUls 

Allen, Robert, shoemaker 

• PANIES, John Grant, agent 

Anderson, James, liaker and confectioner 

Anderson k Wilkie (George and William) grain and 
produce dealers 

Andrews, Randall, agent and clerk Raymond's factory 

Andrich, Adam, pork butcher 

Archambault, Rev. S. B. (Roman Catholic) 

Arms k Worswick (£. H. and Thomas) sewing ma- 
chine manufacturers 

Armstrong, Andrew, baker and grocer 

ARMSTRONG, J. B., proprietor Excelsior Carriage 

Armstrong, William, blacksmith 

ARMSTRONG, McCRAE k CO., woolen factora (see 

Baiue, jReorge, fruit dealer 

Baker, Alfred A., Clerk Division Court 

Balkwill, George, miller 

Ball, Rev. W. S. (Free Church) 

BANK OF MONTREAL, E. Brough, manager. 

Barclay, James, carpenter 

Bauer, Joseph A., prop. Fimiers' hotel 

Beattie, G. (Galbraith k Bcattie) 

Beattie, Thomas, painter 

Bell, Wood k Co. (William Bell, R. Bell, R. B.Wood 
and Robert Mcleod), melodeou manufacturers 

BERRY, HENRY, baker and confectioner (see adv) 

Bish, P., dry goods 

BLACK, GEORGE, prop. Dominion hotel 

Blanchford, Thomas, shoemaker 

BOND, JOHN M. k CO., hardware 

Bookless, John, saloon keeper 

BOULT, STEPHEN, planing mill prop. 


Brennan, L. J., bookbinder 

BRIDGEFORD, J. S., carpenter 

Brill, James T., produce merchant 

BRODIE, P. B., station master G. W.R. 

BROUGH, E., manager Bank of Montreal 

Brown, T|^omas, boots and shoes 

Brownlow, William, carpenter 

Bruce, George, tailor 

Bruce, George A., carriage maker 

Bruce, G. k Sons, carpenters 

Burham, A. 0., dry goods 

BUNYAN, D., saloon keeper 

Burgess, William, photographer 

BURNS, ROBERT^ grocer 

Busby, Thomas, painter 

Campbell, C-hristopher, tallow chandler 

CAMPBELL, Dr. R., surgeon dentist 

lands, manager 

Carl, Moses, butcher 

Carrier, Charles H., shoemaker 

(-arroll, Edward, quarry man 

CARROLL, £. k Co., grocers, wine and spirit mer- 
chants, (see adv) 

(^rthew, Edward, Collector of Customs G. W. R 

Casey, Michael, proprietor Harp of Erin Hotel 

(^HADWICK, F. G., (Davidson k Chadwick) 

Chance, Robert, merchant 

Chipcliase, George, saddler 

Clark, William, M.D 

Cochrane, Robert, cattle dealer 

Coffee, Denis, prop. Wellington Hotel k wagon maker 

Collins, R. H., veterinary surgeon 

Colsen, James W., tailor 

Congalton, William, mason 

Conieham, Joseph, conductor G. W. R 

Conway, Patrick, shoemaker 

Cook, John, boiler maker 

Cooper, Edwin, County Auditor 

Cooper, T. W., P. L. S. 

Copp, Edwin, machinist 

CORMACK, JAMES, merchant tailor and clothier 

Couling, L., fiimitui-e dealer 

COULSON, R. B., proprietor Coulson's Hotel, gsn- 
eral st^e office, &c 

COWAN, W. B., M.D., homoeopathic physician and 
suiigeon (see adv) 

Crawford, William, carpenter 

Creichton, Alexander, cattle dealer 

CRIDIFORD, JOHN, boots and shoes 

CROFT, N., merchant tailor and clothier (see adv) 

Cullen, Paul, cooper 

Curtain, Jeremiah, cooper 

CUTHBERT, ROBERT, watchmaker and jeweller 

Dadson, Samuel, hatter 

Darby, Henry, tanner 

DAVIDSON, CHARLES (Davidson k Chadwick) 

Davidson, John, prop. Guelph marble works 

DAVIDSON, J. k T., woolen factora 

DAVIDSON k CHADWICK (Charies and P. G.) 
insurance agents 

Dawson, Peter, mason 

W. W. KITCHEN'S PURE GRAPE WINES, 500 barrels annually, at Grimsby VineyanL 



DAY, T. J.. IxK^cH^r ajid stationer 

DEADY, iCLRTlNt prop. Deady's hotel 

Ddtbam ]Re^. 7. (Soman Catholic) 

hrato^ Williaan tl., phot<^rraph«r 

DidKMD, J)tm4^ grain merduint 

Dobbin; J., xpillitrnght 

Dobbip, Tholnas, ]n^aon 

Donn, IC J., grocer 

DsdgeoQ, Witium, bttteher 

JivSy, Robf rt| cooper 

DUNK, J. H^ head master Grammar School 

Eldredge, TITiITiam H., distiller 

EuMtty George^ iJ. F. 

ELUS, THOll^AS, prop. American Hotel 

BVATT, FRANCIS, (Eratt, Inglis k Co) 

IVATT, INGLip k Co., prpp^ Wellinfiion foundiy 

gTENINGJlftVERTlSER, J. Wilkinion, editor 

Ewin^ James, teamster 
Iving, John, teamster 
/EAST ALERED, marble works 
Fcimell, Charles, hatcher 
Penwick, Theodore, fruit dealer 
ferguKm, Alexander, miller 
Tognson, Alexander^ tailor 
fergnson, James» teacher 
Fume, John, provision dealer 
letter, G. R & Co., dry goods 
hiset k Waterson, cabinet makers 
7KEEUAN k FREEMAN, (S. B. Freeman, Q.a 

and G 0. Freeman) barristers, attomers, kc 
FUKKES8, JOHN, conductor G.W.R 
GtlbnitK Francis, (Macklin, Galbraith k Co) 
Oalbnitb, F. W., (Galbraith k Beattie) 
^baa, Francis, grain merchant 
GtrUad, Francis, natter and furrier 
6AT, JA HES, naturalist, taxidermist, and locksmith 
GaJbnith k Beattie, saddle and harness makers 
GOLDIE, JAMES, prop. Peoples* Flour Mills 
60KE BANK, William Smith, agent 
^>oack, Donglasi painter 
GOW, JAMES, Collector Inknd Revenue 
GOWDY k STEWART, lumber merchants 
GOWDY, THOMAS, (Gowdy k Stew^) 
GBAHAM, WM. K., (Trotter k Oraham) 
GRAND, EDWARD, wine and spirit dealer 
Orange Frank, Deputy Sheriff 
Gnmce, George F., Sheriff County Wellington 
GKAXT, JOHN, agent Montreal Telegraph and 

American k Canadian Express Cos. 
OBEAT WESTERN HOTEL, Robert Oakes, prop. 
GUELPH HERALD, George Pine, editor and prop. ^ 

(See adv) 1 

GU£LPH MERCURY, (McLagan k Inaes) (See 

GUTHRIE DONALD, barrister attorney, etc 
Hadden, G. & A., (George and Alexander), general 

Hales, John, butcher 
HaQ, John, contractor 
Hall, CoL J. B. 
HaU,J.W., barrister 
HAKKIS, JOHN J., baker and confectioner. (See 

»ttyey, Edmund, chemist and druggist 

natch, Henry, money broker, insurance agent, etc. 

Hazletott, James, cabinet maker 

HUTH, CHARLES, lumber merchant, flour and 

feed dealer 
HKFPERNAN, D., proprietor Victoria Hotel 

Heffernan Brother^ (Thomaa and Joaepl^ drj^modll .f 


HEWAT, W1LI.IAM, Treasurer Co. Wellingtoit 

Hewer, John, tanner and currier, prop. Crown Hot* 

Higbee, C. H., exchange broker 

HIGINBOTHAM, N., chemist and druggist 


Ho|n^, Hugh, flour and feed 

HOGG, JOHN, dry goods 

Hogfft R«T. John, (Pmbyterian) 

Holaen, James, chemist and druggist 

HOLLIDAY, THOMAS, brewer and maltster 

Hood, George, cattle dealer 

Hoover, William, cabman and livery 

H0R6MAN, JOHN, hardware, oUs, kc 

Hosken, William, librarian Mechanics' Institute 

Hough, James, town clerk and treasurer 

Howard, George, stoves, tinware, kc, 

Howitt, John, M.D 

Hunter, Mrs. John, Berlin wool and fancy gooda 

INGLIS, JOHN, (Evatt, Inglis k Co) 

Ingram, Thomas, auctioneer 

INNES, JAMES, (McLagan k Junes) 

Jackson, A. M., (Thompson k Jackson) 

Jackson, John, exchange broker 

Jackson k Hallett, grocers 

JeanneretjRobert J., watchmaker and jeweler 

JONES, WILLIAM, proprietor Red Lion Hotel 

Kay, John, brass founder 

Keables, M. A., foreman Raymond's sewing machia* 

Keating, Thomas, registrar 
Kelly, Jonathan, chief constable 
Kennedy, A. H. R., flour and feed 
King, Walter, market clerk 
Kirkland k Millington, wagon makers 
Knowles, W. S. G., auctioneer 
Kribs, David, pump maker 
LEMON, ANDREW, (Lemon k Peterson) 
LEMON k PETERSON, (Andrew k Henry W.)bai^ 

risters, attorneys, ko 
LEWIS, JOHN L., general merchant 
Lynch, James, Sheriff's bailiff 
LYNCH. THOMAS H., proprietor Ontario Hotel 
McCrae k Murton, grain ouyers 
McC^ulloch, James, Vinegar Works 
McCURRY, P., (McCurry k Mitchell) 
McCurry, William, suiTcyor 
McCURRY k MITCHELL, (P. k Robert) barristers^ 

attorneys, kc 
McDonald, A., Judge County Court 
McFarlane, Duncan, commission merchant 
McGill, William k Co. , general merchants 
McGuirc. E. W., M. D 
McKenzie, James, book keeper 
McLAGAN k INNES, editors and proprietors Guelph 

Mercury, (see adv) 
McLAGAN, JOHN C, (McLagan k Innes) 
McLeod, Robert, cabinet maker 
McNeil, John, boots and shoes 
MACKENZIE^ ALEXANDER, book-keeper (Shielph^ 

Macklin, William (Macklin, Galbraith k Co.) 
Macklin, Galbraith k Co., co-operative store 
Marriott, Henry, saddler 
Marriott, William, grain buyer 
Marshall, W., photographer 
MARTIN, E. R., attorney, insurance sgent, ke 
Martin, John, teacher 

MASSIE, JAMES k Co., wholesale and retafl groce» 
MELY IN, ROBERT, (MiUs k Melvin) Mayor 

W. v. KITCHEN'S PURE GRAPE WINES, 600 barrels annuaUy, at Grimsby Vineyard, 



MEREDITH, C. k T., (Chwlesfc Thomat) grocers 

fitetcalf, Henry, saddler 

MILLER, JO'HN, prop. Queen's hotel 

Miller, W., wagon maker 

MILLS, W. H. (Milla & Melrin) 

MILLS k MELVIN,(W. H. k Robert) iron fojindera 

Mimmack, Joseph, barber and hairdresser 

Mitchell, John, cariieuter and builder 

MITCHELL, ROBERT (McCurry k Mitchell) 

Mitchell, William, merchant tailor 

Molton, D., taniier 


Grant, agent 
MORRIS, EDMUND, manager Ontario Bank 
Murphy, P., prop. Albion hotel 
Murton, George, jun., (A. Thompson k Co.> 
Kaismith, Daniel, ham eurer 
Naughton k Goughton, grain dealers 
Newton, Edwin, ofiicial assignee, insurance agent 
Ntwton, Henry, prop. O. T. R. Hotel 
NichollR, William, hotel keeper 
O'CONNOR, EDWARD, barrister 
O'CONNOR, WILLIAM, billiard rooms 
O'Neil, James, prop. Anglo-American Hotel 
OAKEvS, RQBERT, prop. Great Western Hotel 

and saloon 
ONTARIO BANK, E. Morris, manager 
Orton k Clark, physicians and surgeons 
Oxnard, George A., station agent 
Pallister, Thomas, prop. Commercial Hotel 
Palmer k Lillie, barristers, kc. 
Parker, Abel, shoemaker 
Parker, Robert, wagon maker 
Peacock, Jamesi butcher 
Perry, D., commission merchant 
PETERSON, HENRY W. (Lemon k Peterson) 
PETRIE, A. B., chemist and druggist 
PIRIE, GEORGE, editor and prop. Ouelph Herald 
Frest k Hepburn, boots and shoes 
RAYMOND, CHARLES, sewing machine manuf. 
Ttejmolds, William, Deputy Registrar 
Roberts, A., potash manufacturer 
ROBERTSON k SONS, props. Guelph foundry 
Rodger, George, blacksmith 
BOMAIN, C. £., Inspector of Excise for .London 

Rose, L., produce and commission merchant 
Koos, William, freight agent, G. T. R. 
SANDILANDS, G. W., manager Canadian Bank of 

SAUNDERS, T. W., Police Magistrate 
SAVAGE, DAVID, watchmaker and jeweller 
SAXON, J. F., barrister, insurance agent, &c. 
SAYERS, THOMAS, house and sign painter 
SHARPE, C. & A., seedsman 
Shaw, Samuel (A. Thompson k Co.) 


Sherlock, Rev. F. (Roman Catholic) 

Shewan, Christopher, merchant 

Shields, Malcolm, dyer and scourer 

Co., proprietors 

Simpson, William, baker 

SLEEMAN, GEORGE, k CO., proprietors Silver 
Creek Brewery 

SMITH. GEORGE, Town Collector 

Smith, Thomas, photographer 

SMITH, WILLIAM, manager Gore Bank 

Smith k Metcalf, saddlers 

Snelling, William, prop, eating saloon 

Snider, W. M., grain buyer 

Steele, William, carpenter 

Stein, William, cooper 

STEVENSON, WILLIAM, prop. Maple Bank Nur- 

STEWART. JAMES, (Gowdy k Stewart) 

Stewart, John, grain buyer 

STEWART, R. & J., props, titaning mill (teeadr^ 

STEWART k THOMSON, dry goods and clothing 


STONE, F. W., stock dealer 

StoTcl, Edward, pump maker 

Sully, John, blacksmith 

SUNLEY, WILLIAM, stoves, tinware, kc 

SUNLEY, N. k Co., props. Guelph Nursery 

SUMER, W. H., prop. CosmopohUn ShsTing Saloon 

TAYLOR, WILLIAM G., yeterinary suigeon 

Thompson, Robert, (Thompson k Jackson) 

Thompson k Jackson, (Robert k-A, M.) land, loan 
and general agents 

THORNTON, J. B., books and stationery 

THORP, JAMES, prop. Urery and sale stoblet 

Tovell, N., carpenter and undertaker 

TROTTER, R., (Trotter & Graham) 

TROTTER k GRAHAM, (R. k W. K.) dentisU 
(see adv) 

VICARS, REV. JOHNSTONE, (Church of Enj^d> 

Von Hoxar, II. G., teacher of languages 

WALD, VALENTINE, prop. Bay Hone Hotd 

WALKER, CHARI^S, teacher 

Walker, Hugh, oyster depot 

Ward, George, grocer 

Watson, John, baker 

WEBSTER, JAMES, solicitor 

Webster, John, stores, tinware, kc. 

Webster, William, flour and feed 

WELLS, ARTHUR, deputy Postmaster 

WEST. JOHN, cattle dealer 

Wilkinson, Geoige, grocer 

WILKINSON, J., editor and proprietoi ^w»«V 

Woods, John A., grocer 

Workman, William, grocer 

Wright, Samuel, bakor 

Crrlfltll«~A small Post Villago in the Townthip of Griffith, County Renfrew, 00 miletf from Pembroke t^* 
County Town. Popalation about 120. 

Adams, James, fanner 
Adams, Thomas, fanner 
ADAMS, W. H , Postmaster 

Adams, W. H., jun., farmer 

Joyce, Thomas, farmer 
McCook, Edwvd, farmer 
Marsellar, Peter, fanner 
Varin, Joseph, farmer 

W. W. KITCHEN'S PURE ORAP£ WINES, 500 barrels anauaUy, at Grimsby VinayanL 



flayAaro.— A Post Office in tho Township of Middleton, County Norfolk, 25 miles ftom. fiimooo; thtt 

County Town. 

Ball, CharleS; fanner 

Ball, Lewis, butcher 

Brim, "William, farmer 

I>ean, R. C,, farmer 

DOYLE, J. W., Postmaster, general merchant 

shingle manufacturer 
Doyle, J., hotel keeper 
Chimham, Henry, farmer 


Gamham, Robert, farmer 

Gamam, S. K., steam saw mill 

Jefferson, David, farmer 

Johnson, W. B., shingle maker and saw mill 

Ostrander, John, J. P., grist mill 

Richardson, John, farmer 

Weaver, Richard, steam saw mill prop. 

Weston, John, farmer • 

HagerSTille. — A Post Village in the Townships of 

Cayuga, the County Town, and 23 from Hamilton 

Almas, David, stage proprietor 

Baptie, John, tailor 

Boyer, Henry, tailor 

Giles, John, wagon maker 

Glindon, Richard, blacksmith 

Graham, Richard, blat^ksmith 

HAGER, RICHARD, Postmaster and farmer 

Harrison, William, shoemaker 

Hemstreet, Benjamin, innkeeper 

Kenner, John, blacksmith 

Oneida and Walpole, County Haldimand, 9 miles firam 

Money Order office. Population about 200. 

Lewis, John, grocer 
Lewis, Lewis,' carpenter 
Lewis, ThomaA, carpenter 
McCardy, James, cabinet maker 
McDonald, A., innkeeper 
Proud, R. H., general merchant 
Pyne, Thomas, M.D. 
Seymour, Joseph, wagon maker 
TurnbuU k Amos, merchants 
Walters, L. T., tailor 

MaldiHand (Byng Post Office). —A Village on Sulphur Creek, in the Township of Dunn, County Haldi- 
mand, distant from Cayuga, the County Town, 18 miles, from Toronto, 60 miles. Stages to Duimtitte 
and Port Dover. Average price of land $50. Population 200. 

AiiTins, William J., J. P. 

Armour, Matthew, miller 

Band, Robert, miller 

Blair, Thomas, tailor 

Brown, Edward, constable 

Brown, George, J. P. 

Cokley, Samuel, prop. Byng Hotel 

Davis, John, cooper 

Drake, John, wagon maker 

Drake, Thomas 

Fite, Henry, carpenter 

Foy, Rev. Thomas, (New Connexion) 

Hamilton, T. Q., teacher 

Hammond,' John, lime manufacturer 

Hannah, James, shoemaker 

Lyons, Samuel, shoemaker 

Murdy, Robert 

Ramsay, Francis 

Scott, George 

Secord, John, constable 

Sheehan, Albert, carpenter 

Sheehan, T., ffrocer 

THOMSON, J., Postmaster and general mei*chant 

Thomson, William, carpenter 

Salf Island Cota.— a Post Office in the County of Guyaboro*. 

DIGDON, JOHN, Postmaster. 

Salibnrton* — A Village in the Townsliip of Dysart, County Peterboro, beautifully situated on the shorm 
of Lake Kashagawigamog, one of the most picturesque of the numerous small lakes of Central Canada. 
The Township is one of ten, the property of the Canadian Land Company, Stages bi-weekly to Peter- 
boro 70 miles. Population 60: 

Hohand, James, hotel 
Lucas & Co., shingle makers 
Lucas, W., grist and saw mill prop. 

Austin, W., car^nter 
Cashmer, W. brickmaker 
Oroaton, J., shoemaker 
Dover, F. , general agent 
Dover, J., general merchant 
Garrett, A., general merchant 

STEWART, R. C, Postnuster 
Wood, W., tinsmith 
Young, J., general merchant 

MaDoway* — ^A Village in the Township of Tharlow, County Hastings, , 10 miles from Belleville, tfa« 

County Town. Stages daily to Bellerille. Population 40. 

Baniiun, S., proprietor Hallow»y Hotel and livery Hamilton, M., farmer 

stable Hopkins, J . P. , Postmaster and general merchant 

Bennett Co., butchers Kimmerly, M., farmer 

Cieery, William, blacksmith and wagon maker Morden, Miss, teacher 

Falkner, M., farmer Parks, J., farmer 

Fisher, M., farmw Welbourne, William, £um«r 
Griffin, M., farmer 



■all's Comers* (Bmbrook Post Office.)— A Village in the Township of Binhrook, County Wentworth 
distant from Hamilton, the County Town, 18 miles, Orom Toronto 5S miles. Average price of land %ift. 
Population 150. 

Aikins, William, fkrmer 

Bayley, George, cooper 

Bayley, Thomas, cooper 

Barlow, Albert, wagon maker 

Barlow, Richard, J. P. 

Bell, D., teacher 

Bell, William, teacher 

Bigger, K. H., M.D. 

Biinton, John, general agent 

Carle, John 9., prop. Franklin House 

Cooper, James, boiler maker 

Edmunds, John, miller 

Fletcher, George, insurance agont 

Fletcher, Robert, teacher 

Flock, John, farmer 

Gawley, James, wagon maker 

HALL, HENRY, Postmaster and general aiirebint 

Harney, Charles, farmer 

Hoey, James, auctioneer 

Johnston, G. "W., teacher 

Lellett, Robert, snotnnaker 

Marshall, Samuel, farmer 

Moore, James, farmer 

Russell, James, M. D. 

Shaw, Thomas, teacher 

Simpson, — , grocer 

Stafford, Theodore, saddler 

Wickett, Robert, prop. Union Motel • 

Wooleer, John, farmer 

Wright, Charles, fanner 

Wright, William, teacher 

Bairs Bridge*— A Post Oftlce in the Township of Harrey, County Peterboro', £a«t Riding. 

HALL, JOHN, Postmaster. 

ibnrff. — A Post Office in the Township of Fredericksbui^, County Lennox. 

FRASER, A. D., Postmaster. 

Hamilton. —One of the chief Cities of the Province of Ontario, and the judicial seat of the County of 
Wentworth, is beautifully situated on Burlington Bay, the Western terminus of Lake Ontario. It was 
laid out in 1812 and occupies a plateau of elevated ground winding round the foot of Burlington Heights, 
which form the back ground of the City ; the distance between the Heights and the Bay is about two 
miles, and on the area thus included stands, in point of population, wealth and importance, the second 
City in the Western Province. Burlington Bay is a beautiful sheet of water, navigable in all parts to 
within a few feet of the shore, forming one of the safest and most commodious harbors on the Lakes 
There are several lines of Steamers in the summer, plying regularly between the City and Montreal, and 
intermediate ports. The Great Weslem Rail\vay, from Suspension Bridge to Windsor, has its offices and 
machine shops here, and the Company has recently erected extensive rolling mills for the purpose of 
manufacturing its own rails, employing in the aggregate ab«ut one thousand workmen. The head office 
of the Gore Bank is stationed here, and the Bank of British North America, Montreal, Ontario^ Royal 
Canadian, and Canadian Bank of Commerce, have branches here ; some of the largest wholesale an 
manufacturing establishments in the Province are located here. On the rising groujid approaching thf 
mountain are a number of elegant residences with grounds beautifully laid out and tastefully omamsnted. 
The City is well supplied with water and gas. The Desjardines Canal connects Hamilton with Dundss, 
and has a navigation of about 4 miles in length. This is a port of entry. Post office. Money Order and 
Savings Bank. Distant from Niagara Falls 45 miles, London, 76 Toronto by rail 39, Windsor 183« 
and from Montreal 878. Population about 26,000. 


ATayc^r— James E. O'Reilly. • 

Vi* W. Kerr, Chamberlain ; George McKay, assistant do. ; Thomas Beasley, City Clerk ; Alfred H. Hills 
assistant do. ; Alexander Stuart, tax collector; D. Dawson, assistant do. ; John Moore, license inspector; 
C. Smith, city messenger ; William Haskins, city engineer and manager water works ; A. Rutherford* 
assistant do. ; R. Ralston, water rate collector ; S. McNaier, inspector of weights and measures ; J. Cahill' 
Police Magistrate ; R. Davis, Chief of Police ; W. T. Sunley, Police Clerk. Thomas TindUl and Peter 
Balfour, Assessors ; R. N. Law and J. J. Mason, Auditora ; J. A. P. McKenna, Chief of Fire Brigade ; J. 
Uastie, Street Inspector and Health officer ; J. McCracken, high Bailiff ; J. Amor, caretaker of Fii* 

W. W. KITCHIIN'S PURE GRAPE WlNEa £00 barrels annually at Grimsby Vineyard. 


CITT corxciL. • ' • . 

St. Patiick*8^V»rd : J. E. O^Rtnlly, Mayor, Jaraw Mullin and John Winer. St. Oeot^e'i Ward : John Mit- 
chell, G. Mills andGeorgo Murison. St. Andrew's Ward: Robert Chisholm, Hutchinson Clark and Dt B. 
Ghiflhalm. St. Mary'9 ward : Kenny Fitzpatrick, William. Edgar and George Sharpe. St. Lawrenoft 
Ward: Robert Kelly, RoUrt Xisbet and Patrick Crawford. 


To'wnship of Glanford, Alexander Bethane, Reeve. Township of Beverley, John Clement, Reeve, W. C. Mer' 
nam. Deputy Reeve. Townnbip of Bast FlamlK)ro, Thomas Stock, Reeve, Matthew Bums, Deputy Reeve- 
Township of West Flamboro, Thomas Miller, Reeve, Matthew Peebl«»8, Deputy Reeve. Township «f 
Biitbrook, Geofge Fletcher, Reeve. Township of Barton, R. R. Waddell, R!eeve and Warden, Thomas 
Ijawry, Deputy Reeve. Township of Saltfleet, A. D. Lee, Reeve, A. G. Jones, Deputy Reeve. Town of 
DandM, liobert McKechney, Reeve; George Bickell, Deputy Reeve. Village of Ancaster, AIoilzo Egle- 
ston. Reeve, John Ueslop, Deputy Reevt. James Kirkpatrick, County Treasurer; D. C. O'Keefe, Coohty 
Engineer ; G. S. C»uusell, County Clerk. . 


(Tpper Canada InatUuU for the. Deaf and Ihi^nh, Dundivn Castle : Board of Commissioners, Rev. Dr. Omiiston' 
chairman; Rev. £. Ryerson, Judge Logie, the Mayor, £. Stinson, John McKeown, Geoige Ryal, M.D** 
Secretary of the Board of Medical Superintendents ; J. B. McGann, resident Superintendent, James T 
Watson, J. J. G. Tenill, instructors. Wenlryan FeviaU College — Edward Jackson, President ; Dr. C 
McQuesten, M.D., Vice-president; Joseph Lister, Tn^asurer ; Rev. S. D. Rice, Governor; Miss M. £. Adunf, 
Principal; Rev. W. P, Wright, Augusta M. Adams, Miss A. L. Mason, Miss Maria O. Allen, Miss Sllen 
Hardie, Teachers ; German, Rev. G. Goepp, B.A. ; French, MdlleS. Higgs ; Fine Arts, Misses Elfithorpc 
and Reid. Music, R. S. Ambrose. Loretto Convent, Mount St. Mary, Hamilton ; under the superinten- 
dence of the ladies of I^retto, Rev. Mother J. M. Stanblaus, Su^rioress. Grammar School, Head Master, 
J. M. Buchan, M.A. : second Master, E. G. Patterson, M. A. ; English Master, Thomas McKee. Centnl 
School; Archibald Macallum, M.A., Principal: in connection with this institution are nine Primary or 
Ward Schools, all under the immediate charge of the Principal. Roman Catholic Schools : Park Street 
and John Street Schools under the charge of the Sisters of St Jo8e2)h ; Peel Street School, Andrew Doyle, 


Christ Church, (Church of England,) James Street, Rev. J. G. Geddes, M.A., Rector ; Rev. T. S. Cartwright, 
Curate ; services 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. Church of the Ascension, (Church of England,) Hannah 3traet» 
Rev. John Hehdcn, M.A. Rector ; services 11 «. m. and 7 p. m, (Church of England,) Emerald Street, 
Rev. Dr. Seville, Rector ; services 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. St. John's, {Church of England,) King, corner 
Queen street, Rev. J. G. D. McKenzie, M.A. St. Andrew's, (Church of Scotland,) James street. Rev. 
Robert Burnet, minister, services 11 a.m. and 7 p. m. Knox's Church, (Canada Presbyterian,) comer 
of James and Henry streets. Rev. A. B. Simpson, minister ; services 11 a. m. and 6:30 p.m. Central 
Presbyterian Church, comer of McNab street and Maiden Lane, Rev. W. Ormiston, D.D., pastor; 
services 11 a.m. and 6:30 p. m. McNab Street Presbyterian Church, Rev. David Inglis, pastor; services 
11 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Congregational Church, comer of Hughson and Henry streets, Rev. Thos. PulUr, 
pastor ; services 11 a, m. and 6:30 p m. Baptist Church, Park street. Rev. George Richardson, pastor ; 
services 11 a. m. and 6. 30 p.m. Wcsleyan Methodist, King comer Wellington streets. Ceuteniuy 
Church, Main street, between James and McNab, Rev. John Potts, superintendent, and Rev. G. A 
Bridgman ; services 10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. New Connexion Methodist, Main street, near Nelson, Rev. 
Charles McKelvey ; services 11 a. m. and 6:30 p.m. Wesleyan German Church, Nelson, comer Rebecca 
streets. Rev. Charles Allum ; services 10 a. m. and 6:30 p.m. Primitive Methodist Church| Gore street^ 
Rev. Walter Keid ; services 101 a. m and 6.30 p.m. Methodist Episcopal Church, John street. Rev. J- 
Gilray, pastor ; services 10.30 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Evangelical Association ; Church on Market street^ 
Rev. Augustus Spies ; services 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Mountain Mission ; services at 2 p.m., |)astors various. 
Jewish Synagogue, King street west, Mr, Groos, president, Mr. Roos, vice-president; services, 8 
4.80 p.m., and 6.30 p.m. Church of St. Mary oi^the Immaculate Conception ; Rt Rev. John FarreU^ 


Bank of British North America : King, between James and Hughson, W. N. Anderson, manager, James S. 
Lockie, accountant Bank of Montreal, King street ; W. tf. Buchanan manager, T. J. Tate accountant. 
Merchants' Bank of Canada, James, comer of Main street ; James Bancroft manager, Charles Crookhall^ 
accountant, Ontario Bank, King street east ; Robert Milroy manager, C. C. Holland accountant. 
Royal Canadian Bank, James street: Henry 3icKinstry, agent, J. Ellis Lanccly, accountant. Canadian 
Bank of Commerce, King, near John street, Charles R, Murray, manager, W. Roberts, accountants 
Gore Bank, King street ; Samuel {Reid, manager. 


Canadian life Assurance Company : capital $1,000,000 ; President, John Young ; vice-president, John Fenie ; 
manager, A, G. Ramsay, Yistoria Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Canada : George H. Mills, presi- 
dent ; Levi Lewis, vice-president ; W. D, Booker, secretary and treasurer. Canada Farmers* Mutual 
Fire Insurance Company : Tliomas Stock, president ; Wm. Macklem, vice-president ; P, Street, secretazj 
and treasurer. 

W, W. K ITCHEN'S PURE GRAPE WINES, 500 barrels annually, at Grimsby Vineyard. 




Cnitom House, situated on the comer of Stewart and McNab atreeta, William H. Kittson, collector, Wm. 
Beatty, surreyor, C. R. M, Sewell, chief clerk. 


Situated on James street, opposite Merrick street, Edmund Kilchie, PoBtmoster ; £• Ritchie, assistant po«t* 
master ; Henry Colbeek, money order clerk. 


City Hospital, fo«t of John street: Charles O'Reilly, M.D., CM., physician ; T. Luckena, superintendent. 
House of Befiige^ Cherry street ; William Skinner, superintendent HauiilUm Orphan Asylum, Park 
street, under the care of the Sisters of St. Joseph : Sister Mary Phillip, superioress. Hamilton Board 
j/" Trad^, King street east : President, John Stuart ; rice-president, Matthew Leggat ; secretary, William 
MacKay. HaviilUm Gfa^litjht Company : President, John Young ; vice-jiresident, SheritT Thomas ; man- 
ager, T. Mc II wraith. Hamilton f^ater IVorks: William Haskius, manager ; Adam Rutherford, assistant; 
Robert Ralston, collector. Office, City Hall Building. 'Hamilton and Gore Mechanics' histitutc, Jamea 
street : Thomas Mcllwraith, president ; Judge Logie, yice-president ; Alexander Rutherford, superin- 

ABBS, REV. GEORGE, editor Christian Advocate, 
Ferguson avenue 

Abraham, Charles F., produee and commission mer- 
chant, 55 King east 

Adam, Janits, plumber, steam and gas fitter, Hugh- 
son, between King and King William 

Adams, Miss A. M., teacher Weslsyan Female Coll. 

Adams, Miss M. E., principal Wesleyan Female ('oil. 

Adams, Robert W., barrister, attorney and solicitor, 
James, opposite Gore 

£tna Insurance Company, Hartford, W. F. Findlay, 
agent, James, opposite Gore 

ifitnaliife Insurance Company, Hartford, James Gar- 
Tin, agent, 50 James n 

Aitchison, W. k D., box manufacturers, Bond nr King 

Allan, David, flour and feed, 9 & 11 York 

Allan, William, contractor, Concession bet James and 

Allan & Co., builders, Rel)ecca, bet John & Catherine 

Allen, Benjamin, broker (second-hand) 116 King e 

AUum, Rev. Charles (Gennsn Wesleyan) 87 Rebecca 

AMBRIDGE, T. A., broker, insurance agent, and 
issuer of marriai^e licenses. King bet James and 

Ambrose, Robert S., professor of music, Wesleyan 
Female College 

Ambrose, William, barrister, attorney and solicitor, 
16 King 

agent, James, opposite the Gore 

Amcry, John F. F., RA., private school. Temper- 
ance Hall, McNab, corner King 

Ancaster Knitting Company, office 2 King west 

Andei-son, James, carpenter, McNab nr Cannon 

Anderson, William, pump maker. Grove, bet Liberty 
and Wellington 

Anderson, William J., butcher. City Market 

ANDERSON, W. N., manager Bank of B. N. A., 
s s King 

ANGUS, J. k J., hats, caps, furs and straw goods, 
56 King w 

Appleyard, Thomas, building stone dealer, Tyburn 
corner Walnut 

Aimitage, William, second-hand broker, comer King 
and Caroline 

ARMSTRONG, CHARLES, shipping agent, Hugh- 
son, between Main and King 

Annstrong, Isaac, wholesaU china, glass, and earth- 
enware, 20 York, bet McNab and Park 

Armstrong, Peter, waggon maker, . King cast, bet 
Walnut k Wellington 

Armatrong, Walter, nonse, sign and ornamental 
painter, cor Main and Cherry 

ArmJitrong, John, hotel keeper, s s Market Square 

Arthur, Colin, butcher. City Market 

Arthurs, Jamt-s, hotel keeper, Merrick, s s bet Jameft 
and McNab 

Ash, Isidore, furrier and fur dyer, 33 King west 

Ashbaugh, F. A., wholesale and retail grocer, ss 
Market Square 

Askins, A. H., civil engineer G.W.R 

Atchison, William, retail grocer, Napier, bet Caro- 
line and Hess 

Atchison, W. & I)., props, planing mills. Bond, bet 
King and Main 

Atkinson, Mrs., dealer in sewing machines, 71 King 

Atkinson, Joseph, house, sign and ornamental 
painter, Wellington, near Willson 

Atkinson, William, basket maker, 71 King w 

Atlantic Mutual Life Ins. Co., J. W. WUsod, agent 
King, cor John 

Attwood, M. W., watches, clocks, jewelry, and mu- 
sical instruments. Royal Hotel bigs, James 

ArSSEM, J. H., wholesale and retail baker and con- 
fectioner, Florence Block, King w (see adv^ 

Austin, Mrs. E., boanling house, Merrick, bet Park 
and Bay 

Azford, George, butcher, n e Pearl, cor King 

Aynsley, James J., boots and shoes. King e, bet 
Nelson and Walnut 

Bae;well, John B., comer Park and Market 

Bame, John W., hardware, James opposite Market 

Baker, James, i>ork dealer. City Market 

Balfour, Peter, carpenter, Market near Bay 

Bail, F. A., insurance agent and secretary and treas- 
urer Western Permanent Building Society 

Ballantine, R. M., news and periodical depCt, J-amee 
s of Post Office 

Bampfylde, Charles, flour and feed, John bet Augusta 
and Catherine 

BANCROFT, JAMES, manager Merchants' Bank of 

Anderson, manager, s s King, bet James and 
Hughson ' 

Bank of Montreal, as King bet James and McNab 

Banner of Faith, published monthly, printed at 
»Sp^ctotor office 

Barber, £. k Co., tobacco manufacturers, King e bet 
Cathcart and Wellington 

BARBOUR, CHARIuES J., shirt manufacturer (see 

Barker k Leme.ssurier, house, sign and [ornamental 
painter. Main bet McNab and James 

Barlow, William E., carpenter, 52 John s 

W. W. KITCHEN'S PURE GRAPE WINES, 600 barrels annually, at Grimsby Vineyard. 



BARNARD, P. B. & H., dry goods, millincrj, 34 

King w 
Barnes, George k Co., books, kc, James cor MktSq 
Barr, John, l^rristcr, attorney and solicitor, James 
Bastedo, Walter, furrier and fur dyer, Wellington cor 

Bastien, H. L., boat builder, Phelan's boat honie 
Bateman, William, baker and confectioner, King n e 

Bates, James, M.D.. Gore bet Hughson and John 
Bates, William, second hand broker, 118 King e 
Batty, Benjamin, watches, clocks and jewelry, 40 

King w 
BAUKR, HENRY, grape wine manufacturer. Main 

bet James and Hughson (see adv) 
Bauer, Leopold, Ontario Brewery, Catharine bet East 

Bay and Base Line 
Beard more, George L., leather and findings, King bet 

James and McNab 
B£ARMAN, F. AV., prop American Hotel, King cor 

Charles (sec adv) 
Bessley, Richard S., pork dealer, York bet Bay and^ 

BEASLEY, THOMAS, city clerk, office City Hall 
Beatty, <)., retail gro<Jcr, James cor Wilson 
Bcatty, Thomas, hotel keeper, s e cor Main and John 
Beck, George, prop. Crystal Palace Brewery, King 

cor Margaret 
Beckett, C. , prof, of music, n s Henry nr Hughson 
Beck<>t, William, fniit and confectionery, 64 James 
BECKET, F. G. & CO., founders and machinists, 

James, ur Simcoe (see adv.) 
Beer, Frank, butcher, King, east of Wolnut 
Beer, John, baker and confectioner, e s James, nr Lind 
Bell, John, k Co., Burlington Brewerj', Catherine, 

corner Tyburn 
B£LLING, B. M., watches, clocks and jewellery, 

James, nr Main (see adv. ) 
Belnap, N. M., hotel Keeper, John nr King William 
Beuner, Richard, insurance agent and commission 

merchant, Wentworth C'hambers 
BEVIER, DENNIS, livery and sale stable, 77 King 

west (see adv. ) 
Berry, John, ice dealer, w s John, nr Hospital 
Best, Andrews, & Co., auctioneers and commission 

merchants, King, corner John 
Bible, Robert, coal and wood dealer. Main, comer 

BICKLE,'T. k SON, wholesale druggists, 6 King e 
BIGELOW, ALBERT, wholesale china, glass, and 

earthenware, Hughson, bet Main and Tyburn 
BILLINGK k TURNER, wholesale tobacco manu- 
facturers (see adv. ) 
Billings k Wliite, physicians and surgeons, James 

corner Henry 
Billington, John, boots and shoes, n s Merrick, bet 

Park and Bay 
BJLTON, HENRY W., soua water manufacturer, 

Market, nr McNab 
Bingham, A., stove, tin, copper an<l slieet iron manu< 

facturer and de^Eder, McNab, between King and 

BIN NY, ANDREW (Buchanan k Co.) res Victoria 

Terrace, King 
BIRELY, N. F., shipping agent, Brock nr Bay 
BIRE LY k CO., vinegar manufacturers, James, bet 

Peel and Augusta (see adr.) 
BIRGE, C. A. & M. B., wholesale cigar and tobacco 

manufacturers, 48 James n 
Bishop, J. B., tin, copper, sheet iron, kc, King 

William, a of Hugluon 
Blake, Williaoo, butcher. City Market 

BLACK, DANIEL, proprietor Club House, e s Jamet 

n of P. 0. (see adv.) 
Blaicher, Peter C, drug^'ist, John, south of Peel 
Blake k McCauley, retail grocers, Peel, cor Cherry 
Blanchford, John, undertaker, McNab bet King and 


Bland, John H., barber and hairdresser, 8 HughBonn 
comer King 

BLANDFORD, HENRY, picture frame manufactu- 
rer, 69 James n (see adv) 
Bliss, Horace C, patent medicines, Wellington bet 

iienry and Little Gore 
Blum, Christopher, butcher, King cor Park 
Blythe, Thomas A., P.L.S., s s Bold bet Jamta and 

Boase, Mrs. Jane, retail grocer, Caroline cor Napier 
Bogart, D. A., dentist, Hughson cor Rebecca 
BOICE, WILLIAM k CO., importers of fancy 

goods, 3 King e 
Bolingbrooke, Cliarles cabinet maker, 90 King w 
Bond, James, butcher. City Market 
Bond, Silas, butcher, City Market 
BOOKER, W. D., sec. and treaa. Victoria Mutual 

Fire Insurance Company, James 
Bowden, Aaron, brick maker, Canada nr Garth 
Bowers, J., pork dealer, York bet Park and Bay 
Bowman k Howe, sewing machine agents. James opi> 

Mechanics' Hall ^^ 

Bowron, A. k Son, stove, tin, copper and sheet-iron 

manufact'rs and dealers, King William nr James 
BOYCE, D. R., U. S. consular agent, office at G. 

W. R. station , 

Boyd, David, cooper, 10 John n 
Boyd, Thomas, grocer, King William cor John 
Boyd, Thomas, trunk maker, cor King William and 

BRADS HAW, JAMES, grocer, James opp Market 
Brandford, Henry, gilt and stained moulding, 59 

James n 
Brandum, B. ^,, barber and hairdresser, 54 John • 
Brayley, James, machinist and blacksmith, top of 

Brazener, E. L., horse collar maker. 120 King e 
Brennen. Michael, sash, door and blind manufactory, 

rear 10 John u 
Bridgewood, Geoi^ge, carriage builder, Tyburn near 

Bridgman, Key. George H., M.A., (Wesleyan), 

Maiden Lane 
Briers, Thomas, honse. sign and ornamental painter, 

e s Catherine bet (iore and Henry 
BRIGGS, G. C. k SONS, wholesale druggists. King 

Willam, nr James 

Marine,) A. F. Forbes, agent, cor James and 

King William 
British America Insurance Co., fire department, E. 

Ritv'hie, agent, Post Office 
Britt, Edward, boots and shoes, York, bet Bay and 

( /aroline 
BRONSON, S., manager Royal Hotel, James 
Brood well, J. W., accountant, N. Hamtnond 
Brookes, Charles, retail grocer, York bet Caroline 

and Hess 

Browne, E., wharfinger, Royal Mail Line, Brown'* 

Brown k Bautz, lithographers, King William comer 

BROWN, GILLESPIE k CO., wholesale gN«en^ 

King corner James 
BROWN, W. k CO., booksellers and stationers, 4$ 

James n 

W. W. KITCHEN'S PURE QRAPK WINE3» 500 barrcU, annnaUy, at Grimsby Vlneyaid. 



tiiM»9*^*m - 'L a 

BAice, Alexander, barriater, attorney and solicitor, 

Canada Life Assurance Go's. BuiUlings 
Bruce, John M., harrister, attorney and solicitor, 3 

- King w 
Bmce. Magnus, clothier, 7 James n 
BRUCE, WILLIAM, Commercial College, James 

opposite Gore 
BBUOE, JOHN A. & CO., seedsmen and Horists, 52 

King w , 

BUCHAN, J. M., M.A., head master Grammar 

' School 
BUCHANAN, HON. ISAAC, (Buchanan kCo.), res 

Auchmar House 
BUCHANAN, JOSHrA G., local editor Spectator, 

bds Merrick nr Park 
BUCHANAN, PETBK T., (Buchanan k Co.), res 

Auchmar House 
BUCHANAN, W. J., manager Bank of Montreal 
BUCHANAN & CO., dr}' gcjods and groceries, 

(wholesale^ King, cor Catherine 
Buckingham, William, butcher, City Market 
Bull, Hon. Harcourt B., h Hughson 
BUNTIN, GILLIES & CO., wholesale stationers, 23 

King e 
Burdett, Joseph, bnish maker, 35 King w 
Burgess, John, professor of music, Hughson, between 

Tyburn and P«*cl 
Bomess, George, k Co., Koyal Canadian Lirery 

Stable, 79 James 
Burnet, Rev. Robert, jMislor St. Andrew's (Church of 

Bums, Henrv, barl>cr and hairdresser, 24 York, nr 

BURNS, ROBERT, head clerk G.W.Pw, h Catherine 
Burridge, James, pork dealer, McAllister's block, York 
IIURROW k STEWART, malleable iron founders, 

Caroline between Miller and York 
BURROWS k BROTHER, auction and commission 

merchants, Merrifk, opposite Market 
Burton, George W., Q.C. (Burton k Bruce) 
BURTON k BRUCE, hamsters, attorneys aud soli- 
citors, Canadian liifc Assurance Co/s Buildings, 

Batcher, Robert, carpenter, Nebon, between East 

Market and Rebecca 
Caddy, Captain J. H., artist, Main, between Charles 

and McNab 
Caddy, J. St. V., Provincial Land San'cyor, Went- 

worth Chambeis 
(?AHILL, JAMES, Police Magistrate, James 
CALDER, JOHN (Mclnncs, Calder k Co.) 
Campbell, Alexander, retail grocer, York, bet Park 

and Bay 
<yampbell, George, wagon maker, King e, between 

Walnut and Wellington 
Campbell, Mrs. Jane, boarding house, King, l.>etwcpn 

Caroline and Bay 
(*«inpbpll, John, curer of hnms and bacon, James, 

between Main aud Tyburn 
CAMPDELL, R. k CO., hollow wai-e enamellci-s, 

Mary Street Foundry 
Campbell, William, |»ottt»r, Garth nr Puke 
Campbell, W., Clerk of Asaizc 
Camufa Christian. Advocnf*.^ Ilcv. G. Ablts, editor, 

John nr Kins; 

CO., ('ammercial Buildings. James 

Ramsay (F. I. A.) manager, JamcK, nr Main, 

Isaac Mills, agent 
lay, Manager, King cor Jobn 

Canadian Coal Oil Company, (wholttsale) 17 King w 
Canning, Georec, carpenter, 11 Wellington^ 
CAREY, WILLIAM, proprietor Robinson Hall, Mar- 
ket Square 
Carlisle, George, carpentiT, Caroline bet Napier and 

Carmichacl, John W., boots and shoes, King William 

bet Hughson and John 
CARPENTER, E. k Co., importers of fancy goods, 

39 King w 
Carrigan, Mrs., Hellen, fancy goods, 10 Kiogw 
Camithers, John, flour and feed, 2 King Wiilism 
Carnithers, Miss, milliner, 67 King w 
Case, William J. A., M. D., King vx>v Walunt 
Catchpole, fitjorge, copperplate printer, 8 Rebecca 
Chad wick, John A., diy goods, millinery, &c., John 

nr King 
Chambers, 1)., plasterer. Bay nr Concession 
Chambers, Rev. L. C, (Methodist Kpisi'opal) 
CHAMP, WILLIAM S., iwymastcrG. wTr 
Chapman, William M., undertaker, 23 King w 
CHARLTON, B. E., vinegar manufacturer, oor King 

and Wellington 
CHARLTON, JAMES, general ag^it Great Western 

Cherrier k Bro., wholesale and retail grocerS| ss Mar- 
ket Square 
CHILMAN, ISAAC C, wholesale baker and Confeo- 

tioner, King bet Bowerv aud Caroline 
CHISHOLM, D. B., (Chisholra k Lazier) (see adv.) 
Chisholm, Robert, contractor, McNab bet Coucesnoa 

and Colbonie 
CHISHOLM, WILLIAM, lumlier dealer, James cot 

CHISHOLM k LAZIER, (D. B. Chi.sholm k S. F. 

I^azier, L.L.B.) ])anistci-s, attorneys, &c., Lis- 
ter's buildings, James 
CHITTENDEN, ('. S., dentist. King e Corby's blk 
City of Glasgow Life, R. Benner, agent, Canada Life 

Assurance buildings 
Clark, John k C 0., commission merchants and 

insurance agents 
Clark, Hutchinson, architect and civil engineer, 23 

Clarke, Thomas, }x>rk dealer, e s James bet Stinson 

and Barton 
Cleary, Mrs. M. A., boarding house, John cor Gore 
Clohecy, Thomas, trunk inanuracturer, 6 York 
Clucas, William, builder, s s Miles bet Caroline and 

Cockbin, Thomas H., barlier and hairdresser, McNab 

bet Cannon aud Mulberry 
Cochrane, Josiah, barber and hairdresser, 41 King w 
Cu<'hren, William I. k T'o., imiwrters of wines and 

linuors, McNab nr King 
Colbeck, Henry, money oixler clerk P. O. 
Colvin, John, pi-oprielor billiard |)arlor and sain))le 

rooms, 8 King w 
Colvin, Patrick, gi-occr, Hughson cor Wood 
COLVIN, PETER, saloon, ws McNab bet King and 

Commercial Union A.s.surance C^., T. O. Living«Jtoiie 

agent, Went worth Chambers 
Commercial Union of England, J. J. Mason, C. R. 

Murray and W. G. Crawford, city agents 
(*oulev, Peter, boots and shoes, li King William 
IXX, Hartford, Conn., N. Hanuuoud« agent. 
Commercial bdgs, James (see adv) 
Connolly, Patrick, plasterer, Litile Market nr Lo.'k 
(*onnor, James, dyer and scourer, // James 

W. W. KITCHEN'S PURE GRAPK WINES, dOO barrel axmaaily, »t Grimsby Ylneymid. 



c« John B.» bQtelMr» City Market 
COOK, HR& WILLIAM, proprietrew Cook's Hote], 

^ and 66 King w (seo adv) 
Cook, William, house, sign and ornamental painter. 

Vine nr McNab 
Cooper, Christopher, grocer; King cor Queen 
4^per, U. Ct. k Co., carriage builders. Bond bet 

King and Main 
Cotoper, H. C & Co., wholesale and retail grocers, 

McXab bet King and Market 
Co-opezative Association, groceries, a s Market square 
CopeJand, Gcoise, rope and twine manufacturer, 

Wellington bet Henry and Barton 
COPP k BROTHEB, stov« founders and dealers in 

stoves and tinware, 15 John n 
Cemor, Bobt., boots and shoes, York bet Park Bay 
Coombe, George, plasterer, 70 Rebecca 
Coonsell, Charles M., manager Stiuson's Savings* 

Coonsel), George S., county clerk, h Catherine 
Court House, Main, bet Uughson and George 
Courtenay, Jolm, dry goods, millinery, kc, Market 

fJoutts, Andrew, livery and sale stable, Main nr John 
Cox, John, retail grocer. King e 
COX, JOHN, photographer, 8 Kin^ c (see adv). 
QnfUmAny The (Masonic), semi-monthly, ^published 

by T. and R. White, Spectator office 
CRAIGlfi, JAMES, reUil grocer, 72 King e 
Oaigie, William (Freeman k Craigie) 
iJBAMPTON, JOHN, general fre^ht agent O.W.R. 
ikawford, John, leather and findings, cor East Mar- 
ket and Nelson 
Crawtord, Patrick, alderman, Elgin 
Crawford, W. G., commission merchant. Royal 

Hotel Buildings, Merriok 
Creech, Richard, hotel keeper, Hughson s Main 
Creed, James, butcher, King l>et Cathcart and Wel- 
Cricketers' saloon and restaurant, Thomas Gillesby, 

propi. Market nr Park 
CRICKMORE, CHARLES G., barrister, kc. Com- 

mercial buildings, James 
Crocket, R. & J., suvcr platers, n e cor McNab and 

Crockford, John, secondhand broker, John nr Peel 
Crooker, T. M., M.D., James bet Main and Tyburn 
Ccoflsley, John, dry goods, millinery, &c., James cor 

King William 
Crowther, W. T., professor of music. Market bet 

Park and Bav 
<?ufl; Robert C, pork dealer, 60 Market Shed 
C*;iimmings, James, Canadian Oil Co., h Main near 

* Wellingtoii 
<.'unningham, McKichan k Co., paper bag manufac- 
turers, Chjirles between King uud Main 
<hirry, William, retail grocer, Walnut cor Peel 
Curtis, W. R., cigars and toliacco, 66 King w 
t^isack, William, boots and shoes, Mulberry between 

James and McNab 
fvuzner, John, hides and wool, 10 York 
]>al]a8, Mrs. J., boarding house, 48 Hughson 
IMUey, Edwin, retail grocer, York bet Queen and Ray 
l>alley, Edwin, wholesale druggist, s s \ork bet 

Queen and Ray 
Ulallyn, Charles, barber, John near King 
Dallyn, J. E., proprietor Great Western Hotel, James 

comer Murray 
IHdl^ James, bellows maker Murray bet McNab and 

Dasnpier, Richard G., Deputy Rcgistiv, Surrogate 


Darrow, John, livery and sale stable, Rebecca botwaen 

James and Hughson 
Davidson, Alexander, artist, James comer Main 
Davidson, John, boarding house. Bay bet Market 

and York 
Daries, John T., pork packer, (Isaac Atkinson, 

manager), Wcntworth nr G. W. R 
DAVILLE, T. W., wholesale and retail grocer, 7<^ 

King w (see adv^ 
DAVIS, D., M.D., Merrick bet James and McNab. 
Davis, William, house, sign and ornamental painfSn', 

John bet Lind and Barton 
DAVIS, JOHN H. k CO., commissiou merchants, 

Kittge» bet James and Hughson * 

Davis, Ralph, chief of police 
Dayfoot, P. W. k Co., boots and shoes, 52 King e 
Day k McComb, marble cutters and dealers, Merrick 

comer Bay 
Debus, Gcoige, lKK>t5 and shoes, James n of Mulberry 
Dennison, Jonathan, hotel keeper. Bay cor Cannon 
Devlin, James A. , M. D., Park bet l^errick and Vine 
Dewey, Daniel O., ice dealer, King bet Bowery and 

Dewey, John, saloon and restaurant, Hughson bet 

King and King William 
Dicker, William, boots and shoes, n s King bet M«ry 

and Nelson 
Dillon, James, retail grocer, John bet Union and 

Dillon. John, retail grocer. Bay n of Caroline 
Dingle James, butcher, John St Market 
Dingle, Joseph A., butcher. City Market 
Dodd, William, hotel keeper, McNab bet Park and 

Dodman, James, retail grocer, cor Caroline k Huntsr 
Dodson, Miss, milliner, 62 King w 
Dodson, James, retail grocer, York cor Ray 
Dods worth, John H., cabinetmaker, York cor Hess 
Doherty, Thomas A., coffee and spice mills, ns Cath- 
erine bet Henry and Lind 
Donahoe, John, retail grocer, 10 John s 
Donahoe, Mrs. J., milliner, 8 John s 
Donnelly, G. J., M. D., heud of Walnut 
Doran, William, retail grocer. King bet Nelson and 

Doly, John, carriage axle manufacturer, York bet 

Bay and Carolme 
Dow, David, plasterer, Caroline bet Main and Maiden 

Dow, Robert, plasterer. Little James w of Queen 
Drake, James, butcher, City Market 
Drenian, Mrs. Ann, retail grocer, 20 Hughson 
Drywiale, Alexander, upholsterer, McNab cor Vine 
Dudbridge, Benjamin, retail grocer, Elgin nr Henry 
Duff, John, retail grocer, York bet Caroline and Hess 
Duffy, Thomas, hotel keeper, McNab cor Merrick 
Duggan, T., M.D., president Western Permanent 

Building Society 
Duncan k Gallowa}', commissiou merchants, s s Mkt 

Dunphy, James, hotel keeper. Cannon cor McNab 
Dunstau, li. Jewell k Co., manufacturers* agents. 

Royal Hotel Buildings 
Duval, Henr}', barrister, King bet John and Hughson. 
Easson, Allan, broom nianuf.. King cor Curoliue 
Easter, Samuel, hotel keeper, 36 James n 
Eastwood, J. & Co., booksellers and stationers;- 16 

King opposite Fountain 
ECCLESTONE, W. E., wholesale confectionary 

manufactory, 10 Kinge 
ECKERSON, LUTHER, photographer, 7 Janves n 

(see adv) 

W. W. KITCHEN'S .PURE GRAPE WIKES, 600 bamU annually, at Grimsby l^ineyardl 



Eckhardt, Edward, Lreweiy, Western Limits 
Edgar, David, carpenter, York comer Locomotive i 
EDGAR, WILLIAM, chief clerk, general agsncjr 

office, G. W. R 
Edgar, William, lumber dealer, Caroline cor York 
Edgecomb, O. W., house, sign and ornamental painter 

King cor Catherine 
Edinburgh Life, Isaac Mills, agent, Wen tworth Cham- 
Edwards, Charles P., boots and shoes, 88 King w 
Egan & Bartindale, dry goods, millinery, 12 James n 
Egan & Jeffery, hats, caps, furs and straw goods, 8 

King e 
Egener, F. & C, billiard parlor and saloon, King bet 

Catherine and Walnut 
Eichhom, Max, professor of music, Hess cor King 
Elms, E., boots and shoes, Hughson cor Tyburn 
Etna Fire Insurance Co. of Dublin, John Clark k Co. 

agents, John corner Kihff 
Evans, Daniel, merchant tailor, 89 James n 
Evans, Robt., commission merch,t. Royal Hotel Blk 
Evans, Thomas, second hand broker, 91 King e 
Evans, William, hotel keepar, York near Bridge 
Fairgrieve, John, commission merchant, McNab bet 

King and Market 
Fairweatner, John, carpenter, Main bet Bond and 

Farley, John, stoves, tin, copper, and sheet iron 

manufacturer and dealer, McNab bet King and 

Market Square 
Farmer, William, plumber, steam and gas fitter, 98 

and 100 James n 
Farrcll, Right Rev. John (Roman Catholic Bishop,) 

Bishop's Palace, ShcafTc 
Faulkner, Joseph, bulkier, Broadway cor Pearl 
Faustmann, Ernest, vine-gar manufacturer, John bet 

Rebecca and Gore 
Fearman, Frederick W., commission merchant, 

McNab nr Market 
Fearnside, Edward C, real estate agent,, e Market 

bet Ste])hen and Ashley 
Fell, Henry K., watches, clocks and jewelry, s s Mkt 

FELL, WILLIAM, copper, steel, and wood engraver 

s s Market Square, (see adv) 
FERGUSON, J. W., barrister, ^Martin k Ferguson) 

King, cor James 
FERGUSSON, JOHN W., M. D., (Homccopathist) 

Gore bet James and Hughson 
FERGUSSON, JOHN W., M. 1)., editor Messenger 
Ferrie. John, vim president Canada life Assurance 

Company, James 
FIELD & DAVIDSON, saddle, harness and trunk 

makers, 18 James n 
Fielding, Joseph, hats, caps, furs and straw goods, 

King cor Bond « 
Fields, John (•., leather and findings, 32 King w 
FILGIANO, T. LE. P., dentist, n e cor James and 

King, (see adv) 
PINDLAY, WILLIAM F.„ accountant, insurance 

ligent, official assignee, &c., Jame^, opp the Gore. 

(see adv) 
Finley, C. J., hotel kee|icr, McNab cor Burlington 
Fitch, John, hotel keeper, Burlington Beacli 
Fitzgerald, William, hotel keeper. King opp Charles 
Fitzpatrick k Bro., house, sign and ornamental 

painters, 33 York 
Fleming, John, retail grocer, Catherine cor Barton 
Fletcher, Geoi^ge, china, glass and earthen ware, John 

bet King and King William 
Fletcher, George, coal oil and lamps, John bet King 

and King William 

Fletcher, Joseph, boots and shoes, York, bet Bay 

and Caroline 
Flook, William, hotel keeper, s s Stuart opp G.W.R. 

Forbes, Alexander, potash manufacturer. Barton cor 

FORBES, A. F., stock broker and insurance agent, 

cor James and King William 
Forbes, F. J. B., auction and commission merchant, 

Anglo American Hotel Block 
Ford; James,hotel keeper, 45 James north 
Forrest, James, hotel keeper, Bay bet Muxray and 

FORSTER, A. M., manufacturer boiler compound, 

Stuart bet Mary and Catherine 
Forster, G. J. k (3o., wholesale ffrocers, wine and 

spirit merchants, cor King and Charles 
Fossier, Julius, prof, of music, John bet Catherine 

and Maria 
FOSTER, CHARLES, merchant tailor. King comer 

Fowkes, Thomas, dry goods, millinery, kc,, 11 King 

Foystet, John, hotel keeper, James cor Burlington 
Francis, William H., barber and hair dresser, Hugh- 
son nr Tnn«*office 
Eraser, P. Ic Co., china,, gloss and earthenware, James 

cor Kin^ 
Fraser, William, grocer, 9 John s 
Freeborn, Thomas, house, sign and ornamental 

painter, cor Will«on and Elgin 
FREEMAN, S. B., Q,C^ (Freeman k Craime) 
Freeman k I3rother, grocers, e s James bet Henry and 

FREEMAN k CRAIGIE, barristers, &c, Main bet 

James and Hughson 
Freeman k Mahony, boots and shoes, 26 King east 
Frier & Dale, wholesale dry goods, King bet McNab 

and Charles 
Furlong, Moses, hotel keeper, foot of James 
FURNER, G. H. k Co.. miUinery, (wholesaled D. 

Mclnnis' Block, King 
Fumival, Thomas George, merchant tailor, 85 James 
Gage, Robert R. , barrister. King comer John 
Gaines, Joseph H., barber, 24 King w 
Galbraith, D. B., commission agent, h s i Main eor 

(ialbraith, John, patent {medicines, Hughson comer 

Galbraith k Co. , hats, raps, furs and straw good^, 

(wholesale). King bet James and McNab 
Gardner, George, butcher, City Market 
Gardner, John, fancy goods. King between Bond and 

Garret, James S., produce and commission merchant^ 

Wentworth Chambers 
Garrett, John k Co., wholesale boot and shoe mann- 

facturers and dealers, King nr Bank of Montreal 
Garvin, James, insurance agent, 00 James n 
Gates, F. W. & Co., wholesale dry goods. Commercial 

Buildings, King w 
Geddes, Rev. J. G., M.A., rector (Christ Churchy 

John between Lind and Henry 
Geddes, W. A„ barrister, Wentworth Chambers 
G( tz, George, watches, clocks and jewelry, 22 York 
GIBSON, JOHN M., barrister, Wentworth Cham- 
bers (see adv) 
Gildea, Charles T., grocer. King comer Pearl 
Gildon, Henry, gi'ocer East MarKet comer Neboii 
Gillesby, Thomas, proprietor Cricketejs' Saloon and 

training stables 
Gillesby, William, flour and feed, w s John s of Kini; 

W. W. KITCHEN'S PUR1 O&AKE WINES, 600 barrels annnaUy, at Oiimsby Yin^jiiiL 










orrosiTE vu»r qvficx, 


64 <fe 66 KllSra ST 




"BXvTT A,a-E1^T, Sea. 


Box 403. HAMIlTOIir, MT. 

For information eonceriiing Patents, send for cir- 
cnUr, enclosing stamp. 


MaQUbotTtriag Jewelhr, Wateh and Olook Maker^ 

Ilfl'ORTEft OF 

Wfttches, Clocks, Fine Gold Jewellery, and Electro- 
Plated Ware, Wholeade and Betail, i *. 
JmM Street, five Doom Sontli of King, 

Iff. B. — 'Vt'atchM kad Jewellery repaired on short notice. 


OMlk House Beslaoraat, 

James Street, opposite B$uik of Upper Canada, 

Balls, Pic-Nic Parties, Private and Public Dinners 
and Suppers, supplied. 

Qnt^b Vinegar Works, 



JAMES sinrfEi^ir,' • 



■aker of Pare Hativi^ ^>*'^9? *^^!^ 



asAfss A wamTWM, 



Notar}' and Official Seals, Presses, &c. 


uctioneers & Commission Merchar 

^Morriok Street, between James and McNab, 

HA]I11)LT«I» 4» 

King Street West, 

Hamilton, Ost. 

r "..U: [' fWIifclfMle Md. lUttiil JHAer in 

. . . r, lAND .CROgikERY WAIJR 

V .J 

iJ . 

i« »^ J 

: T'H O^JlA Y OUN^O;.. P ilO^PiB>L£ T-O R. 

) ' ' • .f John-I^treet, near Prince's Square.! 

Hamilton, Ont. 






VS3 4ro^ ?mis¥Ti£V€^ ssvjURTaEsira 

Embracee facilities unsurpassed in the Dominion for the execution of Plain or Fancy Work. 
All new styles of Type and Ornaments being constantly added to the stock. 

Mammoth Posters, Progranunes, Books and Pamphlets, Cards and^ Circulars, 

rrlnted in the Finest Stylet and at the l«ewest Kates. 

Has recently been added t<> the Bstablishment, provided with New and Superior Apparatus 
throughout. Skilful workmen are employed, and all orders in this Branch are executed 

• in the best style. 

Oideo £or Lithogmphie sad Ooppar Plate Printiiu: aIm reoeiTsd and proiiq>t^ attaaM ts 


Has a circulation of 4,000, largely in excess of any daily paper outside the Cities of Montreal and 



"Will be regularly mailed td subscribers at $1.00 a year in advance, or $1.50 if not so paid. 


The Cheapest aad BesI Paper Puhllsheii, 



Oives the latest Telegraphic Kews, County and Township Council proceeding, Select Tales 

Agriculture, Markets, Parliamentary Debates, and (General News. 

Any respectable person is authorised to get up a club, and forward us the money, on the receip, 
of which the papers will be forwarded. All money sent through the post office wUl be at our iw^ 

By Mall, or to City Snbserlbers, 95 a year In adrance. 

The combined circulation of the Psarefm is eqsal to, if not kraer, than any other Jolirnal published in 
London. AdTertieomeats are inserted at as low rates as those charged by papers of limited circulation. 


Inelndii^ KU% Cards, l^v^gnuniiMa, Pam^UeUr CbeqoM, kc, A»^^te4-4a..Ui» /b<ii>t j#Wl*.«f 

1i>fli»4iM*tMtMtha*eMmofe6titoynM^«i(Mle«oi74o«UU. > ^ ' 

40im 8100098, VknUA rreprieler^ 

I f 


Jft jb aR rs a «^<A> U a a S * I 

King street, Corner of Market Square, 



Up stairs, first flat of same building, containing 4 celebrated tables, 



The above establishments are entirely new, built upon the site of the late fire, in the centre of the town^ 
and the proprietors of bcMth fannchaK have filled up their apartmeuts in a at^de unsurjiaased in the Province. * 


Mamifexjturers of All E 


Dealers in Groceries, Provisions, Crocltery, Wines and Liquors^ 

King street. Comer Fourth, Chatham, Ont. 






Flour, Feed and Qniiki of aU kinds kept constantly on hand, and for sale. 


GhSORGhX: S. "^^IN-aLO^Wr, 

■ tiki »*'. .'•«p'»f 

* «••« » ,». . •* * 

#' * » .• 



GILLESPIE, GKOROK H., (Brovn, Gillespie k Co.) 
Gillespie, Hugh, grocer, McNab cor WHsou 
GilKes, -WilliaTO, grocer, King corner Pearl 
Gilmore, William, boots and shoes, 1 John n 
Gilm&nr, Win. , commiasion niercli% Junes, opp. Goit 
Gilray, Rev. James, (Sfethodist Episcopal), John 
GUckmeyer, Mrs. £., private school, Park n e cor 

GlasR, Mrs., boarding house. Bay bet SheaiTe and 

Glassco., W. H. k Son, hats, eaps, fnrs and straw 

goods, wholesale, corner King and Hush son 
Goepp, Bcv. Godfrey, B.A. (German Lntheran)^ 

Hess nr King 
GOERllfG, JOHN W., saloon fcrestininint, 58 Johnn 
(rorfton, Robert, carpenter, Wellington bet Peel and 

Gordon, William, cooper, n s King William bet 

Hnghson and John 
GORE BANK, Samuel Read, manager, King, cor 

Gore District Mutual Life, D. Wright, ftgent, James Q 
Gonrin, John, boots and shoes, James opp Gon 
Gould, D. A. , confectioner, 64 James 
Grant, W. W., sail loft. Bay, bet McOauley and 

GRANT k MIDDLEWOOD, props. Spring Brewery, 

office Bay cor Mulberry 
Gray, Robert, merchant tailor, James nr &|nin 
GiHVSon, George, steel spring maker, Bond bet King 

and Main 
Green, Alfred J., brush maker, 16 and 19 John n 
Green, John, fancy goods. King bet Mar}' and Nelson 
Green, John W., watches, clocks, & jewelrj', 28 King w 
Green, Riehard, grocer, Kay cor Little Main 
GREEN, W. M., accountant, Hughson nr Main 
Greening, Benj. , wire mills, Peter cor Hess office York 
Greer, Dasiel G., rwd estate agent, King bet James 

and Hughson 
Greer, J. H., Registrar of County Court 
Gregory, S. K. , tommission merchant, M King e 
Greli« l^renzo, lager beer saloon, 10 John u 
Gritiitli, Henry, boots and shoes, 82 King e 
Griffin, John, fmit and -Gonfectioneryy John opp 

wood market 
Gross, Rabbi L., Catherine 
GROSSMAN, AUGUSTUS, dealer in piano-fortes, 61 

James n (see adv) 
Grossman, Peter, music and musictil instruments, 61 

James n 
(JROVER, LUTHER, wholesale eigare and tobacco, 

61 James n (see adv) 
Gunner, Wm., leather & findings, ss Market square 
(JURNEY,' E. & C, founders and n inch inists, os 

John n bet King William and llebecca 
GURNEY, WARE k CO., scale makers, 88 James n, 

office John bet King William and Rebecca 
Haigh, Richard, bookbinder, Speetatvr buildings, cor 

Main and Hughson 

C. E. Anderson &l'o., PublisherH. H. McEvoy, 
Oomi)iler. Directory Biancii, Daily TtUgrtiph 
Office, Toronto, (see adv. ) 
HAMILTON EVENlNirriMES, (daily and Veckly) 

C. E. Stewart & Co., proprs., HugKson (see adv) 
Hamilton, John :^L, M. D., tt. N., H.iy cor McNab 

Clark, Secretary, 2 King w 
Hamilton, A. k Co., wholesale diTiggist^ King cor 

Hancock, Joseph, flour anrl feed, cor Jolni ami Peorl 

HAMMOND, N., commission merchant and insur- 

anceagent. Commercial building, James, (see adV^ 
Hancock, William, builder, York bet Pearl and Lock 
Hannan & Bro., stoves, tin, copper and sheet ii-on 

manufacturers and dealers, John nr King Wm. 
Hardiker, John, comniission mercht k broker, James 
HARDING, UENliY, plumber, steam and gas fitter, 

James cor Rebecca 
Hard^, Charles, provision dealer, York cor McNab 
Harkm, John, hotel keeper, s s Market Square 
Harper, Andrew, butcher. City Market 
Harris, Henry, butcher, John Street Market 
HARRIS, JOHN W., manager TimeM office, Hughson 
HARRIS, ^yILLIAM, baker and confectioner, s b 

Market Square 
Harris, G k Son, bent stulT manufacturers, cor Bay 

and Stuart 
Harrison, Andrew, grocer, cor James and Barton 
Harrison, Edward, nour and feed, 12 John s 
Harrison, Henry, grocer, John s 
Hartford Fire Insurance Company, A. McKeand, agt 

9 James a 
Hartford Live Stock Insufanoe Company, McKenrie 

k McKay, 9 Kin^ e 
Harvey, John, commission merchant, II King e 
HARVEY, STUART k CO., wholesale grocers, 21 

King e 
HASKINS, WILLIAM, city engineer and manager 

of water works 
Hawkins, George D. k Co., hoop skirt manufacturer, 

54 Klnff w 
Heam, William, grocer. King cor Lock 
Hebden, Rev. John, M. A., rector (Church of the 

Ascension) Hannah 
HEFFERNAN, PATRICK, saloon and restaurant, 

90 King e 
Henderson, D., proprietor Station Hotel, Stuart opp 

Henderson, Robert R., grocer, Ray bet Main and 

Little Market 
HENDRIE, & Od., railway cartage agents, King cor 

McNab . 
Henery, John k Co., boots and shoes, 62 King e 
Henneotey, Hugh, maeluiiist and blacksmith, Hugh- 
son s of King William 
Henwood, Edwin, M.D., Main bet James and M^Nab 
Herman, WilUam, steamship agent, 39 King west 
HERRON, JOSEPH, merchant tailor, 4 John n 
Heys, Mrs. J., milliner, James Wt Lind and Barton 
Hill, Henry, butchtr, cor Rebecca and Mary 
Hill, Jasper, butcher, City Market 
Hill, Mark, baker and confectioner, McNab bet King 

and Main 
Hill, Thomas, cabinet maker, 32 Jolm s 
Hill, Thomas S., sen., watches, clocks and jewelry, 

John cor Wooil Market 
Hills, Albert H., architect and civil engineer, Chorlea 

bet Maiden Lane and Hunter 
Hines, Charles H., butcher. City Market 
Hines, H. H., butcher. City Market 
Hiscox, James, i>rop. Victoria House, John cor 

Hitt^ico^k, H. li., hats, caps, furs, and straw goods, 

Hertry bet Hughson and John 
Hobson & McPhie, plumbers, steam and gas fitten, 

Jan)es cor Main 
HOGAN, J. H., clothier, 68 King cor John (see adv) 
Hogan k O'Neill, clothiert, 6 James north 
Hog^icn, Henry, prop. Shades Restaurant, 60 James 
Hoilirook, Jas., diy goods, millinery. Ice, 22 King e 
Holi'orab, W. H., house, sign and ornamental painter 

54 Huffhson 

W. W. KITCHEN'S PURE fJRAPE WINES, 5)0 barrels annually, at Grimsby Vineyard. 



Holbrook & Stark, druggists, King cer Hngbson 
Holden, John K;, barrister, &c., James opposite 

Holland, James, gunsmith, John cor King William 
Holleran, Patrick, grocer, cor Lind and John 
Holton, Warren, prop. Hamilton nursery, King cor 

Homer and Colonial, (limited) A. F. Forbes, agent. 

King William 
Home District Mutual Fire Ins. Co., D. Wright, 

agent, James n 
Home Inland Marine Insurance Company, James D. 

Pringle, agent, Wontworth Chambers 
Home Insurance Co., New Haven, Conn., A. Mc- 

Kcand, agent, James 
Hooker, Abraham, confectioner, 31 York 
Hooker, George, confectioner, York bet Park and 

Hooper, Samuel, barber and hair dresucr, 84 King e 
HOPE, ADAM & CO., hardware, (wholesale) King 

cor Catherine 
Hopkins, Hobert, boots and shoes, 8 James n 
Hornine k Kyckman, wholesale and retail grocers, e 

8 McNab bet Market and King 
HOWARD, UEORGE H., general manager*s, assis- 
tant G. AV. R., h Park 
HOWARD, JAMES, general purchasing agent 

G.W. R..hPark 
Houii'h, William, grocer, Mary cor Rebecca 
Howie, A. & Co., gold and silver platers, 3 King w 
HOWLES, MATTHEW, stoves, tin, copper and 

sheet iron manufacturer and dealer, Florence 

Block, King w 
HUGUARI), JOSEPH, proprietor Tecumseh House, 

James near Merrick (see adv) 
Hughes, John, grocer, cor McNab and Burlington 
HULIi, CHESTER H., editor Bvaiing Times, h 

Hume, James, veterinary surgeon, 1 York 
Hurd & Roberts, marble cutters and dealers, York 

junction of Merrick 
Hnrrell, Jusiier P., professor of music, Main between 

McNab and James 
Hutchinson, James, hats, caps, furs and straw goods 

3 James n 
Hutton, Charles, proprietor Metropolitan Hotel, cor 

Stuart and Bay 
Hutton & Aloon, merchant tailors, Hughson bet King 

. and King William 
Hyslop, D. A., dry goods and millinery, 15 James n 
Imperial (Fire) Insurance Co., R. Benner, agent, 

Canada Life Assurance Buildings . 
Inglis, Rev. David, (Canada Presbyterian) James 

Ix'tween Bold and Duke 
IRVING, .EMILIUS, Q.C., barrister, G. W. R. office 
IRWIN, J. D., agent American Express Co., James 

opposite Gore 
Izard, William, grocer. West Avenue nr Henry 
Jack, William, grocer, Park corColborne 
Jackson, Thomas, builder, Victoria Avenue cor Main 
Jarvis, John, cabinet maker, King bet Nelson and 

Jarvis, Mrs. John, second-hand broker. King, cor 

JAMES, GEORGE, dry goods and millinery, 16 

James xi 
JEFFS, FREDERICK, proprietor Dominion Hotel, 

8 8 Stuart, opposite G. W. R. station (see adv.) 
JENKINS, GEORGE (Johnson k Jenkins) 
Jennings, David J., carver, G. W. R. 
Jennings, D. J., professor of music, James, between 

Bi^n and Lind 
Jennings, Geoi^ J., hotel keeper, HcKab, comer 


Johnson, Mrs. Jacob, milliner, John, bet Peel and 

Johnson, William, barrister, &c., S James n 
JOHNSON k JENKINS, cabinet makers. Bay, cor 

JOLLEY, JAMES, saddle, harness and trunk manu- 
facturer, John 
JONES, CHARLES T., k CO., stock, bill and 

exchange broker. Mechanics' Hall 
Jones, Rev. Robert (Baptist) 

JUDD, W. H. k BROTHER, soap and candle manu- 
facturers. Bay, bet Cannon and York (see adv.) 
Kain, Peter, erocer, comer Peel and Catherine 
Kavanagh, '\\ illiam, wagon maker, York cor Park 
Kelk, Edward, prof, of music, James, s of Stewart 
Kelk, William, prof, of music, Mara, cor Walnut 
Kelly, Joseph, lK>ots and shoes, 74' James n 
Kelly, Patrick, grocer, Willson cor Wellington 
Kelly, Robert, Alderman 

Kemp, John, hotel keeper, James, opposite Vine 
Kempster, Christopher W., sash, door, and blind 

manufacturer. Main bet Catherine and Walnut 
Kendel, Francis, merchant tailor, 104 King w 
Kendall, Jeseph, prop. Hamilton Brewery, Peel, 

corner Catherine 
Kendall, Thomas, grocer, John, bet Lind and Barton 
Kennedv, James, patent medicines, Merrick opp 

Kent, E. R., hardware, 74 King west 
Kent, Joseph, King, cor Lock 
KERNER, JOHN, hotel keeper, 72 King w (see adv.) 
Kerr, Alexander, grocer, Mary nr Henry 
Kerr, Murray A., coal oil and lamps, 53 King w 
Kerr, Robert W., City Chamberlain 
KERR, BROWN k McKENZlE, dry goods and 

groceries (wholesale) King e, near James 

agent, 9 James w 
KILGOUR, J. k R., dealers in sewing machines, 

37 Kinge (see adv.) 
Kilrov, J., second-hand broker. King William, bet 

James and Hughson 
Kilvert, Francis E., barrister, &c., Hughson, bet 

King and Main 
King, Roliert, baker and confectioner, John bet Peel 

and Tyburn 
King, William, clothier, 26 John s 
King, G. H. and G. A., w^hip manufacturers, Re- 

necca bet John and Catherine 
Kinrade, H. E., grocer, cor John and Augusta 
Knott, John, piano forte manufacturer, Main cor 

Catherine i 

Knowlcs, Henry, wholesale cigars and tobacco, 

Knox, David, commission merchant, Merrick 
KRAFT, ERNEST, saddle, ham(us8 and trunk 

maker, 5 and 7 York, bet McNab and Park ^see 

Laing, James B., M.D., Cannon bet Park and Bay 
Lamoud, Finlay, grocer, cor Mary and Rebecca 
Lancashire Fire and Life, Isaac Mills agent, Went- 

worth chambers 
Land, William, flour and feed, McNab nr King 
Langberg, Frederick, cabinet maker, 83 Kins e 
Langberg, John, pork dealer, John, near Peel 
Lamphier, William H., grocer, 66 King e 
Laigay, Michael, secondhand broker 
Laurie, Thomas, millwright, Murray bet James and 

LAW, R. W., barrister, ice., James cor Merrick 
Lawrence, Thomas k Co., druggists, Stinion*s Block, 

Lawry k Stroud, butcherB, city market 
Laws, John, flour and feed, King e nr Catherine 



LAWSON, A. k Co. (A. Lawson and Alexander 

Kars), hook and job prinfera, 3 King w 
LAWSON, BROS,, wholesale clothien, King cor 

ner James 
Lazier, S. F., M. A., barrister, &c.. Lister's Buildings, 

LEE, 6£0RG£, fish, oysters and game, wholesale, 4 

and 6 King w 
Xisgrice, John, grocer, John bet Peel and Tybnm 
Jjees, George, flour and feed, 16 Johns 
L££iS, THOMAS, watches, clocks and jewelry, 5 

James n 
Lees, William, baker and confectioner, Main opp. 

Court House 
Leggo, Williaoi, barrister, &c., John cor King 
Leitch, John, machinist, John cor Rebecca 
Leitch, William, architect and civil engineer, West 

are. l)et Willsqu and Rebecca 
Lemon, Charles, barnster, &c.. King cor John 
Levy, H. & A«, watches, clocks and jewelry, 7 Johns 
Levy, Isaac, clothier, 22 King w and Market Square 
Lewis, Levi, Vice-President Victoria Mutual Fire 

Ins. Co., James 
Lewis, Thomas, cigars and tobacco, 88 King e 
Life Association of Scotland, A. F. Forbes, agent, 

King William cor James 
Lister, Claude, carpenter, 29 Hughson 
Little, Alfred, briclcmaker. Garth bet Main and King 
Little, John, grocer, cor King and Wentworth 
Little, Vincent, brickmaker, Main nr w limits 
Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co., F. 

A. Bull, agent 
Livingston, T. C, civil engineer, 4 Tuckett's block. 

Lockman, William, carpenter. Little Market nr Pearl 
Logan, George, flour and feed, 76 King w 
Logie, Alexander, Judge County Court, h Markland 
Liondon Assurance Corporation (establ. 1720), W. F. 

Findlay agent, James opyj Gore 
Ijondon and Lancashire Insurance Co., W. G. Craw- 
ford agent, Royal Hotel bilgs 
LOXG k BISBY, (W. D. Long and G. A. Bisby), 

wool dealers, McNab nr Merrick 
LORETTO CONVENT, Rev. Mother M. J., Stan- 

isLius, superioress, King w 
LORIMER, JAMES, (Mugridge & Lorimer) 
LOTTRIDGE, J. W. k CO., wholesale and retail 

grocers, James cor Market square 
Love, David, baker and confeotioner, John bet Peel 

and Augusta 
Lucas, A. J., bai'ber and hairdi-esserj 55 James n 
Lucken^, T., superintendent City Hospital 
Lntz, James M., flour and feed, 11 and 13 York 
Lyall John, brass founder, York bet Park and Bay 
LYGHT, JOSEPH k CO., booksellers and stationers, 

36 King e 
Lyle, Mrs. Martha, grocer West ave bet Henry and 

Lynch, James, hotel keeper, John comer Tyburn 
Lyons, Wm., grocer, Tyburn bet Walnut and Cheny 
McAllister, D. C, ship smith, Zealand's wharf 
McAllister, John, grocer, cor York and Caroline 
McAllister, John, grocer, McNab bet Mulberry and 

McAuliffe, Jeremiah, grocer. Park cor Sheafle 
McAuliffe, Patrick, grocer, cor Hughson and Guise 
McConn, John, boots and shoes, 99 James n 
McCANN, THOMAS E., confectioner and saloon 

keeper, 4 and 6 John s 
McCarthy, Dennis, grocer. King cor Wentworth 
McCarthy, Dennis, notel keeper. King William bet 

James and Hughson 
McCRACKEN, HENRY, proprietor Anglo American 

Hotel cor McNab and Market, (see adv) 

MeCRAE, COLIN, merchant, h Ferguson are 
McCMfi, James, grocer, Ray cor Little Main 
MeCulloch, Peter, hotel-keeper, York cor Park 
McCurdy, J. & W., carpenters. King William nr John 
McCallum, Archibald, M.A., principal of Central 

McDonald, Alexander, contractor, s s York bet Caro- 
line and Hess 
McDonald, David, cigars and tobacco, Bay cor York 
McDougall, James, coal oil and lamps. King cor 

McDonald, John A., grocer, James opp Vine 
McDonald, Walter R., barrister, kc, James s opp 

McDonough, Luke, saloon. King William bet Jaiiies 

and Hughson 
McFadden, John, grocer, Hughson cor Wood 
McGANN, EDWARD W., res Dnndum Castle 
McGANN, J. B,, superintendent U. C. Institute for 

the Deaf an<l Dumb 
McGlVERIN, EDWARD, carriage hardware and 

trimmings, 56 King e 
McGiverin, William k Co., hardware wholesale, 13 k 

15 James opp Gore 
McGlogan, Cornelius, kotel keeper, King William, bet 

James and Hughson 
McGlogan, Patrick, hotel keei>er. Market Square and 

Hu|;hson 8 
McGolpin, John, baker and confectioner, 94 King w 
McGrath, Edward, wagon maker, cor James and 

McGuire, Francis, second hand broker. King William 

nr James 
McHenry, Peter S., grocer. Park cor Cannon 
MclLWRAITH THOMAS, mansger Hamilton Ga« 

Light Company 
McINNES, ALEXANDER, (Sanford, Mclnnes&Co) 
MclNNES, D. k CO., wholesale merchants and 

manufacturers. King corner John 
MclNNES, DONALD, (D. Mclnnes & Co., and 

Mclnues, Calder k Co) 
MclNNES, HUGH, (Mcluncs, Calder k Co) 
MclNNES, CALDER & CO., wholesale dry goods. 

King cor John 
McKaig k Hislop, blacksmiths, n s York bet Park 

and Bay 
McKay, Robert, plasterer, Caroline cor Robinson 
McKEAND, ARCHIBALD, banker and exchange 

broker, 9 James n 
McKee, John, liotel keeper, 48 John 
McKee, Thomas, En^lisn master grammar school 
McKelvey, Rev. Charles (N. C. Alethodisl;) Catherine 
McKenzie^ hev. J. G. D., M.A, pastor (St. John's 

McKENZlE k MACK AY, commission merchants 

and insurance agents, 9 King e 
McKcown, Hugh, saddle, harness and trunk maker, 

John s of Peel 
McKeown, John, barrister, ^c, Commercial Build- 
ings, James 
McKichan, John R., jMiper bag manufacturer, 

McNab nr King 
McKillop, David (John Thomas k Co). 
McKlNSTRY, HENRY, agent Royal Canadian Bank, 

McLean, George, flour and feed, 76 King w 
McLellan, Donald, bookseller and stationer, 2S 

King w 
McLean, Hugh, accountant, James opp the Gore 
McLfKxi, A., dyer and scourer, James cor Cannon 
McMahon, Hugh, carpenter and builder, 20 Welling- 
ton s 
McMahon, W. F., watches, elocks and jewelry, 8$ 




HcMillan, Archibald, grocer, Bay bet Broadway and 

Little Main 
McMillan, William, director Western Permanent 

Building Society 
MeMillan, John, grocer, King nr Wentworth 
MeNair, Samuel, inspector or weights and measures, 

City Hall 
McNiece. William J., M.D., McNab oor Mulberry 
McPherson, Mrs., boarding house^ Park bet Cannon 

and Mulberry 
McPherson, John & Co., wholesale boot and shoe 

manufacturers and dealers, 51 and 53 King e 
HcFaggart, Miles F., MD., Park bet Merrick and 

HACABE, JAMES, proprietor Volunteer Hotel, 

King bet Bay and Caroline 
Macabe, Thomas & Co., carriage builders. King w 
Macdonald, John D., M.D., ws James bet Hunter 

and Bold 
HACKAY, ANEAS D., wharfinger, foot of James 
Mackelcan, George L., M.D., Qore bet James and 

Mackelcan, Francis (Mackelcan k Gibson) 
Mackelcan, John, M.D., Gore between Hughson and 

[MACKELCAN & GIBSON, barristers, &c., Went- 
worth Chambers, James cor Main 
MacKenna, John E., barrister, &c., 22 Johns 
Maokintosh, David, M.D., John nr Henry 
Mackintosh, Hugh, fancy goods, 84 King e 
Maclean, Hu^h, real estate agent, James opp Gkire 
Macklem, Williamf yice-president, Canada Farmer's 

Mutual Insurance Company, James 
Macnabb, Duncan A., commission merchant, Royal 

Hotel buildings 
Magee, William, flour and feed, e s James, between 

Stinson and Barton 
Magen, Christopher, butcher. City Market 
Magill, Charles, dry goods, millinery, &c., 7(J King e 
MAGILL & BROTHER, hardware, 38 King e 
Main, Alexander, k Co., rope and twine mani^acturers, 

Mary, corner Oak 
Malcolm, John, hotel keeper, McNab, bet Merrick 

and York 
Malcolm, William, plumber, steam and gas fitter, 

comer Hughson and Augusta 
Mallary, William, second-hand broker, John, between 

Peel and Augusta 
Manning, F. E., builder, Tyburn, bet Cherry & Spring 
Mansfield, Charles, lager beer saloon, 92 King e 
Marrows, Mrs. Dayid F., fancy good^, 89 York 
MARS, ALEXANDER (A. Lawson k Co.) 
MARSDEN, THOMAS, gilt and stained mouldings, 

James n (see adr) 
Marshall, George, commission merchant. King, bet 

Catherine and Maria 
Matshall, George H., hotel keeper, John, cor Tyburn 
Marshall, Joseph, grocer. King, nr Queen 
Marshall, Thomas, hotel keeper, cor John and Peel 
Martin, Edward, barrister, &c., 2 Kingw 
Martin, Henry, butcher, Qity Market 
MARTIN, HUBERT, lager beer saloon. King, nr 

Florence Block 
Martin, J. B., hotel keeper, s s Market Square 
Martin, P., pork dealer, cor John and King William 
MARTIN, RICHARD (Martin k Ferguson) 
Martin & Bruce, l>arrist<»rs, &c., 2 King w 
MARTIN & FERGUSON, barristera, Ac, King, 

cor James 
Maslin, Samuel, hotel keeper, James, cor Cannon 
Mason, John J., M.D., Augusta, between James and 

Mason, John J., accountant, insmrancc agent, official 

assignee, &c.. King cor James 

Mason, Joseph, bellhanger, 96 King e 

MASON, THOMAS, hats, caps, furs and straw goods,. 

12 James n 
MASONIC HALL, n e cor John and Main 
Matthews, Joseph B., livery and sale^ stables ss Mkt 

nr Park 
Matthews k McMenneny, house, sign and ornamen- 
tal painters, McNab bet King and Market 

GRAPH CO., 18 King nr Hughson 
Meakins, George H., lock manufacturer, Cathcart 
Meakins k Sous, cabinet makers, King bet Nelion 

and Cathcart 
MECHANICS' INSTITUTE, James bet Market and 

Meldrum, Henry, druggist, 74 King e 
Meldrum, T., hotel keeper, McNab cor Stuart 
MENDON, L. C, dealer in sewing machines, 2 Royal 

Hotel Buildings 

croft, manager, James, cor Main 
Mesaenger^ The, (semi-monthly) devoted to the cause 

of temperance, drawer 69, Hamilton P.O 
Meston, Charles, flour and feed, 25 and 27 'York 
Milbom, Robert, merohant tailor, James, opp the 

Miller, Miss A., milliner, McNab, nr King 
Miller, John, butcher, Willson, bet James and McKab 
Miller, Mrs. Robert, boarding house. Park, cor Yine 
Milne, Robert, photographer, James n 
MILI^S, GEORGE H., president Victoria Mutual 

Fire Inaurance Company, James 
MILLS, ISAAC, insurance agent, James, cor Main 
Mills, James, butcher. City Market 
Mills, James H., barrister, &c., Charles, cor Main 
MILLS, JOSEPH, hats, caps furs, and straw goods, 

7 James n 
MILLS, HON. SAMUEL, senator, cor Charles and 

MILLS, WILLIAM H., barrister, &c., s s Main bet 

Queen and Ray 
MILROY, ROBERT, manager Ontario Bank, King 
Minnes, Thomas, blacksmith, Main, bet Catherine^ 

and Walnut 
Minty, Francis C, (Taylor k Mintjr) 
Mitchell, A. A., plasterer, Little Market bet Pearl 

and Lock 
Mitchell, John, alderman. Main nr Charles 
Mitchell, Thomas, broom and brush manufacturer, 

21 King w 
Molzalm, Charlcis, boots and shoes, 89 King e 
Montreal Marine Insurance Co., Maitland Young, jr. 

agent, 85 King e 

Black, manager, James opp the Gore 
Moodie, John, variety store, 36 King w 
Moore, John, license inspector. City Hall 
Moore k Davis, land and general agents, cor James 

and King William 
MOORE, D. k Co., founders and machinists, Cathe- 
rine cor Lind 
Moore, Lyman k Brierly, druggists, 14 Kinge 
Moore, Lyman k Mundy, druggists, James nr King 

Moore k McCauley, ice dealers, cor Main and Cath- 
Morden, John, hotel keeper, York bet Pearl and Bay 
Morgan, Benjamin, flour and feed. Main bet Cherry 

and Walnut 
Morgan, R. & W., flour, grain and seeds 22 and 24 

John s 
Morgenroth, Mrs. hotel keeper, York cor Lock 
Morris, John G., flour and feed, 25 York 
Morris, Lewis, butcher, 32 City Market 



MoiTiSy Louia, wUh, door and blind mannfactimr, 

King e nr Wellin|^n 
Horns, Philip, grocer, cor John and Lind 
Morris k Brother, flour and feed. King WiUiamand 

Wellington, uor East Market 
Morrison, F., hotel keeper, York nr Cemetery 
Morrison, Joseph B., stoves, tin, copper and sheet- 
iron nunnfactorer and dealer, 7 John n 
Morrison Thomas, floor and feed, John cor Wood 

Morton, David, soap and candle mannfactorer, £in- 

erald e of Main 
Mossman, Mark, boots and shoes, Hughson cor Gore 
Mowat, William, carpenter, Mary bet Rebecca and 

MUGRIDGE, G. W., (Mugridge & Lorimer) 
MUGRIDGE & LORIMER, (Charles W. Mugridge 

and James Lorimer) importers of groceries, wines 

and liquors, McNab nr Merrick (see adv) 
Muirheed, Walter, butcher, City Market 
MuUin, James, contractor, Main between Cherry and 

Mull in, John A., MD., n s James, bet Cannon and 

Mnndie, William, architect and civil engineer, Kiog 

near Catherine 
Munro, Hugh, grocer, Stoart comer James 
Monro, Richard H. R., barrister, &c, Maiui between 

James and Hughson 
MUNRO k HENDERSON, clothien, 28 Kins e 
Monzinger, John M., bookbinder, York, bet McNab 

and Park 
Murdoch, John, grocer, John, comer Union 
Murison, George, carpenter, Hud^son, nr Catherine 
Murphy, Michael, prop Rob Roy Hotel, John cor Peel 
Murphy k Murray, wbolesale and retail grocers, 78 

MURRAY, CHARLES R., manager Canadian Bank 

of Commerce 
MURRAY, A- k CO., dry goods, millinery, &c., 18 

MURTON, JOHN W. (W. Reid k Co.) h Catherine 
Mutter, Mrs. Philip^ second-hand broker, King, cor 

Myles, Alfred, grain merchant. Bay 
Myers, Robert, boots and shoes, James, nr Barton 
Myles, Thomas, coal and wood dealer, Myles* wharf, 

and Main, comer Hughson 
Kash, Samuel, beef and pork packer. Market, comer 

Kational Travelers* Insurance Company, New York, 

W. G. Crawford, agent, Royal Hotel Buildings 
Nelligan, Dennis^ hotel keeper, John, between Peel 

and Tybum 
Neville, Rev. Dr., rector St. Thomas Church, Main, 

between Catherine and Walnut 
New, Heniy k J., brickmakers, Giarth, between Main 

and King 
Niblett, Charles W., barrister, kc, Commercial Build- 
ings, James 
NichoUs, Mrs., confectioner, McNab, between King 

and Market 
KICHOLSON, DONALD, (Canadian OU Co. )h Maria 
KOBLE, WILLIAM, Metropolitan Saloon and Res- 
taurant, James, comer Jierrick 
North British and Mercantile, J. D. Pringle, sgent^ 

Wentworth Chambers 
NORTH, SAMUEL, stove, tin, copper and sheetiron 

dealer, McNab nr Merrick (see adv) 
Northern Assurance Co., of London and Aberdeen, 

A. F. Forbes, agent 
Northey, George, founder and machinist, Wellington 

cor East Market 
Noyles, J. k Son, butchers, 112 King e 

Nowlan, 0., hotel keeper and prop, livery staUf 

John cor King Wiluam 
O'Brien, Henry, gunsmith, John bet Tyburn and Pee, 
O'Brien, Luke, hotel keeper, King bet Catherine and 

O'Callaghan, F., fruit, wholesale and retail, 14 King w 
O'DonoTioe, John, auctioneer, Market Square 
O'Heir, Peter, saddle, harness and trunk maker, 5 

John n 
O'Keefe, D. C, P.L.S., C.E., 2 John s 
O'Neill, Henry, grocer, York cor Pearl 
O'REILLY, J. EDWIN, barrister, Mayor, 8 King w 
O'REILLY, MILES, barrister, etc., 8 King w 
O'REILLY k O'REILLY, barristers, etc., 8 King w 
OUphant, D., publisher Banner of Faith 
ONTARIO BANK, Robert Milroy, manager. King' 

cor John • 

ORMLSTON, REV. W., D.D., pastor Central Pres- 
byterian Church, h Maiden Lane 
Orr, Mrs. A., fancy goods, 14 John n 
Orr, Daniel, hotel keeper, John bet Base and Guise 
Osborne, James, wholesale and retail grocer, Jamv 

nr King 
Osbome, Mrs. Mary, grocer, Catherine bet Barton 

and Stinson 
OSBORNE, ROBERT, iK'atohes, clocks and jewelry, 

James ^opp Fountain 
Osier k Osier, barristers, etc.. King e opp Fountain 
OUTERBRlDGE, A. E., patent electric battery for 

steam boilers, James 
Padden, Patrick, erocer, comer Cherry and Maria 
Pase, James, butcner, York, near Bay 
Palm, William, lager beer saloon, Bay, comer King 
PAPPS, GEORGE S., LL.B., barrister, tc, King, 

near James 
Parker, Mrs. M. A., boarding house, King William, 

between James and Hngnson 
Park, William, grocer, John^ near Main 
Parks, D., boots and shoes, Lind, between John and 

Passmore, Richard, butcher. City Market 
Peterson, Peter, grocer, York, bet Bay and Caroline 
Patterson, £. G., teacher Grammar School 
Patrison, Zaccheus, wholesale baker and confectioner 
Pauling, Richard A., artist, Wentworth Chambers 
PEACOCK, JOHN, dry goods, millinery, &c., e 8 

McNab, between King and Market 
Pearson, James, fancy goods, 87 James n 
Pearson, John k Co., variety store, 58 King w ^ 
Peat, Thomas, carpenter, north end Hess 
Peden, John, grocer, York, comer Pearl 
PEIRCE, C. E. & Co., clothiers, James, near King 

William (see adv.) 
Pentecost k Son, house, sign and ornamental painten^ 

King, near McNab 
PERKINS k CLARK, Excelsior Coffee and Spice 

MiUs, Catherine, comer Rebecca 
PETERSEN, A, agent A. k S. Nordheimer's piano- 
forte establishment, James 
Pettit, J. H., oommission merchant, 2 John s 
Penshen, Clark k Co., importers of wines and liquors, 

John, comer King 
Phelan, James P., Royal Hotel Saloon and Billiard 

Phillips, David, carpenter, Ferguson ave. bet East 

Market and Rebecca 
Philine, George R., Variety Store, King nrMary 
PHILP, JAMES, (Philp k Robertson) 
PHILP k ROBERTSON, saddle, harness and tronk 

manuSacturers, James nr King William (see adv). 
Phoenix Insurance Company of London, England, 

Brown, Gillespie k Co., agents cor King and 




FliOBniz Insurance Company of Brooklin, N. Y,, E. 

Brtfwn, agent Brown's wharf 
Phoenix Marine, McEenzie k Hackay, agents, 9 Kin^e 
Phoenix Ocean Marine Insnrance Co. of Brooklin, 

N.Y., J. D. Pringle, agent, Wentworth Chambers. 
Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Company, Hartford, 

Connecticut, W. O. Crawford, agent. Royal 

Hotel Buildings 
Pike, Bichard. cigars and tobacco, 12 King w 
Pilgrim, Robert A., grocer and soda water manufac- 
turer. Kins cor Cathcart 
POST OFFICE, James opp Merrick 
Potts, Rev. John (Weelpyan) 
Powell, T. S., lumber dealer, Hughson bet Tyburn 

and Peel 
Powell, 'William R., grocer, e s Bay bet Sheaffe and 

Price, Charles, propi Mountain View Hotel 
Priddis, John, grocer, McNab cor Vine 
PRINGLE, J. D., barrisier, insurance agent, &c., 

Wentworth Chamliers (see adv). 
PROCTOR, JOHN, wharfinger. Commercial wharf 
PBONGU£Y, J. P., caiTiage builder, Park nr Mar- 
Proudlbot, William, banister, kc, Main bet James 

and Hughson 
Prondfoot & Munro, barristers, kc.^ Main bet James 

and Hughson 
Prorincial Fire Insnrance Company, Isaac Mills, 

agent, Wentworth Chambers 
Proyincial Fire and Marine, J. D. Pringle, agent, 

Wentworth Chambers 
Pullar, Rer. Thomas (Congregational), Wellington 
Queen Fire Insurance Company, McKenzie k Mackay, 

af ents, 9 King e 
Quimby, Alfred C.^ wholesale cigars and tobacco, 43 

James n 
Quinn, Mrs., hotel keeper, John opp Wood Market 
Rae, Richard H., Emigration Agent, G. W. R. wharf 
RAMSAY, A. G., F. I. A., manager Canada Life 

Assurance Company, James nr Main 
Ramsay, Robert, butcher. City Market 
Rastrick, Frederick J., architect and civil engineer, 

Maria bet John and Hughson 
B«uch, Joseph, leather and midings, 8 John n 
RAW, ROBERT, JUN., book and job printer, 8 

Reeves, Arthur L., baker and confectioner, Walnut 

nr Pearl 
BEAD, SAMUEL, cashier Gore Bank, Kinr 
Reid, Alexander C, M. D., cor Hughson and Rebecca 
Reid, C, hotel keeper, John opp Wood Market 
Reid, George Lowe, chief engineer G. W. R. 
Reid, James, butcher. King cor. Bond 
Reid, Rev. Walter, (Primative Methodist) Hughson 
Reid, William k Co., coal and wood d^ers, Mary 

bet Henry and Rebecca 
Reliance Mutual Life Assurance Company, (London 

England), John Clark k Co., agents, John cor 

^ice, M. E., marble cutter and dealer, cor Park and 

Rice, Dr. S. D., governor and principal Wesleyap 

Female College, h Emerald 
Hichardsou, Rev. George, pastor Park street (Baptist 

Richardson, Tliomas, auction and oommission, Mer- 
rick nr James 
Richardson, William, earpenteri Market bet Park and 

Riddel, John, stock, bill and exchange broker, 20 

Biddle, John, grooer, cor Rebecca and Mary 
Ridley, Henry F., M. D., s e cor Main and Chariet 

Ridler, WiUiam, grocer, Wentworth bet Lock and 

RITCHIE, EDMUND, Postmaster, res Post office, 

RITCHIE, FREDERICK E., assisUnt Postmaster 
Rigsby, John, builder, e Market bet Marvand Nelson 
Roach, George, saloon and restaurant, G.W.R. station 
Robb, James, banister, &c, Wentworth Chambers 
Robbins, N. B., grate manufactnra*, Mary cor WiUaon 
Roberts, Mrs. Ellen, fancy goods, 44 John 
Robertson, A. M., ship builder, Zealand's wharf 
Robertson, James, dry goods, millinery, &c.y 20 Kinge 
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM, (Philp k Robertson) 
Robinson, William, boo^ and shoes, John bet Peel 

and Tyburn 
Rodger, John, blacksmith, 1 York 
Rodgera, W. H., butcher, outside City Market 
Ronald. William, grocer, 15 York 
Ronan, Andrew, grocer, comer Stuart and Hudson 
Ronan, Michael, grocer, comer Wellington and Henry 
Ronan k Brother, flour and feed, 2 York 
Roos, Rabbi L. 
Roseburgh, J. W., M.D., James, between Maiden 

Lane and Hunter 
Boss, Andrew, dry goods, millinery, &c., Lister's 

Block, James 
Ross, Miss J., boarding house. Bay, n w cor Cannon 
Ross, Samuel F., lumber dealer, Napier, between Hess 

and Queen 
Ross k Smith, hardware, 54 King e 
Roy, Robert k Co., wholesale dry goods, James, opp 

ROYAL CANADIAN BANK, H. McKinstry, agent, 

Canada Life Assurance Company's Buildings 
Royal Dominion Commercial College, James, comer 

Kinff WilUam 
Royal Hotel Billiard Rooms, James P. Phelan, 

proprietor, Merrick, comer James 
Royal Insurance Company, George A. Young, agent. 

Royal Hotel Buildings 
Rudel, NVilliam Henry, jeweler, manufacturer, King, 

comer James 
Ruse, Mrs. M. A., boots and shoes, SO King w 
Russell, Richard, jeweler, James, opp Fountain 
Rutherford, Alexander, snperintend[ent Mechanics* 

Institute and Reading Room, h Tyburn 
RUTHERFORD, G. k CO., bottle manufacturen, 

Hamilton Glass Works, Hughson comer Warrea 

(see adv) 
Ruthven, Peter, bookbinder, 51 Hughson ^ 

Rutley, George, h^tel keeper, Wellington, nr East 

Ryall, Geoige, M.D., Main, near Catherine 
Ryall, Isaac, M.D., Main, near Catherine 
Ryckman, John, flour and feed, King, between He» 

and Queen 
Rymal, D., hotel keeper, 12 York 
Sadleir, Charles A., barrister, kc, Hughson, between 

Kin& and Main 
Sanford, Mclnnes k Co., wholesale clothiers, 47 k 49 

SAWYER, L. D. k CO., manufacturers of Mnicultual 

implements, Wellington, north of G. W. R, 
Schaupp, John, saloon. Bay, between Concession and 

Schrader, Frederick J., wholesale cigars and tobacco, 

McNab, between Hunter and Bold 
Schumacher, Geoige, butcher, Market, bet McNab- 

and Park 
Schwarz, Edward, boots and shoes, 106 King w 
Schwarz, Frederick, tobacco manufacturer, Florence 

Block, Kingw 
Schwarz, Louis, wholesale cigars and tobacco, 81 

James n 



Scott, Soznnel, grocer, West are. cor Etst Market 
Scottish Provinciil Assarance Company, J. D. Prin- 

f^le, agent, Wentworth Chambers 
VE>, P. L., copper, steel and wood engraver, 

28 King w 
Seaman, S. jL, clothier, 19 York and Kiiy w 
Secord & Daris, grocers, cor John and Main 
Security Insurance of New York (Marine), E. S. 

Gregory, agent, King e, next door to Bank of 

Sellett, George H., croccr, 21 Rebecca 
Semmens k Co., sasii, door and blind manufactory, 

Sophia nr Inchbury 
SERVICE k WYLD, importers of cloths, King bet 

James tnd McNab 
Shannon, Peter, hotel keeper, McNab bet York and 

Sharp, William, grocer, John bet Tyburn and Peel 
Sharp k Murison, carpenters and builders 
Shariie k Secord, wholesale and retail grocers, 81 

king e 
Shill, John, brush maker, Mulberry cor McNab 
Shire, Bemhard, carpet sliaes, John bet Gore and 

Sillett, Mrs., milliner, 23 Rebecca 
Simpson, Rev. A. B. (Canada Presbyterian), Henry 

bet James and Hughson 
Simpson, James, importer of wines and liquors, John 

cor King 
Sinclair, Isaac, barber and hairdresser, 66 King w 
Skinner, James A., & Co., china, glass, earthenware 

and fancy goods, wholesale, 27 King o 
Skinner, William, superintendent House of Refuge 
Small, Tliomas, butcher, Main bet Lock and Pearl 
Smallwood. Alexander, dealer in wood, hay and straw, 

King William nr Main 
Smallwood, George, prop. Victoria saloon, fruit and 

oyster depot, 14 John s 
Smart, Mrs. George, confectioner, 42 John 
Smith, Alexander, grocer, cor John and Peel 
Smith, Charles, city messenger 
Smith, Donald, clothier, 50 King e 
SMITH, GEORGK, stove, tin, canperand sheet- iron 

manufacturer and dealer, McNab cor Cannon 
SMITH, GEORGE, grocer, s s Market Square 
Smith, James B. , private school. 
Smith, Mrs. Jane, tin, copper, sheet iron, k^^ 

4 York 
Smith, John k Co., commission merchants. King cor 

Smith, Robert, tin, copper, sbect iron, &c. King 

William, bet James and Hughson 
Smith, Samuel, hotel-keeper, York cor Bay 
Sneatli, Mrs. confectioner, 85 James n 
Snelgrove, £. L.. undertaker, Court House square 
Somerville, J. H. k Co., dry goods, millinery, &c., 

14 James n 
Spectator, TA^ (daily, momin|f and weekly), T. k 

R. Wliite, Spectator Buildinss (see adv) 
Spears, Samuel and John, ship smiths, foot of 

Speis, Rev. Augustus, Evangelica> Association 
Spencer, Henry, tin, copper, sheet iron, &c., n s 

King William bet James and Hughson 
Spier, Samuel k John, blacksmiths, McNab nr 

Burlington Bay 
Spink, Mrs. Margaret, boarding house, Market bet 

Park and McNab 
Spittal, William, baker and confectioner, Florence 

Block, Bay 
SPOHN k BELL, barristers, &c.. Commercial cham- 
Squire^ C, flour and feed, i^ Florence Block, King w 
dal chambers, James 

SPOHN, JACOB V. (Spohn k Bell) 
Stacy, James B. P., butcher, 71 King e 
StaUy, Martin, boat builder, foot of James 
Stanbury k Co., dry goods, millinery, &c., 80 King e 
Stapley, Edward, grocer, cor Wellington and Rebecca 
Start, John E., barrister and city recorder, Commer- 
Steel, George, boots and shoes, 16 York 
Steinger, Josepli, stock, bill and exchange broker, 

Stewart nr Bay 
Stephenson, Charles, contractor, Wellington bet 

Peel and Tyburn 
Steriing, George, inspector of hides, Catharina bet 

John and Hughson 
Stevenson, Charles, builder, 14 Wellington 
Stevenson, Geor;)^, grocer. Peel c of James 
Stevenson, James, accountant and general agent, n e 

cor King ami James 
Stewart, C. E. k Co., book and job printers, Times ' 

office, Hughson bet King and King William 
Stewart Geo., saddle, harness k trunk maker; 42 John 
Stewart, James k Co., founders and machinists, 

McNab cor Vine 
STEWARD, T. B., watches, clocks and jewelry; Gold- 
smith's Hall, 12 Kin|^ e 
Stinson. Mrs. Elizabeth, Llgin 
STINSON, J AMES, proprietor Stinson*8 Havings Bk, 

James, cor King William 
Stinson, Mrs. Thomas, cor Queen and York 

Phillip, superioress, Park 
Stock, Thomas, president Canada Farmers' Mutual 

Insurance Company, James 
Stokoe, Charles H., director. Western Permanent 

Building Society 
Storrer, F. M., fancy goods. King cor McNab 
Storer, Henry M., chief of police G. W. R., h York 
Strange, Henry, M. D., Kine cor Mary 
Summers, William W., builder. Main bet Bond and 

SLTHEBLAND, ANGUS, wholesale and retail gro- 
cer, 50 King w 
SUTHERLAND, JAMES & Co., directory publishora, 

3 King w 
Sutterby, John, hotel keeper, McNab nr Merrick- 
SWINYARD, THOMAS, general manager G. W. R., 

Hunter bet Bond and Charles, res Central House 
Taylor, John, contractor, Bowery cor Main 
Taylor, JohnD., billiard parlor, James 
Taylor, John E., variety store, 61 King w 
Taylor, Joseph, watches, clocks and jewelr)', 52 

James n 
TAYLOK, JOSEPH, secretary to general manager 

G. W. R 
Taylor k Minty, bankers, exchange and insurance 

brokers, James 
Taylor, William, variety store. King bet Bond and 

TECUMSEH HOUSE, J. Huggard, prop, (see adv> 
Temple, John k Co., livery and sale stables, Cath- 
erine bet King William and Rebecca 
THOMAS, C. L., western piano forte factory, 76 and 

78 King w. (see odv) 
THOMAS, E. CARTWRIGHT, sheriff. Court House 
THOMAS, JOHN k CO., founders and machinists 

Rebecca, between John and Catherine 
Thompson, Mrs., boarding house. Park 
Thompson, Greg»r, boots and shoes, 82 King e 
THOMSON, JAMES R. (Thomson & KUvert) 
THOMSON, BIRKETT k BELL, wholesale dry 

goods, Macnab cor Merrick 
THOMSON k KILVERT, barristers, &c., Hughson, 

between King and Main 
Thomson, Thomas k Co., dry goods, millinery, &c., 

82 King • 



Thomson, John, grocer, comer Bay and Cannon 
Thorburn, James, floor and feed, tfohu, between Peel 

and Tyburn 
Thorn, 'William, china, gloss and earthenware, 30 

York, between McNab and Park 
Thornton & Green, organ builders, 3 Florence Block, 

TIFFAl^Y, EDWARD H., barrister, &c, Hughson, 

between King and Main 
Tindill, William, hotel keeper, King,' cor Wcntworth 
Tompkins, George, conl oil and lamps, James, n&ir 

Torrence, Thomas, saddle, harness and trunk maker, 

John, corner Tyburn 
Towersfiy, Mrs. Joseph, milliner, 9 King William 
Travclei-s' Insurance Company, Hartford, A. McKeand, 
• agent, 2 King w 
Travcrs, Denis, grocer, John, between Augusta and 

Tremlctt, William, boots and shoes, 20 King w 
Truman, William, wholesale and retail gi*ocer, Mc^ab, 

Market S<}uare 
Trumpchjr, David, grocer, cor Wellington and Henry 
Tuckett & Billings, tobacco manufacturers, 100 & 102 

King w 
TumbuU k Co., founders and machinists, Mary, cor 

Little Gore 
Turner, Alfred, grocer, comer James and Simcoe 
Turner, James & Co., wholesale grocers, Hughson, 

lietween Kin<? and Main 
Urlin, Mra. A. K., private school, James, lustween 

Peel nud Augusta 
Urry, Henry, barber and hairdresser, Anglo-American 

Vcmoii, Elias, M.D., w s James bet Hunter and 

Victoria House, s s King bet Catlierine and Walnut 
PANY, W, D. Booker, treasurer and secretary, 

Wentworth Buildings 
WADDELL, R. E., (WaddeU k Lemon), s e cor 

King and John 
WaddeU, William W., produce and commission 

merchant, John ur King 
WADDELL & LEMON, ^rristcrs, &c., cor King 

and John 
Wakefield, John, butcher. City Market 
Wakcman, Tliomas H., butchw. City Market 
Waldhoff, William, dealer in wood, hay and straw, 

Rebecca cor Hughson 
Walker, A. A., M.D., D.D.S., 8 King e 
Walker, Charles E., confectioner, 18 John s 
Walker, George, grocer. Bay bet Cannon and Mul- 
Walker, James, soap and candle manufactory, Main 

cor Bowery 
Walker, James, wholesale dry goods, 33 King e 
Walker, Miles, grocer, corner James and Augusta 
Walker, Robert, waggon maker. Walnut bet Main 

and King 
Walker, Robert, grocer, ss York bet Queen and 

Walker, William, grocers, Merrick cor Park 
Wall & McCarthy, wagon makers, John cor Tybum 
Walsh, Mrs. James, fruit k confectionery, 60 Kingw 
Wanzer, R. M. k Co., sewing machine manufacturers 

King, cor Catherine 
Ward, William, butcher, 33 City Market 
Warxy, Miss £. R., fancy goods, 26 King w 
Waterworth, John, carpenter. Little Market nr Pearl 
Watson, Mrs. Ann, boarding house. Park bet Col- 
borne and Concession 

Watkins, T. C, dry goods, millinery, &c., 10 James n 
Watson, John k Sous, reterinar}' surgeons, Mary cor 

King William 
Way, James, house, sign and ornamental painter. 

East Market cor Mar^ 
Webber, E., builder, Mana nr John 
Webster, James, builder. Union bet Hughson and 

Western A&^urance Company of Toronto, McKenzie 

k Mackav, agents, 9 King e 
WETENHALL, HENRY, barrister, kc, Hughson 

bet King and Main 
Whipple, E. S. (J. Temple k Co.), John nr Rebecca 
White, Mrs. A., boarding house, cor Psel and 

Wliite, Thomas W., organ builder, 38 King w 
White, T. k R., book and job printers, Spedaivr 

oillce, Huglison, cor Main 
White, W. C, carpenter, w s MeNab but Cannon 

and Mulberry 
Widger, James, boots and shoes. King cor McNub 
Wilkinson, George, barber and hairdresser, 8 York 
WILLIAMS, CHARLES F., Shades saloon. Prince's 

Square, Main (see adv). 
Williams, John, grocer, cor Peel and Walnut 
Williams, J. M., M.P.P., Crtnatiiau Oil Company 
Williamson, James, commission merchant, Brock 
Wills, J., boots and shoes, 5S King e 
WILLSON, F. M., stock, bill and exchange broker, 

5 James nr King 
Willson, J. W., commission mershant. King cor John 
Wilson, Robert, boots and slices, 40 John s 
Winckler, Julius, saloon, 18 York 
WINER, J. k CO., wholesale druggists, 25 King e 

(see adv) 
WOOD k LEGGAT, hardbvare, n s King e of Hugh- 
Woodley, Samuel, boots and .shoes, 22 James n 
Woods, W. B., director Western rernianeut Build- 
ing Society 
Woolverton, Mi*s. E. H., homoeopathic pharmacy, S6 

King e 
WRIGHT, C. H., photographer, 34 King w (see 

Wright, Dayid, insurance agent, James opp. Mechan- 
ics' Institute 
Wright, William, butcher, West ave., bet King and 

East Market 
Yaldon, William, prop. City Arms Hotel, McNab 

cor Murray 
Yale, Mrs. D. C, fancy goods James nr Main 
Yates k Garson, carpenters, Duke nr McNab 
Young, Charles, grocer, Jamos nr Murray 
YOUNG, GEORGE A., insurance and general agent, 

Royal Hotel Buildings 
Young, Jacob, wharfinger, Zealand wharf 
Young, Miss J., milliner, 73 King w 
Yaung, Maitlaud, jr., commission merchant. King e 
Young, R., prop. Ontario Hotel, Prince's Square 
YOUNG, THOMAS, saloon and restaurant, 20 Johns 

(see adv) 
YOUNG k BRO., plumbers, steam and gas fitters, 

John cor King William 
YOUNG, H. & R., brass founders, McXab nr Stuart's 

foundry (see adv) 
YOUNG, LAW k CO., props Dundas Cotton Mills 

Co., McNab, cor Merrick 
Youngman, Samuel, flour and feed, Merrick bet 

Park and Bay 
Zingsheim, Jacob, cabinetmaker, Florence Block 
Zwich, W. H., fruit and confectionery, McKab nr 





Iduked thus 


Findlay. William F., James opp Fountain 
Green, AV. M., Uughson 
McLean, Hugli, James opp tlio Gore 
Mason, John J., s a King cor James 
Stevenson, James, u e cor King and James 


Outerbridge, A. E,, patent electric battery for 
steam boilers, James 

Agent, Consular, U. S. 

Boyce, D. R, office at G. W. K Station 
Agent, emigration. 

Kae, Richard H., G. W. R. wharf 
Accent, Bxpress. 

Irwin, John D., James opp Gore 

Agents, Insurance. 

Ambritlge, T. A., King bet James and McXab 

Ball, Frederick A., King bet James and McNab 

Benner, Richard, Wentworth Chambers 

Browne, K, Browne's wharf, foot of McNab 

Clark, John & Co., John cor King 

Crawford, W. G., Royal Hotel Buildings, Hcnick 

Fiudluy, William F., James opp Gore 

Forbes, A. F., King William cor James 

(rarvin, James, 50 James n 

Gregory, S. £., 35 King e 

Jones, Charles T. & Co., Mechanics' Hall 

McKeand, Archibald, 2 King w 

McKenzie & Mackay, 9 King e 

Mason, John J., King cor James 

Mills, Isaac, James cor Main 

Pringle, J. D., Wentworth Chambers 

Proctor, John, Royal Hotel Block, MeiTick 

.Smith, John & Co. , King cor John 

Taylor k Minty, James 

Wright, David, James opp Mechanics* Institute 

Young, George A., Royal Hotel Buildings 

Agents, Passage. 

Armstrong, Charles, Hughson bet Main and King 

Browne, E., Browne's wharf 

Herman, William, 39 King w 

McKeand, Arch. 9 James n 

Proctor, John, Merrick 

Willson, Frederick M., 5 James n 

Young, George A., Royad Hotel Buildings 

Agents, Se^wing Machines. 

Atkinson, Mrs., 71 King w 

Bowman & Howe, James opp Mechanics' Hall 

Kilgour, J. & R., King e 

Mendon, L. C, Royal Hotel Buildings 

Agents, Shipping. 

Armstrong, Charles, Hughson bet Main and King 

Birely, N. F., Brock nr Bay 

Knox, David, Merrick 

McKay, ^neas B., foot of James 

Proctor, John, Royal Block, Merrick 

Agentdy Steamship. 

Browne, E., Royal Mail Line, Browne's wharf 
Herman, William, 39 King w 
McKay, iEneas D., McKay's wharf 
McKeand, Arch., 9 James n 
Proctor, John, Merrick 
Willson, Frederick M., 5 James n 


* are Wholesalo. 

Agricultural Implements (Manufacturers 

and Dealers.) 

Copp k Bro., 16 John n 

Sawyer, L. D. & Co., Wellington n of G. W. R. 

Turnbull k Co., Mary cor Little Gore 

Architects and Civil Kngineers. 

Clark, Hutchison, 23 Hughson 

Hills, Albert H., Charles bet Maiden Lane and 

Lcitch, William, West ave. bet Wilson and 

Mundie, William, King near Catherine 
Rastrick, Frederick J., Maria bet John and 


Auction and Commission. 

Andrews, W. A. k Co., 76 James n 
Bun-ows & Brother, Merrick opp Market 
Forbes, F. J. B., Anglo American Block 
Richardson, Thomas, Meniek nr James 

Baby Carriage Manufacturers. 
Semmens, John & Co., Pearl nr King 

Bakers and Confectioners. 

Aussem, J. H., Florence Block, King 
Bateman, William, King nr Cathcart 
Beer, John, e s James nr Lind 
Chilman, Isaac C, King bet Bowery and Caro- 
Ecclestone, W. T., 10 King e 
Freemnn k Brother, e s James n bet Lind and 

Gould, D, A., 64 James 
Hanis, William, s s Market Square 
Hill, Mark, McNab bet King and Main 
Hooker A., n s York bet McNab and Park 
Hooker, George, s s York bet Park and Bay 
King, Robert, John bet Peel and Tyburn 
Leegrice, John, John bet Peel and Tyburn 
Lees, William, Main opp Court House 
Love, David, John bet Peel and Augusta 
McGolpin, John, 94 King w 
Pattison, Z., Cannon 
Reeves, Arthur L., Walnut 'nr Pearl 
Sharp, William, John bet Tyburn and Peel 
SpitfS, William, Florence Block, Bay 
Stevenson, George, Peel e of James 


Bank of British North America, s 8 King bet 
James and Hughson 

Bank of Montreal, s s King bet James and Mc- 

Canadian Bank of Commerce, King cor John 

Gore Bank, King cor Hughson 

Merchants' Bank of Canada, James cor Main 

Ontario Bank, King cor John 

Royal Canadian Bank, Canada life Assaianca. 
Co.'s Buildings 

Bankers and Dealers in Exchange. 

Jones, Charles T. k Co., Mechanics' Hall 
McKeand. Archibald, 9 James n 
Steinger, J., Stuart bet Bay and Caroline 
Taylor k Minty, James 
Willson, Fred. M., 5 James n 

Bank (Savings.) 

Stinson's Savings Bank, James cor King William 



Barristers, Attorneys and Solicitors^ 

Adams, Robert W., James s opp Gore 
Ambrose, William, 16 King e 
Young, George A., Royal Hotel Buildings 
Barr, John, James cor King 
Barry, John, 8 King w 

Burton George WiUiam, Q.O., Canada life Assu- 
rance Buildings 
Burton k Bruce, Canada Life Assurance Build- 
ings, James 
Bruce, Alexander, Canada Life Assurance Build- 
Bruce, John Milne, 3 King w 
Cahill, James, oflRce City Hall 
Chisholm, D. B., Listers Building James 
Chisholm k Lazier, Lister's Buildings, James 
Craigie, William, Main bet James and Huehson 
Crickmorc, Charles G., Commercial Buildings, 

Duval, Henry, King William* bet John and 

Ferguson, J. W., King cor James 
Freeman & Craigie, Main bet James and Hughson 
Freeman, S. B., Main bet James and Hughson 
Gage, Robert, R., King cor John 
Geddes, W. A., Wentworth Chambers 
Gibson, John M., Wentworth Chambers 
Holden, John R., James s opp Fountain 
Irving, £., Q.C., G.W.R. office 
Johnson, William, 3 James n 
Kilvert, Francis E., Hughson bet King and Main 
Law, R. N., James cor Xf emck 
Lazier, S. F., M.A., Lister's Buildings, James 
Leggo, William, John cor King 
Lemon, Charles, King cor John 
McDonald, Walter R., James s opp Gore 
McKeown^ John, Commercial Buildings, James 
Mackelcan, Francis, Wentworth Cham&rs 
Mackelcan k Gibson. Wentworth Chambers 
MacKcnna, John £., 22 John s 
Martin, Erlward, 2 King w 
Martin, Richard, King w cor James 
Martin k Bruce, 2 King w 
Martin k Ferguson, King cor James 
Mills, George H., Wentworth Chambers, Jamas 

cor Main 
Mills, James H., Charles cor Main 
Mills, William H., s s Main bet Queen and Ray 
Munro, Richard, H. R., Main bet James and 

Niblett, Charles W., Commercial Bdgs., James 
O'Reilly, J. Edwin, 8 King w 
O'Reilly Miles, 8 Kitjg w 
O'Reilly & O'Reilly, 8 King w 
Osier k Osier, King e oiip Fountain 
Papps, George S., LL B., King cor James 
Prmgle, James D., Wentworth Chambers 
Proudfoot, Wm., Main bet James and Hughson 
Proudfoot k Munro, Main l)et James and Hugh- 
Robb, James, Wentworth Cliambers 
Sadleir, Charles A., Hughson bet King and Main 
Spohn, Jacob V., Commercial Buildings, James 
Spohn k Bell, Commercial Chambers 
Start, J. £., Commercial Chambers 
Thomson, James R., Hughson bet King and 

Thomson k Kilvert, Hughson bet King and 

Tiffany, Edward H., Hughson bet King and 

Waddell, Robert R., s e cor King and John 
Waddell k Lemon, cor King and John 
Wetenhally Henry, Hughson bet King and Main 

Beef and Pork Packers. 

Kash, Samuel, Market cor McNab 
Ontario Pork Factory, Township Barton 

BeUoivs Makers. 

Dally, James, Murray, bet McNab and James 
Dallyn, Joseph k Son, MuiTay cor James 

Bent Stuff, Manufacturers of 

Harris, G. k Son, cor Bay and Stuart 

Berlin Wool Dealers. 

Carpenter, E. & Co., 39 King w 
Moodie, John, 36 King w 
Pearson, John k Co., 58 King w 
Warry, Miss E. K, 16 King w 

Billiard Parlors. 

Colvin, John, 8 Tjng w 

Egener, F. k Co., Kmg bet Catherine and Wal- 

Royal Hotel Billiard Rooms, James P. Phelan, 
Merrick cor James 

Taylor, John D., James opp Mechanics Hall 

Tocumseh House, J. Huggard, prop. 

Boat Builders. 

Bastien, H. L., Phelan*s boat house 
Stalley, Martin, foot of Jamet 


Beckett, F. G. & Co., Simcoe bet James and 

McAllister, David C, Zealand's wharf 
Northey, George, Wellington cor East Market 
Thomas, Jolm k Co., Ilebecca bet John and 


Boiler Compound. 

Forster, A. M., Stuart bet Mary and Catherine 

Bookbinders and Blank-book Manufac- 

Barnes, George k Co., James cor Market Square 
Brown, W, k Co., 46 James n 
Eastwood, J. k Co., King eopp Fountain 
Haigh, Richard, Spectator Buildings, cor Main 

and Hughson 
Lawson, A. k Co., 3 King w 
Munzinger, John M., York bet McNab and Park 
Ruthven, Peter, 51 Hughson 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Ballintine, R. M., 62 James 

Barnes, George k Co., James cor Market Sqoare 

Brown, W. k Co., 46 James n 

Eastwood, J. k Co., 16 King opp Fountain 

Lyght, Joseph & Co., King cor Hughson 

McLellan, Donald, 26 King w 

Boot and Shoe Manufacturers and DealexB 


Garrett, John k Co., King nr Bank of Montreal 
Mcpherson, John k Co., 51 and 53 King e 

Boot & Shoe Manufacturers and Dealers. 

Ajrnsley, Jas. J., K;ng e bet Nelson and Walnut 
BiUinKton, John, n s Merrick bet Park and Bay 
Britt, Edward, York cor Bay and Caroline 
Canuiehael, John H., King William bet Hugh* 

son and John 
Conley, Peter, 14 King William 
(Jomor, Robert, York bet Park and Bay 
Cus^ck, William, Mulberry bet James and McNab 
Dayfoot, P. W, k Co., 52 King e 
Debus, George, James n of Mulberry 



Boot & Shoe Manuf acturerSyAe.— <(%filtii«M(<) 

IMcker, William, n a Kinff bet Maiy and Kelson 

EdwardB, Charles l\, 88 King w 

Elms, £., Hughson cor Tyburn 

Fletcher, Josenh, York bet Bay and Caroline 

Freeman k Manony, 20 King e 

Giimore, William, 1 John n 

Gorvin, John, Mechanic? Hall Bailding 

Griffith, Henry, 82 King e 

Henry, John & Co., 62 Xing e 

Hennessy, John, 60 King e 

Hopkins, Robert, 8 James n 

Kelly, Joseph, 74 James n 

McCann, John, 99 James n 

Holzhan, Charles, 89 King e 

Hossman, Mark, Hughson cor Gore 

Myers, Robert, James nr Barton 

Parks, D., Lind bet John and Catherine 

Bobinson, William, John bet Peel and Tybnm 

Ruae, Mrs. M. A., 80 King w 

Schwarz, Edward, 106 King w 

Shire, Bernhard (carpet shoes), John bet Gore 

and Henry 
Steel, George, 16 York 
Thompson, Gregor, 82 King e 
Tremlett, William, 20 Kingw 
Widger, James, King cor McNab 
Wais, J., 58 King e 
Wilson, Robert, 40 John s 
Woodley, Samuel, 22 James n 

Box Manufacturers. 

Aitchison, W. & D., Bond nr King 

Brass Founders. 

Howie, A. k Co., 8 King w 
Lyall, John, York bet Park and Bay 
Malcolm, William, Hughson cor Augusta 
Yonng, H. & R., McNab nr Stewart's Fonndiy 


Bauer, Leopold, (Ontario Brewery), Catherine 

bet East Bay and Bav Line 
Beck, George, (Crystal Palace Brewer^',) King 

cor Margaret 
Eckhardt, Edward, western limits 
Grant & Middlewood, (Spring Brewery), Peel 

cor Mulberry 
Kendall, Joseph, (Hamilton Brewery, Peel oor 



Bowden, Aaron, Canada nr Garth « 

Little, Alfred, Garth bet Main and King 
Little, Vincent, Main nr Western limits 
New, Henry & J., Garth bet Main and King 

Bristles, Russian, Ixnporters. 
Carpenter, K & Co., 89 King w 

Ambridge, T. A., King bet James and McNab 

Crawford, W. G., Royal Hotel Buildings, Mer- 

Davis, John H. k Co., King bet James and 

Forbes, A. F., King William cor James 

Brokers, (Stock, Bill and Exchange.) 

Forbes, A. F., n e cor Kinf William and James 

Jones, Charles T. k Co., MechaniGs' Hall 

JCcKeand, Archibald, 9 James n 

Biddel, John, 20 King e 

Steinger, Joseph, Stuart nr Bay 

Taylor k Minty, James 

W^illson, F. M., 5 James nr King 

Broom Manufacturers. 

Easson, Allan, King cor Caroline 

Mitchell, ThomM, 21 Kinff w 

Hugridge,*^ Lorimer, McNab bet Merrick k Tine 

Brush Manufacturers. 

Bnrdett, Joseph, 85 King w 

Green, Alfred J., 16 and 18 John n 

Meakins k Sons, King bet Nelson and Csthcait 

Mitchell, Thomas, 21 King w 

Still, John, Mulberry cor McNab 

Builders and Contractors. 

Allan k Co., Rebecca bet John and Catherine 
Chisholm, Robert, McNab bet Concession and 

Clucas, William, s s Miles bet Caroline and Hets 
Kdgar, David, Locomotive cor York 
Faulknor, Joseph, Broadway cor Pearl 
Hancock, William, York bet Pearl and Lock 
Jackson, Thomas, Victoria ave cor Main 
Kempster, C. W., Main bet Catherine and 

Lister, Claude, Hughson bet Gore and Henry 
Manning, F. £., Tyburn bet Cherry and Sprin|^ 
Kurison, George, Hughson cor Catherine 
Richardson, mlliam, cor Market and Caroline 
Rigsby, John, east Market bet Mary and Nelson 
Sharp k Muirson, Bay bet Merrick and Vine 
Stevenson, Charles, 14 Wellington 
Summers, William W., Main bet Bond and 

Webber, K., Maria near John 
Webster, James, Union bet Hughson and John 
White, W. C, McNab bet Cannon and Mulberry 
Yates, Robert, Charles bet Maiden Lane ana 

YAes & Garson, Duke nr Bond 

Building Society fSVestem Permanent). 

T. Duggan, M.D., President; Thomas Mcll- 
wraith, Vice-President ; F. A. Ball, Secretary 
and Treasurer. Directors — William McMillan, 
David Wright, W. B. Woods, K S. Whipple, 
Charles H. Stokoe 

Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers. 

Bolingbroke, Charles, 90 King 

Dodsworth, John H., York cor Hess 

Hill, Thomas, 32 John s 

Jarvis, John, King bet Nelson and Cathcart 

Johnson &. Jenkins, Bay nor York 

Lanffbeig, Frederick, 83 King e 

Meakins k Sons, King bet Nelson and Cathcart 

Noyes, J. k Son, 112 King e 

Reid, James, King cor Bond 

Schumacher, George, Market bet McNab and 

Stacy, James B. P., 71 King c 
Wright, William, West ave bet King and East 


Carriage and Coachbuilders. 

Bridgewood, George, Tyburn nr Hughson 
Cooper, H. G. k Co., Bond bet King and Main 
Macabe, Thomas & Co., King w 
Pronguey, J. P., Park cor Market 

Carriage Axle Manufacturer. 

Doty, John, York bet Bay and Caroline 

Carvers and Gilders. 

Blandford, Henry, o9 James n 
Jennings, David J., G. W. R. 
Marsden, Thomas, 50 James n 
Thompson, James R., Maiden Lane cor Queen 



Chemists and Druggists. 

•Bicklo, T. & Son, 6 King e 
Blaicher, Peter C, John South of Peel 
*Briffg8, G. C. & Sons, King WUliam nr James 
*DalIey, Edwin, s s York bet Queen and Kay 
'Hamilton, A. k Co., King cor James 
Holbrook k Stark, King cor Hughson 
Lawrence, Thomas & Co., Stinson's Block, Kinge 
Meldrum, Henry, 74 King e 
Moore, Lyman k Brierly, 14 King e 
Moorfl, Lyman & Mundy, James nr King Wm 
♦Winer, J. & Co., 25 King e 

China, Glass and Karthen^trare. 

Armstrong, Isaac, 20 York bet McNab and Park 

Bigelow, Albert, Hugkson bet Main and Tyburn 

*Daville, T. W., 70 King w 

Fletcher, George, John l^t King and King "Wm 

Fraser, P. k Co., James cor King 

*Skinner, James A. k Co., 87 King e 

Thorn, WiUiam, 80 York bet McNab and Park 

Cigars and Tobacco. 

Birge, C. A. & M. B., 48 James n 

Curtis, W. K., 66 King w 

Chilman, L C, King w bet Bowery and Caroline 

GroYer, Luther, 61 James n 

Knowlcs, Henry, Catharina bet Catherine and 

Lewis, Thomas, 88 King e 
McDonald, David, Bay cor York 
PattisoD, Z., Cannon bet Park and Bay 
Pike, Richard, 12 King w 
Quimby, Alfred C, 43 James n 
Schrader, Frederick J., McNab bet Hunter and 

Schwarz, Louis, 81 James n 

Civil engineers. 

Askins, A. H., G. W. R. 

Haskinsi William, city engineer. King cor West 

Hills, Albert H., Charles bet Maiden Lane and 

Livingston, T. C, 4 Tuckett's Block, Bay 
O'Keofe, D. C, 2 John s 

Rastrick, Fred., J., Maria bet John and Huglison 
Reid, George Lowe, (chief engineer, G. W. R.,) 


Bruce, Magnus, 7 James n 

Foster, Charles, King cor McNab 

Hogan, Jeremiah H., 68 King cor John 

Hogan k O'Neill, 6 James n 

King, William, 26 John s 

Lawson, Bros., 2 and 4 King n e cor James 

Levy, Isaac, 22 King w and Market Square 

Munro k Henderson, 28 King e 

Murray, A. & Co. 18 King e 

Peirce, C. £. & Co., James cor King William 

Seaman, S. L., 19 York and King w 

Smith, Donald, 40 King e 

Somerville, James H. & Co., 14 James n 

Coal Oil and X^mps. 

Farmer, William, 98 and 100 James n 

Fletcher, George, John bet King and King Wm 

Harding, Henry, James cor Rebecca 

Hobson k McPnie, s s Market Square 

Kerr, Murray A., 53 King w 

McDougall, James, King cor McNab 

Spencer, Henry, King William bet Hughson and 

Tomkins, Geoi^ James nr Murray 
Young k Bro., 24 and 26 John n, cor King Wm 

Coal Oil, (Tiirholesale.) 

Canadian Coal Oil Co., 17 King w 
Goal and Wood Dealers. 

Bible, Robert, Main cor Charles 

Browne, £., Browne's wharf 

Knox, David, Merrick 

Mackay, iEneas D., Mackay's wharf 

Myles, Thomas, Myles' wharf, and Main cor 

Proctor, John, Zealand's wharf 

Reid, William & Co., Mary bet Heniy and Re- 

Coal Grates. 

Robbins, N. B., Mary nr Willson 

CofTee and Spice Mills. 

Doherty, Thomas A., w a Catherine bet Henry 

and Lind 
Excelsior, Coffee and Spice Mills, Perkins k Clark 

Cat)ierine cor Rebecca 

Commercial Schools and Colleges. 

Bruce, Williani, James opp Gore 
Royal Dominion Commercial College, James cor 
King WUUam 

Commission Merchants. 

Andrews, A. & Co., King cor John 

Benner, Richard, Canadu Life Assurance Build- 
ings, James 

Clark, John k Co., John cor King 

Crawford. W. G., Royal Hotel building, Merrick 

Davis, John H. k Co., King e bet James and 

Duncan k Galloway, s s Market Square 

Evans, Robert, Royal Hotel block 

Fairgrieve, John, NcNab bet King and Market 

Fearman, Fiederick W., McNab ur Market 

Gilmour, William, James opp Gore 

Gregory, S. E. 35 King e 

Hammond, N., James 

Hardiker, John, w s James nr Mulberry 

Harvey, John, 11 King e 

Knox, David, Merrick 

McKenzie k Mackay, 9 Kin? e 

Macnabb, Duncan A., Royal Hotel buildings 

Marshall, George, King bet Catherine and MariA 

Pettit, J. H., 2 John s 

Proctor, John, Merrick w of James 

Smith, John k Co., King cor John 

Williamson, James, Brock nr Bay 

Willson, J. W., King cor John 

Young, MaitUmd, jr., King e 


Allan, William, Concession bet James & McNab 
Chisholm, Robert, McNab bet Concession and 

Hendrie & Co., Kinff cor MeNab 
MacDonald, Alexanaer, s s York bet Caroline 

and Hess 

ullin, James, Main bet Cherry and Sprinff 
Stephenson, Charles, Wellington bet Pearl and 

Taylor, John, Bowery cor Main 


Boyd, David, 10 John n 
Faustman, Ernst, John bet Rebecca and Gore 
Gordon, William, n s King William bet Hugh- 
son and John 

Drum Heaters, Patent. 

North, Samuel, McNab nr Merrick 




Bo^rt, D. A.f Hnghson cor Behecos 
Chittenden, 0. S., King e Corbj's block 
Filgiano, Theophilvis Le P., n e oor JkmeB and 

Walker, A. A., D.D.S., 8 King e 

I>ry Goods, Millinery, etc. 

iBaraard, P. K & H., 34 Kinff v 

Chadwick, John A., John nr ICing 

Goartenay, John, Market Sc^oare 

Croealey, John, James cor King William 

£nn k Bartindale, 12 James n 

Fowkes, Thomas, 11 KingWiUiam 

Holbrook, James, 22 King e 

Hyslop, D. A., 15 James n 

James, Qeorge, 16 James n 

Lawson Brothers, King cor James 

McMillan, Archibald, Ray bet Broftdway and 

Little Main 
Magill, Charles, 76 Kin^ e 
Murray, A. & Co., 18 King e 
Peacock, John, • s McNab bet King and Market 
Robertson, James, 20 King e 
Roes, Andrew, Lister's Block, James 
Boy, Robert & Co., James opp Fountain 
Somerville, J. H. & Co., 14 James n 
Stanbury & Co., 30 King e 
Thomson, Thomas k Co., 32 King e 
Watkins, T. C, 10 James n 

Dry Groods, (Wholesale). 

Buchanan k Co., King e cor Catherine 
Chadwick, John A., John nr King 
Frier k Dale, King bet McNab and Charles 
Gates, F. W. k Co., Commercial Bdgs. King w 
Kerr, Brown k Mackenzie, King e nr James 
Mclnnes, Calder k Co., King cor John 
Roy, Robert & Co., James opp Fountain 
Thomson, Birkctt k Bell, McNab cor Merrick 
Walker, James, 33 King o 

Dyers and Scourers. 

Connor, James, 77 James 
McLeod, A., James cor Cannon 

Knamellers, HoUo^vtr Ware. 

Campbell, R. & Co., Mary Street Foundry 

ISn gravers, Copper, Steel and Wood. 
Fell, William, n s Market Square 
Scriven, P. L., 28 King w 

envelope Manufacturers,. 

Buntin, Gilli&) & Co., 23 King e 

Kxpress Compames. 

American Express Company, J. D. Irwin, agent, 
James opp Gore 

Fancy Goods, Importers of 

Boice, William & Co., 3 King e 
Cariientcr, E. & Co., 39 King w 
Fumer, G. H. k Co., D. Mclnnes* Block 
Skinner, James A. k Co., 27 King e 

Fish, Oysters and Game (wholesale^. 

I^ee, George, 4 aud 6 King w 
Flax Brokers. 

McKenzie k Mackay, 9 King o 

Flour and Feed. 

Allan, David, 9 and 11 York 

Bampfylde, Charles, John bet Auguata&Catliarina 

Carruthera, John, 2 King William 

Doran, William, King bet Nelson and Catlicart 

Gillesby, William, w a John south of King 

Hancock, Joseph, cor John and Peel 

Hardy, Charles, McNab cor York 

Harrison, Edward, 12 John s 

Hill, Mark, McNab bet King and Main 

King, Robert, John bet Tyburn and Peel 

Land, William, agent, McNab nr King 

Laws, John, King e nr Catherine 

Lees, George, 16 John s 

Little, John, cor King and Wentworth 

Logan, George, agent, 76 King w 

Lutz, James M., 11 and 13 York 

McLean, George, 76 King w 

Magee, William, e s James bet Stinson k Barton 

Mestou, Charles, 25 and 27 York 

Morgan, W. & R., 22 and 24 John s 

Morgan, Benjamin, Main bet Cheny and Walnut 

Morris, John G., 25 York 

Morris k Bro., 5 King William and Wellington 

cor east Market 
Morrison, Thomas, John cor Wood Market 
Ronan, k Bro., 2 York 
Kyckman, John, King bet Hess and Queen 
Sharp, William, John bet Tyburn and Peel 
Squire, C, 4 Florence block King w 
Thorbum, James, John bet Peel and Tybuni 
Youngman, Samuel, Merrick bet Park and Bay 

Forivarding', Shipping and Commission 


Birely, N. F., Brock nr Bay 
Browne, Edward, Browne's wharf 
Mackay, £neas D., Mackay's wharf 
Williamson, James, Brock nr Bay 

Founders and Machinists. 

Beckett, F. G. &Co., James nr Simcoe 
Burrow k Stewart (malleable iron), Caroline bet 

Miles and York 
Doty, tfohn (carriage axles and boxes), York bet 

Bay and Caroline 
Gumey, £. & C, e s John bet King William and 
• Rebeeca 

Moore, D. & Co., Catherine cor Lind 
Northey, George, Wellington cor east Market 
Stewart, James & Co., McNab cor Vine 
Thomas, John k Co., Rebecca bet John and 

TurnbuU k Co., Mary cor Little Gore 
Young, H. & R., McNab nr Stewart's Foundry 

Fruits (^Wholesale and Retail). 

Lee, George, 4 and 6 King w 
O'Callaghan, F., 12 King w 

Gents' Furnishing Goods. 

Egan & Jetfery, 8 King c 

Foster, Charles, King cor McKab 

Hogan, J. H. , King cor John 

Hogan k O'Neill, 6 James n 

Pierce, C. E. k Co., James cor King William 

Storror, F. M., King cor McNab 

Glass Manufacturers. 

Hamilton Glass Works, Rutherford & Co., Hugh- 
son cor Warren 

Gold and Silver Platers. 
Howie, A. & Co., 3 King w 

Grain Merchants. 

Abraham, Charles F., 65 King e 
Birely, N. F., Brock nr Bay 
Davis, John H., 13 King e 
Mvles, Alfred, Bay 
Waddell, William W., 2 John s 
Williamson, James, Brock nr Bay 
Wilson, J. W., King cor John 



Grape Wine Manufacturer. 

^ Bauer, Henry, Main bet James and HnghMn 

Orate Manufacturers. 

Guiney, E. & C, John 

Bobbins, N. B., Mary cor WilUon 

Grocers (W^holesale.) 

Brown, Gillespie & Co., King cor James 

Buchanan & Co., King cor Catherine 

Forster, O. J. & Co., King cor Cliarles 

Harvey, Stuart & Co., 21 King o 

Kerr, Bro>vn k McKenzie, King e 

Perkins k Clark, cor Catherine and Rebecca 

Turner, James & Co., Hughson bet King& Main 

Grocers, (IVholesale and Retail.) 

Ashbaugh, F. A., s s Market Square 

Chenier k Brother, s s Market Suuare 

Cooper, R. C. & Co., McNab, bet King and 

DavUle, T. W., 70 King west 
Horning Jc Ryckman, e s McNab, bet Market 

and King 
Lottridge, J. W. & Co., James cor Mkt Square 
Mugridge k Lorimer, McNab, bet Merrick and 

Murphy k Murray, 78 King east 
Osborne, J.imes, James, near King 
Sharp k Stcord, 31 King east 
Sutherland, Angus, 50 King west 
Traman, William, McNab, Market Squaw 

Grocers, (Retail.) 

BaiT, John, Jani&s bet McAulay and Picton 
Boyd, Thoma.s, King William cor John 
Bradshaw, James, James opp Market 
Cooper, R. C. ly.Co., w s McNab bet King and 

Co-operative Association, s s Market Square 
Craigie, James, 72 King e 
Dalley, Edwin, York bet Queen and Ray 
Donahoe, John, 10 John s 
Boran, William, King bet Kelson and Cathcart 
Fraser, William, 9 John s 
Freeman k Bro., e s James bet Henry and Lind 
Lanphier, William H., 66 King e 
McAllister, John, cor York and Caroline 
McAllister, John, McNab bet Mulberry and 

McAuliffe, Jeremiah, Park cor Sheaffe 
Marshall, Joseph. King cor Queen 
Monro, Hugh, Stuart cor James 
Morris, Philip, cor John and Lind 
Moiris & Bro., Wellington cor East Market 
Morrison, Thomas, John cor Wood Market 
Murdoch, John, John cor Union 
Park, W^illiam, John nr Main 
Pilgrim, Robert A., King cor Cathcart 
Ronald, W'illiam, 15 York 
Secord k Davis, cor John and Main 
Sellett, Goorgf H., 21 Rel^ecca 
Smith, George, s s Market Square 
"Walker, Robert, s s York bet Queen and Bay 
Walker, William, Merrick cor Park 
Young, Charles, James n of Murray 


Holland, James, John, cor King William 
O'Brien, Henry, John, bet Tyburn and Peel 
Lcitch, John, John, near Rebecca 

Hams and Bacon, Curers of 

Campbell, John, James, bet Main and Tybom 
Fearman, F. W., McNab, bet King and Market 
Hardy, Charles, McNab, cor York 
l^ash, Samuel, Maiket, cor McNab 


Baine, John W., James, opp Market 
Chadwick, Jdhn A., John, near King 
Hope, Adam k Co., King, cor Catherine 
Kent, £. R., 74 King west 
McGiverin, Edward, 66 King east 
McGiverin, William & Co., 13 and 15 James, of p 

Magill k Brother, 38 King east 
Ross k Smith, 54 King east 
Wood k Leggat, n s King, east of Haghson 

Hats, Caps, Furs and Straw Goods. 

Angus, J. & J., 56 King west 
Egan k JcfTery, 8 King east ' 
Fielding, Joseph, King, cor Bond 
Glassco, William H. k Son, 19 King east 
Hitchcock, H. L., Henry, bet Hughson snd 

Hutchison, James, 3 James norths 
Mason, Thomas, 12 James north 
Mills, Joseph, 7 James north 

Hats, Caps, Furs and Straw Goods fWhole- 


Galbraith & (^o., King, bet James and McNab 

Glassco, W^ H. k Sou, cor King and Hughson 

Homoeopathic Pharmacy. 

Woolverton, Mrs. E. W., 86 King e 

Hoop Skirt Manufacturers. 

Hawkins, George D. k Co., 54 King w 

Hosiery Manufacturers. 

Ancaster Knitting Company, off 2 Kingw 

Hotels and Proprietors. 

American Hotel, £. W. Bearman, prop., King 

cor Charles 
Anglo-American Hotel, cor McNab and Market, 

llenry McCracken 
Balmoral House, T. Meldrum, prop., McNab 

cor Stewart 
British Kxchangc, John Morden, York bet Park 

and Bay 
British Hotel, Thomas Beatty, s e cor Main and 

City Arms Hotel, William Yaldon, McNab cor 

Cook's Hotel, Mrs. William Cook, prop. 64 and 

66 King w 
Dominion Hotel, Frederick Jeffs, prop., s 8 

Stuart onp G. W. R. Station 
European Hotel, John Kemer, prop., 72 Kingw 
Farmer's Hotel, John Sutterby, prop., MoKabnr 

Ford's Hotel, James Ford, 45 James n 
Fountain Hotel, Samuel Easter 
Great Western Hotel, J. E. Dallyn, James oor 

Harkiu's Hotel, Jolm Harkin, prop., s s Market 

James Street Hotel, Samuel Maslin, James cor 

Manchester Hotel, James Forrest, Bay bet Mar- 
ray and Stuart 
Market Hotel, Thomas Duffy, prop., McNab oor 

Metropolitan Hotel, Charles Hutton, oor Stusrt 

and Bay 
Mountain View Hotel, Charles Price, propi 
Kelligan, Dennis, John bet Peel and Ty^"™ 
Nelson Hotel, John Armstrong, prop, s s Market 




Hotels and Proprietors — (Contintied,) 

North American Hotel, 0. Nowlan, Jolin cor 

King William 
Ontario Hotel, William Flook, s s Stuart opp 

G. W. R. Stotion 
Ontario House, James Arthurs, Menick a s bet 

James and McNab 
Orr, Daniel, Ship Inn, John bet Base and Guise 
Palm's Hotel, William, Palm, King cor Bay- 
Railroad Hotel, Moses Furlong, foot of James 
Rob Roy, Michael Murphy, prop. John cor Peel 
Royal Hotel, S. Bronsou, manager, James cor 

Shakspcare Hotel, J. B. 3Iartin, s s Market 

Station Hotel, D. Henderson, Stuart opp Depot 
Steamboat Hotel, C. J, Finley, McNab cor Bur- 
Tecumseh House, J. Huggard, James nr Merrick 
Three Horse Shoe, Peter McCullock, York cor 

Volunteers* Hotel, James Macabe, King bet 

Bay and Caroline 
Wentworth Hotel, Richard Creech, Hughson 

s of Main 
Western Hotel, Samuel Smith, York -cor Bay 
Wexford House, Luke O'Brien, King bet Cather- 

ine and Mary 
White Horse Inn, Peter Shannon, McNab bet 

York and Merrick 
Yaldon, William, City Arms Hotel, McNab nr 

Young, R., Ontario Hotel, Prince's Square 

Ice Dealers. 

Berry, John, w s John, nr Hospital 

Dewey, Daniel O,, King bet Bowery & Caroline 

Foyster, J. , Burlington nr James 

3Ioore & McCauley, cor Main and Catheiine 


Moore, John, (licenses) City Hall 
McNair, Samuel, (weights L measures) City Hall 
Stirling, George, (hides), Catharina bet John and 

Insurance Companies and Agencies. 

^tna Life Insurance Co., Hartford, James Gar- 
vin, agent, 50 James n 

^tna Insurance Co., Hartford, W. F. Findlay, 
agent, James opp Gore 

Atlantic Mutual Insurance Co., J. W, Willson, 
agent. King cor John 

British America Insurance Co., Fire Depart- 
ment, E. Ritchie, agent, Post Ofiice 

British America Maiine, A. F. Forbes, agent, 
cor James and King William 

Canada Life Assurance Co., A. G. Ramsay, 
F.I. A., manager, James nr Main, Isaac MillB, 

Canada Fanners' Mutual Insurance Co., Com- 
mercial Chambers, James 

City of Glasgow (Life), R. Benner, agent, Canada 
Life Assurance Buildings 

Commercial Union, of England, J. J. Mason, C. 
li. Murray and W. G. Crawford, city agents 

Edinburgh Life, Isaac Mills, ag?ut, Wentworth 

Etna Fire Insurance Co., of Dublin, John Clark 
& Co., aj^ents, John cor King 

Gore Di»tnct Mutual (Life), D. Wright, agent, 
James n 

Hartford Fire Insurance Co., A. McKeand, agent 
9 James n 

Hartford Live Stock Insurance Co., McKenzie & 

Mackay, 9 King e 
Home District Mutual Fire Insurance Co., D» 

Wright, agent, James n 
Home and Colonial (limitedX A. F. Forbes, 

agent. King William 
Home Inland Marine Insurance Co., James D, 

Pringle, agent, Wentworth Chambers 
Home insurance Co., New Haven, Conn., A. 

McKeand, agent, 9 James n 
Imperial (Fire), R. Bonner, agent, Canada Lif« 

Assurance Buildings 
Lancashire Fire and Life, Isaac Mills, agenl^ 

Wentworth Chambers 
Life Association of Scotland, A. F. Forbes, King 

William cor James 
Liverpool and I^ondon and Globe Insurance Co., 

F. A. Ball, agent, T. A. Ambridge, acting 

agent, King bet James and McNab 
Ix>ndon Assurance Corporation (1720), W. F, 

Findlay, James opp Gore 
London and Lancashire Insurance Co., W. G. 

Crawford, Royal Hotel Buildings 
Montreal Marine Insurance Co., Maitland 

Young, ir., 35 King e 
National 1 i-avellers* Insurance Co., New York, 

W. G. Crawford, agent. Royal Hotel Buildings 
North British and Mercantile, J. D, Pringle, 

agent, Wentworth Chambers 
Phenix Insurance Co., of Brooklyn, N. Y., E. 

Browne, agent, Browne's wharf 
Phenix Marine, McKenzie & Mackay, agents, 9 

Phenix Ocean Marine Insurance Co., of Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., J. D. Pringle, agent, Wentworth 

Phcenix Insurance Company, of London, Eng- 
land, Brown, Gillespie & Co., agents, King 

cor James 
Phcenix Mutual Life Insurance Co., Hartford, 

Conn., W. G. Crawford, agent, Royal Hotsl 

Provincial, (Fire), Isaac Mills, agent for County 

of Wentworth, Wentworth (Jhambera 
Provincial, (Fire and Marine), J. D. Pringle^ 

agent, Wentworth Chambers 
Queen Fire Insurance Co., McKenzie & Mackay, 

9 King e 
Reliance Mutual Life Assurance Co., London, 

England, John Clark k Co., agents, John cor 

Royal Insurance Co., George A. Young, agent 

Royal Hotel Buildings 
Scottish Provincial Assurance Co., J. D. Pringle^ 

agent, Wentworth Cham])ers 
Security Insurance Co., of New York, (Marino), 

S. E. Gregory, agent. King e next door to 

Bank of Commerce 
Taylor k Minty, James 

Traveller's' Insurance Co., Hartford, A. Mc- 
Keand, agent, 2 King w 
Ylctoria Mutual, (Fire), Wentworth Buildings, 

W. D. Booker, treasurer and srcretary 
Western Assuran<;e Comimny, of Toronto 

McKenzie and Mackay, agents, 9 King e * 

Insurance Companies (Home) 

Canada Farmers' Mutual Insurance Co., Com- 
mercial Buildings, James, R. P. Street, secre- 
tary and teasurer 

Canada Life Assurance Co., A, G. Ramsay. F. I. 
A., manager, James nr Main 

Victoria Mutual, (Fire), Wentworth Buildings, 
W. D. Booker, treasurer and secretary 



Iroxi Founders. 

Beckett, F. G. & Co., Simcoe bet James* and 

Burrow & Stewart, (malleable iron), Caroline bet 

Miles and York 
Copp & Bro., Bay cor York 
Doty, John, York bet Bay and Caroline 
Gumey, E. & G., John bet KingjWilli«m wid 

Moore, D. & Co., Catherine nr Lind 
Stewart, James & Co., McNab cor Vine 
TnmbuU & Co., Mary cor Little Gone 
Thomas, John & Co., Rebecca bet John and 


Iron, Steel and Metals.— (-S^^ ^^w Hardware.) 
McGivcrin, William & Ca, 13 and 15 James opp 

Magill, & Bro., 88 King e 
Koss & Smith, 64 Kin^ e 
Wood & Leggat, n a King, e of Hughson 

Jewelers, Manufacturing. 

Batty, Benjamin, 40 King w 
Belling, B. M., w s James bet King and Main 
Kudei William Henry, King cor James 
Russell, Bichanl, James s opp Fountain 
St^wd, X\ B., 12 King e 

Leather, Hides, Skins, Findings, Ac- 

Beardmore, George L., King bet James and 

Crawford, Jolin, cor East Market aid Ilelson 
Cuznor, John, York bet Park and McNab 
Fields, John C, 32 King w. 
Gunner, William, s s Market Square 
Ranch, Joseph, d John n 


Blown fc BautJE, King William cor James 
Eastwood, J. & Co., King east ojm Fountain 
Lyght, Joseph & Co., King cor Hughson 

Livery and Sale Stables. 

Bevier, Dennis, 77 King w 
Burness, Geo. k Co., James bet Memck and Vine 
Coutts, Andrew, Main nr John 
Darrow, John, Rebecca bet James and Hughson 
Mathews, Joseph B., s s Market nr Park 
Nowlan, 0., cor John and King William 
Temple, John & Co., Catherine bet King Williftm 
and llebccca 

Lock Manufacturers- 

Meakina & Sons, King nr Cftthcart 
Mcakins, George H., Cathcart 

Lunciber Merchants. 

Chisholm, William, James cor Colbwms 

, Edgar, WillUm. UaroUne cor York 

Powell, T. S. , Hughson bet Tyburn and Peel 
Ross, Samuel F., Napier bet Hess and Queen 


Beckett, F. G. & Co., Simcoe nr James 
Doty, John, York bet Bay and Caroline 
Howie, A. & Co., 8 King w 
Leitch, John, John nr Rebecca 
McAJlistOT, D. C, Zealand's wharf 
Northey, George, Wellington cor king W ilham 
Stewart, James & Co., > cNab Street Foundry, 
Thomas, John & Co., Hamilton Iron WotKs, Re- 
becca bet John and Catherine 
Tumbull & Co., Mary Street Foundry 

Machinists' Blacksmiths. 

Brayley, James, ton of Mountain 

Hennessy, Hugh, Hu^ibckd s.of King Willkm 

Malleable and Grey Iron Manufacturers. 

Burrows k Stewart, e u Caroline bet York and 

Manufacturers' Agents^ 

Daii^ii, TL Jewell k Co., (British and Canadian 
manufacturers), lioyal Hotel Buildings 

l^arble Ctttters and Dealers. 

Day k McComb, Merrick cor Bay 

Hurd k RobertSi York junction of Merrick 

Rice, M. £., cor Pai*k and Merrick 

Marriage Licenses (Issuer of). 

Ambridge, Theodore A., King w bet James and 

Melodeon Manufacturers. 

Thornton and Green, Floi-ence BJook, Bay 
White, Thomas W., Kingw cor McNab 

Merchant Tailors. 

Bmce, Magnus, 7 James n 

Evans, Daniu), 89 Jatnes n 

Foster, Charles, King cor McKab 

Fumival, Thomas G., 58 James 

Gray, Robert, James nr Main 

Herron, Joseph, 4 John n 

Hogan^ Jfremiah H. k Cp., 68 Kin|; e 

Huton k Wooji, Hi^hson bet King and King 

KendeL Francis, 104 King w 
King, William, 26 John « 
Lawson Brothers, King cor James 
Milbom, Robert, James, o|»p the Gore 
Munro k Henderson, 28 King east 
Murray A. & Co., 18 King east 
Piorce,' C, E, k Co., James, nr King William 
Smith, Donald, 40 King east 

Milliners and Millinery Goods. 

Carruthera, Miss, 67 King west 
Dodson, Miss, 62 King west 
I Douahoe, Mrs. J., 8 John south 

Heys, Mrs. J., James, bet Lind and Barton 
Johnston, ^Irs. Jacob, John, bet Peel and Ty- 
Lawson Bron., King oor James 
Miller, Mins A., McNab nr King 
Willis, Jose}^»h, 7 James n 
Murray, A. k Co., 18 King east 
Sillett, Mrs., 23 Rebecca 
Towcrsey, Mrs. Josepli, 9 King "William 
Yale, Mrs. D. C, Jnuies nr Main 
YouDg, Miss J., 73 King west 

MiUinery (Wholteale.) 

Furner, G. H. &Co., D. Mclnnes' Block 
Music and Musical Instruments. 

Brown, Williani k Co., 46 James north 
Grossman, Peter, 61 James north 
White, Thomas \r., 88 Kiug west 

Newspapers and Periodicals. 

Btxnner of FnUh, published monthly, iiriiitcd at 

Spectator oihre 
Canudct ChristirLn AdvocaiCy John street, Kev. 

G. Abbs, editor 
Craflsinnn (Masonic), scnii-monthlv, published 

by T. k R. White, Spectator oHice 





it •rilliii.» Nertb mdiag of 8Iii«m. 



THE EXPOSITOR enjoys a lai^r circalation in North Siracoe, North Ontario and 
North Victoria, than any other journal, and as its advertising rates are very 
moderate, it o&rs rare inducements as an advertising medium. 

Job Printing ezecuted with Neatness, Cheapness and Dispatch. 



f EATHfiOf lISMf 





The Dispatch will be found advantageous for the publication of business an- 
nouncements, being the oldest and most laigely circulated journal in the district. 
Its editorials are uniformly fearless and independent. 


The Job Office is complete in every particular. The " Provincial Exhibition Intelligencer an 
Iffanuf aeturing Joumnl" is also published annually by the subscriber. 

€. H. MACINTOSH, Frank Street, Strathroy- 



J. FITZGERALD, - - Fublishex and Proprietor, 

3EIas the largest circulation of any paper in the Niagara District. 

^^Gr^^y^ Hiding it tke gwfteit AJ>VERTISI¥0 MEDIIJM in the Diitrict. 


J, J*lt2GE'RALD: 



iaeastsr Weallei HacMae Masefaottry. 


VIZ. : 

RollKCartling UacUiDi's, IfiinulatHiriD; Mndiincit, Power IxHiin.i, GiBs, Nappcrs, kc, be, 

frum cutire sen' puttcms, omlinii^ia^ sll tlie moiliTii impruviiinGut^ 



Sach u CultivatoTti, Ploughs, various kinds of Itoot Cutters, kc, it lav prices. 

H. A A. ECLE8TON, Propritora. 



I I 

J «■ 



The Proprietor estnblished liis Factory in 186!, snd hsa nt pm(>nt at work SS inacbiDea,|iDcludiiig Hona 
Csrf, Uimmond Point, Sheet, Fillet audDofTer Rina Michioes, In the ni»nuf»oture of Card Clothing, E. 
Tbureaaon uses only Kligliali Oak Tunned IxsatLer in prefertnce to all other kinds ; employing twelTe hsul^ 
Mid counmiag 126 aidn of luther weekly. 

The foUoviDK poinU for square foot, hsTc been generally adopted by nanvbcMren for all ordimt]' card- 
ing purposes, BuiTaalew othoinise ordered, will ba fliled ao^ordingly :— 
No. of Wire. Poiuta in a aquare foot. No. of Wire. Fointa in a aqnac* foot 

38 S4,ll« I St 0!La08 

SO «,*73 ! U 6(^130 

82 *a,3t* I s« TB,asa 

3! B5,2M 


I. ExedlcBt SUbUag: 





ChM«a WiM Hd tiqwn. Corf aUbaiv. 




K€VrnNli)efs and I^riodiCBls^Chniifmed) 

MomUton City and County of WtnhvoHK Direc' 
iory, (anniul) C. £. Indenon & Co., pub- 
lishers. Directoij Bnueh Jknly TeUgrvph 
oi&ce, Toronto 

SamiUon Evening Times^ {^i^Y, eyening and 
weakly) C. £. Stuart & Co., Huglisou 

M^99cng€r (aemi-inonthly)» deroted to the temper- 
ance cause, drawer 60 Hamilton P.O. 

SpeckUor (daily, morning and weekly), T. & R. 
White, Spectator BuUdings 


Bruce, John A. ft Co., 62 King west 
Hamilton IQ'urseries, Warren Holton, prop.. 
King, oor Wellington 

(Ml Manufacturers and Refiners^ 

Canadian Oil Companyi 17 King west 

OrgB^D. Builders. 

Thoniton k Green, 8 Florence Block, Bay 
White, Thomas W., 38 King w 

Oysters and Game ^Wholesale.) 

Lee, George, 4 and 6 King w 
O'Callaghan, F., 14 King w 

Painters, House, Sign and Ornamental. 

Armstrong, Walter, cor Main and Cherry 

Atkinson, Joseph, Welliu^n nr Willson 

Barker & Lemessurier, Mam bet McNab & James 

Briers, Thomas, e s Catherine bet Gore k Henry 

Cook, William, Vine nr McNab 

Davis, William, John bet Lind and Bart(m 

Edgcomb, O. W., King cor Catherine 

Fitrpatrick k Bro., 33 York 

Freeborn, Thomas, cor WUlson and Elgin 

Holcomb, W. H., 24 Hughson 

Mathews k McMenemy, MeNab bet King and 

Pentecost k Son, King nr McNab 
Way, James, East Market cor Mary 

Paper Bag Manufacturers. 

Buntin, Gillies & 0&, 23 King e 

Cnnninghami MuKichan k Co., Charles bet King 

and Main 
McKichan, John B., McKab nr King 

Patent Medicines. 

BUk, Horace C, Wellington bet Henry and 

Little Gore 
BriggsJc Sons, Kinp^ William nr James 
Dally, Kdwin, York bet Queen and Kay 
Galbr4dith,:JQhnt H^ighson cor. Augusta 
Kennedy, James, Merrick opp Market 


Cox, John, 8 King e 
Eckenon, Lutheiv 7 James n 
Milne. Bobert, James n . 
Wright, C. H., 34 King w 

Physicians and Surgeons. 

Bate4 Jiit^es,^ Gale bit Rugliion.bnd Joliii 
Billings k White, James cor Hcnrr 
C^, William i.. A., Ki|ig cor Walnut 
liobker, T.-M; Jimeabet Mam and' Tybdm' - 
Davis, 1)., Merrick James and McXab 
]>e|rJUji, Jamc/^ A., Park^ Merrick, and iVio^ • 
■ Donnelly, O. J., Head of Wiffnut"' •- ' • ^ '■ 
Fergasson, John W., (Homceopathic), Gore bet 

James and Hughson ^ •. 

Hamilton John M, R. N., Bay cor McNab 
Hanwood, Edwin, Main bet James and McNab 


Laiiu^ James B., Cannon bet Paik and Bay 
Mcmece, William J., McNab oor Mulberry 
McTaggart, Miles F., Park bet Merrick and Vine 
Hacdonald, John D., w s James bet Hunter and 

HacKelcan, George L., Gore bet James and 

MacKelcan, John, Grore bet Hughson and James 
Mackintosh, Darid, John nr Haniy 
Mason, John J., Augusta bet James and Hughson 
Mullin, John A., w s James bet Cannon and 

O'Reilly, Charles, City Hospital 
Reid, Alexander C, cor Hughson and Rebecca 
Ridley, Henry T., a e cor Main and Charles 
Rosebrugh, J. W., Jamea bet Maiden Lane and 

Ryall, George, Main nr Catlierine 
Ryall, Isaac, Main nr Catherine 
Strange, Henry, King cor Mary 
Yemon, Elias, w a James bet Hunter and Bold 

Piano-Forte Manufacturers. 

Knott, John, Main cor Catherine 
Thomas, C. L., Western Piano-forte Factory, 1^ 
and 78 King w 

Piano-Fortes, Dealers in 

Brown, William It Co., 46 James n 
Grossman, Augustus, 61 James n 
Peteraen, Adolph, Royal Hotel Buildings 
Thomas, C. L., 76 and 78 King w 
White, Thomaa W., 38 King w 

Planing MUls. 

Aitcliison, W. k D., Bond bet King and Main 
Brennan, Michael, rear of 10 John n 
Kempster, Charles W., Main bet Catherine and 

Semmeos k Co., Sophia bet Inchbuiy and York 
Sharp k Murson, Bay bet Merrick and Vine 

Plumbers, Steam and Gas Fitters. 

Adam, James, Hnghson bet King and King 

Farmer, William, 08 and 100 James n 
Hard^g, Henry, James cor Rebecca 
Hobson k MePhie, James cor Main 
Malcolm, WiUiam, cor Hufl^hson and Aiigushi 
Young k Bro., John cor King William 

Pork Dealers. 

Baker, James, City Market 

Bcasley, Richard S., York bet Bay and Caroline 

Bowers, J., York bet Park and Bay 

Burridge, James, MoAllister's Block, York 

Campbell, John, James, s of Main 

Clark, Thomas«ea James bet Stinson and Barton 

Cuff, Robert C, 60 Market Shed 

Langberg, John, John n of Peel 

Martin, P,v cor John and King William 

MiUsr James, City ilarket 

p«fk -packets. * 

Campbell; John, .Tanifcs s of Main 
DayM»> .. John. T^A !■•*? .At^dnaon, manager^ 
• -Wvntw^rth nr a. W. k . . , ^ 

-•M^r^A, !»., cfrJiVlmand Iviag WiUiAm! . 

Portrait painters- , . . . ~ 

^*i9d?ffia-^i*W4**l['i.^*^^^*^^^ Chambers 
Paiflfijf ?icllaM A;: Wcrftworth Chambers 

Potter. ^^^ 

Campbell, iTiliiai)'; Garih it Duke 

»•> ,. » . 



Potash Manufacturers. 

Forbes, Alejc&nder, Barton cor Wellinglon 
Judd, W. H. & Bro., w a Bay bet Cannon & Vine 

Powder Manufacturers. 

Hamilton Powder Company, Jamea cor Main 

Printers (Book and Job). 

Caiwda Christian Advocattf John bet King and 

King William 
Lawson, A. & Co., 8 King w 
Raw, Robert, jun., 8 James 
Stewart, C. E. & Co., Time* office, Hnghson bet 

King and King William 
White, T. &R., Sjitxtator office, Hnghson cor 

Printers (Copper-plate.) 

Catchpole, George, 8 Rebecca 
Fell, w illiam, a s Market Square 

l^roduce and Coramission Merchants. 

Abraham, Charles F., 55 King east 

Davis, John H. & Co., King e, bet James and 

Duncan & Galloway, s s Market Square 
Fairgrieve, John, McNab, bet King and Market 

Garrett, James S., Wentworth Chambers 
Lottridge, J. W. k Co., James, cor Mkt Square 
Pettit, J. H., 2 Upper John 
Smith, John & Co., King, cor John 
Waddell, William W., John, nr King 
Williamson, James, Brock nr Bay 
Willson, J, W., King, cor John 

Provincial Land Surveyors 

Blythe, Thomas A., s s Bold, bet James and 

Caddy, J., St. V. Wentworth Chambers 
O'Keefe, D. C, cor King and John 

Pump Maker 

Anderson, William, Grove, bet Liberty and 

Railway Cartage Agents 

Hendrie k Co., King, cor McNab 

Rope and Twine Manufacturers. 

Copeland, George, Wellington bet Henry and 

Main, Alexander, & Co., Mary cor Oak 

Saddle, Harness and Trunk Makers. 

Field & Davidson, 18 James n 

JoUey, James, Prince's Square, John 

Kraft, Ernest, 5 and 7 York bet McNab and Park 

McKeown, Hugh, John south nr Peel 

O'Heir, Peter, 6 John n 

Philp & Robertson, James nr King William 

Stewart, George, 42 John 

ToiTence, Thomas, John cor Tyburn 

Saddlery Hard'ware 

Field & Davidson, 18 James n 
McGiverin, William, & Co., 13 and 16 James 
opp Gore 

Sail Loft. • 

Grant, W, W., Bay bet McCaulay and Burlington 

Saloons and Restaurants. 

Black, Daniel, prop. Club House, e s James 

north of P. 0. 
Colvin, John, 8 King w 
Colvin, Peter, w s McNab bet King and Market 


Cricketer *8, Thomas Gillesby, propr.. Market 

nr Park 
Dewey, John, Hughson bet King & King William 
Fleming, John, Catherine cor Barton 
Forest, Thomas, Bain prop. James opp Mulbeny 
Goering, John W., 63 James 
■' Grell, Lorenzo, John nr King William 
Heffernan, Patrick, 90 King e 
Hogben, Henry, "Shades Restaurant" 60 Jamei 
Lee, George, 4 and 6 King w 
McCann, Thomas ?^., 6 John s 
McDonough, Luke, King William bet James and 

Malcolm, John, McNab opp Market 
Noble, William, "Metropolitan," James eor 

Roach, George, G. W. R. Station 
* Robinson HaJl, Wm. Carey prop. Market Square 
Royal Hotel, James P. Phelan, proprietor 
Schaupp, John, Bay bet Concession and Stinson 
Small wood, George, 14 John south 
Williams, Charles F., "Shades Saloon," Prince*8 

S<[nare, Main 
Wiuckler, Julius, 18 York 
Young, Thomas, 20 John s 

Sash, Blind and Door Manufacturers. 

Brennen, Michael, rear 10 John n 

Kempster, Christopher W., Main bet Catherine 

and Walnut 
Semmens & Co., Sophia nr Inchbury 
Sharp & Murison, e s Bay bet Merrick and Vine 

Scale Makers. 

Gumey, W^are k Co., 88 James noi-th, office JoLlb 
bet King W^ilUam and Rebecca 

Seedmen and Florists. 

Bruce, John A. k Co., 62 King w 

Cooper, R. C. k Co., McNab bet King and Market 

Gillesby, William, w s John s of King 

Hardy, Charles, McNab cor York 

Morgan, R. k W., 22 John south 

Sevring Machine Manufacturers. 

Wanzer, R. M. k Co., King cor Catherine 
Ship Builder. 

Robertson, A. M., Zealand's Wharf 

Ship Smiths. 

McAllister, D. C, Zealand's Wharf 
Spears, Samuel k John, foot of McNab 

Soap and Candle Manufacturers. 

Judd, W. H. k Bro., Bay bet Cannon and York 
Morton, David, Emerald s of ]\Iain 
Walker, James, Main cor Bowery 

Soda ^Water Manufacturers. 

Bilton, Henry W., Market nr McNab 

Pilgrim, R. A., King e bet Walnut k Wellington 

Stationers CWholesale). 

Buntin, Gillies & Co., 23 King e 

Steamship Agencies and Agents. 

Anchor Line to Glasgow, F. M. Willson, agent, 
5 James n 

Chaff ey, George & Co.'s, line of steamships and 
barges, John Proctor, agent, Merrick and 
Commercial Wharf 

Cunard Line, C. T. Jones & Co., agents, James n 

Hamburg American Packet Company, William 
Herman, agent, 39 King w 

Inman Line to Liverpool and Cork, F. M. Will- 
son, agent, 5 James n 



Steamship Agencies & Agenia-^ CowUnusd) 

Jacqnea, Tracy & Co.* a line of steamers, John 

Proctor, agent, Merrick & Commercial Wharf 
London and New York Steamship Co., Archibald 

McKeand, agent, 9 James n 
Montreal ¥S«ight and Passenger Line, M, D. 

Mackay, agent, Mackay's wharf 
Montreal Ocean Steamship Co., George A. Young 

agent, Royal Buildings, James 
National Steamship Co., to and ^m Queenstown 

and Liverpool, Arohihald McKeand, agent, 9 

James n 
New York and Antwerp, William Herman, agt., 

39 King w 
ITorth American Steamship Co., for California, 

(opposition line), Archibald McKeand, agent, 

9 James n 
North German Lloyd, William, Hen&aa, agent, 

89 King w 
Pacific Mail Steamship Co., to San Francisco, 

California, Australia, New Zealand, China, and 

South Amenoan ports, via Panama, F. M. 

Willson, agent, 6 James n 
Boyal Mul Line, between Hamilton and Mon- 
treal, Archibald McKeand, agent, 9 James n 

Steam Kngine Builders. 

Beckett, F. G. k Co., Simcoe bet James and 

Northey, George, Wellington cor East Market 
Thomas, John k Co., Rebecca bet Catherine and 


Steel Spring Makers. 

Grayson, George, Bond bet King and Main 

Storage, Forwarding and Shipping. 

Birely, N. F., 66 King e 
Browne, E., Browne's wharf 
Mackay, M. D., Mackay's wharf 
Proctor, John, Commercial wharf 
Williamson, J., Brock nr Bay 

Stove, Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Manu-- 
facturers and Dealers. 

Bingham, A., McNab bet King and Market 
Bowron, A. & Son, King William nr James 
*Copp Bros., 16 John n 

Farley, John, McNab bet King and Market Sq. 
*Gumey, E. & C, John bet King William and 

Hannan k Bro., John nr King William 
Howies, Matthew, Florence block, King w 
•Moore, D. & Co., King e nr Catherine 
Morrison, Joseph B., 7 n John 
North, Samuel, McNab nr Merrick 
Smith, George; McNab cor Cannon 
•Stewart, James k Co., McNab cor Vine 

Straw Goods fWholesale). 

Galbraith k Co., King bet James and McNab 
Fumer, G. H. k Co., D. Mclnnes* bock 

Tailors and Drapers. 

Fraugott, Richard, 26 York 

Gallagher, Robert, York bet Bay and Caroline 

Howard, William H., 10 Kobecca 

Karschner, John, 23 York 

Milborn, Kobert, James opp Gore 

Myers, James, 42 John s 

O'Neill, Arthur, John bet Peel and Tyburn 

Roddick, William, e s James between Stinson and 

Seaman, S. L., 19 York and 20 King w 
Yogty John, John nr Main 

Tanners and Curriers. 

Brown, James, East Avenue nr King 
Humphrey k Newberry, Tyburn 

Telegraph Companies. 

Dominion Telegranh Co., 13 King nr Hughson 

Montreal Telegrapn Co., James opp Gore 

Tinmen's Tools and Materials. 

Moore, D. k Co., King nr Catherine 

Tinmen's Tools and Machines (Manufs of)» 

Moore, Samuel J., Mary bet Little Willson and 

Tin, Copper, Sheet Iron, etc. 

Bingham, A., McNab bet King and Market 

Bishop, J. B., King William e of Hughson 

Farley, John, McNab bet King and Itoket sq 

North, Samuel, McNab nr Merrick 

Smith, George, McNab cor Cannon 

Smith, Mrs. Jane, 4 Yolk 

Smith, Robert, King William bat James ajid 

Spencer, Henry, n 8 King Williani bet JaoMf 

and Hughson 

Tip Printing. 

Haigh, Richard, Spectator Buildings 

Tobacco Manufacturers. 

Barber, E. k Co., King bet Cathcart and Wel- 
Billings k Turner 

Schwarz, Frederick, Florence Block, King w 
Tuckett k Billings, 100 and 102 King w 

Umbrella Makers. 

Catchpole, George, Rebecca nr James 


Blachford, John, McNab bet King and Main 
Chapman, William M., 23 Kingw 
Snelgrove, E. L., Court House Square 


Drysdale, Alexander, McNab cor Vine 
Hill, Thomas, John opp Prince's Square 
Jarvis, John, King bet Nelson and Cathcart 
Meakijis k Sons, King nr Cathcart 
Reid, James, King cor Bond 
Snelgrove, E. L., Court House Square 
Stacy, James, B. P., 71 King e 

Variety Stores. 

Mackintosh, Hugh, 84 King e 

Moodie, Jolin, 36 King w 

Pearson, Jolm k Co., 58 King w 

Philips, George 11., King nr Mary 

Taylor, William, King bit Bond and Bowery 

Taylor, John E., 61 King w 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Hume, James, 1 York 

Watson, John & Sons, ^lary cor King William 

Vinegar Manufacturers. 

Birely k Co., James bet Peel and Augusta 
Charltoii, B. E., cor King aiul Wellington 
Faustriiann, Ernetit, John bet liebecca and Gore 

"Wagon Makers. 

Armstrong, Peter, King e bet Walnut and 

Campbell, George, King e bet Walnut and Wel- 
Kavanagh, William, York cor Park 
McOrath, Edward, cor James and Tyburn 
Walker, Robert, Walnut bet Main and King 
AVall k McCarthy, John cor Tyburn 



Watches. Clocks and Jewelry. 

Attwood, M. W., BotbI Hotel Bnadiogi, Jumm 

Batty, Benjamin, 40 King w 

Belling B. M., Junes nr Main 

Tell, Henry K., Market Square 

Gets, George, 22 York 

Green, John W., 28 King v 

Hill, Thomas 8., sen., Jonn cor Wood Market 

Lees, Tliomas, 6 James n 

JjBYj, H. & A., 7 John s ^ 

McMahon, W. F., 86 King e 

Osborne, Robert, James opp Fountain 

Steward, T. B., 12 King e 

Taylor, Joseph, 52 James n 


Browne, £., Browne's Wharf, foot of McKab 
Mackay, £neas D., foot of James 
Proctor, John, Commercial Wharf 
Yonng, Jacob, Zealand's Wharf 

Whip and "Whip^-lash Manufacturers and 


"KisLKt O. H. & H. A., Bebeccabet John & Catherine 
Qoimby, A. C, 43 James n 

Wines and ULquors (Inxporters of and 
^wholesale dealers In.) 

Brown, Gillespie k Co., King oor James 
Cochrcn, William I. k Co., McKab nr King 
Forster, G. J. k Co., King cor Charles 
Goerine, John W., 63 James n 
Kerr, Brown k Mackeniie, King e 
Penchen, Clark k Co., John oor King 
Simpson, James, McNab w s Market Sqnare 
Tnmer, James k Ga, Hnghson 

W^ire Mills. 

Greeninj^ Bei^amln, Peter cor Hess office Yock 

^Wool Merchants and Brokers. 

Abraham, Charles F., 55 King e 
Cnsner, John, 10 York 
Daris, John H. k Co., 18 King e 
Gillesby, WUUam, w s John s of King 
fLuYBjt John, 11 King e 
Lonff k Bisbr, 42 James n 
McKenxie k iiackay, 9 King e 
Pettit, J. H., 2 Upper John 

Kmlet* — A post office in the Township of Burgess, Connty Lanark, South Riding 

BYRNE, JOHN, Postmaster. 

Hammoild. — A small ViUage in the Township of Elma, County Perth, 27 miles from Stratford, the 
County To¥m, and 27 from Berlin. Average value of improved land in the vicinity $30 per acre. Pox>tt- 

lation 25. 

Aitchison, Andrew, saw mills 
Burnett, William, farmer 
Gray, Daniel, blacksmith 
Hammond, James, J. P., farmer 
HAMMOND, JAMES, JUN., Postmaster 
Hone, William, farmer 
Keating, J., farmer 

Keating, John, farmer 
Keatiiiff, W., farmer 
Keith, J., farmer 
McCauley, John, fanner 
Melrose, Thomas, farmer 
Robinson, Alexander, farmer 

HamptOlU-'A ViUage in the Township of Darlington, County Durham, 28 miles from Coboui^, and Afy 
from Toronto. Stages to Bowmanville and Csesarea. Money order office. Population 500. 

Ashton, Samuel, general merchant 

Beer, William, blacksmith 

Bell, John, hotel keeper 

Bigham, Hugh, M.D. 

Bradley, Thomas, stock dealer 

Bunt, K., cooper 

Cann, Thomas, J.P 

CUrk, Thomas, blacksmith 

Cole, John, tailor 

Courtice, Rev. R. T., (Bible Christian) 

Oryderman, J., . • « , 

ELLIOTT, HENRY, sr.. Postmaster, J. P., and prop. 

flouring mill 
Elliott, Henry, jr., gen. merchant and Ins. agent 
Ellis, F. L., teacher 

Farley, John, sash, door, and blind manufacturer 
Fawke, K S., cabinet maker 
Fawkc, Thomas, dealer in hides and leather 
GuUey, Francis, carpenter 
Hill, William, grocer ^, . . ^ 
Hoidge, Rev. J., (Bible Christian) 
Hooper, Henry, shoemaker 
Jenkins, Mrs., milliner, 
Jennings, WiUiam, shoemaker 

Jennings, William, carpenter 

Johns, John, wagon maker 

Johns, Samuel, cooper 

Joliffe, Rev. Mr., (Wesleyan) 

Martin, William, shoemaker 

Merrill, C. C, general agent, auctioneer, &c 

Merrill, Charles M., general agent 

Olford, T., shoemaker 

Pethick, Miss E., milliner 

Phillips, H. F., hotel keeper, auctioneer and stock 

Rogers, W. H., J.P. 
Stonehouse, T. G., auctioneer 
Territt, Joshua, butcher 
Thomas, W. C\, saddler 
Vunstone, William, wagon maker 
Ward, Samuel, grocer 
Ward, Thomas, butdier 
Washington, Anthony, J.P. 
Webster, Louisa, teacher 
Williams, D., cari)enter 

Williams, James, manufacturer of woolen goods 
Williams, William, notary public 
Wright, Thomas A., carpenter 



HUipsteaiL— A small Village in the TownsMp of Korth Easthope, County Pertli» 10 milea from Strat- 
foixl, the County Town, and 6 from Shalupeare. Population 45. 

Imoa, Bobert, fiumer 

Bonner, Hemy, blackamith 

Carroll, Henry, farmer 

Fnuer, D. B. teacher 

Gilbert, William, waoon maker 

Hofmau, Peter, hotel keeper and blacksmith 

LIESEMER, HENBY, J. P., Postmaster and genenJ 

Lillico, James, farmer 
McLaren, Alex^der, farmer 
Neebe, Henry, fanner 
Stewart, James, farmer 

HammettsliOlllL— A Post Office in the Township of Harkham, County York, East Riding. 

HAMMETT, JAKES, Postmaster. 

Hannon* — A Post Village in the Township of Glanford, County Wentworth, 7 miles distant from HamiltODy 
the County Town, and 48 miles from Toronto. 

COWIE, THOMAS, Poetmastei. 

Mano ver* — ^A Village in the Townships of Bentinck and Brant, Counties of Grey and Bruce, on the Ssngeea 
River, 40 miles from Owen Sound, 6 frt>m Walkerton, 37 from Southampton and 50 from CoUingwood* 
Stages to all the abore places. ATerage value of land in vicinity $25 per acre. Money order office* 
Population 500. 

Adams, George W., carpenter 

Adams, H. P., proprietor flouring mill 

Becker, Henry, carpenter 

Black, James, cabinet maker 

Bottrell, James, butcher 

Brawn, G., Evangelical Association 

Brehm, S., hotel keeper 

Buck, Abraham, farmer 

Campbell, Donald, farmer 

Campbell, D., manufacturer of woolen goods 

Campbell, Duncan, proprietor foundry 

Campbell, Peter, druggist 

Campbell, William loT, tinsmith 

Clark, Rev. A. (Baptist) 

Clark, James C, wagon maker 

Coppinger, Thomas £., general merchant 

Davis, I. B., farmer 

Deacon, WiUiam, hotel keeper 

Devlin, William, caipenter 

Doberer, Andrew, tauor 

Dresch, Valentine, bridL maker 

Eidt, Lewis, cooper 

Ellis, John, fanner 

Gibon, John, fSumer 

Goodeve, £. A., general merchant 

GOTTWALS, A. Z., Postmaster and insurance agent 

Gottwals h Hood, general merchants 

Hahn, John, farmer. 

Hahn, John, jun., carpenter 

Halsted, I. P., M.D. 

Hasenjager, C, farmer 

Bollinger, George, hide and leather dealer 

Hood, John, saddler 

Hopkins, R E., saddler 

Huscher, WUliun, shoemaker 

Irvine^ Rev. W., (Wesleyan) 

Johnston, David, farmer 
Johnson, John H., carpenter 
Kern, C. tailor 
Kerr, John, painter 
Kiseumever, Rev. — , (Baptist) 
Knechte^ Daniel, jun., cabinet maker 
Kuehner, Conrad, potter 
Landerkin, (George, M.D. 
Lawson, William, grocer 
Lockhart k Mavwell, brewers 
Lynn, Samuel, blacksmith 
McDonald, Daniel, teacher 
McDonald k Jost, general merchants 
McKay, John, carpenter 
McKelvie, John, hotel keeper 
McNally, Robert, wagon maker 
McNallv, Samuel, blacksmith 
McNiool, John, general merchant 
Mackenson, Rev. W. (Lutheran) 
Mitchell, P. W., saddler 
Kewert, Videntine, cooper 
Norsworthy, Samuel, shoemaker 
Oppertshauser, Conrad, wagon maker 
Scarborough, Charles, brickmaker 
Schuhmann, Frederid:, shoemaker 
Schwegler, J. F., general merchant 
Small, John, contractor 
Softley, Rev. E. (Church of England) 
Spry, John, farmer 
Sterling, Henry, butcher 
Steward Charles, shoemaker 
Tinda], Rev. W. (Episcopal Methodist) 
Tweedie, Sarah, teacher 
Wi^er, Anthony, blacksmith 
Walker, John, cabinet maker 
Younge^ Simon, tailor 

H«re«1irt»— A Pest-office in the Township of Boss, County Renfrew, K.R. 

SQUIRES, JOHN W., Postmastec 

Hardinge.— A Post-office in the Township of Barrie, County Addington* 

TAPPING, THOMAS, Postmaster. 



Harlem. — A small Village in the TownsHp of Bastard, County Leeds, 33 miles from Brockvill#, thi 
County Town, and 14 from Irish Creek station, Brockville and Ottawa Railway. Population (JO. 

Moss, James, shoemaker 
Smith, G., lumber dealer 

Austin, Harvey, prop, grist mill 

Brown, Boswell, general merchant 

Derbyshire, Isaac, general merchat 

Gill, Frederick, farmer 

Gndnsford, William, shoemaker 

Green, John, fanner 

Janson, W, F., teacher 

KINCADE, WILLIAM, Postmaster, shoemaker 

Smith, Israel, cabinet maker 
Sweet, Hiram, farmer 
Watts, Thomas, farmer 
Wetheral, Ruel, blacksmith 
Wolfe, Squire» shoemaker 

Harley.— (Sometimes called Derby.) — ^A small Post Village in the Township of Burford, County Brant, E. 
B., 14 miles from Brantford, the County Town. Daily Mails. Population 60. 

Anklin, B., hotel keeper 
Bennett, Josiah, carpenter 
Denby, John & Joseph, shoemakers 
Epps, Daniel, farmer 
!Epps, Richard, farmer 
Gfoom, William, blacksmith 

Hillts, Thomas, earpenter 

McLELLAN, J. L., Postmaster and gen. merchant 

Parlee, John, farmer 

Steedman, Abraham, tailor 

Stewart, James, farmer 

Whittaker, H. L., wagon maker 

Harmony.— A Village in the Township of South Easthope, County Perth, 4 miles from Stratford, the 
County Town, and 90 from Toronto, Population 50. 

Adair, Joseph, farmer i Dunsmore, E., farmer 

Blair, William, blaeksmith | Dunsmore, James H., farmer 

CORBETT, EDMUND, Postmaster, manufacturer of woolen foods 

HaroldL— A small Village in the Townsihip of Rawdon, County Hastings, 23 miles from BelleTiIle, tho 
County Town. 

BtTCK, RICHARD, Postmaster 
fiesson, John, grocer 
liupton, John, farmer 
McKay, Murdoch, teacher 
Odbert, William, fanner 
Finder, John, flouring mill 

Price, Rev. W. (Wesleyan) 

Rankin, Darid, farmer 

Russell, Leonard, pump maker 

Sitzer, Edmund, insurance agent and accountant 

Wilson, Thomas, farmer 

Harper.— A Village in the Township of Bathuzst, Connty Lanark, 7 miles from Perth, the County Tovi^ 
Population 70. 

Bailey, Samuel, shoemaker 

Baird, Matthew, manufacturer woolen goods 

Bolton, William, fanner 

Cameron, John, farmer 

Campbell, John, farmer 

Chant, Rev. E. (Wesleyan) 

Churchill, Henry, cooper 

Feiguson, Duncan, carpenter 

Fishet, John, farmer 

Fisher, Malcolm, farmer 

Guinness, Christopher, fanner 

Harper, Joseph, fanner 

Layton, Myles, hotel 

Lee, James, lime dealer 

McDonald, C, hotel 

McNer, Peter, farmer 

Marguerat, Louis, sash factory 

Menzies, John, farmer 

Steele, John, manufacturer woolen goods . 

WARREN, JOSEPH, Postmaster and gen. merchf 

Watts, Edward, shoemaker 

Barri^tSTille,— A Village in the Township of Korth Dorchester, County Middlesex, IS miles from X^n* 
don, the County Town, and 7 from Dorchester Station Great Western Railway. Stages to Aylmer aauS 
Dorchester. Population 150. 

BsUentyne, Hector, blacksmith 

Barr, C, general merchant, Com. in B.R. 

Barr, William, farmer 

Bewe, John, blacksmith 

Syans, John, farmer 

IFucjf Robert, cheese factory 

Irwin, William^ wagon maker 

Jelly, John J., general merchant 
Jelly, William, hotel keeper 
Eincaid, John, farmer 
McMillan, Henry, farmer 
McMillan, JOHN, J.P., Postmaster 
McPherson, Adam, pump maker 
Wallace, Isaac, shoemaker 



narrington West. — A V^illago m the Township of West Zorra, County Oxford, on a branch of the 
Thames, 21 miles from "Woodstock, the County Town, 10 from Stratford, 30 from London and 10 from 
St Marys. Population 200. 

Anderson, Thomas, fanner 

Batrage, William, brick maker 

Clutford, John C, farmer 

Darling, George, farmer 

Harrington & Mclntee, hotel keepers 

Heron, Kobert, general merchant 

Horbes, George, lumber dealer and wagon maker 

Houpe, George, cabinet maker 

Kerr, Angos, general merchant 

McCabe, John, coal dealer 

McKay, John, farmer 

McLeod, H. M., M.D. 

Meldrum, Norman, teacher 

Meldrum, Rev. William, (Free Presbyterian) 

Mills, William, fanner 

Morris, Matthew, cabinet maker 

Morray, R. A., insurance agent 

Pitt, John, J. P., farmer 

Rands, A. H., stock dealer 

REID, DANIEL, Postmaster, auctioneer and dealer 

in boots and shoes 
Ross, William, farmer 
Wadland, William, farmer 

Harrlsbnrs^. — A Tillage and Station of the Great Western Railway, on Fairchild's Creek, in the Township 
of South Dumfries, County Brant, 9 miles from Brantford, the County Town, and 58 from Toronto. 
Population 150. 

Arnold, George, telegraph operator 

Basstie, David, teacher 

Bowman, Jacob, carpenter 

Bnrt, Robert, J. P., farmer 

Coleman, J., hotel keeper 

Durham, Joseph, farmer 

GALLOWAY, JAMES, Postmaster and gen. mercht 

GrifUn, James, shoemaker 

Hall, Rev. J. (N. C. Methodist) 

Hurley, Mrs. 6., groceries 

Laurason, Miller B., farmer 

Lyall, John, agent American Express 

McAllister, Rev. J. (N. C. Methodist) 

MoLeod, John, carpenter 

Shaver, Walter, carpenter ' 

Smith, Simon, farmer 

Starr, Frederick, butcher 

Starr, George, farmer 

Vrooman, A. M., farmer 

Vrooman, Daniel, hotel keeper 

Httfa*OW* — A Tillage in the Township of Colchester, County Essex, 30 miles from Sandwich, the County 
Town, 18 from Amherstburgh and 9 from Eingiville. Average value of improved lands in the vicinity* 
|16 per acre. Population 50. 

Colbert Rev. T., (Wesleyan) 

Ferris, William, butcher 

FULLMER, £. M., Postmaster and gen. merchant 

Hughson, S., miller 

Quick, David, butcher 

Qaickt John B., carpenter 

Robertson, R. A., M.D. 
Thrasher, John, hotel keeper 
Thompson, Lennox, J. P. 
Wright, W. G., general merchant 
Woughte, T. C, millwright 
Yokum, Jesse, cooper 

HttTOWSmitll* — A Tillage on Spring Creek, in the Township of Portland, County Frontenac, 16 milet 
frt>m Kingston, the County Town, 32 from Westport and 20 from Parham. Iron, lead and plumbago 
are found in the vicinity. Population 200. 

Babcock, J., proprietor Dominion Hotel 

Baker Ira, cabinet maker 

Burnett, John, carpenter 

Campbell, W., shingle manufacturer 

Carscallen h Rogers, saddlers 

Charlton, John, farmer 

Clark, L., wngon maker 

Clark, W. k Co., wagon maker 

Cooke, James, teacher 

Crozier, Rev. J., (Presbyterian) 

Davis, W., painter 

Day, A., farmer 

Donnelley, John, farmer 

Easton, W., cooper 

Farifl, D., shoemaker 

Grant, T., engraver 

Herchmer, John, farmer 

HoUisUr, N. P., saddler 

Lake, D., farmer 

MiUer, Rev. W. W., (Wesleyan) 

Parkin, R., tailor 

Phillips, A., painter 

Phillips, R. J., wagon maker 

Rogers, F. F., cari)enter 

Shelby, Charles, farmer 

Shelby, E., grocer 

Shelby, J., proprietor Albion Hotel 

Simpkins, H., carpenter 

Smith, J. R., M.D 

Spike, A., farmer 

Stewart, 0., stock dealer 

Stewart, G. D., farmer • 

Stewart, S. general merchant and lumber dealer 

STEWART, S. F., Postmaster, notary public, &c 

Tandewater, R. W., general merchant 

Walsworth, H. J., lime manufacturer 



Harrlftton. — A Villege on the Kaithmd River, and proposed line of the Wellington, Grey ind BnK« 
Railway, in the Township of Kinto, County Wellington, 40 miles from Guelph, the Coonty Town, 14 
from Listowell, and 26 from Walkerton. Stages to all the aboye plates. Money Order office. Popu- 
lation 275. 

Allan, James, proprietor hotel and livery stables 

Arnold, William, J. P., and general merchant 

Baily, James, saddler 

Bftteraan, Miles, farmer 

Brown, James, farmer 

Caldwell, Robert, farmer 

Connell, James, farmer 

Connell, H. k W., shoemakers 

Cowan, James, M.D. 

Craig; John, tailor 

Curry, John, teacher 

Denny, T. G., baker 

Depew, Rev. F. T., (New Connexion Methodist) 

Bow, Alexander, farmer 

Dunham, John, teacher 

French, William, brick maker 

Gowan, Edward and William, architects 

Gordon, Hugh, carpenter 

Gordon, William, wagon maker 

Gray, Benjamin, carpenter 

Haig, Robert, accountant 

Hall, Miss Catharine, milliner 

Hotson, Walter, shoemaker 

Johnson, John, lime and stone 

Kay, Henry C, accountant 

Lee, George, butcher 

Livingston, John, insurance agent and auctioneer 

Longeast, James, lime and stone 

Mcliennan, Rev. Geoige, (Presbyterian) 
Mallaby, J. J., hotel keeper 
Markle, A. G., prop, hotel and livery stable 
MACREADY, ALEXANDER, Postmaster and gen. 

Meiklejohn, Alexander, general merchant 
Meiklcjohn, Mrs., milliner 
Moncrief, Thomas, farmer 
Moore, James, farmer 
Morrell, Thomas, wagon maker 
Morrison, W^illiam G., teacher 
Nelson, Allan, carpenter 
Patmore, Martin, wagon maker 
Prentice, James, lime and stone 
Preston, James B., lumbei dealer 
Purdy, Thomas, cooper 
Reeve, Matthew, shingle maker 
Robinson, Alexander, tinsmith 
Robinson, Thomas, steam flouring mills 
Smith, George, shingle maker 
Steager, John, cooper 
Taylor, William, general merchant 
Walker, John W., teacher 
Webl), John, farmer 
Weber, Jacob, butcher 
Welte, Silas, cabinet maker 
Wright, Malcolm, farmer 

HortfordL — A Village in the Township of Townsend, County Norfolk, 18 miles from Simcoe, the County 
Town. Population 100. 

Burke, John, farmer 

Burke, John W., shoemaker 

Cross, Nelson, carpenter 

Merrill, R. J., farmer 

Nicholson, John, farmer 

Osborne, James, M.D. 

Osborne, John, wagon maker 

Stafford, Dean, farmer 

THOMAS, B. W., Postmaster and general merchant 

Vanloon, Adam, farmer 
Vanloon, B., carpenter 
Vanloon, Benjamin, blacksmith 
Vanloon, James, carpenter 
Vanloon, John, hotel keeper 
Vanloon, William, farmer 
Willcox, John, farmer 
Willcox & Bamhard, lumber dealers 

Hartington.— A Post Office in the Township of Portland, County Frontenac, 19 miles from Kingston, the 
County Town. Average value of land in vicinity, improved $30, wild $5 per acre. 

KENNEDY, WILLIAM, Postmaster. 

Hartley.— A Post Office in the Township of Eldon, County Victoria, N. R. 


Hartman.— A Post Office in the Township of East Gwillimbury, County York, 40 milea from Toionto, 
the County Town. 

Campbell, Hugh, blacksmith 
Graham, Allan, farmer 
Luefra, Stephen, blacksmith 
Hoorhead, JfimM, farm«r 
Peg^ Isaac, fanner 
Bomnson, John, farmer 
SoUing, John, fanner 
Rose, Albert, carpenter 

Rose, Isaac, farmer 

Scott, Seth, farmer 

Shillmglaw, David, fanner 

Stiver, John, farmer 

TERRY, DAVID, Postmaster and fiutner 

Thirsk, Geor;^ cari)enter 

Thirsk, William, farmer 

Tool, Moses, farmer 



HarWiclt-^A small VQkge in the Township of Harwich, County Kent, 12 miles from Chatham, th** 
County Town. 

Campbell, Robert, tailor 

uampoeii, Kooerc, tailor 

HUTCHINSON, JAMES, Postmaater, merchant 

McKay, Mrs., hotel kee 
Rutherford, James; 


Harwood* — ^A Village and Station of the Cobourg^ ^eterboro* and Marmora Mining Co. Hailway, in th« 
Township of Hamilton, County Northiunberland. Ayerage price of land in the vicinity $30 per acre. 
Population 200. 

Brady, £., hotel keeper Seed, J. S., railway agent and telegraph operator 

DBOPE, R., Postmaster and prop. Harwood House 

flaslingS* — A Village on the River Trent, in the Townships of Asphodel and Percy, Counties of PeterboiD 
and Northumberland ; 24 miles from Peterboro, 30 from Cobourg and 100 from Toronto. There art 
seyeral extensive manufacturing establishments here. Money order office and Savings Bank. Stages to 
Colbome and Peterboro. Population 900. 

Askey, D., manufacturer of woolen goods 

Baragus, Patrick, baker 

Barker, L. D., carpenter 

Becket, James, general merchant 

Bleasdale, — , M. D 

Blacklock, John, manu&cturer of knitted goods 

Brennan, Dennis, hotel keeper 

Breniian, Patiick, hotel keeper and dealer in lime and 

Brough, A., sash, blind and door manufacturer 

Brown, James C, teacher 

Clark, Mathew, accountant 

Ooughlan, T., J. P 

Daily, Timothy, tailor 

Fife, J. M., grocer 

Ford, B., tailor 

Fowlds, Bro., steam boat agents and luml^er dealers 

FO WLDS, HENRY, Poatmasterj and proprietor flour- 
ing mill 

French, — ^, M. D 

Fuller, J., nainter 

Oraham, Jonn, lime and stone 

Green, John, carpenter 

Griffiths, James, cabinet maker 

Griffiths, S. D., wa^on maker 

Hamilton, James, carpenter 

Hardy, A, brickmaker 

Harrison, J. C, hotel keeper snd butcher 

Hawley, A. D. C, druggist 

I Hill, William, carpenter 
Houston & Dunning, shoemakers 
Hurley, Timothy, general merchant 
Jackson, George, shoemaker 
Kemp, J. A., tinsmith 
Kennedy, Philip, general merchant 
LonderviUe, Samuel, cooper 
Hagrath, Miss, milliner, &c 
Morrison, D., accountant 
Nelson, D. S., carpenter 
Nelson, Mrs. D. S., milliner, &c 
Peters, John, general merchant 
Quirk, Rev. John (Roman Catholic) 
Sedgewick, Hiram, saddler 
Sharpe, John, accountant 
Short, Rev. WUliam (Methodist) 
Slater, John T., general merchant 
Smithett, Rev. W. (Church of England) 
Steele, James, carpenter 
Steele, Samuel, grocer 
Sulliva^, D. A., shoemaker 
Sullivan, Miss, milliner, kc 
Toms, Isaac, leather dealer 
Tracy, John, cooper 
Tracy, P. cooper 

Wliitehead, W, J., proprietor of cotton mills 
Wilson, Alexander, tailor 
Young, Rev. W. C. (Presbyterian) 

ManltailL — ^A Poet Office in the Township of Burleigh, County Peterborough, 25 miles jErom Peterborough 
the County Town. 

STONE, MILES, Postmatter. 

Hayelock* — ^A small Post Village in the Township of Belmont, County Peterborough, distant front 
Peterboronghy the County Town, 27 miles. Population about 00. 

PEARCE, PETER, J. P., Postmaster and mill owner. 

Hawkstone.— A small Village, beautiftilly situated on Kempenfeldt Bay, in the Township of Oio, Ocmnty 

Simcoe, 16 miles from Barrie, the County Town. 
HOUSTON, JAMES, Postmaster | WiUiamson, Jame% propw grist and saw miU 



HawkSYille. — ^A village on the Conestogo Riyer, in the Township of Welleslej, County Waterloo, 12 miles 
from Berlin, the County Town. Stages tri-weekly to listowell, and daily to Linwoed and St. Jacobs. 
Money Order Office. Population 400. 

Ament, Jacob, fanner . * 

Ament, John, lime manufacturer 

Anderson, Duncan, carpenter 

Ball, Nicholas, farmer 

Biensteikle, Henry, saddler 

Borth, Andrew, boots and shoeB 

Bond, Josiah, wa^on maker 

Boomer, W. R., J. P., farmer 

Brandle, John, boots and shoee 

Carter, Henry, druggist 

ComcU, Albert, druggist 

Cornell, W. F., insurance agent 

Biefenbacher, George M., wagon maker 

Donald, Fred. K., farmer 

EMPEY, M. P., J. P., Postmaster and gen. mercht. 

Ford, Michael, carpenter 

Fowler, William, farmer 

Gager, Henry, hotel keeper 

Griger, Heury, baker 

Halmel, Gk>ttlieb, lime manufactmer 

Haid, A. H., fanner 

Hall, James, boots and shoes 

Hawk, John, J. P. 

HUborn, J. B., leather dealer 

Huffner, Peter, tailor 

Hughes, George, farmer 

Jamieson, Darid, general merchant 

Kabel, Conrad, hotel keeper 

lickner, William, farmer 

liount, Gabriel, M.D. 

Ludwig, Albert, carpenter 

Ludwig, Jacob, sen., cooper 
Ludwig, Jacob, jun., cooper 
McCulloch & Wilson, proprietors woolen and floaiiBg 

McDonald, Thomas, carpenter 
Markham, Thomas, carpenter 
Matin, James, boots ana shoes 
Martinson, Henry, fanner 
Martinson, John, farmer 
Muir, James J., teacher 
Newton, Harrv, boots and shoes 
Oaks, John W., tinsmith 
Ovens, Eliza, milliner, &c. 
Pearson, J. W., farmer 
Peterson, H. W., fanner 
Proudlove, Thomas, farmer 
Scott» Jolm, dyer and scourer 
Snyder, Sidney, farmer 
Stone, A., farmer 
Thompson, Richard, fkrmer 
Vardon, W. H., J. P., M.D. 
Vatter, Nicholas, farmer 
Vatter, Philip, farmer 
Voight & Pflaum, brick yard 
Watson, David, hotel keeper 
Welliver, Chester K., saddler 
Wilson, John, farmer 
Winn, Joshua, farmer 
Woodward, E. G., farmer 
Woodward, W, S., fanner 

Hay. — ^A Post Office in the Township of Hajt County Huron. Improved land in the vidnity srerages |iO 
per acre. 

Brownlee, James, auctioneer 
Campbell, William, fanner 
Case, Bon, farmer 
Case, Miss Emily, teacher 
Case, William, farmer 
Hawkins, George, farmer 
Hawkins, W., farmer 
Henderson, P., farmer 
Houlds, Robert, farmer 
Jackell, William, fanner 
Kouston, John, tieacher 
Logie, Thomas, fanner 

Lone, William, farmer 
McLeod, George, farmer 
McTaggart, James, farmer 
Murray, James, farmer 
MURRAY, JAMES, Postmaster 
Murray, Robert, farmer 
RusseU, James, farmer 
T3rndle, A. J., farmer 
Webster, H., farmer 
Wilkie, James, farmer 
Willis^ John, fanner 

Haydon.— A Yilhige on Big Creek, in the Township of Darlington, Cousty Durhsm, S9 miles from Port 
Hope, the County Town, 50 from Toronto. Stages daily to Bowman ville. Population 160. 

Biekle, John, proprietor flouring mill 

Broad William, general merchant 

Fleming, John, farmer 

Hallier, Mr., fllax and flouring mills 

Harper, James, hotel keeper 

Joilfifre. Rev. — , (Bible Christian) 

LUKES, JOHN, Postmaster and general merchant 

McLaughlin, James, farmer 

Haroney, Patrick, wagon maker and painter 

Kaloney, John, farmer 

Hitchel, John, teacher 

Hotley, William, lumber dealer 

Rice Rev. — , (Bible Christian) 
Robinson, John, shingle maket 
Rundle, J., farmer 
Simpson, Rev. J., (Disciple) 
Slimon, William, farmer 
Sweet, Frank, lime and stone 
Thomnson, Rev. William (Disciple) 
Tole, isaiah, farmer 
Trewm, William, farmer 
Tuer, Joseph, farmer 
Tuer, Wimam, farmer 



Hawkeslmry* — An incorporated Village and Station of the Carieton and Grenyille Ballroad, on the riror 
Ottawa^ in tha Township of West Hawkesbnrj, County Prescott, 6 miles from L*Orignal, 60 from Ottawa, 
and 88 from Lancaster. Money order office and Sayings' Bank. Stages to Lancaster. Population 1200, 

Agden, A., carpenter 

Annstrong, Rev. J. G. (Chnrch of England) 

Bazgeron, G., hotel keeper 

Benton, James, saddler 

Bronette, Felix, wagon maker 

Brown, C. W., saddler 

Bnrwaah, Miss, teacher 

Campbell, James, baker 

Chalmers, Rer. Mr. (Methodist) 

CUrk, John, sash, door and blind manufactory 

Clark, Mrs., milliner, &c. 

Dewitt, William, manufacturer of woolen goods 

Doule, Denis, general merchant 

Ewing, William, M.D. 

Fraser, Miss, teacher 

Fraser, Mrs., milliner, &o. 

Freeman, S. L., hotel keeper 

Fnrgoson, Key. Mr. (Presbyterian) 

Giles, HeniT, saddler 

Hamilton, Bros., props, foundry and machine shops 
and flouring mills 

Hamilton, Samuel, butcher 

Harbic, Felix, general merchant 

Hersey, C. B., leather dealer 

HEBSET, Z. S. M., Postmaster 

Hetsey, Z. S. M. k Son, general meichanta and pro- 
prietors flouring mill 

Higginson & Bros., general merchants 

Higginson, J. W., J. P., prop, planing mill and man« 

ufacturer of woolen goods 
Higginson, Tliomas, insurance agent 
Hudgeons, George, cabinet maker 
Kimball, A. 
Laducere, T., butcher 
Ledward, Charles, baker 
Ledward, Henry, baker 
Lefarre^ M., carpenter 
Lortie, Yincent, general merohant 

liOVLghf H 

Loi^h. William 

Mcf erarche, John, teacher 

McMahon, S. J., tinsmith 

Munro, James F., teacher 

Park, R. S., general merchant 

Park, William, tailor 

Patter, R. P., fanner 

Porter, Misses, milliners, &c 

Roberts, K T., M.D., and insurance agent 

Robertson, F., J. P., farmer 

Rutherford, R., farmer 

Ryan, James, oabinet and wagon maker 

Walker, Robert, tailor 

Wyman, Thomas, telegraph operator 

HayfTllle.'-A Village on Smith's Creek, in the 

Berlin, the County Town« 60 from Toronto, 

Population 200. 

Allan, Sarah, teacher 

Baird, Alexander, tailor 

Bergie, Bayid, teacher 

BUtchf ord, John, waggon maker 

Brown, James, general merchant 

Claland, A. W., manufacturer of woolen goods 

Hays^ John, hotel keeper 

Township of Wilmot, County Waterloo, 14 miles tronn 
and 3 from Hamburg station. Grand Trank B«lw»y» 

Mellish, R«y. H. F. (Chnrch of England) 

O'Connor, Dr., M.D. 

Plum, W. R., hotel keeper 

SOMERYILIfE, M., Postmaster, general merchant 

Thompson, William, shoemaker 

Tye, F. E., butcher 

Wesley, Joseph, carpenter 

Bailedean.— A small Village in the Township of Goulboume, County Carleton, near the Riyer Carp, IS 
miles from Ottawa, the County Town. Population iO, 

ALbbott, A. J., jeweler and bookbinder 

Bradley, George, saddler 

Bradley, Joshua, farmer 

Bradley, W. B., lumber dealer and manufacturer of 

woolen goods 
Bradly, Robert, shoemaker 
Butler, Richard, farmer 
Church, C. M., J. P. and ftL D 
Clark, John, farmer 
Colbert, John, farmer 
Colbert, William, farmer 
Cowan, Andrew, carpenter and wagon maker 
Cnmmings, John, wagon maker and painter 
Cathbert, W. F., J. P 
I>owler, R45y. Mr., (Methodist) 
Duncan, Jamee^ fanner 

E^leson, William, teachei 

Gilbert, Henry, gunsmith 

Godfrey, Rey. J., (Church of England) 

Gow, Alexander, tailor 

Graliam, Innis, saddler 

Grant, Robert, J. P., farmer 

Hodgins, John, K. P. and farmer 

Kemp's Hotel, John Kemp, proprietor 

Kemp, John, lime and stone dealer 

Lewis, James, butcher 

MuUigan, James, farmer 

Royal Victoria Hotel, William Watt^ proprietor 

Shore, Robert, shoemaker 

WATT, WILLIAM, Postmaster, general merchant 

Young, John, farmer 

Young, John, general agent 

Headford*-— A Village in tho Township of Markham, County TorV, 18 miles from Toronto, the County 
Town, and 21 from Richmond HilL Population 70. 

Burr, John C, farmer Monkman, George, farmer 

Clark, John, fEirmer Munro, William, farmer 

^rre Bros., props, fulling miUfl and foundry Phillips, Henry, farmer 

Henrich, Adam, farmer j Willmott^ Peter, J. P., farmer 




Head Lake.— A Post-office in tbis Totrnthip of Luxton^ County Yictoiia, 40 mQei from Idntegr^tht 

County Town. 

Adair, George farmer 

Bailey, John, farmer 

Burgess, Edward, farmer 

Burnett, Augusta, teacher 

-Casey, James, fanner 

Copp, Samuel, carpenter 

Donaldson, Benjamin, carpenter 

"Gillespie, Hugh, carpenter 

HALL A DAY, WILLIAM, Pottnaster 

Inglis, Francis, carpenter 

.McCoughey, James, general merchant 

McCrae, Archibald, cooper 

Maxwell, William, accountant and general mertbaut 

Hucent, Celia, teacher 

Parks, John, &nner 

Peel, Biohaid, tinsmith 

Perkins, Ida, teacher 

Sinclair, Donald, ffeneral merehant 

Slocmn, Charles, shingle maker 

Staples, Robert, carpenter 

Trace, James^ carpenter 

>'HeatllCOte« — A Village on Bearer Bivcr, in the Township of CoDingwood, County Grey, 30 miles from 
Owen Sound, the County Town, and 17 from Collingwood. Average price of improved land $25 per acre. 
Stages bi-weekly to Clarksburg. Population 100. 

Appleby, Ser. T. M. (Church of England) 
(Brewster, Edward, boots and shoes 
^CUnton, William De Witt, M.D. 
Davidson, Rev. J. (Presbyterian) 
Hilts, Rev. Mr. (Society of Friends) 
iHurish, William, general merchant 

McCarroll, Thomas k Co., general merchants 
Odell, Jolm, carpenter 

RORKE, THOMAS, Postmaster and gen. merchant 
Rorke, William, notary public and luid agent 
Strachan, George, scliool teacher 

'Hebron.— A Post Office in the Township of Momington, County Perth, Ntrth Biding. 

CONNOMiY, BERNARD, Postmaster. 

Heekst01l«--A Village on the north branch of the Nation River, in tha Township of South Gower, County 
Grenville, 30 miles from Brockville. Population 100. 

ADAMS, GIDEON, Postmaster and gen. merchant 

Adams, H. H., farmer 

Adams, John S. , fanner 

Adams, Joseph, farmer 

Adams, William, farmer 

Anderson, J. J., farmer 

Anderson, Samuel, blacksmith 

Beach, William, saw mill proprietor 

^iggS) John, cooper 

Campbell, Hector, shinffle maker 

Conn, John, school teacncr 

Cook, Joseph, J. P. 

Cumminfe P., farmer 

Eager, Geoige, blacksmith 
Eagen, James, farmer 
Grant, Daniel, flouring mill 
Howes, Rev. J., (Methodist) 
Hughes, Hugh, general merchant 
Moses, Willutm, J. P. 
Shaver, Gordon, farmer 
Smith, Alexander, boots and shoes 
Smith, Elijah, boots and shoes 
Smith, James W., shingle maker 
Smith, Joseph W., saw miller 
Wilson, Mrs. S. A., hotel keeper 

Heidelbnri^-^SM yUloffit toolaUfw regular insertion attJUend qfthis Wwh.) 

Henry.— A Post Office in the Township of Longnenil, County Prescott, 4 miles from L'Orignal, the County 

Allan, Richard,' J. P. 
Amlin, Felix, farmer 
Bancroft, Abel, farmer 
Bancroft, Asa, sen., former 
Bancroft, Asa^ jun., farmer 
Barton, Gustavus, fanner 
Brown, John, butcher 

Chalmers, Thomas, lime dealer and stone mason 
Clarke, Justin, farmer 
'Cross, Harrison, farmer 
DICKSON, WILLIAM, J. P., Postmaster 
Dunning, Gregoiy, butcher 
Fonriner, Antoiiie, cooper 
golden, Lizzie, milliner 

Lea^itt, Mary, teacher 
McAdam, Samuel, iarmar 
McCann, Mary Ann, teacher 
McNally, Fanny, teacher 
McNally, Henry, farmer 
McNally, James, farmer 
Pattie, John, farmer 
Potts, James, farmer 
Ramsi^, John, farmer 
Ross, Catherine, milliner 
Ross, Robert, wheelwright 
Steel, Robert, fanner 
Walker, Henry, farmer 
Walker, WiUiun, fanner 



■•pw#rttf»— A Pott Office ia the Tawnehip of Keppel, Coimtj Grej, N. B. 


■espeler.— An Incorponted Village on the Bivtr Speed, and Gnelph branch of the Great Western BaUwaj. 
in the Township of Waterlooi, County Waterloo. Distant from Berlin, the County Town, 10 miles, from 
Toronto 70 miles« The Speed affords first olass water-power, and the Tillage eontains sereral large mann- 
&ctaring establishments. The woolen faetory of J. Hespeler k Son is oaa of the Irrgest of the kindin^ 
the Prorinoe, employing 100 hands; capacity 1000 yards daily. The knitting milli of Bandall, Fairft 
Co. employ 100 handfl^ and power eqoiyalent to 75 horse. Land in the Ticiaity arerages |60 per act«, 
Money order offiee and Sarings Bank. Population 1200. 

Adams, S., woolen factor 

AUendorf, G., woolen factor 

Anderson, J., wagon maker 

BAEiSB'S HOTEIu Mrs. Baker, proprietor 

Baltzer, J. tailor 

Barretl^ John, sen., farmer 

BARBON, A. F., gtneral merehont 

Berffey, S., shoemaker 

Becnte), 6., farmer 

Boldue, P., cooper 

Brewster, A. J., teacher 

CHAPMAIT, JOHN, general merchant 

Demmick, Mis., bookseller 

"Kills, William, farmer 

^^elds, H., constable 

Fields, Bobert, teamster 

Qermania House, C. Pabst, proprietor 

QLICK, MRS., proprietor Union Hotel 

Green, B., butcher 

Guenther, Georee, cabinet maker 

Haller, M., hotel keeper 

Hummitt, T., farmer 

Hen iy, John, baker 



HESPELER; J. & SON, proprietora Hespeler woolen 

mills, distillers, millers, kc 
Heather, L., wagon maker 
HOWAT, A. G., station master G. W. R 
Hunter, J. wagon maker 
Johnston, J. P., wagon maker 
Xannageises. C, cooper 
IkATch, C, J. P. 

KRIBS, LEWIS, architect, prop, saw miUs, etc. 

Lacker, C, tailor 

Laney, G., lime manufacturer 

McCarthy, J., shoemaker 


MacKenxie, Rer. M. (Presbyterian) 

Marr, P., dyer and scourer 

Martin, George, saddler 

Miller, J., farmer 

NAHRGANG, MRS. C, Postmistress 

Ohlman, J., hotel keeper 

Pabst, C, proprietor Germania House 

Pannabaker, A., pound keeper 

Phin, J. P., sen., farmer 

Phin, J. P., lun., farmer 

Picken, P., shoemaker 

RANDALL, FARR k CO., manu&cturers of woolen^ 

goods, hosiery, eto. 
Renwick, W., butcher 
Rife, H., dentist 
Sacks, A. k Co., carpenters 
Schofield, J., woolen factor 
Seagle, C, fanner 
SHAW, ADAM, groeeries, ^c 
Smith, C. E., general merchant 
Shetly, G., painter 
Stnemphle, John, shoemaker 
Traplin, J., cooper 

Union Hotel, Mrs. Gliek, proprietress 
Weir, William, dyer and scourer 
Witmer, D. H., farmer 
ZRYD, J., stoves, tinware, &c 

fllawatlia. — ^A small Village on the north shore of Bice Lake, in the Township of Otonabce, County 
Peterboro*, II miles from Petorboro', the County Town. The Village is on an Indian Rcserye. Popula- 
tion, chiefly Indians, 120. 

Anderson, John, farmer 
Blndthwaite, William 
Oowie, Daniel, farmer 
Crawford, Lewis B., farmer 
Hatrick, Richard 
IMcCue, Abram, farmer 
!Nangon, Richard, farmer 

Reynolds, John E., teacher 


Rice, John, farmer 

Soper, Robert, farmer 

Taylor, Charles 

Thomson, Walter 

ITiroop, John 

mgb FaUs,— A Village on the Madawaska River, in the Township of Bagot, County Renfrew, 70 milos- 
frnm Pembroke, the County Town. Good water power for manufacturing purposes. Wild land in th9 
vicinity averages about 80 cents per acre. Population 50. 

Dillon, Denis, hotel keeper Kennedy, P., dry goods 

DILLON, T. H., Postmaster Lynn, Dr. 

Halliday, John, J. P. 3IcCowan, G., carpentsr 



Hereward*— A Poit Office in th« Tomuhip of Oaiafrazo, County Welliagton, C. B. 

AIiL£N, JOHN, Pofltmarter. 

■Urlllleld.-'A Pott Office in tha Townihip 

Ackrow, John, farmer 

Allen, Rev. W. C. (Metliodist) 

Bailey, Thomas, hotel keeper 

BoltoD, Thomaa, farmer 

Boys, Rer. — (Primitire Methodist) 

Brooks, Rer. James (Baptist) 

Cranswick, Matthew, farmer 

Dntchburn, Henry, boots and shoes 

Ellis, Miss, School teacher 

Oardhouse, James, former 

of Etobieoke, Ooonty York, 15 milw from Toronto. 

Oardbonse, Thomas, carpenter 
Nichol, John, butcher 
Preston, Mrs. C, milliner, Im. 
Russell, Henry, farmer 
Smith, Joseph, farmer 
Stonehouse, Thomas, 
Stubart, Robert, fanner 
Taylor, Thomas, farmer ' 
Thomas, Richard, fanner 

Hiffllgate.— A Village in the Township of Oxford, Electoral District of BothweU, M miles from Chathsaii 
Population 100. 

Athridge, William, farmer 


Benson, Rev. M. fVVesleyan Methodist) 

Oosnell, James, farmer 

Gosiiell, Lawrence, J. P. 

Grout, J. C, carpenter and builder 

Haughton, W., painter 

Hughson, Rev. W. D. (Episcopal Methodist) 

Lm, John, farmer 

McDonald, Alexander, blacksmith 

McLaren, William, steam saw miller, planing, &0. 

Mickle, Thomas, blacksmith 

Onne, Rev. J. (Methodist New Connexion) 

Phenix, John, farmer 

Rutledf^e, Thomas, farmer 

Scott, Frederick, farmer 

Stone, John, J. P. 

Stone, Robert, fanner 

Tape, James, shingle maker 

Tape, Thomas, farmer 

Hlffhland Creek* — A Tillage on the creek of the same name, in tho Township of Scarboro*, Connty 
York, 14 miles from Toronto, the County Town, aud 24 from a station of the Grand Trunk Railway* 
Salt is found in the vicinity. Population 200. 

Chamberlain, William, butcher 

Cheeaewrigbt, Sarah, general merchant 

Closson, Stephen, farmer 

Collins, John, blacksmith 

Craven C. , school teacher 

Dixon, Robert, farmer 

EUiott, John, general merchant 

Elliott, Thomas, farmer 

Helliwcll, WiUiam, J. P., flour mill prop. 

Heron, William, farmer 

Keeler, William, hotel keeper 

La^y, Thomas, eooper 

Leslie, Joseph, boots ^nd shoes 

McArdle, Joseph, painter 

Muir, William, general merchant 

Parker, Thomas, butcher 

Richardson, James, farmer 

Shackleton, Eli, hotel keeper 

Shackleton, Jam^s, carriage maker 

Stephenson, D. G., auctioneer 

Stephenson, John, lumber dealer 

TKKDWAY, WILLIAM, Postmaster Mid gen. mcr. 

Walsh, John, boots and shoes 

Wilson, John, farmer 

Hillier.— A Tillage in the Township of Hillier, County Prince Edward, 18 miles from Picton, the County 
Town, and 20 from Brighton Station Grand Trunk Railway. Population 100. 

Arthur Mathew, J. P. 

Arthur Thomas, wagon maker 

Baker, Kev. E. H. M. ( Church of England) 

Beard, Mrs. S. E., teacher 

Byam, John W., teacher 

Cameron, Aaron P., fanner 

Delong, Isaac, shoemaker 

Dorland, llobert J., manufacturer of woolen goods 

Dulmag<'>, Edward, wagon maker 

FLAGLER, SOLOMON, Postmaster, insurance 

agent and hotel keeper 
Gaddis, Mathew, cooper 
Gardner, William, saddler 
German, Orrin, teacher 
Graydon, Miss Rhoda A , milliner, &c. 
Hardy, Thomas, farmer 
Tripp, Gilbert, cooper 

Hubbs, Abram, proprietor flouring mills 

Johnson, Rev. Robert (N. C. Methodist) 

Jones, George, farmer 

Jones, Robert, farmer 

Jones, Samuel, J. P., farmer 

Lay, James B., general merchant 

Leavens, Paul, farmer 

McComb, James, sash, door and blind manufacturer 

McComb, William, carpenter 

^lonaghan, Hugh, cooper 

Niles, 8. P., farmer 

Koxon, Richard, flouring mills 

Palmer, Henry, flouring mills 

Simpson, Charles O., farmer 

Stapleton, Joseph D,, farmer 

Titus, Joseph, stock dealer and butcher 



Hillsboro'.—A Post Village in the Townsliip of Plympton, County Lambton, 20 milea from Sapnia> th« 
County Town, and 5 miles from Forest, the nearest rai Iway station. Mails tri- weekly. Population about 80. 

Adams, Robert, cabinet maker 
Anderson, Horatio, blacksmith 
Oalloway, James, carpenter 
Gibson, Edward, M.I3. 
Hart, George, J. P. , commissioner in B. B. 
HILL, THOMAS L., Postmaster 
Hill, Milward, spirit merchant 
Hilly Samuel C., farmer 

Irvine, James, carpenter 
Jones, John, J. P. 
Jones, Samuel, shoemaker 
Jones, Thomas, merchant 
Kendall, Thomas, constablo 
Reid, Charles, miller 
Sanderson, Andrew, wagon maker 
Wood, Thomas, iniikeeper 

Hillsbnrnr.— A Village in the Township of Erin, County Wellington, 22 miles from Guelph, the County 
Town, and 60 from Toronto. Stage to Georgetown. Money Order Office. Population 300. 

Bamham, Dr 

Bates, Rev. J. W., (Baptist) 

Campbell, John, mason 

Edmunds, Joseph, baker 

Gaud & Brother, tanners and leather dealers 

Green, John, carpenter 

Hill, Robert., hotel keeper 

How k Bro., gen. merchts and props, flouring mill 

How, WilUam, sen., J.P 

Kelly, Brown & Co., general merchants 

Kilgour k Tell, general merchants 

Xirk, John, hotel keeper 

JjBLcy, George, general mercliant 

Lcason, Samuel, hotel keeper ' 
McClellan, C, carpenter 
McMillan; Charles. J. P 
Pearson, A., cabinet maker 
Robertson, Colin, grocer 
Rogers, William, mason 
Sinclair, Alexander, carpenter 
Thurhan, Rev. Donald, (Old Kirk) 
Viner, James, gunsmith 
Viner, John, furniture dealer 
Worts, George; prop, flouring mill 
York, Dr. 

Billsdale. — A Village in the Township of Medonte, County Simcoe, 16 miles from Barrie, the County 
Town. Population 65. 

Archer, Edward, farmer 

Blackstone, Dr. 

Craw, RtiV. Georee, (Presbyterian) 

Davis, Miss, teacher 

FARAGHER, JOHN, Postmaster and gen. mercht. 

Hamilton, John, farmer 

Hill, Alexander, hotel keeper 

Hill, T., fanner 

Hutton, John, tailor 

Ldllico & Dickey, sash, blind and door factory 

Lillico, William, painter 

Marlow, James, farmer » 

Marlow, John, farmer 

Morrison, Charles, wagon maker 

Plaxton, William, farmer 

Preston, James, farmer 

Tucker, Z. M., farmer 

Walker, James, general merchant 

Williams, Lillico & Dickey, carpenters 

91 ill's Green* — A Post-office in the To\vn8hip of Hay, County Huron, 8 J miles from Berne. 

Hagan, John, fanner 
Henderson, Joseph, fanner 
Hill, William, farmer 
Hudson, Robert, farmer 
LOWE, HUGH, Postmaster 

McLcod, James, farmer 

Roy, E., farmer 

Smith, Henry, general merchant 

Smith, Neil, general merchant 

Troyer, John, general merchant 

fliiltoil* — A Village in the Township of Brighton, County Northumberland, 30 miles from Coh^jug^ the 
County Town, and 5 from Brighton Station, Grand Trunk Railway. Population 50. 

Pansicklin, Thomas, shoemaker 
Phelp, John, farmer 
Potts, Robert A., farmer 

Bfile, William, farmer 

BECKEK, A. A., J. P., Postmaster and gen. mercht 

Becker, C. S., farmer 

Chatterson, George, farmer 

Clarke, R. G., wine and spirit dealer 

Cryderman, W. C, J.P. 

Fiddick, Charles, farmer 

Johnson, C. W., shoemaker 

Johnson, G. L., carpenter 

Langdon, W., J.P. 

Mowan, R. G., farmer 

Mowan, R. J., hotel keeper 

jN'ewcomb, J. W., prop, flouring mill 

Morris, Rev. J. S. (Episcopal Methodist) 

Purdy, Henry, teacher 

Richmond, L., farmer 

Richmond, Sylvester, carpenter 

Short, John E., wagon maker 

Simpson, Abijah, wagon maker 

Sparrow, Rev. J. P. (Episcopal Methodist) 

Thorne, Edmund, farmer 

Thome, G. C, farmer 

Webster, J. M., farmer 

Webster, Joshua, J.P. 



Moalll Head* — A Post Office in the TownsHp of Sydenham, County Grey, Kortli Biding. 

HOATH, B., FwtmMter. 

Hockley. — ^A Village in tlie Township of Ai^ala, County Cardwell, on the Kottawa Rirer. 40 miles firam 
Barrie, and 42 ftom Toronia Avsvage raise of land 930 per aere. Population 150. 

Beatty, Dayid 
Beatty, Benjamin 
Dunn, Bobert, blacksmith 
Egner, W. H., dentist 
Goodere, J 

Hackell, Thomas, shoemaker 
Irwin, John A., farmer 
Irwin, Bobert, shingle maker 
lindsay, J. B., farmer 

linn, Krs. A., milliner, &c 

MARTIN, THOMAS, Postmaster, general m«rchaiit 

Palmer, George, tailor 

Quigley, John, farmer 

Stewart, L., general merchant 

Sutherland Mrs. G., milliner, &c 

Taylor, George, carpenter 

Wilson, James, soap and candle maker 

Holbrook.— A Village in the Township of Norwich, County Oxford, 10 miles from Woodstock, the County 

Town. Population 160. 

Brady, Nicholas, hotel keeper 
Chambers, Bobert, J.P 
Cliapin, James M., cheese manuf 
Dennis, John, farmer 
Dickson, Joseph K., farmer 
Ditchfield, Samuel J., saddler 
Flemming, Archibald, insurance a^ut 
Gagnier, Jerome, blacksmith 
Heath, James, waggon maker 

Heath, John, wa^n maker 
Henderson, Joseph, weaver 
Madgwick, Elias, carriage trimmer 
Montillo Nesbit, insurance agent 
Nesbit, J. W., J.P. 
Stover, A. C, farmer 

WHITFI£LD, A. M., Postmaster and mansgcr Den- 
mark Co-operative Association 

Holland Landing (St. Albans).— An incorporated Village and Station of the Northern Railway, on the 
west branch of the Holland River, in the Township of East Gwillimbury, County York, 38 miles from 
Toronto, the County Town. Money Order office. Population 800. 

Ayerst, Francis, baker 

Bacon, Henry, mason, builder and lime dealer 
Beaton, Dounld, farmer 
Beach, Robert, shoemaker 
Breckon, Joseph, store keeper 
Cany, Rev. John (Church of England) 
Chapman, Henry, hop grower 
CHAPMAN, JOSHUA, brick manufacturer 
Conway, D., brewer 
Corbiere, Eli, shoemaker 
Dennis, William, tanner 
Dixon, Alexander, farmer 
Delan, John, miller 
EUerby, David, proprietor woolen mill 
Evans, Beverly, carpenter 
Evans, J. B., farmer 
Fitzgibbon, Michael, weaver 
Gilne, Andrew, carpenter 
GLEASON, JOHN, fanner- 
Gray, James & Richard, well sinker.^ 
Hamilton, Alexander, farmer 
Jakeway, Aaron, manufacturer tin, copper and sheet 

iron ware 
Jerome, J. 

Johnston, Jo^ph, trapper 
Kelly, Thomas, tailor 
KENNEDY, JAMES, clerk municipality 
Lane, John, cooper 
Lane, Thomas, cooper 
Little, JoliD, tailor 
Lloyd, Henry, tanner 
Lount, Franklin, lumber merchant 
liUck, William, wagon maker 
McCLURE, JAMES, auctioneer and gen. merchant 
McGuigan, John, grocer 
McKcnzie, John, general land agent 
Hoore, Robert, farmer 
Koore^ Thomas, mason- 

Murphy, Patrick, farrier 

O'Keefe, Mary, grocer 

Ougfa, John, mason 

Ough, Thomas, farmer 

PARNHAM, JAMES, J,P. and farmer 

Parsons, William, sexton 

Pheliis, Alfred, builder 

PLAYTER, CAPTAIN, B. B. C, prop. Masonic 

Arm's Hotel 
PORTER, W. H., UD.S., vice-president Dental 

Association, Ontario 
Pulford, George, miller* 
Richardson, William, farmer 
Riley, James, farmer 
ROSS, D. S., station -and express agent 
Salter, John, carnenter 
Sexsmith, SamueX cooper 

SHEPPARD, JOHN, Vilder and prop. Royal Hotel 
SLOANE, K. B., Postmaster 
SOMERVILLE, C. C, general merchant 
Sutherland, Alexander, farmer ' 
Swoesey, George and John, farmers 
Sykes, John, lumber merchant 
Taylor, Martin, builder 
Tate, William, blacksmith 
THOMPSON, THOMAS, general merchant, dealer 

in fura, pelta, &c. 
Thorn, B. H., general merchant and flour mill prop. 
Thorn, William C. miller 
West, John A., trapper 
White, George, shoi^makcr 
WILLIAMS, ALEXANDER, sujit., tannery, book- 

Willson, (^olonol R. T. 
Winch, Thomas 
Worsnop. Thomas, tanner 
Wright, Silasy fanner 




atAIN 8TBBm, OOB. WU., 



The travelling nublic will ftnil thia the Wat and 
comfortable hoiiae in the village. 


THOMAS CLARK, Pioprietor 

G£OBG£ LESLIE & 00., 



stapIjB and fancy dry goods, 

Groceries, Wines, Liquobh, Boora k Shoes, 


Ailsa Craig Tin Shop, 

All kinda of Tinware made and repaired, £ve 

TroQgha put up to order, Tin Roofing done at the 

shorteat notice, Cheap for Caah. 








:boots, shoes, scc, 

AiTfy, •XTABW. 


A. MXJNRO, Proprietor. 


Good accommodation for commercial travellers and 
drovers. The best sample room in the country. 
The Iwr always suapUed with the best Wines, Liquors 
and Cigars. Good stabling and attentive hostlers. 


B. & W. ROSAMOND & CO., 

mnhdmm 0i ll^00nett (^mU^ 



, M&l CLOTIS, 





Ataumte* Ontario. 


Wstoluiaker asi J«w«l«rf 


All kinds of Watches, Clocks and Jewelry re- 
paired and warranted. 







HeadBtones, Monuments, &c. Sstisfaction guaran* 
teed or cnstomers need not accept. Freestone for 
Wlding purposes. 




Hovte FuTnUhinga, Coal Oil, iMmjpt atid GUutveare, 





WhclcsaU and JReiail. 




JOHN MORGAN, Proj'rietor. 

The Bar is always stocked \vlth the choicest wines, 

liquors and cigars. 


Asrlcvltmrsl ImpUatent tmA Stove Wsrtu. 









TkU House is situated 

Has been recently fitted up and affords every accom- 
modation for the public : excellent stabling attached. 



The celebrated Russell and Americaa Watches, waaA 
a full assortn^ent of Jewelry and Fancy Goods alw»y» 
on hand. 










Dealer in Groceries, Wines, Liquors, &c. 
N. B. — Chancery I^nds and other sales csrefiilly 

stages f« and from 


For hire on reasonable terms, at the Livery 'Stable of 
DAVID YANEVERY, barrik, out. 

GiXJEE2^T'S 3E3:oa?E2X#, 


iiARRlE, OKT. 

A. ARNALL, Proxirietor. 

Stages to Penetaugiiishenc and OriUia leave this 
Hotel. Private conveyances ca» be had by amklTinir 
at the Bar. . ^^^ ^ ^ 



The subscriber begs to inform the inhaJntants of Banie 
and the travelling i^ublic, that he lias oa hand 


For hire at moderate charges. Convoyauoea to OrflH. 
and PenetiUiguisbeiMj.^^^^ to Urflba 


lloiMr. — A Post Office in the Township of Grantham, County lincoln. 

CAVERS, PETER A., Postmaster. 

fldtaieiTl]le«— A village in the Township of Goderich, Coonty Hnron« on the BiTer MaitUnd, 8 mQeft^ 
from Godetich, the Connty Town. Populotion 50. 

Cante]lor, Peter, butdher 
Ckntleton, William, fanner 
Churchill, John, J. P., lumer 
Cdbtck, J., farmer 
ford, Henry, J. P., farmer 
Ford, Thomas, farmer 
Ford, William, farmer 
Holmes, John, fiirmer 
Bolmei, T., &rmer 

KELLY, EDWARD, Podnaater 
Kelly, Krs. E., bookseller and stationer 
Proctor, William, hotel keeper 
Shephard, John, fanner 
Shephardy WiUmm, faimtt 
Sherman, G., teacher 
Stanley, G., farmer 
I Young, H., fiirmer 
Young; Joseph, farmer 

flolstela. — A Village in the Township of Egrcmont, County Grey, 85 miles from Owen Sound, the County 

Town. Population 40. , 

Ouhrie, John, teacher I McKenzie^, W. D., general merchant 

Kerr, B., wagon maier | Stonehoiise, H. L., hotel keeper 

Holt (see Eastville).— A Post Office in the Township of East Gwillimbuxy, Connty York, 40 miles from. 
Torooto, the County Town. 

QUIBELI^ JOHN, Postmaster. 

■•lyrood«-<A Post Office in the Township of Kinloss, Connty Bruce, South Riding. 

ELLIOTT, WILLIAM, Postmaster. 

loneywood* — ^A Post Office in the Township of Mulmur, County Simcoe, distant 30 miles from Barrie,. 

the County Town. 
I^wiencc, George k Bra, general merchants | LAWllENCl'; R., Postmaster. 

lopefleldL— A small Post Milage in the Township of Bnidenell, County Renfrew, South Riding. 

RKAD, HENRY Y., Pbstniaster. 

HopetOWn* — A small Post Village in the Township of I^nark, and County of Lanark, distant from Pcrtli, 
the County Town, 18 miles, and from Ottawa 60 miles. Population about 50. 

Hornby. — A Village in the Township of Esqnesing, County Halton, 6 miles from Milton, the County 

Town, and 28 from Toronto. Stages daOy to Georgetown Station, Grand fruiik Railway, 8 miles. Pop- 
ulation sa 

Anderwn, John, carpenter | McCollan, Thomas, hotel keqwr 

AjuIersOTi, William, shoemaker | McCullaud, Mrs., milliner, &e. 

McMillan, JOHN, Postmaster and gen. merchant 
Pickard, William, cheene manufacturer 
Robertson, Thomas, tailor 
llutledge, Robert, shoc^maker 
Stewart, Rev. Mr. (Presbyterian) 
Story, John, cheese manufacturer 
Thurston, Hiram, shinele maker 
Tremainc, Rev. Mr. (Chureh of England) 
W*allace, James, shoemaker 

^rain, Bros., brewers 

*'ook, Geom, lumber dealer 

''on-an, Richard, J. P. 

FoxAnthouy, M.D. 

^itUoway, Rer. Mr. (Baptist) 

Hall, Robert, J.P. 

<'i»tui, John, wagon maker 

Undsay, James B., hetel keeper 

Lyon, Thomas O., teacher 

^cCioeky, Henry, potter 




Homing's ]IIlls»~-A Tillage at the head of Pine Rirer, in the Township of Melancthon, Coantj Gnj. 

58 miles from Owen Sound, the County Town, and 25 from Stayner Station, Northern Bailroad. Stages 

to Collingwood and Orangeville. Population 160. 
Addison, Eer. Peter OVesleyan) 

AIKTH, WILLIAM, J. P., Postmaster, 
merchant and proprietor flouring mill 
Allen, Robert, farmer 
August, John, carpenter 
Ban*, John, M.D. 
Bates, Henry, J. P., farmer 
Bowley, Arnold, shingle maker 
Campaigne, James, auctioneer 
Emerick, John, butcher 
Hill, Rer. Rowland (Church of England) 
House, Philip, carpenter 
Hudd, Stephen, farmer 
Janis, David, tailor 

Jarris, Henry, general merchant and tailor 
Johnston, Miss £., teacher 


McGhee, Robert, farmer 

Marshall, George, shoemaker 

Marshall, Robert, carpenter 

Mason, Mrs. hotel keeper 

Morrow, John, saddler 

Norton, Thomas, teacher 

Page, Elijah, farmer 

Pa^e, Reuben, shingle maker 

PoUey, Huch, farmer 

PoUey, Richard, fanner 

Rill, Rev. £phiaim (Episcopal Methodist) 

Shepherd, George, prop, flouring mill 

Silks, WUliam, farmer 

Simmenter, John, cooper 

Stubbins, William^ shoemaker 

HoUfflltOll.— A Village in the Township of Houghton, County Norfolk, 33 miles from Simcoe, ths CcnsAj 

Town. Population 350. 

Adams, Adam, teacher 

Allan, J., farmer 

Beckett, Samuel, leather dealer 

Bell, Ezra, general merchant 

Bndfield, H., farmer 

Brady, D. C, farmer 

Brawlenhermer, Rev. P., (Wesleyan) 

Bridgeman, T. R. K, teacher 

Buchner, P., farmer 

BUNDY, GEORGE, Postmaster, shoemaker 

Callam, P., farmer 

Chamberlain, Thomas, J. P., general merchant 

Emory, H., farmer 

Eick, Miss A., teacher 

Tinch, T., farmer 

Enncis, J., farmer 

Ereeland, William, insurance agent 

Ijiktes, Calvin, general merchant 

Gates, Clark, painter 

Gates, £. D., fancy goods, tovB, mUlineiyf &c. 

Guest, H., farmer 
Hill, Jeremiah, hotel keeper 
Hutchinson, J. J., farmer 
Jackson, David, hotel keeper 
Jackson, James, hotel keeper 
Jackson, Willison, leather dealer 
Mereer, R., farmer 
Merrill, A., farmer 
Montgomery, Robert, carpenter 
Moore, Hiram, farmer 
Nelson, R., farmer 
Park, Philip, farmer 
Payn^ Ephraim, wagon maker 
Rice, Ebenezer, shoemaker 
Sharp, William, shoemaker 
Smith, D., farmer 
Smith, Rev. — (Baptist) 
Smith, Samuel, farmer 
White, Richard, shoemaker 
Williams, W. W., farmer 

Howlck Ylllaffe (Gorrie Post Office) is situated in the Township of ^Howick, County Huron, 60 milM 
distant from Goderich, the County Town, and 180 miles from Toronto. The Maitland Rirer passat 
through the village, supplying excellent water privileges. A good woolen Caotory would pay well here. 
Daily stages from Worcester. Population 850. 

Anderson, William fanner 
Barber, Miss, milliner, &c. 
BESANSON, HENRY, Postmaster. 
Bowger, Thomas, lime and stone dealer 
Carson, William, general merchant 
Condy, John, Queen Arms Hotel 
Dickson & Gray, general merchants 
Douglas, Robert, Royal Canadian Hotel 
Greer, Cicorge, farmer 
Greer, John, farmer 
Greer, Samuel, farmer 
Hunt, H. M., general merchant 
James, Richard, foundry 
Johnston, R. J., hide and leather dealer 
Eain, Mrs., milliner, Lo, 
Tjamb, John, butcher 
Leech, Edward, insurance agent 
Leech, R. k Co., flouring and planing milli and deal- 
ers in lumber 
McGill, James, butcher 
iicLaughlin, William, carpenter 

McMichael, M. D. 

Magwood, Charles, farmer 

Miller, Rev. Mr. (Church of England) 

Oliphant, William, painter 

Perkins, Henry, saddler 

Perkins, James, shoemaker 

Pickford, C. W., ceneral merchant 

Powell, Mrs., teacher 

Rea, H. W\, general merchant 

Roberts, R. G., teacher 

Sanderson, Thomas, fanner